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Learn to swim the basics of freestyle swimming

Learn to swim 25m freestyle using the healthiest swimming technique in the world- The WEST way to swim

Created by Ori Sela - Founder and CEO at "Water World" & WEST swimming technique


Students: 18972, Price: Free

Learn to swim freestyle - The best & healthiest online swimming course in the world.

In this course you will understand the secret of loosening the neck & lower back and how it will effect your swimming and body forever. 

You will learn to swim freestyle from Ori Sela Hydrotherapy expert , Triathlon & swimming coach, the Coach of the National Israeli open water team and the founder of Water World, one of the biggest and most professional hydrotherapy centers in the world.

Learn to swim  basic freestyle 25m with breathing every 3 strokes

More than 100,000 swimmers in 150 countries learned and treated lower back with WEST swimming technique. 

The WEST swimming freestyle swimming course will teach you how to swim in the healthiest swimming technique in the world!

The WEST swimming technique relaxes your body, treats neck/back pains and helps your recover after any injuries you may have.
Today we understand that one must adjust  to his physical abilities and lifestyle, rather than force his body to train in one general way.
The WEST swimming technique is based on 3 factors suiting itself to each swimmers body shape, physical ability and lifestyle. The technique is specifically modified in order to ensure that each individual swimmer benefits.

Today's modern lifestyle has taken its toll and nearly 70% of the population suffer from neck and lower back problems (mainly caused by stress and overloading.)

During this course, Learn to swim freestyle, you'll enjoy and gain greatly from the many swim WEST benefits and hopefully feel the positive impact it has on you and your quality of life. 

The only personalized swimming technique in the world

In this learn to swim freestyle online course you will:

1. Learn and improve your freestyle swimming technique.

2. Learn how to breathe  every 3 strokes, also learn to swim 25 m freestyle with a loose and easy swimming technique.

3. Get 2 different swimming workouts - every swimming workout has 7 videos that will help you understand exactly how to do each swimming drill.

4. If you practice 2 days a week, the course will take you 3 weeks, if you practice 3 days a week, it will take you only 2 weeks.

5. Learn to swim according to your flexibility level and understand the difference between you and Olympic swimmers.

6. You will get free analyze of you swimming technique so you can improve your swimming technique even more. 

The amazing thing about the WEST swimming program is that you don't need to think!!
We've done all the thinking for you- you just need to swim!

All you need to complete the course is a swimsuit, goggles and a big smile!

Come on, jump straight in!

Watch & Learn Baseball: Understand the Game Like a True Fan

A-Z guide on how the game of baseball works including chalkboard-style video lessons, quizzes, and fun videos.

Created by Phil Ebiner - Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students


Students: 8119, Price: Free

Did you know that BASEBALL is America's true past time? Football is cool and everything. But baseball is really where it's at!

Baseball fans come in all shapes and sizes. My very own fiancée was once just a casual baseball observer with little knowledge of the intricacies of the game. Now, after more than 5 years of being together, she is a BASEBALL FANATIC! I ask her when the games are. I ask her who is pitching. It's fantastic!

And you can learn to love the game just the same. With this course, you'll understand all of the basics of the game including:

  • The Field
  • Positions
  • Scoring Runs & How to Win the Game
  • Equipment
  • Major League Baseball structure
  • Outs, Innings, Games
  • Types of Hits
  • Fielder's Choices
  • Pitching & Defense
  • Wild Pitches, Passed Balls, & Errors
  • Strategy
  • Types of Pitches
  • Hitting, Pitching & Field Stats

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the game of baseball. And this course is the perfect way to learn to love the game!


See you inside the course - go enroll!


FREE TASTER: The ‘Total Immersion’ Swimming Technique

Total Immersion head coach Terry Laughlin shows you how to swim faster and further using less effort and energy

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 7320, Price: Free

The Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Complete Self-Coaching Course will teach you to swim a dramatically more efficient freestyle—and transform you into your own most effective swim instructor and coach.

This is an introductory free course which teaches you the techniques of "Torpedo" and "Superman", and gives you a taster of what the main course is like. It also contains the introductions for each of the main sections, covering what you are going to learn on the course.

In the full course (which is available elsewhere on Udemy - see the last lecture for an exclusive discount code) you will learn . . . the proven advantages of:

  • Saving energy over trying to build endurance.

  • Letting conditioning 'happen' while you improve the skills that matter.

  • Achieving comfort, body control, and weightlessness before any other skill

  • Making your body 'slippery' (reducing drag) over increasing power.

  • Learning technique holistically—so all body parts work in seamless harmony.

  • Swimming a short distance with effortless ease and crisp form before swimming farther.

  • The most effective and fastest-acting skill drills.

  • Practicing over working out.

In the full course your self-coaching tools would include

  • A 140-page, richly-illustrated ebook that explains—in simple language--the biomechanics and fluid dynamics affect your (land-adapted) body as it moves through water, and the freestyle techniques that minimize common problems and take advantage of natural forces like body mass, gravity, and buoyancy.

  • Fifteen downloadable videos. Fourteen illustrate essential mini-skills and how to learn them. The fifteenth is a detailed study of the whole stroke. All videos show every important angle, above and below water, in full and slow motion.

  • A Companion Workbook. This provides detailed guidance—what and how to do, what to avoid doing, how long and how many repetitions, key focal points—for each of the mini-skills and the whole stroke.

  • An Image Gallery of all key positions and timing to print out and take to the pool for reference, or study poolside on your phone or tablet.

You can complete the whole course in . . . 15 to 30 hours of practice, distributed over two or more months.

