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Free Weight Loss Course: Weight Loss Made Simple

Seamlessly integrating simple habits into your daily routine for lasting weight loss. Weight loss has never been easier.

Created by Jack Wilson - Personal Trainer and Transformation Specialist


Students: 79945, Price: Free

*Completely FREE Weight Loss Course

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things you do in your life, but it doesn't have to be. If you have been struggling to lose weight or are intimidated to start, this is the solution for you.

Why This Course is Different From Others

I have found that most popular and trendy weight loss programs fail because they are so complex and demanding. They ask you to...

  1. Completely change your diet and remove all of the foods that you love in order to lose weight.
  2. Adhere to strict, intense exercise programs that cause you to lose weight quickly, and uncomfortably.
  3. Overhaul your entire lifestyle, from work to leisure, making it really inconvenient for you to lose weight.

Why Losing Weight is So Difficult

I have found in teaching THOUSANDS of students on Udemy to lose weight, that the biggest challenges you face are that you...

  • Are busy with work, your business, your job, or school
  • Have other obligations that
  • Don't have time to cook or learn a new skill to lose weight
  • Don't have the time or resources to go to the gym to lose weight.
  • You would love to lose weight, BUT you love food! We all do.

Here's what I know for a fact:

Your time is the most valuable thing that you have, and there are so many other more important aspects to life than working out and cooking. Who has the time?

*What if I told you that there was a simpler way to lose weight?

*What if you could lose all of that stubborn weight you have been holding onto with the bare minimum of time commitment and effort?

*What if there was a way to lose weight that actually fit YOUR SCHEDULE and was seamless to follow?

What you Are Getting in this Course

This course is composed of only the simplest and most effective habits that you can seamlessly integrate into your life so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good this time.

This course includes

  • How you can lose weight by sleeping more and workout less
  • How drinking cold water will help you lose weight
  • How you can lower your stress and lose 10 pounds in a month
  • How you can cook less, eat more, and lose weight
  • Exactly how to naturally counteract your sweet tooth to lose weight successfully
  • How you can lose weight and never have to count calories again
  • One simple meal that will help you lose your first 20-40+ pounds
  • Workout 2-4 hours PER MONTH at home, lose weight, and get ripped

No risk and the Ultimate Reward

If you have been trying to lose weight for years or have been intimidated to start, this is your chance. This is the easiest and most effective way to lose weight with simple habits that will fit with your everyday life.


Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer mind

Practical mindfulness meditation course showing the method how to increase concentration and reduce stress

Created by Per Norrgren - Director of Training and founder of inMindSight


Students: 52647, Price: Free

Hi, I am Per Norrgren, welcome to my mindfulness course.

I first discovered mindfulness some seven years ago when attending an 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course — and it changed my life so much that since then teaching mindfulness is my passion and a major part of my life.

I'd love to share with you the peace and the benefits that living mindfully can bring to your life.

Whilst teaching mindfulness in the traditional group setting, I have received request to provide the course in eLearning format so even if you can not make it to a group course, you can still learn mindfulness.

To this end, I created (what I think is) probably the most comprehensive eLearning course on Mindfulness you will find. I have included all my material from the traditional course and added specific audio teachings that goes well for eLearning.

NOTE! The videos and text material is optional and there if you would like to know more.  The key is to do the audio tracks.

The key is to understand how mindfulness works, what happens in the mind and what to expect, then to experience the change under guidance for your self. This removes the mystic of the guru, stops you aimlessly wonder and ponder if you do it right and also answers the questions that inevitably pops up.

This course is unique in that it includes forty individual audio tracks (divided into 8 weekly sections) where the teachings are embedded in the meditation experience. I have included a short video for each section to give you an overview of what the session aims to achieve. Start each section by watching the video.

Each section also has a short handout based on the well-known 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. These are my own notes, thoughts and experiences collected over the years from books, lectures, international conferences, retreats and training courses. They are there to support you with additional information if you are keen to learn more about how it works. Note, they are from the actual 8 week MBSR course and therefore contain a weekly home work section etc.

