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Management Skills – Team Leadership Skills Masterclass 2021

Leadership & Management Skills - Change Management- Lean BPM Management Skills - Team Management - Team Building

Created by Mark Timberlake - Professional Online Training Courses For Beginners


Students: 36453, Price: $159.99

Students: 36453, Price:  Paid

Leadership Skills Training - Lean Management - Culture Change - People Management

Do you want to become a better manager?

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

This course will help you master core management skills, it is designed for complete beginners, it will you help you overcome challenges that hold you back and help you climb the ladder of success.

You will learn core leadership and people skills and you will learn how to master LEAN Business Process Management.

Everything you need to further your Managerial Career!

This course had been developed and delivered by Stephen Mather - A leading UK management change consultant, trainer, coach and psychologist. He will guide you through the tools and techniques that you need to become a successful manager.

So don't delay - start your journey today!

Topics Covered In The Course:

Module 1 - Management And Leadership:

  • An Introduction To Management And Leadership

  • Your Management Philosophy

  • Being A LEAN Manager

  • The Forever Learning Manager

Module 2 - Navigating The Course

  • Overview Of The Course

  • Who Am I?

  • Features Of The Course

  • Applying What You Learn

  • The Learning Cycle

Module 3 - Becoming An Influential Manager

  • What It Means To Be Influential

  • The Behaviour Of Influential People


  • Why You Need A Vision

  • Working With SMART Goals

  • Better Than Buy In

  • Influencing Attitudes

  • Communicating To Influence

  • How Do Influential People Talk?

  • Body Language

  • Influence Through Listening

  • Influencing Your Peers And Boss

  • Dealing With Difficult People

  • Opposing Goals Or Narrative

  • What Do They Fear?

  • Personal Clashes - The Five Factors

  • Personality Clashes - Compatibility Is Complex

  • Talking Their Language

  • People Watching

Module 4 - The Data Guided Manager

  • Using Data To Make Good Decisions

  • The Data Guided Manager Explained

  • The Data Guided Manager - Further Exploration

  • Getting Control Of Your Processes

  • The Different Methods You Can Use To Get Control Of Your Processes

  • Getting Your Data

  • Other Types Of Lead Indicators

  • Choosing KPIs

  • Analysing The Data

  • Using The Information

  • Creating A Data Guided Team

Module 5 - The Everyday Manager

  • What Sort Of Leader Are You?

  • The Heartbeat Of Your Role

  • Using KPIs

  • Benefits Of Team Meetings

  • Ten Meeting Musts

  • Be Available

  • Communicating By Email

  • Other Ways To Communicate

  • Time Management

  • Managing Performance

  • Delegation

Module 6 - LEAN Process Management

  • Introduction To LEAN Management

  • LEAN As A Way Of Thinking

  • LEAN Terms And Concepts

  • Further LEAN Terms And Concepts

  • The ProPeC Simple Improvement Process


  • Motivation - The Two Flavours

  • Current State Analysis

  • Creating A Process Map

  • An Example Process Flow

  • Root Cause Analysis - 5 Whys

  • Root Cause Analysis - Fishbone Diagram

  • Exploring The Why

  • FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis

  • Define Your Goal

  • SMART Goal Setting

  • Goal Alignment

  • Identify Actions And Plans

  • Analysing Potential Ideas

  • Grid Analysis

  • Planning Your Change

  • Understanding Gantt Charts

  • How To Make A Gantt Chart

  • Planning Your Control Mechanisms

  • Implementing Your Change

  • Keep Your Discipline

  • Ten Meeting Musts

  • Action Boards And Issue Logs

  • The Cost Of Change

  • Review Processes

  • The ProPeC Review Process

Module 7 - Training Your Team

  • What Is Training For?

  • The Three Box System

  • Added Value Training

  • Exploring Added Value Training

  • Cognitive Learning

  • Psychomotor Learning

  • Affective Learning

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Compliance Training

  • Identifying Training Needs

  • Pre-course Competency Assessments

  • How To Choose Training

  • Cost Free Training

  • Sheep Dip Or Targeted?

  • What Is Good Training?