The full course is structured as . . . Four major learning modules, each teaching an essential efficiency skill. Each module consists of up to four steps or mini-skills—some of which can be learned in 15 to 30 minutes. Do a brief segment of drill or mini-skill work, then a segment of whole-stroke to integrate and consolidate that skill.

Why take this course? You will not only become a strikingly more comfortable, confident, and skilled swimmer. You will also become a passionately-curious student of swimming.

Effective Soccer Presents: Skill, Speed & Smarts in 4-Weeks

Use the exact same content that’s transformed amateurs into pro’s in Europe & play in NCAA D1 colleges [w/ EPL coaches]

Created by Effective Soccer Training - Used by 600+ players & coaches from 25+ different countries


Students: 5714, Price: Free

Attention: Soccer Players

How to Transform your Soccer Skill, Speed & Smarts in just 4-Weeks

Use the exact same content that’s transformed amateurs into pro’s in Europe & play in NCAA D1 colleges [w/ English Premier League coaches]

Do you feel like your coach is not helping you become the very best you can be?

Do you want to become a great soccer player, but feel like only training with your team is not enough?

Do you want attend a private soccer academy, but don’t have the $20,000+ to do so? 

You’ve gone to tryouts and failed. 

It’s not your fault.

Becoming a great soccer player that stands out on the field is not easy when you don’t have others that want to train together with you, or have good coaches around. 

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

EFFECTIVE Soccer Training's OFFICIAL UDEMY COURSE is a 4-week training program that will transform you into a better soccer player and bring you professional-level coaching anywhere, anytime and without fancy equipment or the need to commute long distances for a soccer camp.

Players that have used our courses have completely changed their mindset and have become more confident players just 30 minutes into watching the first section. 

In fact, if you start now you could already be equipped with the mindset and training regime of a pro-level soccer player within a couple of hours.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning with a clear plan and vision of the player you want to be. 

Imagine what it feels like to train everyday, knowing you’re equipped with some of the best drills and exercises available anywhere.

Do you remember the best game of your life? Imagine yourself playing like that right now. Feels good right? Now, what if you could play your best game every single day and play like a pro?

Connor Morrissey, an academy coach at the world-famous Manchester City Football Club and working at City Football Academy (a purpose-built, state of the art $250 million soccer training facility) is responsible for training some of the world's most talented players. Connor has famously said that: “TrainEffective[dot]com covers everything that we do at our academy in any given week. The course providers them with with the opportunity to train and develop as a pro would.”

EFFECTIVE Soccer Training's OFFICIAL UDEMY COURSE shows some of the best workouts, drills and videos available to top-tier members of TrainEffective[dot]com.This is a simple, 4-week program that will:

  • Make you very skillful - You’ll see 33 video drills that will allow you to learn and practice as a professional would
  • Get you wickedly fast - You’ll transform your play, increase your speed off the ball, and on the ball with fun 1,000+ touch workouts.
  • Make you play super smart - You’ll be the smartest player on the field with our revolutionary intelligence-training from analysts at world-famous English Premier League clubs such as Chelsea FC and Stoke City. 


"I use Effective to prepare for combines.
Effective has helped me make it to a semi-professional level."

Alessandro Persampieri - Team USA


The Effective full members course from the official website has helped over 600+ players in over 25+ countries. 

With our help, players have been awarded MVP, gone on to play in NCAA D1 colleges and excel in professional environments around the world from Arsenal FC to Montreal Impact.

Here’s what you get: 

  • 1 x 30 Minute Pro Mentality Video: Learn how Effective founder Nick Humphries went from amateur to pro and how you can apply the same methods he's learnt over 8-years high-level European playing experience in Hungary, Scotland, Netherlands and Switzerland. 
  • 5 x Pro Mindset Videos: Learn The Secret The Pro’s Don’t Tell You, Setting Goals, How to Select the Best Exercises, Setting A Schedule & Staying Disciplined.
  • Workout 1: The Anywhere Workout (Dribbling Technique) - When it’s snowed outside, it’s dark or your travelling you might think your hopes of training are over. We designed this highly effective workout for athletes that make no excuses and will dedicate themselves to their goal no matter what the circumstances. You need no more than 4 x 2 metres (12 x 6ft) of space for an Anywhere Workout, so grab a bit of space and let’s get your heart pumping! Results include: Faster dribbling, greater agility and more explosive take-off in the first two metres.
  • Workout 2: The Wall Workout (Passing) - When it comes to football training, walls can be your best friend. Walls will always return a pass, and play the ball at the tempo you decide. No matter if you’re 5 years old, or if you’ve had a 15-year career as a professional player, wall workouts are necessities in football. Players like Eric Cantona, and Diego Forlan have sworn by wall workouts even late in their careers. Results include: Improve core technique and improve touch and control. 
  • Workout 3: The Maestro Workout (Control) - This is the workout for those who have idols like an Özil, Fabregas, James, Coutinho or Mata. One trait all these maestro’s share in common is their silky smooth first touch, dribbling and accuracy. These exercises all practice what they do so well. First, we’ll get comfortable with your touch using both the inside and outside of your foot, then we’ll use the same parts of your feet to blissfully turn around opponents. Finally we’ll work on controlling high balls with one touch and transitioning rapidly to finish. Results include: Improved first touch, quicker transition from first touch to capitalising on an opportunity and better awareness.
  • Workout 4: The Finisher Workout (Shooting) - This workout will focus on improving your finishing skills with both feet combined with power, accuracy and precision from range of angles and positions. Players looking to improve their finishing technique and score more goals. Results include: Increased striking power, increased striking accuracy and increased shot range.
  • Workout 5: The Bodystrength Workout (Strength) - We’re going to get your muscles pumping with this total bodyweight strength workout designed to turn you into a more explosive, powerful player. Results include: Increased muscle size, increased power and increased explosiveness on and off the ball. 

