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Become a Paid Life Coach Online

A Step-by-Step Life Coaching Training For Becoming a Life Coach and Starting Your Own Coaching Business

Created by Jeffrey Sooey - Founder, Master Coach University


Students: 91994, Price: Free

Welcome to the Become a Paid Life Coach Online video life coaching training program, your guide to becoming a life coach. This life coaching training will teach you the basics of becoming a life coach and starting your own coaching business. We'll cover all the basics you need to get started on your way of becoming a life coach, including how to get your online lead generation system up and running, how to start running coaching sessions, and how to build the basic building blocks of your coaching business.

In the life coaching training videos, you'll learn the secrets to get more coaching clients while helping people reach their dreams. Also you'll learn advanced coaching techniques (live examples & diagrams included) and how to impact globally in ways that attract a waiting-list of clients. Note: Last year, I made over $30,000 per month running my coaching business taking almost 2 months of vacation. You'll learn how I did it in these videos.

Coding for Kids-A Guide for Teachers and Parents

Teacher guide for teaching elementary school children how to code a story they wrote.

Created by Jim Gribble - Coding


Students: 21944, Price: Free

Coding Curriculum: Upper Elementary School

Project #1: Writing and Coding

Writing Code for a Written Story

These coding skills will allow students to bring their written stories to life.

For each session I recommend a 5 minute mini-lesson introducing the new skills (I Do) followed by students demonstrating the skills using a SMART board or projector while you are with them on the carpet for 3-5 minutes (We Do) and ending with 30 minutes of the children working in pairs or independently (You Do) while you circulate and assist. I recommend placing a check next to skills once a student has demonstrated mastery. This will help you assess which students need small-group instruction.

Louisiana’s Birth to Five ELDS

A Closer Look at Louisiana's Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards

Created by R. Manuel - Program Consultant


Students: 15909, Price: Free

The Louisiana's Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standard course is designed for all early childhood educators and administrators who work with programs that serve children ages birth through five. This course is divided into the following three parts with each part consisting of several lectures:

  • Part 1 covers the history and reasoning behind the development of Louisiana's Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards and the actual organization of the standards;
  • Part 2 focuses on the first two domains of development addressed in the standards, which are Approaches to Learning and Cognitive Development; and
  • Part 3 covers the Language and Literacy Development, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, and Social-Emotional Development domains.

This course is filled with many activities and videos that make it fun, interactive, and engaging for students. After completing this course, students will earn 3 training hours.

Wistia Course Creation Compilation

A collection of videos about video lessons for the content creator

Created by Wistia Learning Center - 


Students: 15110, Price: Free

Videos on creating videos from our friends at Wistia. Whoh.

This course is a continuously updated compilation of ingenious tips and simple techniques to supercharge your course creation. Each lecture is short, sweet and stylish, with actionable tips for improving your videos.

The topics covered in this compilation are diverse, from setting up your studio on a shoestring budget, to getting loose before you go on camera. Wistia practices what they preach, and each video is an excellent example of what's possible when you adhere to the best practices of video production.

Explore this free course and come back regularly as we will add new videos when they become available. And get an extra-large free account with additional video hosting and extra bandwidth:

The Magic of Storytelling: The Gateway to Literacy

Early Childhood Education - Discover Playful Ways to Engage Children in Storytelling

Created by Mary Ann Biermeier, M.Ed. - Instructional Designer


Students: 14259, Price: Free

Literacy begins with telling our story!  Discover playful and creative ways to engage children in speaking and writing about their lives through imaginary play.

This course follows the research of Vivian Paley, examining our adult perceptions of children's learning and the value of imaginary play.  We will examine the work of Vygotsky and Dewey as they describe the child as a social learner, becoming knowledgeable within the context of group work.  Finally we will encourage teachers to take a leap of faith in modeling storytelling based upon the real stories occurring in your classroom.

This course includes over 60 minutes of quality classroom video and pdf article downloads.

