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Learn to Storyboard for Film or Animation

An introduction to drawing storyboards for Film, TV, Animation or Gaming

Created by Siobhan Twomey - Artist, Animator & Figure Drawing Instructor


Students: 7115, Price: $99.99

Students: 7115, Price:  Paid

This is a complete overview of Storyboarding for Film, Animation or Gaming. By taking this online storyboard course, you will be taking your first steps towards an exciting career path.

In this course, I take you step-by-step through the entire process of making storyboards: from how to draw, to what camera angles to use, to breaking down a script and drawing it out. I'm here to help and support you along the way.

This course covers everything you need to know to about the creative process of Storyboarding for Film or Animation. You will learn concrete skills such as how to draw characters, how to draw in perspective, what camera angles and shots to use for your scripts, and how to make your shots and scenes flow together.

As a Storyboard Artist you get to draw the film, shot for shot. It's by far the most creative job in the whole production process. Whether you are interested in gaming, animation, sketching, comic books or filmmaking, the concepts and techniques in this course will get you started on the road to professional success. You can begin to build a portfolio from right within the course, or you can start storyboarding your own projects now to a professional standard. I've packed this course with only the most relevant and detailed material. I've distilled everything I've learnt in my 15 years as an animation and film professional into each lesson.

Advanced Storyboarding for Film & Animation

Become a Storyboard Artist, learn professional skills for story boarding for Film, Animation & Gaming

Created by Siobhan Twomey - Artist, Animator & Figure Drawing Instructor


Students: 3058, Price: $94.99

Students: 3058, Price:  Paid

This course dives deep into the art of drawing storyboards professionally for film and animation.

Learn Story Boarding + Animation + Drawing in one course! Whether you want to lean 2d animation or filmmaking & gaming, or just how to draw characters.

I teach you how to draw dynamic character poses for animation, how to do Gesture Drawing and how to work with Character Model Sheets and Layouts. I also unpack advanced principles of drawing for animation such as: Composition,  Staging for the Action; Framing your Shots and how to lead the audience's eyes to where you want them to look. In addition, you will also learn directing techniques like when to cut a scene, when not to cut, and how to build audience identification with the characters of your story. This course is also packed with practical exercises and 3 fun assignments so that you can start making work for your portfolio. By the end of the course, you'll be primed for professional success as a Storyboard Artist!

A storyboard artist calls the shots and visualises the script, the idea, or the concept. Your vision is what brings words on a page to life. This course covers skills that are the foundation for film making: a medium that is undeniably the most powerful storytelling art-form of our time. The role of the storyboard artist is one of the most creative and visionary elements of the production team.

Knowing drawing and animation techniques represents an incredibly marketable skill set in today's visually driven world.

Already a community of film makers, writers, artists, illustrators and idea-makers has grown exponentially around my first storyboarding course and I would love you to be a part of this group and share your work. Join me and over 500 story artists! We are here to support each other help you get your ideas onto paper, and even onto the big screen! See you in the course :)

Programmatic Uber Clone App |Swift /Firebase| No Storyboards

Build a fully programmatic Uber Clone with iOS 13 and the latest versions of Swift & Firebase, without storyboards!

Created by Stephan Dowless - Professional iOS Developer


Students: 1809, Price: $119.99

Students: 1809, Price:  Paid

Fully Programmatic Uber Clone | Swift 5 | Firebase | No Storyboards | iOS 13

Welcome! In this course you will learn how to build a fully functioning clone of the famous Uber application. We will be building this app from the ground up, fully programmatically without the use of storyboards.

In addition, we will be using Firebase for our backend database, which we will engineer completely from scratch. Along the way, you will learn all kinds of advanced programming techniques, best practices, professional architecture, and more!



Learning advanced development skills should be taught using real world examples. In this course you're going to learn to code from a real life, professional developer. You will learn how to code like a pro, and everything will be explained in detail along the way. This will teach you to build production ready applications, that are easily scalable and maintainable.

Here are some of the things you'll be able to do after taking this course:

  • Understand advanced Firebase backend development

  • Work fluently with iOS & Firebase

  • Apply to jr iOS development jobs

  • Work as an iOS contractor

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to build advanced iOS apps!

  • Those who want to create their own startup

  • Those looking to get a full time job as a developer

  • Business owners

  • Students & teenagers

  • People who want to make money building apps


  • Major focus on user experience, using advanced animations and a clean UI

  • Engineering a database from scratch using Firebase

  • Integration Cocoa Pods

  • Custom CocoaTouch View Subclasses

  • UIView extensions

  • UIViewController extensions

  • Creating a sliding menu

  • Creating a settings page

  • Searching for locations

  • Displaying locations on map

  • Firebase sign in and authentication

  • Location Services & Geolocation

  • Saving and showing real time driver annotations on the map

  • Using Firebase for real time user requests

  • MapViews

  • And much more!

