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Know yourself with Yoga

Yoga is not only physical exercise but a complete set of tools for the all-round development of ones personality.

Created by Ac. Avt. - Public Relations Secretary at Ananda Marga


Students: 12496, Price: Free

Students: 12496, Price:  Free

Yoga is very popular today. You will find answers in this course beyond the physical exercises or the relaxation which yoga is normally associated with.

The course is structured in 7 sections which make the journey as short as 2 days and as long as you want. We advise you to take it slowly and meditate at each step. There are plenty resources that may give you room for expanding your horizons and fulfill your expectations. In Yoga there is no competition, no pain and no stress.

In the First Section you will find an historical introduction to Yoga and its modern interpretation given by Ananda Marga school of Yoga and Way of Life.

In the Second Section we enter into the main characteristics of spirituality associated with Tantra Yoga.

In the Third Section we pass through the system of cardinal principles which constitute the moral foundation of Yoga.

In the Fourth Section we examine the 8 steps of Astaunga Yoga.

In the Fifth Section we open to the social outlook through the philosophy of neo-humanism and neohumanist education.

In the Sixth Section we expand the social Philosophy of PROUT - Progressive Utilization Theory

And in the Seventh and last section we consider the social service that is done by Ananda Marga globally through its different departments and related welfare projects.

The course is structured for giving you a very broad perspective. You are free to get deeper in any of the Sections according to your personal interest. Eventually we hope you will get in direct contact with Ananda Marga in its multifarious endeavor to bring welfare and upliftment to all.

May you enjoy the universal peace and advance on the spiritual path towards the supreme desideratum.

Yoga Nidra: Traditional Practice Beyond Merely Relaxation

Conscious Deep Sleep of the Ancient Sages for Attenuating Karma

Created by Abhyasa Ashram - Traditional Yoga (11 courses, 74,000+ enrollments)


Students: 6492, Price: $24.99

Students: 6492, Price:  Paid

Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. It is a state of conscious Deep Sleep. In Meditation, you remain in the Waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing thought patterns, emotions, sensations, and images to arise and go on. However, in Yoga Nidra, you leave the Waking state, go past the Dreaming state, and go to Deep Sleep, yet remain awake. While Yoga Nidra is a state that is very relaxing, it is also used by Yogis to purify the Samskaras, the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma.

In recent years it has become common to use the term "yoga nidra" to mean virtually any form of relaxation practice. However, Yoga Nidra is traditionally a profoundly deep practice that is refined over an extended period of time. In this course we will review this traditional perspective and teach you to patiently allow the amazing depth to be revealed over time.

Your presenter is Swami Jnaneshvara, whose famous Yoga Nidra CD has been the most popular in the world for over 15 years.

Jnana Yoga: The Yoga of Contemplation

The traditional Yoga practice of using the mind to go to the Self beyond the mind

Created by Abhyasa Ashram - Traditional Yoga (11 courses, 74,000+ enrollments)


Students: 5437, Price: $49.99

Students: 5437, Price:  Paid

*******Over 5,000  students are enrolled in this course*******

Pondering, reflecting, contemplating on the nature of our personality, soul, and spirit is one of the most important aspects of traditional Yoga. Please don't overlook this essential part of your Yoga practices. This course will lead you through the levels of contemplation, from the basics to the most advanced contemplations as practiced by the ancient sages.

Yoga is a whole life process. The Contemplation of Jnana Yoga is one of the most advanced practices of Yoga. The reflective process of contemplation utilizes the word-forming habit of the mind in a directed way, so as to transcend not only body and breath, but most importantly, to go beyond the mind to the realization in direct experience the True Self, the Atman, or Center of Consciousness. 

A Suggestion: Our descriptions of traditional Yoga tend to be thorough, broad, and deep. This can lead you to think this is complicated, and that it's going to take a great deal of study like in a college class. But the suggestion is to take it easy; watch the presentations leisurely, like you might watch a movie while sitting on a comfortable chair or couch. Just absorb it, take it in. Don't worry about memorizing. It will gently sink in, and you can practice the principles in daily life. Go back later and look again at the presentations, whether all of them or a few. Terminology, principles, and practices will gently become familiar.

This course first outlines the preparatory practices, leading one to start the process of contemplation. The course then guides you in the preliminary practices of contemplation through the processes of positive inquiry of Internal Dialogue. Finally, you will be taught the traditional contemplations, the "great" contemplations known as Mahavakyas, which have traditionally be practiced primarily by those monks living lives of renunciation in remote places like the cave monasteries of the high Himalayas.

The Blended Path of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra

A singular Path of self-awareness leading towards the highest goal of life, Self-Realization or Enlightenment

Created by Abhyasa Ashram - Traditional Yoga (11 courses, 74,000+ enrollments)


Students: 4114, Price: $39.99

Students: 4114, Price:  Paid

Raja Yoga (the yoga of meditation), Jnana Yoga (the yoga of contemplation), and Tantra Yoga (the yoga of the primal energy known as Shakti) are well known paths of Yoga. They are often seen as three separate paths, and one chooses only one of the three. However, some traditions such as our Himalayan tradition view these as complementary. Here, in this course, we will explore how these blend with one another, as they are from the same one root.

Some Yoga aspirants are unwilling to settle for the shallow waters commonly sought in our modern world of yoga. The most dedicated seekers want the principles and practices of the advanced sages and yogis of the various traditions of the Himalayan masters. Such exceptional aspirants want nothing less than a blending, a convergence of the highest of principles and practices. Emphasizing this pinnacle is the orientation of this course.

Yoga here refers to the systematic process of meditation as outlined in the Yoga Sutras; it is not modern postural yoga, as beneficial as that may be (actually being preparation). Vedanta here is primarily about contemplation as described in the subtlest aspects of the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita; it fathoms the depths of the knowledge of direct experience, not the mere dance of intellectual study. In our tradition, tantra refers to Samaya Tantra, which is a purely internal process of devotion to pursuing Shakti, the creative source of Consciousness, sometimes referred to symbolically as Divine Feminine. 

Whether you are a student of Yoga or a teacher, or both, if you will settle for nothing less than the highest goals of the adepts, the sages, the masters, then this course will lead you toward a greater depth for which you have been longing. The course is presented in four major sections, one each for Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra, and then a section on Integrating the three.

Yoni/Vaginal Steam Training Certification E Course

Yoni/Vaginal Steam Training Certification E Course

Created by Misty Cassady - Natural Skincare Chick


Students: 3620, Price: $99.99

Students: 3620, Price:  Paid

Your Yoni is your most sacred space. Your Yoni is the doorway to life. It must be held with the utmost SECURITY.

​Welcome to a sacred journey into the mysteries of your Sacred Womb and Yoni, throughout a powerful ancient secret to women’s well-being. Yoni (vagina) Steaming is a forgotten ancient wisdom.

Why would you Steam your Yoni?

First of all, let’s get clear on something: Yoni Steaming is not for cleaning your vulva or vagina. Your vagina is inherently self-cleaning.

When the Yoni Steaming is described as cleansing, it is referring to the way the heat and steam supports our feminine bodies in their own natural release and vibrant vitality. Yoni steaming has a wide range of energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits like:

​Detoxify your uterus

Allows you to connect spiritually with your divine center

improves your health and overall wellbeing

heals your reproductive system

Decreases menstrual flow

Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles

Boosting immune & digestive health

Enhances Fertility

Pre/post menopause and postpartum support (cramps, irregular periods, etc.)

Heals infections (bladder and yeast especially) and soothing inflammation

Dryness rids your body of any bad energy and trauma

Balances your vaginal PH

increases in libido as the heat increases blood flow to the vagina, as well as the clitoris

By the end of this course you will know everything you need to know about Yoni Vaginal Steaming. You will be able to perform a Yoni Steam for yourself and your clients. You will have in depth knowledge on how to select the appropriate Herbs and Essential Oils to create a yoni Steam Blend. You will have the ability to formulate herbal blends for specific Yoni ailments. You will be able to communicate effectively & clearly why you and your clients prefer the Yoni Steam Practice. You will know the history of Yoni Steaming and all the equipment necessary to perform a Yoni Steam session. You will learn about the safety and best practices of Yoni Safety. And finally you will learn how to perform a Yoni steam ceremony which includes a free MP3 download of our 30 minute Yoni Vaginal Steam Meditation which you can use as you or your clients complete a 30 minute meditation. This course also comes with a Waiver and Intake forms & is accredited by the American Herbalist Guild as Natural Skincare Chick is an American Herbalist Guild Member School.

Introduction to Song Tantra – Songwriting from the Soul!

How to use soul singing to write songs that will magnetize your audience to you.

Created by Elizabeth Knudson - Intuitive & Energy Healer


Students: 3321, Price: Free

Students: 3321, Price:  Free

In this course I teach you a special vocal technique that opens the voice and creative flow! My technique connects you to the creative energy from your soul, so you can create beautiful music that will entrance audiences to you and your music. 

I have personally have studied singing and sung professionally for over 20 years, graduated cum la mentored with pro- songwriters who write for celebrities and learn their songwriting techniques. I teach the highlights of what I learned, so you can begin to write songs that not only share the healing power of your soul but effectively communicate to the audience.