  • Preparing The Employee

  • Logistics Planning

  • Post Course Discussion

  • Measuring The Effectiveness Of Training

  • Kirkpatrick Levels

Module 8 - Culture Change Management

  • Introduction To Culture Change

  • Why Culture Change Matters

  • The Impact Of Culture

  • Positive Goals

  • Understanding Behavior

  • Three Ways To Measure Behavior

  • Behaviorism Explained

  • Cognitive Psychology Explained

  • Social Psychology Explained

  • How Do You Measure A Culture

  • Using Surveys

  • Survey Questions

  • Benefits Of DIY Surveys and On The Shelf Surveys

  • Benefits Of Using A Consultant

  • Other Ways To Measure Culture

  • Measuring Instances Of Behavior

  • The Semi Structured Interview

  • Focus Groups And Example Questions

  • The Down Sides Of Focus Group

  • Using ProPeC Process For Changing Your Culture

  • The ProPeC Process Step 1 - The Business Reason

  • The ProPeC Process Step 2 - Current State Analysis

  • The ProPeC Process Step 3 - Goals or Objectives

  • The ProPeC Process Step 4 - Action And Planning

  • The ProPeC Process Step 5 - Implementing

  • The ProPeC Process Step 5 - Review

  • The ProPeC Microscope To Help Action And Planning

  • Mechanisms For Identifying Actions And Planning

  • Planning With Gantt Charts

  • Neuro Logic Levels In Culture Change

  • Ajzen Theory Of Planned Behavior In Culture Change

Module 9 - Building A Team

  • Building A Team Introduction

  • How Does An Effective Manager Deliver

  • Components Of A Good Team

  • Defining Roles To Help Deliver Objectives

  • The Importance Of Vision

  • Two Islands Getting The Team Involved

  • Collaboration Is Better Than Buy In

  • What Are The Indicators Of Good Performance

  • Identifying A Team's Can, Know And Care

  • Silo Mentality And Creating Overlap Between Can, Know And Care

  • Individual Differences

  • Belbin's Team Roles

  • Types And Traits Psychometrics

  • Should I Use Psychometrics?

Module 10 - Better Presentation Skills

  • Your Reason Why

  • Getting Your Thinking Right

  • Understanding The Chimp

  • Understanding The Intellect

  • Understanding The Computer

  • Dealing With The Chimp

  • An Effective Presentation

  • AIM - Your Reason For Your Presentation

  • Creating A SMART Goal For Your Presentation

  • Planning Your Presentation Route

  • Building Your Main Body

  • Using PEEL To Make Your Points

  • Presentation Tools And Using Cards

  • Public Speaking Fundamentals

  • Tips For Being Heard

  • Other Reasons You May Not Be Heard

  • Being Understood

  • Diction Tongue Twister Exercise

  • What About Accents?

  • Other Word Choices

  • Tips To Being Understood

  • How Well Are You Doing?

  • How Do You Get Better At Presenting

  • Persuasive Presentations

  • Key Areas For Motivation

  • Telling Stories And Using Illustrations

  • Understanding Modulation

  • Understanding Gestures

  • Understanding Visual Aids

  • Your Call To Action

  • Sustaining Your Presentation

Module 11 - The Team Lifecycle

  • Lifecycle Overview

  • Recruitment Methods

  • Principles Of Effective Recruitment

  • Dealing With Poor Performers

  • Dealing With Grievances

  • The End Of The Team And Rebirth

Module 12 - Taking Care Of Yourself And The Future Of Management

  • Keeping Your Head

  • Building up Resilience

  • Buckets Of Resources

  • Training Your Thinking

  • Maintaining Work Life Balance

  • When It Is Time For A Change

  • Using ProPec Improvement Process For Personal Use

  • Alternatives To Being Employed

  • The Future Of Management

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So join us on the other side and learn how to become a successful manager!

Building Your Team: How to put together the perfect team

Learn how to build, support, & lead more effective teams & create a culture of teamwork within your organization

Created by Evan Kimbrell - Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-startup founder


Students: 16594, Price: $99.99

Students: 16594, Price:  Paid

Did you know …

86% of all workplace failures can be traced back to poor teamwork and ineffective communication?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, consider this:

  • Companies that have teams with low levels of engagement earn, on average, 2.5X less revenue than competitors with higher levels of team engagement
  • 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project
  • Team members with low levels of engagement are 87% more likely to leave a company
  • Less than one-fifth of employers actually focus any effort on improving teamwork within their organization

Pretty staggering statistics, don’t you think?

It just goes to show how important building an effective team really is … even though it remains such a commonly underutilized tool.

So the question then becomes …

Are you doing everything you can to build, support, and lead more effective teams within your organization?

Because, let’s face it … if your organization isn’t building high-performing teams, you’re missing out on one of the most important factors of business success.

Among many other benefits, effective teams can:

  • Stimulate creativity
  • Encourage engagement
  • Establish strong relationships
  • Boost productivity
  • Spark innovation

There’s no denying it …

Team building is one of the most important investments you can make for both your organization and the people within it.

So how exactly can you build more effective teams within your business?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this course.

We’ll cover:

  • The attributes of a highly successful team
  • How to evaluate and lead an effective team
  • Working with virtual teams and how they’re different
  • Bringing teams together through trust and communication
  • How to use team-building exercises to strengthen your team
  • Evolving with your team to succeed in the future
  • How to develop a culture of teamwork within your business

By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to build, support and lead more effective teams & create a thriving culture of teamwork within your organization.

Let’s get to it!

Starting a Business: a step-by-step guide by Slidebean CEO

Everything you need to know when starting a business, from choosing the right co-founder to your first investor meeting.

Created by Jose Cayasso - Founder + CEO


Students: 14733, Price: Free

Students: 14733, Price:  Free

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are plenty of steps to complete before beginning this very long journey. In this course, we talk from our own experience. Caya, Slidebean CEO, shares useful tips he learned throughout the years: from starting his first company, failing, getting back up, starting a new one (Slidebean) and succeeding.

Team Building for Business Success

The complete guide to bulding an efffective work team

Created by Marc Hamill - Writer and Video Producer


Students: 12946, Price: $19.99

Students: 12946, Price:  Paid

If you’re ready to start growing your work team, this course will give you the skills to find an incredible team and the knowledge to create a productive work environment.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know what it means to build a business from the ground up. It takes smart thinking, ingenuity, and a ton of hard work to create a successful business.

Many small business owners are very protective of their vision because they know exactly where they want to take their business. Sooner or later, though, most entrepreneurs recognize that they need help to grow.

