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Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

Learn how to automate your infrastructure with terraform. Covers Terraform with AWS, Packer, Docker, ECS, EKS, Jenkins

Created by Edward Viaene - DevOps, Cloud, Big Data Specialist


Students: 61656, Price: $39.99

Students: 61656, Price:  Paid

Terraform has gained a lot in popularity lately and is the tool you need to master if you are or about to get into a Ops / DevOps role. You typically use a technology like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to automate the provisioning of software. Terraform starts from the same principle, infrastructure as code, but focusses on the automation of the infrastructure itself. Your whole Cloud infrastructure (instances, volumes, networking, IPs) can be described in terraform. 

In this course you'll learn how to use terraform to automate your infrastructure. I will first show you the basics of terraform and will then explain how to automate infrastructure on AWS using terraform. You can open an AWS account for free to do the labs. I also provide a lot of code examples which you can immediately use to automate your own infrastructure.

Update (Oct-2016):

  • Added AWS Autoscaling lectures

  • Added Terraform+Packer Jenkins integration lectures

  • Added Terraform with Docker on AWS (ECR and ECS)

  • Added Terraform with Jenkins workflow using ECR and ECS

Update (Dec-2016):

  • Added a lecture about useful terraform commands

  • Added a demo on how to use terraform show/graph/taint/untaint/import

  • Added a lecture and demo about Elastic Beanstalk on AWS

Update (Jun-2018):

  • Terraform for Windows setup + puttygen

  • Interpolation

  • Conditionals

  • Built-in functions

  • Module development with an ECS + ALB module demo

  • Setting up a hosted Kubernetes cluster using AWS EKS

Update (Nov-2019):

  • Terraform-0.12 updates

  • Lectures covering new variable approach in terraform-0.12

  • For & For Each loops

Update (March-2020):

  • CodePipeline lectures

  • Updated lectures with new AWS UI

  • Updated jenkins-packer-demo demo

Update (December-2020):

  • Advanced Module development

  • Lectures and demos covering new Terraform 0.13 features

  • Terraform lock file (terraform 0.14)

  • State manipulation

Update (December-2020):

  • A complete new section on the HashiCorp Terraform Certification is now added!

This course includes english captions.

Learn Devops Kubernetes deployment by kops and terraform

Comprehensive Nginx deployment to Kubernetes on AWS by using kops and terraform

Created by Jan Toth - Kubernetes enthusiast


Students: 45727, Price: Free

Students: 45727, Price:  Free

Kubernetes as the orchestration platform for not only Docker containers is gaining more momentum everyday especially in DevOps like world. Besides other main orchestration systems Kubernetes can be considered as one of the most popular one. All big cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure have already more or less adopted Kubernetes as a part of their portfolio and services. Kubernetes and Docker containers altogether create an ideal ecosystem for deploying micro services - which seems to be the model for next generation applications.

When thinking about containers and horizontally scalable applications we might be taking into account also some other other software such as Terraform which helps us tremendously to keep our infrastructure (independent of cloud provider) in immutable state. There are some officially supported tools like "kops" which hand in hand  with Terraform makes the Kuberentes deployment to AWS extraordinary easy and comprehensive and makes DevOps  people lives super easy.

The main goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive explanation to the people who are truly willing to deep dive in Kubernetes and Docker world and perhaps aspiring for DevOps carrier. In order to achieve this goal I have decided to use NGINX web server examples throughout this course - just because year back I was amazed by value which is delivered by web server itself. Imagine that every business in the world is serving their content via some kind of this powerful piece of software. Nowadays, we can take an advantage of deploying and scaling of docerized mainly Open Source web servers to Kubernetes at any cloud provider you can think of.

I hope you guys are going to enjoy this course and I am certain that anybody is more than good enough to complete this course. Crossed fingers and which you the best!

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate 2021

All in one course for learning Terraform and gaining the official certification.

Created by Zeal Vora - Premium Instructor


Students: 28528, Price: $34.99

Students: 28528, Price:  Paid

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate is one of the newest and popular certifications that is recently launched.

This course is intended for individuals who are new to Terraform and are planning to implement Terraform in their organization and want to get an in-depth view of various topics and best practices, along with gaining the official Terraform certification.

With all the topics taught practically, and with a dedicated Exam Preparation section, this course is all you need to learn to terraform and gain the certification.

Join us in the journey of learning Terraform and gaining the certification.

Deploy Infra in the Cloud using Terraform

Learn how to apply Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform. Covers Web Apps, Database, VM, Kubernetes and Azure.

Created by Houssem Dellai - Engineer at Microsoft


Students: 24693, Price: $29.99

Students: 24693, Price:  Paid

Terraform is becoming the standard when it comes to deploying infrastructure into the cloud or on premise.

In this course you will learn how to create and deploy Terraform templates.

We will work with the different Terraform commands like init, plan, apply and destroy.

We'll explore terraform features like input and output parameters, the execution plan and the remote backend state.

We'll write templates for Web Apps, SQL Database, VMs, Storage, Kubernetes clusters and many more.

We'll create the DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps and Github Actions to deploy into multiple environments: dev, test and prod.

Then we'll implement GitOps for Terraform using Atlantis.

Along all these demonstrations you'll also learn the Best practices in terms of security, configuration and scalability.

I hope you are ready and excited for this journey!

Bring a coffee and lets get started.

Current plan:


  • Intro to Terraform (Init, Plan, Apply, Delete)

  • Requirements (Terraform, Azure subscription, Azure CLI, VS Code+TF plugin, any OS)


  • Deploying Resource Group into Azure

  • Pay Attention to Resource Recreation

  • Validate and Format Templates


  • Deploying Web App

  • Adding Variables File

  • Creating Variables in .tfvars Files

  • Overriding Variables in the command line

  • Creating Output Variables

Execution Plan

  • Overview of Terraform Plan

  • Demo


  • Working with Remote Backend State

Infra Deployments

  • Deploying SQL Server with a Database

  • Deploying and configuring Web App and SQL Server

  • Deploying Linux VM

  • Deploying Windows VM with Azure Bastion

  • Deploying AKS cluster

  • Deploying AKS with Managed Identity and ACR

Terraform features

  • Functions (for each, for, count, if/else, random, lower, upper, min, max…)

DevOps with Terraform

  • Deploy Terraform templates using Azure DevOps

  • Configuring the CI/CD pipelines

Upcoming lectures:

  • Data Source

  • Workspaces/Environments

  • Testing TF with Terratest

  • Multicloud

  • Deploy to AWS and GCP

  • GitOps with TF (Atlantis…)

  • TF with ARM

  • TF competitors: Ansible, Pulumi, ARM, Cloud Formation

  • TF Providers for Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, GIT…

DevOps MasterClass : GIT Docker Jenkins Kubernetes Terraform

DevOps for Absolute Beginners with Jenkins Docker Swarm Kubernetes GIT Terraform AWS with DevOps Realworld Exercises

Created by LevelUp360° DevOps - DevOps Professional Courses


Students: 21705, Price: $109.99

Students: 21705, Price:  Paid

One of the Finest & Multi-Technology DevOps Certification Course On Udemy.

Celebrating #20000 Students, #20000 DevOps Certified Engineers with DevOps Specialization with DevOps Technology stack like Docker, Docker Containers, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes with Docker, Kubernetes Administration, Git & GitHub, Jenkins & Jenkins Code Pipeline, Terraform , Terraform AWS.

People are getting Pro in Jenkins, Docker, Docker Swarm, Terraform & Kubernetes and we are helping them to get more knowledge on DevOps Practices.

This DevOps Certification Training Course will prepare you for a career in DevOps, the fast-growing field that bridges the gap between software developers and operations.

The DevOps training course focuses heavily on the use of Docker containers, GIT & GitHub, Jenkins Kubernetes & Docker Swarm a technology that is revolutionizing the way apps are deployed in the cloud today and is a critical skillset to master in the cloud age.

This DevOps Certification Training Course will prepare you for a career in DevOps.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

1. Diagnose a team’s delivery pipeline and bring forward prioritized recommendations to improve it

2. Explain the skill sets and roles involved in DevOps and how they contribute toward a continuous delivery capability

3. Review and deliver automation tests across the development stack

4. Explain the key jobs of system operations and how today’s leading techniques and tools apply to them

5. Explain how high-functioning teams use DevOps and related methods to reach a continuous delivery capability

6. Facilitate prioritized, iterative team progress on improving a delivery pipeline

Course Objective?

