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Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning based Data Visualization. Includes Business Use Cases, Exercises and Quizzes!

Created by Luis E. Rivas - Director of Product Management, Oracle Analytics Cloud


Students: 19360, Price: Free

Students: 19360, Price:  Free

Data Visualization is new Analytics and, Augmented Analytics is new Data Visualization! In this course you will master your understanding of modern, aka Augmented, data visualization concepts through hands on training with Oracle Analytics Cloud. This course is designed to provide you with essentials of augmented data visualization. This is new business intelligence!

Are you a business analyst curious about what Oracle Analytics can do? Then this is the course for you. We’re assuming that you know the basics of using analytics in your business. So we designed this course for you to jump right in to a technical, hands-on product experience. Every section is packed with both video and screencast to show you each analytics capability, plus demo files and scripts to download, so you can try it yourself!

Since we can’t guess which use case you’re itching to try out, we’ve packed the course with different projects like sales analysis, school donation analysis, HR attrition analysis as well as advanced projects such as Machine Learning models for predictive Analysis. Curious about some other application for analytics? Try it with your own data too!

As a day-to-day analyst and data visualization user, you will find this course fun and informative, try it out with your own data set! We hope that you have great time learning this exciting new data visualization capabilities.

Analytically Yours,
Your Instructors

Effective Soccer Presents: Skill, Speed & Smarts in 4-Weeks

Use the exact same content that’s transformed amateurs into pro’s in Europe & play in NCAA D1 colleges [w/ EPL coaches]

Created by Effective Soccer Training - Used by 600+ players & coaches from 25+ different countries


Students: 5714, Price: Free

Students: 5714, Price:  Free

Attention: Soccer Players

How to Transform your Soccer Skill, Speed & Smarts in just 4-Weeks

Use the exact same content that’s transformed amateurs into pro’s in Europe & play in NCAA D1 colleges [w/ English Premier League coaches]

Do you feel like your coach is not helping you become the very best you can be?

Do you want to become a great soccer player, but feel like only training with your team is not enough?

Do you want attend a private soccer academy, but don’t have the $20,000+ to do so? 

You’ve gone to tryouts and failed. 

It’s not your fault.

Becoming a great soccer player that stands out on the field is not easy when you don’t have others that want to train together with you, or have good coaches around. 

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

EFFECTIVE Soccer Training's OFFICIAL UDEMY COURSE is a 4-week training program that will transform you into a better soccer player and bring you professional-level coaching anywhere, anytime and without fancy equipment or the need to commute long distances for a soccer camp.

Players that have used our courses have completely changed their mindset and have become more confident players just 30 minutes into watching the first section. 

In fact, if you start now you could already be equipped with the mindset and training regime of a pro-level soccer player within a couple of hours.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning with a clear plan and vision of the player you want to be. 

Imagine what it feels like to train everyday, knowing you’re equipped with some of the best drills and exercises available anywhere.

Do you remember the best game of your life? Imagine yourself playing like that right now. Feels good right? Now, what if you could play your best game every single day and play like a pro?

Connor Morrissey, an academy coach at the world-famous Manchester City Football Club and working at City Football Academy (a purpose-built, state of the art $250 million soccer training facility) is responsible for training some of the world's most talented players. Connor has famously said that: “TrainEffective[dot]com covers everything that we do at our academy in any given week. The course providers them with with the opportunity to train and develop as a pro would.”

EFFECTIVE Soccer Training's OFFICIAL UDEMY COURSE shows some of the best workouts, drills and videos available to top-tier members of TrainEffective[dot]com.This is a simple, 4-week program that will:

  • Make you very skillful - You’ll see 33 video drills that will allow you to learn and practice as a professional would
  • Get you wickedly fast - You’ll transform your play, increase your speed off the ball, and on the ball with fun 1,000+ touch workouts.
  • Make you play super smart - You’ll be the smartest player on the field with our revolutionary intelligence-training from analysts at world-famous English Premier League clubs such as Chelsea FC and Stoke City. 


"I use Effective to prepare for combines.
Effective has helped me make it to a semi-professional level."

Alessandro Persampieri - Team USA


The Effective full members course from the official website has helped over 600+ players in over 25+ countries. 

With our help, players have been awarded MVP, gone on to play in NCAA D1 colleges and excel in professional environments around the world from Arsenal FC to Montreal Impact.