2 PDHs with Certificate of Participation upon completion.

Udemy does NOT provide Certificates for FREE course.

Reading Essentials

Cognitive science and the gift of fluency for all

Created by Helen Abadzi - Cognitive psychologist and polyglot (PhD)


Students: 12633, Price: Free

Governments and international agencies have invested heavily in education systems, in hopes of making students literate. Literacy has become a global priority. Despite increased enrollments, many students in low-income countries or areas fail to learn and drop out illiterate.

Education for all literally means that nearly all children and adults who study reading must become fluent readers. How best to achieve this goal in low-income areas, which principles to use for teaching all students to read? One widely accepted source is the operation of our memory. We all retain material most easily if we learn it according to the ways we process information.

This course presents reading from the perspective of cognitive science. It covers all aspects of basic literacy: from visual perception to automaticity, from teacher training to project implementation and selection of specialists. You will surely find some little-known reading aspects that are counterintuitive and intriguing. Emphasizing those in instruction makes the process feasible for all.

Introduction To Social Media In Education

Start using social media to innovate learning and create, build and grow your personal learning network.

Created by Fractus Learning - Professional development for cutting edge educators


Students: 11994, Price: Free

Social media has revolutionized communication, business and even the way we interact day to day. This detailed course will show you how social networks can be used to innovate the classroom and broaden your own professional skill-set and personal learning network.

Leigh Technology Academy ICT teacher and social media addict Toby Adams presents this comprehensive and fun introduction to social media in education. With tutorials taking you through the four major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest), the course provides everything you need to get up to speed in social media as well as create, build and grow your personal learning network.

What is covered in this course?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google+
  4. Pinterest

What will you master on successful completion of this course?

  • Choosing the right social network for you and your school
  • Understanding the key differences and benefits between different social networks
  • Ensuring privacy and security settings are put in place
  • Using social networks to find and share content and media
  • Using social media to grow and nurture an invaluable personal learning network (PLN)
  • Setting up school and class pages on social networks
  • Using social media to build a community in your school and professional network
  • Applying practical examples in your personal networks and with your students

Discounts are available for group, school or district purchases - please contact us to inquire further.

Become an Awesome Instructional Designer

Gamification, Solve Real Learning Problems and Motivate Learners

Created by Belvista Studios - We Inspire Learning


Students: 10941, Price: Free

Become an awesome instructional designer and inspire your learners.

We share with you what it takes to create great solutions that solve real problems, how to tap into learner motivation and strategies to close the learning gap.

Engaging animations communicate the key components of this course.

You will get great sources of inspiration from the people who inspire us in your Awesome Instructional Designer Kit. You will also get an ebook that shares 9 graphic design tips to enhance your solutions.

Enrol today and become an awesome instructional designer who creates solutions that make a real difference in the lives of your learners.

Each lecture provides an overview into its idea and where applicable, examples of it applied to face-to-face training and online training. For deeper learning, we encourage students to start a discussion and share a problem where we will work with learners to solve it.

This course is free as we made it quickly as a personal development project when we started our career. We now use it to onboard our new team members and share insights into how we do instructional design at our award-winning studio.

NOTE: We do not monitor this account anymore but have left it available for you. To get more current learning content from us, check out the Belvista Studios' YouTube channel or visit our Belvista Studios' Creator Hub.

Academic Presenter – A Free Presentation Software

Academic Presenter is a free software that harness video-game technology to create spectacular dynamic presentation.

Created by Danial EsmaeiliAliabadi - Software Developer


Students: 10932, Price: Free

Learning presentation skills will have a significant effect on students’ futures. Although, traditional presentation platforms are expensive, they do not teach our students how to organize their presentation in a story-like framework.

Academic Presenter is a free utility that harness video-game technology to create spectacular dynamic presentations. It combines capabilities of slide-based software products with a dynamic canvas. Users will have transitions between slides like PowerPoint and an infinite canvas like Prezi.