The two biggest take-aways from this course are...

Vocal Technique; you will learn a specific exercise that will open your voice, give it more depth, power, range, beauty and stamina.

Songwriting Creativity; you learn to begin to write melodies for your songs and write lyrics to accompany the melody. This writing technique will empower you to write in a unique way that is completely original to you!

If you have always wondered how to write a song but were never sure how to start the process, how to tap into your creativity,  how to start writing lyrics or how to format them to work in a song,  this is the course for you.

It takes many years to learn to write songs, it's an art form that is always growing.  Song Tantra allows you to enjoy every part of the journey and feel empowered in your singing ability and message. Please be kind to yourself, if you are hoping to become a professional singer and songwriter and have zero experience this is a great class to start with however it won't be the last class or learning opportunity you will engage in. You will need to continue to put love and energy into your songwriting journey to truly develop your talent. This class will not teach you how to write a melody, chords from scratch and it will not teach you all the vocal techniques needed to be professional singer, it's a long and personal journey. Please check my website for resources and referrals to classes, webinars and other related services.

Your Ultimate Guide To Transform Life Through Your Chakras

Learn healing chakra dancing, meditation, mudras, affirmations and more bringing calmness and deep peace within.

Created by Sharon Ramel - Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess


Students: 2578, Price: $94.99

Students: 2578, Price:  Paid

This Chakra Dance and Meditation course is currently being updated. I started on July 1st 2020 and hope to have it complete before the month ends. New videos are being uploaded daily. There are still some oldies so please be patient.

Recent Reviews for Chakra Dance and Meditate this year

"I love how quick each video is. Even though I'm not moving at the pace that I would like, I feel as if I am making positive steps in the direction I would like. Thank you for this program. It's very thorough. As I am learning, I can feel myself balancing as well. Gratitude. I did it!" Antoinette Jackson

"This course allowed me to delve deeper into my daily chakra practices. Each chakra's section included information, journal questions, a guided meditation, possible yoga pose/mudra/ etc, and time for free-form dance. The instructor had amazing energy, and the music chosen was beautiful. (I do wish the pieces were a little more uniform in length - I had to pause in dancing to repeat a couple of the shorter ones.) Especially loved the final integration meditation/dance! I very much enjoyed and appreciated this course." Tasha Minnaar

"The depth of knowledge that Sharon shares is truly a gift for anyone who engages with her". - Grace Solman

A Quick Peek At The Contents and Overview

You will discover how to work with the transformational wonders of the chakras, learn specific meditations and a free form chakra dance that resonates with each main chakra to bring about self-acceptance, peace and healing within leading to improvements in your life.  You will learn mudra and affirmations that resonate are with each chakra. You will learn how to perform basic pendulum use and diagnosis for the chakras

  • How we will dance or move to stimulate each chakra.

  • Definition of chakra and prana

  • How to do a quick chakra dance with each of the main seven chakras

  • How to do a Mini Chakra Cleanse - "The Lightworkers Way"

  • Learn how to work with a pendulum to diagnose problems in your chakras and others (this section is being filmed 24th July 2020)

  • Discover affirmations and mudras attuned to each chakra

  • Discover more about you Base Chakra

  • How to do Ashwini Meditation attuned to your base chakra

  • Learn about your Sacral Chakra Revealed

  • How to do 'Churn the Mill' activating the sacral chakra and a mudra

  • See your Solar Plexus Revealed

  • How to do 'Ha Kriya' Solar Plexus firepower for your self-esteem

  • Discover more about your Heart Chakra

  • How to do 'So Hung' Meditation to open our radiant hearts

  • Learn about working with your Throat Chakra

  • How to do 'Brahmari Pranayama' to calm the mind, reduce blood pressure and speed healing

  • See more about your Third Eye

  • How to do the Candle meditation to open our third eye

  • Open to your Crown Chakra

  • How to do the 'Our Crowning Glory' mediation to see our connection above

  • Integrated Chakra Mediation to bring them all together and to say goodbye

  • Learn how to use and work with a pendulum to better diagnose how the chakras are moving and what stresses maybe be associated with them.

Is your life stressful and feeling out of control? Then come with me as we chakra dance, meditate, discover mudras and affirmations to inspire you, let go have fun as we de-stress in this transformational course. Fine-tune your chakras with ease for self-discovery bliss. This a healing, meditative dance, mudras and more journey through the main seven chakras. Using free-flowing movement (NO background in dance needed just an open mind) with specific music from different cultures and guided imagery we dance, we meditate, we discover mudras and affirmations to connect with our inner and outer world.

Join Sharon as she is one of Udemy's top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally. It is my prayer that these keys and practices will become a part of you and will support you to lift your vibration and shift the limiting patterns of a lifetime of conditioning and support your graceful unfolding to living your true souls' expression.

  • Sharon offers you a certificate of completion by request for free at the end of this course.

How to chakra dance and meditate is designed and guided by Sharon Ramel who will teach you how to discover happiness here and now. As your guide, I am here with you daily to assist answering your questions

You'll discover and practise meditation and simple breathing methods, so you can concentrate fully and connect with all the life that surrounds you. You'll dance in an intuitive free form way receiving joy in your everyday life to transform your mind and body. This leads to self-acceptance and improved lifestyle. Personal development 101 techniques at your fingertips.

Discover how simple it can be to bring the wonders of life to nourish and heal your body and reduce your suffering.

Practice Meditation in Your Everyday Life to Transform Your Mind and Body

* Understand how to be mindful, whether you're simply breathing dancing or walking

* Learn from your past and release anxiety about your future

* Reflect upon your connection with nature and to all life

* Gain acceptance and graceful self-development

We are not talking about any old dance or meditation. We are talking about a free form chakra dance and meditation that reveals you to yourself! Coming home to your own body/soul sense. That deep knowing that you lost along the road we call life.

“Dance? But, I have two left feet. I am not good at dancing. Meditate! I cannot sit still. I am no good. I have tried before"

Well listen up my friends, dancing is fun! Meditation is also fun and both activities are relaxing. It's not just about the steps or the technique. It's not just about the music, it's about the space you create. This course is a combination of moving your body - chakra dancing, stimulating your mind and enhancing your spirit. Learn engaging meditation to relax you and it is a great way to express your emotions. Balanced chakras bring new vitality to your life. Learn how to unload your chakras of the life long sludge!

Chakras are our life force or vital energy. Some call them “the spinning wheels of light" located all over your body. Although we have thousands of them, there are seven major chakras located along our spine from the base to just above our head that we need to focus on. The role of the chakra system is to be able to regulate the flow of our energy force or what we commonly have known as the aura. Once our energy force is blocked due to the many challenges and emotional roller coaster we find ourselves in, it is not surprising that we get sick – not only physically, mentally, but also emotionally.

The chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy which connect the physical body to its subtle energetic counterparts. In this article, we'll take a look at the seven main chakras, which play a key role in energy reception and transmutation for self-development. 

The chakra system has been extensively studied and described in Eastern systems of philosophy and medicine, although Western science remains sceptical their very existence. Nonetheless, awareness of the body as an energy system is increasing among forward-thinking scientists, and the chakras along with meditation continue to play an important role in a  variety of holistic healing disciplines for personal development.   

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 - $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.

As you know Udemy offers you a certificate of completion at the end of this course. However, I am happy to offer you a certificate of completion for any course of mine that you complete. Please ONLY message me through Udemy when you have completed the course. Note - I will not answer any requests for this outside of Udemy as I need to verify that you have completed the course!

Please Note: All students who enrol in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses

PS. I am looking forward to meeting you. Enrol today. I offer an unconditional money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. 

Not sure? Scroll down there are free previews for you to get a taste of what is to come

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The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment 

The Complete Professional Psychic Course – FULLY ACCREDITED

Psychic certification to do psychic mediumship development through clairvoyance, opening third eye, & aura reading

Created by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor at Victoria University, Uganda


Students: 980, Price: $109.99

Students: 980, Price:  Paid

This course will help you with psychic mediumship development, sensitize your psychic senses (Clair senses i.e. Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance), open the third eye, balance the chakras, cleansed and energize Aura, awaken Kundalini, and enable you to become a professional psychic with the skills of clairvoyance, psychic readings, and aura reading. This course will also be very helpful for self-improvement; the skills of shaman/ shamanism (shamanic healing/ witchcraft or Wicca/ soul retrieval), communication with angels/ archangels (angelic communication and healing/ therapy); meditation and mindfulness; Reiki, lucid dreaming, hypnosis/ self-hypnosis/ hypnotherapy, self-Acceptance/ self-love, self-esteem, attraction, likability, and radiate confidence through the spiritual law of attraction, spiritual personality development or personal development and spiritual soft skills, business communication skills, public speaking, self presentation skills and social skills; tantra / tantric sex, astral projection / astral travel / Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), do forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku and build nature connection for nonverbal communication i.e. telepathy, plant/human/animal communication, mind reading / mentalism / mentalist (without doing magic tricks), and lie detection; seeing past, future and manifestation; karmic or akashic records, karma,  intuition development, remote viewing, consciousness, spirituality, spiritual coach / coaching, life coach / coaching, spiritual healing, energy healing, spiritual quantum physics or metaphysics, mystic philosophy (mysticism), crystal healing, color therapy/ colour therapy, hoodoo and conjure, past lives, past life regression, Tarot card reading, Angel card reading, Oracle card reading, and dowsing or divining rods etc. After understanding the psychic abilities and concepts, you will also be able to relate the core concepts behind the miracles in the present and mentioned in the history/ mythology of all religion e.g. Hinduism/ Mahabharata, Buddhism, Islam / Quran, Christianity/ Bible, Judaism/ Kabbalah etc.

