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The Ultimate Emotional Intelligence Training Program ®

Achieve Your Emotional Intelligence Break-Through And Learn How To Control Your Mind Once And For All

Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


Students: 22787, Price: Free

Emotional Intelligence

Now is your chance to achieve what most people can't: Emotional Intelligence.

Join us on this journey of self identification and healing, join us on the journey where everything that is going on in your life, and in your mind will now make sense, join us on a journey where we will help you conquer everything that's standing between your emotions and your success.

Introduction to Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation

A simple, heart-centered relaxation and meditation you can do every day

Created by Ranjani Iyer - Heartfulness Meditation Trainer


Students: 9412, Price: Free

We use the mind continually to efficiently
navigate our daily lives, whose outcomes may be success and enjoyment, but can
also include stress, anxiety and even overwhelm. Connecting with the heart
means delving into a silent source of openness and peace. In this introductory course,
you will learn a simple relaxation and meditation technique that helps you make that heart connection.
You will also learn the role of observation and use a kind of journaling to observe
your experiences. The course includes a guided relaxation and meditation video that you can use to practice on your own. It is a 40-minute
introductory session for Heartfulness meditation and prepare for other techniques that you will learn in the subsequent courses.

Conquer Your Stress. Don’t Manage it!

Transform yourself through Naturization. Be Stress Free Forever. Over 35 years of condensed knowledge is in this course!

Created by Balasa Prasad - Inventor of The Turning Point Program, Psychiatrist & Author


Students: 8882, Price: Free

This is an Easy to Follow Course in simple language and a fresh new approach that will change your life forever. 

Did you know you can live longer and healthier when you are Stress Free.

No more struggling with problems associated with Stress. Arm yourself with the tools needed, "which is the knowledge" to Conquer Stress. 

This course will change your Mindset and help you take charge of your life. You will be able to tackle any kind of life challenges that comes your way. 

If you want to Manage Stress then this is not the course for you. 

This course is for parents, teachers, business entrepreneurs, students, employees and any individuals looking to Conquer Stress and live a peaceful, productive pleasant life. 

This is the only course that does not talk about the usual band aid methods of managing Stress. 

Learn new concepts like Naturization and ideas that you have never heard of before. Enjoy listening to general and practical philosophies of life. 

Use Naturization to make a personal transformation and be Stress Free Forever.

Learn about special topics such as Addictions, Fears & Phobias and the infamous Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Remember, there is no shortcut to dealing with Stress. You have the limitless potential of improving your life exponentially if you follow these simple steps. 


  As a beginning bonus here are 5 things you didn't know about Stress 

  1. Stress is an invited guest. 

  2. Managing Stress does not work, you have to conquer it. 

  3. Stress is the by-product of a conflict between your Emotions and the actual circumstances you face. 

  4. Unlike Emotions, Instincts look out for your best interest and must be in charge of your mindset for you to be Stress Free. 

  5. Naturization is the key to put your Instincts in charge of your mindset. 


  Here's what you'll get from me:   

  • You will gain insight into the dynamics of stress and its relationship to every sector of your life which are the sources of stress.

  • This course will simplify the complex lifestyle that you live and enable you to solve problems that you face and thereby conquer stress.

  •          Me making complex ideas and concepts very simple. 

  • Learn the only method to Conquering Stress.

  • Over 35 years of my knowledge after having helped over thousands of people overcome their problems like addictions, fears, phobias, PTSD, hair pulling and stress. 

  • The best of both worlds: A blend of Eastern Philosophy and Western Lifestyle. 

  • Transcripts of all video lectures so you don't have to take notes and instead you can focus on the content. 

  •           Work Sheets and assignments to chart your path to Conquering Stress. 

  • Many quizzes to have fun and test your knowledge. Use these questions to test friends and family!

  •           Take the course for free as I have dedicated my work to helping you gain peace of mind.

  What are the requirements? 

  • No previous knowledge of having dealt with Stress is needed.

  • A clear and open mind.

  • The will to change.

  • The drive to become a better version of yourself.

  What am I going to get from this course? 

  • Over 70 video lectures and 6 plus hours of content.