In these tutorial videos, I will introduce a state-of-the-art presentation software by which you can present nonlinear topics efficiently and sharpen your storytelling skills.

Metodologías para la enseñanza de inglés como segunda lengua

Una caja de herramientas para profesores que trabajan con el idioma inglés

Created by Practica en la Ciudad - Empresa para la práctica de inglés en Bogotá


Students: 8968, Price: Free

En este curso se hará una síntesis de algunas de las metodologías más reconocidas en el mundo de la enseñanza de los idiomas extranjeros, bosquejando las principales características de cada enfoque, así como sus principales críticas. Se abordarán metodologías pioneras en el campo, como otras que podrían ser vistas como modernas hasta llegar a la aproximación pos moderna, conocida como el posmétodo. Cada sesión fue diseñada como una provocación para que el estudiante vaya más allá de la sucinta presentación que hacemos e investigue en profundidad los temas que resulten de interés, utilizando los materiales proporcionados u otros a los que pueda acceder por su propia cuenta.   

Family Child Day Care Home and In-Home Provider Orientation

Understanding your role and responsibilities as a family home provider

Created by R. Manuel - Program Consultant


Students: 8692, Price: Free

The Family Child Day Care Home and In-Home Provider Orientation course is designed for all newly registered Family Child Day Care Home and In-Home Providers in Louisiana. This course is divided into two parts in which each part includes a series of lectures. In part 1, providers will understand their role as a Family Child Care Provider, gain information on setting up their child care environment, explore ideas on increasing their level of professionalism, identify tools to help them create a parent handbook, and understand how to maintain compliance with the Provider Agreement. In part 2, providers will gain information about required record-keeping procedures, become familiar with child development, learn how to create a daily schedule for children, and learn more about keeping children healthy and safe. This course is worth 4 training credit hours.

Introduction to ERS

Overview of the Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales

Created by Barbara Wood - Technical Assistant, Pathways Trainer


Students: 8322, Price: Free

The Introduction to Environment Rating Scales is a three part course consisting of several lectures. The focus of Part 1 is to introduce learners to the history and development of the Environment Rating Scales, explain how Environment Rating Scales are structured, provide an overview of the Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales, and to provide an overview of the space and furnishings and personal care routines subscales. In Part 2, learners will be introduced to the Quality Start System for Louisiana, and the Social Emotional Subscales, and their importance in assessing quality in early childhood programs. The major focus of Part 3 is to introduce learners to the process of scoring the ERS, and what to expect prior, during, and after and ERS evaluation.

After completing all three parts of this training, learners should understand not only the reasoning behind and research that supports the Environment Rating Scales, but also gain an understanding about how the scales are organized, and how they can be utilized in helping child care providers set up classroom environments that foster active learning, health, and safety; thus improving the quality of early care and education programs for young children.

This course is worth 3 training credit hours.

Integrating Technology into a Business English Course

Part 1 (Professional Development for ESL/EFL Teachers)

Created by EJ Sepp - Instructional Technology / ESL / Content Management Expert


Students: 7638, Price: Free

This course was created to help ESL and EFL teachers - particularly Business English teachers, navigate technology choices, select appropriate applications for their students' development and execute lessons that are relevant to their students' needs. 

We will be discussing various applications and how they can be used in ESL/EFL classes.  Part 1 (this course) will introduce all topics and thoroughly cover social media applications: how to set up accounts, examples of how they have been effectively integrated and discovery of creative ways to use Twitter, Skype and Facebook Pages.

How to Make More Money Teaching English

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing your Salary as a Private English Teacher

Created by Jennifer VuLingo - English Language Teacher, Grammar Guru & Course Creator


Students: 7484, Price: Free

You've got the English teaching skills, the experience and the dedication. So how can you command the rate that you're worth? In a crowded marketplace, most language teachers sell themselves short by offering free lessons or racing to the bottom of the wage range. I'll teach you how to do the opposite. We're going up, up, up baby!