The accredited certificate will be provided by the Virtued Academy International.

Solo Tantra & Beyond: A Foundation of Tantra Exercises

The Nine B's The main segments of real Tantra to offer you a well-rounded understanding led by India trained teacher

Created by Debra Wilder - Meditation teacher, Tech project manager


Students: 839, Price: $19.99

Students: 839, Price:  Paid

This course will give you an introduction to real Tantra exercises that will create self-growth in numerous ways by the end of the lessons. Intro does not mean that it will be easy. Practice will be needed... but it will be fun and deeply rewarding. You will be given the gifts of being sharper of mind, fitter, having less mental chatter, and using energy to be multi-orgasmic. Whether this is a 30 day self-growth program for you or an introduction to further Tantra, you will have an understanding of Tantra having done hours of exercises. The lessons are taught with detail but straight to the point.

Numerous hours of additional resources are available. The instructor has taught hundreds of students in-person who came to Tantra for all reasons possible.

Ask questions: Private messages and community discussion questions are all answered to assist you.

Please read all of the descriptions of the videos. There is misinformation of Tantra being just sex techniques. In this course, you will finish with a well-rounded base of knowledge and experience. It covers all of the main aspects of Tantra which have been divided into nine segments- the 9 B's. Tantra is far more than is taught to the mainstream or mistaken in the news or by misleading teachers.

This course is mostly about solo Tantra which is what Debra specializes in. A few partner practice options are added.

Key exercises you will learn: Meditations, yantra, mantra, mudra, bandha, solo cultivation exercise, gazing, breathing exercises, yoga asanas, energy balance, chakra sound healing, initiation meditation, abstract meditation, and more.

Even if you walk away wanting to only continue one segment then the course will be far more than worth trying.

It would take 1,000's hours of video to learn all of Tantra plus an in-person teacher to do certain things safely.

This course will not cover "advanced" or dangerous practices that should only be done with in-person guidance. It offers all you need for a great base of practice with intuition to go in your correct direction of further studies.

This course is designed to be easy to follow without being overly time-consuming. After completion, you will be able to decide which of the practices (or all) are right for you to continue weekly and daily. This is for everyone: singles, coupled, LGBTQ+, and even those on celibate break.

Most people will need to do the course lessons multiple times to feel the full benefits of energetic practices. Some will have a breakthrough the first time. The goal is to feel explosive energy in the spine or hands or the whole body. The esoteric system takes experience should not have a goal. Bliss will come.

This is a course to do many times with practice not just once through. Practice more to understand and feel more- message questions if needed.

About the teacher:

Debra has been a Tantra teacher for 10 plus years first trained in India. She is honored to be able to teach here online so that she can share the benefits of Tantra with more people. She offers intermediate teachings on her SoloTantra website and continues to work on more Udemy courses.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra – 112 Meditation Techniques

​Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, 112 Guided Meditations for Healing, Self Awakening, and Realization

Created by Sandeep Khurana - Meditation Practitioner, Spiritual Music Composer


Students: 637, Price: $49.99

Students: 637, Price:  Paid

The course will empower you to learn, practice and benefit from 112 Meditation Techniques of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is sourced from ancient Hindu text, and is described as a discourse between God Shiva and Goddess Shakti. It talks about 112 meditation methods or sutras or techniques.

There are 112 Guided Meditations in the course. Listen to each meditation carefully and practice along with it.  Gradually, you will be able to connect with the essence of the meditation and feel the experience of healing, self realization and awakening.

Yoga asanas and eye yoga for daily life

Release daily tension and increase wellbeing through well-thought-out tantra yoga programmes targeting the body and eye

Created by Irma Y - Yoga practitioner


Students: 618, Price: $29.99

Students: 618, Price:  Paid

Yoga is about being able to return to balance in today’s life, a balance between the tension and relaxation, between activity and rest.

Unfortunately, yoga asanas are often viewed as a form of gymnastics. But, in essence, asanas meant to be carried out quite consciously, under full awareness of body and mind as opposed to gymnastics. Whilst correctly performed, asanas can influence the body (inner organs, muscles, heart, blood circulation and pressure as well as glands) in various ways depending on which pose you are in and for how long.

This course is divided into yoga programmes designed for all levels, beginners to yoga as well as advanced students who have practiced it for many years.  By arranging yoga poses in a certain degree of difficulty and a certain order, the video-practices aim to give students the most out of each practice. Some poses are dynamic, whilst the rest are less dynamic or even motionless to achieve a greater effect.

The yoga programmes are based on teachings offered by the Haa Retreat Centre, which is internationally recognized center for the in-depth and comprehensive yoga and meditation training. Based on the knowledge acquired during one of such retreats, Irma has gained invaluable knowledge and experience and sharing them as part of this online course.  Therefore, this course provides access to authentic yoga within the tantric tradition with video instructions in yoga, targeting both body and eyes,  open resources for more in-depth information that people pay 1000 EURO to gain knowledge during intensive yoga and meditation retreats.  

7 Days Of the Rich Vibe Calibration Challenge

Fascinating Quantum Tantra Hypnosis That Can Help Your Align to the Successful Business Frequency & Wealth Mindset

Created by Ultra Lume - Celebrity Life Coach | Peak Performance Executive Coach


Students: 420, Price: Free

Students: 420, Price:  Free

Attention Cosmic Female Entrepreneurs! You need to try this!

Welcome to the 7 Days Of the Rich Vibe Calibration Challenge | Quantum Tantra Vibration Method™ |

Just like using a tuning fork, we can tune to wealth and abundance. How easier than that can it get?

I was that coach with clients who got better results than me. I always wondered, how can my very own words shift someone, and here I am still in a financial struggle. It wasn’t until I heard some say something like “If your clients getting better results than you, it’s telling me more about your clients, not you” AND, I GOT IT!

I created a story where my client wins prioritized mine, they got all my juicy advice and would make $8k in one week, $30k in a month, free travel for work and promotions, new unexpected jobs and opportunities, more loving relationships, success all over the place. Yet, I was still playing with scarcity, and to be honest, coach after coach, the money blocks didn’t “clear” fully.

Deep inside I knew that no strategy works without my being 100% in alignment but honestly, I just couldn’t figure it out, and frankly, I dint want to, I longed to just shift whatever it was. I was ready to be in the now and letting the now be a wealthy now!

This program is a part of a cosmic download. Something I created for myself because I was ready to be living life not trying t future out manifestations and burying my time in rituals and superstitions. At the beginning of 2021, I had more money in the bank than we received in income all 2020 this is what I started to work with, the quantum energy field, combined with orgasmic energy and metaphysics. There is no feeling like the realization you can change your entire life accessing a part of the universe coded to you that vibrates at the frequency of your wildest dreams.

The Quantum Tantra Vibration Method is a type of quantum jumping meditation designed to help you go from your current reality into the reality you desire. I gathered some of the most requested desires that most of my clients struggle with and created these healing hypnotics that include binaural, solfeggio frequencies, and ecstatic/orgasmic energy. I will guide you through a trance and into the reality of your wildest dreams.

I believe vibration is everything just like quantum physics explains that everything is vibrating.

I also believe we are cable of tuning our vibration to the frequency of wealth, joy, or as a matter of fact anything you can imagine. Like a tuning fork. Like calibrating to new energy.

This experience will evoke a connection with the wealthy and confident version of you that already exists in that parallel reality and already vibrates in resonance with the outcome you desire.

What if tuning to wealth is exactly the same, it’s about matching a frequency? What if it’s that easy, like tuning a guitar? I believe that it is! (of course, to tune a guitar you need a trained ear and practice, but once you know the tune, you k now it, you're calibrated to always hear it or tune to it)

So excited to debut this right here on Udemy, of all of you!

You will experience and bring into the now the vibration and feelings that the rich you in the alternate reality has, quantum jumping to a new frequency and version of you.

This challenge will help you:

  • Manifest your goals and desires at a rapid speed

  • Get in touch with your deepest, most epic, most beautiful emotions your ideal self wants to feel.

  • Begin to really heal your finances by doing the thing I believe is most important, getting into the vibration and in alignment with the results you want.

  • Be you at a deeper and more cosmos level

  • Increase creativity and intrusion

  • Activate creative orgasmic energy and ecstasy

  • Become more magnetic to wealth and confidence

  • Become more comfortable with receiving larger amounts

  • Attract more opportunities, doors opening

  • Knowing that at any given moment you can tap into the frequency of your dreams

  • Help you release and dissolved patterns and limitations in your energy and mind

This is a challenge is FREE, it’s my gift to you! I know it will change your life. It includes 7 amazing life-shifting jumps:

  • Day 1: Most Confident - When you are feeling the most confident nothing feels out of reach, you feel empowered, capable, and worthy, use this jump with your need to elevate into the millionaire CEO vibe.