  • PDF downloadable worksheets for assignments.

  • PDF downloadable lecture transcripts so you don't need to take notes.

  • Multiple quizzes with over 100 questions.

  • Bonus free materials.


Live Your Deserved Life

Learn the skills & tools to effectively manage you emotions and overcome the blocks from manifesting your dream life.

Created by Benjamin Halpern, LCSW - Learn to "Live Your Deserved Life" NOW!


Students: 5748, Price: Free

While you were taught as a child to walk, talk, get dressed & brush your teeth. No one every taught you to manage the supercomputer between your ears. Studies show that we don't even utilize 10 of the capability that out brain can do for us. The reason being that we have emotional blocks, namely anxiety, fear, stress & related emotions, that hold us back from doing what we need to consistently to create the life our dreams. It's not your fault, you simply haven't learned the skills, tools & strategies to do so. Now you can learn what you need to know to achieve emotional freedom and live the life you desire and deserve. 


Cultivate joy and reduce anxiety in 30 minutes or less.

Created by Spark of Insight Coaches - Mindfulness and Know-how


Students: 5473, Price: Free

In this course, we will explore four techniques for reducing stress, heading off panic attacks before they occur, and developing a practice of bringing more joy and positive thinking into our lives. 

In lecture one, we will practice breathing techniques for focusing on our breath and breathing more fully. Oftentimes, when we are stressed, we forget to breathe! Lecture two teaches us to identify how and where stress affects our body and how to relax these areas for greater wellbeing. As an intermediary step between the meditation series, we will find immediate tools for bypassing panic attacks (or how to recover more quickly if we do become significantly stressed). Last, we will wrap up with a meditation designed to help us focus on the positive. Research tells us that positive thinking leads to greater physical health and wellness. It is believed that positive people live 7 1/2 years longer! 

As a bonus, the course also includes a free grounding meditation, taken from Spark Exchange Advisory's Mindfulness in Work and Business course. 

The meditations in this course are meant to build upon one another, and should first be practiced in order. Participants will leave with actionable meditations and exercises that they can return to at any time when they feel the need to re-center and manage their stress levels.     

Solve the Megaminx and Rubik’s Cube

A systematic approach to learning both of these puzzles.

Created by Russell Mangum - Experienced developer and tech instructor


Students: 4955, Price: Free

This course will use video demonstrations and downloadable instructions to provide students with an easy to learn step-by-step approach to solving the standard Rubik's cube and the 5-sided Megaminx.

  • The Rubik's cube solution involves 7 steps.
  • The Megaminx solution involves 12 steps.
  • Each step has beginning patterns and sequences of moves that correspond with each pattern.

Each lecture is fairly short, but learning the solutions requires practice.  It is the practice that take most of your time.

Meditation Practices for The Quantum Mind

Learn the Neuroscience of Mindfulness, and Meditation techniques for Focus, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Discipline

Created by Samar Habib - PhD


Students: 4638, Price: Free

This a complimentary course that teaches techniques and practices that enhance our ability to focus, quiten the mind and improve our emotional and mental health. You'll learn the basic concepts involved in understanding the human mind from a neurological perspective and take away a structural approach to dealing with stress.

How to Conquer the Negativity of Life

Learn how to overcome the negativity in life, reach happiness and inner peace.

Created by Georgi Danchev - Front-end Developer


Students: 4415, Price: Free

Why do you feel so much negativity in your life? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever felt that something was making you feel excessively sad or always sabotaging you from getting what you deserve? There is something that exists with all of us, which can be amplified by all sorts of different reasons and make your life an unbearable nightmare. This force is called negativity, and like every habit in life, if you suffer negativity for too long without understanding it and holding down its effects, at one moment something will change in you and you suddenly will become a negative person. Suddenly, small things will make you depressed, everything you hope for will seem to fail on you, every new idea you have will be stopped by a wave of doubts and fears, people will ignore you and avoid you, life will seem like this absolute crap and you will be painfully wondering, why is this happening to you.

