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SQL Essentials: The Beginner’s Guide to SQL Language

For any database: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Google BigQuery, Spark SQL, Snowflake, etc.

Created by Vlad Burmistrov - Data Scientist


Students: 7548, Price: $19.99

Students: 7548, Price:  Paid

The course has everything you need to start writing your own SQL queries.

Why learn SQL? Short answer is - if you know SQL well, you'll always be able to find a job! That's because it is used in a variety of different job roles:

- Data Analysts

- Data Scientists, Data Engineers

- Database / Datawarehouse Developers and Designers

- Software Quality Assurance Engineers

- And more!

The SQL language seems simple - and that's true. However, some topics can cause mistakes - things like NULL values, duplicate rows and missing rows, etc. This course covers the frequent mistakes, and how to avoid them.

You will learn SQL syntax applicable to most relational databases.  In the practice exercises you will use PostgreSQL, but the knowledge is easily transferable to other databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata and so on.  The standard SQL is the same in all ANSI-compliant SQL databases.

Why this course? Because it was made based on the author's experience from the industry - so the course focuses on the topics and features that are really used on a day-to-day basis for data analysis.


- High-quality video lectures

- English subtitles (closed captions) hand-made for you (NOT auto-generated)

- Practice tests

- Practice exercises to test and enhance your knowledge (with explained solutions)

- And more!

I'll be happy to see you inside the course. Check out the free preview videos for more information!  

Teradata Fundamentals – Comprehensive SQL course on Teradata

A comprehensive course on Teradata Fundamentals and SQL

Created by Saad Qureshi - Computer Scientist || Freelancer || Programmer


Students: 2197, Price: $139.99

Students: 2197, Price:  Paid

Why Teradata Database:

Teradata is considered to be one of the most popular database management system,famous for large data warehousing applications .Also, It is capable of handling large volumes of data and is highly scalable.  

Why to Learn SQL:

SQL aka Structured Query Language is the most popular database language so it's use is everywhere whether we talk about Database,Data warehousing,Data Science or BI.Many big companies like Deloitte,Amazon,Netflix etc using this language to retrieve data from database.Important thing needs to understand that,the basic syntax of SQL  for all databases is the same, so, if you have mastered SQL on Teradata, the use of SQL on other databases would not be a problem for you.

Career Perspective:

If you want to  pursue a career in one of the above fields this course is right for you.In this course, we will make your foundation by starting from very basic and then later in the course,we'll cover some advance topics , so, in-case you are very new or have no knowledge of SQL,by the end this course,you will attain maximum knowledge of SQL.

Another aspect of this course is that not only I am going through all the concepts but also give the practical demonstration by writing SQL queries in Teradata SQL assistant tool.

The pace of this course is very slow,means,I will emphasize ample time on the subject and will try to cover everything that I can.

After this Course:

Once your are done with the course,you will have maximum knowledge of SQL and can apply these concepts in different fields as mentioned above.


Have a Great Learning..!!!

Teradata SQL for Data Science and Data Analytics 2021

A complete course on learning SQL using Teradata Database

Created by Mahyar Peysepar - Application Developer


Students: 1207, Price: $99.99

Students: 1207, Price:  Paid

Learn SQL using a Teradata! Teradata SQL has many additional extensions that make it feel a few years ahead of the industry. Combined with its speed, performance, and integration capabilities, Teradata is the number one rated Data Warehousing product in 2020 by Gartner. Most of the biggest companies in the world use Teradata, including all 17 top communication companies.

In this course you learn SQL using Teradata, which is an ANSI-compliant vendor of SQL is a future-focused way of learning SQL. The Teradata SQL skill set is easily transferable to other SQL platforms such as Amazon Redshift, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

1. Do you want to get good at SQL?

There is a difference between saying “I know SQL” and being “good at SQL”.

Maybe you are:

o A Business User or Analyst in finance, marketing, healthcare (you name it) and you don’t feel confident using the data you get yourself.

o A Data Scientist and your pet peeve is data cleansing! Before everything is ready for your cutting-edge ML knockout blow, you need that solid communication with your data warehouse.

o A Data or BI Analyst, and your fluency in SQL is key in providing reliable meaningful results.

o A SQL Developer, Data Engineer, or Data Architect and you need to interact with your databases more easily so that you can focus on other core parts of your role in development and design.

I have created this course with your role in mind! I have put my experience with relational databases in these roles for over 10 years, so that you can get good at what constitutes over 80% of the practical SQL needed in the roles above.

Teradata is the number one solution in Data Warehousing, and Data Warehousing is what enabled this booming era of data; be it in Data Science, Business Intelligence, or even in the growth and practicality of the internet.

2. Are you totally new to SQL?

No problemo! Learning Teradata SQL is a great way to learn SQL, especially to distinguish you from the big pack of SQL-knowers. In my experience in interviewing many SQL candidates and in working with many interviewers, a candidate who knows Teradata SQL shines like a diamond!

A candidate who knows Teradata SQL, most likely has worked with huge datasets which is already a big plus! It indicates that the candidate has gone beyond the bare minimum SQL. So join this course to upgrade your resume, and stand above the crowd!

3. Do you have a background in other SQL platforms (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) and you need to learn Teradata SQL?

This is how I started to learn Teradata myself. Teradata is one of the best relational databases and data warehouses on the planet, but the lack of reliable instructions and tutorials on the internet may drive you crazy!

This course is the most complete course on Teradata SQL on the internet! It gives you an overview of the main products of Teradata in data warehousing. Then it focuses on the Teradata Database, the core of the data warehouse. That’s where the core of our course also begins by installing our relational database, and starting to talk to it by its language, Teradata SQL.

In this journey, we will:

o Overview the main data warehousing products of Teradata

o Install a fully functional database and Teradata Studio to write SQL with

o Have a crash course on Teradata Studio to use it easily and benefit from its advance features

o Learn SQL statement categories of DCL, DDL, and DML

o Create different types of tables and database objects

o Learn data types, logical expressions, joins, aggregation, SET operators, string functions, and many more topics

o Learn by creating a chess database with data about players, chess tournaments and games, and more.

Feel free to check out the free preview videos.

If you are ready for this journey together, I will see you inside in the course!