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Free Digital Marketing Basics Course

It's time for Digital Transformation

Created by Sorav Jain - CEO of echoVME


Students: 106929, Price: Free

Have you learnt Digital Marketing? You haven’t? Well, not to worry! Here is an opportunity for you to start everything from the scratch. I have made 21+ Free Video Lessons to Empower the world and embrace people with my knowledge in digital marketing and my passion for teaching.

I am in a mission to reach out to people and tell them Digital has a business side and it can be used for a purpose.

Like how you define the purpose of Life, I believe you should also define the purpose of Digital Life and here are those 21 lessons that you shall get every single day to master Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects

Jump Start Your Career Growth & Earning Potential. Learn Digital Marketing from Global Experts.

Created by Sangeeta Kumar - Vice President Training


Students: 98261, Price: Free

This course introduces Concepts of Digital Marketing. It provides formats, hands-on experience and worksheets to create digital marketing strategies in consonance with business objectives. It gives a complete knowledge of the channels of digital marketing so that a marketer can decide which channel would be the most profitable for the business. Identifying KPIs in digital marketing are important and in this course I will show you how to identify KPIs..

The course aims to introduce digital marketing concepts and provide a systematic overview of all channels and components of digital marketing. Digital marketing is an integral part of any marketing process. By itself it is completely specialized and extremely vast.

Complete with formats and worksheets, that you can apply instantly.

Social Media Management

Digital marketing training to Learn How to Use Social Media, Social Media Strategy and Social Media Marketing.

Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


Students: 79205, Price: Free

Social media management training for social media managers, executives and entry-level employees from the top-rated social media training provider. Learn on your desktop, smart phone or tablet.

We help employers manage the risks and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace through expert-led, self-paced online training videos and tutorials.

We also offer Facebook Training, Twitter Training, Linkedin Training, SEO Training and more .

Introduction to Facebook Pages for Businesses and Orgs

Learn how to create and manage a Facebook Business Page.

Created by Jerad Hill - Photography, Web Designer, Online Marketer, Husband, Father


Students: 71149, Price: Free


  As Facebook changes, the course is updated. Check back often for updated course videos. 

            Learn how to create a Facebook Page for your business or organization. This course is great for those who have a Facebook business Page and have had a hard time figuring out how to engage people through it and for those who are brand new to Facebook and need to know where to begin. 

            We will start at the beginning by creating a new Facebook business page and walk through the process of editing that page, adding content, posting updates, inviting friends, growing our audience, creating deals, ads, and much more. 

            At the end of this course, you will learn how to create a Facebook business page from scratch. I will do my best to visit this course and respond to questions in a timely manner. I will also do my best to post updates from time to time to keep this course content fresh. 

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

How to use Facebook groups, Niche forums, Forums and YouTube to pickup coaching and consulting clients within 48 hours

Created by Brian Yang - Copywriting strategist, YouTube instructor


Students: 67574, Price: Free

Step-by-step system for picking up clients with social media in 48 hours or less

Discover exactly how to use Facebook groups, Niche forums, Online bulletin boards and YouTube to pickup coaching and consulting clients in as little as 48 hours

"Social Media is DEAD!"

The word on the internet-marketing street is that you can't use social media marketing to acquire new customer anymore. There's simply too much NOISE! and our prospects can't differentiate our legitimate promotions from the annoying spam that's hitting them from every social-media direction! Online marketers are struggling, are burning through money with their advertising but seeing no results. Everyone is screaming and shouting for attention, but nobody is being heard!

Here's the rarely-talked-about truth..

it's EASY to pick up clients when you follow these rules:

Rule 1. Do what other online marketers are NOT doing

Rule 2. Provide VALUE that your prospects are looking for, instead of trying to PROMOTE or SELL to them

Rule 3. Position yourself as the problem solver, not as another "marketers" or "freelancer"

In the Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients course, you're going to learn step-by-step how to implement these rules and attract qualify, motivated clients to you.

You're going to find out how to effectively position yourself as the "problem solver", so you avoid all the typical sales objections like "It's too expensive", "How do I know it works?" or "I'll think about it.."

Here are a few things we'll cover in this course:

  • Most common Social Media marketing myths and mistakes that are taught as "best practice"
  • Step-by-step success case studies of how used Facebook, Niche Forums and YouTube to acquire over 400 paying clients to date
  • How to use private Facebook groups to "present" your service offering without being pushy or annoying
  • The AMOC authority framework - A 4 step system that allows you demonstrate expertise and invite pursuit from your clients
  • How to use simple reddit posts to get qualified clients e-mailing you with questions about your service
  • The 4 components of an STICKY YouTube video and how to sequence them in the most effective order
  • How to create simple videos that attracts your dream clients and gets them to contact you
  • "You don't need 1000's of subscribers!" How to attract clients with YouTube without a massive following
  • 3 value-adding YouTube video frameworks that educate and sell at the same time
  • How to position yourself as the "problem solver" so you never have to handle sales objections again
  • How cheap "marketing-tricks-n-tips" is making you appear like a spammer and what you can do about it
  • Why your competitors will never implement the strategies from this course and how you can benefit as the result

See you inside the course!