They can work 80 hours a week, but in order to meet the demands of their business, it’s going to take a team.

You may be the type of person who does everything for themselves. You trust yourself the most, you’re the one who understands your vision the most, and you’re the best person to see that vision come to fruition.

That’s a good plan if you have a very small business that depends solely on your own efforts. There are some small businesses that can be run by one person.

However, if you want to significantly expand your business, you’re probably going to need help.

For most businesses, great success arises from having an incredible team of workers - a group of people who:

● Understand and share your values

● Have a strong work ethic

● Have the skills to push things forward

You will learn how to:

  • Find the right people for your team

  • Make your employees feel valued

  • Create a great workplace culture

And much more...

Conscious Business: Building Collaborative & Engaged Teams

Create a culture of engagement & accountability, build collaborative teams, get 4 steps to make every relationship work.

Created by Conscious Business Institute - Peter Matthies - Conscious Business Institute Founder


Students: 9464, Price: $189.99

Students: 9464, Price:  Paid

Learn how the most successful people are creating highly engaged and collaborative business teams.

Take this Conscious Business Institute Program and learn how you can create engaged and aligned teams.

About this course:

  • Create a culture of accountability & responsibility in any team
  • Learn 5 steps for moving teams from competition to collaboration
  • Get a proven methodology for creating engagement in any team
  • Learn about the 4 fundamental steps that will make every relationship work
  • Proven by high-potential executives at Intel, BMW and other top corporations

“The Success of your life is all about the quality of your relationships. You can’t be successful if your relationships don’t work.” -- Peter Matthies

In this course you'll get the necessary approaches & insights to move from competition to collaboration, so that you can create teams that are fully engaged, ready to go the extra mile.

You'll get a step-by-step approach for building a culture of responsibility & accountability in your team.

You will obtain a Conscious Business approach for team engagement.

You will learn about the 4 steps that will make every relationship work.

And you will understand what you need to do to make diversity & inclusion work in your organization.

Contents and Overview

Conscious Business: “Building Collaborative & Engaged Teams” – provides you with further building blocks for well-functioning relationships and teams. In a structured way, you will:

  • Learn how to build a culture of accountability & responsibility
  • Get 5 steps to move teams from Competition to Collaboration
  • Learn how to improve engagement in any team
  • Understand what's necessary to make Diversity & Inclusion work
  • Learn the 4 steps that will make every relationship work.

Developed by experts in human behavior and consciousness, executives and advisors to top business leaders and politicians, this Module uses the experiences from most successful people and companies to help you improve the way you work and live.

This course contains 14 videos and 6 exercises.

We have taught these principles to hundreds of top corporate leaders in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. These approaches have changed the way they lead their teams and organizations.

“I've been applying all the wonderful approaches you've given me, and I'm happy to say it has been going really well. It is so heartening to get e-mails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership and that is all thanks to you.”

H.M. -- VP, Intel

We developed this program because most of us have never learned how to create fully engaged and aligned teams. Look at the problems in your company – most of them go back to people issues – and we still haven’t figured out how to change this. This course will teach you how you can build effective teams: where people collaborate with each other, take responsibility, and treat each other with respect.

This program will give you a leg-up in your career as you build more energized and aligned teams.

Join a movement of thousands of professionals and executives around the world. Create engaged teams that want to make a difference, and help change the way we conduct business in the world.

Peter Matthies

Leadership in Startups: Upside Down at 150 People

A crash course for startups on leadership, strategy, culture, team building and more (from an SVP of startup marketing).

Created by Dinesh Thiru - SVP Marketing @Udemy


Students: 7597, Price: Free

Students: 7597, Price:  Free

"Something weird happens to companies when they hit 150 people". This was the title of an article I read on Quartz last year and after reading it, my reaction was:

"Yes! That's it. Finally, someone understands what startups go through!!"

For context, my name's Dinesh Thiru and I run marketing here at Udemy. I joined way back in 2011 when we were about 5 people and have seen us through the whole wild startup ride of ups, downs, sideways, back ups and more. It's been incredible. The learning and leadership experience of a lifetime. But there was one time in particular that no one prepared me for...

In the summer of 2015, Udemy was 150 people... and by the end of 2016, we were 250. And that is when everything went upside down.

All the things that used to work stopped. All the things we thought would work didn't. And in a certain sense, we had to re-invent how we operated as a company.

And I blame it all on Robbin Dunbar.

Who's Robbin? Why did things go upside down at 150 people? What did we learn? And how did we survive?

Well, if your startup is getting ready to pass 150 people and you're looking for a leadership crash course on mission, vision, strategy, culture, team building, org design, goals, communication, and everything in between... please step inside!

The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle!

Learn how to plan and live a healthier life through the discipline of putting God first and working on your health!

Created by Alberto Rodriguez Jr - Certified Fitness Trainer


Students: 7486, Price: Free

Students: 7486, Price:  Free

This course is for the individual that does not know where to start on their fitness journey. I will be teaching you how to begin your journey so that you will have an opportunity to achieve you fitness goals. The information in this course is structured to help you move through your fitness journey in a Christian way. This information is to be used and reviewed for a lifetime. The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle is an on going life change one that will continue to help you grow healthier, stronger and better. The course starts with learning to put God first, Spiritual. Then I teach you about your thoughts and how they effect you, Mental. I talk to you about your feeling and the impact they have on your journey, Emotions. Then I tell you about your body and what makes it move in the direction that it is going, Physical. I will help you build your goals. Put your goals down in a chart form. You will also learn how to build a team, who they are and why they are important. And I go over what I call Creative Effort. Something we all need. The last lecture will be about putting it all together!!!!