    In total, you'll get thirty-three (33) exercises delivered as high-quality, HD video demonstrations (you'll be amazed with the quality of editing)

    On top of that, you'll get: 

  • 1 x 5-Minute Intelligence Video For Defenders - featuring Exclusive-to-Effective commentary and analysis from the assistant 1st team performance analyst of Stoke City FC (Defending Smarts: How To Defend 1v1’s)
  • 1 x 5-Minute Intelligence Video For Midfielders - featuring Exclusive-to-Effective commentary and analysis from the Academy performance analyst at Fulham FC (Midfield Smarts: How Top Midfielders Get The Ball)
  • 1 x 5-Minute Intelligence Video For Attackers - featuring Exclusive-to-Effective commentary and analysis from a coach at Chelsea FC and performance analyst at Reading FC (Attacking Smarts: How to Score More Goals)
  • The 4-Week Effective Personalised Training Plan - Your downloadable spreadsheet adjusted based on skill level.
  • Effective Goal Setting Workbook - A Your downloadable workbook will create a plan that will give you freedom.
  • Printable Drill Setups - Set-up workouts without hassle. 

BONUS: And to sweeten the deal EFFECTIVE Soccer Training's OFFICIAL UDEMY COURSE users will exclusively get access the The Smarts of Legends: The Unseen Genius of Ronaldo & Messi intelligence training video created by a Chelsea FC/Reading coach.

You’ll get to learn from two of the world’s best players in action and in detail. 

And you’ll get it today for just one payment of $19

So for less than a price of a cheap soccer ball, you can stop dreaming about training like a professional soccer player, and start ACTUALLY doing it!

Think of how much potential is being wasted every day that you don’t act upon upgrading your game with professional training.

Try it risk free: If this 4-week course is not best soccer training program you’ve ever experienced, return it for a 100% refund and keep the videos and workbooks.

Click on the TAKE THIS COURSE BUTTON above.

P.S. Effective content is trusted by players and coaches at world-famous clubs like Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Perth Glory, Montreal Impact & Nottingham Forrest. If they trust it, so will you. But don’t delay, we could pull this course from Udemy at any time with no warning. “Take This Course” No Risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Arthur Fitness — a NO GYM REQUIRED fitness course

Enhance Your Life With Fitness

Created by Kenneth Balfour - Fitness Instructor


Students: 3355, Price: Free

This course is aimed at the beginner. This is your starting block. You do not have to go to gym. You do not have to wear jogging bottoms. All of this can be done in your own home and out and about.

The exercises on this course can be done with bodyweight or tins of baked beans and the like. The course will cover exercises that target all muscle groups and I will advise ways of increasing your daily activities to enhance your life with fitness.

I will demonstrate via voice-over and the loveable steampunk 'Arthur' -- the incorrect and the correct way to do exercises. I will inspire you. I will show you the benefits. I will give you fun dietary snippets. I will simplify and give you only what I deem necessary for the beginner. I will also share with you my favourite inspirational quotes and I will endeavour to entertain you.

After completion of this course, you will have a solid foundation. If you choose to join a gym, you will notice that you already understand the concepts and the rest will come easily.

I have been training my body for over 30 years. I have a B.A.W.L.A Leaders Award for the teaching of weight-training. Also, you pick up a lot in three decades. Help me, help you.

The most important thing, is to have fun. Enjoy it!

Fantasy Football 101- Transforming fans into players!

Learn the basics and get in the game this season!

Created by Cowboys Unifier - Internet Kingpn


Students: 3121, Price: Free

The purpose of this Fantasy Football 101 course is to provide a basic overview to understand what fantasy football is, how it works, and basic terminology to get you going into your first league as a new player. With over 50 million players between the United States and Canada documented in 2015 through the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), the growth of the sport is increasingly rising with new players entering each year.

The course is structured in power point to highlight the frame work of fantasy football. I will explain the following 8 areas of a league and insight on each.

1. Commissioner's Role

2. League Types

3. League Formats

4. Draft Formats

5. Scoring Formats

6. Roster Requirement

7. Waiver Wire Vs Free Agency Strategy

8. Trading Players

The course should take less than 45 minutes and allow you to approach the season with confidence. By taking it you will have already cut down time on your learning curve, and build your team to exert it's dominance in your league! In addition to my course I will mentor you through my online community where others are currently thriving in their leagues. 

Jeet Kune Do : 102

Jeet Kune Do techniques

Created by Fist Of Fury - Martial Arts Instructors


Students: 2979, Price: Free

You will be learning a lot of JKD in this course. Footwork Jeet kune do, punches and kicks, Knees, Elbows, Back fist, Finger jab, & much more, intercepting the fist, Strikes from the lead hand and lead leg. Self defense techniques basic trapping skills, Strikes from the center line, energy drills. Hope you enjoy it and are able to get what we got out of it.

Beginner to Proficient Shooter in Half the Time

Stop Wasting Time Learning From A Friend; Stop Shooting Incorrectly; Learn To Shoot Properly and Save Your Time & Effort

Created by Tommy Lam - Basketball Player Development


Students: 2523, Price: Free

Learn the Art of Shooting a Basketball Effectively. Understand the fine detail on the aspects of shooting. You will learn about things like body placement, ball placement, hand placement, body mechanics and more. Drills are provided with demonstrations. This course is designed to get you to shoot better immediately. Follow along and build your jump shot piece by piece. Finish this course, put in the work, and I guarantee you'll become a much better shooter. 