YouTube 101: Keys to a Successful Channel

Learn the basics of creating professional online videos and building a successful channel on YouTube!

Created by Andy Slye - Video Producer


Students: 59092, Price: Free

*Updated November 2015*

Do you want to take advantage of the #1 video platform in the world? How about utilizing the 2nd largest search engine to build an audience and boost your income?

This intro-level course "YouTube 101: Keys to a Successful Channel" will teach you basic foundations for creating professional videos and building your own successful YouTube channel.

In this course you'll learn about:

  • My YouTube strategies that earned me 1,000,000+ views in 2014
  • The best video equipment (for any budget)
  • The best software for creating videos (from beginner to pro)
  • Tools I use for my video creation process
  • YouTube optimization tips and tricks
  • How to get more views on YouTube
  • Awesome resources for creating high quality videos

Are you passionate about a particular topic? Maybe you love cooking and want to earn money on the side by doing recipe videos. Maybe you want to build a lifestyle business online so you can earn passive income. Maybe you're an entrepreneur looking to create engaging content to gain fans and customers. Knowing how to utilize YouTube is a MUST.

How do I know? I've done it myself, and I want to teach you how you can do the same. This course is full of quick yet very helpful videos and is ready for anyone who wants to become more familiar with YouTube as a platform and learn how to take advantage of it.

This course is constantly updated as I release more free videos so don't miss out.

Sign up now and make YouTube videos a priority in your journey to success online!

Hashtag Traffic Generation – Hashtag Marketing

Understand exactly how to use hashtags in marketing to create posts that go viral. We expose it all.

Created by Infinite Income Academy - 22 Years of Experienced Marketing and Digital Product Sales


Students: 54406, Price: Free

*ALERT – Grab this Course for FREE* Right Now!

This course is at no cost as a celebration of our first product on Udemy for a limited time and will be increased to $97 soon.

See exactly how we are so successful in social media by using hashtags in all our marketing campaigns.

There is no need for expensive ad costs if you use hashtags correctly!

See exactly what tools we use to research hashtags

See exactly what tools we use to find trending hashtags

See exactly what tools we use to find the strength of hashtags to decide which ones are best to use.

See exactly what tools we use to track hashtags and our campaigns

See exactly what tools we use to do hashtag analytics

Absolutely nothing is left out. We show you everything.


This brand new course is only for people who have driven desire to succeed on the internet without having to pay heavy advertising cost to gain traffic to their web properties.

The use of hashtags is growing amongst all the major websites and adopting it into your marketing efforts before the masses start using them will allow you to lock in your web real estate before it's too late.


Students of this course get free access to my live training event where we expose our success and teach even more than what's revealed in this course.


Perhaps you already understand how to use hashtags in your social media marketing but manual labor is for the birds. Find out the softwares you need to be using in order to automate a lot of the work in order to achieve optimum success.


We share exactly how you can use hashtags to earn money on the web as well.

I'm sure you have seen the social posts that have thousands of likes and shares but you never understood why…

Hashtags are very powerful and you can take this knowledge and apply it starting today in order to have that kind of success yourself.

It's actually very simple. When the social networks figure out that hashtags have actually reduced the need for expensive advertising on their networks, what will they do?

“I have 22 years' experience in guerilla and viral marketing and I am always testing out new ways to gain attraction to web assets in a viral manner, hashtags is one of those golden nuggets I found and use every day!

Look over my shoulder in hours of training videos where I show you exactly what you need to be doing in order to succeed starting today.

NOTE: This course is FREE* for a limited time so get it while it's hot off the presses and before we mark it up to $97 in the next short while!

Building a Facebook Chatbot in Chatfuel

A Comprehensive Guide to Monetizing Messenger for Brands & Businesses

Created by Andrew Demeter - I build bots.


Students: 48692, Price: Free

Facebook Messenger chatbots will be the next BIG marketing trend in 2017 and beyond.

More than 1 billion people are active on Messenger every month, so why not monetize this platform as part of your/your client's social media marketing strategy?

The beauty is that chatbots are still in their infancy, meaning that very few businesses are using them to sell. This equates to HUGE opportunity for you, as a digital marketer, because deploying a bot will help your brand — and whatever products you're selling — stand out from the competition.

Some advantages of building Facebook bots include...