This DevOps training is designed to help you become a DevOps practitioner. During this course, our expert DevOps instructors will help you: 

  • Understand the DevOps Ecosystem

  • Learn about automatic Source Code Management using GIT and Continuous Integration using Jenkins

  • Understand, Build and Test Automation: how to build an appropriate delivery pipeline and perform test automation on it

  • Understand Containerization using Docker: identify the difference between containers and VMs

  • Master Docker Commands and Use-cases: deals with the various networking concepts in Docker, the best way to use the Docker Volume, and creating Docker file

  • Master Puppet: learn Configuration management and "Infrastructure-as-Code". You can learn about the master-agent architecture and catalog compilation in Puppet

  • Learn Continuous Monitoring using Nagios: integrate Jenkins, Docker, and Puppet, and learn about system monitoring using Nagios and its components

  • Execute a live Project

Who should take this course?

DevOps career opportunities are thriving worldwide. DevOps was featured as one of the 11 best jobs in America for 2017, according to CBS News, and data from Payscale shows that DevOps Managers earn as much as $122,234 per year, with DevOps engineers making as much as $151,561. DevOps jobs are the third-highest tech role ranked by employer demand on Indeed but have the second-highest talent deficit.

This DevOps training course will be of benefit to the following professional roles:

  • Software Developers

  • Technical Project Managers

  • Architects

  • Operations Support

  • Deployment engineers

  • IT managers

  • Development managers

Prerequisite knowledge of software development, preferably in Java, and the UNIX/Linux command-line tools are essential for this course.

Terraform for AWS – Beginner to Expert 2021 (0.12)

Learn Terraform quickly, easily and effectively

Created by Warp 9 Training - The Fastest Place to Learn Cloud Computing and DevOps


Students: 12525, Price: $19.99

Students: 12525, Price:  Paid

Trying to Make Sense of Terraform For AWS?

Psst… are you trying to piece together code from awful documentations?

Getting lost in endless amounts of theory and reading… wasting hours and hours of your life…

Just to feel overwhelmed once you’re trying to apply your ‘knowledge’?

If you’re looking for a clear and detailed tutorial that guides you step-by-step through the foundations of Terraform without “death-by-PowerPoint”, look no further.

Because once you’ve mastered this skill set, you’ll be able to work on your own terraform project or apply for your next DevOps job which is among the HOTTEST and HIGHEST earning roles in IT right now.

And this course will teach you how to get there.

Hi, I’m TJ Addams.

With nearly 10 years in IT project roles, I spent a lot of time teaching over 16,000+ people on- and offline. So they can become ready to use their skills in production, even without prior experience.

I simplify all the processes new students need to understand. And I provide a clear roadmap on what to learn to produce results fast.

Everything I teach is based on what is used in industry and cutting out what isn’t.

I operated in lead support roles to Project Sponsors, Platform Engineers, Solutions Architects, Developers, and Testers & have worked with UK Government partners to develop real-time systems underpinned by Terraform. I also have operated in diverse sectors including consulting, technology services and digital transformation; private online healthcare; and biomedical research.

This allows me to bring you unique insights way beyond the trivial "hello world" type of examples...

... coupled with lots of demos, tips, and advice on how it’s used in industry. I cover the nitty-gritty to help you stand out from the crowd and learn the things most engineers don't even know about.

Your Fast Track To Terraform—From 0 to Ready To Use In No Time

This easy-to-consume course helps you to tie all the key concepts together and fill in any unnecessary knowledge gaps you might have—getting you up to speed with all the foundations you need in no time.

This is NOT about presenting you hundreds of topics with no continuity between subjects, like college textbooks that bore you to death.

Everything you’ll see in this course is based on what is used in industry and cutting out what isn’t. So you don’t need to spend long hours studying—especially if you don’t have the time for it.

90% Hands-On / 10% Theory / 0% Wasting Time

Instead, you’ll get easy to follow step-by-step video tutorials. While watching these videos, you’ll be able to follow along and gain valuable hands-on experience. This will give you a head start for finishing your first very own Terraform project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You’ll complete quick challenges and exercises throughout the course. This helps you digest every lesson and discover Terraforms true capabilities. It ensures you to get you comfortable with coming up with solutions on your own. Exactly like you would in real-life scenarios.

This way, you can be sure to get the clarity and the confidence you need before diving deep into Terraform. So prepare yourself to get your hands dirty!

What You’ll Get In This Course

You’ll get access to a comprehensive and up-to-date guide that gives you a solid understanding of how Terraform works. You also get the tools and resources you need to start your own Terraform project and produce results TODAY. This includes:

  • Follow along videos to put everything into practice as you learn

  • Over 40 step by step video tutorials for creating infrastructure like ….

  • Databases on AWS with RDS

  • Configuring EC2 instances

  • Creating custom IAM policies with JSON

  • Remote backends using S3 storage

  • Setting up Security Groups

  • Demystifying Terraform modules and creating your own

  • Working with Elastic IP’s (EIP)

  • Managing dependencies on resources

  • How to understand the documentation

  • And much more

  • Unique challenges to master Terraform quickly and put your new skills to the test

  • Nearly 3 hours of on-demand training

  • A 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

  • The course is in 0.11 syntax (due to re-filmed soon) because that’s what companies are STILL USING. But this course ALSO includes Terraform v0.12, the latest and greatest version so you’re not missing out

Here’s What Others Have To Say About This Course:

This is a fast track, but for that cannot be considered as a rushed introduction to the Terraform concepts and practices, instead you can expect to be a fast and very accurate pass through the concepts, tips and trick necessaries for starting to produce results today

I have taken Terraform course because I might need it in my DevOps role. It is very informative and contents is very details. Love it. Thanks !

Hey TJ,Brilliant course. I like the small step by step videos but I loved the way you got stuck into the exercises pretty much off the bat. I found it far easier to digest Terraform and learn about its true capabilities having been through some more complex training. A great course for newbies!!! I hope you have some more courses in the pipeline. Thanks again.

By The End Of This Course You’ll …

  • Ace your next job interview

  • Understand the documentation and fly solo

  • Mastered modules and how you can use them

  • Be ready to deploy your infrastructure with Terraform

  • Have an advantage over others with your freshly updated CV

  • Be the guy who solves the project you’re working on

  • Progress further in your career

  • Solve problems confidently & comfortable

  • Get your job done quickly and efficiently

  • Have all the tools & resources you need to get started immediately after finishing this course


What do I need to get started?

  • Laptop and a desire to learn Terraform--I’ll cover the rest

Say Goodbye To Confusing Documentation!

Buy now.

Azure Kubernetes Service with Azure DevOps and Terraform

Docker, AKS, Azure Disks, DevOps, Virtual Nodes, ACR, DNS Zones, Active Directory, Kubernetes RBAC, Ingress, Terraform

Created by Kalyan Reddy Daida | DevOps & SRE Architect on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Platforms - Best Selling Instructor, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, SRE


Students: 7730, Price: $19.99

Students: 7730, Price:  Paid

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on Azure AKS Kubernetes - Masterclass | Azure DevOps, Terraform.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Course Modules