  • Day 2: More Attractive / Alluring - I worked in the beauty and fashion industry as a photographer for a year, one thing I know about all women, we want to feel beautiful, interesting, and feminine. There is nothing more powerful than an alluring woman, she inspires curiosity, and her magnetism is irresistible. Come to the next business meeting with this vibe and leave them breathless.

  • Day 3: Anticipation (Opposed to procrastination) - Like an innocent young woman, become more aware of the universe’s evidence that it’s working all in your favor. You manifest at the moment in which you are certain so certain before you even see it. Become extraordinarily sensitive to seeing the quantum shifts.

  • Day 4: The Business of Your Dreams - Laidback by pools side, stay at home boss & mama, or just bring to life any little thing your heart desires, the perfect and ideal business so much better, so much easier so much more prosperous.

  • Day 5: Receiving Large Sums of Money Daily - Learning to receive larger and larger amounts is as much practice and invest in larger amounts too. There is already a reality where your yearly income is their monthly income, there is a reality that your desires monthly income is your daily income, wouldn’t it be fun to check that out?

  • Day 6: Self-Made Wealth - As women, I think making our own money brings us closer to feeling equal, because we are, and being ourselves as high earners can feel terrible if you have been taught that women should meek, gentle, and quiet. Imagine a reality where the women are the rulers and they are deeply respected and honored by their counterparts. A reality where abundance is normally natural and common and women are all wonderful examples of loads of money on your terms.

  • Day 7: Become More Orgasmic - Nothing can be more important to women this day and age than to heal the sexual, spiritual, psychological split, so in this jump, you calibrate to you that is completely in her power around her sexuality and in this reality you are multi-orgasmic, you feel great in your body and feel pleasure all the time. In this reality, we harness the healing power of an orgasmic current and the creative power it contains. How you receive pleasure is connected to how you receive money!

  • Day 8: (Extra!) Sacred Divine Life - Extra! If you’re spiritual while you desire wealth, wealth might not be your primary motivator, it’s not for me, for me, I want to know the mysteries of the cosmos, I want the dreamiest spiritual journey and enlightenment, so this jump is for those like me who wealth is sacred and the spiritual journey is the actual real currency. “Seek ye first”...

This is an avant-garde approach to traditional quantum jumping as what I take you through is better explained as an intensity that draws you in, a cosmic pull. I also incorporate more senses breath work, orgasmic energy, and frequencies/binaural beats to psychodynamically tune you, immerse you in the experience, and shift your vibration, merge you and bring you back with all the frequencies now encoded.

I have changed my financial life using this powerful method in a very short period of time, this year I have already manifested $84k.

By the end of 7 days, you will have experienced a profound sense of your capabilities, and you will know your soul how truly worth of wealth you are. And you can do this longer than 7 days, each time you quantum jump you will intensify the experience and create even more resonance.

Ableton Workflow Masterclass – How To Make A Track A Day.

How To Develop Your Workflow, Sound, Results, Understanding Of Music Theory, Marketing, Distribution of Music And More.

Created by Omar Meho - DJ/Producer/Music Production Mentor/Composer.


Students: 398, Price: $89.99

Students: 398, Price:  Paid

Calling all passionate, aspiring and existing  music producers!!!

A must-buy comprehensive guide on how to master Music Production and the music industry from a mastering engineer, Mentor and a label owner.

This course shows that you don't need the technical skills or music theory knowledge to be proficient in Music Production.

A 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the 20 hours of content!!!

Sit back and relax whilst you learn some of the best kept producer secrets in the industry, along with never before shared knowledge about Music Production.

Perfect for beginners!

Includes 800+ Bass MIDI!!!

Includes Xfer Serum Presets!!!

*Includes Bass Rack Templates*

Includes Operator Presets!

Includes Saturator presets!

Includes E-book

*Includes EQ Presets*

Includes Mastering Rack!

Includes Mixing & Mastering E-book

If you are new to Music Production you must buy this course!

The Best and Longest Music Production Course On Udemy!!!

Includes Distribution and Marketing Tactics, Branding and more!!!

Learn How To Use Music Production The Right Way!!!

Get to the top of your Music Production game with this course!

Omar had humble beginnings of wanting to learn Music Production but no YouTube video or mentor would accommodate for his needs, now Omar is a successful Mastering Engineer and producer it is time for him to teach you his methodologies.

Enjoy 1 Hour of 1-to-1 time with Omar

Includes Secret Bonus Audio Effect Racks!

Omar Meho is a resident DJ in Ibiza, France & U.K. he has played festivals in front of 12,500 people, he regularly records mixes for the BBC and has had his own tracks aired on International Radio multiple times. he will teach you how he has made over 400 tracks in the past 8 months as a Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and Mastering Technician. He runs his own record label Atmos Tempo Records and has signed his own successful E.P's and Albums to over 10 record labels at the same time. Having plays on BBC Radio 1 and support from some of the world's top DJ's and producers including Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Adam Beyer, Guti, Chris Stussy, East End Dubs & more.

This course comes with exclusive learning content, full-track templates, sample packs and project files which will help you master  and understand Music Production much faster with great depth!

After a fantastic reception to Omar's one-to-one Mentoring Omar has decided to launch this course.

This is the right course for anyone looking to learn Music Production.

Learn invaluable lessons from Omar's comprehensive Music Production Guide.

It can be done, by using this guide by Music Production Mentor Omar Meho.

Ever asked a friend to teach you Music Production and they haven't?! This course will cover everything they will show you!

Omar has cemented his talent in the music industry by bringing you this course which will dissect his expert methodology on how to produce a track a day as he has done, with extensive videos where he makes a track and times it and finishes it in 15 minutes.

With over 15 hours of video content and loads of bonus content, this is a fair price for the course and is arguably the best Music Production course on Udemy in terms of insight and knowledge.

There are six of these videos and each is an insightful glimpse into the workflow of a successful producer which you will find nowhere else.

The course is a must for a new Music Producer.

This Music Production Course includes everything you'd need to start your music production journey and more!

With a network of successful producers around him, Omar can give relevant and proven hidden strategies on how to survive in the music industry, penetrate the market and get into the Beatport Top 100 Minimal/Deep Tech Charts. If you want to learn more about Ableton or become a master of your own fate. Some of the Genre's covered in this course include: House, Tech House, Deep House, Micro House, Minimal House, Garage.

If you are an aspiring EDM producer and you want to learn ableton or improve your existing skills whilst learning new ones this course is the one for you. Omar will provide you with game-changing project files, templates and samples which will revolutionise the way you use Music Production. Comprised of 40 Lectures, each contains invaluable content which you will find nowhere else and the hidden-gems included in this course will also give you the upper-hand and advantage over other producers in the industry who haven't seen this course.

Including incredible templates which will revolutionise the way you work for the rest of your life, Omar shows you how to finish a track using only MIDI in 10 minutes, which is a truly breathtaking experience you must watch, the track has been signed to a record label!

Join a group of like-minded individuals and collaborate via our facebook group, included at the end of the course.


Omar has a business with marketing degree with honours from the University of Brighton so he is best suited to give you marketing advice. Also, this course covers the business side of things which. is a niche in the way that other courses will not cover this in as much depth.

Omar has also been a resident DJ for 10 + years internationally and has renowned success in the music production industry with his music in every online store.

This course explains what, why, when and how to do things which is far more valuable than simply skimming through things as it gives the learner a greater opportunity to understand things on a professional level and be able to discuss with friends.

This interstellar course includes 70 lectures:

Beginner Level

- Audio interface

- Arrangement

- Bass Processing

- Automation

- Midi

- Audio

- Sidechaining

- Compression

- Saturation

- EQ

- Max For Live

- Finishing Touches

- Reference Tracks

- How to finish tracks in 15 minutes

- Useful Free VSTs


- How to make a track from start to finish

Advanced Level

- Mixdown

- Mastering advice

- MIDI Mapping

- Branding Techniques

- Customising parameters in external VST's

- Organisation in Ableton Live 10's Browser

Expert Level

- Understanding different music genres

- Methodology of Ableton

- Sample packs

- Camelot Wheel - Mixing in key

- Creating artwork for your tracks

- Distribution to Spotify, Beatport, iTunes

- Marketing your music to record labels

- Pitch Envelope


- Learn from someone with 10+ years of experience

- Learn from someone who runs their own record label, makes their own artwork, manages their own distribution and marketing

- Sample packs

- Project Files

- Templates

- Presets

- Full-track breakdowns

- Email templates

- VSTs

- Community invites + events!

- Recommendations

- A chance to see how someone else's workflow

- MP3's to use as a Reference Track

- Charts

- Diagrams

- Unique advice

- Mastering advice

 - Never before seen strategies

- Useful Industry-secret Websites

-  Opportunity for 1-to-1 Lifetime Mentoring from Omar.

- Opportunity to get signed to a record-label

- Opportunity for Remix competitions

- Comes with Sample Pack and Mastering Support.

- Get A Template for making Sample Packs!

- Learn How To Make Sample Packs!

- Includes Xfer Serum Presets!

- Audio Effect Racks!

- E-book!

- EQ Presets!

