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528 Hz Solfeggio Meditation- Ancient Sound Therapy

Learn the Lost Ancient Art of Sound Healing to Transform your Life, Repair DNA, and Activate your Higher Consciousness

Created by Dr. Jilesh Thilakan - Life coach, Psychotherapist,Reiki Grand Master,Artist, MBA


Students: 4494, Price: $89.99

Students: 4494, Price:  Paid

Welcome to 528 Hz Solfeggio Meditation-Ancient Sound therapy Course

In this course, you will discover the lost ancient art of sound healing to transform your life, Repair DNA and activate your higher consciousness.

Modern science is now beginning to recognize what the ancient mystics throughout the time have been saying that everything is in a constant state of vibration and therefore everything that is vibrating has a sound even it's not audible. Solfeggio frequency was long ago used in Gregorian chants & Indian Sanskrit chants. Ancient Indian Yogi's referred to this as OM.

These 528 Hz solfeggio meditation-sound therapy is highly capable of removing deep-rooted blockages, works to heal broken DNA, healing on all levels Emotional- Mental- Spiritual & Physical.

It's effective in healing Physical, generational, and emotional trauma in our DNA using vibrations & frequencies.

This course educates individuals on how to meditate on 528 Hz solfeggio frequencies to heal mind, body & spirit.

Potential Benefits gained after 528 Hz meditation-sound therapy:-


  • Body detoxifies

  • Feel & Look younger

  • The quickened ability for the body to heal itself

and much more...

Psychological & Emotional benefits:-

  • Less stress & worry

  • Sharper memory & quicker manifestation

  • Increased self-trust

and much more...

Relationship benefits:-

  • Attracting soul mates & soul family members

  • Seeing relationships more clearly

  • Letting go old stuff

and much more...


  • Finding answers that have meaning and clarity in life

  • Staying focused and in the moment

  • Transforming uncertainties into accuracy and truth

and much more...

Healing our DNA increases our life energy, gives us clarity of mind, great awareness, creativity and opens us to deep spiritual experiences, and bring about miracles like better manifestation abilities, better health, spiritual advancement, greatly improve intuition, expand your consciousness, Embody you soul identity & Life mission, opens 3rd Eye and much much more...

It's the simple way to transform your life, repair DNA & activate your higher consciousness

if that sounds exciting Click and Enroll today and let's Get Started.

Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course

Learn how Sound can Balance & Heal, How to run your own Sound Healing Sessions & Play 9 instruments. Accredited Course

Created by Tom Llewellyn - Spiritual Facilitator and Author


Students: 3657, Price: $109.99

Students: 3657, Price:  Paid

#Accredited course through the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

Would you like to learn about the wonderful emerging world of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing?

Would you like to learn how we can balance and heal ourselves through Sound?

===What to Expect===

In this course you will learn how to run a effective and successful Sound Bath session for a group or for someone one-to-one. A Sound Bath can be a profoundly therapeutic, mind expanding and emotionally moving experience for people, indeed we could say: What can a spiritual teacher say that is not held in the sound of a gong, crystal bowl or sansula?

Sound Baths are fast becoming a regular feature of many mind, body and spirit events and can wonderfully compliment other healing modalities that you already practice.

Are you ready to dive deep into the wonderful exciting world of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing? 

===What's Included===

  • Learn what a Sound Bath is and more in depth about the nature of Sound and how it is used in Sound Baths to give people a profound experience

  • Learn how to play 9 instruments: the native american style flute, symphonic gong, crystals bowls, sansula thumb piano, handpan, rav drum, tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes and shamanic drum

  • You will also learn simple earthy chants to sing with the Shamanic Drum

  • Simple meditation practice to help you become more sensitive to sound and energy

  • Learn how to hold the space for others and bring a sense of imagination and ceremony to your event 

  • How you can also do sound therapy for yourself as a self practice

  • Learn how to successfully promote your event

  • How to run online sound baths (especially useful during this pandemic time!)

