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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview

Learn what Linux is, basic Linux techniques, system administration tasks, and more.

Created by Red Hat, Inc. - Official Red Hat® Training


Students: 58368, Price: Free

In this official Red Hat® training course, Steve Bonneville, a technical curriculum architect for Red Hat Training, will teach students the basics of Linux® and demonstrate basic practical techniques of Linux use and system administration tasks for professionals new to the operating system.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the tools you need to modernize your infrastructure, boost efficiency through standardization and virtualization, and ultimately prepare your datacenter for an open, hybrid cloud IT architecture.    

After attending this course, students will have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system. Short lectures and demonstrations will cover distribution, shell, kernel, userspace, file hierarchy, permissions, and more. This course will prepare students for further study of the core system administration tasks required to test for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam.

SAP NetWeaver Fundamentals

SAP NW Fundamentals for All

Created by SAP Buddy - SAP Consultant, Trainer at SAPBuddy


Students: 7980, Price: Free

This course gives detail of the architecture of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NW AS). The course help all SAP Technical and functional consultant to understand SAP NW. We strongly recommend this course for every SAP consultant specially Technical consultant. After completing the course you will have the clear understanding to SAP NW and its architecture.

Interview prep – Entry Level Linux systems administration

Learning Linux

Created by Javed Akbar - Cloud Solutions Architect


Students: 5409, Price: Free

This course will introduce the students to Linux troubleshooting commands that they apply in their current jobs or build on their skills in Linux to get a job as a systems administrator. The students will just need to have basic information about Linux and it's directory structure. We will use commands line ping, traceroute, tcpdump, etc. to troubleshoot our Linux based machines. At the end of the course students will feel confident about their Linux background. I will also provide exercises and quizzes and interview questions for you to get help in the area of Linux interviews if you are shooting to get a job as a systems administrator.

Essential Tools for Windows System Administrators

[Windows] [System Administration] | Learn Windows Builtin Tools & Open Source Tools for Efficient System Administration

Created by TechSckool By Vijay - Dreamer of educated world


Students: 3777, Price: Free

*** This Course purchase includes video lectures, practice files, quizzes, & assignments, 1-on-1 instructor support, LIFETIME access and a 100%MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE***

Please note that this course will be continuously getting updated with more videos to keep you up to date on Windows System Administration. You will find lot of new lecture covering new tools for system administration. Please encourage by enrolling and providing your honest reviews & ratings. You can also demand a lecture on a  specific topic of PowerShell which comes under scope of this course.

This course is designed to take the system administrators to advanced level and make them more efficient at their work. You will find ways to automate your daily work using advantages of PowerShell scripting.

Learn Syncovery:

  • About the tool, Site Tour & Installation

  • Creating a Syncovery Profile For Local Backup

  • Creating a Syncovery Profile for Cloud Backup

  • Advanced Settings & Customization Options Available in Syncovery

Windows Event Viewer

Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Manager

SAP Basis Step by Step: TMS Getting Started

Hatch as a Beginner in SAP Administration by Learning the Basics of using SAP Transport Management System

Created by Donald Chan - SAP Consultant


Students: 613, Price: Free

SAP TMS Step by Step: Getting started focuses on concepts and major tasks to administrate the SAP TMS - Transport Management System.

Transport Management System is one of the key components in SAP system. TMS is used to control new requests, monitor changes like who has implemented the changes, defining and configuring system landscape in SAP environment, and the movement of objects between all the systems in the landscape.   

As a SAP beginner, you should familiarize with TMS so that it can help you to manage all your daily work in the system.

The course is suitable for:

  • SAP new administrator who needs to set up and maintain TMS

  • Developer who work with TMS to administrate their programs

  • Business Consultants who require TMS to administrate their daily work.

  • SAP beginners who just want to know what TMS is.

The course covers the following topics:

  • System Architecture,

  • Systems Patching,

  • TMS Set up

  • Client Concepts

The course covers all versions of SAP system, including ECC and S/4 HANA.  We will walk through the concepts as well as all the essential steps required to maintain and operating the TMS.   Moreover, you can always review a particular topic just in case you forgot how to do it.

Please join us to explore the SAP TMS.