Here’s what you get: 

  • 1 x 30 Minute Pro Mentality Video: Learn how Effective founder Nick Humphries went from amateur to pro and how you can apply the same methods he's learnt over 8-years high-level European playing experience in Hungary, Scotland, Netherlands and Switzerland. 
  • 5 x Pro Mindset Videos: Learn The Secret The Pro’s Don’t Tell You, Setting Goals, How to Select the Best Exercises, Setting A Schedule & Staying Disciplined.
  • Workout 1: The Anywhere Workout (Dribbling Technique) - When it’s snowed outside, it’s dark or your travelling you might think your hopes of training are over. We designed this highly effective workout for athletes that make no excuses and will dedicate themselves to their goal no matter what the circumstances. You need no more than 4 x 2 metres (12 x 6ft) of space for an Anywhere Workout, so grab a bit of space and let’s get your heart pumping! Results include: Faster dribbling, greater agility and more explosive take-off in the first two metres.
  • Workout 2: The Wall Workout (Passing) - When it comes to football training, walls can be your best friend. Walls will always return a pass, and play the ball at the tempo you decide. No matter if you’re 5 years old, or if you’ve had a 15-year career as a professional player, wall workouts are necessities in football. Players like Eric Cantona, and Diego Forlan have sworn by wall workouts even late in their careers. Results include: Improve core technique and improve touch and control. 
  • Workout 3: The Maestro Workout (Control) - This is the workout for those who have idols like an Özil, Fabregas, James, Coutinho or Mata. One trait all these maestro’s share in common is their silky smooth first touch, dribbling and accuracy. These exercises all practice what they do so well. First, we’ll get comfortable with your touch using both the inside and outside of your foot, then we’ll use the same parts of your feet to blissfully turn around opponents. Finally we’ll work on controlling high balls with one touch and transitioning rapidly to finish. Results include: Improved first touch, quicker transition from first touch to capitalising on an opportunity and better awareness.
  • Workout 4: The Finisher Workout (Shooting) - This workout will focus on improving your finishing skills with both feet combined with power, accuracy and precision from range of angles and positions. Players looking to improve their finishing technique and score more goals. Results include: Increased striking power, increased striking accuracy and increased shot range.
  • Workout 5: The Bodystrength Workout (Strength) - We’re going to get your muscles pumping with this total bodyweight strength workout designed to turn you into a more explosive, powerful player. Results include: Increased muscle size, increased power and increased explosiveness on and off the ball. 

    In total, you'll get thirty-three (33) exercises delivered as high-quality, HD video demonstrations (you'll be amazed with the quality of editing)

    On top of that, you'll get: 

  • 1 x 5-Minute Intelligence Video For Defenders - featuring Exclusive-to-Effective commentary and analysis from the assistant 1st team performance analyst of Stoke City FC (Defending Smarts: How To Defend 1v1’s)
  • 1 x 5-Minute Intelligence Video For Midfielders - featuring Exclusive-to-Effective commentary and analysis from the Academy performance analyst at Fulham FC (Midfield Smarts: How Top Midfielders Get The Ball)
  • 1 x 5-Minute Intelligence Video For Attackers - featuring Exclusive-to-Effective commentary and analysis from a coach at Chelsea FC and performance analyst at Reading FC (Attacking Smarts: How to Score More Goals)
  • The 4-Week Effective Personalised Training Plan - Your downloadable spreadsheet adjusted based on skill level.
  • Effective Goal Setting Workbook - A Your downloadable workbook will create a plan that will give you freedom.
  • Printable Drill Setups - Set-up workouts without hassle. 

BONUS: And to sweeten the deal EFFECTIVE Soccer Training's OFFICIAL UDEMY COURSE users will exclusively get access the The Smarts of Legends: The Unseen Genius of Ronaldo & Messi intelligence training video created by a Chelsea FC/Reading coach.

You’ll get to learn from two of the world’s best players in action and in detail. 

And you’ll get it today for just one payment of $19

So for less than a price of a cheap soccer ball, you can stop dreaming about training like a professional soccer player, and start ACTUALLY doing it!

Think of how much potential is being wasted every day that you don’t act upon upgrading your game with professional training.

Try it risk free: If this 4-week course is not best soccer training program you’ve ever experienced, return it for a 100% refund and keep the videos and workbooks.

Click on the TAKE THIS COURSE BUTTON above.

P.S. Effective content is trusted by players and coaches at world-famous clubs like Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Perth Glory, Montreal Impact & Nottingham Forrest. If they trust it, so will you. But don’t delay, we could pull this course from Udemy at any time with no warning. “Take This Course” No Risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Making Backgrounds w/ Canva & removebg

Remove backgrounds and make nice graphics w/ Canva and removebg

Created by Andrew Magdy Kamal - Founder of Mentors4EDU


Students: 5655, Price: Free

Students: 5655, Price:  Free

Canva is an all around amazing software tool, and I have taught a lot of students in the past about Canva. Another popular image manipulation and editing tool is removebg. In this course, I will teach you the basics of removebg, as well as integrating it with Canva and making some really nice design samples. Enroll today!