In this course you'll learn my step-by-step process to earn the top rate in your market. We'll go over:

  • How to create more value for your students and get paid accordingly, with little extra effort on your part
  • How to create bonuses you can charge for, and then automate
  • How to perfectly assess your students' language learning goals and needs to create an individual syllabus automatically
  • Why perceived value is just as important as real value, and how to increase both in your services
  • How to create a system that helps you manage a real, sustainable teaching business
  • How to get profitable by eliminating most of that unpaid teacher work!

Teacher Tech Tips II–Presentation Tools to Excite & Engage

Discover 17 FREE presentation apps to help teachers become more engaging in delivering instruction.

Created by Rita Phillips, Ed. M. - Veteran teacher with 34 years of teaching experience


Students: 7013, Price: Free

Teachers, if you have been overusing PowerPoint as a way to deliver instructional material to students and have looked out on a sea of bored faces and yawns, then you are going to love this class. This class offers you 17 presentation tools to excite students about upcoming units, present information, and provide options for student projects.

In this course, you will find approximately 3 hours of screen casts (videos) introducing you to and showing you how to use each free online program.  You will discover 4 categories of presentation tools ranging from apps that present information in a linear fashion to animation, video, and text presentation programs. And, within each lecture you will also be provided the link to the app site as well as written user guides (if they are available).  Additionally, you will find useful information in the introduction and conclusion.

If you are a teacher looking to more fully engage your students when you present information. this course is for you.  If you are a teacher who is bored with the same old Power Point student projects, this course is definitely for you. Sign up for this course today, and change your method of delivering instruction forever! 

Mastery Course Camtasia 9

Create the best videos, using camtasia 9.

Created by Faixa Faisal - A young and ambitious tech-entrepreneur


Students: 6990, Price: Free

Very simple and beautiful course. 

You'll learn how to use Camtasia 9 to assemble your video, editing out the bad parts and keeping only the good.  Camtasia 9 is a powerful screen recorder and video editor that can be used to do a number of amazing things.

If you're new to Camtasia 9, just follow the order of the videos for lessons that build on previous information. If you're experienced with Camtasia 9, jump to any of the topics you need help with. In this course focus is on getting up-to-speed quickly with Camtasia 9 to produce a top-quality online course.  If you are creating training videos with Camtasia 9, you will learn tricks and tips to save you time and make your videos look great! 

Post your questions. I reply to most student questions and comments within 2 days (usually faster). The best questions get video answers. I will create a video to fully answer great questions. Video answers (and questions) will be shared with all students in an optional section at the end of the course. 

What is camtasia 9?

Camtasia  is a software suite, created and published by TechSmith, for creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast. The screen area to be recorded can be chosen freely, and audio or other multimedia recordings may be recorded at the same time or added separately from any other source and integrated in the Camtasia 9 component of the product.  

Enroll today and start learning how to use Camtasia 9! 

Dialogues with a Little Thinker

Talking with children about metaphysical problems of reality

Created by Eugene Subbotsky - PhD in Developmental Psychology


Students: 6735, Price: Free

In this course I will tell you how to ask children questions that can help the children to think. These are not ordinary questions; they are metaphysical questions, which don’t have single and clear-cut answers.

We cannot answer a metaphysical question by using out past experience or by finding out a suitable formula. Answering this sort of questions requires the application of our natural creative ability.

I asked these questions to children in Russia and the UK and was surprised how thoughtful and interesting the children’s answers could be.

Every lecture in this course can be also used as a practice exercise. Those of you who want to help their children to apply their creative ability can simply ask the children these questions, without caring much about the kids’ answers. All what is important is that the children could hear these questions and ponder over them. This might be enough to awaken the thinker in the child.

Those of you who want to dig more deeply could compare your children’s answers with the answers that my children gave and try to analyze common points and differences.

The course includes an introductory lecture, two sections and fourteen lectures. Section 1 covers dialogues about the world and Section 2 - dialogues about a human being. Lectures include author’s texts, author’s videos, animated graphs and pictures.