  • When you finished the course contact Tom to receive your official accreditation certificate.

===About the Facilitator===

Your facilitator, Bestselling and Highest Rated tutor Tom Llewellyn has 20 years of experience within the realms of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing, meditation,  psychic development, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. He has a diploma in and is fully insured to offer Sound Therapy and Sound Healing. He's also a trained and skilled teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has written two acclaimed books.

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Training

Learn To Play The Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls And Start Leading Your Own Group Sound Baths.

Created by Ali Young - Sound Therapy, Sound Healing, Reiki Master


Students: 515, Price: $89.99

Students: 515, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this Frosted Crystal Bowls Sound Bath course. In this training, you will learn how to lead your sound baths. Not only will you learn how to play the bowls, but you will also learn the science behind sound healing. Why do people get emotional? Why do people feel like they’re floating around the room? When it comes to sound healing, it is so much more than just hitting a bowl; it’s about what’s happening behind the scenes and how we can connect to it to REALLY help people.

Who is this course for?

Do you want to start a new career in sound healing? Maybe you want to try something new? Or perhaps you’ve experienced a sound bath before, and you had a shift, but now you want to learn how to do it yourself. Whatever the reason for learning this beautiful, magical, sound therapy journey, you will find it all in this fantastic course. Ali has been leading Sound bowl training throughout Thailand and online for many years; he has hosted sound bath events from large festivals with thousands of people to teaching Buddhist nuns in Bangkok, Thailand, how to play bowls.

In this training, you will learn the science behind Sound Healing, which includes:

- We will learn about crystal bowls, how they are made, and the different types of bowls available on the market.

- The different Brainwave States.

- Using Binaural Beats.

- Cymatics.

- Dr Emoto research on water.

- The Benefits of sound healing.

- The Power of Intention and why it is so important.

- How sound healing can heal blood cells.

- Chakras and how to use them practically.

Next, we will learn how to play the bowls:

- How to play one bowl

- How to play two bowls, two-handed

- How to play seven bowls

- You will learn different techniques so you can start your sound bath straight away

- You will learn how to balance sound

- How to create emotion in people

- Difference between harmony and disharmony

We will then discuss topics such as:

- How to create self-love

- How to lead a sound bath

- How to set up your space

- How to clean the bowls and your space

- Working with clients

- And much more...

This is in-depth training, teaching you absolutely everything you need to know about leading your sound baths. Even though we are using crystal bowls in this course, you can take all of this information and apply it to any sound bath with any instruments.

Sound Therapy is becoming very popular and offers you many work opportunities, from creating your sound baths or working for other yoga studios, 5-star resorts, or even festivals.

This is different from other sound healing training because Ali makes it a fun, exciting, crazy journey course. His style of teaching is very upbeat and exciting.

Sound Therapy Full Certification Course

Become a holistic professional who knows both Western and Eastern approaches to Sound Therapy!

Created by Otto K. Schwarz - Sound therapy researcher


Students: 235, Price: $49.99

Students: 235, Price:  Paid

This is a unique and rare course with a huge spectrum of knowledge in the sphere of sound & music therapy as well as related areas of knowledge. You will have a deep view on the history, essence, ancient and modern sound therapy methods and approaches - both Western and Eastern. You'll get a lot of exercises for self-developent and self-healing, and practical tools to provide a sound therapy session to your clients. No prior sound therapy or sound production experience is required, as we will explore the universe of sound therapy from the beginning. However, experienced professionals will also find a lot of useful information and closed techniques to improve their practice.

Why is it worth studying this course?

1. You will get all-in-one package reveals both Western and Eastern approaches for sound therapy. I learned a lot from the Western scientists. We will talk concerning brainwaves and how did music and sounds affects brain functions. We will talk regarding vibration medicine and wave genetics, performance and improvisation therapy methods, and many more. I also traveled a lot to India and China, and learned about their ancient methods. I will reveal these methods, approaches and ideas to you. So now, you do not need to spend ages collecting the information around the world and gathering practical tools one by one. You are able to get it here in one place.

