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WebServices/Rest API Testing with SoapUI +Real time Projects

"Most Popular #1 SoapUI Test automation Course - "36000+ students learning together with great collaboration"

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 59572, Price: $119.99

Students: 59572, Price:  Paid

  • ***Lectures Last updated on March 28th with Soap/Rest Hybrid Framework +TestNg +Jenkins ***
    Course is designed in such a way that the user can start the things from the very scratch with out any prior knowledge on  Soap Web services and REST API
    ************************************************************************************************************IIncludes :
    17+ hours Lectures on API testing (Manual+Automation) with 7 real time projects  +Framework design+GroovyScripting+SoapUI Pro+API load testing+SoapUI Database testing +Interview questions+ life time Trainer support +  on Demand Skype sessions + 21 thousand Students learning forum + 100 Pages detailed Material

On course completion You will be Mastered in REST API/Webservices Testing and can implement Successfully it in your work place or will surely land on High Paying Job

  ************************************************** **************************************************
    So what makes this course Unique in the Market?

We assume that students have no experience in API Testing and start every topic from scratch and basics.

  This Course explains 

  ·What are the Webservices and API's

 ·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI 

Manual Testing of Services and API's using SoapUI tool

Groovy Scripting Basics

·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy 
·Differences btween Soap UI and Soap UI Pro 

 ·Soap UI Pro Features 

 What are Rest API 

 Manual Testing of REST API's using SoapUI tool
Automation of Rest API's using SoapUI Groovy and Script Assertions

SoapUI Framework development from scratch using TestNG, Jenkins and Java API

·Security Testing with Soap UI 

·DataBase Testing with Soap UI 

 Soap UI Integration with Eclipse 


                                 By the End of this Course you will  understand the webservice and API specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases (Functional/Security/Data Base Testcases) for services in Soap ui by using all the available features  on Tool   

API and Web Service Introduction

Includes API, Web Services using REST, JSON, XML, HTTP, SOAP, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Postman and Python

Created by Nate Ross - Technology Teacher


Students: 42880, Price: $89.99

Students: 42880, Price:  Paid

Learn all about APIs and Web Services the easy way!  APIs and Web Services are growing fast in popularity and if you're in IT, it's essential you have knowledge of them.  

If you are a beginner, or if you have some knowledge of APIs but need to solidify your knowledge overall or on a specific topic, this course is for you.

My name is Nate Ross and I have over 20 years of real experience in the IT world as a technical consultant.  But it's not about me, it's about YOU the customer!  This course is designed for YOU and TOGETHER I know we can get through the material!  If you have any issues, feel free to ask me about anything.  I answer all questions and concerns!  And the lectures are personally written from me.  No copied material!

This course includes the BIG PICTURE, with all the essential components of APIs that you need to know about.  Topics covered include: API (of course), Web Service, JSON, XML, HTTP, REST, SOAP, OAuth, OpenID Connect.  Examples in Postman, Python, Amazon Web Services, Twitter, eBay, and Google Cloud. AND we have plenty of exercises so you can solidify what you've learned!

Topics covered include:

-What's an API

-Examples of APIs

-What's a Web Service

-Comparison: Web Service and API




-Comparison: JSON and XML



-REST examples using Twitter and eBay

-Comparison: SOAP and REST

-Apps (Native, Web, and Hybrid)


-OAuth Example (Google Cloud)

-Authentication and Authorization

-OpenID Connect


-Authorization types in Postman including No Auth, Basic Auth, Digest Auth, Bearer Token, OAuth

-Call an API using Python

-Create an API using Amazon Web Services

-Calling APIs using Programming Languages



-Quiz (50 questions) to help ensure you remember what's been covered

Thanks for reading my introduction!  This is about YOUR time and making the most of it!  Good luck to you and hope to see you in the course! Nate

Rest API/Web Services testing with SoapUI+Realtime scenarios

#1 Highest Rated Soap UI Course- 9000+ Students ::API Testing+Groovy script+Real time Project+ Interview Questions

Created by Sashi R - Learn Smarter, Achieve Better.


Students: 7853, Price: $89.99

Students: 7853, Price:  Paid

By end of this course you will be familiar in testing web services (both SOAP based and REST Services) manually and automate with Groovy scripting.The course has been prepared in such a way that you can learn this course starting from basics to advanced topics in a progressive way. Course has assignments/quizzes for you to practice and strengthen your knowledge.