I built this course for students in social sciences, specialists in education, psychology, philosophy, writers for children, artists and everyone who is curious to learn more about children’s ability to think and reason

Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education

Tools to Help Bring Change in your College or University

Created by Andrew Sears - University President focused on Disruptive Innovation


Students: 6602, Price: Free

This course provides the latest expertly curated materials on this topic by a university president focused on disruptive innovation who spent years developing them.

I've tried to curate the "best of the best" of materials in this field including: unbundling universities, unbundling faculty, online education, emerging markets, Base of the Pyramid strategy, Lean Startup for education, Blue Ocean Strategy for education, accreditation, for profits and MOOCs and examining implications for specific markets like faith-based/Christian higher education. I provide a summary of "Cliff's Notes" on each topic in a brief video, and have links to the top videos and bibliography on each topic. While most people will take this course individually, this course is designed to also be used by individuals or as a "flipped classroom" discussion among students or leaders at your institution to discuss these materials after reviewing them.

I am the President of City Vision University where we are bringing radically affordable education through a $2,000 associate's degree and a $5,000 bachelor's degree. I previously co-founded MIT's Internet Telephony Consortium with one of the fathers of the Internet (David Clark) focused on disruption in the telecommunications industry. Before spending the past 20 years living with and serving the poor with disruptive educational technologies, I worked as a consultant to Sprint, venture capitalist and internet startups.

I just finished reading tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of articles and videos as a part of my doctoral dissertation. I have literally put thousands of hours of work into the materials in this course just as if I were publishing a book. I am providing it for free because I want to see change happen in this industry.

My hope is that you could use this course materials to be a change agent to bring innovation to your institution.

You can also find versions of this course on: iTunes University, YouTube and Slideshare.

Bulletin 137 – Louisiana’s ELC Licensing Regulations – 1

Course 1 – Chapters 1-9

Created by Andrea Burl - Program Manager


Students: 6298, Price: Free

Overview of Bulletin 137 Louisiana’s Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations Course 1 – Chapters 1 – 9 is the first course in a four-part series of courses designed for all administrators, directors, director designees, teachers, and other support staff that own, operate and/or work in a licensed early learning center. This course covers five chapters of Bulletin 137:

· Chapter 1 – General Provisions

· Chapter 3 – Licensure

· Chapter 5 – Ownership of Early learning Centers

· Chapter 7 – Licensing Process and Procedures

· Chapter 9 – Changes Requiring a New License

There is a pre-test and a post-test as well as quizzes throughout the course so that students can confirm what they currently know, dig deeper into the regulations and determine what they have learned. After completing this course, students will earn one training hour.

Introduction to Teaching

Understand key elements of a successful teaching practice.

Created by Ilse Lozoya - University Professor, Piano Teacher, Course Designer.


Students: 5901, Price: Free

Do you want to start teaching? Are you currently doing it? Maybe you would like to know how to improve your daily teaching.

In this course you will learn important and practical tips to improve your teaching. Whether you are a classroom teacher or you are planning to teach online, this course will help you.

Through time being a teacher has become an art. Fortunately now a days there are many helpful resources that are available for almost any teacher. In this course you will understand  how to have the correct mindset which is the key to start changing and improving your teacher skills.

Some of the topics that this course includes are:

  • Who is a teacher?
  • Growth mindset vs fixed mindset
  • Knowing your students
  • Teaching online
  • The teachable moment
  • Developing a curriculum
  • Teacher´s development
  • Assessment

Join this course and improve your teaching.

The Wide World of MOOCs

What you need to know about Massive Open Online Courses

Created by Ryan Tracey - E-Learning Provocateur


Students: 5389, Price: Free

MOOCs are taking the world by storm, but what exactly is a MOOC?

This course raises your awareness of this popular form of education, and gives you the insight you need to start leveraging them for your own teaching and learning.