Who this course is for:

  • If you have basic experience with iOS development take this course

  • If you have basic experience with iOS or mobile development then take this course

Twitter iOS Clone | Swift 5/Firebase | No Storyboards | MVVM

Build a fully programmatic Twitter Clone for iOS 13 using Swift 5, Firebase and MVVM Architecture

Created by Stephan Dowless - Professional iOS Developer


Students: 1575, Price: $129.99

Students: 1575, Price:  Paid

What are we building?

In this course, you will learn how to build a complete version of Twitter ready to be published on the App Store. Throughout the process, you will develop high level programming, app design and app development skills.  We will be building this without the use of storyboards, fully programmatically.

Prior Experience? 

Some programming and basic Xcode experience is preferred. The course will move a little fast if you're a complete beginner, but you will pick things up along the way.

Why take this course? 

Learning advanced development skills should be taught using real world examples. This course will teach you how to build a fully functional social network, from complete scratch. You will be learning advanced front and backend development skills, from a real life professional developer. You will learn how to code like a pro, and everything will be explained in detail along the way. This will teach you to build production ready applications, that are easily scalable and maintainable. This also makes for a great project to add to your portfolio, which you can use to show off to potential employers if you're trying to become a pro.

What will you learn? 

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Swift 5 & Xcode 11

  • Implement Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture

  • Advanced level programming and app development skills

  • Advanced level User Interface Design

  • Advanced level back end engineering

  • How to authenticate and register users with Firebase

  • How to communicate with a database (read/write)

  • How to monitor events in a database

  • How to upload images to Firebase

  • How to structure data for optimum performance

  • How to build a fully functioning social network 

  • How to programmatically construct views and controllers

  • How to parse incoming JSON data from database

  • How to use CocoaTouch classes, UIKit, UserNotifications and more 

  • How to use CocoaPods and custom third party APIs 

  • How to implement/use protocols 

  • How to implement custom subclasses for clean and reusable code

  • How to dynamically size collection view cells

  • How to create extensions and functions for clean and reusable code

Drawing for Storyboards

Learn to draw for animation, storyboards, cartoon drawing, character design & story art

Created by Siobhan Twomey - Artist, Animator & Figure Drawing Instructor


Students: 818, Price: $99.99

Students: 818, Price:  Paid

Hi! Thank you for checking out Drawing for Storyboarding. This is a fun, engaging course that will teach you how to draw for Animation Storyboards.

First, you’ll learn how to draw characters - how to draw good expressions and poses

From there, you’ll learn the best approaches to drawing suggested backgrounds for your boards - from rough blocking, to adding perspective, and how to draw depth and space in your panels.

You’ll also learn the best practices for story artists - these are the top directors’ tips and I’ll share them with you so that you know what is expected of professional story artists.

I’ll also share with you some sample storyboards of other students in the course series - this is going to be an amazing opportunity for you to not only see diverse examples of different styles of drawing; but importantly, to see how fellow students are approaching their assigments, and working.

There is an opportunity in this course to complete assignments and exercises for each of the topics covered; plus at the end, the class project for this course is to take a page of script and storyboard it out entirely yourself. I’m going to give this project to you as though you were working for a studio - so you’ll get model sheets and layouts, as well as the script and then it’s over to you to put everything that we’ve covered in the course into practice.

This course is a supplement to my successful storyboarding courses:

Learn to Storyboard for Film & Animation


Advanced Storyboarding Techniques

Both those courses cover in depth everything you need to know to about storyboarding - the technical aspects, the filmic language and the nuts and bolts of communicating your ideas for a story visually.

This course takes all of those concepts and principles and dials down into the actual process of drawing.

This course is aimed at beginners, so you don’t have to have taken the other storyboarding courses in the series - you could use this as a starting point in fact. If you have taken the other courses in the series, this is going to bump you up to the next level and ensure that you are able to draw fast, fluid, efficiently.

Manga Drawing Basic Course / Story Writing & Storyboarding

How do you create your story and build your world to draw more attractive manga? [English Subtitles]

Created by MANABI JOURNEY - Education biz / 教材開発・出版事業


Students: 429, Price: $34.99

Students: 429, Price:  Paid

* There are no feedback from the pros in this course.

In this course, the members challenge themselves to create original manga based on the Japanese folklore, "Momotaro".
We had Kei Natsumi-sensei, a manga artist, draw a sample manga called "Nekotaro" and they use it as a reference in our lectures.