Virtual Teams – Design your successful remote team culture

Team Building Activities - Leading Virtual Teams - Make Remote Work Work

Created by Julja Schneider - Virtual team development coach and consultant


Students: 5902, Price: $69.99

Students: 5902, Price:  Paid

In this course, we will design your customized team culture that makes your remote team more productive and engaged. I will guide you through a variety of activities and with every task, you will get closer to your ideal team culture.

Build A Strong Bonded Team To Save Money And Time And Be More Productive

  • Find ideas on how to engage with your team.

  • Get active in various exercises and design your ideal team culture.

  • Share the course tasks with your team and create your team culture together.

  • Recognize different ways on how to foster team culture in remote teams.

Team Culture Is The Backbone Of Every Company.

Did you know that 86 % of Millenials would consider a pay-cut to be able to work for a company whose culture and values align with their own? Team culture is your biggest marketing tool to attract new talents.

Plus, teams with a great team culture are more productive, efficient, and show higher engagement.

Real-Life Examples And Getting Things Done

This course is not to sit back and listen to how great team culture looks like. It is about getting active and designing your ideal team culture. It is like a workshop, that you can either take alone, to get clarity about your values, norms, and rules that you work by best. Or you can give all of the tasks I give to you to your team as well and with that facilitate a team culture workshop for your team.

This will support your team in finding clarity about how they want to work together, and at the same time to bond and socialize. This is important because a team that trusts each other dares to have open discussions and with open discussions, you will find problem areas in an early stage and at the same time enable creativity processes.

I will guide you through every activity step-by-step and make it easy for you to take that course alone or share the tasks with your whole team.

At the end of the course, you will have designed as a team the culture that allows you to work best together.

How to build a multi-vendor eCommerce website

Learn eCommerce website building with a professional web development team from your desk.

Created by Stylemix Themes - Web Developer


Students: 4680, Price: Free

Students: 4680, Price:  Free

Learn the main concepts and tools that you will need to build your own professional website for online business with the most popular CMS — WordPress and powerful website theme and plugin from StylemixThemes.

At the end of this course, you will be able to start your own eCommerce business and grow to the scale of the world’s eCommerce giants. Such a form of the online store allows multiple vendors to add and display their products on one eCommerce website. It is very popular due to its flexibility and high-income rates. It requires minimum costs and offers new prospects.

This course provides the outcomes for learning the fundamentals of website creation. Starting from the domain name and setting the web hosting you will walk through the whole process of building the website for an online marketplace.

Learn from professionals with over 10 years of experience in web development.

Being able to work with WordPress will give you a strong background to more effectively develop other web projects. You will be able to start your online business, that can be run by you from any point on the planet.

People completing the course will know how to create functional and useful eCommerce websites.

The whole process of eCommerce website launching is divided into 14 simple and practical steps. Each chapter contains useful insights and tips fostering the learning process. Starting with the domain name selection, this course will take you through:

  • Web hosting providers and what to choose;

  • Theme installation and basics of WordPress;

  • WooCommerce settings;

  • Working with products;

  • What is multi-vendor marketplace plugins;

  • Creating a new page with X Builder plugin;

  • Customization options.

The software used in the course:

  • WordPress CMS

  • eLab — WooCommerce theme

  • X Builder plugin

  • WC Vendors Marketplace plugin

  • Dokan Lite plugin

These are powerful and very useful tools that are easy to learn. The right software is a core point of the project. By using it you will build an online marketplace fast, easy, and still get the highest quality.

Save hundreds of dollars for development services and tools, get the new knowledge and experience while building an online store with us. This course is the most profitable thing you’ve ever learned. Give it a try and get amazing results.

Developing Your Team – Forming to Performing

A Team Building Guide - How To Build A High Performing Self-Directed Team

Created by Lawrence M. Miller, Institute for Leadership Excellence - Best Selling Instructor, Author & Leadership Coach


Students: 4585, Price: $29.99

Students: 4585, Price:  Paid

Your team's performance is your performance! Getting off to a good start is essential to team performance! This course will help you lead your team through the common stages from forming to performing, with less of the common "storming" as your team seeks a mature level of self-management.

When taking responsibility for a team a leader is faced with a basic challenge: forming a group of individuals into a unified and motivated team that can focus on performance and problem solving to improve business performance. Creating this unified effort, focused on measurable performance, and able to make decisions and take action in a timely manner is the challenge of every leader with a new team. This course is designed to present the essential skills and tasks that will achieve this goal. Lean or agile culture and organizations are built on the foundation of high performing teams. Leaders who succeed are those who have mastered the skills of coaching and developing thier teams to maturity.

The instructor has been leading teams and training teams for the past forty five years in dozens of Fortune 500 companies, as well as his own company. He  has worked with Honda, Honeywell, Shell Oil, Corning, and dozens of other leading companies. He is the author of ten books on teamwork, leadership and lean management.