  1. Create Azure AKS Cluster using Azure Portal

  2. Docker Fundamentals

  3. Imperative Method: Kubernetes Fundamentals using kubectl

  4. Declarative Method: Kubernetes Fundamentals using YAML

  5. Azure Disks for AKS Storage

  6. Custom Storage Class, PVC, and PV

  7. AKS default Storage class, PVC and PV

  8. User Management Web Application Deployment with MySQL as storage using Storage Class, PVC, and PV

  9. Azure MySQL for AKS Storage

  10. Kubernetes Secrets

  11. Azure Files for AKS Storage

  12. Ingress Basics

  13. Ingress Context path based Routing

  14. Azure DNS Zones - Delegate domain from AWS to Azure

  15. Ingress and External DNS with Azure DNS Zones

  16. Ingress Domain Name based Routing with External DNS

  17. Ingress SSL with LetsEncrypt

  18. Kubernetes Requests & Limits

  19. Kubernetes Namespaces

  20. Kubernetes Namespaces - Imperative

  21. Kubernetes Namespaces - Limit Range

  22. Kubernetes Namespaces - Resource Quota

  23. Azure Virtual Nodes for AKS

  24. Azure Virtual Nodes Basics

  25. Azure AKS Virtual Nodes Mixed Mode Deployments

  26. Azure Container Registry for AKS

  27. Integrate Azure Container Registry ACR with AKS

  28. Azure AKS Pull Docker Images from ACR using Service Principal

  29. Pull Docker Images from ACR using Service Principal and Run on Azure Virtual Nodes

  30. Azure DevOps with AKS Cluster

  31. Azure DevOps - Build and Push Docker Image to Azure Container Registry

  32. Azure DevOps - Build, Push to ACR and Deploy to AKS

  33. Azure DevOps - Create Starter Pipeline

  34. Azure DevOps - Release Pipelines

  35. Azure AKS - Enable HTTP Application Routing AddOn

  36. Azure AKS Authentication with Azure AD and Kubernetes RBAC

  37. Azure AKS Cluster Access with Multiple Clusters

  38. Azure AD Integration with Azure AKS for Authentication

  39. Kubernetes RBAC Role & Role Binding with Azure AD on AKS

  40. Kubernetes RBAC Cluster Role & Role Binding with AD on AKS

  41. Azure AKS Cluster Autoscaling

  42. Azure AKS - Cluster Autoscaler

  43. Azure AKS - Horizontal Pod Autoscaler HPA

  44. Azure AKS Production Grade Cluster Design using AZ AKS CLI

  45. Create Azure AKS Cluster using AZ AKS CLI

  46. Create Azure AKS Linux, Windows, and Virtual Node Pools

  47. Deploy Apps to Azure AKS Linux, Windows, and Virtual Node Pools

  48. Provision Azure AKS Clusters using Terraform

  49. Terraform Command Basics

  50. Terraform Language Basics

  51. Provision AKS Cluster using Terraform

  52. Create AKS Cluster Linux and Windows Node Pools

  53. Create an Azure AKS Cluster using Custom Virtual Network

  54. Provision Azure AKS using Terraform & Azure DevOps

Azure Services Covered

  1. Azure Kubernetes Service

  2. Azure Disks

  3. Azure Files

  4. Azure MySQL Database

  5. Azure Storage Accounts

  6. Azure Cloud Shell

  7. Azure Load Balancer

  8. Azure DNS Zones

  9. Azure Container Registries ACR

  10. Azure Container Registries ACR with Azure Service Principal

  11. Azure DevOps - Build Pipelines with ACR & Github Repositories

  12. Azure DevOps - Release Pipelines with AKS

  13. Azure Public IP Address

  14. Azure Standard Load Balancer

  15. Azure Virtual Networks

  16. Azure Active Directory

  17. Azure Container Instances - Virtual Nodes

  18. Azure AKS Windows and Linux User NodePools

  19. Azure Managed Service Identity - MSI

  20. Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

  21. Azure Log Analytics Workspaces for Azure Monitor

Kubernetes Concepts Covered

  1. Kubernetes Architecture

  2. Pods

  3. ReplicaSets

  4. Deployments

  5. Services - Load Balancer Service

  6. Services - Cluster IP Service

  7. Services - External Name Service

  8. Services - Ingress Service

  9. Services - Ingress SSL & SSL Redirect

  10. Services - Ingress & External DNS

  11. Services - Domain Name based Routing

  12. Imperative - with kubectl

  13. Declarative - Declarative with YAML

  14. Secrets

  15. Init Containers

  16. Requests & Limits

  17. Namespaces - Imperative

  18. Namespaces - Limit Range

  19. Namespaces - Resource Quota

  20. Storage Classes

  21. Persistent Volumes

  22. Persistent Volume Claims

  23. Services - Load Balancers

  24. Annotations

  25. HPA - Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

  26. CA - Cluster Autoscaler

  27. Config Maps

  28. RBAC - Role & Role Bindings

  29. RBAC - Cluster Role & Cluster Role Bindings

  30. Virtual Kubelet

  31. Secrets - Image Pull Secrets

Each of my courses come with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

  • Real Implementation Experience

  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section

  • 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

DevOps Deployment Automation with Terraform, AWS and Docker

Create production-grade scalable deployments with GitLab, EC2, ALB, ECS, ECR, VPC, S3 and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Created by Mark Winterbottom - Full-Stack Software Engineer


Students: 7508, Price: $59.99

Students: 7508, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the advanced course on how to set up a deployment automation that’s capable of handling millions of users!

In this course you will learn some of the most in-demand skills in the marketplace today by creating automated workflows to deploy and manage a scalable and secure infrastructure.

The demand for DevOps engineers is skyrocketing because few people have these skills and the value they add to a business’s bottom line is so high. Software development is expensive, and DevOps saves money by automating and streamlining the process. It also makes it easier to deploy more frequently, so you can catch issues early and improve the reliability of your product or service. Not to mention it saves hundreds of hours of manually administering servers and running deployments (like the good old days).

People in DevOps roles are some of the highest earners in the industry, are looking for work the least, and are the most sought after by companies. (Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019 and Indeed).

Needless to say, mastering the technologies and skills used for DevOps is a great return on investment.

Whether you’re a developer, system administrator, or tech entrepreneur - this course will give you the tools to advance your skills in some of the most in-demand DevOps technologies in the marketplace today.

In this course, you’ll be deploying a sample Django REST API to AWS using Terraform, GitLab, Docker and a suite of AWS technologies, including:

  • Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

  • Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • Elastic Container Service (ECS)

  • Application Load Balancer (ALB)

  • Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Subnets

  • Gateways

  • Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Route53

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • and AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

This course was designed to deploy a Django application, but it will work for any web application that runs in Docker.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Define your infrastructure as code so you can easily create and destroy environments as you need them, keeping AWS costs low

  • Design an architecture that is scalable, secure, resilient and facilitates zero downtime deployments

  • Setup professional development workflows based on GitLab Flow to automate processes and speed up deployments

  • Properly manage and administer an AWS account in accordance with best practices to mitigate the risk of it getting compromised (and preventing AWS bill shock)

By the end of the course you will have implemented a fully functioning deployment process, comparable to what you might find at any major tech company.

This is an advanced course that requires previous experience with Django and Docker, and familiarity with AWS. It requires you to have a budget for AWS fees and an acceptable payment method. You must also have a computer that can run Docker desktop (sorry Windows Home users).

This is a high-stakes course, so we encourage you to check out our full Requirements video before enrolling. This video and many others are free to preview, so make sure you check them out to make sure this course is right for you.

This is a hands-on course, with a bit of theory and lots of opportunities to test your knowledge. The content is challenging but rewarding. Ready for it? Let’s dive in!

Learning Terraform on Microsoft Azure – Terraform v12 / v13

This course takes you from initial setup though to deploying a multi-location web service

Created by L11 Training - Platform Engineer, Cloud, DevOps


Students: 7013, Price: $34.99

Students: 7013, Price:  Paid

This course takes you through all aspects of Terraform v12 and v13, from initial setup to a sample real world deployment in Azure.

The course begins with setting up the training environment, installing Terraform and configuring Azure. As the course develops will look at various aspects of Terraform and how we can use these to build our deployment. Alongside this we will use various resources in Azure, I will explain what these are, how these work and then we will deploy these using Terraform. Just set expectations this course isn’t an Azure course. So while I won’t go into any great depth on each Azure resource I do provide an overview of the most salient features.

This course has been developed to be as practical as possible, most of the lessons are follow along in nature. Overviews of key areas of Terraform and Azure Resources are provided for reference.

Terraform v13 specific lessons have been added in Section 8. These naturally follow on from the prior sections.

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Practice Exam 2021

As the first HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate course, this course has helped thousands of folks get certified!!

Created by Bryan Krausen - Principal Solutions Consultant - AWS & HashiCorp


Students: 6826, Price: $19.99

Students: 6826, Price:  Paid

Don't settle for those other inferior exams on Udemy for a couple of dollars less. This is the original Terraform Associate practice exam that has helped thousands of people pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam. I literally get messages or mentions every single day about how this exam has helped them earn their certifications.

***Completely revamped at the end of December 2020 and continuously updated in 2021 - ***171 questions*** covers Terraform 0.15, newly updated questions, scenario-based questions, expanded existing practice exams, added an additional practice exam, links in every single question for simplified review, and all questions are grouped per exam objective to easily understand where you need to study more.***

About this Practice Exam:

Test your knowledge of HashiCorp Terraform with questions designed to ensure you're comfortable with a wide variety of Terraform topics. Questions include multi-select, multiple-choice, and true or false questions that include colorful screenshots and Terraform code. Each item also contains a detailed explanation, which makes this practice test the ultimate study guide. These practice exams are intended to test your knowledge of where you may need to focus before taking the real test. The practice exam questions are updated frequently based on updates to Terraform and feedback from students.

