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Spiritual Shamanic Initiation The Munay Ki Certified

How to heal wounds of the past, the karmic & genetic programs & beliefs you inherited with grace spirituality

Created by Sharon Ramel - Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess


Students: 22683, Price: $119.99

Students: 22683, Price:  Paid

These shamanic rites will transform your life on many levels from coping with everyday stress, dramas, for increased motivation, growth, happiness and more. Discover the most POPULAR Course on Udemy in Shamanism and the Number 1 Bestselling Course in Spirituality. Sharon is one of Udemy's top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally.

  • Sharon offers you a certificate of attunement with the lineage pathway by request for free at the end of this course.

You are personally invited to be initiated into the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki This course gifts you transformational healing whilst exploring and experiencing a unique deep spiritual journey bringing you inner deep peace and happiness. Shamanism is the about being connected with nature, understanding that we are earth-based, the real and living knowledge which is then used for balance, health, relationship as well as success in all that is that we do. The Munay Ki is transformative and will help YOU achieve your full potential, and take all aspects of your life to the next level.

What students are saying about this Spiritual Shamanic Initiation - the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki: 

"My friend has administered the 9 rites to me but I am feeling this is more in-depth. it is amazing I am feeling incredible i just want to sit and meditate and heal and open and close sacred space and... lol. it has helped me tremendously. finally finished much love radiating out". Melanie C, 2019

"Loving the course. Being able to move through it as quickly or as slowly as you allows you to really learn yourself. I appreciate this course very much! Thank you?? Peace and Blessings". Nicky R, 2019

"Stunning course. I have spent over a year on receiving the 9 rites, so it's a bittersweet moment that the course has now ended, although I realise this means my Shamanic journey can now begin. My heart is filled with so much joy, we will have cake later to celebrate! My crystals, wand, besom, and athame were all too pleased to assist me in my journey. My spirit guides blessed me so much, it's Winter in England, but their love has made me so warm - it's like Summer in my spirit. I was a little apprehensive receiving the rites via the internet, thinking they were too sacred to be given over the web. And yes they are indeed sacred, but from day one, Sharon demonstrates this sacredness. I'm so glad and thrilled to have received the rites from Sharon :) x So after much internal conflict, I purchased the course - one of the best decisions of my life. I feel as though I was born to be a shaman. Blessings to all., Annmarie, 2019

"After doing some research and finding it difficult to locate anybody that teaches shamanic practices locally I found Sharon's course online. The course is well structured and Sharon clearly explains the principals right from the start. I am new to shamanic teachings and I am really glad that I chose this course. It is easy to follow and I am enjoying the practical exercises as well as going at my own pace without having to cram everything in. Thank you Sharon and thank you for sharing". Jaspal. 2019

My heart and soul are in this course, as your spiritual shamanic guide I am here with you, daily, to answer your questions to help you become empowered and improve your life

This course is part of your shamanic spiritual journey. What's inside:

* Your introduction to the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki - a beautiful shamanic practice

* How to use Pi-stones - the inter-dimensional portal and where do I get one

* Why shamanism is still valid today

* How to set up your sacred space

* How to perform an opening and closing your personal medicine space ceremony

* Discover the archetypes you will learn how to work with, Great Serpent, Mother Jaguar, Hummingbird, Great Eagle, Lord Huascar, Lord Quetzalcoatl, Lord Pachachuti

* How to do an effective Chakra cleanse to clear your body of the residues and sludge that have attached to your chakras over this and former lifetimes

* How to perform a fire ceremony and why we do it

* Receive Initiation into Rite One: Healer’s Rite. How to connect to a lineage of luminous healers from the past to assist you in your personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that everyone you touch is blessed. We access the wonderful power and wealth of spiritual assistance; ancient healers who assist us to heal the wounds of our ancestors and the past.

* Receive Initiation into Rite Two: Bands of Power How to install the five energy belts will be seamlessly woven into your own luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any slings and daggers, negative energies that may come toward you. This offers you powerful protection allowing you to walk in peace and harmony.

* Receive Initiation into Rite Three: Harmony Rite How to receive the transmission of the seven Archetypes into the Chakras. You will receive the archetypes of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; then you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (Huascar), the Keeper of the Middle World (Quetzalcoatl), and the Protector of the Upper World (Pachakuti).

* Receive Initiation into Rite Four: Seer’s Rite How to install the pathways of light connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This rites powerfully awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit. This improves your psychic ability

* Receive Initiation into Rite Five: Daykeeper’s Rite How to connect to a lineage of master healers from ancient times the Daykeepers work with and call on ancient altars to bring balance to the earth and to heal. They call on the sun to rise each day, bringing us into harmony with mother Earth. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine and practice peace, stepping beyond fear.

Receive Initiation into Rite Six: Wisdomkeeper’s Rite  How to connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. Calling of the power of the high mountains - where we may encounter god. This rite assists you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, and taste infinity. Death no longer stalks you as you no longer fear it.

* Receive Initiation into Rite Seven: Earthkeeper’s Rite  How to connect to the wonderful archangels that are guardians of our solar system. This Rite empowers you and lifts you from your earth-bound existence setting your spirit free to seed your journey to the stars -beginning with the sun, our local star- so you may dream your world into being.

* Receive Initiation into Rite Eight: Starkeeper’s Rite How to see your physical body evolve into Homo Luminous; the aging process is slowed down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease. You accept the seat around a holy fire at the centre of the Sun, a place that has been held for you since the beginning of time. You awaken your Christ and Buddha-nature.

Receive Initiation into Rite Nine: Creator Rite  How to awaken the Creator-light within, this rite brings stewardship for all creation -from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. Once you discover that Spirit not only works through you but AS YOU, and all of creation is happening inside you, the stewardship then becomes natural.

You will be touched by angels when you work to empower these rites. Open yourself to the wisdom of the Earthkeepers, and all will be bestowed upon you in perfect love and trust. We have an active Facebook community so you may reach out and assist each other. The details of how to join it are in your welcome message when you purchase the course. The pathway of the shaman beats strongly within us all.

If you're already a healer in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) you'll be able to quickly apply and integrate these practices in your own life and work with them to provide healing to others.

The Munay Ki engages you in a quest for a deeper, broader vision of who you truly are. These Rites are intended to help you to become a person of confidence and wisdom in your lifetime. I use a variety of global shamanic practices to assist the pathway. Please be patient, I need to carefully share the basics skills required so you may receive the Rites. These Rites are given as energetic seeds for you to grow - similar to a Reiki attunement that enhances your emotional intelligence. There is an abundance of helpful practice activities throughout the course to motivate and assist your personal development. 

How To Approach This Course:

It is ideal to commit to a schedule, add the same time into your calendar each week to watch one section at a time. Please complete all videos, read the PDF's and answer any assignments that help you to deepen your practice. Watch the video or listen to the audio, and practice the ceremonial aspects. Contemplate your growing practice. It is a great idea to review and to listen again and practice again from your emerging new awareness.

Weekly is ideal. However, it may work better for you to take longer in between each section. The same is true of the opposite you may watch several parts at a time. This is your sacred journey.

When a ceremony, teaching or practice touches you deeply or brings you to a new revelation or breakthrough, gift yourself an opportunity to pause and explore your experience

The course is presented in a fluid series of video lectures, meditations both still and movement orientated (from a variety of spiritual traditions), guided video attunements, notes and an extensive course guide book to assist you. This course has been thoroughly tested to ensure you will be able to receive the Rites as they unfold. They have a natural order. You have the option of going as fast or as slow as you wish. Please understand that shamanism is a path direct revelation for personal development and I utilise aspects from many shamanic traditions globally to assist the seeding and attunement of these Rites. These are spiritually based practices or initiations initially from the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon, they came to the West via Alberto Villolda - he himself undertook a 25-year apprenticeship and was charged by the Elders to transmit them to the world in a way that people everywhere could understand. My initiation was during 2008 and became rocket fuel empowering my happiness, personal development - the life I live today.

This course is assisted by meditations from differing shamanic pathways that are offered specifically to facilitate your online transformational journey for personal development. 

  1. You have access to a comprehensive manual and notes gifted as a lasting reference for you.

  2. This course has an active discussion board and Facebook group 

  3. I answer every question personally, I have put my heart and soul into bringing these Rites here to you all online. 

  4. I work tirelessly to keep this course vivid and alive for you all

Too often, we neglect our connection to our primal selves, to the elements earth, air, fire and water to the other beings seen and unseen around us… … and as we do, our sense of belonging and ability to feel grounded, to love deeply, and walk softly are compromised.  shamanic teachings offer us a powerful path to rediscovering our deep interconnection to the elements, animals, plants to all that in manifest in our world.

Shamanic perception helps us to see where our minds have us stuck, how to drop more deeply into our bodies, and how to start to be of greater service here and now on our mother Earth.

It teaches us to clear our own interior landscape of our thoughts that have become obstacles… so we can see others and the world around us more clearly and become a true healing light in these often troubling dark times globally.

I am one of the top Udemy Instructors in the Religion and Spirituality genre, I pioneered teaching shamanism here on Udemy and globally in video format. My courses have been taken by over 37,000 students from 179 countries.

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding associations or bodies. None of these are peek industry bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 - $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.