****Course has projects with SOAP/REST services for practice purpose.****

By end of this course you will be familiar in:

Web services basics like WSDL,SOAP ,XML and JSON.

  • Creating Test Suites, Test Cases for SOAP/RESTFul APIs/Web Services

  • Writing Assertions  (Validating web service responses)

  • Data Driven Testing

  • Working with Data Sources (Database,Excel,Grid etc..)

  • Working with DataSink and DataGen

  • Automation with Groovy Script

  • Reading data from Files,Excel Sheets using Groovy scripts

  • Importing SWAGGER Projects 

  • Creating Mock Services

  • Generating Test Reports

  • Creating batch scripts to execute your test cases from command line tool

  • Integrating with Jenkins for Continuous Integration

  • Managing Environments in SoapUI Free version

Course Highlights:

  •  "We respect your time"- all the videos are short and straight to point without wasting your valuable time.

  • Assignments  - Given assignments  along with required resources, which will help you practice your learning.

  • Short and precise videos

  • Checkpoint questions

  • Interview Questions

  • Sample Project :Provided a sample project with "REST Services" for practice purpose

********************     Final Certification Mock Exam (40 Questions)     **************************


I offer full support, answering any questions you have.

This means you’ll never find yourself stuck on one lesson with out progress. With my hand-holding guidance, you’ll learn smoothly through this course without any major issues.

Learn API & Webservices Testing

Postman, SOAPUI,ReadyAPI & RestAssured with Java, TestNG & BDD with Real Time Application API's

Created by Pavan Kumar - Test Architect ★ Tech Educator ★ Trainer ★ YouTuber


Students: 5419, Price: $129.99

Students: 5419, Price:  Paid

Webservices/API Testing course is designed to make you an expert in working with Back end Testing.

Nowadays, almost all web applications use web services to communicate or interact with each other. Most modern day web services are built on Representational state transfer (REST) architecture; REST has gained a lot of popularity and it will continue to do the same due to its simplicity in comparison with other technologies.

90%of the IT industry now heading towards this API for automating Services. On course completion You will be familiar with REST API testing   using Postman, SOAPUI & RestAssured and can implement Successfully it in your work place or will surely land on High Paying Job.

Topics Covered:

Module1: Basics of API & Web services Testing

  • What is Client and Server?

  • Client Server architecture

  • Presentation, Business & Database Layer

  • What is Request & Response

  • What is API

  • What is API Testing

  • API Testing VS Unit Testing

  • What is Web Service

  • Difference between API & Web service

  • Components of Web services ( WSDL & UDDI)

  • Types of Web services

  • SOAP VS Rest services

  • URI, URL & URN

  • API/Web service testing challenges

  • Web Service API testing tools

  • Web services API Testing process

  • What to test in Webservices /API Testing


  • Status Codes

  • Examples of Web service API's

Module 2: API Testing using Postman

  • Download and Install Postman

  • Postman Navigation

  • Creating Requests & Analyzing Response

  • Request Parameters in Postman

  • Postman Collections

  • End to End test case(GET , POST, PUT , DELETE)

  • Basic Authentication in Postman

  • Test and Collection Runner in Postman

  • Workflows in Postman

  • Pre-Request Script in Postman

  • Variables in POSTMAN

  • Environment/Global variables

  • Adding Postman Environment

  • Postman workspace

  • How to share collections in workspaces

  • Postman Coding

  • Data Driven testing using Json & CSV files

  • How to Run data-driven Tests

  • JSON, XML & HTML Payloads

  • Authorization Types in Postman

  • Run Postman tests in command Line

  • Generating Reports in Postman

  • Real Time Examples - Facebook API

  • Importing Facebook API's into Postman

  • How to handle SOAP Web service Requests in Postman

Module 3: SOAPUI /Ready API (Functional Testing)