- Includes Mastering Rack!

  • Boost Your Music Production Skillset.

  • Broaden Your Knowledge.

  • Expand Your Musical Network.

  • Enjoy Expert Tuition!

5-Star Reviews

1. Randy

Omar has alot of experience as a DJ and a good understanding of the music business side of things. He's helpful in any regard and is practical when explaining ideas. Overall great session.

2. Brett

Omar knows his stuff - both as a DJ and producer!

3. Harry

Omar changed the way i see ableton. Big recommends for anyone looking to expand their profile, up their work flow or master ableton! Big up

4. Sam

Omar was incredibly inspiring and helpful. I'm looking forward to continuing to progress towards a career in music with his direction.

5. Jamie

A truly experienced professional in the music industry, knowledgeable in all areas from production to marketing and distribution. Each lesson I take away valuable information and advice that accelerates my career. Thank you Omar

6. Kyle

Omar is an very experienced and well rounded DJ, with knowledge of a wide variety of genres. He has massively improved my mixing within a matter of weeks. Furthermore, I look forward to his coaching regarding music production and self promotion in the future. Overall, I have come on leaps and bounds under his guidance.

7. David

Omar is very knowledgeable about music production. More importantly he knows how to save a lot of time and time saves money and that's a good thing. You'll make his fees back because you'll be able to produce much faster. Save your time and your money with Omar.

8. Shannon

Omar is a trustworthy tutor He taught me how to DJ from scratch and I now play on the radio He is an expert and very professional

9. Yasmin

Omar is a trustworthy tutor as he is always on time and very patient with his clients, he helped me start up on my producing and getting to grips with the software I use as well as some important tips and tricks.

10. Nicole

Omar is a fantastic tutor, a passionate dj who taught me how to start up on my decks, transitions and bpm through to producing my own records and signing to record labels. I recommend him 100%.

Learn to become an expert with Music Production.

Go ahead and click the enrol button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!

Thank you,


From Sex-Obsessed To Creative Genius

Stop Procrastinating On Your Projects And Get Back Your Creative Streak

Created by Boom Shikha - Nomad Coach, and Online Entrepreneur


Students: 353, Price: $89.99

Students: 353, Price:  Paid

Do you have a lot of creative projects on the go, but you never actually get to any of them? Have you been procrastinating on your projects by looking for quick fixes on the side? Are you trying to make yourself feel better by chasing the instant gratification of sex, rather than doing the work? Are you trying to move from being 'Sex Obsessed' to a 'Creative Genius'? 

This course is definitely for you, if you answered yes to any of the questions above. 

I have been running live versions of this workshop for months and I realized that there is a real need for it. So many people email me weekly asking whether this workshop would be available online. I decided enough is enough. I stopped procrastinating and created this course for your viewing and working pleasure.

In this course, we will explore the connection between creativity and sexuality and how we can use one to drive the other. I have included techniques that you can use in the comfort of your homes to move your creative projects forward using the power of your sexuality. 

I hope you will be enticed to take this course and use all of its benefits. 

Testimonial from Wayne Duckworth: I attended Shikha’s workshop Creativity and Sexuality with both excitement and trepidation at what was to come but within minutes felt reassured and comfortable as she set out a framework for the 3 hour deep dive into unexplored territory. After explaining the content she set firm boundaries that felt both nurturing and precise but with plenty of space for free exploration and just the right amount of challenge. Her approach is dynamic and heart centred to the creative and energy work, which is both individual, and partnered with plenty of time for sharing back with the whole group. She was able to hold the space for the group as we began to explore ourselves stimulated by the well chosen exercises inviting us to open up and share our stories, vulnerabilities and hope for a deeper connection to our creative selves. I definitely learned about my own desire to hide in my sexuality and with the tools and wisdom she provides feel I can transmute my sometimes distracting sexual focus into a more creatively productive channel. Awesome!

Testimonial from Chloe Donnelly: I have attended several of Shikha's workshops now, I was hooked after the first session! I am in love with how fluid and synergetic the sessions are. They bring up powerful emotions within a setting of ultimate confidence and respect among new friends. She is certainly not a pushover, can read you well and does all within her power to help you grow. The sessions on sexuality were particularly empowering for me, as I am constantly re-evaluating my sexuality and it seems fairly ambiguous, but I realised after talking with others that I have a great knowledge within sexuality because of this lack of stillness. These sessions are honestly not to be missed, rarely have I found anything so worthwhile and thought provoking!

Testimonial from Zita Moran: Before I encountered Shikha’s course I had never made the connection between my creativity and sexuality. Truth be told, I was actually rather repressed in this area. But there’s something about Shikha that makes you feel safe to open up and experiment. The result was spectacular—it's been revelation after revelation for me. Now I have powerful tools to use whenever I feel my inspiration is drying up. Thank you Shikha for introducing me to a new creative paradigm! You are a godsend—I'll never look back

Moving Into Intimacy

Easy-to-Do Movement Explorations to Energize Your Relationship in Fun, Creative Ways

Created by Lui Gervais - Movement and Dance Artist, Yogi, Intimacy Coach


Students: 189, Price: $59.99

Students: 189, Price:  Paid

A Key Ingredient in a Happy Life

When we get a regular dose of intimacy, we feel sweetly connected with life and our relationships. We know a sense of trust and ease.  We feel seen and our partnership feels fed with new energy.  In the intimate moments, we feel grounded and at peace as our fears drift away.

Embark on a course to intimacy.  See clearly the roadblocks that stop you.  Know the small efforts it takes to get there.  Although there is no formula, this course inspires creative new pathways.  It provides insight into the mind of an intimate connection and the exciting role that the body and movement play in taking you there.

Discover inspiring new creative pathways to the intimacy you desire in your life.

Easy to Do Movement Exercises

Understand the Doorways and Barriers to Intimacy

Creating Spaces for Intimacy

Integrate Ideas into Everyday Life

Opportunities for intimacy are often close at hand but for many couples, it can be elusive.  This course will give you the important key elements of physical/emotional intimacy.  Whether you are exploring a new relationship or one that is decades old, the innovative movement exercises will inspire new ways of discovering your partner.


When we seek intimacy, we embark on a journey.  Over time, we slowly move from one mode of consciousness into another.  From the more familiar, powerful thinking/doing brain to a more easeful, relaxed mind. We also come into heightened awareness and appreciation of the sensing, feeling body. 

Before diving into the movement exercises, the course begins with a series of short lectures that lay the groundwork for success in the rest of the course.  These lectures explore topics like the senses, language, and breathing.  At certain times, we will engage some senses and not others.  We will differentiate between the use language versus sound as we move into intimacy. 

Once the groundwork is laid, we then explore how best to prepare ourselves and our spaces for the journey.  How to begin. How to end.  How to gather and share helpful feedback. How to make the best use of the movement material to have the most fun.

The movement exercises are the heart of the course.  Each section includes video of participants demonstrating the exercises.  Note: the demonstrators only met the day of the filming! If they can do it, so can you! Voice over instructions will help guide you.  After each exercise, a downloadable list of questions will be provided to help you speak about and learn from your experiences.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika : Level 3 – Advanced Mystic Mudras

A Clear Explanation of the Ancient Yogic View on Mudras or Mystic Gestures to Raise the Kundalini and Chakra Awakening

Created by AryaMarga Society - Yogic Research and Training Institute


Students: 174, Price: $19.99

Students: 174, Price:  Paid

AryaMarga Yoga is pleased to present the teachings of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the 14th century master-text that details the science of the Willful Union of the Sun & Moon disks. This course is part of the 4 Yoga Teacher Training Course, which comprises of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Samkhya Yoga, Pancha Tattva Asana Kriya and Pancha Tattva Pranayama Kriya.   

The word Pradipika means to shed complete light on. Complete light on what? Light on the System and Techniques of Hatha Yoga. This text was composed in the 15th century, by Yogi Svātmārāma. In the very first chapter of this masterwork, Yogi Svātmārāma clearly gives his intent behind the composition of this text. By Yogī Swātmārāma’s time, (approx. 14 th -15 th Cent. AD) Raja Yoga had already become so ancient a science of Yoga, with such an inordinate number of lineages and

individual Yogīs claiming their own interpretations of the system, that the original Lineage teachings of Yoga seemed at risk of disappearing from the public consciousness.

Yogī Swātmārāma, out of compassion, sees the need for a clear understanding of the ancient Yogic view, it’s system and techniques, so that aspirants may overcome the perplexity born through multiple and varied interpretations of Yoga. To this end, the Clear Light on Haṭha /Haṭha Pradīpika has been composed by Yogī Swātmārāma.   

In this module, students would be introduced to the following topics as concerns this text -

  • Definition, Method and Benefits of Kundalini-Laya-Tantra Yoga

  • Efficacy of constancy in the Mudras or Mystic Gestures

  • The Division of Mudras

  • Benefits, valuation and secrecy injunctions

  • MahaMudra or the Great Seal

  • MahaBandha or the Great Lock

  • Khechari or the Space Rover Mudra

The Great Yoga Quest: A Complete Resource & Certification

A fun learning tool for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training students and all those interested in exploring Yoga in-depth.