As you know Udemy offers you a certificate of completion at the end of this course. However, I am happy to offer you a certificate of completion for any course of mine that you complete. Please ONLY message me through Udemy when you have completed the course. Note - I will not answer any requests for this outside of Udemy as I need to verify that you have completed the course!

Life time access to the Course material, all fully downloadable for you to keep and return to at any time. This is self-paced so no need to rush. If you require certification from me as you intend to work with the Rites or require in for your ongoing education then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am often asked is this a religion?

Religion and spirituality are two related yet distinct terms associated with faith. Religion denotes "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, usually involving devotional and ritual observances and a moral code." In contrast, spirituality can be defined as "the quality of being spiritual". Based on these definitions, the major difference between religion and spirituality is one of believing versus being. Religion's focus is the content of one's belief and the outworking of that belief; spirituality's focus is the process of becoming more attuned to unworldly affairs. It's possible to be religious without being spiritual and spiritual without being religious.. Spirituality is more abstract than religion. Religion usually promotes a creed and has a defined code of ethics; it is tangible. Spirituality exists in the nebulous realm of the undefinable.

About Shamanism: Modern shamanism provides a pathway of sacred, practical action — allowing you to build inner resources and access guidance to become a positive and effective agent of change. It is a path of direct revelation. Globally practised and known from the dawn of time. There is a synchronicity that connects us all - no matter the name we may call it by. 

Shamanism is not a system of beliefs, or a philosophy, or a theory about the world. It isn't a religion either, as usually intended. Shamanism is just the natural, immediate way of seeing the world as we all did before Western education repressed it.

Shamanism offers us a set of skills that perform certain functions that humans need to live well in this world regardless of the time we are in. However, the way that we apply these skills requires innovation and devotion. Thus what you see from me is an alchemy of skills blended to assist your pathway. For we are not the First Peoples. Not only does carte blanche appropriating their practices lack integrity, but it does not necessarily even work for us, we need to find our own pathway home to our soul calling.

Please Note: All students who enroll in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses.

30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Sharon Ramel has been a MunayKi teacher since 2009 having received the Rites herself mid-2008.

Welcome to the Religious and Spirituality Section of Personal Development at Udemy

The material on this site is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.   #VisionQuest #Self-discovery #ShamanicJourneying #Shamanism #Meditation #Manifestation #Spirituality #Spiritual #MunayKi

Forensic Healing Free Start Up Energy Healing Course

Learn how Forensic Healing can advance your self healing journey or healing career with this Free 4 part video course.

Created by Marisa Russo - Founder of the Award-Winning Forensic Healing System


Students: 15905, Price: Free

Students: 15905, Price:  Free

Forensic Healing Free Start Up Course will show you a targeted, step-by-step process to dig deep and find the root cause of any condition. You'll discover how to remove stubborn blocks that are holding you or your clients back with their relationships, health and finances.

The Forensic Healing System has different levels of healing and you are registering the free basic level of Forensic Healing. 

“Forensic Healing is like an energy detective system that identifies your past stresses, traumas, conditioning, energetic damage, that causes your pain, stress and suffering. 
The Forensic Healing system then uses one of the advanced, specific healing pathways to release the blocks from your energy field, which frees you from your condition.”

The TRUTH sets you free!

Secrets in Healing

Combine video, theory and practical components to accelerate your learning and create the life you really want.

Healing Through Intuition and Science

Learn how to find the real cause behind a condition. Find your negative life patterns and activate the energies necessary for healing. Discover real universal laws that returns the power back to you.

Targeted Healing

You'll learn how to safely complete a healing (called "close the case"). Learn 3 separate energy healing pathways which will help you discover why some people heal and others don't.

Remarkable Healing Results

Healing is a science and you will learn some of the secrets to why you can get amazing results.  You are now ready to experience the real power of healing. Forensic Healing can be also used as distance healings and to heal yourself.

Professional Chakra Healing Practitioner – Taster Course

Get a taste of the knowledge and skills required to be an Energy Healer working with chakras,crystals,Chi,Merkaba etc

Created by Tania Magdalene - The Academy of Ancient Magik


Students: 6898, Price: Free

Students: 6898, Price:  Free

In this Professional Chakra Healing Practitioner Taster Course, you will learn some of the knowledge required to be able to give beautiful Chakra Healings to yourself, friends and clients.

  • Learn about the aura, the chakras and your energy body

  • Learn how to activate you own Chi from within to use for healing

  • Learn how to direct Chi from within through making a heart connection

  • Learn about the power of intent and how by using intent alone you can affect universal change.

  • You will learn about the importance of having balanced chakras

Though this is a mini taster course, you will complete it with some valuable techniques that you can use on yourself, friends and clients.

If you feel drawn to you may take the complete course once you have finished and I would be delighted for you to join me in the extended 3 hour training.

Blessings in the light and thank you for being here

Tania Magdalene x

Self Healing Through Prayerful Contemplation

A Conscious Integration of Divinity into Humanness (An Exploration)

Created by Claire Rajan - Enneagram Life Coach


Students: 4544, Price: Free

Students: 4544, Price:  Free

The intention of this course is to help one delve deep into one's humanness (from many different perspectives) and understand the power of intentional prayer in the integration of one's  own divine nature into human matters. The purpose of this course is establish the fact that one's existence is valuable and divinely maintained. The course uses the simple tool of "prayer" as in communicating with God to bring forth desired transformation in an individual. 

It has been my focus to deliver the complex ideas this  course presents to you in as simple a manner as possible. It is my hope that through this course, you will  learn and grow through the content and shift from the inside-out.


Its Easy As 1 2 3, Just Say The Secret Password And Feel The Power Come To You. You Will Shock How It Change Your Life.

Created by ROSMAWATI MAMAT - I am Reiki Grandmaster


Students: 4201, Price: Free

Students: 4201, Price:  Free

Its Easy As 1 2 3, Just Say The Secret Password And Feel The Power Come To You. You Will Shock How It Change Your Life.

It profoundly changes your life. Not only have I experienced the wonderful events brought on by the unconditional love of the universe in myself, but I have witnessed it in others too. No one will deny the humbling power of the universal energy that celebrates our connection to everything around us, however too often we impose crippling restrictions and limitations onto ourselves due to our fears; of failure, abandonment, pain or even success. It can diminish and destroy these fears. It can highlight our connection and our love to ourselves, our planet and our universe. 

Build Your Spiritual Healing Business on a Budget

Start and Grow your psychic, energy healing or spiritual healing business in a budget-friendly way

Created by Sal Jade - Clairvoyant Healer & Psychic Development Instructor


Students: 4127, Price: $49.99

Students: 4127, Price:  Paid


Do you want to start a spiritual healing business but have a limited budget? 

Are you trying to earn incomes as a coach, psychic or healer but are struggling with business basics like getting a new website, coming up with a cancellation and refund policy and deciding how much to charge for your services? 

Do you feel drawn to change careers and become a healer, professional psychic or Life Coach, but feel overwhelmed about how to grow your business without spending thousands of dollars? 

This course can teach you everything you need to know about starting, building, and growing a spiritual healing business to bring more peace, freedom, success and financial rewards into your life while staying deeply connected to your higher purpose. . 

It's perfect for psychic mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, palm readers, therapists, practictioners, energy healers and anyone who wants to run a spiritual healing business but is struggling with getting started.

By the end of this course you will know how to: 

  • Get a fantastic website on a budget

  • Create a price for your services that will attract clients and keep your business growing

  • Develop a refund and cancellation policy to honour you and your clients

  • Manage your tax and insurance

  • Use Free offers to attract clients without getting taken for granted

  • Have boundaries in your business

  • Bring in extra cash flow while you build up clients

  • Explore qualification and when and how you get it.

  • Find the perfect space for your business

  • Run your business without burning out

  • SAVE thousands of dollars on services and programs

And much more!

While there are hundreds of courses that can teach you about business- this course is taught by Clairvoyant Healer Sal Jade and tailored specifically for healing, psychic and Life Coach businesses so you will save thousands of dollars and months of time with the dozens of tips and techniques of mastering success as a spiritual healer. 

You will also learn how to balance the heart-centered approach needed to be a healer, coach or psychic as well as be a savvy and successful business person. 

This course will give you access to a private Facebook page The Psychic Healing Hub, where you can promote your services, blogs and insights as a spiritual healing business owner as well access powerful resources and receive support on your entrepreneurs journey. 

Here's what others have loved: 

Thank you Sal, great course! I enjoyed your honest delivery style and the many examples of your own experience. This course has the perspective of the 'healer/psychic' in business with encouraging 'practical' steps and considerations. I particularly liked the many references to 'taking care of ourselves' something that many of us in this industry space forget to do, and the practical steps to help us build this into our business.

Toula, 2019

The is a lovely, practical course with an wealth of information on how to Start your own Business. I am recommending it to everyone. Its filled with fantastic advise, inspired inspiration and bonus information on every practical recommendations on your own business. Sign Up for Success!!! I highly recommend this course!

Linn, 2019

So enrol now and start building, growing and succeeding in your spiritual healing business.