  • What is SoapUI? Why to use SoapUI

  • How to Download and Install SoapUI

  • GUI components of SoapUI

  • How to create a SOAP API Project

  • How to add WSDL

  • How to create Test Suite - Test Cases

  • How to add Assertions

  • Run Test Step - Test Case - Test Suite

  • How to run in sequence and in parallel

  • How to create API Documentation

  • Create a REST Project

  • Add a REST request

  • How to add request parameters

  • Create a Test Case

  • Add assertions

  • Run and Validate

  • What are assertions? Why do we add assertions

  • Diff types of assertions in SoapUI

  • What is property in SOAPUI? Why do we use it

  • How to create properties at different levels

  • How to refer properties

  • How to add groovy scripts in SoapUI

  • Property Transfer/Value Transfer

  • Parameterization /Data Driven testing

  • Working with Data Sources in SOAPUI Pro/ReadyAPI

  • Data Driven Testing using Excel file

  • Data Driven Testing using Text File

  • Data Driven Testing using Grid

  • Data Driven Testing using JDBC

  • Data Source - Data Generation

  • Data Source loop and Data Sink

  • How to run a Tests from SOAPUI GUI

  • Generate Reports in SOAPUI

  • How to run a Tests from Command Line

  • Generate reports from Command Line

  • Real Time Examples - Flickr & Google Maps

Module 4: SwaggerUI

  • Swagger UI overview

  • The Swagger UI Petstore example

  • Authorize your requests

  • Make a request

  • Verify that your pet was created

  • Some sample Swagger UI doc sites

  • Create a Swagger UI display with an OpenAPI spec document

Module 5: API Automation Testing using REST Assured using Java & TestNG

  • Introduction to HTTP methods

  • REST Assured Setting up environment (Eclipse, Maven & TestNG)

  • Send GET request using REST-Assured

  • Send POST request using REST-Assured

  • Send PUT request using REST-Assured

  • Send DELETE request using REST-Assured

  • REST-Assured Extracting values from the response.

  • Validating Response codes and status line

  • JSON Schema Validation

  • Validating Headers

  • Validating Authenticated API's

  • Rest Assured End-to-End Test Case

Module 6: Rest Assured Framework using TestNG, Maven,Jenkins, Git & Github

  • Create Maven Project

  • Update pom.xml

  • Create Folder structure

  • Develop Utilities ( &

  • Creating Test Cases

  • Create Extent Reports

  • Run Tests using TestNG XML

  • Create TestBase Class

  • Add logs to Tests using Apache log4j

  • Run Project through pom.xml

  • Run Project through command prompt

  • Run Project through Jenkins

  • Upload project to Git & Git hub

Module 7: API Automation Testing using REST Assured using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Approach

  • Environment setup

  • Keywords used  in BDD Approach

  • How to send GET Request

  • How to send POST Request

  • How to send PUT Request

  • How to send DELETE Request

  • Validating Headers

  • Authorization parameters

  • Basic validations on JSON Response

  • Basic validations on XML Response

  • How to rooPath & detachRootPath in RestAssured

  • Different ways of Reading Response

  • Working with Response Headers

  • Working with Response Cookies

  • Working with Authentication API's

  • Types Parameters and working with Parameters

  • How to use Request Specification Builder  & Response Specification Builder

  • Logging

  • Serialization & De-serialization

  • Rest API Testing without Serialization & De-serialization- JSON

  • Rest API Testing using  Serialization & De-serialization - JSON

  • Rest API Testing without Serialization & De-serialization- XML

  • Rest API Testing using  Serialization & De-serialization - XML

WebServices/API Testing by SoapUI-Groovy|Real-time API|23+hr

Detailed Groovy + Certification Coverage + Soapui tutorial, Rest API Testing, Soap UI Free & Pro

Created by T World - Automation expert at theTestingWorld


Students: 5028, Price: $99.99

Students: 5028, Price:  Paid

The only course in the Web World with 2 real time project of Webservices/API automation using SoapUI Tool.
Only course on web which cover almost all advance topics,

  1. Xpath Assertion

  2. XQuery Assertion

  3. Handling CData

  4. TestRunner object

  5. MessageExchange Object

  6. XML Holder

  7. JSON Parser

  8. Certification preparation

  9. HTML Monitoring

  10. Integration with ANT and Jenkins

On course completion You will be Expert in SOAP/ REST API Testing and can implement Successfully it in your work place
Course is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding of groovy and SoapUI

This Course explains
·What are the Webservices

·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI

·Groovy Scripitng Concepts

·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy

·Testing Resting API
·Security Testing with Soap UI

·DataBase Testing with Soap UI

·How to Mock the webservics

By the End of this Course you will able to understand the webservices specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases (Functional/Security/Data Base Testcases) to test them in Soap ui by using different features available on Tool

SOAPUI API Testing | Step by Step for Beginners

learn SoapUI from scratch

Created by Raghav Pal - Automation Test Architect | Educator | 12 yrs


Students: 2316, Price: $29.99

Students: 2316, Price:  Paid

In this course, we will go very basic, step by step and learn SoapUI from scratch.
All the sessions are created on SoapUI open source version.