Be A Better Manager 3 – Team Building Management Training

Business Management Training - Be A Better Manager - become a team building manager and improve your management skills

Created by Mark Timberlake - Professional Online Training Courses For Beginners


Students: 2658, Price: $89.99

Students: 2658, Price:  Paid

Business Management Training - Be A Better Manager

Learn how to become a Team Building Manager.

*An updated version of this course is included in the "Management Skills And Leadership Skills Masterclass", so please do not purchase this if you have already purchased that one.

Improve Your Management Skills - Team Building Manager

Do you want to learn how to learn how to improve your management skills and career by becoming a Team Building Manager?

Get Results

Team building managers are managers that get results.

By becoming a team building manager, you can increase your team’s productivity, improve profits and get yourself recognised as a manager that can manage teams and get results

A Manager's Job

A manager's job is hard, especially if your team are working against you and showing you in a bad light.

But if you can learn to become a team building manager and learn how to create and manage teams that work together under a unified vision, then you can climb the path to a successful career in management in rapid time.

A Leading UK Expert

Myself and Stephen Mather, a leading UK management consultant and managing director of the revolutionary ProPeC system of business improvement, have collaborated to bring you this course on being a data driven manager from the “Be A Better Manager” series of training courses.

What You Will Learn

  • In this course you will learn what a team building manager is.
  • You will learn how a team building manager thinks and behaves.
  • And you will also learn how a team building manager achieves their goals and succeeds in their objectives.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Before you go any further, let us just say that we don’t want you to be disappointed.

If you are unhappy with the course for any reason whatsoever, you can get a full refund in the first 30 days, backed by Udemy, with no questions asked.

Start Your Journey To Being A Better Manager

Join us on the other side and learn how to become a teams building manager that gets results for your business and improve your career prospects!

Team Building and Customer Delight

delivering exceptional customer in all institutions

Created by Prof Robert Ebo Hinson - Marketing Professor


Students: 2320, Price: Free

Students: 2320, Price:  Free

Team Building and Customer Service stresses the importance of how harmonious teams represent the best chance for delivering exceptional customer in all institutions. This course will feature topics like

  1. 5 Things Customers Want

  2. Team Building and Customer Service

  3. Listening as a Business Tool

  4. Principles of Great Customer Experience

The course is aimed at students studying Customer Service, Service Marketing, International Business, Hospitality and Tourism as well any employee of a private or public sector institution.

Startup Business Success

12 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business

Created by Gregory Turner - Transform Leads to Profits


Students: 2192, Price: Free

Students: 2192, Price:  Free

Showing aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business doing what they love, regardless of their financial circumstances or education.

This step by step guide breaks down into simple details about what should be done in order to identify your business idea and to get it off the ground and into the marketplace.

By taking this course you will feel confident in moving forward and also have access to ongoing support to build your business.

Online Course on Book Distribution

Learn the art of distributing Srila Prabhupada's books

Created by Navina Nirada - Spiritual Entrepreneur, Teacher, Activist, Author


Students: 1030, Price: Free

Students: 1030, Price:  Free

For the first time ever, we are happy to offer the classic: Graduate Course on Book Distribution and Sankirtan Leadership as a free online course for all participants.

Looking for a way to improve your preaching and book distribution? This online course teaches you about the art of distributing Srila Prabhupada's books. It's highly recommended for all wishing to deepen their appreciation, skills, and knowledge of sankirtan.

The course focuses on principles and values, aims of book distribution, personal interaction, communication, different methods of distribution, customer care, follow up, coping with challenges, lifetime of sankirtan, vision, strategy, and organization of sustainable outreach.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Step into the World of Project Management. No prior project mgmt or IT industry experience required for this course.

Created by Shoaib Qureshi - PMP certified Project Management Professional


Students: 832, Price: Free

Students: 832, Price:  Free

Project Management for Non-Project Managers course is specifically created to cater to those that are totally novice when it comes to the field of Project Management.

After this course, you will have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Project Management.

Course Content

  1. The Basics of Project Management

  2. Managing Time

  3. Building a Team

  4. Working with Project Stakeholders (available on PMCLounge YouTube Channel)

  5. Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting (available on PMCLounge YouTube Channel)

  6. Managing Risks (available on PMCLounge YouTube Channel)

While going over these 6 chapters you will learn several project management related concepts that are defined in the most non-technical and layman terms possible. The whole course is designed in a way that no prior project management experience or knowledge is essential.

Team Building

Team building refers to all the activities undertaken to motivate the team members and increase the overall performance.

Created by Management Study Guide - pave your way to success


Students: 627, Price: $19.99

Students: 627, Price:  Paid

Are you a team leader or manager in your organization and struggling to build your team or finding it difficult to develop a good rapport among your team members, then you are in the right place.  Enrol into this course and you will learn Differences between Group and Team, What is Team Work, Effective Team Management Skills, What is Team Building, Role of Team Leader in Team Building and various other related concepts. 

The course is written using simple language and most of the concepts are explained in well-laid out manner.  The various types of teams like Permanent Teams, Temporary Teams, Task force, Committee, Workforce Teams, Self-managed Teams, Cross functional Teams, Virtual Teams are very well explained in this course.  This well-structured course is packed with full of ideas that can be used to build the teams in the organizations. After going through the introduction part, the reader will be definitely motivated to go through the entire course which can be used to implement in his/her organization.