This course is designed to make it easy to learn and to practice at the same time. Becoming mindful can be straightforward but most people find they need external guidance to practice effectively when they first start out. This programme provides everything you need to make your mindfulness journey as effortless as possible. It is structured as easy-to-follow audio tracks, each being ten minutes long. You have five audio tracks per week and I want you to listen to each track twice on the same day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. You can of course listen more often if you would like.

The full programme is intended to run over eight weeks. This is important. You cannot rush mindfulness. The parts of the brain you are exercising and "re-wiring" are very old and science has shown that it takes daily practice to create a permanent change to your automatic reactions. You can repeat weeks if you like and take longer than eight weeks if you need to - the important thing is to keep practicing each day.

I teach from my own personal experience, sharing what I have learned and how I conquered my inner fear, anxiety, stress and burnout. What you learn on this course is permanent, grounded in real life experience and science, and it is very likely that it will change your life.

In doing this course, not only does it help my clients to deal with the stress in this moment, they are also maximising their chances of maintaining good mental health throughout their lives.

Wishing you a wonderful course

in peace

Per Norrgren
inMindSight - The Algarve Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice

The 4 Hour Work Life: Improve Health, Sleep & Productivity!

Learn to work efficiently and effectively online and start improving your life today with The 4 Hour Work Life!

Created by Suppoman ™ - Superhero Instructor! I teach 330,000 Students in 30 courses


Students: 23542, Price: Free

If you want to work less and get more out of the time you spend working, I think you might love this Udemy course! 

I have created The 4 Hour Work Life to enable you to double your productivity, work at your most efficient and effective rate and have a better life.

Most of my professional life I have spent up to 50% of my day working and commuting with little time for self-improvement, self-care and for friends and family. Since starting to work online, I have created a system where I dedicate 4 hours a day to work, which accounts for 17% of my day. With this system I can get important work done and be able to leave my work so that I can enjoy the remaining 83% of my day.

By learning and implemeting this system, you will be able to have a healthier work life balance and be able to have a higher quality of life.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to see you in the course soon!

Mind. FULL!ness to Mindfulness

Discover a more peaceful, less anxious life with better quality sleep and relationships

Created by David Colley - Scholar at Reaching Aspiration


Students: 8673, Price: Free

Tired of your Mind being Full. Feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed?

Join Sam as he goes through a series of simple exercises and mindset shifts to lead him towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life, with better quality sleep, relationships, and peace in his quest to reach his aspiration.

While mindfulness is a lifelong practice you can begin today with this course. There is a new video and exercise for the first 4 days of the week, with day 5 being for catch-up and reflection. Note this is not a course on meditation (we do recommend you start a practice), but rather a series of simple exercises that will increase your level of mindfulness.

While you may not enjoy or gain benefit from each exercise, with 12 different exercises we are confident that you will find significant benefit in taking the course.

Week 1 - Quietening the noise and negative framing - is about reducing the excessive stimulus to enable you to feel less overwhelmed and calmer.

Week 2 - Becoming more present - the exercises will enable you to train yourself to be more present in the moment.

Week 3 - Linking the conscious to the sub-conscious - allows you to be more focused and successful as you harness the connection.

These exercises are easy to repeat and we recommend either taking the whole course again from time to time, or perhaps "dipping" in to your favourites.

First preview the promo video to see if you think the course is for you!

Yin yoga for sleep

Calming your nervous system and releasing tension

Created by Laura Mendez Asbach - YA Registered Yoga teacher


Students: 8195, Price: Free

Do you toss and turn in your bed and have difficulties falling asleep? Do you feel like you hold on to a lot of tension in your body? Then this is the perfect course for you! Yin yoga is an excellent practice to calm the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the rest and digest mode. The more you practice, the better it gets, as you body learns how to relax quicker. In this course you will find 4 different classes to help you fall asleep. They are of different lengths, so that you can chose one according to how much time you have. I highly recommend practicing every day before going to sleep.

FREE TASTER: Baby Sleep Solutions from The Sleep Nanny

Everything you could need to know to help your baby to become an excellent sleeper

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 4349, Price: Free

The Sleep Nanny® is a mother of two, a best selling author, regular contributor to The Huffington Post and other publications, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach with specialist training in the delicate 4-5 month age bracket and a Certified Maternity and Parenting Sleep Professional.