If you're looking for a practice exam created by a professional consultant with years and years of experience, you're in the right place. With a 4.5 star rating across my courses and practice exams, I strive to provide solid content to students and take feedback very seriously.

About the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Certification:

The Terraform Associate certification is for operations, IT, or DevOps professionals who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform. Qualified candidates may not have used Terraform in production but have performed the tasks listed in the objectives in at least a personal demo environment. This person understands what enterprise features exist and what can and cannot be done using the open-source offering.

Terraform on Azure

Become a DevOps expert using Terraform on Azure. Deploy services like CosmosDB, Kubernetes, SQL Server, MySQL, AD, ...

Created by Edward Viaene - DevOps, Cloud, Big Data Specialist


Students: 6604, Price: $39.99

Students: 6604, Price:  Paid

In this hands-on training we will teach you how to implement and use Terraform on Microsoft Azure from the start to finish. After following this training you can add this precious skill to you resume.

Our mission is to ensure you can start using terraform with Azure in your organisation to automate the provisioning of cloud infrastructure. After taking this course, you'll have the confidence of using Terraform in your organisation.

Let's go and happy learning!

Terraform allows you to write your cloud infrastructure setup in code. If you have used Microsoft Azure before, you'll know that setting up your infrastructure using the Microsoft Azure Portal (the Web UI) is far from ideal. Terraform allows you use Infrastructure as Code, rather than executing the steps manually by going through the correct steps in the Microsoft Azure Portal.

This course will teach you how to write HCL, the HashiCorp Configuration Language, to bring up your infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Terraform is cloud agnostic, so the terraform skills learned in this course are easily transferable to other cloud providers. After teaching you the terraform basics, the course will continue setting up simple architectural patterns, like VMs, to get you used to how terraform works. Once you have a good feeling of how you can use terraform, we dive a bit deeper into the possible Microsoft Azure Services you can spin up, like Autoscaling, LoadBalancing, MSSQL & MySQL, CosmosDB, Storage Accounts, Azure AD, and others. Also covered is advanced terraform usage, like using remote state, for/foreach loops, and conditionals/functions.

More than Certified in Terraform

Learn Terraform Using Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, and more!

Created by Derek Morgan - IoT and Cloud Engineer


Students: 6377, Price: $29.99

Students: 6377, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you what you need to know to deploy Terraform resources properly and efficiently whether you're a beginner or someone looking for some new tricks! We will start with the very basics and methodically build from there, learning new information, tricks, and skills along the way! Most lessons are less than 8 minutes long to help ensure a pace that doesn't put you to sleep! 

With a focus on using built-in tools to deploy and troubleshoot your deployments, you'll be the only one not having to Google every error you find or copy and paste from Stack Overflow! 

You'll learn important Terraform tools to troubleshoot and build your infrastructure as you roll out a Node-RED IoT application using Docker, a Rancher K3s Kubernetes deployment on AWS, a Kubernetes deployment of pods, and even a full CICD deployment using Terraform Cloud!

We'll focus on writing efficient code with minimal repetition while utilizing many of Terraform's advanced features such as:

  • Import       

  • Join

  • Min

  • Max

  • Local Resource

  • Variables

  • Splat

  • For Loops

  • Dynamic Blocks

  • Variable Validation

  • Path References

  • String Interpolation

  • Workspaces

  • Local and Remote Provisioners

  • and more! 

The entire course was recorded using quality equipment for ease of listening, intelligent zooming and cursor highlighting to ensure maximum readability and the ability to follow along easily, and annotations where necessary to quickly see web links to visit, important topics, and follow along with the resources more easily.

All of the code is tested using the 0.14+ version of Terraform and new updates will always be tested and rolled out as soon as possible! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and Terraform Apply Yourself!

Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate 2021

Learn Terraform concepts, complete labs, and pass your Terraform Associate certification!

Created by Jacob Jones - AWS Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer


Students: 5844, Price: $29.99

Students: 5844, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to pass your Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam. You will be able to  go from a Terraform novice to understanding resources, modules, variables, state management, the Terraform workflow, Terraform Cloud, workspaces, and more!

Here is what we will cover:

  1. Getting your environment setup - including installations, configurations, and some suggestions for which tools to use.

  2. Account setup - account setup for Terraform and AWS.

  3. Tools - An overview of VS Code and why I suggest using it for this course.

  4. Terraform Workflow - write, plan apply

  5. Terraform Basics - creating resources, creating modules, creating variables, resource addressing.

  6. State management - terraform import, taint, untaint, and understanding the state file.

  7. Terraform Cloud - Understanding the Terraform cloud offering, what it is, and why to use it.

  8. Variables - what they are, how to use them, tfvars file, and more!

  9. Other terraform commands - fmt, refresh, and validate.

  10. Outputs -  what they are and how to use them.

In this course there will be labs involving these AWS resources: (some familiarity with them would be beneficial)

  • EC2

  • EBS

  • S3

This course includes some instruction, but is made up primarily of labs that we walk through together, then some assignments that will challenge and test your skills!

Many students have already passed their Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate after taking this course, you could be the next!

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Practice Exam 2021

The only course that you need to clear the certification exam | Practice Tests with detailed explanations

Created by Quiz Experts - Collection of questions hand-picked by Certified Experts


Students: 5592, Price: $19.99

Students: 5592, Price:  Paid

The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations or development who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform.

This Practice Test strictly follows the specific exam objectives and has the right questions to clear the Terraform Associate certification exam.

Our practice tests have a collection of questions hand-picked by Certified Experts with clear explanations and simple examples to learn each concept quickly and easily. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn Terraform from scratch or a Terraform Expert who needs to brush up on his knowledge before the certification exam, this practice test is for you.

Note: This is the only course on Udemy which covers new Terraform v0.13 as well as Terraform v0.12 or earlier.

Our quizzes provide engaging and interesting learning opportunities to people around the world, guiding users to identify their strengths and fill in their learning gaps. When you participate in our Technology Quizzes, you're embarking on a journey of discovery and understanding.

This course also comes with:

  *   A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

  *   A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

  *   Lifetime access to all future updates

The only course that you need to clear the certification exam.

Join us into the awesome journey on Terraform.

Terraform with AWS – Zero to Hero (2021 Updated)

Master Terraform with AWS - Mutiple Real Projects Handson(12 Hours) VPC,EC2,ECS,ECR,Lambda,APIGateway,ALB,IAC,Fargate

Created by Robin Paul - Software Engineer


Students: 5370, Price: $19.99

Students: 5370, Price:  Paid

Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools available in the market.

It supports multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba to mention a few.

This makes it one of the very important tools to have hands-on for DevOps, Developer, Test Engineers to master Terraform and AWS when you are working on projects with cloud solutions.

In this course, you master the key AWS services like VPC, EC2, Subnets, Internet Gateway, Route Tables, Cloudwatch, ECS and ECR

With Terraform you can manage all popular resources in AWS. Terraform Development Community is huge which makes it easier and faster to bring new features.

You will also learn how to use serverless services like ECS - fargate, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3 bucket, etc.

I have put great effort in clearing the fundamentals and going step by step so that the concepts are simple to you.

You will get excellent support if you are stuck with any issues

Few of the reviews from my students for this course *****

  1. Covered quite an extensive array of Terraform topics in a very explanatory way, made it easy to comprehend

  2. Content was great. Great course for beginners. I would suggest someone with no knowledge at all should choose this course.

  3. I have basic understanding of Terraform prior, Your videos are really helping me out for touching some new topics.

  4. Great course. I did the exercises right along with him. A great way to learn from my own and his mistakes.

  5. Overall very overwhelmed content and neat Explanation!

  6. Really enjoyed that the instructor did things live as opposed to premaking all the scripts. Near the end it did get a little hard to follow with all the policies and attachments, but the basics are explained well.

  7. Thank you so much for great start on terraform as IaaC. I like Robin's way to teaching.I think it's good course for beginner level.

  8. This guy is hero of the Month.

  9. I think this is one of the best online course for learning Terraform on AWS. It starts with basic commands and goes in advance concepts. I have learned very much from this course and I feel that I like Terraform very much. The only drawback is the lecturer's sound is a bit weak and I believe it will be improved on the next course series. Except, this drawback the content of the course and the way of teaching is outstanding. Great work thanks.