1. You can make a plot sheet while understanding the basis of the story and how to build the world.

2. You can create your original name (storyboarding) while understanding its important points.

<Feature of course>

Full-scale lessons from a school that has produced over 100 professional manga artists

Receive video versions of lessons from Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM).
We provide all kinds of classes that many professional manga artists took themselves.
Get practical tips and insight into working as a manga artist that you can’t get through self-study.

This course will be helpful for both complete beginners and those who already have some experience drawing manga, as it will help you improve your basic manga drawing skills and resolve your problems.

Master Storyboard Skills for Commercials & Video Games

Master Fundamental Storyboarding Skills for TV Commercials, Video Games, and Live Action to create your own storyboards

Created by Mo Yang - Veteran Storyboard Artist + Content Creator in Hollywood


Students: 200, Price: $89.99

Students: 200, Price:  Paid

Hi, my name is Mo.

I'm a veteran storyboard artist with +12 years of experience working in Hollywood. I had the honor to work on projects such as Nike, Call of Duty, Clash of Clans, Ford, and Google to name a few.

Today, I'm here to share all the basic storyboarding skills with you so you can transform into a storyboard artist and live your passion.

This online class cover:

  • The Secret purpose of Storyboarding

  • Key Design Elements and Principles

  • Composition Mastery

  • Camera 101: shots/moves/lenses

  • Perspective 101

  • Tricks on how to draw faster and better

  • My confidential Storyboard creation process

  • Tricks on how to draw "realistic" style

  • Real Time drawing tutorial

  • Downloadable goodies

  • Plus more...

Whether you are a graphic designer, concept artist, or animator, storyboarding skills will give you an edge over your peers for you'll see all projects as a storyteller first.

I'll invite everyone to enjoy this class, broaden your artistic toolbox, and enjoy storytelling with a sense of wonder.



The Animation Storytelling and Pre-Production Workshop

Tools For Scripting, Storyboarding and Voice Acting Your Animated Films

Created by David Miller - Multimedia Artist


Students: 179, Price: $49.99

Students: 179, Price:  Paid

Great animation filmmaking is more than character design and making things move around in our favorite software; it involves crafting a solid story with interesting shots and voices to support it.  In "Animation Pre-Production", we cover

  • scripting compelling stories that have visual components

  • storyboarding with software

  • how to effectively choose visuals for your animation projects that best tell the story

  • voice recording - where to find actors and how to record voices in person

As an animated filmmaker, I've selected the best lessons I've learned over the years to present in this course and streamline the storytelling process for beginning animators and filmmakers. 

No supplies are necessary though I do recommend a few pieces of free software throughout the course, including CeltX and Storyboarder.   

Check out the trailer and free lectures to learn more, and see you in class!

STORYBOARD PRO 7 (Toon Boom) how to begin

How to use the software to create storyboards

Created by Damien Barban - Illustrateur / graphiste


Students: 41, Price: $29.99

Students: 41, Price:  Paid

In this course, you are going to learn the basic options to know how to use STORYBOARD PRO 7 to create your storyboards. You will learn how to use the options to create frames, animatics and how to use the layers. You will also see how to publish your storybozrd in movie or PDF format. In short, you will learn all the basic tools of the software to create your storyboards.

H19: Generating Personas in Healthcare, Part 2, Plain&Simple

Connect personas with storyboards, insights and big data to build powerful new healthcare products and services.

Created by Thomas Giordano - A Practical Approach to Learning ... Plain and Simple


Students: 10, Price: $34.99

Students: 10, Price:  Paid

Information Systems (IS), or Information Technology (IT), as they are sometimes called, are playing a critical role in all our healthcare organizations today. They are permeating our hospitals, our clinics, our homes, our pharmacies and every aspect of our lives. If implemented correctly, they have the potential of making healthcare processes more efficient and maximizing patient and user experience. If implemented incorrectly, they can wreak havoc.

The topics covered in this "Beyond Personas in Healthcare" course are:

  • Observe our personas in their native environment

  • Build storyboards based on our personas in real life situations

  • Connect Big Data and Personas

  • Drafting Insights

  • Real World Cardiology Example

  • Build powerful innovative strategies based on insights

The basic concepts behind Healthcare Information Systems are often presented in a very complex, difficult to understand style. This "PLAIN AND SIMPLE" series on Healthcare Information Systems is different. It strives to introduce the basic concepts of information technology and systems in a very simple and easy to understand format using many examples from both non-healthcare and healthcare environments. This course is targeted at the entry level (Basic and Intermediate Level) learner.

The content of the series is based on the author's 35 years experience in the healthcare information systems business. This experience spans product design and launch, marketing, business development and executive management (including president). In addition, it is based on 15 years teaching at the graduate level in the University environment.