Mental Basketball Training

How to master your mind

Created by Mercedes Griffin - Professional Basketball Trainer


Students: 2507, Price: Free

In this course you will learn how to control your thoughts on and off the floor in order to improve your overall game. The best athletes in the world have mastered their sport but, what sets them a part from the ordinary athletes is that they also learned to master their mind.  You will be learning 5 tips to incorporate in your day to day lives that will take your games to the next level.

PLB Tennis Method® Masterclass – 10X Your Tennis Potential


Created by Jan Metelka - USPTR Certified Tennis Pro Helping Over 3000 Students


Students: 2188, Price: Free

Lots of tennis coaches, especially online will only show you HOW To use the racket, how to hit the ball, the right path of the racket, etc...

But, this is very basic, this is very simple...there are things in tennis that are way more important if one is to really improve >>

What is most important is tennis is...HOW You use your whole body & right biomechanics...

What you do with your arm there is a detail in comparison about how important is to use correctly your whole body!

As a result, up to 80% of adult club tennis players are never aware about this fact and they only use their arms in order to generate any power and control on their strokes, which usually just leads into frustration by not having consistent, powerful, yet effortless forehands just like ATP Pros do...and in some cases it even leads to tennis injuries...

Yet, it is possible to model your game exactly on the very same principles used by Tennis Pros..

Just Imagine you would have learnt exactly same biomechanics used by tennis pros, so your forehand would be much more comfortable shot which you could easily attack your opponents with, win more points and ultimately enjoy tennis at a better level...???

It would feel great, right?

You would be more consistent, more confident the moment you step on the court to play your next match and you would be able to finally play THOSE better players you always wanted to face, as you finally did step up your game...

In this PLB Tennis Method® Masterclass with my unique PLB Tennis Method® I am gonna uncover everything you need to learn in order to have much more effortless strokes and enjoy tennis at a better LEVEL!

You gonna be able to use your body, legs and footwork correctly in order to reach that new better level of your game..

So, if you are ready to take your tennis to the next level...

if you are really serious about your game and your forehand...

then sign up for this Masterclass and I will look forward to see your inside and lets start transforming your tennis game right now!


  • PLB Tennis Method® Masterclass: How Applying My Unique PLB Tennis Method® Can Transform Your Game

  • How To Generate More Effortless Power on Your Strokes

  • Correct Positioning, Early Ball Technique, Importance Of Split Step and Low Position, Importance of Correct Use of Legs & Body Rotation

  • Tennis Fitness Exercises To Strengthen Your Legs & Movement

  • BONUS: FREE 14 Days Access To My Online Tennis Academy Golden Membership with more than 50+ Free Video Training Sessions Covering most important factors to help you transform your tennis game!

Ultimately, after completing this course, you will know exactly what you need to do to take your tennis to the next level!

Who Is This Course For:

This PLB Tennis Method® Masterclass is great for adult tennis players with an Intermediate Level (NTRP 3.0-4.5)  benefiting most, however, if you are a beginner tennis player, its also great for you as you will learn the correct fundamentals used by pros, which are crucial in your further development.

So if you are an enthusiastic adult tennis player wanting to finally reach new level of your game, then this Masterclass is great for you.

With Unlimited lifetime access, you can complete the course at your own pace, from wherever is convenient for you.

What Some Of My Students Say:

"So many on-line coaches appear to merely imitate what the pros do. They lack the experience of actually competing at an elite level and rarely display any real understanding of the essential biomechanics that underpin a stroke. Jan is different - he's been thoroughly trained, he's played at a very high level, and he really knows what's important.If you currently have a mediocre forehand and wish to embark on a path to weaponise it, you would be laying solid foundations if you studied and implemented the advice contained in his free coaching video "How to hit the perfect forehand in 3 simple steps". Thank you Jan for being so generous with your help."  John S. UK

"As an intermediate club tennis player, the PLB Method from Jan Metelka has improved my game beyond what I thought was possible. Together with training plans and fitness exercises, my tennis is now at a different level! Its just effortless, more effortless! " Andy McCall, London, UK

"I applied all biomechanics Jan shows and now following his tennis training plan and my forehand is already at a different level! You get what Jan says. Pure quality of info on how to start applying what tennis pros do so well and how it can help you with your game, at any age! Thanks Jan, can't wait for next course! " Markus T. Germany

"I am over 60 years old now and I like the training program! I am still implementing the techniques.
I finally know how to use the open stance properly thanks to Jan's PLB Tennis Method®,. I also like the exercises. I want to video tape myself to see how I look like. Many thanks!"
 Marc R. USA

"I'm just starting to play tennis back again after a couple of years without playing at all. After using your methods for my forehand everything started clicking back into shape and I got even better! " Fabio P. USA

I'm confident that you'll find this Masterclass very helpful and that the unique insights found in this course you won't find anywhere else.  

I'm excited to watch you take your first step to start transforming your tennis game!

- Jan Metelka

(Founder of PLB Tennis Method®. USPTR Pro Performance Tennis Coach & ITF Level Pro Tennis Player)

Unleash Your Tennis Forehand

Learn The Tennis Forehand Easily And Effortlessly

Created by Joel Loo - Joel Loo is a passionate tennis teacher living in Singapore


Students: 2181, Price: Free

In this tennis serve course, I will be showing the exact steps that I used to coach my students how to develop a modern topspin forehand. You are in the right place if you are in the following situations:

  • You have no clue on how to hit a topspin forehand because you are new to the game

  • You can't hit consistently with your partner.

  • You want to develop a good topspin forehand so that you can control the rallies with direction, depth and power.