This course will cover:

1. What is SoapUI
2. Download and Getting Started
3. Understand the GUI and features
4. Create First SoapUI project
5. Learn about Project, TestSuite, TestCases and TestSteps
6. Assertions
7. Properties
8. Groovy Scripts
9. Command-line execution
10. CI Jenkins

Do not worry if you have no prior knowledge of API Testing or SoapUI.
This course will teach you all you need for working on API Testing with SoapUI for any personal & enterprise projects.

Let's Get Started...

Step by Step API Automation with ReadyAPI(SOAPUI PRO)Groovy⭐

Detailed Groovy +Certification Coverage + Step by Step tutorial, Rest API Testing terminology

Created by Testing World - Director of Testing World


Students: 2069, Price: $34.99

Students: 2069, Price:  Paid

Course Updates:

Jan 2021 :  Added Steps for Data Driven Testing

Nov 2020 : Added Quiz and Interview Questions

ReadyAPI is the advance version of SoapUI for Webservice and API automation, This course will take you from basic to advance concepts of API Automation, Here we are going to cover following advance concepts

Course Coverage

  1. End to End understanding of API Testing

  2. ReadyAPI walkthrough

  3. Working Hierarchy

  4. Data Driven Testing

  5. API Testing Steps

  6. Xpath Assertion

  7. XQuery Assertion

  8. Advance steps like Data Source, Data Gen, Data Sink

  9. Advance Assertions

  10. TestRunner object

  11. MessageExchange Object

  12. XML Holder

  13. JSON Parser

  14. Interview Preparation

  15. Best Practices

  16. Q&A Sections

  17. Certification preparation

  18. Work with SoapUI free version

On course completion You will be Expert in SOAP/ REST API Testing and can implement Successfully it in your work place
Course is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding of groovy and SoapUI

This Course explains
·What are the Webservices

·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI

·Groovy Scripitng Concepts

·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy

·Testing Resting API
·Security Testing with Soap UI

·DataBase Testing with Soap UI

·How to Mock the webservics

By the End of this Course you will able to understand the webservices specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases (Functional/Security/Data Base Testcases) to test them in Soap ui by using different features available on Tool

·What are the Webservices, ·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI, ·Groovy Scripitng Concepts, ·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy

By the End of this Course you will able to understand the webservices specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases

REST API WebService Automation Testing-ReadyAPI-SoapuiNG PRO

REST API WebService Automation and Manual testing using soapui- soapuiNG Pro ReadyAPI + 2 REST API WebService 4 practice

Created by Subhash Chandra Basavaraju - Test Automation Architect, Automation testing Lead,


Students: 2011, Price: $89.99

Students: 2011, Price:  Paid

       Complete A to Z course for learning the REST API Web-Service Automation testing from basics to advanced concepts.


**Hand Written explanation for best understanding.

About me : I have been working in IT-Software Testing industry from last 15 years and i have put all those experience and industry standard knowledge into this course. The course filled with industry standard testing approach, implementation and examples.

Welcome to REST API Web-Service Automation tutorial.

        Currently API is a booming technology it exists everywhere like Social media, Mobile platform, cloud computing etc,.
        Now its a good opportunity to make promising career in API testing.

This course below topics and more

  • What are the API & Webservices

  • How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI and ReadyAPI

  • Advanced Groovy Scripting Concepts

  • Understanding Couchbase Database interaction with REST API

  • How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy

  • Differences btween Soap UI and SoapUING Pro and ReadyAPI

  • Soap UI NG Pro and ReadyAPI Features

  • What is Rest API

  • Testing RESTful API

  • Designing JSON path expression

  • Custom HTML report generation for test case execution

  • Designing smoke and Regression test case framework

  • Swagger

  • Mock Service using dedicated ServiceV pro module.

    This comprehensive course cover.          

  •  REST API web-service manual testing using popular soap ui tool And Automation testing using next generation SOAPUI NG PRO Ready API.