  • 90% open rates, compared to the average 30% with email marketing
  • Instant, relevant answers to users who message your page, eliminating slow responses and missed sales
  • Reach all your fans without paying Facebook to "boost" your posts
  • Personalize your sales pitches using Facebook data, proving to customers that you understand them
  • Monetize your conversations inside Messenger without redirecting them to a painfully slow sales page

Whether you're a brand consultant, social media marketing agency, or a do-it-yourself small business owner, this course will teach you how to build a Facebook Messenger bot that converts users and puts money in the bank.

YouTube Marketing: Video Marketing Made Easy

Learn to build a solid foundation for your channel and all the basics of video marketing

Created by TubeTrackr Videos - YouTube Marketing Made Easy!


Students: 40669, Price: Free

In this video marketing course, you will learn:

  • how to build a solid foundation for your YouTube channel(s)
  • how to use a free resource for creating your YouTube channel art (channel banner), which does not require any design experience
  • how to optimise your channel for organic traffic by selecting the right keywords and description
  • how to select the right keywords for your videos and optimise around these keywords
  • and all the basics of YouTube Marketing

LinkedIn Training Course

LinkedIn Training from the B2B social media expert & best-selling author of "Social Marketing to the Business Customer."

Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


Students: 36278, Price: Free

Learn to use Linkedin effectively and responsibly in this definitive Linkedin Training Course.

Learn how to use Linkedin for business, how to use Linkedin for job searches and get tips on how to use Linkedin for social recruiting in this comprehensive online social media training course packed with training videos and tutorials by the coauthor of the first book on B2B social media.

Leverage the world's largest online professional network with more than 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories, 2 million company pages and corporate hiring managers from 85 of the Fortune 100.

Social Media Selling System

Leveraging Social Media for your Small Business Sales. Learn how to increase sales using Social Media.

Created by Laura Roeder -


Students: 33362, Price: Free

Social media marketing won't help you unless it's backed up by sales for your business. But how exactly do social media tie in with your sales process? That's what we answer in this “Social Media Marketing Course: How to Increase Sales.”

Learn how to turn social media marketing into steady sales for your small business and how to increase sales using social media.

  • The three step process for converting your social media "fans" into customers
  • How to translate your offline sales funnel to the online world
  • The average length of a social media sales cycle
  • How to multiply and leverage your follow-up using Twitter and Facebook
  • Exactly how to approach a new prospect on social media

Take this Social Media Marketing Course now and learn how to increase sales using social media.


Facebook Ads Marketing Crash Course Traffic & leads – 2021

Create ad from scratch with free resource,drive traffic, create custom audience & write awesome Ad copy & optimization

Created by Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A - FB Mentors


Students: 32622, Price: Free

This is a fast passed course covering all facebook ad essential that any one can understand & easily run a successful Facebook Ad by tapping into advance settings withing all objectives of Facebook Ads .
A) Facebook Ads Overview  -
You would learn about Facebook Ads Manager & how to select the right campaign to get started.

2) Facecbook Ad Essentials - Advertising fundamentals and how they work  like Ad placement, types of Budget we can use, creating an audience in your niche, difference in facebook Ad delivery & optimization to get maximum results in your ad.

3) Facecbook Ad Creatives - How to select from free Facebook Resources that covert very well in facebook ads and writing a successful ad copy for you ad that brings loads of traffic.

Topics Covered in Lectures Include : 

  1. Ads Manager.

  2. Setting Campaign.

  3. Ad placements.

  4. Budget type.

  5. Audience reach.

  6. Ad delivery .

  7. Ad optimization.

  8. Facebook Resources.

  9. Writing an ad copy.

  10. Review of Ads.

Take This Course if you want to master all concepts of facebook advertising. 

You will be able to optimize your Facebook ads by testing our our strategies &  You will be able to find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights via online marketing. 

Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product, service, or public figure to the next level with the power of Facebook Marketing!

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing ideas to help grow your LinkedIn presence!

Created by Three Sixty Academy - Courses Created In Collaboration With Subject Experts


Students: 30707, Price: Free

Welcome to this Three Sixty Academy course exclusive to Udemy.

Here with Three Sixty Academy you can study online towards making your LinkedIn presence grow.

Our course is comprised of 5 sections all focused on helping you create a stronger LinkedIn presence.

  • Introduction
  • Creating Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How To Market On LinkedIn
  • What Not To Do On LinkedIn
  • Conclusion
  • More than enough to turn that LinkedIn influence of yours from zero to hero, using our proactive and practical approach.

    Good luck and we hope you enjoy our course!

    Please note: This is an introductory course.