We all have bad moments in our lives, but what if we learn to understand and control them to certain extend? Can you imagine how your life will be, if you didn’t worry about every little negative vision that never happened? How much more could you achieve, if the seeds of doubts didn’t stop you from pushing ahead? How much more you will be able to accomplish in your life if you learn how to overcome this negative force? In this course, I will precisely teach you wide range of ideas, tools and tricks you could immediately apply to shift your whole mid set from negative one to a positive one and also I will teach you how to sustain that positive outlook regardless of the circumstances.  You will be able to realise the reasons for your misfortunes, how you can turn them into positive gains and how you can stop them from ever bothering you again.

If you want to make a difference in your life, then you are on the right course, it will be all pretty simple, but let me warn you: it would not be very easy at all. However, if you are willing to pay the price in time, effort and dedication, this course will serve you as a blueprint for your transformation.

So what are you waiting for? Start your transformation today!

How will this course help you?

  • This course will help you realise what causes your depressions.
  • This course will help you effectively overcome your depressions.
  • This course will help you understand why you have some fears.
  • This course will help you firmly overcome your deep fears.
  • This course will help you grasp your buried self-limitations.
  • This course will help you gainfully overcome your self-limitations.
  • This course will help you realise how you have been negatively conditioned.
  • This course will help you overpower and overcome your negativity conditioning.
  • This course will help you recapture your positive life outlook.
  • This course will help you regain and win back your confidence.
  • This course will help you realise that you are already on the right path.

Table of Contents

  • The basics of what causes depressions
  • The basics of how to deal with depressio
  • Depression from wrong expectations
  • Depression from a known cause
  • Depression from choosing the safe path
  • Depression from lack of control
  • Depression from lack of purpose
  • Depression from lousy thinking
  • Depression from lack of basic needs and self-sabotage
  • Depression from learned helplessness
  • How to deal with the fear of failure
  • How to deal with the failures in your life
  • How to deal with the fear of rejection
  • How to overcome your fear of rejection

Crossed Cycles Breathing Technique

✓ Regulate stress responses ✓ Restore well-being to mind and body ✓ Develop self-control in every situation

Created by Real Way of Life - Fabio Sinibaldi & Sara Achilli - Applied Integrative Sciences for health and behavior


Students: 3853, Price: Free

A practical and flexible tool, which can be used in different contexts, by itself or in support of other interventions.


1 basic TECHNIQUE - explained step by step in every detail

5 WAYS to apply it with sub-variants (for a total of 12 sub-variants)

8 scientific and theoretical CORNERSTONES, around which it was designed and tested

Stress Management In Islam

The Best Course with The Best Ways to Manage Stress Permanently

Created by Farzana Tisa Mohammed - Instructor


Students: 3614, Price: Free

I won't tell you why you have stress, but I will surely strive to show how you can be out of stress with simple Islamic ways to manage stress for the rest of your life. The course will include the authentic data and information from trustworthy Islamic scholars and the tips directly taken out from the Qu'ran along the success Prophetic stories to show real cases of people previously managed stress; but that's only half of the course. If you want to find out more information, it is friendly advise that you must buy the course. 

Skill 2 Chill: Essentials of Stress Management

Learn and practise the key self-regulation skills that will help you manage stress effectively and build resilience

Created by Rita Dekšnytė - Performance Psychology Consultant & Mental Skills Trainer


Students: 3116, Price: Free

Self-regulations skills are key to our performance (at work, in sports, at school etc.) and our overall wellbeing. Do not leave it to future self to deal with stress once it becomes overwhelming. Be proactive and build the skills that will help you notice and regulate your body's and mind's stress response.

A Brief Introduction to Eliminate Stress ‘Chopra Instructor’

How to Achieve Mastery over Stress and Turn your Challenges into your Greatest Opportunities

Created by Marie Atkinson - BSc(Hons), PGDip Ed, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Yoga Teacher


Students: 2762, Price: Free


1. Understanding stress.

2. Take a journey with me into the subconscious mind to reveal limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns.

3. Learn powerful skills and techniques to master stressful situations and make lasting changes.

We are all continuously subjected to challenges and they can all really seem like its me verses the world. But its not.