Shamanic Ayahuasca Healing

Powerful as Ayahuasca Shamanic Meditation

Created by Karen Prieto - Holistic Therapist


Students: 3807, Price: Free

Students: 3807, Price:  Free

In shamanic practices, to have an expansion of consciousness and divine experience practitioners drink Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca contains a neuron inhibitor and when this neuronal network is inhibited, a high concentration of DMT is generated, so the practitioner feels and perceives experiences that are transcendental to everyday human life.

But the heart system is an even more transcendental strategic point than simply inhibiting neurons because it does stimulate the evolution of the energy system, especially the heart chakra, which is the point of connection between the most human experiences and the transcendental experiences.

Having this point developed and activated, the ordinary functioning of the brain is also inhibited. An activity similar to what happens with the Ayahuasca inhibitor and a strong sense of well-being happens in humans, a DMT-like experienced in Ayahuasca.

Since the development of the heart system and the experience with the active heart system is much longer-lasting and allows the practitioner to evolve from a more conscious state.

Unlock your 7 Chakras: Best Guide for Chakra Energy Healing.

Get Powerful and In-depth Understanding Your 7 Chakras, Your Energy Body, and Heal the Areas of your life that need it!

Created by Neuroscience Academy - Neurocognitive and Behavioral Expert


Students: 3578, Price: Free

Students: 3578, Price:  Free

Throughout the course, you will come to that you are MORE than just a physical body.

You have an energy body of 7 chakras as well - and this energy body determines

- How you feel?

- How people respond to you? and

- Literally creates your reality.

This course is an in-depth dive into course of healing the 7 chakras. And also one of the most practical systems of spirituality, and will explain how the health of your energy body affects every part of your life. This course will empower you to heal blockages in your energy body, through these practical examples of 7 chakras you will regain your balance in areas of your life that need attention, and gain a deeper appreciation for yourself and others. You will achieve more than what you expect in your life.

By taking the Ancient Indian wisdom of the 7 chakras(energy centers) and applying this knowledge in practical ways for the 21st century. This course will give you a greater level of self mastery. You can heal yourself before it get too late. Because 7 Chakras has an ability to heal, and a deeper understanding of HOW the health of your energetic body is creating your reality.

This is a master class, of High Definition Video Content of 7 Chakras healing. This course has all the ability to excite you about developing self mastery and inner healing abilities. This course is designed in a way that you never feel bored or overwhelmed. I designed this 7 chakra healing course in a way that you feel always entertaining, as I deliver content in my engaging.

And often irreverent style that highly contrasts with more traditional 'boring' spiritual teachers. In 7 chakras course I do lots of research and hard work to make it very easy for you to understand.

Are you ready to join me on the journey within?

Let's get start with this beautiful journey?

Spirituality & Spiritual Healing | Mindfulness Meditation

Learn How To Reconnect To Your Higher Self With A Guided Mindfulness Meditation For Spirituality & Spiritual Healing!

Created by Kevin Kockot, M.A. Prevention & Health Promotion - Master of Arts - Prevention & Health Promotion


Students: 3072, Price: $89.99

Students: 3072, Price:  Paid

"Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing." - Jon Kabat-Zinn


Hello and welcome to my new course "Spirituality & Spiritual Healing | Mindfulness Meditation" :)

Learn How To Reconnect To Your Higher Self With A Guided Mindfulness Meditation For Spirituality & Spiritual Healing!




  • I am happy to welcome you to this course!

  • You are interested in the topic of How to meditate with mindfulness for spirituality & spiritual healing you are looking for an easy guideline that is giving you a hands-on solution in terms of mindfulness meditation?

  • And you would like to be inspired with practical input with the topic "Learn How To Reconnect To Your Higher Self With A Guided Mindfulness Meditation For Spirituality & Spiritual Healing!"

- If that is the case, then THIS COURSE is the right one for you!




  • MINDFULNESS MEDITATION can help you to calmly anticipate the inevitable coming and going of thoughts, emotions, sensations.

  • The simple meaning of Mindfulness is 'remembering to be aware', so it helps us to observe and learn how our mind works. A good way of describing MINDFULNESS MEDITATION is that the deliberate act of paying attention to the present moment, free of the judgement.

  • This brings you in a mode of relaxation, balance and inner peace.

  • The positive effects of MINDFULNESS MEDITATION on mental and overall health are well documented and backed up by hundreds of scientific studies.

  • In the far east the practical value of MINDFULNESS MEDITATION is known for more than 2000 years, as it is taught in the context of Buddhism. As a non-sectarian philosophy MINDFULNESS MEDITATION is open to all people interested - regardless of their religion or background.

- If that is interesting for you, then THIS COURSE is the right one for you!





  • calm down, relax & balance yourself!

  • get access to additional relaxation music, nature sounds & guided meditations!

-  then THIS COURSE Is the right one for you!




  • The author, Kevin Kockot has a Master of Arts Degree (M.A.) in Prevention & Health Promotion.

  • He was an online content creator for years in the field of health, healing and relaxation.

  • He teaches thousands of students on several platforms, including Udemy, Insight Timer and Skillshare.

  • He worked as an entrepreneur where I give lectures and seminars on topics of prevention and health promotionFor example: He is giving seminars on the topic of relaxation and stress management regularly.

  • So he was sharing his information to hundreds of people each year on the topics mentioned. Meditation can also be a way to relax, but it is much more!




  • Several working hours were going into the preparation of this content, that I made for everyone interested to find out more about "Spirituality & Spiritual Healing | Mindfulness Meditation"!

  • My goal is to help you living a healthy and self-determined life!

  • I am convinced that meditation can be a great tool to reach that - that is my motivation!




1. INTRODUCTION | Introduction to this course

2. DEFINITION MEDITATION | What is Meditation?

3. DEFINITION MINDFULNESS |  What is Mindfulness?

4. SCIENCE | Scientific studies that show the benefits of meditation.

5. EMOTIONS | How to control your emotions with the help of meditation

6. FEELINGS | How to deal with feelings and emotions while meditating

7. THOUGHTS | How to manage your thoughts during meditation


9. ADDITIONAL GUIDED MEDITATIONS | Practical instructions for meditation

10. MEDITATION SOUNDS | Sounds to relax & calm down

11. FAQ | Frequently asked questions about meditation

12. BONUS SECTION | Enter this section if you are curious to find out which present is waiting for you!




  • You have nothing to loose! But a lot to learn about "Spirituality & Spiritual Healing | Mindfulness Meditation"!

  • Enroll now! New insights are waiting for you!

  • I am happy to meet you in this course! Kevin


If you have the feeling something is missing - please feel free to contact me on Udemy anytime! I am happy to answer you add lectures based on your recommendations

As you are my customer your happiness is my highest goal! :)

Please also give me feedback for this course!

That helps me as a course creator a lot to improve the course! :)

Thank you!

See you in the course! :)

Best regards,



PS: Thanks to  Erokia/JordanPowell - Sound Design Freesoundorg/people/Erokia/ (Commons Attribution 3.0) 

PSPS: Here a list of scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

  •   "Clinicians should be aware that meditation programs can result in small to moderate reductions of multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.     

                                        -  JAMA Intern Med. 2014 Mar;174(3):357-68.

  • - "Increases in mindfulness were found to mediate the relationships between formal mindfulness practice and improvements in psychological functioning, suggesting that the practice of mindfulness meditation leads to increases in mindfulness, which in turn leads to symptom reduction and improved well-being."

                                          - Jounal of Behavioral Medicine 31(1):23-33 

  • "These results suggest that mindfulness training may improve attention-related behavioral responses by enhancing functioning of specific subcomponents of attention." 

                                          - Cognitive, Affective, & Behauvioral Neuroscience June 2007, Volume 7, Issue 2 pp 109–119

  • - "Increasing evidence shows that mindfulness meditation, delivered either via MBSR or MBTI, can be successfully used for the treatment of insomnia with good patient acceptance and durable results."

                                           - Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2015 Nov;21(6):547-52. 

  • "Taken together, these data indicate that meditation engages multiple brain mechanisms that alter the construction of the subjectively available pain experience from afferent information."

                                         - J Neurosci. 2011 Apr 6; 31(14): 5540-5548

Raise Your Vibration Frequency Higher Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is more than raising yourself. It’s raising your entire world.

Created by Jayson Wiggins - C.Ht. Reiki Master/ Self-taught Adept (with a little help)


Students: 2522, Price: $34.99

Students: 2522, Price:  Paid

This course has one goal. To show you how to become a self-reliant Energy worker.

Because now that you know how to Active Your Energy body I’m sure you wondering?

“Ok, I know how to Do all this stuff but now what?”


“I can feel my subtle body but am I doing this right or am I just fooling myself?”


“How can I keep progressing down this metaphysical inner path?” 

Your questions and concerns are not only common, they’re expected. And there’s only one solution for you.

You have to get, better stronger, and optimize your skills.

That’s What This Advance Course Is All About.

Question: why are Energy healers always getting sick? 

Because they not self-reliant or self-sufficient. They need The Reiki, or The Universe or The sacred water, Symbol or “Insert crutch here”.

I remember one of my Later Teachers told me she was just a rusty old pipe God sends Energy through.  But what happens when her Magical toys don’t show up that day?

I’ll leave that to your imagination.

That's why it’s so important for you to know that this ability is now your ability 

So first we are going to have you solidify what you already know. Then you can see for yourself that yes this is your Subtle Energy Body you are using.  And when you took the first course you were activating your light body. And you can do everything you learned without the training wheels.