    2020 Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass: Become a Pro

    20 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow a Page, Get Real Followers, Sell Online Using Instagram Marketing Sales Funnel

    Created by Pouya Eti • Digital Marketing Expert - Digital Instagram Marketer, Author & Entrepreneur


    Students: 29840, Price: Free

    Learn and master 20 Mega Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow a Page, Get Real Followers, Sell Online Using Instagram Marketing Sales Funnel

    During this Instagram marketing course you will learn how to:

    • A powerful Instagram marketing strategy to get 20 times more engagement on your posts

    • Getting access to powerful Instagram marketing documents

    • Learn the fundamental to advanced building a Instagram business page

    • VRIN - The highest post quality possible

    • 8 Rules for a better Instagram post

    • 4 Mega Instagram Marketing strategies

    • Instagram Sales funnel

    • And much more ...

    Most people think they know everything about Instagram marketing and how to create a successful page, but after you learn what we have in this course, a lot of new doors will open for you on Instagram marketing.

    If you really want to become a pro on Instagram marketing, join this course NOW! and lets build your advanced Instagram profile, attract followers and market your page together.

    Understanding Hashtags in Social Media

    Learn what hashtags are, how they are used and how they can benefit your conversations on social media networks.

    Created by Jerad Hill - Photography, Web Designer, Online Marketer, Husband, Father


    Students: 28915, Price: Free

    Why Take This Course?

    Hashtags help group together conversations taking place on social networks. Everybody is using them to insert their thoughts, comments or strategies into social media conversations.

    Each social network has its own unique way to use hashtags. Many people use these in the incorrect manner and wonder why their post doesn't have the reach they were hoping for.

    This course is going to put an end to that.

    What Should I Expect?

    You should expect to have a better understanding of hashtags and know how to use them in the proper manner. You should also be able to differentiate between the different social networks and know the difference in how each network uses hashtags.

    Thanks for checking out my course. Please subscribe and make sure to share it with that friend that you know could use some more hashtag knowledge in their life.

    Online Digital Social Media Marketing & Sales Free Training

    Free Training - Learn how to master marketing by understanding the buyer journey and how the buyer thinks and buys.

    Created by Mark Timberlake - Professional Online Training Courses For Beginners


    Students: 26100, Price: Free

    Online Digital Social Media Marketing & Sales For Beginners

    Do you want to learn how to master online marketing?

    Are you completely new to this subject?

    Do you want to understand the core concepts that will enable you to succeed in online marketing and sales?

    Do you want to learn the basics in as fast a time as possible?

    Then this course is for you!

    What You Will Learn:

    You will learn the difference between the Master Marketer and the Average Marketer.

    You will lean the core principles of marketing online.

    You will learn how the buyer journey works.

    You will understand what branding really is.

    You will learn how marketing campaigns work.

    And you will learn the importance of listening to your target audience.

    Topics Covered In The Course:

    • The fundamental question?

    • Who is our Bob?

    • What is Bob trying to buy?

    • Selling what Bob is trying to buy.

    • Interruption or magnetic marketing?

    • Bees and flowers.

    • Understanding search engines.

    • The AIDA buying process.

    • An example of AIDA.

    • Building an AIDA funnel.

    • A standard online AIDA marketing funnel.

    • A copywriting AIDA funnel.

    • Tools vs funnels.

    • Understanding branding.

    • Design cues and tips

    • Establishing authority.

    • Solving Bob's problems.

    • The importance of community.

    • Marketing mission statements.

    • Talking in Bob's language.

    • What content does Bob like?

    • The golden rule.

    • Where does Bob hang out.

    • Managing time expectations.

    • Content launching.

    • Bob's worldview.

    • Two modes of thinking.

    • Questioning and listening.

    • Buyer personas.

    • The buyer persona exercise.

    • Building sales copy.

    • Asking for the sale.

    • Creating a sales pitch for Bob.

    • Bob as an advocate.

    Join Us On The Other Side!

    We look forward to you joining us and learning how to become a Master Marketer!

    Mark Timberlake

    Instagram Marketing for Startups and Entrepreneurs

    Your Road Map to Instagram Success as a Lean Startup in Getting Your Minimum Viable Product to Market and Making Pivots

    Created by John Chang - Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker,Small Business Coach / Advisor


    Students: 25659, Price: Free

    Join over 300 million active monthly users in the fastest growing social media platform to grow your business. Instagram marketing is the rising social media platform you need to master.

    Instagram posts receive follower engagement rates "15 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter!"

    Many businesses are still unsure how to use Instagram for social media marketing. We'll show you how to get started with some easy tips and strategies to use this social media app to get more customers and make more sales.

    Whether your a brand new startup entrepreneur or established local business, you need to learn the strategies that 86% of the top 100 brands are using to sell their products and services.