2. The course is certificated by one of the leading private music schools, official partner for Yamaha (Japan) and Steinberg (Germany). After graduating this certication course, you will be able to start your practical journey as a sound therapy consultant and provide harmonizing services to make a therapeutic effect on a person (client).

3. Self-development. You will get many exercises and practical tools to use them on a daily basis in your own emotional, mental and spiritual development.

4. It cost 5 to 10 times less than the price of the most of sound therapy courses in Europe. You may get a better certification course for a better price. Knowledge needs to be shared (the law of energy circulation), and the best pay is the confidence that your abilities will unfold.

I invite you on an amazing journey that will allow you to take a fresh look at the world around and significantly increase your awareness and knowledge base.

Sound Therapy & Energy Healing for Animals

Healing Techniques and Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets

Created by Carmel Diviney - Sound Therapist


Students: 127, Price: $24.99

Students: 127, Price:  Paid

Would you like to learn some simple techniques to support your pets and animal friends' well-being using Sound Therapy?

Would you like to learn how to give effective Energy Healing treatments to your pets and animal friends, even if you are not attuned to a healing system such as Reiki?

This course combines the two and could be just what you are looking for!

There is no need to be attuned to any healing system in order to learn how to help your pets and animal friends energetically, and, to enhance this ability using therapeutic sound techniques.

Everyone possesses a natural ability to heal. Sometimes all it takes is guidance on how to access and unlock this innate resource. In this Course, I have laid out some easy-to-follow steps enabling you to do just that.

Those who have an interest in Sound Therapy will find some great techniques to help their animal friends here. Animals benefit from Sound Therapy in much the same way as humans do.

Whether you are a beginner or someone who already has some experience in holistic therapies, you will enjoy the colourful presentation, over an hour of tutorial videos, and, as a bonus, one of my MP3 studio quality audio tracks which you can use as background music for your healing treatments. It contains the resonant sounds of Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies and Crystalline Chimes. Encoded within it are healing intentions and specific frequencies designed to bring relaxation and peace in order to optimise and enhance the effects of the healing treatments for your pets and animal friends.

The motivation behind this course came about after my beloved dog Buddy had a near death experience during his battle with liver cancer. I was so inspired by the positive effects that Sound and Energy Healing had on Buddy, both during his illness and his recovery, that I knew I had to share this knowledge with others. Knowing how to use Sound and Energy healing helped me cope with his illness too and I see it as a vital part of self care at stressful times. 

I am so happy to share this course with others who may be dealing with similar situations and with those who would like to learn these simple techniques to support their animal's happiness and health as part of their regular routine pet care.

Please join me as we explore ways to share these beautiful, bonding, healing experiences with our beloved pets and animal friends. See how your confidence grows when you know what to do, enabling and empowering you to meet situations with greater awareness and understanding.

It won't be just the animals in your life that benefit, you will too.

This Course includes the following:

Part One: Introduction

  • Video: Introduction

  • Safety

  • Disclaimer

  • Audio: studio recorded MP3 track, 28 mins of Healing Sounds - Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies and Crystalline Chimes

Part Two: Energy Healing for Animals

  • Where Do You Start?

  • How Energy Healing Works

  • Balance

  • Major & Minor Chakras

  • Energy healing

  • Considerations when Working with Animals

  • Human and Animal Chakras

  • Location and Function of Animal Chakras

  • Grounding and Flowing Earth and Cosmic/Source Energy

  • Healing Heart Intention

  • Connecting and Disconnection Exercises

  • Activating the Palm Chakras

  • Video: Animal Energy Healing - Grounding, Flowing Energy and Connection Exercise