After that, we’re going to build your skills and your energy body up and out. So by the end of this course, you will be able to.

  • Charge yourself with subtle energy and broadcast that energy throughout the room and in personal contact. 

  • You will be able to expand your awareness out in a way similar to remote viewing.

  • You will be able to use your expanded awareness for personal wish-fulfillment among other things. 

  • You will learn how to activate three psychic tools that will help you. Dissolve Stress on the spot. Give you a 3 hour Brain Boost. And the Fire Red Energy Shot when you need it.

You will also receive a simple but powerful ritual you can use in combination with the set of psychic skills you will have acquired.   

So how does becoming a self-reliant energy worker help you?

{Snapshot Of A Real-Life Scenario}

A friend of mine came to me with a personal problem right before I began putting this course together. He needed a quick disillusion to the personal situation he got himself into. The kind you better than but...

"Give me two weeks," I told him.

But it only took 5 days. And all I did was a simple ritual that I will share with you in this course. And I did for three days. Two days later it was all over.  And according to my friend, it happened so fast that he didn’t even have time to get upset or feel awkward. It was just done and done.   

Now Could You Use A Tool like That?

Can you see how your skills can help not just you but your friends family and the world at large? 

You are going to learn a simple ceremony that you can use for just about anything you can think of.  And because you know how to activate your light body along with what you will learn in this course.   

You will be able to bring so much energy and purpose to the ceremony that the multiverse has to respond. And this is only one of many applications of how you can use your own energy to benefit yourself and someone in need.

  • If you see someone is in Pain you can use the correct hand and apply the energy cube. 

  • You can dissolve unhelpful emotions in real-time out of your body and feel it leaving.

  • You can in real-time and in real life changes lives.

Now just like in the foundation course, this advanced course is experience-based.

Which means that there is no theory or filler. We get right down to business.  Because you have the foundation and your light body is already activated. Now is the time to become a self-reliant Energy worker.

So my dear graduates please accept this invitation and let us show you how to Elevate Your Skills.

Professional One to One Chakra Healing Practitioner Course

Learn how to be a spiritual energy healer as a Chakra Healing Practitioner, study Chi,Crystals,Grids,Merkabah,Kundalini,

Created by Tania Magdalene - The Academy of Ancient Magik


Students: 2177, Price: $99.99

Students: 2177, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this very comprehensive Professional One to One Chakra Healing Practitioner Course , in this course you will learn everything you need to know to set up in business as a Chakra Healing Practitioner.

Your training qualifies you to practise professionally and to get insurance as a Chakra Healing Practitioner which makes it very unique.

  • Learn about the aura and the 7 subtle energy bodies

  • Get some real indeeeeepth knowledge about the chakras

  • Learn how to activate you own Chi from within to use for healing

  • Learn about the Merkabah field and how you can support yourself and your clients with the fantastic procedures that you will learn.

  • Learn about the Kundalini fire and understand how you are already experiencing this fire and most likely never realised.

  • Learn how to channel Kundalini energy

  • Learn about pendulums and their use as healing tools.

  • Learn 7 different procedures that make up the Chakra Healing

  • Learn how to use crystals for chakra healing etc etc

You will be supported throughout by me as your online tutor should you need help.

I love what I do and with over 28,000 students and thousands of reviews I hope that shows, together we are making a HUGE difference

Blessings in the light


Spiritual Healing: 21-Days of Energy Healing

Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Intuitive Healing, Spirituality, Chakras

Created by Antasha Durbin Solomon - Self-help Author, Spiritual Blogger, Student of the Universe


Students: 2067, Price: $49.99

Students: 2067, Price:  Paid

In this 21-day healing course you'll be guided to work through 21 different issues that are holding you back from living an authentic, free, fulfilling life. Each module focuses on a singular issue so you can isolate that issue within yourself, acknowledge it and become aware of where it stems from, and then work to heal it.

Featuring video modules, daily journal templates, assignments, and more, this hands-on course will be your energy healing guide for the next 21-days so you can work through fear, doubts, limiting self-beliefs, and more in a productive and loving manner.

At the end of this course, you can expect to feel freer, lighter, and more in touch with your empowered self!

Reiki Solas® 1&2 Practitioner Certification Energy Healing

Learn Reiki Solas® 1&2, get certified in Reiki energy healing & chakra cleansing & be a spiritual healing practitioner.

Created by YOGI RICKY MATHIESON - Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Master, Reiki Master & Spiritual Guide.


Students: 1944, Price: $129.99

Students: 1944, Price:  Paid

Reiki Solas® is an advanced system of chakra energy healing and spiritual healing taught and guided by Yogi Ricky Mathieson. 'Solas' means 'Light' in Scottish Gaelic and references the spiritual illumination these courses offer you.

Learn Reiki Solas® Level 1 & 2, a unique and advanced system for chakra healing, self-healing, personal growth and spiritual healing and uncover the secrets to achieving true lasting peace, happiness and joy.

This advanced Reiki training includes Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki training, plus additional advanced spiritual energy healing techniques, plus full Reiki certification and a free certificate of completion.

Learn the Life Changing Concepts, Tools and Secret Practices for Becoming a Fully Certified Reiki Solas® Practitioner.  

  • Learn advanced techniques for health & happiness from Yogi Ricky Mathieson

  • Achieve the power and capability to influence your environment

  • Reveal the secrets to making your goals and wishes become reality

  • Recognize your ability to positively influence your health and well-being

The power to succeed is within your hands

Learning Reiki Solas®, my unique system of energy channelling, puts the power to create positive change within your capable hands. You will learn the traditional Usui Reiki system of healing as well as uncover advanced techniques, symbols and wisdom from me, Yogi and Reiki Master Ricky Mathieson, and have access to my 19 years experience of energy channelling.   

Upon successful completion of this eCourse you will have all the skills necessary to set-up your own Reiki practice and provide Reiki healing treatments to the general public. You'll also discover all the tools necessary for creating positive change in the lives of your clients as well as yourself.     


Content & Overview of Your Course

Suitable for the complete beginner, these 71 extensive lectures will help you build a firm knowledge and practical ability to successfully perform Reiki for yourself and others.     

Each course level includes a mixture of live headshot video tutorials, end of level quizzes, advanced techniques, empowering tips and practical real life assignments so you can put your new found skills to immediate use.     

Starting with your Reiki Solas® Level 1 eCourse, you will lay a firm foundation onto which you'll build more advanced practices. In your Reiki Solas® Level 2 eCourse I'll share advanced techniques that reveal how to heal from the inside and develop the true lasting peace and happiness you deserve.   

You'll also receive a free complementary gift of a further two powerful Reiki symbols to help promote deep healing and help you maintain a finer balance and harmony in your life.   

Upon completion of these two levels of Reiki Solas® you will have discovered the advanced wisdom and techniques necessary for creating positive change in the life of yourself and others and will uncover the secrets to making your goals and wishes become a reality. All while developing the good health and well-being to enjoy these successes.   

Mudras for Beginners: Self Healing Techniques

Ultimate guide to using Simple Hand Gestures for Everlasting Health

Created by Hemant Jain - Life Coach & Trainer


Students: 1941, Price: Free

Students: 1941, Price:  Free

What is a Mudra?

To put it simply, a Mudra is a hand gesture (using our fingers and thumb) that guides the energy flow to specific areas of the brain. There are many types of Mudras designed to bring different benefits, depending on what we specifically need. By practicing Mudras, a connection is developed with the patterns in the brain that influences the unconscious reflexes in the different areas. The internal energy is, in turn, balanced and redirected, creating an impact on mind and body.

Our body is a mini world made of five elements, Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water and when there is disturbance in these elements, it can lead to an imbalanced mind and cause our body to suffer from diseases.

Mudras are a boon to mankind. The ancient science of Mudras is one of the greatest and finest gifts to the world. This science imparts knowledge that leads to self discovery, while providing a means to balance and maintain health independently and maximize the joy of living.

The science of Mudras, a part of Yoga, is based on the fundamental principles of life, namely, the five elements as discussed above.

The Sages discovered that the whole creation is composed of the five elements mentioned above. They also deduced that the human structure is a miniature form of the universe and hence is also composed of the same five elements. Therefore they concluded that the secret of good health depends on the balance of the elements within the body and the imbalance in these five elements causes diseases of the body and mind.

The Mudras are comprehensive in nature. They create inner peace and strength; eliminate fatigue and anxiety; promote physical and emotional health; help relieve stress, depression and anger. They calm the mind, sharpen the intellect, and promote love, happiness, prosperity and longevity.


Spirit Releasement Therapy – Spiritual Entity Healing

Earthbound Spirits, DFEs and ETs; Learn about & manage spontaneous entity events during spiritual healing sessions.

Created by Mark Beale - Past Life Awakening Institute, Trainer & Mentor


Students: 1850, Price: $99.99

Students: 1850, Price:  Paid

Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) helps you understand and manage clients with literal spiritual issues, of entities that become inappropriate spirit attachments, that are best released.

What is Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), and is SRT for me?

  • Have you had unusual spiritual, emotional, verbal or physical reactions from clients, especially during hypnotherapy or past life regression sessions?