    By the end of this course you will know over 12 of the best strategies to use Instagram for marketing.

    Facebook Training for Business

    Facebook tutorials for effective, responsible use at work from the top-rated social media training provider.

    Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


    Students: 25402, Price: Free

    Facebook training for employees. Includes over 43 Facebook tutorials and training videos to bring you up to speed on effective, responsible use at work.

    Learn how to use Facebook's advanced features for business and accelerate your digital literacy.  Facebook training covers the effective and responsible use of, the Facebook mobile app, Instagram, Foursquare and even Pinterest and Google Plus at work.

    Twitter for Business

    Learn to Twitter for Business and Master Twitter Marketing

    Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


    Students: 24494, Price: Free

    Now that you know how to use Facebook for Business, learn Twitter for business and add Twitter marketing to your digital job skills.

    There are 465 million Twitter accounts sharing 175 million tweets each day. Twitter is where business professionals shares news and information, build and strengthen their network of contacts, generate leads, develop new business and even get hired.

    If you want to leverage the fastest and most intimate online social network for business, take this course right now and learn to Twitter.

    You don't need to be a techie to take this course. Whether you're a digital immigrant or a Facebook ninja, this course is for you!

    This course also includes an arsenal of supplemental materials including exclusive audio recordings of discussions with some of the biggest thought leaders. Learn about Twitter today.

    Instagram Small Business & Startup Marketing Foundation

    A step by step guide to building an account specifically designed for SELLING and avoiding damaging startup mistakes!

    Created by Dave Rotheroe - Serial Internet Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer


    Students: 23698, Price: Free

    Marketing a business on Instagram can seem tough:

    • You've got no outbound links on posts. 
    • There's no native way for people to share your content. 
    • Getting followers seems almost Impossible! 
    • And you can't schedule posts like Facebook or Twitter. 

    How on earth are people building 6 figure businesses using this platform?! 

    And where do people find the time in the day to keep up a posting schedule whilst living a life?! 

    Over the last 2 years I've built my own companies and my client's accounts to hundreds of thousands of $ in revenue using Instagram as a core customer acquisition channel. This course is the step by step blueprint I use when creating any of these accounts from scratch.

    It's true, Instagram is a pretty unique platform and at first it may seem inhibited and impossible to drive sales. But what seems like a lack of features are in fact the reason it is so effective when you know why. 

    If you're building a brand profile on Instagram you could be falling into one of the many traps or easy routes out that so many small businesses fall prey to and be well on the way to creating a useless account that's weighing you down and taking up your time without doing anything for your bottom line. 

    Selling on Instagram starts with building a strong foundation for your account, if you start of strong it just gets easier and easier.

    This course teaches you not only how to build that strong foundation but also how to use Instagram specifically as a business owner to make sales and also how to bend the rules to have Instagram work in your favour.

    Enrol now to uncover a trove of free insider info which will get your Instagram account cooking on gas!

    Introduction to Foursquare for Business

    Learn what Foursquare is all about and how you can make it work for your business.

    Created by Jerad Hill - Photography, Web Designer, Online Marketer, Husband, Father


    Students: 23328, Price: Free

    Foursquare is a platform that allows it's users to checkin to places to earn points, badges and offers from businesses. A business can take advantage of this powerful platform to encourage new customers to stop in or engage with current customers to bring them in more often.

    In this course we look at the fundamentals of Foursquare, the Foursquare app, setting up and claiming a venue page and running campaigns. After this course, you should know all you need to know about using Foursquare to grow your business.

    Grow Your Business With Facebook Marketing

    Dominate Your Niche With Ideas From This Course. A must for existing business owners or product salesperson.

    Created by Jay Tiew Jin Jie - Facebook Marketing, Internet Marketing Coach


    Students: 22769, Price: Free

    Does this sound familiar?

    You have been posting on Facebook but have yet to see it bringing benefits to your business.

    How do I grow my business with Facebook?

    After this course, all will be clear. You will be a master of the art of Facebook. This course will be your best investment to take your business to the next level.

    Module Breakdown:

    1. Introduction
    2. Innovating Your Sales Funnel (How To Increase Your Profits)
    3. Stages Of Brand Awareness & Facebook Actions (Pick The Right Action Steps)
    4. Dominating Facebook (Implementing The Action Steps)

    The Course Is Conducted In Video.

    Additional Learning Materials Provided:

    • Course Script (PDF)
    • Learning Checklist (JPG Image)
    • Facebook Post Examples (JPG Image)
    • Quiz

    You should finish this course in 30 minutes.

    Social Media Monitoring

    Our new course on Social Media Monitoring in a post Google Reader World is coming soon

    Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


    Students: 21491, Price: Free

    Social media monitoring online conversations is the first step to an effective social media management. Learn to listen online in our NEW social media training course at social media monitoring.