Fantasy Football 101- Draft Day Preparation & Strategy

Fail to plan, plan to fail. If you want to win as a rookie this fantasy football season let's get your plan started now!

Created by Cowboys Unifier - Internet Kingpn


Students: 2149, Price: Free

Students: 2149, Price:  Free

Building a championship team takes strategy, research, and intuition. Thinking that you have the retained knowledge to roll into your draft and execute without a plan is unintelligent. Especially with as little as 2 years in the game to this point. 

The fact that you are here looking to gain the edge in your league speaks volumes. Allow my course to help you walk into your draft with a well thought out, strategic game plan. 

   Here are a few highlights of what will be covered.

  1. Understanding what value means when drafting
  2. Understanding the importance of mock drafting before the season
  3. What materials you need to bring to your draft.
  4. What players you should not focus on regardless
  5. Understanding when to draft your QB's and TE's.
  6. Examining the deepest position available, and late round fliers
  7. Why drafting Kickers and Team Defense's should be last
  8. *Bonus Advice* with details on the most focused player people will seek to              draft this 2016 season

This course should take no more than 1 hour to digest, and is structured with the majority of power point presentations, along with limited video. The TAKEAWAY BONUS is a downloadable PDF that you can print and use as a reference even after you have taken the course. 

Taking this course will definitely sharpen your focus to build an effective strategy, and give you a few new tools to accelerate your knowledge level on how to approach each seasonal draft. This course does not disappoint primarily because in order to accomplish the bigger goal, you must set and execute smaller goals. The overall goal is to get you to the championship game, and WIN! 

Achieving Your Soccer Dreams in Half the Time

Everything you need to know to become successful in soccer off the field

Created by Michael Farfan - Former Professional Soccer Player


Students: 1764, Price: Free

Students: 1764, Price:  Free

There are many coaches who teach the tactical or technical side of the game. This course develops knowledge and mental techniques to become a successful footballer.

Instruction Includes:

- Mental Factors

- Good Habits

- Accomplishing goals

- Tips for Becoming a Professional

- Essential Virtues

- Actions to Avoid

Emphasis is placed on becoming the best version of you off field to be well prepared for on the field.


  • PDF Outlined Worksheet

  • Full Course in Audio

  • 20 Soft Skills Sheet

Soccer FUNdamentals

individual soccer program aiming to compliment club training

Created by Max Drozd - youth soccer coach


Students: 703, Price: Free

Students: 703, Price:  Free

This course is aimed at younger athletes (U9-U18) who actively participate in organized soccer activities at various levels (recreational, competitive and high performance). It includes modules about history of the game, basic principles of play and fun engaging activities that can be done alone or in small groups (either as enhanced training, during soccer vacations or when group play is suspended).

Phase 1: Intro to College Recruiting – 8 Secrets to Success

College Coaches will look at 10,000 Players a year. How do you standout? This course will dive into college recruiting.

Created by SIGNnow Sports - World Class coaches that have developed elite players (NCAA)


Students: 645, Price: Free

Students: 645, Price:  Free

Solve this: The average college coach will look at 10,000 potential student-athletes a year and select three players for a roster spot. How in the world do you stand out from the rest of the competition? 

This introduction course to college soccer recruiting is PERFECT for high school student-athletes and their parents. The best time to start is NO LATER than the day you walk into your freshman year.

Take your time, watch the videos more than once and come back and use them as a resource. Grab a pen and paper and take notes as this dives into 8 secrets to help you understand the college recruiting process in a systematic manner:

  • 9th Grade - Set The Tone

  • 10th Grade - Getting Exposure

  • 11th Grade - Focus on Communication

  • 12th Grade - Selection Year

  • Importance of Doing Well in School

  • Improving on and off the Field

  • How to Select a School

  • When and How to Talk With College Coaches

  • Scholarships

  • What Kind of Players Do Coaches Want

  • Over 18 Years old and/or Out of High School

  • So much more!

This FREE course was created by a Soccer Director of Coaching (DoC) who works with college-level players from NAIA to NCAA DI and even wrote the book on College Recruiting called the College Recruiting Game Plan which is available on AMAZON.

This FREE intro course will teach you the fundamentals to succeed BEFORE battling the endless hurricane known as the College Soccer Recruiting Process.