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Statistics literacy for non-statisticians

Learn the key terms and analysis methods in statistics

Created by Mike X Cohen - Neuroscientist, writer, professor


Students: 6858, Price: Free

In this short course, you will learn the meaning of key terms in statistics, such as p-value, ANOVA, variance, etc.

By the end of this course, you will feel more comfortable talking about and reading about commonly used statistical analysis methods.

Note that this course does not cover the math of the analyses, nor software to perform statistical analyses.

Math for Middle Schoolers: Statistics

Learn the Basics of Statistics and Succeed in your Middle School Math Classes

Created by Abinaya Anbuchelvan - Student


Students: 5416, Price: Free

Math for Middle Schoolers: Statistics is a fun, informative, and simple course for middle schoolers that allows them to learn about and understand the different statistics topics generally taught in middle school FOR FREE! The goal of this course is to help you master these concepts and to provide you with the knowledge to learn more complicated concepts later. By following this course to the end, you will definitely have a much more thorough understanding of statistics! This course will help you learn and improve in the following areas:

  • Graphs
  • Measures of Central Tendency 
  • Plots

All the videos consist of a detailed description of the concept followed by examples to ensure a thorough understanding of the topic.

Statistics with MATLAB

Statistics with MATLAB (Please don't give rank to the lecture before all the lectures are uploaded)

Created by Prof. Dr. Academic Educator - Prof. Dr. Academic Educator


Students: 4819, Price: Free

In this course, statistic subjects will be covered using MATLAB. We will start with the explanation of vectors, matrices and cells, then proceed with the tables which is an important subject in statistics. Density functions and cumulative distribution functions will be explained. Histograms and boxplots use in MATLAB will be explained by examples. We will consider Hypothesis tests using MATLAB functions ztest, ttest, vartest. Analysis of variance, and multivariate analysis of variance will be studied using MATLAB. Linear and non-linear regression models will be covered. Generation of random data for definite densities and simulation using random data is the last topic to be covered in this course.

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

Bayes' Theorem and Bayesian statistics from scratch - a beginner's guide.

Created by Woody Lewenstein - Mathematics Teacher


Students: 3391, Price: Free

Bayesian statistics is used in many different areas, from machine learning, to data analysis, to sports betting and more. It's even been used by bounty hunters to track down shipwrecks full of gold!

This beginner's course introduces Bayesian statistics from scratch. It is appropriate both for those just beginning their adventures in Bayesian statistics as well as those with experience who want to understand it more deeply.

We begin by figuring out what probability even means, in order to distinguish the Bayesian approach from the Frequentist approach.

Next we look at conditional probability, and derive what we call the "Baby Bayes' Theorem", and then apply this to a number of scenarios, including Venn diagram, tree diagram and normal distribution questions.

We then derive Bayes' Theorem itself with the use of two very famous counter-intuitive examples.

We then finish by looking at the puzzle that Thomas Bayes' posed more than 250 years ago, and see how Bayes' Theorem, along with a little calculus, can solve it for us.

Statistics Fundamentals (1/9) Introduction

What is statistics? and What is data?

Created by Takuma Kimura - Scientist of Organizational Behavior & Business Analytics


Students: 822, Price: Free

Welcome to Statistics Fundamentals! This course is for beginners who are interested in statistical analysis. And anyone who is not a beginner but wants to go over from the basics is also welcome!

  Statistical Analysis is now applied in various scientific and practical fields. As a science field, statistics is a discipline that concerns collecting data, and mathematical analysis of the collected data, describing data and making inference from the data. Using statistical methods, we can obtain insights from data, and use the insights for answering various questions and decision making.

 To obtain meaningful insights from data, we need to learn statistics both in practical and theoretical viewpoints. This course intends to provide you with theoretical knowledge as well as Python coding. Theoretical knowledge enables us to implement appropriate analysis in various situations. And it can be a useful foundation for more advanced learning.

 This course is the first chapter of Statistics Fundamentals, a comprehensive program for learning the basics of statistics. This series will consist of the following 9 courses, including this one.

    1. Introduction ( This course!)

    2. Descriptive Statistics

    3. Probability

    4. Probability Distribution

    5. Sampling

    6. Estimation

    7. Hypothesis Testing

    8. Correlation & Regression

    9. ANOVA

This introduction course does not contain coding lectures, but other courses in this program have Python tutorial lectures. They cover basic Python coding, so if you do not have Python coding experience, I believe they are easy to follow for you. But this program is not a Python course, so learners who have not installed Python and related tools, please use other references.

   This course is an introductory course in Statistics Fundamentals and covers the following topics.

       1. What is Statistics?

       2. Type of Statistics

       3. What is Data?

       4. Stevens' Typology

       5. Independent and Dependent Variables

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Business Statistics Made Easy (Free Tutorial)

A free preview course covering descriptive statistics, measures of spread, and location (full course coming soon...)

Created by Perry Fisher - Corporate Trainer | Consultant | The Tauro Group


Students: 215, Price: Free

Are you battling to understand statistics?

Are you confused by intimidating formulae and jargon?

Do you want to know what metrics analyze in your business or in your job, that will allow you to produce insightful reports  in order to make better decisions?

Well if so, this course is perfect for you. I designed this statistics course combining years of teaching, investment banking, and entrepreneurial experience. The result is an easy-to-understand and real-world applicable course with detailed explanations and worked examples, which will not only help you to understand statistical concepts, but will also help you to see how statistics is applied in real-world business scenarios.  This "learn-by-doing" approach, will empower you to master the concepts being taught quickly, via direct application.

The video format of the course accelerates learning, and provides an engaging delivery mechanism for the educational content. In addition to this, the practice questions at the end of each learning section, provide students with a large body of practice material to reinforce the learning of the concepts being taught.

In this preview course a conceptual overview of statistics is provided, covering representation of data, measures of spread, and measures of location. In the full course a comprehensive list of concepts would be expanded upon to include producing powerful reports, hypothesis testing and regression.