    You can't build a smart social media strategy if you don't know where your customers are. Learn how to use social monitoring tools to find the hot pockets of conversation and meet you customers on their own turf. Master the art and science of social media monitoring and strike where the iron is hot!

    Learn social media monitoring for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Craigslist, Blogs, Forums and News using free social media monitoring tools and services.

    Learn to use social media tools to conduct content curation and find online influencers. You'll even see a live demonstration of Radian6 and hear how the instructor used this premium service to calculate the ROI of Obama's Cairo speech.

    Get this online social media monitoring course today and start engaging your customers and advocates in high-relevance, buyer-oriented conversations.

    Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Agency from Home

    How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency Business Even If You Don't Have Any Existing Marketing (Beginner Course)

    Created by Dan Richard | CEO @ - Social Media Marketing Agency | Music Artist & Producer


    Students: 19066, Price: Free

    Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Agency from Home for Beginners!

    How To Start and Grow A Profitable Online Advertising Business Even If You Don't Have Any Existing Marketing Experience

    In this Social Media Marketing Agency course (SMMA) You will learn how to:

    • How To Start Your Own SMMA

    • How To Bring Your Clients Results

    • How To Get Your Clients

    • How To Close Them

    Feedback from current students about the extended free Training:

    "Amazing results like 9 customers in 1 month and each is paying him $800/mon!" - Dean Hunt

    "Got 8 requests from potential clients while watching only the free training!" - Tedd Terry

    "With only one post on facebook his inbox was full of inquires!" - Shawn Brown

    Over 239 positive Reviews on ProvenExpert, and many more..

    What Makes This Course Unique?

    Each method is tried, tested and proven. Social media marketing is truly an evergreen opportunity and the client pool is practically unlimited: EVERYONE needs help in this area.

    This course is a complete free training course. So I'm offering it for free, no charge what so ever, the extended training is also for free...

    Looking forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you start YOUR successful social media marketing agency.

    - Dan Richard

    How To Build a Powerful Facebook Fan Page Using 22Social

    Learn how to get leads, promote your business, and sell more stuff using custom Facebook Fan Page apps from 22 Social

    Created by David Baer - Social Marketing Trainer & Wine Geek


    Students: 17897, Price: Free

    Inside this course, you will learn how to add the powerful tools from 22Social to your Facebook Fan Page and how this tool can help you...

    • Generate more leads
    • Bring more attention to your business, products, services, or cause
    • Host live events (paid or free) inside of Facebook
    • Promote offers to your prospects and clients
    • Offer special deals, coupons, and promotions
    • Run giveaways and sweepstakes
    • Build and sell your own digital products
    • and much, much more

    If you've been looking for a way to leverage your Facebook presence beyond simple Fan Page 'Likes' and competing for people's attention in their newsfeed, this course will show you some powerful opportunities to do so.

    Youtube Thumbnail Art Strategies Which Improve Clicks & Subs

    Strategies for optimizing Youtube Thumbnails. These techniques will increase channel clicks for views and subscribers.

    Created by Mitch Stevens - Certified Teacher and Youtuber


    Students: 17880, Price: Free

    Learn Photoshop Strategies you can use for all your designing.

    Master Photoshop Techniques to create attractive Youtube Thumbnails. Learn to make just as attractive thumbnails without Photoshop needed. It's your choice how you build your thumbnails.

    We will continue to add new content as the course grows in size. Anything you need to know specifically leave a request in the discussion section.

    These techniques helped us increase OUR VIDEO click through rates(CTR) by 10X which increased views and Subscribers. Users will gain knowledge for using Photoshop which they can use to improve their everyday workflow, and that's a promise. The techniques shown in this course are techniques and strategies I use everyday when working with Photoshop and other graphics. These techniques in PS are the most used overall for creating graphics for sites, advertisements, and much more.

    This Course is like getting a Two-For-One Special. We are teaching you strategies for making the best Youtube thumbnails but at the same time you are acquiring Photoshop skills you can use from now on.

    These are skills I use on a daily basis being a Youtube creator and blogger fulltime.

    I will do my best to get a lecture added for any request if I feel it can help others as well. If you just need a simple question answered I will answer it below your question in the discussion section.

    What Is Linkedin | How To Use LinkedIn

    What Is LinkedIn? It is the largest professional social media network. Wanna know how to use LinkedIn this will help.

    Created by Lee Beattie - SEO, Social Media, Marketer | Helping Others Succeed Online


    Students: 17762, Price: Free

    This course What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn is based on the largest professional social media network in the world. If you have ever wondered what is Linkedin and how do to use it to benefit you? This exclusive Udemy course will share the most common and relevant ways to use LinkedIn and how to network to a broader audience, get a job or even land clients if you offer products and services.