This is a free taster of the full Ultimate Child Sleep Solutions course which covers babies from 0-3 months old. The full course covers from birth to 5 years old and has extra lectures and downloadable assets, such as travelling with children, how to handle sickness and sleep and more.

Complete sleep course for new babies

This is the first and most comprehensive training of its kind. Ultimate Sleep Solutions will take you through, step by step, how to resolve the sleep challenges you are having with your little one.

With modules for every age from birth to five years we have covered every possible scenario and have solutions to suit different types of temperament and personality - after all, no two children are the same, right?

You can hire me, The Sleep Nanny® or another experienced and certified sleep consultant who will help you to resolve your challenges and leave you feeling firmly in the driving seat however, what if you hit a bump in the road and you are faced with a new an unexpected problem? With Ultimate Sleep Solutions, just login and go to the appropriate module to find the answers you need at the right time.

Ultimate Sleep Solutions has you covered from birth to five years. If you have a particularly alert little one, it is likely that you will go through various challenging phases over the early years. Just when you think you have it cracked, Bam! they hit you with something else. Don't get caught short, get all the answers at your fingertips, to keep!

Some reviews from the full course

"My 19 month old daughter was often waking 2/3 times a night. Being pregnant with my second and working full time meant I felt like a broken woman! Following Lucy's advice, my little girl now sleeps through, is much more alert in the morning as she is more rested as a result has much happier parents! I couldn't imagine we would get to this point, but the transformation is amazing. I'm stocking up on sleep now til the next one arrives in a couple of weeks"

"I am so happy I could cry!! This time 2 weeks ago I was struggling to get my 20 month old to bed, waking 2-3 times a night for an hour and a half a time I was exhausted and was having a massive strain on our family. 9 nights in and I have just put my son to bed and he has settled himself without me in the room in 10 minutes! I never ever thought I would get to this stage!!! Am so proud of my little Louie and can't thank Lucy enough for your support, you have literally changed our lives!!"

Sleep is so incredibly important, get the sleep you need to take care of and enjoy your family and give your little one the best start all round!

Methods against sleeplessness

Find every night the sleep you need!

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 3500, Price: Free

Lying in bed awake every night, futilely turning from one side to the other, incapable of falling asleep – What torture!

This course offers many possibilities that help to finally get the sleep you are longing for.

It starts out with several exercises that help you to relax – in spite of disturbing thoughts, tensions and emotions.

From there on you will learn to identify barriers, brought on by your current lifestyle that can influence your sleep.

Finally, you will discover the underlying roots of your tensions and troubling emotions/thoughts, learn to deal with and rid yourself of them.

Each of these exercises will bring you one step further away from your daily stress and closer to the inner peace that is vital for a good night’s sleep. In order to start your day refreshed and energized.

Guided Meditation – Fall Into Sleep With The Stars

Plus! Learn how to improve your sleep quality long term!

Created by Jonny John Liu - Teacher - Transforming Fears and Sufferings


Students: 2410, Price: Free

Having trouble sleeping?

Rolling around in bed for hours?

Been there, done that. Not fun!

The quality of your mind throughout the day will be greatly determined by the quality of your sleep.
So it’s important to get a good night’s sleep if you want to be productive, healthy and creative throughout the day.

The goal of this course is for you to sleep well. You can download the guided meditation which you can play at night to fall asleep to. And the rest of the course will guide you to understand the long-term solutions to improving your sleep quality through changing the way you live and think.

An easy course for people of all ages!


"Short and sweet. A super good course that will help you get to sleep and sleep well. The multitude of free courses by Mr Liu appear to form a unified passage to a better life. Thank you for those, and I will certainly be getting your paid courses too." - Don Stilwell

"Very good job i slept completly with your interesting advice thank you coach i definitely appreciated your training ! sincerly..". -E Dubernard


I have 8 + other courses which you can find by clicking on my profile icon.