You will learn what a MOOC is, where to find them, who delivers them, the courses that are available, how to sign up, what a MOOC looks like, and how you can learn socially through a MOOC.

This course includes a tour of a real MOOC, plus recorded Q&A sessions with the instructor.

Learn How To Communicate & Conduct Effective Webinars

Best practices for conducting and communicating Webinars for Teachers

Created by Mindsigma Consulting - Career Advancing Training Simpified


Students: 5191, Price: Free

Webinar is a presentation made over internet. The term webinar is a portmanteau of web and seminar. Its grown very popular offlate due to the ease with which presentations can be made to participants virtually to any part of the world.

While the idea can sound fascinating, the actual delivery and planning can sometimes be overwhelming.

This course covers best practices in webinars related to:

  • Conversions
  • Common mistakes
  • Effectively communicate with students prior and after webinars from a marketing standpoint.

This course is a good start for teachers who find their webinars not converting effective enough or who want to improve the marketing punch to convert prospect students into paid members.

Bulletin 137 – Louisiana’s ELC Licensing Regulations – 2

Course 2 - Chapters 11 - 17

Created by Andrea Burl - Program Manager


Students: 5037, Price: Free

Overview of Bulletin 137 Louisiana’s Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations Course 2 – Chapters 11 – 17 is the second course in a four-part series of courses designed for all administrators, directors, director designees, teachers, and other support staff that own, operate and/or work in a licensed early learning center. This course covers four chapters of Bulletin 137:

· Chapter 11 – Operating Violations and Incidents; Fines; Appeals

· Chapter 13 – Denial, Revocation or Non-Renewal of License

· Chapter 15 – Minimum General Requirements and Standards

· Chapter 17 – Minimum Staffing Requirements and Standards

There is a pre-test and a post-test as well as quizzes throughout the course so that students can confirm what they currently know, dig deeper into the regulations and determine what they have learned. After completing this course, students will earn one training hour.

How To Host An Hour Of Code At Your School

Introduce your K-12 students to computer programming through a fun, interactive Hour of Code event at your school!

Created by Awesome Inc - Learn to Code, Start a Company, Create Something New.


Students: 5016, Price: Free

Limited Time offer! Receive access to all course content absolutely free!

The team at Awesome Inc has run over a dozen Hour of Code sessions at K-12 schools, introducing over 1200 students to the basics of Computer Science and programming. This course covers a few tips and tricks that we've learned to make these sessions more fun for students, and more enjoyable for teachers/staff/parents to facilitate.

MOOCs, The Business Case

Learn the ins and outs of MOOCs and the business case for building them

Created by IAL (Institute for Adult Learning) Singapore - 


Students: 4882, Price: Free

What are MOOCs? I am sure a lot of you have heard the name but where did they come from? Why have they caught the public's imagination so much in the last few years? How do they fit into the online education sphere? What are some ways training providers could use MOOCs to help them meet their business goals in the Singapore Adult Education and Training Market?

Join us on this intro course where we will explore these questions and more. This course has a particular relevance for both trainers and providers in Singapore. We are going to take a look at some of the business cases for building a MOOCs along with online courses and answer that question as to why your organisation might want to consider doing this. We will try to answer that question "How will my organisation get our money back?"

In addition, we are going to look at some real world examples of organisations and training companies that have built and profited from building these types of courses and are who are finding that online education can be very successful and profitable.

It will take about 120 mins to complete and comprises of a mixture of short videos, downloadable PDF notes.

There are no course requiremnemtns other that in interest in online education.

STEAM ON! Integrated Art Curriculum Design

Learn how to design art lessons that integrate with core curriculum for your school by Art in Action

Created by Kelly Bravo - Program and Curriculum Manager, Art in Action


Students: 4777, Price: Free

STEAM ON provides a comprehensive step-by-step overview of how to create a STEAM curriculum from the ground up for K-8 school teachers, education providers and parent volunteers.