    What you can expect to learn from this LinkedIn course:

    • LinkedIn Basics
    • Profile Setup
    • Advanced LinkedIn SEO strategies
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Unleash LinkedIn 30 Minutes A Day
    • Getting your first 1000 Connections
    • Maximizing your LinkedIn Reach

    All of these topics will be covered extensively. If you wanted to know What Is LinkedIn and How To Use LinkedIn to benefit you this course will help to easily reach your goals.

    ALSO...Everything that is covered in this LinkedIn course had to meet these following criteria

    1. Has to be Free
    2. Simple Enough Anyone Can Do It
    3. Requires 30 Minutes Maximum A Day after initial setup
    4. You have to be able to duplicate your steps easily
    5. Has to be scalable
    6. Doesn't require having a Premium Membership (if you have this membership you will have an added advantage)
    7. Can be achieved on any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone)

    When you complete this Udemy LinkedIn Course you will have more skills to achieve better results on LinkedIn then over 98% of the 340+ million people currently on this huge social media platform.

    Have you ever wondered how these "GURU's" get so many professionals to join their networks on LinkedIn? Have you heard so many times it is so easy to do but you still scratch your head and want to know how?

    Well, your in luck because this course is going to show you exactly how to get better results using LinkedIn the right way. This course will outline the exact steps I use to get more connections and increase my network very easily.

    I use the informal approach to teach my courses just like you being in a classroom with me. So now let me ask you a very important question?

    Why should you take this course?

    Well, that is simple, if you want to start having success on LinkedIn and struggling to get more connections, land more clients or even snag a career simply by connecting with the decision makers then you need this course.

    This is truly a What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn course that will change your whole outlook, profile and marketing strategies forever!

    LATEST: Uploaded to Udemy February 2015

    Please Note: All students to my "What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn" course here on Udemy get full access to this course for free including future updates!





    You are failing at LinkedIn, more then likely you are missing the number 1 secret ... and yet you probably don't even know that you are failing!

    LinkedIn is the Largest Professional Social Network and when you understand how to effectively make adjustments to your PROFILE, Profile Image, Header then you distinguish yourself as an expert and practically from everybody else's and getting these same professionals begging to join your network.

    Unfortunately there are many LinkedIn users who fail to get more profile views, interaction from their peers because they just don't know or realize how to achieve these types of results and WHY?

    • They fail to attract attention.
    • They fail to get profile views.
    • They fail to get connections.
    • They fail to make money or get a job.
    • They fail to stand out from the massive LinkedIn community by simply incorporating very basic strategies.

    Unless you or one of the 40% of LinkedIn users who check their accounts daily then more than likely, you will be failing, too!

    But more importantly how do you use this What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn training to achieve to quickly and easily get more attention within the massive professional network preferably for free to get more attention, profile views,professionals requesting to connect with you, or simply larger network?

    Well, I am Lee Beattie and I easily get anywhere from 10-25 professionals who friend request me a day and I want to show you how I do it.

    In this beginner friendly comprehensive LinkedIn course, with full accompanying over the shoulder videos, examples, notes, I lead you down the path by the hand as I demonstrate show you not only how to make simple adjustments, connect with Like Minded professionals, make your profile images stand out from the crowd, but I also show you how to do it for free just like I show in my lectures.

    You do not need to be a expert or even have prior knowledge for that matter. The best part is that you do not need expensive programs or anything like that because I reveal FREE resources that will help you achieve these results all within LinkedIn. Everything, even including templates exact methods are supplied for free in this Introductory What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn course.

    Your Profile setup, Header keywords,profile picture,how to share with your groups the right way that make your profile and your message stand out stand out amongst all the hundreds of millions of other professionals on this massive LinkedIn network.

    If you properly set up your LinkedIn profile, header images, descriptions, keywords, thumbnails, the correct way, following LinkedIn's extensive rules and guidelines, your profile and message will stand out on LinkedIn easily much more than the others looking to achieve the same results that you will learn in this course. The best part is that and you will get the more organic profile views, connectionss and you if you monetize your effort potentially an income from these What is LinkedIn | How To Use LinkedIn course strategies.

    Unfortunately so many people don't understand LinkedIn which can potentially be an absolute nightmare to follow and understand, RIGHT?

    Do you wanna leverage my experience, my knowledge of 4+ years of LinkedIn (I get more professionals reaching out to me organically which helps my profile grow and achieve views every month without any additional effort and easily get connections every month on average from the same effort I outline), follow my videos and written lectures - and be as successful at standing out from the professional crowd with your profile just like I do (or even more if you are motivated!).