  • You want to move efficiently on court to cover all the shots.

Sounds like you?

Then Unleash Your Tennis Forehand is for you.

Here are what we are going to cover in this course.

In the modules, we'll work on the fundamental steps of the perfect forehand such as grip, backswing, contact point and finishing.

I'll help you find the best grip so you can hit the tennis forehand at your best comfort.

You'll see the professional method used to coach my tennis students .

You'll get my step-by-step guide to forehand mastery to stamp out your bad habits and make your forehand more consistent in minutes.

We'll breakdown the forehand technique from start to finish so you can get a good idea how a perfect forehand looks like.

You'll find out what's the perfect footwork stance for different ball situations so you can be in perfect balance to strike every shot and win more points.

I'll show you what are the common mistakes so that you hit the ball perfectly and prevent injuries.

Fantasy Football 101- Draft Day Preparation & Strategy

Fail to plan, plan to fail. If you want to win as a rookie this fantasy football season let's get your plan started now!

Created by Cowboys Unifier - Internet Kingpn


Students: 2149, Price: Free

Building a championship team takes strategy, research, and intuition. Thinking that you have the retained knowledge to roll into your draft and execute without a plan is unintelligent. Especially with as little as 2 years in the game to this point. 

The fact that you are here looking to gain the edge in your league speaks volumes. Allow my course to help you walk into your draft with a well thought out, strategic game plan. 

   Here are a few highlights of what will be covered.

  1. Understanding what value means when drafting
  2. Understanding the importance of mock drafting before the season
  3. What materials you need to bring to your draft.
  4. What players you should not focus on regardless
  5. Understanding when to draft your QB's and TE's.
  6. Examining the deepest position available, and late round fliers
  7. Why drafting Kickers and Team Defense's should be last
  8. *Bonus Advice* with details on the most focused player people will seek to              draft this 2016 season

This course should take no more than 1 hour to digest, and is structured with the majority of power point presentations, along with limited video. The TAKEAWAY BONUS is a downloadable PDF that you can print and use as a reference even after you have taken the course. 

Taking this course will definitely sharpen your focus to build an effective strategy, and give you a few new tools to accelerate your knowledge level on how to approach each seasonal draft. This course does not disappoint primarily because in order to accomplish the bigger goal, you must set and execute smaller goals. The overall goal is to get you to the championship game, and WIN! 

Dribbling Foundations and Fundamentals- Start HERE!

Systematically Build Your Handle

Created by Tommy Lam - Basketball Player Development


Students: 1798, Price: Free

Dribbling is the second most essential skill in basketball. You don't need a tremendous amount of moves to be a great ball handler but you do need to know have a firm grasp on the basics if you want to somewhat successful. Without the ability to dribble you will be a statue out on the court anytime you have the ball. 

Achieving Your Soccer Dreams in Half the Time

Everything you need to know to become successful in soccer off the field

Created by Michael Farfan - Former Professional Soccer Player


Students: 1764, Price: Free

There are many coaches who teach the tactical or technical side of the game. This course develops knowledge and mental techniques to become a successful footballer.

Instruction Includes:

- Mental Factors

- Good Habits

- Accomplishing goals

- Tips for Becoming a Professional

- Essential Virtues

- Actions to Avoid

Emphasis is placed on becoming the best version of you off field to be well prepared for on the field.


  • PDF Outlined Worksheet

  • Full Course in Audio

  • 20 Soft Skills Sheet

Master Tennis Shots Used by Roger Federer | Tennis Unlocked

Step up your tennis game with our private video lessons. Master spectacular shots & play like the pros.

Created by Philip J. - CPA


Students: 1535, Price: Free

Master your tennis game in no time with this course from Philip Jurjeu our lead instructor at Tennis Unlocked. Philip shares 20 years of teaching experience to help you advance your skills and give back to the game that gave him so much.

These bite-sized lessons focus on only what’s most important to help you improve and see immediate results on the court. Philip not only covers specific techniques and strategies for all essential strokes, but also how to develop the skills and focus them on the court.

The course will help you:

  • Master the fundamentals and improve every shot in your game including forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead, tweener, drop shot, and more

  • Understand best practices for racket grips, body positioning, and when specific shots are most effectively played

  • Identify the secrets of tour professionals signature shots

  • Learn how to practice & set-up shots on your own with no partner needed.

  • Apply these signature shots keep your opponents off balance and unable to guess what you will do next

  • Practice footwork & positioning

  • Discover the secrets of your tennis game with Tennis Unlocked

Make a valuable investment in your tennis game with this course. With lifetime access, you can complete the course at your own pace, from wherever is convenient for you.

How to Prepare Your Baby for Swim Lessons 0 to 8 Months

This introduction to baby swimming lessons occurs in the bathtub. Includes extra pool skills for the 4+ month-old baby.

Created by Tessa Rhodes - Swim School Owner and Instructor


Students: 1444, Price: Free

I'm going to show you how to introduce your baby to the water with my gentle teaching approach. This proven method is the best way to develop a love of the water in your baby. With early exposure to water, your baby will never develop a fear; instead, they will learn to love and respect it.

You can start teaching your baby from the day they are born. A child who respects the water understands the dangers that lie within. With this knowledge, they're less likely to put themselves in danger. Instill this crucial message in your child today.

I understand, however, if you feel a little nervous. Not to worry, your confidence will grow as you see how easy it is to learn this gentle teaching method.

Several years before I became a swim instructor, and I was a new mother, I felt a little nervous being around water with my baby. But then my husband, Ross, quickly turned that around for me when we gave our son one of his first baths. At one point, Ross poured the water over our son's head, and I was taken aback by the dumping of the water over his head and down his face, covering his eyes, nose, and mouth for what seemed like an eternity, but probably lasted two seconds, to be honest.

