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Lean Six Sigma Champion White Belt

Earn a Lean Six Sigma White Belt from a professional Organization

Created by Lean Strategies International LLC - Solutions that ignite your power


Students: 3827, Price: $24.99

Students: 3827, Price:  Paid

Lean and Six Sigma are now common  strategies in organizations all over the world.  In this course you will learn the key concepts you need to be able to act as an agent for lean six sigma in your organization.  This course will outline a historical insights, basic methodologies and core concepts associated with both lean and six sigma.  You will learn what six sigma actually means, why lean is referred to as lean and core methodologies of both lean and six sigma including the DMAIC method and the DMADV method.  The course will also cover foundational concepts of lean.  Students are asked to complete projects throughout the course.  Our Goal is to teach you the Key concepts you need to be able to act as an agent for Lean Six Sigma in your organization.  This course will outline a Foundation of knowledge for you.  You will learn about the History of Six Sigma, Some Key methodologies used in six sigma, including the DMAIC method.  We will also cover the basic concepts of Lean. This course will launch you into the world of Lean and Six Sigma.  Comparable to other organizations Yellow Belt you will learn more than expected in this powerful course from Lean Strategies International LLC.

5S System Implementation (Step By Step Guide)

From Clutter to Perfection

Created by Hassan Mortada - Operations Management Professional


Students: 2100, Price: $19.99

Students: 2100, Price:  Paid

In this course you are introduced to one of the basic tools in the Lean Manufacturing System which is the 5S System

Lean Manufacturing was created in Japan after world War II in Toyota and now it is an essential strategy in today's competitive world

The interesting thing about 5S is , it is the foundation of implementing lean.

This course is not another course full of theories and definitions, it is a short course with complete practical steps to implement the system that you can implement TODAY if you want to improve your workplace and start the waste elimination journey.

After completing this course you will get all the skills and the tools you need to start implementing the system.

You will learn:

  • What is the 5S system

  • What is the benefits of implementing 5S

  • What are 5S elements

  • How to sort and use the red tag

  • How to set in order with many easy ideas to implement

  • How to shine to reach the world class level

  • How to standardize with ideas to implement

  • What is the difference between sustain and standardize and how to sustain

  • You will find tips and mistakes to avoid to make it easy for you to implement

You will also find 3 templates in the course resources that you can use during sorting , shining and sustaining.

Lean tools you can use “5S”

Master the 5S system and begin improving your organization today!

Created by Lean Strategies International LLC - Solutions that ignite your power


Students: 624, Price: $19.99

Students: 624, Price:  Paid

2017 Updates - Overview of Lean Updated (course activities added).

                           Overview of Waste Updated (course activities added).

  The 5S system has been taking the manufacturing world by storm. It's only been in recent years that this core Method has been discovered in office and service environments too. As a starting point for people new to Continuous Improvement and Lean principles you will learn 5S at its most advanced state. At the end of this module you will be able to understand What 5S is and why this methodology is sweeping the world. You will also be provided with slides and checklists for you to use in conducting your own 5S event. Using the 5S system master tool provided in this course will allow students to have a better understanding of the key elements and activities needed to perform a successful event and sustain your results. Enroll today and begin acquiring solutions that will ignite your power.

The 5S System by George Trachilis

The world's best system for improvement. Whether it's sanitizing (2021), organizing yourself or your entire company

Created by George Trachilis - The Lean Guru


Students: 158, Price: $99.99

Students: 158, Price:  Paid

The 5S System for Workplace Organization, Standardization, Sanitizing, and Sterilization

Many have heard about the 5S System. Now (2021) it is applied to Sanitize and Sterilize with videos from a dental clinic. However, you decide to implement this improvement process - you must follow the 7 steps outlined in this course.

Join George Trachilis - experienced with 5S for 25 years - as he shares how his consulting firm was first created to consult on 5S and grew to be one of Canada's Hottest Growth companies. He shares PowerPoints, audit checklists, posters, and most importantly his knowledge of how to do 5S in the most efficient way possible.  One of his students, Perry Thompson, shares the 5S process for the construction industry. This course has examples from a steel mill, metal processing plant, dental clinic, and fabrication shop. 

Originally, Henry Ford came up with the CANDO system;  Cleanliness, Arrangement, Neatness, Discipline, and Ongoing Improvement. However, it was further developed by the Japanese using words that started with the letter "S".

Keys and Tips to Implement the 5S Methodology

  1. SEIRI (Sort) is about organizing and eliminating unnecessary items from your workplace

  2. SEITON (Set in order) means setting in order the necessary items so that they are easy to find and use by everyone.

  3. SEISO (Shine) - When shine is done right, you are using the inspection process to identify and eliminate problems. Keeping it clean is only part of the process. Preventing cleaning from happening is very powerful

  4. SEIKETSU (Standardize) is about standardizing the first 3S's, and in this course, we share how to standardize workflow as well.

  5. SHITSUKE (Sustain) is about the communication and commitment from management. It emphasizes employee ownership.

Please note we DO NOT share Japanese terms in this course.  However, we have created a comic book character called MUDAMAN! This is an invisible villain that keeps us on a path of wasting our time (wasting our lives). See how to eliminate Mudaman by using 5S.

Connect any time at GeorgeTrachilis dot com

5S System Lean Manufacturing Expert Online Course

Expert's Implementation Guide | Eliminate Waste in Workplace with 5S System | Practical Tips | Relevance to Industry 4.0

Created by Nilakantasrinivasan Janakiraman - Customer Experience & Business Transformation Leader


Students: 36, Price: $34.99

Students: 36, Price:  Paid

In a today's Digital World, where Industry 4.0 Technologies are transforming the manufacturing operations and supply chain, are  concepts that led to where we are today such as Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, TPS, JIT, Poka Yoke, Muda, Visual Factory, Lean Six Sigma, etc, still relevant?

The Simple Answer is - Yes! Check out this course to understand their relevance and how to adopt apply Digital Manufacturing and Technologies to achieve goals of 5S.

5S is a foundation of Lean Manufacturing Methodology.  5S in Japanese stands for Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Store), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu- (Standardize) and Shitsuke (Sustain).

While there are many courses on 5S, what you will learn in this course is:

  • Concept of 5S - Each 'S' in-detail 

  • Practical Implementation Tips to make you an Expert in 5S

  • Industry 4.0 Used Cases for 5S

  • Implementation Guide to lead an Organization-wide 5S

  • 5S Maturity Evaluation and 5S Audits

  • Red Tagging Strategy

  • Sign-boarding, Color-Coding and Contouring

When you complete this course:

  • You will acquire skill to implement 5S in your workplace

  • Confidence to led organization wide 5S program

  • Conduct 5S audits

  • Change Management strategies to sustain the momentum and drive lean culture