    What's even better, however, is that these simple and easy to follow methods are infinite - for example. use LinkedIn to easily drive more traffic to your offers, squeeze pages, websites and get more views and subscribers in the process, these same people will send you other organic traffic which helps to increase your profile views, income and connections, for ever more while simply implementing the What Is LinkedIn | How To Use LinkedIn strategies ORGANICALLY.

    The best part is that these one time set it and forget it efforts will continue to send you viewers, hour by hour, day by day ... every day without having to babysit to stress how you keep your videos ranking.


    Keep in mind LinkedIn will always send targeted traffic to your profile that are set up effectively which helps you to be successful and you can only be successful if your foundation within your LinkedIn profile, description, profile image and so much more stands out from the busy online space and professional crowd that is out there.


    With hundreds of millions of professionals and over 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn right now and increasing each day, knowing how to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself and feature your content to the internal LinkedIn search engines and potential professional viewers is a skill that is necessary.

    • If you want to get organic professional connectiions then this course is for you.
    • If you want more profile views on LinkedIn, this course is for you.
    • If you want more people in your professional network on LinkedIn, this course is for you.
    • If you want to make more money on LinkedIn, this course is for you.

    It doesn't matter whether you're monetizing your efforts you must catch the eyes of other Like Minded professionals before anything else happens ... and I show you how to do all of this for free, and it only takes minutes to do.

    As with all my courses:

    the initial low price will increase shortly - the course is currently $7, but will eventually increase to $67

    you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever

    all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this LinkedIn course are always FREE

    there's an unconditional, no questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee back by Udemy

    Keep in mind my one on one question and answer help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question - my support is legendary in Udemy

    Remember: All students from my previous courses who complete anyone of my previous courses 100% and leave a review will receive this "What Is Linked | How To Use LinkedIn" course here on Udemy get full access to this course for free to include all future updates and additional strategies at no addional cost to you!

    Are you going to be my next success story?

    Educate A Macro Community That Funds A Micro Community That Feeds A COMMUNITY - Lee Beattie

    Selling Social Media to Your Boss

    Win Buy-In and Resources from Senior Business Decision Makers and Potential Clients

    Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


    Students: 17614, Price: Free

    Learn how to sell social media marketing services to senior decision makers even if they don't use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.  If you want to sell social media campaigns to clients or convince your boss to use social media.

    I have sold five and six figure social media consulting contracts to Fortune 100s, Federal Government Agencies, global nonprofits and the US Military.  I have a formula for building a business case that anyone, regardless of their digital literacy, can understand and appreciate.  In this course, I'll show you everything you need to know to design and deliver a winning new business pitch or proposal to your CFO.

    Companies and clients alike are spending more on social media and less on traditional marketing and PR services.  Are you shifting your resources as well?  Are you winning your share of this exploding new business category? Get the skills you need to build an irrefutable business case for social marketing with even the most skeptical clients.  As my decade of experience closing major account business with clients including Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, UCLA, the US Dept. of Defense and dozens of small to medium size businesses.

    You'll also get an arsenal of exclusive supplemental resources including a social media sales presentation template, articles on selling social media and audio resources with leading industry experts discussing how to sell social media pilot programs, online lead generation, selling social media to senior management, selling social media in the enterprise, selling social media to B2Bs and much more.

    Get this online social media marketing services course and start closing social media marketing business today.

    Take this course now, and learn how to sell your social marketing media services.


    Facebook Marketing – How to CRUSH it on Facebook

    How to Get More than only Likes, Shares, & Comments on Facebook

    Created by Wayne Mullins - Founder of Ugly Mug Marketing


    Students: 16898, Price: Free

    Tired of only getting Likes, Shares, & Comments from your Facebook ads?  This is the course for you. You'll get our six step strategy that'll turn your ads into revenue generating machines.  

    Over the past year we've run more than 2,000 Facebook Campaigns, more than 2,700 Facebook ads.  

    Our clients pay us thousands of dollars each month to implement this six-step strategy for them. Does it work? You bet! 

    During the past 24 months, we've only had one client cancel our Facebook Marketing services.

    Here are just a few of the industries we've successfully used this strategy in:

    -Professional Services
    -Info Products

    And now it's your turn to start getting more than Likes, Shares, & Comments from your Facebook ads.

    Instagram Influencer Marketing For Businesses

    Tap into hundreds of thousands of influencers who are waiting to recommend your product

    Created by Josh MacDonald - Entrepreneur


    Students: 15564, Price: Free

    It's clear that the majority of people rely on internet reviews to decide whether a product is good or not. What if you could access thousands of people who are willing to review your product on their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? In this course, I will provide you with a framework to brand your account and then grow your brand and following with influencer marketing.