  • This course even covers groovy scripting from basics to advanced coding, which is mandatory to design and develop industry standard automation scripts.

  • The SPECIAL thing about this course is, you will get two industry standard downloadable REST API web-service connected to different database which can be executed on your own system without need of internet. You will know how API web-service interacts with back-end database.

  • This course even covers Couch-base database used by REST API Web-service

  • This course covers building Mock Services using ServiceV module within ReadyAPI tool

  • You don't need to depend on free online API Web services available on internet for learning purpose.

  • This course is for someone who want make good career in API testing.

  • You don't need to have previous programming skills as course cover from basics. 

  • You will learn to develop customized HTML test report after test execution.

  • I value your time, So course is medium paced and on-to the point without much dragging to avoid boredom.

    By the end of this course: 

  • You will know how to design and develop test case to test API web-service both Manual and automation
     testing methodologies.

  • You will be able to confidently and independently write advanced groovy script to develop robust automation

  • You will be having REST API web-service knowledge equivalent to industry standard experienced tester.

  • You will able to attend API Web-service automation testing job interview and successfully pass through to secure job

    Take a look at the course description to get detailed information about course coverage. 

                                                             Enroll now and will see you inside

Happy Learning

Subhash Chandra

API Testing BootCamp with SoapUI (OpenSource)

Become a Pro in API Testing - REST, WSDL-SOAP, API Load Testing ,Mocking all with SOAPUI.

Created by Sanketh Shanbhag - Consultant for Top Multinational Companies


Students: 185, Price: $19.99

Students: 185, Price:  Paid

Understand in depth about Soap, REST, Webservices & APIs.

Use SoapUI to test SOAP, WSDL, REST, Webservices & also write groovy code for Verifications & Validations.


Independently work on a project using SOAPUI   

Become a Pro in API Testing with deep rich understanding on all the revolving elements around API Testing.   

I wouldn't be surprised if you will be able to coach your colleagues, team members in API Testing using SoapUI   

You will be able to test SOAP, REST, WEB SERVICES & understand in detail on json, xml all like a pro.   

You will be able to successfully create a framework best suited for your project & work with data driven approach including connecting your tests to datasource such as Excel. 

With this course you get a free downloadable wsdl application to host on your laptop / desktop. So that you can also practice offline.

Use the Quiz to test your knowledge. ( More Quizzes coming soon )

Pls see the detailed Course Agenda -

  1. Introduction to API & API Testing

  2. Quiz - Introduction to API & API Testing

  3. Getting started with SoapUi ! Let's install.

  4. Quiz -Getting started with SoapUi !

  5. SoapUI Installation

  6. REST API - Functional API Testing & Automation. [ 75 minutes deep dive video ]

  7. WSDL - Application to Test (Setup)

  8. WSDL - Testing your WSDL-SOAP application - Manual & Automation

  9. Its all about Groovy Code !

  10. Groovy - 1- Variables

  11. Groovy - 2- Loops

  12. Groovy - 3- Conditions

  13. Groovy - 4- File system

  14. Groovy - 5- Additional

  15. Coming soon ! More videos on Groovy.

  16. Advanced Reporting & Jenkins - CI Integration

  17. Version Control your SOAPUI tests.

  18. You will learn to work with SCM such as git & also access my project from github

  19. Load Testing with SOAPUI. Also known as LoadUI

  20. Mocking! Service Virtualization in SOAPUI.


Step-by-Step training on API Basics, API Testing, API Automation, Postman, SoapUI, Katalon Studio, JMeter with Examples

Created by Raghav Pal - Automation Test Architect | Educator | 12 yrs


Students: 155, Price: $44.99

Students: 155, Price:  Paid

This is a complete hands-on course on API Test Automation. Learn API Testing & Automation from scratch using the most popular tools like Postman, SoapUI, JMeter, Katalon Studio.

After taking this course you will be able to:

1. Understand the basics of API

2. Basics of API Testing & Automation

3. How to create API Test Automation frameworks

4. How to do API Test Automation using SoapUI

5. How to do API Test Automation using Postman

6. How to do API Test Automation using Katalon Studio

7. API Performance Testing with JMeter

You will learn all the tips and tricks and best practices, Ater this training, you can create API Testing & Automation frameworks, projects and solutions