  10. This is one of the best course on Terraform ... that covers everything from basic to advanced.. I enjoyed my journey ... I will be happy if you can cover a course on ansible

  11. Excellent labs. Very well done.

  12. I like the detailed explanation on vpc , subnets, serverless lambdas. And the many real architecture and projects are worth it thanks

  13. The course really from basic to Advanced/expert level and Presenting real time scenarios/Projects which includes deep dive Terraform code and automate the aws infrastructure using Terraform modules His way of communication can understand anybody and over the course explanation is very good and he is responding immediately for any queries that you post

  14. I will highly recommend this course. This course is according to industry needs. And all the major terraform concepts are shared. I tried other terraform course but this course is definitely the best because concepts are explained in great detail. I was able to do my office work using this course. PS : If possible please add a terraform 0.12 cheat sheet.

  15. Good course for AWS automation. Learned a lot on how to automate deployment instances on cloud infrastructure. I suggest those who wanted to learn automation with cloud infra.

  16. Really the Best course for beginners, Now i got confidence to deploy terraform in small environments

  17. Best TF course out there in Udemy because no one teaches us Terraform by showing and implementing architecture diagram which is used in real life scenarios. Sound quality should be improved which is my only suggestion.

Course Updates: 

  1. All source code updated with terraform 0.12.25

  2. Added extra bonus lectures for ECS , ECR , Fargate

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate -50 Practical Demos

Master Terraform in practical approach with 50 demos and 50 concepts using step-by-step GitHub Documentation on AWS

Created by Kalyan Reddy Daida | DevOps & SRE Architect on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Platforms - Best Selling Instructor, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, SRE


Students: 5022, Price: $19.99

Students: 5022, Price:  Paid

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate -50 Practical Demos.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Course Modules

01. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

02. Install Tools on MacOs, LinuxOS and WindowsOS

03. Command Basics

04. Language Syntax

05. Settings Block

06. Providers Block

07. Multiple Providers usage

08. Dependency Lock File Importance

09. Resources Syntax and Behavior

10. Resources Meta-Argument - depends_on

11. Resources Meta-Argument - count

12. Resources Meta-Argument - for_each

13. Resources Meta-Argument - lifecycle

14. Input Variables - Basics

15. Input Variables - Assign When Prompted

16. Input Variables - Override default with cli var

17. Input Variables - Override with environment variables

18. Input Variables - Assign with terraform.tfvars

19. Input Variables - Assign with tfvars var-file argument

20. Input Variables - Assign with auto tfvars

21. Input Variables - Lists

22. Input Variables - Maps

23. Input Variables - Validation Rules

24. Input Variables - Sensitive Input Variables

25. File Function

26. Output Values

27. Local Values

28. Datasources

29. Backends - Remote State Storage

30. State Commands

31. CLI Workspaces with local backend

32. CLI Workspaces with remote backend

33. File Provisioner

34. local-exec Provisioner

35. remote-exec Provisioner

36. Null Resource

37. Modules from Public Registry

38. Build Local Module

39. Terraform Cloud - VCS-Driven Worflow

40. Terraform Cloud - CLI-Driven Worflow

41. Terraform Cloud - Share modules in private module registry

42. Migrate State to Terraform Cloud

43. Basic Sentinel Policies

44. Cost Control Sentinel Policies

45. CIS Sentinel Policies

46. State Import

47. Graph

48. Functions

49. Dynamic Expressions

50. Dynamic Blocks

Each of my courses come with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

  • Real Implementation Experience

  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section

  • 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Building Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform

Create and manage cloud infrastructure as code

Created by Chris Parent - Cloud Architect, Aspiring Educator, and Geek


Students: 4297, Price: $24.99

Students: 4297, Price:  Paid

Cloud computing has taken over the IT landscape and is soon to outpace on-premise and in-house data centers as companies are starting to realize the efficiencies, cost savings, and flexibility the cloud can provide. Computing resources can be created and destroyed simply by calling an API. Entire virtual data centers can be created in a matter of minutes or hours.

Whether your company or application was born in the cloud or transitioning to the cloud, you need tools to build and manage your infrastructure. Terraform from Hashicorp is one such tool that allows you to declare infrastructure as code in a simple, easy to understand language.

Managing your infrastructure as code bridges the gap between dev and ops and provides an opportunity to include infrastructure management as part of the development lifecycle. When environments are declared in code they can be shared and used across your organization to provide consistent environments that align with your production environment.

Managing infrastructure as code also provides a far more robust process for managing and tracking infrastructure since these processes can now be incorporated into CI/CD tooling and other automation processes.

In this course I will teach you the fundamentals of Terraform using Amazon Web Services as an example. Together we will walk through the basics of Terraform and ultimately create real infrastructure in AWS along the way.

This course makes use of the AWS Free Tier which offers the general public a certain number of FREE computing hours and storage space for one year. It is recommended that students sign up for an AWS Free Tier account.

Udemy and the author of this course are not liable for any cloud service provider charges you may incur while executing the exercises in this course.

Terraform indepth(2020) – With 10 Realworld Job Casestudies

Terraform AWS 10 Job Casestudies , Docker , Kubernetes and Terraform , Ansible,EKS , Modules,Interpolation , GCP,Azure

Created by Cloudops Academy - AWS experts with 10+ years experience


Students: 3547, Price: $34.99

Students: 3547, Price:  Paid

Terraform indepth - With 10 Realworld Job Casestudies covers all basic and advanced topics with realtime examples. Course is created by AWS engineers who supported thousands of EC2 instances in production environment

Note: This course Primarily focuses on AWS(90% of the course is AWS based) . Some sections of this course focuses on Google cloud (GCP) and Azure

> Realworld Job Scenario 1 : Launch a complete web application stack : 2 ELBs , App servers , Web servers , RDS with  Multi-AZ replication . Learn how to launch production scale webapp stack in one go using Terraform

> Realworld Job Scenario 2 : Launch Kubernetes cluster using KOPS and Terraform : Kubectl , Kops , Hosted zone creation , learn docker basics, kubernetes architecture

> Realworld Job Scenario 3 : Launch Kubernetes cluster AWS EKS and Terraform : AWS EKS architecture, IAM authenticator, Worker node deployment, Control plane deployment using terraform

> Realworld Job Scenario 4 : Launch centralized logging to monitor : ELK (Elasticsearch , Logstash , Kibana) using Terraform . You will be using MODULES , REMOTE-EXEC PROVISIONER , NULL RESOURCE , FILE PROVISIONER

> Realworld Job Scenario 5: Launch Dynamodb resource using Terraform . You will be creating dynamodb table assigning RCUs, WCUs

> Realworld Job Scenario 6: Launch database cluster using Terraform . You will be creating Master-Replica pair in production like environmet

> Realworld Job Scenario 7: Launch EC2 and security group resources using MODULES sourced from Github and local repo

> Realworld Job Scenario 8: Launch Web app stack in Google cloud . You will be launching load balancer , Compute engine , CloudSQL resources  in GCP using Terraform

> Realworld Job Scenario 9: Launch Web app stack in Azure cloud . You will be launching load balancer , VM machine , Azure MySQL instance  in Azure using Terraform

Solve 10 challenge scenarios at the end of course to test your Terraform skills

Terraform Beginner to Advanced – Using Google Cloud Platform

An in-depth course going through the basics concepts of Terraform V12 all the way to advanced techniques using GCP.

Created by DevOps Made Easy - DevOps Engineer


Students: 3296, Price: $19.99

Students: 3296, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Terraform Beginner to Advanced - Using Google Cloud Platform course! This course aims to teach you the fundamentals of Terraform and apply them to GCP. We also aim to show the more complex features of functions of GCP and Terraform to really get the student ready for the working world.

The course has been updated to use Terraform Version 12.

The course teaches the following:

  • Virtual Machines

  • Databases

  • Security Groups & Firewall Rules

  • VPC

  • Buckets

  • Functions

  • Conditionals

  • Remote State

  • Null Resources

  • Local Provisioners

  • Join

  • Count

  • Depends

The in-depth course aims to get the the student up and running, straight to the point and teach how to get this infrastructure working in GCP.

We hope you enjoy it! 

Terraform 101

Getting Started with Terraform

Created by Jacob Jones - AWS Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer


Students: 3249, Price: Free

Students: 3249, Price:  Free

A quick guide to getting started with Terraform! This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to create your first Terraform configurations! We will cover:

  1. Account creations

  2. Tool installations

  3. Text Editor setup

  4. Labs to create EC2 instances

  5. Terraform workflow

  6. Intro to IaC

  7. Assignments

I hope you enjoy this quick primer for Terraform! If you want something more check out my Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate course!