Created by Allowah Lani - Founder, Yoga Quest University


Students: 124, Price: $34.99

Students: 124, Price:  Paid

                                                                     "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it,

                                                                          or who said it, no matter if I have said it,

  1.                                                       unless itn  agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."  

                                                                                                                         ~ Gautama Buddha


      The Great Yoga Quest, Level I, is actually just the first of a graded series of courses that delve deeply into the Wide & Wild World of Yoga.   Level I offers a 21 Day Program specifically designed to assist you, the new student or yoga professional, to get your bearings in this new and oftentimes confusing world.  By the end of this program, you will have all the essential tools and information to begin practicing and teaching Yoga efficiently and effectively.  Not only that, but if you really immerse yourself in this short program and consider all that it has to share with you, your life will see a change that will inspire you to take the Quest further...  

      Now for the Whys, Whats, Hows, etc.

     Why? -->  Why not?  That was serious, but seriously, why are we here if not to learn, grow, expand our horizons...?  Why?  Because not only will this program presents a goldmine of valuable information culled from 25 years of the author's personal experience learning and teaching yoga, but it just might shift your awareness and be the thing that helps to create a breakthrough in your life.

     What? --> This course is about Yoga -- what it is and what it isn't, and it is about how you can and will help bring these teachings more and more into the world to assist in humanity's evolution to a kinder, healthier, happier, more loving and peaceful co-existence.  Perhaps most importantly, it will help you live the best version of yourself and ultimately find peace of mind.

     How? -->  Through interactive question & answer, quizzes, quotes, pictures, videos, and even jokes and games, you will be led in a fun and lighthearted way to greater health, harmony, and Self-Discovery.    Every day we will focus on a specific critical subject or tool you will need on your Yoga Quest.    At the end of the program, you will take "The Great Yoga Quest," which will test your knowledge of all that you have learned in the past 3 weeks.  By the end of our 3 weeks together, you will have mastered the basic material of the following major categories: Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Terminology & Sanskrit, Asana (including Principles of Sequencing) , Pranayama, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga, The Business of Yoga, and Yoga Lifestyle.  In addition, some helpful resources will be provided to continue your learning.

        When?  The ideal time to take the course is when you're clearheaded and can set aside a good hour of time in your day to really focus on the material.  It is recommended that you do the 22 sections on 22 consecutive days so as to maintain consistency and get the most out of the presentation.  However, if that is not possible, know that once purchased, the course is yours, and you can return to it any time you wish.

     Where?   A nice, cozy, secluded spot would be ideal, especially if you have a laptop.  In the middle of Grand Central Station if you really want to test your yogic powers of concentration!

* Graduates of this course will also receive an online certificate from Yoga University acknowledging that you have successfully completed the program.  This program is the equivalent of 40 Hours of a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program through Yoga University, and can be transferred if you choose to take a full 200 Hour Yoga TT with Y.U. in the future.  It can also be taken for Continuing Education Units through Yoga Alliance.*

* This course is currently in its beta stage of development and is thus priced approximately a quarter of its true value.  Once all of the kinks are worked out, the price will match its value accordingly.  

~ This Course is dedicated to one of the great contemporary scholars of yoga, Georg Feuerstein (1947-2012), who I never met but consider my teacher.  His work has been deeply inspiring for me, and for others who will continue where he left off. ~


"I just read through the first course and took notes. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the you personality in it. It's good because it doesn't seem as if I'm reading another boring lecture, but instead, genuineness...and so I learn. I love how you ask questions throughout that allows room for reflection. I don't see anything that can be improved because everything is perfect as is."

   ~ Diana, Florida


“Allowah is bringing a beautiful teaching – learning – sharing experiencial platform of equality and self-growth. Offering a communal feeling, family based setting, the individual is empowered to grow into more of their expanded potential, and truly delve into their journey of yoga in a wholistic, balanced sense.”

~ Estara Sun


Allowah! You are the most amazing Yoga Instructor that I’ve ever met! You cease to amaze me with your continuous program of Yoga Teacher Training, along with your musical talents and writings, and also keeping up with your own Yoga Routine Daily and other physical activities which are all non stop action! You are a ball of energy and composed of Serenity, Love, Kindness, and Hospitality to All. You are a gift to the world and I will always cherish and adore you know matter what happens in this world you are a beautiful Loviing Soul! I Love You! Thank You for all of your teachings and classes that I’ve been able to be a part of! I am truly Blessed!!!!

~ Diana Irene


“It was a strong experience…So many lessons I have learned to grow up, and now I just need to practice! Thank you so much for this amazing experience…I love you.”

~ Delphine, Miami, Florida


“Thank you for a wonderful learning experience with a great group of people. I feel that I have really grown through having had this experience. I learned a lot about yoga from this training.”

~ Meredith, Naples, Florida

Sexual Empowerment

A course to empower you sexually, to discover your sexual desires, to question your sexual beliefs and to let go!

Created by Holly Robinson - Life Coach


Students: 110, Price: $29.99

Students: 110, Price:  Paid

We invite you to drop your leave your preconceptions at the door! Come join us for a raw, real and authentic chat about everything that is sex. Has your sex life become predictable and boring? Do you find yourself pleasing your partner in the bedroom rather than listening to your own needs? Would you like to be more open and adventurous in the bedroom? Are you dying to work on your own self confidence in sex? Do intrusive thoughts come between you and amazing sex?

Myself and Rachel, both with our unique perspectives and areas of expertise within this area will be exploring everything that is great sex, sexual empowerment and everything in between. We aim to be authentic above all else! On completion of this course we hope you will leave having gained the following:

- A new perspective on sexual empowerment

- Internal growth

- A new sense of confidence and self-esteem and self acceptance

- A new found love for Sex!!

- A new level of pleasure and enjoyment during sexual intercourse and self pleasure

- An intensified connection with yourself, or with a partner or lover (to note this course is suitable for those who are single or in a relationship)

- A new belief system around the topic of sex, a transition regarding past false beliefs regarding yourself in relation to sex and sexuality

- New knowledge and insight around everything that is 'sex'

- A new found love for your body inside and out!

- The understanding that we are not alone x

Ecstatic Manifesting: Harness The Power Of Sexual Energy

Discover the principles of manifesting with ecstasy, orgasmic and sexual energy

Created by Ultra Lume - Celebrity Life Coach | Peak Performance Executive Coach


Students: 108, Price: $49.99

Students: 108, Price:  Paid

This class will introduce a more powerful way to manifest your desires using the power of sexual energy and ecstasy. Each lesson is designed to help you increase your manifesting abilities and deepen the processes and practices that you might already be using. Most of the law of attraction and manifestation tough nowadays focuses on raising your vibration and being positive. This class is deeper. It's an intermediate level so it will benefit you the most if you want to go deeper. Yet its an introduction to a more meaningful and mystical approach.

I added additional resources that you can downloadable the audio to help you change your subconscious mind simultaneously as you apply these powerful principles!

-Increase your manifesting energy

-Directly embed your desire into your subconscious mind so that it's part of your automatic response system

-Remove blocks in your energy centers

-The Ecstatic Manifestation checklist

Also, this class includes a 1:1 private coaching call!!

Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage

How to tell the difference between traditional beliefs and actual biblical teachings

Created by Romell Parks-Weekly - Pastor and Biblical Theologian


Students: 94, Price: $49.99

Students: 94, Price:  Paid

Homosexuality is one of the controversies of our day. With same-sex marriage being legalized, and Christians drawing "battle lines" on both sides of the issue, it has never been more important to revisit the biblical texts and discover what the text actually has to say about it... beyond tradition, beyond wishful thinking. What is the witness of the Scriptures?

In this course, you will learn which passages speak to this issue, whether directly or indirectly. You will learn how to read these verses in light of their textual and cultural contexts, and will be able to minister effectively to people on all sides of the issue.

Taught by Pastor Romell Parks-Weekly, a Christian pastor of 18 years who has been ministering in this area for over 10 years, you will find that this is the most comprehensive teaching on homosexuality and the Bible that you will find anywhere online.

Chakras are real! Physically locate & Master 7 Chakras

Only direct experience: Ancient Yogic techniques to physically locate chakras in our body and activate Healing Energy.

Created by Shiv Singh - Kundalini, Chakra and Eastern Mysticism Instructor


Students: 80, Price: $24.99

Students: 80, Price:  Paid

Kindly follow me on social media to see what value I can add to you. Instagram @shivcalling

A lot of misinformation and false marketing is being spread in the name of chakra activation. Only physical experience is the valid proof of our success in Chakra activation.

I am sharing the methods that helped me find my chakras physically and activating them. Hence I am speaking from personal experience.

Common advantages of activating chakras:

1. Total Health and immunity - Connect with Prana (energy body)

2. Increased creativity and intelligence

3. Peace and bliss for the mind and soul

4. Beauty and youth - feel the age reversal

5. Spiritual powers - with access to these energy vortices, powers of healing and manifestation come by themselves.

Our Chakras and Kundalini are part of our energy body. That energy body is what is the cause of our physical body, and make our vibes. And our vibes attract our tribe :)

This is a fun, and in-depth course, and is best suited for Chakra and Prana Healers, who want to know fundamentals of chakra system based on ancient Yoga tradition. This course is about direct experience of Charkas within our body and energising them using Meditation + prana energy + Mantra + Sound vibrations.