Building a Team That Sees Your Vision

Best practices in building your next team and a formula to help you share your vision to the fullest

Created by Matt Harrington - Chief Strategist


Students: 607, Price: Free

Students: 607, Price:  Free

High performance teams have statistically been 30% more productive than individual or poor performing teams. Three things are constantly happening in any association or organization: the tasks at hand, the process or how we get the job done, and the relationships or people that make up the talent. We’re usually pretty good at the first two, however people and relationships and getting them all to work together as a team can be elusive!

How do you build that team? Is there a near-perfect way to share your vision to get everyone? This workshop breaks down best practices in building your next team and a formula to help you share your vision to the fullest.

Team Building Skills for the Modern World

Improve your Team Building skills and help make Team Building a priority

Created by Nicholas Carroll - Personal Development Guru


Students: 498, Price: $19.99

Students: 498, Price:  Paid

Have your ever thought I really wish I could be better at Building teams I would be able to achieve so much more with my business. With that brilliant team I would have been able to take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way. Well then look no further the course Team Building Skills for the Modern World is here to help you do just that. In this course I go through what is Team Building as well as look some of the key skills needed to build effective teams with some practical tips on how to improve them. You don’t have time to wait so enrol now and help take your life to the next level.

Team building – Google’s recipe for high performing teams

Google spent 2 years, millions, & immense brain power to figure out how to build a perfect team. Learn their secret

Created by Tushar Vakil - Certified trainer& coach Trained100K+US India M.East Africa


Students: 454, Price: $49.99

Students: 454, Price:  Paid

Most team building models are stuck in the 20th century.  They are often outdated, irrelevant, and ineffective for the work we do in the 21st century.  Learn team building for the 21st-century work, using Google's secret recipe for building high-performance teams

  • Learn what factors don't really matter at all to team effectiveness (common myths)

  • Learn what factors ACTUALLY impact the team performance

  • Learn how to build a high performing team

  • Learn how to measure and improve team performance

  • Sign up for free team health assessment for your team

Make your teams more engaged and productive.  Learn the essential skill to succeed in work and in life.

First Step for Team Building

Hand picked Manager Training lectures on Practical Leadership Theories on Succeeding Team Building to reach common goals

Created by V.O Edu. - Multi Subject Education


Students: 348, Price: $89.99

Students: 348, Price:  Paid

Team Building: Theory and Practice introduce students to a team performance model and expose students to research regarding the structural and interpersonal factors that can affect team performance. Within this course, students learn how to manage interventions that can strengthen team performance. They discover how to identify team performance issues, and link those issues to underlying dysfunctional team dynamics. Students also learn how to manage team interventions through the application of a five-step model that includes consultation, contracting, education, assessment, climate setting, and intervention. Students are also introduced to a variety of skills for helping to expedite team problem solving, and for addressing performance challenges within and across work teams.


  • An effective process to drive organisational purpose' to handle gains and pains while managing GROUPS. How Groupe is different from TEAM and what are the building foundation to consider for its performance and cohesiveness plus how to inhabit and enhance the team.

  • What CEO Identifies as key leadership traits, Process of Leadership and Ethics, Internal and External team leadership models, S.C.O.R.E. Factor, Leadership Standing Principals and BE-KNOW-DO and how the leader is different from non-leader. Myths and Leadership Casestudy.

  • How to pull out people from dysfunctional communication with transactional analysis and Understanding what people do well or poorly and how they communicate it and then identify how to observe talented people than identifying common structure about it and creating a supportive model and get other people to do it.

  • Role of Communication, Defining conflict and its countereffect, role of negotiation and dealing with conflict as a manager and managerial issues.  Interpersonal Communication, Effective and Efficient Communication and Communication Channels, Substensive, Constructive, Destructive, emotional conflicts and culture, Various views faced by managers on conflicts situations and resolution styles and how to arrive win-win outcomes.

  • Emotional account management. When and when not to be supportive Vs. directive.  How to turn the poor performance into good performance? When to Reprimand and Redirect? Phases to communicate bad news or lead an exit. How to reward good performance. Different shapes and forms people are motivated by. 

  • Team performance priorities and case study and recommendations and Team Assessment Dys/functional conflicts and charactasticst for High-performance.

  • When a team member give up? Where to focus while intervening? Behaviour assessment tools. Effective model to gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others and improve how they communicate to learn and work. A powerful framework for building a relationship, driving positive change, harnessing innovation and achieving excellence.  A profound and powerful guide to understanding our personality and inner workings.

  • How to Narrate Professionally.

Innovation and Global Surgery

Surgical Innovation in Global Surgery

Created by James Dittman - Medical Student (Richmond, VA)


Students: 159, Price: Free

Students: 159, Price:  Free

Access to essential surgical care remains limited in many countries around the world, especially in regions which are resource-limited in general. Innovation is key to expand surgical access to underserved populations, and can take many forms. Collaboration between medical professionals, engineers, and community experts is required to achieve sustainable improvement of access to surgery worldwide. Examples of collaborations and notable efforts across all stages of development in global surgery are included to provide an impression of the overall scope and diversity of innovation in global surgery.