VPC Solutions with EC2 for Production: AWS with Terraform

Learn Terraform with AWS, infrastructure-as-code! Develop Scalable, Highly-Available Architecture with an AWS Architect!

Created by Niyazi Erdogan - AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Software Engineer


Students: 2992, Price: $59.99

Students: 2992, Price:  Paid

Up-to-date with Terraform 0.14+!

Learn to implement production-ready infrastructure with AWS and Terraform today with an AWS Certified Solutions Architect!

Do you want to implement your complete infrastructure as code? Do you want to learn the coolest and most popular infrastructure configuration management tool on the market, Terraform and make a huge contribution to your skillset?

Then this course is what you need! You will not only learn how to implement Terraform code but also implement an AWS Well-Architected Framework recommended deployment model which will be Highly-Available, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant and Resilient!

  • In this course, we will start by exploring the tools we need throughout the course. Just to note here too, we will need an IDE with a proper Terraform plugin available. An AWS account is also necessary so I will show you how to get one if you do not already have it. Sure we will set up our environment variables for Terraform deployments and also configure our IDE to use Terraform efficiently by installing a Terraform Plugin which will highlight the syntax and auto-complete everything we intend to do.

  • In between all these, I will also give you a crash course on Terraform where you will gain all the information you need to implement this infrastructure!

  • Once we have everything set up, now is time to get our hands dirty and write some Terraform code to implement our cool, shiny architecture!

  • We will start off with implementing our remote state and obtaining a key pair which we will use to connect to the instances we will launch. Once we get these done, we will first create the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment. To meet the demands of high-availability, we will spread our private and public subnets to three different availability zones inside a region. We will also create our Private and Public Route Tables to manage the routing between our resources inside VPC.

  • We’ll also make sure to attach an Internet Gateway (IGW) to our VPC to use with public subnets so the resources in those will be able to access and receive public internet traffic. Our private subnet also need some form of internet connection but not both ways; we want only internet access for outgoing connections from our resources in private subnets! To satisfy this requirement, we will launch and attach a NAT Gateway to our private route table.

  • After configuring the low-level networking infrastructure, we will proceed to implement our Launch Configurations for both public and private EC2 instances we will launch through Auto-Scaling Groups. Once we implement the instance launching configurations, we will move on to implement our Auto-Scaling Groups using these launch configurations. We will configure the subnets, machine images, startup scripts and simply everything we need to launch instances successfully.

  • Auto-Scaling doesn’t come out of the box; we will need to configure it regarding our demands and how we want to scale our instances. For our implementation, we will use Target Tracking Scaling which will help use scale and manage our EC2 instances all by itself; we don’t have to do a single thing!

  • We do not do anything for Auto-Scaling once we set it up but for sure we want to know what’s going on with our instances. That’s why we will create a SNS Topic and subscribe to it to get real-time notifications on what’s happening with our instances and infrastructure.

There are much more to come in this course and I cannot wait for you to come and learn the best practices from an AWS Certified Solutions Architect!

Terraform on AWS with SRE & IaC DevOps | Real-World 20 Demos

Terraform on AWS EC2, VPC, ALB, CLB, NLB, Autoscaling, Route53, ACM, CloudWatch, SNS, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, S3,

Created by Kalyan Reddy Daida | DevOps & SRE Architect on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Platforms - Best Selling Instructor, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, SRE


Students: 2906, Price: $19.99

Students: 2906, Price:  Paid

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on Terraform on AWS with SRE & IaC DevOps | Real-World 22 Demos.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Course Modules

01. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

02. Terraform Basics

  - Install Tools on MacOs, LinuxOS and WindowsOS

  - Terraform Command Basics

  - Terraform Language Syntax

03. Terraform Settings, Providers and Resources

04. Terraform Variables and Datasources

05. Terraform Loops, Meta-Arguments and Splat Operators

06. AWS VPC 3-Tier Architecture

07. AWS EC2 Instances and Security Groups in a VPC

08. AWS Classic Load Balancer

09. AWS ALB Application Load Balancer

10. AWS ALB Context-Path based Routing

11. AWS ALB Host-Header based Routing

12. AWS ALB HTTP Header and Query String Redirects

13. AWS DNS to DB Implementation

14. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Configuration

15. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Templates

16. AWS Network Load Balancer with TCP and TLS

17. AWS CloudWatch Alarms for ALB, ASG and CIS

18. Develop and Reference Terraform Modules locally

19. Develop Terraform Module from scratch

20. Remote State Storage with AWS S3 and DynamoDB

21. Terraform Remote State Datasource

22. IaC DevOps using AWS CodePipeline

AWS Services Covered

01. AWS VPC Virtual Private Cloud

02. AWS VPC NAT Gateways for Outbound Communication

03. AWS VPC Public and Private Subnets

04. AWS EC2 Instances

05. AWS Security Groups

06. AWS Classic Load Balancer

07. AWS ALB Application Load Balancer - Basic

08. AWS ALB Context-Path based Routing

09. AWS ALB Host-Header based Routing

10. AWS ALB Custom-HTTP Header based Routing

11. AWS ALB Query String based Redirects

12. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Configurations

13. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Templates

14. AWS Network Load Balancer

15. AWS CloudWatch Alarms

16. AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

17. AWS Route53

18. AWS CodeBuild

19. AWS CodePipeline

20. AWS RDS Database

Terraform Concepts Covered

01. Terraform Install

02. Command Basics (init, validate, plan, apply)

03. Language Syntax (Blocks, Arguments)

04. Settings Block

05. Provider Block

06. Resources Block

07. Resource Meta-Arguments (depends_on, count, for_each)

08. Input Variables - Basics

09. Input Variables - Assign When Prompted

10. Input Variables - Override default with cli var

11. Input Variables - Assign with terraform.tfvars

12. Input Variables - Assign with tfvars var-file argument

13. Input Variables - Assign with auto tfvars

14. Input Variables - Lists

15. Input Variables - Maps

16. Input Variables - Sensitive Input Variables

17. Function: File

18. Output Values

19. Local Values

20. Datasources

21. Backends - Remote State Storage

22. File Provisioner

23. local-exec Provisioner

24. remote-exec Provisioner

25. Null Resource

26. Modules from Public Registry

27. Build Local Module

28. For Loop with Lists

29. For Loop with Maps

30. For Loops with Advanced Maps

31. Legacy Splat Operator

32. Latest Splat Operator

33. Function: toset

34. Function: tomap

35. Function: keys

36. Module Upgrades

37. Random Resource

Each of my courses come with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

  • Real Implementation Experience

  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section

  • 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Learn terraform by setting up Highly available wordpress

Automating the setup of a three tier wordpress application using terraform.

Created by Olufuwa Samson - DevOps Engineer with over 10 years experience


Students: 2902, Price: Free

Students: 2902, Price:  Free

In this course, you would learn how to set up a highly available WordPress application using terraform.

We begin by setting up our instances and web servers manually and work our way up to automating all using terraform and recreating them again.

At the end of the course you should be able to use terraform, aws cli, amazon and set up a HA application using the tools mentioned.

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Prep Course 2021

Get Certified Today!

Created by Warp 9 Training - The Fastest Place to Learn Cloud Computing and DevOps


Students: 2615, Price: $19.99

Students: 2615, Price:  Paid

Learn Everything You Need to Get Certified From Scratch in Less Than 3h - From The Highest-Rated Terraform Instructor on Udemy

- Do you know what order Terraform loads variables?

- Do you know the 5 ways you can load variables?

- How many providers can you use in your projects?

- Why would you use Terraform Cloud vs Terraform locally?

If you want to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Certification but don’t know where to start, don’t fret.

Because trying to pass the necessary exam can be a daunting task. Especially with all the confusing documentation out there.

With no idea of WHAT to learn and HOW to learn it, preparing for the certification can become a chore in the back.

This course solves that. It helps you pass the exam by giving you everything you need to know and cutting out all the unnecessary stuff.

With lots of hands-on demos that show you exactly how to apply everything you learn.

It takes you from absolute beginner to ready to sit the exam in less than 3 hours.

Hi, I’m TJ Addams

With nearly 10 years in IT project roles, I spent a lot of time teaching over 16,000+ people on- and offline. So they can become ready to use their skills in production, even without prior experience.

I simplify all the processes new students need to understand. And I provide a clear roadmap on what to learn to produce results fast.

Everything I teach is based on what is used in industry and cutting out what isn’t.

I operated in lead support roles to Project Sponsors, Platform Engineers, Solutions Architects, Developers, and Testers & have worked with partners to develop real-time systems underpinned by Terraform. I also have operated in diverse sectors including consulting, technology services and digital transformation; private online healthcare; and biomedical research.

