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Forensic Healing Free Start Up Energy Healing Course

Learn how Forensic Healing can advance your self healing journey or healing career with this Free 4 part video course.

Created by Marisa Russo - Founder of the Award-Winning Forensic Healing System


Students: 15905, Price: Free

Forensic Healing Free Start Up Course will show you a targeted, step-by-step process to dig deep and find the root cause of any condition. You'll discover how to remove stubborn blocks that are holding you or your clients back with their relationships, health and finances.

The Forensic Healing System has different levels of healing and you are registering the free basic level of Forensic Healing. 

“Forensic Healing is like an energy detective system that identifies your past stresses, traumas, conditioning, energetic damage, that causes your pain, stress and suffering. 
The Forensic Healing system then uses one of the advanced, specific healing pathways to release the blocks from your energy field, which frees you from your condition.”

The TRUTH sets you free!

Secrets in Healing

Combine video, theory and practical components to accelerate your learning and create the life you really want.

Healing Through Intuition and Science

Learn how to find the real cause behind a condition. Find your negative life patterns and activate the energies necessary for healing. Discover real universal laws that returns the power back to you.

Targeted Healing

You'll learn how to safely complete a healing (called "close the case"). Learn 3 separate energy healing pathways which will help you discover why some people heal and others don't.

Remarkable Healing Results

Healing is a science and you will learn some of the secrets to why you can get amazing results.  You are now ready to experience the real power of healing. Forensic Healing can be also used as distance healings and to heal yourself.

Professional Chakra Healing Practitioner – Taster Course

Get a taste of the knowledge and skills required to be an Energy Healer working with chakras,crystals,Chi,Merkaba etc

Created by Tania Magdalene - The Academy of Ancient Magik


Students: 6898, Price: Free

In this Professional Chakra Healing Practitioner Taster Course, you will learn some of the knowledge required to be able to give beautiful Chakra Healings to yourself, friends and clients.

  • Learn about the aura, the chakras and your energy body

  • Learn how to activate you own Chi from within to use for healing

  • Learn how to direct Chi from within through making a heart connection

  • Learn about the power of intent and how by using intent alone you can affect universal change.

  • You will learn about the importance of having balanced chakras

Though this is a mini taster course, you will complete it with some valuable techniques that you can use on yourself, friends and clients.

If you feel drawn to you may take the complete course once you have finished and I would be delighted for you to join me in the extended 3 hour training.

Blessings in the light and thank you for being here

Tania Magdalene x

Self Healing Through Prayerful Contemplation

A Conscious Integration of Divinity into Humanness (An Exploration)

Created by Claire Rajan - Enneagram Life Coach


Students: 4544, Price: Free

The intention of this course is to help one delve deep into one's humanness (from many different perspectives) and understand the power of intentional prayer in the integration of one's  own divine nature into human matters. The purpose of this course is establish the fact that one's existence is valuable and divinely maintained. The course uses the simple tool of "prayer" as in communicating with God to bring forth desired transformation in an individual. 

It has been my focus to deliver the complex ideas this  course presents to you in as simple a manner as possible. It is my hope that through this course, you will  learn and grow through the content and shift from the inside-out.


Its Easy As 1 2 3, Just Say The Secret Password And Feel The Power Come To You. You Will Shock How It Change Your Life.

Created by ROSMAWATI MAMAT - I am Reiki Grandmaster


Students: 4201, Price: Free

Its Easy As 1 2 3, Just Say The Secret Password And Feel The Power Come To You. You Will Shock How It Change Your Life.

It profoundly changes your life. Not only have I experienced the wonderful events brought on by the unconditional love of the universe in myself, but I have witnessed it in others too. No one will deny the humbling power of the universal energy that celebrates our connection to everything around us, however too often we impose crippling restrictions and limitations onto ourselves due to our fears; of failure, abandonment, pain or even success. It can diminish and destroy these fears. It can highlight our connection and our love to ourselves, our planet and our universe. 