The main objectives of this course are to give a broad overview of innovation concepts as they relate to global surgery, provide key relevant resources for obtaining mentorship, provide references for studying each topic more in depth, and share practical advice regarding the innovative process based on personal experience. We welcome all budding innovators from around the world to join the course, whether you are in the medical profession or come from another background. While nothing in this course should be taken to constitute medical or legal advice, our hope is that through learning more about global surgery and innovation you will be able to identify barriers hindering patients in your area from accessing surgical care when they need it and become empowered to partner with local, regional, or national efforts to expand surgical access to the underserved. Together through innovation we can work towards universal access to essential surgical care worldwide.

Team Building: The 10 Secrets to High Performing Teams

Create a positive work culture, propel your business and induce creative collaboration within your team.

Created by Paul Scanlon - Mentorship - Communication - Leadership


Students: 77, Price: $24.99

Students: 77, Price:  Paid

Are you still scarred from the trauma of the last time you worked in or organised a team?

Working with or in a group can be complicated and messy, primarily because teamwork doesn't come naturally to us. That's why the most successful businesses are those who have created an art form out of their teams.

Having been a team builder and player for over thirty years, this gold standard course by Paul Scanlon reveals the top ten secrets underpinning the most successful teams in the world.

This course will show team builders and leaders how to create a culture which breeds success, motivation, authenticity and passion, and give insights into the fundamental elements needed to make every relationship work.

Paul's insights will propel your team and business from a realm of static consensus to creative collaboration. Paul will show you how to bring the best out of people by employing strategies, cultivating a supportive community and encouraging resourcefulness.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to solve problems and manage tensions within teams.

  • How to develop a resourceful team.

  • How to move your team forward and conceptualise exceptional business ideas.

  • How to create a healthy and motivational work culture.

  • How to strategise team roles and position people according to their strengths.

  • And much, much more.

Anger Management

Everyone experiences Anger. It's how you deal with it, that matters most.

Created by TBAE Team Building and Events - Soft Skills, Teambuilding and Event Specialist


Students: 77, Price: $34.99

Students: 77, Price:  Paid

Dealing with the Anger emotion in an unhelpful way can be incredibly destructive. However, since everyone gets angry, it is vital to have effective and constructive approaches to manage it before it gets out of hand causing negative results. The Anger Management course will give you an understanding of the Anger emotion, help teach you how to identify and deal with personal anger triggers and how to effectively deal with others when anger arises.

Group Work to Team Work: Career Asset Building

How to Develop Teamwork Knowedge and a Powerful TeamWork Skill Set

Created by Mike Boyes - Developmental Psychologist at Udemy


Students: 66, Price: $24.99

Students: 66, Price:  Paid

This course looks at the number one career asset sought by recruiters: the ability to work well in, and contribute well to, teams and teamwork. This course will provide you with research-based knowledge about how teams function and the skills you can develop that will make you a desired team member or team manager.

By applying the knowledge and skills you will acquire by completing the course you will be able to use the group work projects you encounter(ed) as part of your high school, college or university education or in your workplace or in community and recreational groups to apply your teamwork knowledge and hone your team process skills. At the same time, you will gather the behavioral examples necessary for you to respond to recruiter interview questions in ways that that will significantly improve how they evaluate you and your career prospects.  

Team Building – Hands-on Tools To Build A Cohesive Team

A must for Team & Business leaders. This is the best ROI & a powerful strategy to build a cohesive leadership team

Created by Eli Harari - The Thinking Coach - Leadership Training of a Different Kind


Students: 59, Price: $89.99

Students: 59, Price:  Paid

Team Building is a mystery to those who don't understand the context and the incredible business advantage in having a cohesive team!

Did you know that 90% of employee turnover is due to a lack of soft skills and teamwork and only 10% due to domain skills?

Yet, organizations invest 90% in domain skills and barely 10% in soft skill training!

Quite strange - right?

Understanding the fundamentals of team building is not only a basic necessity in every organization but also can be the best ROI (Return On Investment) for you and your team.

Team building is the apex of top leadership skills.

A leader that knows how to build cohesive teams around them, will find that all of the other leadership skills they need will fall into place naturally because the essence of building teams embodies the necessary leadership qualities to succeed in these dramatically changing times.

In order to achieve better employee retention and productivity, you need to know how to build a team with the right foundations, which means to use strategic thinking, because the best strategy there is building a cohesive team.

In this course you will be introduced to the 5 main dysfunctions of a team, what they are, how to identify them and how to remedy them so to create a strong, happy, productive team, leading to great profitability for your organization (and for yourself).

Points to consider:

1.     Do you have trust within the team members in your organization?

2.     Are you able to have ideological conflicts? (not back biting, personal conflicts)

3.     Are you and your team members truly committed to the organization and its goals?

4.     Can you be counted and accountable to what you have committed?

5.     Are you part of a truly result orientated team, which never takes its eye off the mark?

These key questions are addressed in a practical and meaningful way with steps showing how to remove these dysfunctions.

This is where this Team Building MasterClass For All comes in and takes you step by step to show and teach you how to REALLY build a strong, effective & productive team.

Some of the extra benefits:

·       learn to better communicate 

·       better time management

·       become more reliable & trustworthy

·       getting to see the "big picture" clearly

·       become truly goal orientated

·       learn to think strategically about your team

·       enjoy the immense benefits of teamwork

Who is this course for:

·       Leaders

·       Team leaders

·       Managers

·       Executive Management

·       Team members

·       Entrepreneurs

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to increase the collective productivity of their organization as well as their personal career path.