Ross said, "don't worry, it doesn't hurt him."

He seemed very confident in his statement, and I trusted him. I was right to trust him. Our son never developed a fear of water on the face. So, learning how to swim was second nature to him.

Everything you teach your baby from this course takes place in the bathtub except for some extra swimming pool skills for the 4+ month-old baby. You will learn how to condition your baby to hold their breath, prepare them for back floating, and encourage independence. If you do this for your baby, they will never develop a fear of water on the face, and swimming lessons will be a breeze.

I originally introduced this course to the public when I launched my Online Swim Academy in June 2020. Here are some reviews from actual students who have taken the course.

"Keeping it simple & teaching the basics. Conditioning a baby is so important to having fuss free and fun lessons; Tessa's class consists of basic steps with very easy to follow instructions :)" - Aly T

"Wonderful!! Thank you Tessa, for sharing your knowledge and kind spirit. I love that you can start to teach babies to swim at home in the bathtub. These are excellent tips to get started! Thanks again." - Clive R

"Enjoying the course! It's very helpful." - Megan L

"Great tips! The free course had some very helpful tips to try together." Jennifer L

Why Early Exposure to Water is Important for Your Baby

  1. It's easier to introduce a baby to water than an older child

    It's easy to teach babies to develop love and respect for water. And that's just it. It's about love and respect, not fear. Babies must be exposed to water from the day they enter this world. It's much easier to introduce an infant to the water than an older child. Babies don't know to fear anything yet and especially not water. In the first nine months of their lives, they were immersed in liquid, and it is for this reason that you must continue to expose them to it since they're already used to it.

  2. With early exposure, your child will never develop a fear of water

    As I mentioned earlier, due to early exposure, my son never developed a fear of water on the face, so learning how to swim was second nature to him. Not only will early exposure prevent a fear of water, but it also teaches respect for the water. Babies and children learn through exploration, and when you allow your child to explore, while strictly supervising, they realize their boundaries and limitations and thereby gain an understanding of the dangers that water possesses, thus respect for the water.

  3. Without early exposure, your child will likely need to overcome their water anxiety before learning to swim

    Most of my new students, between the ages of two and even as old as nine years, spend several to many lessons with me just getting comfortable holding their breath and putting their faces in the water. These kids didn't have early exposure to water and were possibly even told to fear it or their parents unwittingly passed on their fears.

  4. Swimming lessons make your baby smarter

    • Babies learn through their senses, and swimming lessons provide a multitude of opportunities for sensory play. This sensory stimulation supports healthy brain growth and development. It causes synapse formation and the strengthening of existing synaptic connections. On the other hand, the child who receives less sensory stimuli receives reduced synapse formation, and therefore fewer connections are made in the brain.

    • Also, the bonding in a parent/child swim program increases cognitive and social development.

By the end of this introductory course, you will feel your confidence grow when handling your baby around water and understand the benefits of early water exposure. I will walk you through the entire process step by step.

3 Tips To How To Fix The Late Contact Point

Fix Your Late Contact Point & Start Winning More Tennis Matches With Much More Effortless Forehand

Created by Jan Metelka - USPTR Certified Tennis Pro Helping Over 3000 Students


Students: 1416, Price: Free


Fix Your Late Contact Point & Start Winning More Tennis Matches With Much More Effortless Forehand

This course is now at a special FREE Offer until the end of OCTOBER only. Price will go up after. Lets transform your tennis game now!

Do you struggle to hit the ball on time? Up to 95% of club tennis players tend to hit the ball late, either to close to their body or well passing the ideal contact point. If you do hit the ball late, you can never generate good effortless power just like tennis pros do and you will also be hitting balls much more out than if you did manage to hit the ball in front of you at the right place and high. From my years of experience on court working with tennis players I spent countless hours with them to fix this very common problem and at the end I got to the 3 most important steps that I now use to fix this late contact point problem. It proven to be crucial and always working well. When applying my 3 tennis tips to fix the late contact point, all of my players suddenly start hitting ball much more away from their body, well in front and at the right high, which ultimately leads to better and much more effortless tennis strokes.

You Will Learn

  • What are the main reasons why you hitting the ball late.

  • Why is important to understand relationship between positioning, early preparation and keeping the right distance and importance of all 3 steps working well for you.

  • How to reprogram the late positioning and late preparation to fix this problem.

  • Exercises that will help you to be able to finally stop hitting balls late and be able to hit them nicely in front of you and at the right time.

  • How to practise next time you are on the court or a tennis wall and how to implement my 3 tips to fix this very important part of your game.

Full Course Contents

Little breakdown of what you will learn inside this course.

Early Positioning 

  • You will learn why is early positioning so important if we are to hit the ball on time and at the right place.

  • You will learn how to fix the late positioning and what to do in order to get used to a new habit, which will help you to finally see the ball well in front of you. 

Early Preparation

  • You will learn and will know how to also prepare earlier for the ball.

  • You will be much more confident with more time before the actual impact and I will show you how it can be done just by applying what tennis pros do so well also into your game! 


  • You will learn correct distance between the ball and your body.

  • You will learn why is important to keep great distance and how it will help you to always hit the ball at the right place and right time, which will lead to much more cleaner strokes. 


  • I will show you my favourite and most effective tennis exercises that work for my tennis players every day.

  • You will learn what and how to exercise to never hit the ball again and to finally have a ball always at the right place to be able to hit it the way you want to!