Topics covered in the course:

1. Understanding of Chakra and our Lotus energy body

2. Divine Mindset - The Yogic secret of positive spiritual mindset before we start the meditation

3. Turning the senses Inwards - To go inside our body to find the chakras

4. Quietening the mind - The essence of Raja Yoga

5. Understanding the axis line of our Chakras where we need to move our awareness

6. Using breath as vehicle to go inside the body

7. Direct experience of the chakra energy vortices through meditation.

8. Chakra healing using Prana energy and Beej Mantra

It won't be an exaggeration to say that Chakra hold the key to the evolution of mankind. Peak of health, peak of strength, peak of creativity, peak of Intelligence, peak of spiritual ecstasy, all this is possible through meditating on our chakras.

But what is the condition of chakra meditation today? Today in the name of chakra meditation all we do is, visualise colours and symbols and patterns, and we reach nowhere. How many of us can claim that they have been able to find chakras within them? It is because, the premise has been wrong. It is because people with no idea of Chakras, teaching others what are chakras. And all they have understood is that chakras are basic concepts, and all they need to do is visualise them.

But imaginations and visualisations are just that, they are imaginary. They won't lead to any result. While our real aim should be, to go inside and and find these chakras that are inside our body. And their impression is as physical as touch of a hand, or any other physical touch. And this is what the course will be about; it will be about going inside and finding our Chakras that are always inside us. No visualisation, direct experience is the name of the game here. And direct experience is the only validation of our success in this meditation. So join me in this journey. I really want you to be able to find the Chakras because really, it is in our chakras that our superpowers lie. It will enrich our life and would help us lead an extraordinary life.

Relationship Tantra

The Evolution of Intimacy

Created by Ella Shannon - Evolution of Intimacy Counsellor and Relationship Educator


Students: 63, Price: $89.99

Students: 63, Price:  Paid

An amazing experience for couples who want to grow together and deepen their intimate connection. Whether couples are struggling and want to learn how to thrive, or are thriving and are looking for suggestions to enjoy each other and strengthen their already strong bond, this is a powerful offering. Beautiful sensual activities are balanced with strategies and teachings from Modern Relationship Therapy. 12 lessons each offer a short article to read and a video to follow along with. Couples are encouraged to make a regular 'date night' and follow along together. Each lesson will take about 30-60 minutes, depending on how much you 'play'. Topics include deepening connection, learning to communicate in ways that draw you closer to each other, working out your patterns as a couple so they don't 'trip you up', sensual activities to enhance intimacy, meditations from Tantra, learning about roles in relationships so you don't become stagnant and much more. Facilitated by Accredited Counsellor, Relationship Educator, Yoga and Tantra Teacher and Sexologist- Ella Shannon of Evolution of Intimacy. Ella has worked with hundreds of couples over the years and has gathered together the main things she believes that couples need to master to really thrive and ensure their lasting union is harmonious, happy and enriching.

Meditation Encyclopedia(Vigyan Bhairava Tantra 112technique)

Release stress, depression, anxiety and disorders. Get happiness, mindfulness and improved well being .

Created by Satya Srikanth Inavolu - Lord Shiva's SLAVE


Students: 60, Price: $19.99

Students: 60, Price:  Paid

Course deals with various levels of humans like body, mind , emotions and energy. It suggests various tools like Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations and Reiki to have control at various levels. 

It deals with various stages of meditation where a human can be or reach as he does deeper and deepest levels of meditation. It shows the path to become God through meditation.

It deals with various types of meditation for beginners to experts suggesting the key for each meditation.

It deals with music, isochronic tones and binural beats for meditation and other activities. 

It deals with various meditation tools like mediation chairs, catalysts etc.

Provides downloads for meditation music, isochronic tones, binural beats and videos.

Mantra Therapy and Meditation

A course for your wellbeing and spirituality. Merge into the present moment with the power of Mantras and reconnect

Created by Ekaterina Meshcheryakova - Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Therapist, Spiritual Coach


Students: 55, Price: $49.99

Students: 55, Price:  Paid

This course was initiated in a way that with a slow transition from the basics it will guide you to the super-consciousness of ancient practices. You will be introduced to some powerful Tantric mantras which will lead you on your true path...

What is Mantra

A mantra is a sacred chant, a numinous sound, a syllable, or group of words in Sanskrit which is sung repeatedly during a meditation.
Sanskrit, the oldest human language, is called Devanagari, ”the language of the gods”. It is formed from ancient sounds, the actual vibrations come from the object or action that will be used for the mantra.

What is the Course About?

Whether you are a someone who has never heard anything about Mantras, or already had your chanting experience, this course is suitable for you. You will be welcomed to a new magical world where each sound is a sacred syllable and with every pronunciation you merge deeper into that world of Gods and Goddesses.

Throughout the course you will:

  • Learn Powerful Mantras

  • Get familiarized with Hindu mythology

  • Understand the meaning of Sanskrit language

  • Fill your life with auspiciousness with the power of mantras

Moreover, with this Course, you will

  • Activate your Throat and Heart Chakra

  • Purify mind and heart

  • Improve your memory, Increase your concentration

  • Reduce and Eliminate stress, Cure anxiety

  • Feel the unity, be in the “Present moment”

  • Attain higher states of Consciousness

Tantra Meditation Techniques from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Guided Tantra Meditation Technique Out of 112 Techniques

Created by Master Fakira - Enlightened Master, Healer, Spiritual Guide & Author


Students: 49, Price: $39.99

Students: 49, Price:  Paid

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is an ancient 5000 years old text on meditation.  It contains 112 techniques of Meditation. Basically in the form of a dialogue between lord Shiva and his wife Parvati (refer to as Devi in conversation), this conversation discusses 112  meditation techniques which can be used for realising our true self.

The conversation starts with a question from Devi regarding the nature of reality. She asked Shiva about Universe, about fundamental nature of this world, how one can go beyond space and time to understand this truth.

He does not tell her what is.
He tells her a method…then another method.. then another …he goes on.
He tells her how.
He tells her how one can realize this reality…through 112 methods of centering in the self.

Outline, Benefits and Outcomes of Course

- Practice  of 1st Meditation Technique of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra for enlightenment

- Learn about the Deep Knowledge of 5000 years old Conversation of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

- Learn how just breathing can give you Enlightenment.

- Get fit, develop core strength and stamina!

- Learn pranayama (breath-work) and how to deeply relax the body and mind

After completing the course you will feel revived, refreshed, motivated and vibrantly connected with life. You will feel healthier in body, mind and spirit and you will have learned how to tap into the your energy.

Who this course is for:

  • People looking for Highest state of Being and Enlightenment through Tantra techniques.

Be You and Feel Good

A practical guide to understand and deal with our emotions, wounds, patterns, mind needs and body well-being.

Created by Alexandru Bogdan Stoenescu - Yoga, Spiritual and Shadow Work Practitioner


Students: 27, Price: $19.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

This course is a practical guide to understand and deal with our emotions, wounds, patterns, mind needs and body well-being. You will find out what emotions are and how to deal with them, how to feel them and express them in a healthy manner. You will learn about the emotional wounds and their causes and how to heal them. You will learn about the mind and how the mind functions and what the mind needs. You will also learn about the body, its' needs and importance in your general well-being. Last but not least you will learn about yourself, who you really are or more exactly who you can be if you choose so. Self realization is one of the most important achievements in life and I am explaining in this course how to reach a certain state of self realization and sharing with you practical exercises to do so.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura

Enhance your chakras and mental energy via kundalini dance, pranayama, meditation and ayurveda in a tantra way

Created by IT Mindfulness Academy - MBA, PhD Candidate, PostDoc Researcher


Students: 23, Price: $89.99

Students: 23, Price:  Paid

This course is for those who are eager to achieve genuine states of euphoria through dancing.

This course uses the seven chakra system to activate your Kundalini Spirit. It rises kundalini through 7 major power centres to clean through any stops you might have, that are detaining you backward in your life.

The uniqueness of Yoga exercises dwells in a sequence of active tension and deep relief. Nothing special happens, but if you do it, even a highly trained person engaged in fitness, shortly senses the difference and pleasant health load. The fact is that there are abundant deep muscles of the body, which do not work during ordinary training.

The result is that you will sense some substantial flexibility in the way you understand, perceive and respond. Once kundalini energy gets freed, and progresses through you, it overthrows worries that we often adhere to.

Besides physical work, during training there is even more job - mental. It is mandatory to monitor the work of the entire body, maintain balance and symmetry, and move your attention from one part of the body to another while performing kundalini dance.

Yes, colleagues: it is time to rock out the demons of dread, distrust, turbulence and move away from stuck energies that prevail in humankind such as nervousness, depression, stress, dissatisfaction, lethargy, laziness, etc.

The desire to improve health is the primary reason people turn to yoga. And in the early stages, you don't have to study Indian philosophy to get the effect of exercises. Methodical practice of kundalini vinyasas serves to improve mental health.

So I have had no less than 14 years of practice of Yoga and Kundalini Dance trainings since 2007, it means, that you have reliable support.

We will stimulate and restore chakras using the self-healing potential of the Air with the Source inside your Kundalini Spirit.