Shamanic Ayahuasca Healing

Powerful as Ayahuasca Shamanic Meditation

Created by Karen Prieto - Holistic Therapist


Students: 3807, Price: Free

In shamanic practices, to have an expansion of consciousness and divine experience practitioners drink Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca contains a neuron inhibitor and when this neuronal network is inhibited, a high concentration of DMT is generated, so the practitioner feels and perceives experiences that are transcendental to everyday human life.

But the heart system is an even more transcendental strategic point than simply inhibiting neurons because it does stimulate the evolution of the energy system, especially the heart chakra, which is the point of connection between the most human experiences and the transcendental experiences.

Having this point developed and activated, the ordinary functioning of the brain is also inhibited. An activity similar to what happens with the Ayahuasca inhibitor and a strong sense of well-being happens in humans, a DMT-like experienced in Ayahuasca.

Since the development of the heart system and the experience with the active heart system is much longer-lasting and allows the practitioner to evolve from a more conscious state.

Unlock your 7 Chakras: Best Guide for Chakra Energy Healing.

Get Powerful and In-depth Understanding Your 7 Chakras, Your Energy Body, and Heal the Areas of your life that need it!

Created by Neuroscience Academy - Neurocognitive and Behavioral Expert


Students: 3578, Price: Free

Throughout the course, you will come to that you are MORE than just a physical body.

You have an energy body of 7 chakras as well - and this energy body determines

- How you feel?

- How people respond to you? and

- Literally creates your reality.

This course is an in-depth dive into course of healing the 7 chakras. And also one of the most practical systems of spirituality, and will explain how the health of your energy body affects every part of your life. This course will empower you to heal blockages in your energy body, through these practical examples of 7 chakras you will regain your balance in areas of your life that need attention, and gain a deeper appreciation for yourself and others. You will achieve more than what you expect in your life.

By taking the Ancient Indian wisdom of the 7 chakras(energy centers) and applying this knowledge in practical ways for the 21st century. This course will give you a greater level of self mastery. You can heal yourself before it get too late. Because 7 Chakras has an ability to heal, and a deeper understanding of HOW the health of your energetic body is creating your reality.

This is a master class, of High Definition Video Content of 7 Chakras healing. This course has all the ability to excite you about developing self mastery and inner healing abilities. This course is designed in a way that you never feel bored or overwhelmed. I designed this 7 chakra healing course in a way that you feel always entertaining, as I deliver content in my engaging.

And often irreverent style that highly contrasts with more traditional 'boring' spiritual teachers. In 7 chakras course I do lots of research and hard work to make it very easy for you to understand.

Are you ready to join me on the journey within?

Let's get start with this beautiful journey?

Mudras for Beginners: Self Healing Techniques

Ultimate guide to using Simple Hand Gestures for Everlasting Health

Created by Hemant Jain - Life Coach & Trainer


Students: 1941, Price: Free

What is a Mudra?

To put it simply, a Mudra is a hand gesture (using our fingers and thumb) that guides the energy flow to specific areas of the brain. There are many types of Mudras designed to bring different benefits, depending on what we specifically need. By practicing Mudras, a connection is developed with the patterns in the brain that influences the unconscious reflexes in the different areas. The internal energy is, in turn, balanced and redirected, creating an impact on mind and body.

Our body is a mini world made of five elements, Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water and when there is disturbance in these elements, it can lead to an imbalanced mind and cause our body to suffer from diseases.

Mudras are a boon to mankind. The ancient science of Mudras is one of the greatest and finest gifts to the world. This science imparts knowledge that leads to self discovery, while providing a means to balance and maintain health independently and maximize the joy of living.

The science of Mudras, a part of Yoga, is based on the fundamental principles of life, namely, the five elements as discussed above.

The Sages discovered that the whole creation is composed of the five elements mentioned above. They also deduced that the human structure is a miniature form of the universe and hence is also composed of the same five elements. Therefore they concluded that the secret of good health depends on the balance of the elements within the body and the imbalance in these five elements causes diseases of the body and mind.