What Some Of My Students Say:

"I've been training with Jan for while now and we initially started to work on my contact point as I was late in the position and I was hitting the ball not at the perfect place which prevented me from having a better strokes. After fixing all following Jan's 3 tips, Im now more confident where to hit the ball and I generate much more effortless power. Highly recommending this course to all as it covers exactly what Jan does on the court and it works very well."

Enrique A., Barcelona

"I have applied Jan's 3 tips as I struggled with my forehand and he told me I was hitting a ball a bit late and next to my body. So we worked on it while I trained with Jan in Barcelona and then I keep going following his simple 3 steps that anybody can apply into their game. Really good and simple tips that if done correctly over the time all improves and I now have a early contact point and I generate much more power as its easier to hit the ball now than ever before!"

Janne V., - Finland

"I applied Jan's 3 tips to fix my contact point as I was hitting ball late with my arm bend and not fully stretched and it worked for me already in about 2 weeks time after applying all Jan talks about and shows in his course. Its working well as Jan has been using this on court for years, so to have it online and have access to his course and other courses is just great and feels like having Jan next to me on court. Thanks, Luis!"

Luis B., Mexico

I will look forward to see you on the inside and to help you fix your forehand now!

Jan Metelka

USPTR Performance Pro Tennis Coach & Founder of PLB Tennis Method®


Home Golf: The Ultimate HOME-BASED golf coaching program

Improve faster from home! PGA golf drills using household items as training aids - covering every aspect of your game

Created by Jonathan Weinstock - Melbourne based entrepreneur, Co producer Home Golf


Students: 1231, Price: Free

Welcome to Home Golf – with PGA professional Brent German

The world’s first golf coaching program developed specifically to improve your golf game from the comfort of your own home. The program has been proven to achieve fast development, results and improvement in your golf game.

Whether you’re a casual golfer or a low or high handicapper, Home Golf is relevant for you. Why? Because the fundamentals of the golf swing are the same.

Whether you’re in your lounge room watching TV or in the kitchen cooking dinner there is a simple and easy carefully crafted home golf drill YOU can practice!

No golf clubs required! Each drill utilises everyday items found around the house like an egg flip, a chopping board, a broom, coat hanger, a towel, mirror, the fridge, cupboard making it easy to practice without worrying about buying new equipment or breaking anything in the house.

Home Golf was created in Melbourne, Australia by a keen golf student and PGA professional golf coach, Brent German who has learned his trade from among the world’s best coaches including those of Tiger Woods and Greg Norman.

Over 35 golf coaching videos including tailored drills you can do from the comfort of your VERY OWN home using everyday household items as training aids.

The course covers:

Section 1: Golf Fundamentals

Section 2: Myths and Misconceptions of Golf

• Keep your head down • Ball goes straight • Hit it harder • Left arm straight • Backspin

Section 3: The 7 fundamentals of the Golf swing

How does ball go in the air • The Grip • Set up • Pivot • Balance • Aiming

Section 4: Home Golf Drills - The full swing

Section 5: Home Golf Drills – Chipping

Section 6: Home Golf Drills – Pitching

Section 7: Home Golf Drills – Putting

BONUS Section 8: Course Management

BONUS Section 9: Mental game tips


Learn how to form a plan and effectively coach the scrum in rugby union with these practical tips and strategies

Created by Steven Neville - Professional Rugby Coach


Students: 1169, Price: Free

FREE TASTER COURSE - This shortened course gives you the opportunity to fully experience the full course before you commit to purchase. In this taster you will receive the full course introduction and lecture one to four from the first module - The What

The main reason for creating these courses is to share resources, plans, ideas and literature around coaching science and theory in rugby union. The course aims to stimulate debate, present alternative methods of coaching over the traditional methods and to share my ideas.

Join 500+ students who have already used the strategies to influence their coaching philosophy.

Take a look at the some of the feedback from these coaches...

★★★★★ - Matt H.

★★★★½ - Max C.

★★★★½ - Nick S.


Steven Neville is the instructor. He is a professional scrum coach applying his trade in the English Championship.

The Full Course

The course is separated into three main sections or modules. The What, The When and The How. Each module is designed to give an insight on how I have interpreted the latest in training process, coaching science and program design. In no way am I claiming to know all the answers, but I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge on this specialised subject area.

Some of the sections within the course include:

1. Tactical Periodisation

2. Scrum Principles

3. Methodology

4. Scrum Basics

5. Preseason/Inseason Planning

6. Weekly Planning

7. Session Planning

8. Exercise Design

9. Questioning

10. Feedback   

All the strategies, coaching tools and coaching tips are applicable for coaches of all levels.

If you have any questions or want to ask about any of the content presented on the courses, please send me a message at any time.

Don't forget to also follow my Twitter and connect on Linkedin for further content & information.

How To Aerial | Learn Gymnastics and Martial Arts Acrobatics

Master the Aerial and Learn Martial Arts Acrobatics for Beginners & Gymnastics Fundamentals for Tricking,Parkour,Fitness

Created by Inauen Thomas - Martialarts & Acrobatics Teacher at Tomtricks


Students: 1167, Price: Free

You would like to learn the Aerial?

  • You`ve seen this cool move in movies and you would love to do it yourself?

  • You are interested in martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastics?

  • You want to build more confidence, get super fit and widen your abilities?

  • But you don`t really know where to start and you are afraid that you could get injured?

This short little course will teach you the Aerial or also known as a "Cartwheel Without Hands". It`s relatively easy to learn and a really stylish skill to have. I`d like to show you how I learned the Aerial and how you can do the same!

Wether you are a professional athlete who wants to widen his skillset or a beginner starting out - you will be able to progress at your own pace at home following clear and efficient step by step progressions.