  • Have you had unusual reactions from clients, during your Reiki, Mediation, Energy or Spiritual Healing sessions?

  • Do you work with Spirit Guides and Angels, or work as a Psychic, Medium or Intuitive Empath? Has any ‘light work’ at times ever turned deceptive, grey or dark?

  • Have you had unusual inner spiritual experiences yourself in mediation, or while communicating with spirits that became uncomfortable?

  • Are you interested in connecting with the spiritual world for yourself or with others responsibly, so you can manage anything that arises?

This course can help with healing your clients, yourself and certain spirits, and give skills to protect and avoid unhelpful situations.

This is a Intermediate Level Course, and a Practical Guide for;

  1. Therapists to manage spontaneous spirit attachments that arise in their clients in sessions. This can occur during past life regression, hypnotherapy or many forms of spiritual healing like reiki and psychic sessions, or while doing psychic or mediumship work.

  2. Non-therapists to understand what is happening if they have spirit attachment issues, so they can do some simple releasement themselves, or seek out a therapist to help with a complex spirit releasement.

Advanced Level Training;

  1. There is a limit to what can and should be communicated about SRT on video alone.

  2. If you are a professional looking to give intentional SRT sessions for clients with complex, advanced cases, you should you have complex, advanced training and mentoring - which is beyond the scope of any Udemy course.

  3. My Past Life Awakening Institute offers Advanced Training for professionals therapists looking to do Intentional SRT, including challenging cases. This means advanced professional training and mentoring, that you can apply for at my website, the Past Life Awakening Institute.

Understanding SRT

The course focuses on identifying a range of spirits you can encounter in a therapeutic context, including Spirit Guides, Earthbound Spirits and Dark Force Entities (DFEs).

We then apply the appropriate initial releasement techniques, including help from the Rescue Spirits of Lights, Archangel Michael and the Spirit Guide of the client and therapist.

The means of spirit communication is mainly through the voice of your client, as spirits speak to your client. We cover therapy to heal the attachment, and ongoing therapy to go to the cause, and prevent future attachment.

The course uses a few teaching styles and includes;

  • A Manual With Scripts And Dialogue; to use word-for-word in sessions.

  • Audio Program - One Hour; a four part guided meditation to check for and release any simple spirit attachments.

  • Cases Studies; Major stories to illustrate the core techniques. Gives the big picture story of doing spirit releasement with a client from the start to finish, to bring it all together.

Additional Resources

  • Intake Form; to give clients

  • Final Client Assessment; form to ensure appropriate sessions

  • Preparation For Online Zoom Sessions Form; a checklist and guide for online sessions.

Reviews For Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). Thank you.

  • "An Amazing Course and great trainer. Now I will have the ability to help both client and spirit in my healing sessions."

  • "This course is really helpful when you are a naturopath and people with severe trauma related psychological problems come to your practice for help. The calm talking in his video lectures make the heavy stuff you get to learn nearly easy to digest. It makes it easier to distinguish between clients you have to send back to their GP in order to get a referral for psychological help, and those who can be helped with the knowledge from this course. So this course can lessen the anxiousness for getting heavy burdened clients in your practice.”

  • "After going right through this training for the second time its made me realize that the information provided is even richer in content than I first thought. It is also very clearly explained which has made it really easy for me to learn and integrate into my understanding. The audio and text resources are very useful and handy to refer back to if needed. I also like the neutral non-dual approach, this really resonates deeply with me. Excellent training Mark! Thanks so much :-)”

This course comes with the Udemy Certificate of Completion. There are no additional certificates from my Past Life Awakening Institute for courses taken on Udemy.

The Past Life Awakening Institute has Video Courses like those on Udemy, but they come with a Certificate of Completion from the Past Life Awakening Institute. Many of these are exclusive to the Past Life Awakening Institute. They come in a bundle of interconnected courses, to be taken in this order;

1) Clinical Hypnosis
2) Clinical Hypnotherapy
3) Past Life Regression Therapy
4) Past Lives For Healers
5) Past Life Regression Demonstrated - Online Sessions
6) Past Lives For Romantic Soulmates & Relationships
7) NLP For Therapists
8) Spirit Releasement Therapy

I also offer Past Life Regression & SRT Sessions via Zoom, and advanced Certified Therapist training.

Go to the Past Life Awakening Institute Website and Youtube via Google, or the link on the Instructor Bio page.

Thanks, Mark :)

Reiki: An introduction To Reiki healing

know about Reiki, reiki History and how to perform Reiki & heal yourself with reiki

Created by Expert Online - LEARN IN A NEW WAY !


Students: 1650, Price: Free

Students: 1650, Price:  Free

I welcome you in this free course where I will share with you an introduction to Reiki healing. What is Reiki and how to perform Reiki on yourself for healing and making your life more peaceful and achieve a balance in your life. Reiki is about working with the powerful energies that have always been prevalent and is as old as the Universe itself. By being attuned you agree to become a channel for Pure Universal Energy. Reiki will indeed have an extraordinary effect on your life for the better. It is the higher self’s connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. We are all born with the well-informed wisdom to heal and preserve life. All living things are connected with each other. Our ancestors used and trusted on their own abilities. Unfortunately, these basic skills have been forgotten and are rarely used today. Humanity in its persistent ambition for progress has given up its most precious and natural gift. The skills and techniques associated with Reiki are simple and easy to learn. Small children and adults can equally understand and combine this ancient form of healing into their lives. Reiki is being practiced throughout the world and it is not specified to a certain religion. Hope you will learn new things from it.

Good Luck!

Activate Your Palm Chakras For Peace & Spiritual Health

How to effectively engage in prayer position, a spiritual practice for deep healing accessing the power in your palms.

Created by Sharon Ramel - Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess


Students: 1220, Price: $94.99

Students: 1220, Price:  Paid

Learn how to access the power in your palm chakras today in this unique course. It is the only one available here on Udemy. Join Sharon Ramel - the pioneer instructor teaching here on Udemy in Shamanism and Chakras

  • Sharon offers you a certificate of attunement by request for free at the end of this course.

What Others Are Saying About This Course:

"Sehr schöner Kurs" Thomas G

"I have recently completed Reiki Master certification and desire to enhance the energy used, Sharon is warm and engaging, drawing you in to participate and discover more ways to channel energy to heal yourself and other." Kimmarie B

"A perfect match for my reiki practice. Sharon gives clear and informative instructions, and her teachings come from her heart." Doris K

If you are on a spiritual path, this course is a precious gem bringing mindfulness for spiritual and personal development. There is a mystery and power that lives with each and every one of us, it is up to us to know there are beautiful wild forces within us. Discover them here and now to improve your lifestyle in a gentle way. We will be working together in a very practical course as we explore expanding the warmth, the wealth, the wonder of utilising our palms chakras - secondary chakras. This is a power-packed hand position and you will not only discover why but be given genuine practical ways to utilise prayer position. Know that you cannot be taught that which you do not know - this knowledge I speak of in within you, dormant, waiting to be rekindled.

If you have ever attended a yoga class or a church or temple you will be familiar with the classic prayer position gesture of drawing your hands, palms together to your heart centre. At sacred gatherings Namaste, Amen, Shalom, Blessed Be are common closures used to complete at prayer, at ritual or any sacred, spiritual intent to incorporate the experience into their lives. Spiritual healing is available here and now for core nurturing personal development and expanding your self-esteem.

If you're already a healer in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) you'll be able to quickly apply and integrate these practices in your own life and work with them to provide healing to others.

What You Will Discover On The Course:

  1. Introduction to Anjali Mudra and power of prayer position

  2. How to exercises to activate your palm chakras

  3. Discover how to do toning to increase the vibrational power in your palm chakras

  4. Learn a powerful Reiki exercise to expand the power in your hands

  5. How to do an Anjali mudra meditation - (heart chakra)

  6. Perform a powerful partnered meditation to give and receive

  7. Learn how to do Om Namaya meditation

  8. Discover how to do the Lotus Heart meditation

  9. Learn a Third Eye, Lips and Heart offering

  10. Join me in a quick palm chakra health tune-up to complete this course

Explore the self-development benefits of this classic position. Come with me and together we will explore the deeper possibilities of this powerful hand position or mudra. (Mudra means hand position in Sanskrit).  This is a course presented in two halves. The first half we shall investigate the chakras in our hands, there will be a number of easy to learn very practical, powerful exercises that we will do together to feel into these centres and boost the energy within them. The second half focuses on using the increased power in your palm chakras, once again we are actively engaged together as we discover how to raise our vibrational level during a series of dynamic movement meditations.

Signs that your hand chakras may be blocked include:

  • You have a lack of creativity and inability to express yourself artistically

  • Inside you are feeling closed off or numb

  • You feel you have a lack of connection with the world and with other people

Prayer position is a universal symbol from the priests in the churches to the Dalai Lama peering over his fingertips. It is a little something that is both simple and profound that we can use and take heart from and find spiritual healing peace within.