The Mudras are comprehensive in nature. They create inner peace and strength; eliminate fatigue and anxiety; promote physical and emotional health; help relieve stress, depression and anger. They calm the mind, sharpen the intellect, and promote love, happiness, prosperity and longevity.


Reiki: An introduction To Reiki healing

know about Reiki, reiki History and how to perform Reiki & heal yourself with reiki

Created by Expert Online - LEARN IN A NEW WAY !


Students: 1650, Price: Free

I welcome you in this free course where I will share with you an introduction to Reiki healing. What is Reiki and how to perform Reiki on yourself for healing and making your life more peaceful and achieve a balance in your life. Reiki is about working with the powerful energies that have always been prevalent and is as old as the Universe itself. By being attuned you agree to become a channel for Pure Universal Energy. Reiki will indeed have an extraordinary effect on your life for the better. It is the higher self’s connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. We are all born with the well-informed wisdom to heal and preserve life. All living things are connected with each other. Our ancestors used and trusted on their own abilities. Unfortunately, these basic skills have been forgotten and are rarely used today. Humanity in its persistent ambition for progress has given up its most precious and natural gift. The skills and techniques associated with Reiki are simple and easy to learn. Small children and adults can equally understand and combine this ancient form of healing into their lives. Reiki is being practiced throughout the world and it is not specified to a certain religion. Hope you will learn new things from it.

Good Luck!

Practical Distance Healing You Can Do – Quick Course

How To Do 6 Alternative Healing Techniques From A Distance

Created by Bill Haberman - Author, Teacher and Spiritual Advisor


Students: 1094, Price: Free

In this course you will be introduced to several healing techniques that can be used while being distant from the one needing assistance. 

You can be across the room or around the world, but nevertheless you can make a difference. 

These practices are simple and effective and proven effective by many distance healers. 

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers with Past Lives

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Regression to This Life and Past Lives. Assist Spiritual Awakening and being a Healer.

Created by Mark Beale - Past Life Awakening Institute, Trainer & Mentor


Students: 267, Price: Free

Learn a hypnotic process of inductions, deepeners, suggestibility tests, age regression and initial past life regression to enhance your healing sessions or spiritual awakening.

Give a session to your clients, and receive a session, focusing on your spiritual path and being healer.

1) Learn Hypnotic Inductions, deepeners and suggestibility tests.

2) Do a Regression to This Life to;

a) reconnect with resources of Spiritual Strength, like powerful inner or outer experiences in your life.

b) overcome false limiting beliefs, and discover true empowering beliefs.

3) Do an Initial Past Life Regression to;

a) reconnect with past positive spiritual development and influential soulmates.

b) disconnect past negative emotion and limiting beliefs. Understand and resolve old repeating patterns.

Scriptbook; Use the Scriptbook as a guide to give your clients a hypnosis and regression session, focused on their Spiritual Awakening & Healers path.

Audio Session; Download the one hour audio mp3 regression session to have your own hypnosis experience for Spiritual Awakening & Healers. Worksheets let you write your focused pre-session issues and intentions, and your post-session case study and realizations.

Hypnosis is a foundation for personal sessions or training in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Between Lives Regression Therapy or Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Past Life Awakening Institute

Reviews from the Past Life Awakening Institute website free version

As a current hypnotherapist, I was happy to gain some new tips from this course.  It was very well put together and informative. - PW

Excellent and well-presented. Very insightful and useful for practitioners of all levels. Thank you. - GA

I am a QHHT practitioner, I have done few session with clients and I am happy from what I learned in your training. I have learned good tips and another approach for PLRT, its a great complement to my actual training. Thank you Mark for this free training. - BG

An excellent overview of hypnotherapy as applicable to healers and the spiritually inclined. For me, it was also a good hypnotherapy refresher course. As always, Mark is a fantastic teacher — clear, experienced, and no nonsense. I love all of his teaching work and look forward to completing further training with him. - AM