Follow along as we describe each aspect of arts-integrated lesson development from conception to collaboration to refining to presenting. We will use highlights from a recently developed STEAM unit on spirals in nature which was created as a partnership between an arts organization, a parent-led gardening program and a school hungry for collaboration.

The course will take less than 30 minutes to complete and at the end you will have new confidence and skills to take back to your school as well as a sample curriculum outline to get you started.

Continuing Education: Teach English for Academic Purposes

Move into university teaching for a more stable and rewarding teaching experience.

Created by ELT Online - Quality Training for English Language Teachers & Students


Students: 4660, Price: Free

"This lecture enforced my teaching and gave me a number of ideas."

"The slides and videos are visually appealing. The structure and pace of the course were clear and manageable."

"This is a well instructed course with lots of info and examples about how to deliver EAP classes."

If you have ever wanted to help your students who want to get into university, you may have been frustrated with the lack of support offered in the way of teacher training. Making the transition from being a grad student in TESOL, or even from being an ESL/EFL teacher to teaching EAP can be daunting. This course seeks to fill that training gap, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to get started teaching EAP.

Please note that this course does not cover teaching composition or academic writing, as those areas would require their own course. Writing is mentioned briefly here, but you would do well to do some independent research on teaching second language writing. In addition, you are not given strategies for teaching academic reading in this course. The aim here is to give teachers who are new to EAP a foundation from which to build a course or courses.

If you need to transition into teaching English for Academic Purposes, enroll today and be a confident teacher tomorrow. Your students will thank you!

What to Teach little Children. Course for Parents & Teachers

Future of the world depends on how the school & pre-school children are moulded today. Newborn babes are like angels.

Created by Carlo Fernando - On-line Guitar Teacher, who loves to teach beginners.


Students: 4653, Price: Free

This course is the first of its kind so far. It will make you aware of the reasons for the sorry situation of the world today. Why humans kill other humans. Animals kill other animals through hunger and not through anger. How babies who are like angels drop their wings as they grow. You are required to think carefully about what is given in the course. You are also invited to contribute your ideas to make this infant course a mature and growing one.

After following the course, you will start the project jointly with other students, to make this world free of violence and to make the next generation live a happy life. You will be a happy person too.

Good luck

Three steps to use Flipped Learning in your classes

Flipped Learning is a method of learning in which students acquire learning content at home and do practice in class.

Created by Ngoc Vo - Instructional Designer, M.Ed, Ph.D


Students: 4651, Price: Free

This course enables instructors and teachers to utilize Flipped Learning in three steps: design a lesson plan, creating video lecture, and using team-based learning to facilitate in-class activities.

The course begins with a introduction about Flipped Learning, in which students learn the basics of Flipped Learning and the 3-step-model to incorporate Flipped Learning into their courses.

Next, students will learn to select a unit in their syllabus for flipping and to design a flipped lesson plan for that unit.

Students are then introduced to two videos on how to use video lectures in Flipped Learning. In the first video, they will learn SSEUL, also known as the key components of a good video lecture. In the second video, students will learn how to use QuickTime to capture PowerPoint lectures and edit them

Lastly, students will learn the basic principles of Team-based Learning to facilitate in-class practice activities.

5 Activities to get your EFL/ESL Students Speaking English

Activities to increase conversation, discussion, and fun in your English language classroom.

Created by Bilal Brian - Become confident at what you do!


Students: 4463, Price: Free

Do you wish your EFL/ESL students spoke more in your classroom?  Do you wish your class was livelier and more exciting for both you and your students?  If not, and if you prefer walking into a silent classroom that would be scary even for a ghost, don't sign up for this course.  However, if you're looking for fun activities to do in your English language classroom that will shake things up, drive up enthusiasm, and bring a lot of energy into the environment, you definitely should enroll in this 100% free course.  After taking this course, you'll immediately be able to apply what you've learned in your own classroom.  This is a free course, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  Go ahead and enroll now, don't waste another moment, this is your chance to bring life into your classroom!