· Transform Your Mind, Transform your life
· The Creator's Meditation - 22 Day meditation course
· The Creator's Absorption - Transform Your Anger Into Happiness

--Music Credits--

-Sleep Journey Loop 1 (End of track) by Mark Purpose @ Fivver

7 sleep hacking tips to fall asleep fast (100% natural)

Sleep hacking tips that work! Fall asleep fast and enjoy the benefits from a restful deep sleep. Sleep better tonight!

Created by Alessio Lorandi - Marketing coach


Students: 2130, Price: Free

America has a sleep issue. At least half of all Americans say they suffer from insomnia, and nearly 9 million are using prescription sleep medication.

But those sleeping pills that seem to work so well come with a laundry list of side effects and they mask the underlying issue for why you can’t sleep in the first place.

Research shows it’s not the number of hours of sleep you get that matters the most – it’s the quality of the hours you are getting.

High-quality, restorative sleep carries a number of benefits. It improves brain function, aids in muscle recovery, boosts longevity, balances your hormones, protects your heart, and fights fat.

Science-backed sleep hacks include figuring out your sleep chronotype, blocking out junk light, filling up on the right fats, using wearable sleep devices, changing your sleep position, meditating, and taking certain supplements.

Are you ready to take your sleep to the next level? Try the Bulletproof 30-Day Sleep Challenge. After the 30 days are up, you’ll feel happier, stronger, and more alert.


If you want to be stronger, happier, and more productive, focus on improving your sleep. Good sleep is a pillar of high performance.

  • High-quality, restorative sleep carries a number of benefits, including:

  • Improves brain function

  • Aids in muscle recovery

  • Boosts longevity

  • Balances your hormones

  • Protects your heart

  • Fights fat

Have Good Dreams: Cure Nightmares Today!

Learn The Real Spiritual Secrets To Have Good Dreams & Sleep Peacefully!

Created by Helpful Secrets - Forgotten Wisdom With REAL Results.


Students: 1634, Price: Free

Do You Suffer From Nightmares?

Do you wake up in a cold sweat at night, feeling terrified?

Do you ever wake up and find yourself unable to move?

Does this sound familiar?...

Sadly, many people do suffer from horrible nightmares.

They can be especially difficult for both adults & children.

You dread going to bed, afraid of what tonight’s dreams may bring.

The spiritual cause is so often overlooked. We can all be influenced by the energies around us.

Some people are simply more vulnerable to specific types of negative energy.

What Is The Solution?

The solution is to learn to become aware of the specific negative energies affecting you.

Then you can learn the ways to repel those energies and protect yourself from their harmful influence.

In this, one of a kind course, you will learn to do both of these important skills and your nightmares will become a distant memory.

You Can Have Good Dreams Every Night.

I learned the methods taught in this course, from wise spiritual elders and native healers in person.

I have taught these methods to my students and they have told me how effective they can be.

Within This Course You Will Learn:

  • How To Detect The Presence Of The Negative Energies.

  • Types Of Nightmares To Take Notice Of.

  • Special Habits To Consider That Contribute To The Problem.

  • The Real KEY To Having Good Dreams Every Night.

  • How To Develop Your Spiritual Tool Kit To Help.

  • Special Traditional Herbs, Plants & Crystals To Help As Well.

The Best Part Is, The Course Is FREE!

Enroll Today, To Learn The Real Secrets to HAVE GOOD DREAMS!

Sleep Meditations | Guided Meditations for Anxiety & Sleep

Sleep Meditation Starter Kit: Overcome stress, anxiety, & insomnia and wake up refreshed with 7 guided sleep meditations

Created by Jeremy Lipkowitz, M.A. - International Meditation Teacher | Life Coach


Students: 1224, Price: Free

What are people saying about this course?

"I’m sleeping better now than I ever have before because of the meditations from Jeremy." – Karli O.

"Down to earth meditations without the mystical nonsense or cheesy meditation music" – Kimmen S.

"Jeremy is an excellent meditation teacher. His patient, open-minded, and enthusiastic teaching style are grounded in everyday life, and really help make the practice accessible and relatable." – Emily Du

This course provides a practical and step-by-step approach to better sleep. It will help you fall asleep faster, overcome restless nights, have more pleasant dreams, and feel more energized when you wake up!