Master this beginner course and set foot into the world of gymnastics, martial arts and acrobatics!

While there are plenty of tricking tutorials out there that show how to learn martial arts acrobatics and gymnastics skills, it is difficult to find comprehensive guides. Particularly for those with little time and experience it is hard because there are so many different methods but no consistent progression line.

This course offers slow but clear and efficient progressions to learn step by step without the fear of injury and hurting yourself. In addition to the main technical aspects of learning the Cartwheel and the Aerial, it covers also information about warming-up and conditioning your body for practice.

Course Bonuses

  • All the tutorials, chapters and lessons are built upon each other and everything comes from one source

  • Direct feedback and help from me your can ask me and we will solve any problem together

  • Many other courses are available as a direct continuation from this course

  • Filmed in HD quality and a cool design makes course a nice source to work with

  • High quality slow motion clips to study in detail

  • Training Guide (16 page downloadable PDF Document)

The key things you will learn

  • How to get started and set your foot into the world of martial arts acrobatics

  • 9 essential warm-up exercises for martial arts and acrobatics

  • 3 conditioning exercises to strengthen your body for learning the Aerial

  • Mastering the Cartwheel which is an essential move in gymnastics

  • Mastering the Aerial and achieving your first move ever

  • Knowing how to train safely and without the fear of falling and hurting yourself

Contents and Overview

This course starts with a welcoming section. First you will get an overview about the course and a little introduction. Then I will shortly introduce myself to you so that you know who I am. After that you will get introduced to your personal training plan so that you know exactly how to follow and work with the course content.

Before diving into the Aerial training you learn how to correctly prepare your body. Warming up is an essential element to learning martial arts acrobatics and improving your fitness. You find 9 warm up exercises and 3 conditioning exercises.

Once you know how to warm-up you can start with learning the Cartwheel and the Aerial. Step by step and with slow but efficient progressions you will work through the progression. As a natural side effect you will significantly increase your body control, balance and agility. You will get into better shape than ever and widen your range of abilities.

To analyse the Aerial in detail you can take a look at special slow-motion clips which show the move from all four directions. This can be very helpful since many key points are hidden in detail.

By the end of the course performing an Aerial will be incredibly easy and fun for you! You will feel better than ever, have regained your confidence and full control over your body and your abilities!

If you want to challenge yourself in acrobatics and gymnastics and learn the Aerial...then this course is exactly right for you!

This is a free course and you are welcome to enrol at any time. Just as a general info I would like to mention that all my fee-based courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee through Udemy. That means you are able to check it out, make sure it`s the right course for you, and get a refund if it`s not.

Are you ready to start learning?

Do not hesitate and start your training now! With this free online course you can take it at your own pace. Even though you might be too busy right now you can enrol today and take the course at your own pace.

Try it out and and have fun. Thank you so much for your interest in my course "How To Aerial | Learn Gymnastics and Martial Arts Acrobatics".

See you inside and .... train smart!

Tom Inauen / TOMTRICKS

(Disclaimer Notice: In order to perform the exercises effectively and safely you should be in good physical condition prior to beginning the course. By registering for the course or performing these exercises you understand that exercising can lead to physical injury. If you engage in any exercise suggested by Thomas Inauen, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Thomas Inauen from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising out of Thomas Inauen`s negligence.)

Soccer FUNdamentals

individual soccer program aiming to compliment club training

Created by Max Drozd - youth soccer coach


Students: 703, Price: Free

This course is aimed at younger athletes (U9-U18) who actively participate in organized soccer activities at various levels (recreational, competitive and high performance). It includes modules about history of the game, basic principles of play and fun engaging activities that can be done alone or in small groups (either as enhanced training, during soccer vacations or when group play is suspended).

Kettlebell Workouts, Skills & Drills

Strength Gain, Endurance, Flexibility & Weight Loss

Created by Simon King - Body Transformasionist


Students: 591, Price: Free

Kettlebells are used for explosive workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility while strengthening your core and improving flexibility.

Their numerous benefits include .strength gain, endurance, flexibility and weight loss

Kettlebell workouts differ from workouts using machines or dumbbells (free weights) because when you train with a machine you are forced to move in a predetermined path.

These workouts will highlight the benefits and the endless improvements you can make to your health when using them correctly coupled with expert coaching.

Learn from an expert experienced Personal Trainer in Simon King.

1891 Statkeeper Try-outs

Learn what it takes to join the 1891 Squad, be a part of the community and represent the brand as a staff member.

Created by Run N' Shoot by 1891 - Official Basketball Academy


Students: 402, Price: Free

Thank you for your interest in doing Statkeeping for 1891, The Official Brand of Basketball. We have designed this course to provide the information necessary for you to join our squad and begin positively impacting lives through basketball.

In this course you will learn:

  1. What is 1891? (Our purpose and our WHY)

  2. How did we start? (Our story and our evolution)

  3. What do we believe? (Our company values)

  4. What service do we offer? (The role and the value)

  5. How does it work? (The software and techniques)

  6. How do we operate? (Our service brand)

How to Use Get Active Questionnaire by SportSG

Staying Healthy and Keeping Active

Created by Sports Safety - 


Students: 226, Price: Free

Welcome to this course on knowing how to use the Get Active Questionnaire. You will understand what it means to get active and stay healthy, without compromising your safety. In the event that you are unwell or injured, what are the activities that you can and cannot engage in? Take a look at this short course and learn how to use the Get Active Questionnaire for your own understanding.

We also have Dr. Ben Tan, the co-chair of Sports Safety Committee, Singapore, to share with us some of his thoughts.