Whatever the situation out there, it’s actually you verses you.  Stress, anxiety, worry, frustration is not out there, its inside of you.

This is a quest I have been on, researching and learning about, for the last 12 months. Everywhere you look people are on an emotional roller coaster, they're in a hurry, wrapped up in such a stressful life, living each day in anticipation of some worst-case scenario that they're missing all the incredible opportunities in this beautiful present moment called NOW.
So in this video series I'm going to walk you through:
1. Understanding what exactly is stress and are external events, people, situations really the cause of this crippling emotional roller coaster or could it be something else?  I'm going to take you into a little science, a little physiology and so you can understand the mechanics of stress. Knowledge is power!  And now you are empowered with the knowledge of what stress actually is and how it works in your mind and body, I'm going to teach you 3 simple techniques to move beyond it and make lasting change in your life.

So how bad do you want to change from living with stress and anxiety to living in a peaceful state of gratitude, surrender and creativity?
This material isn't rocket science! If you're willing to put in a little work, I can help you start to make some real changes in your life.
I look forward to you joining me.
Have a beautiful day!

Stress Mastery

Identify your problems, get past your self-talk, and start working towards getting your life in order

Created by Hector Suco - The Life Teacher


Students: 2760, Price: Free

Everyone encounters stress in life. Maybe it’s your health, finances, or romance troubles. Maybe you’re not sure of what it is. You just know you could use a little guidance. You are not alone. It doesn’t take good luck to improve your life. All it takes is you choosing to do it.

In this course, I will show you how to identify your problems, get past your self-talk, and start working towards getting your life in order. It is simple. By using this course, it will help you step out of your existence and see your struggles from the outside. When you have clarity, you can begin to break things down, hone in on what needs attention, and start improving your life one step at a time.

Every tool created was tried and tested on real life experiences. You choose how and when to start the process. This course tackles an array of life’s challenges. You choose how to make this course work for you. Let me be your guide. Begin to improve your life today.

Do You Need Counseling?

In this course we'll be talking about counseling and some alternative ways you can get self-help for your mind.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 2679, Price: Free

Welcome to my 17th udemy course!

In this course will be going over the topic of counseling. Do you need it? Do I need it?

Being it is such a broad topic it can easily get confusing what counseling is. In this course will be going over not just counseling but also alternative ways you can find mental relief.

I've had a total of 5 years experience with counselors and have had lots of family who are psychiatrists.

So whether you need medication or a therapy Pet I'll going over all of that. This course is helpful for people battling panic attacks depression, suicide, self harm, addiction ,postpartum, press, and other struggles that lots of people deal with.

- Disclaimer - I am NOT a professional or telling you what to do in any way. We are just having a conversation and I'm sharing my personal thoughts and opinions.

I hope you enjoy this course feel free to leave any questions you have and I'll get back to you within 3 days.

Thank you and have a blessed day.


Adapt stress reduction tips and turn burnout to joy. Relief anxiety and worry using exercise, herbs & mind principles.

Created by Ivan Lazik - "Stress...No Stress...Same!"


Students: 2641, Price: Free

The 10 EASY STRESS MANAGEMENT TIPS COURSE is specifically designed to help you:

  1. Worry less about your life's problems

  2. Accept possible future consequences

  3. Let go of past emotional trauma

  4. Make better decisions under stress

  5. Control your overreactions easier

Everyone has different genetics, environment, responsibilities and future goals. Which is why you would need to experiment to know what works and what does not.

The process to a happier stress-free life begins with small lifestyle changes that you can tolerate.

In this course – you will learn how to implement simple but powerful techniques to reduce stress, anxiety worry and even mild depression.

Ivan’s personal experience…

While giving you tips on how to get better I will also share my personal story to help you grasp course concepts better.

Every single tip that I give, I have personally implemented on a short-term or long-term basis.

As I have suffered from stress, anxiety, worry and severe depression in my life. I certainly understand what you might be going through.

I have learned that to get better you will need to TRY NEW THINGS and take some RISKS because even professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists and regular doctors sometimes don't know everything.