Palm Chakra Functions:

  1. Send and receive energy

  2. Scan auras

  3. Assist in balancing emotional, mental and spiritual being

  4. Self Healing

  5. Healing others

Our Palm Chakras can Stimulate Other Chakras

  1. When we are excited we naturally draw our hands to our heart chakra

  2. When we are saddened or depressed we naturally draw our hands to our heads

  3. During confusion or an argument, we naturally draw our hands to our throat chakra

  4. On meeting someone we naturally bring our right hand forward directing energy from our heart chakra.

Some of the Gifts Of Balanced Palm Chakras

  1. How to manifest openness

  2. Discover enhanced creativity

  3. Do accurate aura scanning

  4. Have the ability to charge or attune objects

  5. Be able to send and receive energy with ease

    What is your heart whispering? Pulling you towards? Personal development to improve your lifestyle? The power of prayer position will take you into a deeper level of spiritual healing practice. Enrol today. Your guide Sharon Ramel is here with you daily to assist answering your questions.

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 - $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.

As you know Udemy offers you a certificate of completion at the end of this course. However, I am happy to offer you a certificate of completion for any course of mine that you complete. Please ONLY message me through Udemy when you have completed the course. Note - I will not answer any requests for this outside of Udemy as I need to verify that you have completed the course!

Please Note: All students who enrol in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses.

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Practical Distance Healing You Can Do – Quick Course

How To Do 6 Alternative Healing Techniques From A Distance

Created by Bill Haberman - Author, Teacher and Spiritual Advisor


Students: 1094, Price: Free

Students: 1094, Price:  Free

In this course you will be introduced to several healing techniques that can be used while being distant from the one needing assistance. 

You can be across the room or around the world, but nevertheless you can make a difference. 

These practices are simple and effective and proven effective by many distance healers. 

Professional Certification in Spiritual Healing – ACCREDITED

Heal through Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Angelic Healing, Shamanic Healing & Spirituality

Created by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor at Victoria University, Uganda


Students: 859, Price: $99.99

Students: 859, Price:  Paid

This step-by-step course will enable you to heal yourself and others through a wide range of spiritual healing techniques i.e. Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Angelic Healing, Shamanic Healing & Spirituality. You will also learn to sensitize your psychic senses (Clair senses i.e. Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance), open your third eye, and balance your chakras in order to assess and heal.

The accredited certificate will be provided by the Virtued Academy International.

This skill can be very helpful in a range of other fields e.g. self-improvement; the skills of shaman/ shamanism (witchcraft or Wicca/ soul retrieval), communication with angels/ archangels (angelic communication); meditation and mindfulness; lucid dreaming, hypnosis/ self-hypnosis/ hypnotherapy, self-Acceptance/ self-love, self-esteem, attraction, likability, and radiate confidence through the spiritual law of attraction, spiritual personality development or personal development and spiritual soft skills, business communication skills, public speaking, self presentation skills and social skills; tantra / tantric sex, astral projection / astral travel / Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), do forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku and build nature connection for nonverbal communication i.e. telepathy, plant/human/animal communication, mind reading / mentalism / mentalist (without doing magic tricks), and lie detection; seeing past, future and manifestation; Qigong (Qi Gong), karmic or akashic records, karma, intuition development, remote viewing, consciousness, spirituality, spiritual coach / coaching, life coach / coaching, spiritual healing, energy healing, pranic healing, spiritual quantum physics or metaphysics, mystic philosophy (mysticism), color therapy/ colour therapy, hoodoo and conjure, past lives, past life regression, Tarot card reading, Angel card reading, Oracle card reading, and dowsing or divining rods etc.

Past Lives For Healers – 3 Sessions of Spiritual Regression

Sessions of Past Life Regression, This Life Hypnotherapy & Future Life Progression & resources to aid your healers path

Created by Mark Beale - Past Life Awakening Institute, Trainer & Mentor


Students: 697, Price: $94.99

Students: 697, Price:  Paid

A program of Past Life Therapy to get personal sessions as a client.

This course acts as a personal session to shift your healing career to a new level.

* Are you a newer healer, needing confidence to go fully professional?

Are blocks affecting you in sessions, or preventing you from taking sessions, or from charging a higher price for sessions? Do you have doubts if you can be a healer, of if healing fits your life purpose?

Are you a certified healer, yet feel inside ‘I am not a real healer’ because you don’t have much experience, which can block you from getting experience.

What if you could recall lifetimes of experience as a healer, and see future lives as a healer?

This course can help move you from being a student, to a professional. Get an inner clarity and connection that launches your healing path into action.

* Are you an experienced healer at career crossroads, or a low point?

Do you need to reconnect with your purpose as a healer, to get back the motivation, inspiration and confidence you once had?

Do you need to disconnect from blocks that prevent you going up to the next level of creative and financial fulfillment? Or are blocks pulling you down, and possibly out of healing?

This course can be a form of mentoring to revitalize your healing skills, passion and sense of life purpose, to break out of a rut and break through to a new level.

* Do you know if you were a healer in past lives? Do you know the full story, and how that is affecting your journey as a healer in this life?

Past life karma has a powerful affect on your present and future. Understand and work with it, so it works for you, and not against you.

When you know who you really are at a deep level, your spiritual evolution goes to another level, and uplifts your evolution as a healer.

Course Structure & PLRT Process;

* The program focuses on Past Lives related to a calling or profession as a healer.

There is a difference between simply regressing and recalling part of a past life, and having Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

PLRT done professionally has implicit within it three other highly connected forms of regression therapy, so sessions include;

0) Interviews; to focus on presenting issues related to the healer journey. And pre-talks to prepare for hypnotic inductions and guided meditations.

1) Age Regression Hypnotherapy; to clarify the presenting issue and story in this life, that connects with past lives.

2) Past Life Regression; to clarify the past lives causes, events and people, and begin to work with, or be at peace with, the karmic effects.

3) Future Life Progression; to see how learning spiritual lessons effects our path into this life and the next, growing confidence, motivation and life purpose.

Course Highlights;

- Case Study Exercises; guide you to write your own past life case studies, focusing on your journey as a healer over time.

- Case Study Examples; from my past lives relating to healing, illustrating themes relevant to most healers.

- Clarify your own goals with worksheets and interviews before sessions.

- Understand each technique and key themes with pre and post session talks.

- Experience three regressions to the Present, Past and Future lives.

- Get therapeutic resolutions to enhance your core healing practice.

* Your experiences can relate to my past lives connected to healing.

In this course, I will share details and spiritual themes of my past lives, including how they intertwine, teach lessons and resolve karma.

On my ‘Stages To Becoming A Healer,’ a set of connected lives all take place in India, but over 2,500 years in distinctly Buddhist, Hindu and British eras.

On my ‘The Healer’s Path’ we visit past lives to reconnect with abilities from the sleep temples of Egypt, remove blocks from a monastic life in Tibet, and find a soulmate from many lives who is vital to my progress as a healer in this life.

This course comes with the Udemy Certificate of Completion. There are no additional certificates from my Past Life Awakening Institute for courses taken on Udemy.

The Past Life Awakening Institute has Video Courses like those on Udemy, but they come with a Certificate of Completion from the Past Life Awakening Institute. Many of these are exclusive to the Past Life Awakening Institute. They come in a bundle of interconnected courses, to be taken in this order;

1) Clinical Hypnosis
2) Clinical Hypnotherapy
3) Past Life Regression Therapy
4) Past Lives For Healers
5) Past Life Regression Demonstrated - Online Sessions
6) Past Lives For Romantic Soulmates & Relationships
7) NLP For Therapists
8) Spirit Releasement Therapy

I also offer Past Life Regression & SRT Sessions via Zoom, and advanced Certified Therapist training.

Go to the Past Life Awakening Institute Website and Youtube via Google, or the link on the Instructor Bio page.

Thanks, Mark :)

The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah spiritual healing – Level-1

Implementing the 72 Divine codes for healing, transformation and connecting with Universal abundance

Created by Orna Ben-Shoshan - Teacher of Kabbalah and spirituality


Students: 651, Price: $29.99

Students: 651, Price:  Paid

The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah tools for healing and transformation – level 1

This course provides you with practical tools for spiritual healing, personal transformation and drawing abundance to all areas of your life.

In this experiential course, you will learn about the virtues of the sacred names, their special energetic vibrations, and how to implement them in practice.

You will practice different Kabbalistic Meditation techniques and learn to apply the knowledge of the 72 Names of God for different purposes.

You will also learn essential concepts in Kabbalah, which will deepen your understanding about the big cosmic plan – the Thought of Creation - and how it is manifested in your life.

By utilizing the powers of the 72 Hebrew letter combinations, you can solve ongoing problems in your life, heal yourself, remove blockages and reach success and personal fulfillment.

Another important advantage of this course is, that you will learn to identify, read, write, and visualize Hebrew letters.

The course is instructed by a native Hebrew speaker.

The “72 Names of God” are 72 letter combinations of 3 letters each, that are encrypted in the Bible.

They serve as Divine codes for connecting with the spiritual worlds, and channels for drawing light and abundance to ourselves, here in the physical world.

The 72 Names of God generated one of the biggest miracles in human history.

They are now available to mankind for spiritual transformation and soul rectification.

Working with the 72 Names of God, is the most effective way to solve your ongoing problems from the root,

- To get immediate relief in stressful circumstances,

- Expand your consciousness,

- Control your destiny,

and bring light, hope and balance into your life.

This is the first level in which you will get to know to the powerful spiritual powers of the 72 Names of God.

When we work with sacred names that are attributed to the Creator, we must get to know their essence and treat them with all the gravity and respect they deserve.