This allows me to bring you unique insights way beyond the trivial "hello world" type of examples...

Coupled with lots of demos, tips, and advice on how it’s used in industry. I cover the nitty-gritty to help you stand out from the crowd and learn the things most engineers don't even know about.

From Zero to Certified Terraform Hero

Whether you’re a beginner or expert… this hands-on course will teach you everything you need to pass the exam in less than 3 hours. If you want, you could watch the course in the morning and get certified by the afternoon.

I’ve gone through all the criteria, summarized it, and condensed all the information you need. And I put it into simple step-by-step videos.

It also includes a crash course for those with no experience with Terraform or not familiar with the new 0.12 syntax that’s used.

Only the Exact Knowledge You Need to Pass the Exam

Don’t waste time on unnecessary topics you don’t need to know about.

For example, you don’t need to learn how to set up a DB server when the certification asks you about state file management practices and variable loading orders.

What you need to know are the key concepts, best practices, and the ways HashiCorp wants you to “use” Terraform versus how you would in industry.

Specifically, you need to know the best practices for state management, secret management, module management, versioning, the Terraform workflow for individuals, teams, and Terraform Cloud, as well as the new changes in Terraform 0.12.

And this course will teach you all of it.

Also, this certification course is cloud agnostic. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve worked with AWS, Azure, GCP or even Alibaba Cloud before as it doesn’t lean towards a particular platform.

It’s made so that anyone can use it to pass the certification exam and also how HashiCorp wants you to go about it.

With Lots of Demos Showing What You Need To Do And Know … Without A Brain Dump.

Follow along and gather real hands-on experience. Complete challenges and exercises while you go through this course. It’s designed to be engaging and fun, instead of putting you to sleep. And it explains to you exactly how to use what you learn and why to use it.

You will get a much better understanding of all the concepts involved in actual work. You’ll be able to pinpoint the areas you’re lacking in and fix them immediately by seeing how they work in action.

This way you’ll be ready to pass the exam with confidence.

And of course, all the code used in demos is hosted for you on GitHub for quick access.

So you can reproduce everything you see in the demos and get a clear understanding of every lecture.

You'll be comfortable and well prepared for what will come up on the exam.

What You’ll Get Inside The Course:

  • Demos of what is in the certification

  • Handy links to useful resources

  • Condensed information to prepare you for the exam

  • 115 videos and 3 hours of material

  • All the code used in demos hosted for you on GitHub

What Others Are Saying About My Terraform Courses:

This is a fast track, but for that cannot be considered as a rushed introduction to the Terraform concepts and practices, instead you can expect to be a fast and very accurate pass through the concepts, tips and trick necessaries for starting to produce results today

I have taken Terraform course because I might need it in my DevOps role. It is very informative and contents is very details. Love it. Thanks!

Hey TJ, Brilliant course. I like the small step by step videos but I loved the way you got stuck into the exercises pretty much off the bat. I found it far easier to digest Terraform and learn about its true capabilities having been through some more complex training. A great course for newbies!!! I hope you have some more courses in the pipeline. Thanks again.

By The End of This Course You’ll…

  • Be some of the first engineers to get the certification

  • Know Terraform and industry best-practices

  • Stand out from the crowd with your new certification

  • Know so much more about Terraform than when you started

Terraform Master Course | HashiCorp Certified Terraform 2021

Step by Step in depth Lectures with HandsOn LABs for AWS and GCP(Google Cloud) | Be Certified!

Created by Dean Houari - DevSecOps Architecture Leader at Check Point Software


Students: 2429, Price: $34.99

Students: 2429, Price:  Paid

You have never done any coding but you want to learn devops with Infrastructure as code?? I have mentored and taught countless devops and infrastructure as code seminars to infrastructure teams, developers, architects, engineers around the world.

You want to go from beginner to advanced by not just writing advanced terraform code but troubleshoot, debug as well?  Well ...This is the course for you..whether you never touched code or done devops or you are already an advanced user this course will help you learn and increase your skills!



Another achievement for dedication and self-motivation.
Thanks to Dean Houari for the outstanding courses with many hands-on sessions in Udemy. Special thanks for clarifying my doubts very clearly and immediately.

Binu Nadarajan• 3rd+Senior Project Manager @ Veryx Technologies Pvt

Bradley Harris Updated 2 days ago

I help others learn and grow their skills within a large Enterprise. This course is excellent (esp for only $35!). There are helpful, effective, labs and study-aid slides provided. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to not just pass the terraform exam, but also actually understand it. You can't "fake it" with this type of work and so if you only want to cram to pass the exam, you'll show up to do the work and struggle... and people will see through you. Take this course, apply yourself, and you will succeed beyond just obtaining the cert. I have taken the other terraform course and it isn't nearly as good. This terraform course is a win. The value provided is well above the $35 cost. Job well done and thank you for your work here.

The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or development who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform. Candidates will be best prepared for this exam if they have professional experience using Terraform in production, but performing the exam objectives in a personal demo environment may also be sufficient. This person understands which enterprise features exist and what can and cannot be done using the open source offering.

Why become Terraform Certified ?

With the rise of cloud native applications and DevOps, it is essential to learn and understand infrastructure as code and in particular Terraform. Terraform has become the infrastructure as code tool of choice with Fortune100 companies. Understanding DevOps and mastering Terraform as Infrastructure as Code is a must today!

Why this course - Advantages over ANY other available courses?

No prerequisite. All you need is a motivation to learn

  • My name is Dean Houari with 20 plus years experience in DevOps, cloud, security and infrastructure. I am a devsecops expert and hold a Cisco patent in the Nexus switches platform. I do hold the Terraform certification and understand how prepare to pass his challenging exam on your first attempt. I have done countless webinars covering cloud and devsecops topics such as containers, Kubernetes, serverless, devsecops etc..

  • This course will prepare you to understand the required topic from theory and from practical Terraform coding as well as real world deployment configurations in a multi-cloud architecture.

  • Each lecture has a hands on lab to guide step by step with each topic and deepen your understanding as I believe that the best way to understand and master a topic is to learn by doing.

  • Labs to guide step by step on using Terraform to provision and manage a complex multi cloud infrastructure similar to most deployments in Fortune 500 customers. The Tutorial covers AWS and Google Cloud and I will adding more Labs to cover more providers like Azure at no additional cost.

The tutorial includes Terraform practice exam and will be updating more tests questions regularly to keep you on your toes till exam day.

Prepare for the exam by mastering Terraform rather than hoping to get the same questions as previous exams!

Terraform version: Terraform 0.13 and 0.12

Assessment Type: Multiple choice, Multiple Answer questions and True&False

Questions: 50 for each practice test

Duration: 1 hour

The practice tests mimic the conditions of the real exam with 50 questions for a duration of 60 minutes.

Ultimate Terraform course for DevOps : Beginner to advanced

Learn Terraform for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure.Advance your career in cloud.Covers AWS provider.

Created by Krishna Dash - AWS Solution Architect


Students: 2299, Price: $29.99

Students: 2299, Price:  Paid

Terraform is most popular Infrastructure as code tool as it supports more than 100 providers including AWS , Azure ,Google and many. This course will take you from basic to advance  and helps you understand key concepts with lab demonstration. In few lectures and detail lab demonstrations , you will start writing your first terraform code, all the way up to deploying cluster of web servers in Auto Scaling Group with a load balancers. You will have lot of lab demonstration so that you can practice on your own.

You will learn key concepts , such as terraform state , modules , workspace and can apply in your project immediately.

Course is designed to teach students with no prior knowledge in AWS or Terraform.  All the used AWS technology in example have been described in detail.

Terraform – From Zero to Certified Professional

2021 HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate and much more

Created by Denis Astahov - Senior DevOps Engineer


Students: 1344, Price: $89.99

Students: 1344, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Course: Terraform - From Zero to Certified Professional

Course covering all features of Terraform v0.12, v0.13, v0.14, v0.15 and  v1.x

You will learn everything needed to pass HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Exam and much more.
You will become Real Terraform Professional!

Course is fully bases on building Infrastructure on AWS - Amazon Web Services, but
I have one lesson to show how to work with GCP - Google Cloud Platform and provision VM and simple Web Server.