You can FIX yourself…and…it starts with BELIEVING THAT YOU CAN!


I will see you inside.


Learn to say ‘NO’

The art of saying No

Created by Alpa J - Assistant Professor


Students: 2465, Price: Free

This course deals in basic learning of the  art of saying No. We teach children to be good persons and in this process, children don't learn to say No. Always saying yes to everyone and everything makes life disaster! This basic course deals in clearing some misconceptions as well as teaches some ways to be able to say No decently.

Start to build your Sustainable life in 7 sessions.

Introductory 7 day beginners sustainability course. Introducing the key aspect of how to build a sustainable life.

Created by Huw Griffiths - Mindfulness Health Resilience and Happiness


Students: 2363, Price: Free

  • This course will help you to become more engaged with your life, more energised and more relaxed.  To start to make sense of your emotions and anxieties, master your fears and worries.   

  • Begin the journey to integrate with the interconnectedness of life as a whole.

  • Beginning with your perception and your mind. Explaining the science of mindfulness and how your brain works and can be refined to bring about a new way of seeing and being. 

  • Through the guided mindfulness practices of the body scan, breathing meditation and the loving-kindness meditation.      

  • Included are day by day instruction videos, audios, pdf notes, summary and quiz for each day.


Yesterday is Heavy, Put it Down, Be Free

Loving Life Today

Created by Clarence W. Fell - Life Skills Author, Speaker, & Trainer


Students: 2290, Price: Free

Life is tough. It hurts at times. Being at peace with the past and enjoying meaning and purpose today is key to a happy life. It's possible. Even though you may feel that a happy life is impossible, many people have overcome unbelievable obstacles and enjoyed a life that defied their past. This course helps you embrace life no matter what life has dealt you.

Stress Bring it ON !

A short course for young people to help deal with stress and anxiety

Created by Sinead Brophy - Professor of Public Health and Co-Director of the Center for Mindfulness Based Work and Research


Students: 1880, Price: Free

This course  helps young people to learn about stress and how to manage it. It can be done using your phone in the privacy of your home.

It  can also be used by parents to do with younger children or used by teachers in school to help young people deal with anxiety and stress (especially around exams).

This short course  helps to understand the biology of stress and how to use stress and how to turn it off when you don't need it.

This course was written and designed by secondary school pupils in collaboration with the Centre for Mindfulness Based Work and Research, UK.

Learn to Surrender into the depth of your being.


Created by Nicole Angelika Panzer - Personal Equilibrium Practitioner


Students: 1858, Price: Free

A guided meditation / yoga nidra assisting you in surrendering into the depth of your being, releasing and letting go after a busy day or even after a little home yoga practice. A lovely practice for before bed time to assist with a good nights sleep, switching off for the day and allowing yourself to turn your exterior sensors inwards. Bringing focus and attention to your being, surrendering into your being and letting go.

Disappear Stress Forever as easily as possible

Why handle stress when you can disappear it forever with such simplicity

Created by Nick Shibanov - PSYCH-K® Facilitator


Students: 1731, Price: Free

A thorough introduction to an inner method of transcending stress and absolutely any feelings that are unwanted. This course will take students through transformative insights and new ways of looking at the way any feeling is handled. Just by listening to the material, inner changes will occur and new options in handling stress will become available. For the best results, an open mind and an objective "I'll try it and see for myself" approach are recommended. This method is one I use and continue to use to disappear any feeling that arises. It is actually a radically different way of being in the world than we are taught or accustomed too. Simple and highly effective. Try it for yourself and see. The course is free.

Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

Managing Your Mental & Emotional Health During the COVID-19 Global Outbreak

Created by Basim Salim - Executive Mindset Coach: Breakthrough Limiting Beleifs


Students: 1488, Price: Free

Just a few months ago, life was normal. Who would have ever imagined that in just in a span for a few weeks the very essentials of life would be stripped away from us because of something one person contracted on the far side of the world.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the world by a storm. Not only many unfortunate lives have been taken, but cities have been closed, jobs have been lost, borders closed and many aspects of our lives are no longer the same. Because of the radical change many people are left to self-isolate with feelings of deep fear, anxiety, worry and sadness.