In the first few lessons, you will acquire a lot of background information about the sacred letter combinations.

This background knowledge is very important, because before starting to implement these enormous powers in practice, you must know what you are working with.

Along the course we shall discuss the important topics of abundance, livelihood, self-realization, removal of blockages, and inscribe letter combinations to improve these areas in life.

You will practice writing the Hebrew letter combinations, and the receive assignments that will help you deepen your understanding in the learning materials.

Shamanic Art and Tools for Healing and Spiritual Development

Shamanic Wisdom, Tools, Rituals and Therapeutic Art Projects to Create Harmony & Align with Your Higher Self and Purpose

Created by Joeel & Natalie Rivera - Top Udemy instructor with over 300,000 students


Students: 590, Price: $109.99

Students: 590, Price:  Paid

We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development category. Our courses have been taken by over 300,000+ happy students from 195 countries.

We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.


<<<<If you would prefer to take a version of this course that teaches you how to use these tools and activities as a LIFE COACH, check out the "Therapeutic Art Shamanic Life Coach Certification" course.>>>

Do you want to create more harmony, balance and joy in your life?

Reconnect to your roots and your inspiration and awaken your higher self?

Then join us on a journey into Shamanic Art, in which you will use creative art and rituals that have been used for thousands of years to create greater harmony, health and well-being.

Shamanism is based on ancient indigenous cultures and tribes from around the world, including medicine people, healers, herbalists, storytellers and artisans. Apply this powerful ancient wisdom in your own life using creative therapeutic art exercises, sound healing and movement that restores your connection to nature and your higher self.

In this course, you will integrate your whole self—mind, body and spirit—restoring balance and remembering your birth song, which is calling you to live life fully as your true, authentic self.

You’ll learn more than 20 Therapeutic Art Activities, Shamanic Tools and Meditations including creating a totem card deck, smudging feather art project, creating sacred scrolls, and a surrender box.

You’ll practice Shamanic Rituals, Sound Healing, Mantras and Shamanic Dance, as well as Create Sacred Space.

You’ll restore your connection to nature through developing an understanding of Nature Cycles, the elements, the Chakra System, Animal Wisdom, Stones & Crystals, and more.

Plus, you’ll dive into the power of symbolism to unlock the power of the mind, and use these tools and rituals you learn to surrender limiting beliefs and create a vibrant life that is filled with gratitude and in alignment with your higher purpose.

This course is designed for adults but is transformational for any age. ANYONE can use therapeutic and Shamanic art exercises—NO ARTISTIC ABILITY IS REQUIRED!


This course is brought to you by Transformation Academy. Instructors Joeel & Natalie are life coach trainers with over 300,000+ students and they’re collaborating with Victoria Hawkins to bring you this Shamanic Art Course!

Victoria Hawkins, or the Suburban Shaman, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, artist, yoga and dance instructor, and workshop facilitator. She has been working with students and clients of all ages for over 20 years; incorporating art, creative movement, Shamanic wisdom teachings, creative writing, psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation.

Copyright ©️ Transformation Services, Inc. | All Rights Reserved

Spiritual Healing Through The Divine Feminine And Masculine

This Spiritual Healing course brings together your divine soul into your relationships, twin flames and life.

Created by Julian Jenkins - Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher


Students: 520, Price: $39.99

Students: 520, Price:  Paid

Julian Jenkins and Rev Linda Rauch will be exploring the Divine Masculine and Feminine, looking at how we can access these qualities, how they are embodied in Gods and Goddesses and how our upbringing influences how we connect to these Divine aspects within. The course includes some deepening meditations to help recognise our Divinity and heal our wounds.

EFT Tapping 5 – Emotional and Spiritual Healing with EFT

Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap away various emotional pains.

Created by Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D. - Best-Selling Instructor, Author and Podcast Host


Students: 328, Price: $94.99

Students: 328, Price:  Paid

"I continue to find the value of these EFT courses. I have completed 1 through 4 and notice a difference in not only how I feel, but how I cope. I agree that daily practice is crucial, not only for clearing blockages and easing emotions, but also for helping others with EFT, as I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I highly recommend these courses." Laura Reed


"I love the personal sharing and examples! It sure makes me think through the many layers of emotional pain, which can make it so tricky to heal. Now I have a tool that finally gets to the root of the issue. Thank you!" Mara K.D.


Is your life filled with EMOTIONAL PAIN?

Is BETRAYAL making it nearly impossible to move on?

Or perhaps the UGLINESS of the world is so heavy that you're wondering what's the point of it all anyway?

Then EFT can help!

If the following words sound like healing balm to your heart...


...then read on.


No one is immune to emotional pain and it could actually be counter-productive not to feel hurt when we experience things such as loss or betrayal.

In other words, pain can be a great teacher.

All we need to do is quickly recognize the lesson, make changes accordingly and triumphantly move on.

Easier said than done, right?

Yes and no.

There is a difference to being squashed by the betrayals of the world and losing all hope, or having a quick and efficient tool to working through the pain and re-emerging victoriously.

What you will learn in this EFT course is how to quickly navigate through trouble by transmuting and transcending emotional pain.

We do this not by sticking our head in the sand and pretending that the issue doesn't exist, but by looking at the cause, acknowledging the pain and then transmuting it with the help of EFT.


In this course you will participate in the following EFT tapping sessions:

  • Financial worries

  • Divorce

  • Betrayal

  • Loss of a job

  • Loss of pet

  • Loss or change of physical abilities

PRINTABLE PRACTICE EFT SESSIONS (for student to practice)

Additionally you will receive several printable handouts with dozens of starting sentences related to:

  • Various causes of emotional pain

  • Dozens of types of losses

  • Forgiveness and apologies

  • Taking back your power

  • Moving forward


  • TRANSMUTE AND TRANSFORM: Learning how to quickly acknowledge, understand and then transmute emotional pain into precious life lessons helps you refocus to what's really important.

  • HEAL QUICKLY, SAVE TIME: With these tapping sessions you will save time (and heart ache) and become your life's creator, rather than waiting for someone to come rescue you (or worse, reaching for pain numbing medication).

  • SAVE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY: Tapping sessions may help reduce (or even eliminate) expensive talk therapy or expensive medication to cloud your emotions. Likewise, when you are not feeling sad or depressed all the time, you can move on to dedicating your time to what truly matters to you in life.


When you gain access to the course material you will receive a special template to creating your own EFT journey while measuring your ongoing EFT success.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can heal from emotional pain!


I reward hard work and when you complete 100% of the course material you will receive another special bonus to help in your healing process. You will receive a 50-minute guided visualization that will help you in healing emotional pain and reconstructing your DNA with visualization. IMPORTANT: This bonus is free for Udemy students only but in order to protect the meditation from unauthorized download you will need to register off-site to download the mp3 file.


  • Take EFT course No. 1 - Introduction to EFT (pre-requisite).

  • Take EFT course No. 2 - Self Love and Self-Awareness (strongly encouraged).

  • Take EFT course No. 3 - Tapping the Future (strongly encouraged).


  • You will not learn basic EFT meridian points and their corresponding organs. This is covered in EFT course No. 1, which is a pre-requisite to taking this course.

  • You will not learn advanced EFT meridian points and their corresponding organs. This is covered in EFT course No. 2, which is strongly recommended before signing up for this course.

Special Note: Please note that this course is not intended to eliminate or substitute professional diagnosis or treatment. If you are on prescription medication, please work with your doctor to regulate, increase, decrease or eliminate your medication.


"Cha zay does i again. Delivers a great subject matter to help people get through issues that may render them at a stop for years. I wish I had this course 6 years ago, but I know and embrace the life lesson I learned." Donna Jones


Keywords: #EFT, #EmotionalFreedomTechnique, #Tapping, #EFT-Therapy, #TheTappingSolution, EFT-Tapping-Points, #GaryCraig, #EmotionallyFocusedTherapy, #Self-Help, #Personal-Development, #Self-Improvement, #EmotionalHealing, #SpiritualHealing, #TFT, #ToughtFieldTherapy

The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah spiritual healing – Level-2

Implementing the 72 Divine codes for healing, transformation and connecting with Universal abundance

Created by Orna Ben-Shoshan - Teacher of Kabbalah and spirituality


Students: 281, Price: $29.99

Students: 281, Price:  Paid

In this course we shall continue to deepen our knowledge about the 72 Names of God and acquire additional practical tools to implement them in life.

To participate in this course, you need to complete level-1 of “The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah tools for healing and transformation”.

You must be familiar with the basic knowledge of the sacred names so you can understand what you are working with.

Level-2 of the course continues from the point where level-1 was completed.

We shall go deeper into healing work and learn how to choose the letter combinations for deep healing.

Another important topic you will learn is process work through which you will define your vision, and remove the obstacles that stand in your way one by one.

You will explore different groups of letter combinations that will help you heal and transform many areas of your life so you can reach joy, abundance and fulfillment.

You will also learn essential concepts in Kabbalah, which will deepen your understanding about the big cosmic plan – the Thought of Creation - and how it is manifested in your life.

Throughout the course, we shall practice different meditation techniques that will enrich your experience with the letter combinations.

