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Pass Microsoft Tests and Get Certified!

Test taking skills for IT certs like MCSA, MCSE and CompTIA that can improve scores making certs easier and cheaper.

Created by Shadow Farrell - Technical Trainer and Author


Students: 2643, Price: $29.99

Students: 2643, Price:  Paid

This course helps students improve test taking skills for IT certification exams.

The course is divided into three parts:

  • Study habits - coaches students in how to streamline studying for IT courses to develop a "knowledge pool" of information that can be used during the exam and for practical application.
  • DNS - teaches DNS allowing us to have a shared knowledge pool to use when discussing test taking techniques. It also helps students refine their understanding of how to apply study habits.
  • Test taking techniques - multiple techniques for addressing various types of multiple choice and interactive exam questions in order to maximize testing scores to achieve higher results and pass exams more efficiently so that certification is faster and less costly.

The course is mostly video content. It should take between four to five hours to complete.

This course is aimed at anyone who is studying for IT certifications. It should be of great benefit to anyone studying for certs such as MCSA, MCSE or CompTIA certifications (Listen to "Target Audience" and "Introduction" free preview for more information.) Having a firm grasp of the material is not always a good indicator of whether you will pass an IT test. Test taking skills can dramatically improve your chances of success. This course is suitable for any student intending to take a technology exam that is predominantly focused on multiple choice answers and some interactive questions such as Microsoft exams, CompTIA, PMP etc. It would not be helpful for students taking predominantly performance based tests such as test requiring you to actually configure the software during the exam.

The Complete Cyber Security Course – Practice Test – Vol 1

Test your skills and knowledge from taking The Complete Cyber Security Course - Volume 1

Created by Nathan House - Leading Cyber Security Expert


Students: 1916, Price: $99.99

Students: 1916, Price:  Paid

Welcome to The Complete Cyber Security Course - Practice Test for Volume 1 Hackers Exposed by Nathan House.

Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge in the area of cyber security? Find out where you stand on these practice tests.

In this practice test set, we’ll cover the following topics from Volume 1

  • Know yourself

  • Know your enemy

  • Encryption

  • Setting up a Testing Environment Using Virtual Machines

  • Operating systems 

Containing three 2 hour tests. 

More questions are being continuously added.

Example question;

"You’re concerned about the threat of your laptop being stolen. The adversary would be a thief. The vulnerability is the data on the laptop being in clear text.   The consequences are reputational damage and identity theft. What security control do you feel best mitigates the risk?"

NOTE: This contains only practice tests. The course is a separate purchase.

Test & Exam Strategies

Brief and applicable guide to improving your skills at taking tests and being more confident in your approach!

Created by Ronald Johnson (B.A.) Professional Tutor, Online Instructor - Education for You!


Students: 361, Price: $29.99

Students: 361, Price:  Paid


* New Lesson added April 2019 - Master Multiple Choice Tests.

*Student Survival Guide booklet added May 2017

The Test & Exam Strategies course is for any student who needs to complete quizzes, tests, or exams for courses he/she is taking.

The lessons learned will help students approach tests and exams with more confidence and with the tools necessary to raise their marks.

This course provides tips on how to handle essay style questions and objective test questions (multiple choice, true/false) as well as advice on time management and special skills such as the SQ3R Reading Method that can make a difference all the way through a course of study.

Skills taught such as how to manage anxiety are useful well beyond the tests and exams.

The lessons are short and clearly explained so that they can be applied immediately and begin helping the student as soon as he/she desires.

Also, there are 5 quizzes that help solidify the information learned.

If you want to improve your ability at taking tests and exams and/or want to feel more confident and less stressed when faced with assessments of any kind, this is the course for you!