The system is using media such as dance sequences, pranic breath and accompanied visualisations.

The exercises discussed in this course are reasonable and could be done on their own. Note: If you have some health issues, please, consult with your doctor.

Are you fit for the next stage of your life, independent from the worries and negativism of the history?

If yes, this course is the right choice for you...

Enrol Now!

Manifest your goals using Chakras, Meditations, & Your Voice

Tantra meditations, chakra practices, and how to speak desires to deeply-set them. 10+ of the best tools for your vision

Created by Debra Wilder - Meditation teacher, Tech project manager


Students: 22, Price: $19.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn the most powerful tools in manifesting and goal-setting: Mastering your voice and the energy behind it. Use chakra power practices to set energy or use power. Even learn phone app tools that help in manifesting goals into morning practice or your workday. This course was developed by a tech project manager & Tantra meditation teacher of 10+ years.

Learn a practice to learn your TRUE main goals.

Of all of the many tools for both goal-setting and Law of Attraction that we hear about, we almost never hear abou the most powerful. Our voice can manifest and deep-set goals and desires.

This course can be done with just the Tantra practices or step it up and learn to use app tools. Either learn to record your voice to speak with or skip recording audio to simply speak your written manifesting words. First, learn how to find these goals using Tantric practices. Learn to use an energetic voice, the power of chakras, and heart energy to focus energy to manifest or deeply focus your brain on goals. Be a deep-set goal-setting creator: This course will teach you the best method for goal completion and mental focus by creating your own audio morning goal-setting meditations to speak. Add Tantra tools and my guided meditation to prepare for this journey. You will soon have a new way to Voice and Focus on what you most want and deserve.

There are 10+ tools in addition to audio voice creation with an explanation on the right and wrong ways to use them. SMART goal sheet, vision board, checklists, daily planner use, focus self-hypnosis, and more. We will begin by learning 'How to Determine Main Goals' steps.

Use guided meditations or mind movies that you quickly create on your phone. Speak using the power of your voice every morning. Be your own accountability coach. Use affirmations and power with voice and chakra energy Law of Attraction. Tantra meditations and chakra methods magnify all parts of life especially moving towards goals.

Tantra is big on goal-setting, dharma, and manifesting all you really want. I will guide you in recorded Tantra meditations and teach other techniques for manifesting on your own.

Have minimalism with your planning tools and use audio meditation to achieve mental decluttering. Written planners and software are good for small goals and tasks- however, your biggest dreams need spoken out loud and seen in meditation.

Start with a sound healing for the chakras to help balance chakras and tune in to true goals and desires.

You can even learn how to make a Mind Movie in under 15 minutes.

Mental focus is not about being hard in the mind. It is actually more about ease. It is about putting in a balance of effort and trust in the universe and intuition. It is being yin and yang. That is not something easily taught.

Emotions and beliefs create! Learn to use emotions, chakras, and heart belief in speaking what you want. Believe it. What is missing in most Law of Attraction practices is the emotions and doing part.

Optional Section to the course: Sell or offer meditations to others to help them

Learn to sell guided meditations or start a YouTube meditation channel. Microphones, software, how to save money, where to sell, and mistakes to avoid. Get education and experience.

The main focus of the course is teaching you a morning practice that uses a personal audio meditation played from your phone. Use the power of your voice to speak. This will blow away the results of any daily planner, app, or vision board. Learn how to use chakras and voice to speak your goals to manifest and work on. "Today, I prioritize my goal of writing a chapter in my book." " I attract new positive friends."

Power of the Spoken Word- your words and voice create your life with these meditations. Positive internal dialogue will overtake negative thoughts the rest of the day.

Brain waves create vibrations- make them positive. You can’t take spoken words back- learn to use positive words.

Guided meditations by Debra are included on focus, rewiring the brain for goal setting, gratitude, and sleep. Both audios and videos. Use these to get integrated into change. Then, use examples audios and lessons to help you create your own spoken word audios. No tool will accomplish goals and attract what you want more reliably than speaking your own audio meditations. Forget social media addiction scrolling- scroll to your goals on your phone.

You will receive a printable Vision Board PDF to assist practice + SMART goals planner worksheet PDF + sacred geometry print PDF.

Use the vision board to write in your desires or add cut-outs from magazines or print outs. The template is specific to things learned in this course to help achieve goals and attract your desires.

Learn to use Tantra to accomplish goals and desires. Tantra can be used for anything in life. Learn a radiance practice and an energy practice from Tantra and yoga. Use chakras for power and intuition. Reintegrate the potential we are all born with.

Do you want to be a meditation teacher selling or offering guided meditations? The last half of the course is for you. You will learn all the tips in recording and editing. You will also learn nine+ places to sell the meditations.

Having an accountability partner or coach is not always easy. Your audio and other tools are your accountability coach.

This main tool of this course will allow you to rewire your brain to focus more. Nothing else will make goals the focus of your day. Recorded affirmations and Law of Attraction audios and videos can help those wanting to attract desires.

Tantra meditations and practices magnify all parts of life especially moving towards goals and manifesting a magical life.

2021 is a new year. Let's all agree to create the year we desire after the reset that has been 2020. A new year of goal-setting, creating and doing.

Learn to use an even more powerful voice and the power of chakras to focus energy.

Debra has been offering meditations for over a decade. She is skilled at many editing software options and has gathered tips from professional sound engineers for microphones and sound tips. She works in Project Management (goals), meditation, and Tantra.

A Beginner’s Meditation Guide to Being Blissful and Mindful

Techniques on how to handle stressful situations, tension, anxiety, fear, loneliness and indecisiveness.

Created by Dr. Omanand Guruji - Self-Help Guru


Students: 17, Price: $29.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid


After true realization of the self one can perform all worldly duties with ultimate Bliss and Peace. Despite so many new inventions across the globe to increase efficiency, our sufferings continue to overwhelm us. Our journey on earth can bring stress, tension, fear, anger, anxiety, and loneliness. The objective of this course is to help you maneuver through such obstacles.

Being Peaceful/Blissful Meditation guides us to efficiently make use of our thinking, sharpen the intellect and increase awareness. Practicing this powerful meditation and way of life, will bring you balance, optimum utilization and harmony of the body, mind, intellect, and life. Through this course, learn the true power of the self and how to assist others on their journey.

What is Being Blissful (Awaken Inner Peace)?

Bliss is Anand or the ultimate joy. Being Blissful means Anandamaya. Anandamaya is the ultimate love, the ultimate state of blissful life, where all the dualities, dilemmas and sorrows are extinguished, where there is freedom from happiness and sorrow, which is beyond negative-positive, which means Knowing yourself, joyfully and experiencing total presence. Anandamaya means eternal joyful state, no dependence on anyone for happiness. Blissfulness is beyond emotions, beyond dualities, beyond qualities and beyond time. Blissfulness is your eternal nature. Don’t leave this world without realizing it. Blissfulness is inherent in every person. It is eternal, supremely joyful, flawless, divine and magnanimous.

Wisdom Meditation – Module 3

Use Wisdom of the mind and the most profound understanding of reality to dissolve distractions once and for all.

Created by Peter Radcliffe - Meditation Teacher and Life Coach


Students: 16, Price: $19.99

Students: 16, Price:  Paid

Learn the most profound and powerful meditation techniques to calm and pacify the mind. These techniques date back thousands of years but are still today the best way to achieve meditative equipoise. 

Take your mediation practice to a powerful new level

  • Learn what holds the mind back from reaching a state of deep calm
  • Become familiar with and practice the pre-requisites of a calm mind
  • Practice mindfulness of thought to uncover the subconscious patterns you need to overcome.
  • Learn the Wisdom Meditations that will stop discursive thought
  • Know how to use this concept to apply to Tantrayana or Vajrayana for other powerful meditations
  • Download the many included meditations in this module to use on your mp3 player during meditation

Content and Overview

Through this short but powerful set of 20 lectures we cover the deepest aspects of how to bring the mind to stillness we start by looking at the mind and what are the prerequisites to a totally calm mind. Aspects such as renunciation and open heartedness. And then we look at becoming mindful of the patterns of thoughts themselves. And finally we analyse the way we perceive the world and in particular the fundamental mistake that all beings make which causes distractive thought.

Most importantly we look at many deeper meditations that work on the fundamental view of how we perceive reality. And foremost of these is the meditation on the emptiness of phenomena. Because if this meditation is done correctly it has the power to stop discursive thought all together. And unlike other teaching on this subject, I have included no less than 8 different meditations you can use o n emptiness so that you can find one that suits you. 

And as a final bonus to the this course I have included a lecture on Tantra. The wisdom meditations above form the foundation for Tantra (or Vajrayana). and this very much mis-understood practice is usually practice wrongly in the west. So I give a brief introduction to the subject and give one practical way to use the tantric style of mediation that can work to weaken the strongly held view that hold all of us back from reaching the state of mental enlightenment that we wish for.

After doing this course you will be able to:

  • Interrupt distractions in your mediation and use them to actually increase peace in your mind
  • Select one or two meditations on emptiness that work best for you
  • Use these same ideas and understanding in normal life (when not meditating) to also remain clam
  • Take your practice to a deeper level than you have before.