  • Hands On Healing Techniques

  • Distant Healing Techniques

  • Video: Technique for Hands On Chakra Energy Treatment

Part Three: Sound Therapy for Animals

  • Healing Tools and How To Select Them

  • Himalayan Singing Bowls

  • Wands and Mallets

  • Video: How to Select Sound Therapy Tools

  • How to Play Singing Bowls

  • Sound Therapy Treatments

  • Inventory of Caution

  • Pre-Therapy & Post-Therapy Information for the Pet Owner

  • Introducing Pets to Healing Sounds

  • Aura Cleanse

  • Video: Technique for Aura Cleanse

  • One Bowl Chakra Healing Technique

  • Video: Technique for Chakra Healing

  • Multi Bowl Layout Techniques

  • Video: Technique for Multi Bowl Layouts

  • Tuning Forks

  • Video: Technique for Whole Body Tuning and The Perfect Fifth

Part Four: Dealing with Anxiety and Grief

  • Advice on Self Care when dealing with Anxiety and Grief

  • Grief Counselling

Part Five: Conclusion

  • Video: Thank You

Part Six: Resources

PDF Manual of the written course content for your convenience and referral

Copyright Notice

Pleasure Voice Sound Therapy

Embody Your Pleasure to Free Your Voice and Feel Better

Created by Destiny Love - Voice Healer and Life Coach


Students: 92, Price: $29.99

Students: 92, Price:  Paid

The Pleasure Voice practice is a sound healing and gentle movement practice for opening and healing your voice, establishing fluidity and breath in your body, and reclaiming pleasure and joy in your life. It is a simple twenty-minute practice, intended to be incorporated into your daily or weekly routine. This course also contains bonus materials to support your process.

Join Destiny Love, voice healer and founder of My Embodied Voice, for her fourth Udemy course offering. Her teaching style is down-to-earth;  her students have said that it feels like "she's right there with you". She is a skilled teacher, having taught this work for over ten years to thousands of people.

Sound Therapy for Children

Interactive, Relaxing and Educational Fun for Kids, Mums at Home & Early Childhood Educators

Created by Carmel Diviney - Sound Therapist


Students: 83, Price: $29.99

Students: 83, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this course on Sound Therapy for Children, where you will learn how to use techniques to create enjoyable, interactive, educational, and relaxing experiences for children from 2.5 years and upwards.

In this Course I will guide you in how to introduce children to techniques used in Sound Therapy.

Doing so from an early age teaches children how to calm their minds and bodies so that they can relax more easily, sleep better and manage stressful situations in a more positive manner.

I will also guide you through educational exercises based on the Montessori Method, which perfectly compliment the Sound Therapy techniques, and, which you can easily do at home with your child. These are designed to optimise your child's brain development while being fun and exciting for the child who is encouraged to discover and understand the world around them with greater joy and confidence.

I wrote this Course during the Lockdown of 2020, primarily in the hope of helping mothers at home with young children, but the material in this course is suitable for use in Early Childhood Education settings eg. Montessori classrooms, Playgroups, as well as in Primary or Elementary Schools. It is also suitable for use in Child Therapy sessions and may be found particularly beneficial for children with Special Needs eg. varying degrees of autism, ADHD and other cognitive and emotional spectrum disorders.

I have based this course on my extensive years of experience as a Montessori Teacher and Sound Therapy Tutor. I hope you will enjoy this Course with the children you love.

Please note that completing this course will not certify you as being qualified to work with children. You will need to comply with whatever rules and regulations apply in relation to Child Protection, Education and Welfare in your jurisdiction. Further training in Sound Therapy to Practitioner level will be required in order to use the course content professionally.

Bonus Materials:

This course includes two high quality MP3 studio recordings:

Journey Through the Rainbow, an enjoyable guided meditation through the colours of the rainbow. 16.05 mins

Healing Sounds, An immersion in the healing sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies and Koshi Chimes. Ideal for relaxation and bedtime. 28.34 mins.

Rainbow CD was published in 2014 (C) Carmel Diviney. All Rights Reserved.