Working with the 72 Names of God, is the most effective way to solve your ongoing problems from the root, to get immediate relief in stressful circumstances, expand your consciousness, control your destiny, realize your purpose in the world, and bring light, hope and balance into your life.

Manifest your Divine Purpose as a Healer

Get aligned to your Soul mission and manifest your Spiritual Purpose as a Healer

Created by Melissa Habibi - Soul Healer, Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach


Students: 280, Price: $49.99

Students: 280, Price:  Paid

Ready to start the journey of sharing your Healing Gifts with the world but your not sure where to begin or how to get started?

Manifesting your purpose as a Healer can feel overwhelming, confusing and fearful.

There are so many thoughts and concerns that can be holding you back such as:

→ Is it worth me pursuing this?

→ I am not ready or good enough yet

→ It is safe for me to put myself put there?

→ I will never be able to earn money from this.

→ I fear people will judge me or I will be humiliated

During this 3 part training you will be supported by Melissa Habibi, Soul Healer and Spiritual Purpose coach, who has over 10 years of experience of creating and developing a Healing & Spiritual business.

You will be supported to OVERCOME your fears and doubts of becoming a Healer and Manifesting your Spiritual business so that you can BREAK THROUGH any stuckness and stagnation and start creating rapid progress in manifesting your Healing Gifts, Spiritual Offerings and Soul-aligned Business!

In this training you will be supported to...

→ Refine your Soul’s Destiny, Vibration & Impact And become fully aligned to the Universe, empower your role as a Healer and utilise your gifts to create powerful impact in the world

→ Step into your DIVINE POWER and manifest your Divine Essence and Spiritual gifts into physical form

→ Manifest your Spiritual Business and get started with simple tools, systems and mindset for offering your healing/coaching services

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers with Past Lives

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Regression to This Life and Past Lives. Assist Spiritual Awakening and being a Healer.

Created by Mark Beale - Past Life Awakening Institute, Trainer & Mentor


Students: 267, Price: Free

Students: 267, Price:  Free

Learn a hypnotic process of inductions, deepeners, suggestibility tests, age regression and initial past life regression to enhance your healing sessions or spiritual awakening.

Give a session to your clients, and receive a session, focusing on your spiritual path and being healer.

1) Learn Hypnotic Inductions, deepeners and suggestibility tests.

2) Do a Regression to This Life to;

a) reconnect with resources of Spiritual Strength, like powerful inner or outer experiences in your life.

b) overcome false limiting beliefs, and discover true empowering beliefs.

3) Do an Initial Past Life Regression to;

a) reconnect with past positive spiritual development and influential soulmates.

b) disconnect past negative emotion and limiting beliefs. Understand and resolve old repeating patterns.

Scriptbook; Use the Scriptbook as a guide to give your clients a hypnosis and regression session, focused on their Spiritual Awakening & Healers path.

Audio Session; Download the one hour audio mp3 regression session to have your own hypnosis experience for Spiritual Awakening & Healers. Worksheets let you write your focused pre-session issues and intentions, and your post-session case study and realizations.

Hypnosis is a foundation for personal sessions or training in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Between Lives Regression Therapy or Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Past Life Awakening Institute

Reviews from the Past Life Awakening Institute website free version

As a current hypnotherapist, I was happy to gain some new tips from this course.  It was very well put together and informative. - PW

Excellent and well-presented. Very insightful and useful for practitioners of all levels. Thank you. - GA

I am a QHHT practitioner, I have done few session with clients and I am happy from what I learned in your training. I have learned good tips and another approach for PLRT, its a great complement to my actual training. Thank you Mark for this free training. - BG

An excellent overview of hypnotherapy as applicable to healers and the spiritually inclined. For me, it was also a good hypnotherapy refresher course. As always, Mark is a fantastic teacher — clear, experienced, and no nonsense. I love all of his teaching work and look forward to completing further training with him. - AM

Spiritual Healing Advisor, Coach & Medium Certification

Awaken Your Mediumship, Spiritual Intuitiveness, Healing, Empathic Abilities, Use Crystals, Totem Animals, Sense Spirits

Created by Sufani Garza - Alternative Healing Therapist, Reiki Master, Counselor


Students: 204, Price: $89.99

Students: 204, Price:  Paid

About the Spiritual Advisor Certification Course

My journey in healing and spirituality started over 21 years ago. It's been a very long journey of learning, growing and exploring. In this course you will benefit from a long pilgrimage to understand life, spirituality, God and wisdom, crossing into many modalities, tools and spirit knowledge. This course was designed for those seeking truth, meaning, understanding of their abilities as a medium, clairvoyant, psychic or empath, about the other-side, ghosts, spirit guides and demons, how to develop certain abilities that already reside within, or have revealed themselves, and understand certain complicated teachings from my perspective, to then help others on their journey. In this course I share many tools of the trade in spirituality and development to help you acquire what you need to read the symbols you receive, I give references to use and how to use them in practice, discuss how to choose reference guides and tools, and act as a mentor to teach you what I know, as a teacher for you on your spiritual journey. This is in no way exhaustive, and I say this because spiritual growth never ends, and there are practices out there I am sure I have never heard of. But certainly, what you learn in this course, can be applied to all things that cross your path.

This course is very story oriented, conversational and intimate,  talking to you and sharing my experiences with real life clients, house clearings, seeing ghosts and talking with spirit guides, while educating you through stories and real life situations.  What this course is not is a course teaching you how to read the future, be a psychic, read tarot cards or certification in a specific modality. This course is not a chart/graph course loaded with PDFs, although there are some, as well as practice videos and a telepathic game guide. This is a certification in development of your specific gifts, in spiritual development, and you interpret how to translate them into your life and needs. From there you will feel confident in advising others on their own spiritual journey. See the course curriculum for specific teachings.

About Me

I come from a family of healers, with those who see & hear spirits, commune with nature and animals, do card readings, astral travel, talk with dead loved ones, channel beings, trance write,  talk with the dead for others, and translate numerology. Talking about these things is as natural to me as talking about the weather. When I told my sister the course curriculum she said, "How cool to have it all in one place." That was my sentiment exactly in making as much knowledge as I can available to answer questions, expose you to things you may not know, clear up confusing teachings and simply give you things to think about and help you in your personal development as a medium, clairvoyant or psychic (sorry if I left out a title).

Keep in mind that I implore everyone to be open to taking in the information, but in the end, encourage you to do what feels natural for yourself. With this course you are given my personal email and I will remain a spiritual mentor to you for life if you wish.

See you in class!



Resolution Therapist: (Pleiadian) Soul Care Provider

Removing Blocks, Manifesting, Soul Care, Spiritual & Emotional Healing, Guided Image Therapy, Visual Motor Rehearsal!

Created by Sufani Garza - Alternative Healing Therapist, Reiki Master, Counselor


Students: 64, Price: $94.99

Students: 64, Price:  Paid

In 2010 I had an experience. I was raising my vibration's and was surprised to meditate and hear a voice from the stars introduce itself and give me light technology information said to awaken our spiritual journey, and information within us that has been lying dormant. Although it is 11 years later and I am finally willing to teach this course, I believe I have been teaching the principles of these teachings to clients and students from the time I awakened to them so long ago. There is a reason why now is the time. We are more able to accept that we are part of a cosmic family, and accept the universal possibility that we are not alone. We need that message more than ever.

In this course you will deepen your understanding of your connection to the universe, how light technology works, the work we must still do to awaken the biology and healing power within us that guides our life, themes of light and dark, charka work, study of reality, intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, listening, and, you will have access to conversations I had with my star guide, Euclytus.

Like all my courses, I teach through conversation and stories. If you are looking for charts and graphs this may not be the course for you. This course will allow you to therapize yourself, so that you may serve as a guide to others. What you learn here you will apply first, and what you learn will be what you teach to others.

Message From Euclytus~ Star Guide, during the Pandemic

"Data blocks— physical blocks & confines are re-upping and dispersing tremendous power into elevating consciousness as concerned the “static” nature of the current human experience. The mass energy is coiled together in a singular experience in order to launch a new energetic program, if you will, into the consciousness of man. These energy frequencies will deliver a new propagation of thought, leading to mass, intrinsic dichotomy of the soul! A redirect and reconnect of soul purpose! During this time you will experience technology interference. Instead of frustration, say thank you, as the pause of busy-ness you experience is the launch of a new life! ~Euclytus

See you in class!

How to heal your spiritual wounds

Heal my wounds

Created by George Calleja - Christian Author


Students: 22, Price: $19.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

There are the good experiences and the not so good experiences that a person goes through in one’s life. Such experiences could lead a person to suffer a physical wound in one’s life. These same experiences, and others, could also lead the person to suffer spiritual wounds in his life. Wounds which distance us from the love of God also distance us from loving our neighbour.

This course will take you through this journey. A journey of exploring the spiritual wounds one could suffer in one’s life. Spiritual wounds which could be buried deep in one’s inner self, making it difficult for the individual to love one’s neighbour, to love family members and to be a person of mercy. These spiritual wounds often hinder us from having a personal relationship with Jesus.

The aim of the course is to know how one can be healed from spiritual wounds and recognize that such healing is only possible through Jesus. The course will cover different aspects of spiritual wounds which one can suffer in life. By the end of the course, students are expected to appreciate the healing power of the love of Jesus and that through prayer and faith, one will receive His healing.