The purpose of this course is face the COVID-19 crisis right in the eye and find clarity about yourself and your future. You will also learn strategies on how manage the negative thoughts and the emotions that panic and fear. You will learn how to remove yourself from a state of helplessness into a state of control and action. My sincere hope is that you will not only learn how to deal with this crisis but from any major event in our life that shakes us to our core being.

Stress Management Simplified

Understand Stress and Take Control by Thinking Differently

Created by Ray Wilson - Stress Management Educator


Students: 1362, Price: Free

Many courses that try to teach you stress management can be overwhelming and filled with technical jargon and medical terminology. This course 'Stress Management Simplified' tries to keep things simple and uses analogies and real life examples to help you relate to what's being taught. It may not suit everyone perfectly but hopefully you get something valuable from it.

If you are finding your current levels of stress to be unmanageable PLEASE seek medical advice immediately.

How To Handle Extreme Stress – Create Your Lifeline

Use Stress to Your Advantage

Created by Deb Lewis - Mental Toughness Expert / Stress Management Coach


Students: 1227, Price: Free

NOTE: Course offered for Free in response to the COVID Pandemic to help Teachers and First Responders. Please share widely. Best if done with 2 or more people.

In this course, you will learn how to create the MTW LIFELINE using 5 steps to handle extreme stress.

It's easy to get lost in the moment and do what comes naturally. The danger with that approach to stress is usually we will revert to a fight, flight, or shut down response.

Once you have the following 5 steps in your toolkit of approaches to stress, you'll be able to start using the stress in your life to your advantage and feel a lot better.


Practical and effective guide to adopt and to thrive through quarantine.

Created by Edil Ajibaev - Award Winning Professor, Entrepreneur, Human Hacker


Students: 1184, Price: Free

For everybody who is quarantined and tired of sitting at home this is a science based practical and effective Quarantine Survival Guide. It is a simple but comprehensive program that is proven by numerous studies to improve your wellbeing.

It is based on knowledge of neuroscience, human physiology and human psychology. In this guide we will cover the most common quarantine pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.

We will look into proven, science based physiological protocols and mental routines, which will help you to feel better and to perform better.

This is not a medical guide for treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19), however, following this guide can improve your immune system and your mental and physical health.

Art of Balance Basic Training: Stay Sane in an Insane World

Basic Guide to Beating Stress and Anxiety, Building Resilience, and Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curveball

Created by David J. Bookbinder - Life Coach and Psychotherapist


Students: 1176, Price: Free

What brings you here today?

Are you stressed out? Does life seem harder than it should? Or, are you just trying to keep your life on track?

Either way, you've come to the right place.

The Battle for Balance is a life or death struggle. Stay balanced, and we enjoy life to the fullest. Lose balance, and life gets hard, fast.

In Art of Balance Basic Training: Stay Sane in an Insane World, life coach and therapist David J. Bookbinder shows you how to stay on top of the forces that unbalance us, recover quickly if you get knocked down, and be prepared whenever life throws you a curveball.

Art of Balance Basic Training doesn't just "give a man a fish," so he can eat that day. It teaches you how to fish.

Time-tested self-help tools and techniques are integrated into a system that helps you create your own tools, develop your own techniques, refine your own strategies -- and become the master of your destiny.

The Art of Balance System introduced in this free course is flexible and adaptable. You can use it to handle both chronic problems that can take you down a little at a time and sudden events that knock you flat. Here are a few examples.

You'll learn the core principles and strategies for staying centered when life hits you hard:

  • Romantic breakup

  • Job loss

  • Financial crisis

  • Illness or accident

  • Loss of someone close

And also how to tackle chronic stresses:

  • Work/Life imbalance

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Medical issues

  • Addictions

As you master the Art of Balance System, you'll recognize when your balance is shaky -- before you fall. And you'll boost your emotional resilience, so you can stay steady on your feet, whatever happens next.

You have nothing to lose -- it's free! So start now!