So don't tarry around wondering if this is for you! Time to move on and develop teambuilding skills that can make a huge difference for your career.

Join me on this short but potent journey!

If you need more

I am here for you!

Building & Managing High-Performing Teams

Because as a leader you're only as successful as your team

Created by Brenda van Camp - Founder & CEO of SharpAlice Inc.


Students: 50, Price: $24.99

Students: 50, Price:  Paid

As a leader, we achieve our organizational goals through the work of our people. But that is easier said than done. To achieve your vision, your people will have to work together, which involves a great number of challenges.

Irrespective of your people’s individual expertise, motivation, and emotional intelligence, the sum of their parts is usually smaller than the whole, unless you as the leader have carefully created the required conditions for them to work effectively together.

That is the topic of this class: We will together explore what the 7 conditions are that you as a leader need to create to help your people to come together as a team and enable them to work together successfully.

Building and sustaining a successful team is like making a soufflé: it requires careful attention to many details – omit one and your soufflé will fail.

Similarly, the 7 aspects of successful team management, which we will discuss in this class are not a list from which to choose some and ignore others. They are interdependent. Together these 7 conditions provide the framework for your team to succeed. Omit one of them and your team may not outright fail, but will likely trip or falter at some point.

We have broken these 7 conditions for building and sustaining a successful team into 2 parts. The first 3 conditions show you how to enable a group to become a team. The next 4 conditions focus on what you need to do to enable a team to operate successfully.

8 Reasons Why Teams Fail – How to Overcome Team Failure

Management Challenges, Team Building, and Solutions to Team Failure

Created by Dr. Mayra Austin, D.B.A - Management Expert


Students: 24, Price: $74.99

Students: 24, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for managers that are having challenges with team management and getting them to scale or perform together. In the course we will highlight 8 common reasons why teams fail in the workforce.

The 8 reasons that we will go over are:


–Changing objectives

–Mutual accountability

–Management support

–Role clarity

–Team leadership

–Team priority

–Team based pay

Once you have completed this course you will have a better understanding of what common challenges hinder teams and how to overcome those challenges as a manager.

Team Building: The Secrets to High Performing Teams Revealed

The exclusive High Performing Teams framework to create an inspiring work environment in which people love to show up.

Created by Mihaela Gabriela Hozmache - Team Development Consultant


Students: 23, Price: $59.99

Students: 23, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wondered why some teams are more effective than others? Or why you seem happier to work in some teams, while you feel demotivated to work in others? Why is it that teamwork is so important?

Most of the people in the workplace today are part of a team. That is because the world we live in is more and more complex. And the challenges we face at work are also. The reason why teams are so important is because the best solutions, products, or services are created through teamwork.

Also, for most of us, our team members are the people we spend the most time with. So whether we feel safe to bring our full selves to our team and whether we work in an environment that allows us to do our best work is fundamental to our work and life satisfaction.

That is why I built this course: to help you and your team achieve stellar business results while being happy and fulfilled at work.

In this course you will learn: 

  • What a team is and why it is important to work in teams

  • How a team is formed and the challenges at each stage of the process

  • What prevents a team from being high performing and how to overcome team dysfunctions

  • The 8 Areas of Team Effectiveness Framework and how to raise your team’s effectiveness

  • What a team purpose is and how to use goals to support it

  • How value is created in your team and how to design an effective workflow

  • How to shape the culture of your team and how a social contract supports it

  • How to sharpen your saw and continuously learn and grow in your team

  • How to create a psychological safe environment in which people show up fully

  • The surprising science of what motivates us and how to stay personally driven

  • What makes a job miserable and how to find meaning in any type of work

  • How to ensure you and your team members have the right skills for the task at hand

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and the tools to create a cohesive team that is high performing, and an engaging and inspiring work environment in which you love to show up.

Let's get started!  

Building High Performance Teams

Turn your team into a powerful, high performing unit.

Created by Intellezy Trainers - Computer Training Specialists


Students: 10, Price: $29.99

Students: 10, Price:  Paid

High performing teams are essential to organizations in the modern world. But how do you create one? This course will define what a high performing team looks like and how you can turn any team into a powerful, high performing unit. Learn to form, manage, troubleshoot and grow valuable teams.

This IAAP-certified counts for 0.5 recertification points for the CAP certification under the Organizational Communication content area.

Email with proof of completion of the course to obtain your certificate.

Conscious Leadership Team Building – Your Success System

How To Develop Your Best Team Using The Principles of Conscious Leadership

Created by Tom Eddington - Consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor


Students: 9, Price: $89.99

Students: 9, Price:  Paid

-- Part of the Conscious Leadership Mastery Series [C2] --

How often have you found yourself collaborating on a strategy or a solution, yet there was nothing cohesive about the process? Often times, team members can be at odds with the methods, the implementation, or the deliverables.

Just because you have several people working together, doesn’t mean you have a team. Building a successful and cohesive team requires awareness about your own talents and those of your team members.

Here's what we cover in Conscious Leadership Team Building:

  • Identifying your own style and preferences

  • Assessing the values of your team members

  • Recognizing the three main elements necessary for all successful teams

  • Building a cohesive team using the 5 Dynamics

  • Creating alignment and dealing with conflict within your team

  • Examining what kind of team you need