Course Lessons:

  1. Welcome and Intro

  2. What is Terraform and Why you need it

  3. Installation on Windows

  4. Installation on Linux

  5. Installation on Mac

  6. Upgrade Terraform Version

  7. Installation of ATOM Text Editor and Terraform Plugins

  8. AWS Credentials Setup for Terraform

  9. Create Resources on AWS

  10. Update Resources on AWS

  11. Destroy Resources on AWS

  12. Bootstrap simple WebServer

  13. Bootstrap simple WebServer with External Static file

  14. Bootstrap simple WebServer with External Template file

  15. Example Working with Google Cloud Platform, create simple VM and WebServer

  16. Dynamic Blocks

  17. Almost Zero downtime WebServer with Lifecycle and Elastic IP

  18. Manage dependency  - depends_on

  19. Show execution results - outputs

  20. Generate, Store, Retrieve Secrets - SSM Parameter Store

  21. Generate, Store, Retrieve Secrets - AWS Secrets Manager

  22. Use Data Sources to fetch information

  23. Use Data Sources to fetch latest AMI id

  24. Deploy Highly Available Web Site with Zero Downtime and Green/Blue Deployment

  25. Variables

  26. Variables with Auto Filling

  27. Local Variables

  28. Execute Local Commands - local-exec

  29. Execute Remote Commands - remote-exec

  30. Lookup and Conditions

  31. Terraform Loops - count

  32. Terraform Loops - for_each

  33. Terraform Loops - for in

  34. Create Resources in Multiply AWS Regions

  35. Create Resources in Multiply AWS Accounts and Regions

  36. Terraform Remote State

  37. Terraform Modules Part-1 - Convert your code into Module

  38. Terraform Modules Part-2 - Use Modules

  39. Terraform Modules Part-3 - Use Modules in loops, store and use Modules in GitHub

  40. Best way to recreate resource - terraform taint

  41. How to manage existing resources - terraform import

  42. Terraform Workspaces and when to use them - terraform workspace

  43. Refactoring Terraform code, manipulation with State - terraform state - Part-1

  44. Refactoring Terraform code, manipulation with State - terraform state - Part-2

  45. Terraform validate, Terraform show, Terraform output, Terraform console, Terraform apply -target

  46. Terraform Logs

  47. Terraform Cloud

  48. Terraform Enterprise

  49. Terraform folders Hierarchy for Dev, Staging, Prod environments

  50. How to use Global Variables

  51. Review of HashiCorp Certified Associate Exam and how to Register

Build a React & Redux App w/ CircleCI CI/CD, AWS & Terraform

Build & deploy a React app using Redux, Github, CircleCI, S3, Cloudfront, Terraform, Heroku, Slack, Docker & Sentry.

Created by Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi - Software Developer


Students: 1040, Price: $19.99

Students: 1040, Price:  Paid

React is one of the most popular library's for building client apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or full-stack developer, you need to learn React.

This course follows a hands-on approach, which means the whole course is structured around building a web application and the different concepts will be explained detailedly as they are introduced.

What's this course about?

This course is about React, Redux, Hooks, Continous Intergration/Delivery, AWS S3, CloudFront, Slack, GitHub, Docker, Heroku. Dive deep into these topics by building a real application and have your React app live on the web.

You will learn how to create AWS resources from the management console and also how to create those same resources using terraform.

What Technology You'll Use

Because we are building a React app with Continuous integration/delivery and automatic deployment, we'll use a variety of technologies.

  • React

  • Redux

  • AWS S3 and CloudFront

  • Terraform

  • Slack

  • Docker

  • Github

  • Sentry for Monitoring

  • CircleCI for CI/CD

  • Heroku

Not familiar with some of these? No problem! This course will guide you on how to setup and use these technologies in your apps.

What You'll Be Able to Do

By the time you complete this course, you'll be able

  • Build a complete React App

  • Setup CI/CD Pipeline

  • Setup Automatic Deployment

  • Create AWS Resources using Terraform

  • Integrate Terraform into CircleCI Pipeline

  • Integrate Technologies like Slack, Sentry and Docker

  • Setup Multiple Online Environments (Dev, Staging and Production)

  • Use GitHub w/ CircleCI

  • Use Feature Branches on GitHub

  • Use CSS Grid

  • Create Custom React Components

  • Setup Redux

  • Write CI/CD Configurations

  • Setup CI/CD Deployment to Heroku

  • And More...

DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins Nexus Ansible Docker Terraform

Learn about CI/CD -Pipeline as Code, Learn about IaC (Infrastructure as Code), Build your own virtual data centre in AWS

Created by Vinay Kumar Patil - Principal Integration & DevOps consultant


Students: 866, Price: $19.99

Students: 866, Price:  Paid

DevOps has evolved in the recent years. DevOps was initially used for IT delivery but now it has taken over the entire enterprise. Many companies have adopted to use continuous integration/delivery/deployment and enjoying great benefits DevOps has to offer. Cloud is one more big thing happening in the recent past. Cloud migration projects are a common sight across organisations these days. IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is an integral part when it comes to provisioning your infrastructure in Cloud.

I have designed this course in such a way that it blends both DevOps CI/CD and IaC to give you a perfect end to end holistic picture. I have explained each concept step by step using real world projects and examples.  When it comes to DevOps tool chain there are tons of tools. So, I have selected the most mature and widely in-practice(used) tools.

This course is delivered in 3 logical stages.

Stage 1 : We will provision our own virtual data centre in AWS using Infrastructure as Code with the help of Terraform. Terraform is the most popular tool when it comes to IaC.

Stage 2 : We will configure the DevOps tool chain. Git for VCS(Version Control), GitHub for SCM (Source Code Management), Maven as build tool, Jenkins as continuous integration tool, Nexus as repository manager, Sonarqube for static code analysis, Ansible for build and configuration management, Apache tomcat and Docker to host our web application.

Stage 3 : We will learn PaC (Pipeline as Code), How to write Jenkinsfile from scratch. We will then create pipeline job(CI/CD) using all the above mentioned DevOps tool chain step by step.

The course also has Quiz sections which are a great way to check your learning. In fact, these quiz sections are great way to learn as well.

There is always a great demand for the DevOps professionals so learning DevOps will greatly help you in your professional career.

Finally, about me, I am Vinay and I have 17+ years of working experience in IT industry across various domains. I am presently working as Principal Integration & DevOps consultant for a leading IT company. I am positive that this course will help you to understand IaC and CI/CD (end to end).

Thank you so much  happy learning.

Complete Terraform Course – Beginner to Advanced [2021]

Learn Terraform with hands-on demos by automating AWS infrastructure

Created by Nana Janashia - Teaching the world DevOps <3


Students: 557, Price: $119.99

Students: 557, Price:  Paid

Current discount code: NANA_TF_JULY_2021

By the end of this course:

  • you will master one of the most popular Infrastructure Provisioning and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, which is Terraform

  • you will be able to use Terraform confidently in your projects

  • you will know all the core concepts and components of Terraform language

  • if you follow along the demos, you will have solid practical experience with Terraform

  • you will know the fundamental AWS networking concepts and how to create AWS resources using Terraform

You will learn all the concepts with practical examples by automating the AWS infrastructure. AWS is the most used cloud provider and using Terraform with AWS is the most common combination used in projects, so knowing how to automate AWS infrastructure gives you an advantage in the DevOps job market!

Why learn from me:

  • You will learn Terraform step by step and simply explained!

  • Thousands of students (checkout @Techworld with Nana on Youtube) love the way how I explain complex concepts in an easy way, so that everyone can understand it.

  • I'm both an educator and a practitioner. All my knowledge is based on real projects that I have worked in or consulted

  • Learn from a Docker Captain and AWS Container Hero

Core concepts you'll learn:

  • Providers - Connect with remote cloud providers and systems

  • Resources and Data Sources - Create and fetch resources

  • Terraform Commands - Terraform CLI

  • Changing and destroying Resources

  • Terraform State

  • Output Values

  • Input Variables - Parameterize your Terraform Configuration to make it re-usable

  • Environment Variables in Terraform

  • Provisioners in Terraform - Prepare server

  • Terraform Modules - Modularize your Terraform Project and use existing Modules from Terraform Registry

In the main demo project you'll learn:

  • how to setup a git repository for your Terraform project

  • how to create the main AWS networking resources: VPC, Subnet, Route Table, Internet Gateway, Security Group

  • how to create and prepare a EC2 server instance, install Docker and start a Docker container on it

  • & more

Throughout the course:

  • you will learn best practices

  • we will use Git to manage our configuration code, which is a best practice in Infrastructure as Code.

See the lecture description for even more information of what you will learn and what we will build.