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Herbalism :: Essential Herbal Medicine Favorites

A brief introduction to great herbal medicine remedies that you can easily make at home.

Created by Elizabeth Heck - Top Qualified Herbalism Instructor


Students: 53434, Price: Free

There are many home health remedies available to us that are simple
to make or take at home that can truly build vitality or even lessen the severity of
an illness. Many of these are recipes passed down from our
grandmothers and have been used for hundreds of years. Even though many
of these health remedies are folk medicine, their effectiveness has been
backed up by science.

In this course you will learn remedies essential for health and to
have on hand for several common situations including nausea, cough, sore throat, burns, infections, digestive issues, insomnia, fever, bites/stings, rashes, bruises and joint issues just to name a few.
Many of these health remedies are quite simple.

Remedies covered in the course include:

  • Herbal First Aid
  • Kitchen Medicine
  • Cold & Flu Remedies
  • Herbs for Energy

Being prepared is essential!

So join me in this truly important, empowering and informative course.

TEAS 6 Skills and Concepts, number skills part 1:Basic math

Concepts you need to know to answer the basic math question on the TEAS 6

Created by Thunder FOX - Prime Education Learning Center


Students: 2191, Price: Free

This course is for students who are planning to take the TEAS 6 or are trying to get a better score and need help with basic math.

This course will go through the basic math concepts you need to know for the test. You will need to know the following:

Operations with whole numbers

prime factorization

how to reduce a fraction

The course will follow the following ATI TEAS 6 objectives for the math portion of the TEAS 6 Test:

Convert among non-negative fractions, decimals, and percents

Perform arithmetic operations with rational numbers

Compare and order rational numbers

**** See my other courses for more ATI TEAS 6 math objectives!

Drink 3-5 Cups of Coffee or 5-7 Cups of Green Tea Daily

Recommendation #21 of 31 for Optimizing Health and Extending Lifespan

Created by Nicholas Cohen, MD - Primary Care Physician


Students: 348, Price: Free

Did you know that consuming 3-5 cups of coffee or 5-7 cups of green tea daily lowers risk of premature death by up to 15%? And did you know that decaf is just as beneficial as regular coffee and green tea when it comes to the benefits?

Coffee and green tea are loaded with antioxidants. Anti-oxidants are compounds with extra electrons which they donate to free radicals in the body thereby neutralizing free radicals.  Free radicals are missing an electron and create DNA damage, tissue damage, inflammation and oxidative stress. By giving an electron to free radicals, anti-oxidants help prevent inflammation and tissue damage and thereby prevent many of the chronic diseases associated with aging.

Coffee has beneficial compounds and is the greatest source of antioxidants in the American diet.  Some of the beneficial components of coffee include chlorogenic acid, lignans, quinides, trigonelline, and magnesium.  The beneficial effect of regular coffee consumption has been well established in the medical literature. Coffee results in:

  • reduced glucose absorption in the intestine

  • lower glucose output by the liver

  • reduced oxidative stress

  • lower systemic inflammation

Green tea is also rich in antioxidants.  Polyphenols in green tea, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), result in:

  • reduced risk of obesity

  • improved blood pressure control

  • less plaque build up in the arteries.

  • lower risk of heart attack and stroke

Despite the incredible health benefits of coffee and green tea, the average American falls short of the recommended 3-5 cups of coffee or 5-7 cups of green tea. U.S. adults consume an average of only 2 cups of coffee each day, and 1 cup of green tea each month.

In this course, Dr. Cohen, a primary care doctor in San Francisco, shares with you effective and delicious strategies for drinking 3-5 cups of coffee or 5-7 cups of green tea daily. 

The course begins with an introduction to nutrition.  Dr. Cohen explains how our food environment has made it increasingly difficult to eat healthfully. He proposes a shift back to preparing our own food, from fresh ingredients we buy, including a diet rich in coffee and green tea.    Next, he'll share with you the medical research that shows the benefits of diets rich in coffee and green tea. You'll learn about the role of antioxidants for promoting health.  Next, he'll share with you tips for meal planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation, to make consuming drinking 3-5 cups of coffee or 5-7 cups of green tea easy and delicious. Finally, you'll hear the answers to frequently asked questions, followed by a summary of the information presented.