Lecture by lecture, you'll develop a personal system you can apply to whatever you may be facing now, and also to the unknowns down the road. With the help of the Art of Balance system and David J. Bookbinder's expert guidance, you'll move forward through your life with confidence, and have a spring in your step that won't get unsprung. 

Click the Buy Now button to start the journey to a balanced life now and in the future.

Stress Relief with Relaxation Exercises

Learn 3 magical exercises to eliminate stress from your life- Includes a Light Key Magic Frequency!

Created by Nirmala Raju - Divine Channel, Spiritual Coach, Medium, Author,Entrepreneur


Students: 943, Price: Free

Stress is one of the major factors which hampers all areas of our lives. Stress, especially when we experience it on a regular basis — takes a significant toll on our minds and bodies. It can make us feel more irritable and constantly tired, and it also impacts our ability to focus and be at our best.

In this course, you will learn three simple, yet powerful exercises that will take you out of these stressful situations into a world of light and lightness where you can deeply relax. This relaxed state gives you the energy and open mindedness to handle any stressful situations with ease and clarity.

This course also uses some of the magical tools from Light Key Healing System. Light keys is a healing modality channeled by Nila Nirmala Raju, the instructor of this course that helps the individuals to heal their body, life and being. This healing system consists of a set of high vibrational, keys, practices, protocols, processes and frequencies that can set the practitioners in the path to embrace their divinity and mastery. You will be learning tools to cope up with any stressful situations using Light key frequency and Light key. Welcome to the magical world of Light keys!

Stress Management Using Psychology & Science

Stress Relief Strategies That Work

Created by Antonia Cartwright, MA, MSc, M. Ed - Psychology Instructor


Students: 929, Price: Free

  • From stressed and overwhelmed, to reclaiming your time to use in meaningful ways.

  • Reduce your stress immediately, even if you're short on time, energy, or personal space.

  • In less than 10 minutes a day, develop a time-saving, stress-busting skillset, using tools that work.

  • Restore calm, and create your personalized stress-management plan.

  • Confidently transform your wellbeing, by learning about the science of stress and wellness.

  • Simple and effective techniques grounded in physiology, psychology, and neuroscience (no fluff, and no woo!).

Reduce stress and fear in the Coronavirus pandemic

How to build mental resilience in tough times

Created by Dex Randall - Burnout Coach


Students: 878, Price: Free

You will learn practical tips for dealing with the new stresses that you may experience in these turbulent times.

Each topic covers a particular type of stress and what you can do about it.

Follow each short video and try to apply the techniques in your life, to generate stability and enable you to be more effective and worry less.

New module on self-doubt added November 2020.


wake up and live your dreams also release your stress and anxiety now

Created by Atlas Meditation - meditation


Students: 837, Price: Free

In this course, you'll learn the very steps that highly productive people use to stay focused and get more done.

You will learn the importance of setting goals, minimizing distractions, and even taking breaks.

You will learn that we are the ones in control over our time, not the clock, and that we can actually get things done based on a schedule of our own choosing.

Topics covered:

  • 4 Ways To Use Technology Productively

  • 5 Tips For Staying Focused

  • 5 Tips For Staying Focused Even When You Don't Feel Like It

  • 5 Ways For Staying Mindful And Focused

  • Creating A Work Ritual To Get You Focused

  • How To Create The Perfect Environment For Staying Focused

  • How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused

  • Should You Single-Task or Multi-Task?

  • The Best Work-Break Ratio According To Science

  • What You Do During Your Free Time Determines Your Productivity

Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to think will suffer. ... Here's a simple reality: if you can't focus effectively, you can't think effectively.

What is the power of focus?

The Power Of Focus is the mental discipline to focus on tasks with undivided attention. In other words, it's focusing on tasks without distractions to complete them with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency. 

How do you build focus?

  1. Train your brain. Playing certain types of games can help you get better at concentrating. ...

  2. Get your game on. Brain games may not be the only type of game that can help improve concentration. ...

  3. Improve sleep. ...

  4. Make time for exercise. ...

  5. Spend time in nature. ...

  6. Give meditation a try. ...

  7. Take a break. ...

  8. Listen to music.

And so much more...