With the power of meditation, you will learn how to release stress and anxiety, calm your mind, and prepare yourself for an amazing nights rest! This course focuses specifically on the practical implementation of sleeping better, rather than a theoretical understanding of sleep. Whether you're dealing with insomnia or poor nighttime routines, or just want to optimize your sleep, if you're interested in building a strong foundation of sleep in your life, then this is the course for you!

The instructions in this course are clear, concise, and easy to understand, allowing you to master the basics of sleep without having to take any pills, buy any expensive equipment, or get a degree in sleep science. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Fall asleep each night with ease.

  • Have more energy and vitality when you wake up.

  • Release stress and anxiety from the body using the mindful body-scan technique

  • Feel more present and grounded throughout your waking hours.

  • Develop a consistent nightly routine habit that feels joyful and is sustainable.

Course Contents and Overview:

This course contains 7 guided meditations to help ease you into sleep.

Become a Certified Sleep Coach intro program

Work with people who suffer from insomnia

Created by Sveti Williams - Sleep Coach


Students: 1038, Price: Free

This is an introduction into becoming a Certified Sleep Coach certification program.

We have all seen representations of the 3 pillars of health and wellness being exercise, nutrition, and sleep. However I've been continuously surprised with how little attention sleep gets relative to the other two. Particularly in the world of coaching. Everyone has or knows someone who has worked with a coach on exercise or nutrition but the idea of a sleep coach remains foreign. I find this strange due to the fact that sleep requires the same elements of coach that the others do (guidance, education, and accountability). In addition to that, sleep is arguably more important as it sets the foundation for just about every facet of our health and well being (including exercise and nutrition).

There are no shortage of coaches for exercise or nutrition but you'd be hard pressed to find one for sleep. This is what I aim to change with this certification. It aims to bring sleep more into the coaching forefront while changing the way society prioritises sleep.





Students: 639, Price: Free

Imagine being able to sleep without being interrupted by a busy mind. but also have a more flexible body. To get the sleep you deserve free of worry and stress.

In this course, you will learn the magic of Yin yoga which will lead to mindfulness and meditation establishing a calm mind that will result in better sleep.  Yin yoga will make you more flexible and you will gain more range of movements. The body will become younger, more agile whilst the mind will calm.

The yin postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes, all are seated or laying down, supported by cushions, but it can still be challenging as we hold the postures in stillness. You will be surprised as you progress how much the body will open up, each day you will feel and see different results. renewing and energizing the body and be more in control of what life throws at you.

What is Yin Yoga?

It is a style of yoga that is practiced with cold muscles, no need to warm up, all the muscles are relaxed and supported by cushions to allow us to get to the deeper tissues of the body, the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones.

What is meditation?  We will learn that meditation is awareness and we can meditate in the postures.

Sleep. Improve Your Health, Mood and Mind with Better Sleep

Understand the Physiology of Sleep and Learn How Simple Changes in your Lifestyle can Improve your Sleep Quality

Created by Timur Kazantsev - Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller


Students: 335, Price: Free

Sleep is a mysterious state of mind and body that we spend an awful lot of time in - a third of our lives. Just imagine, for an average person who has lived 75 years, he will have spent 25 years of his life in sleep. Sleep is hard to define, but it’s easy to feel the importance of it - just skip a night and your body will show you how big of a mistake you have made. Yet, despite its vital importance few of us really know enough about what sleep really is, how it works, how it affects our physical and emotional state and most importantly how we can make our sleep more efficient and make the best use of it.

In this course we are going to learn the fundamental facts about sleep which is by the way and interestingly enough not something homogeneous, it consists of multiple and different phases, each of them being essential for our physical and emotional wellbeing. We will learn how our simple decisions during the day affect our sleep performance at night, and how in turn the quality of our sleep affects our daily life. And of course we are going to learn how to improve our sleep habits so that we can fully utilize its potential and enormous benefits for our mental and physical health.

Join me in exploring this mysterious yet so important gift that every single one of us has and let’s dive into it.

Sleep at Least 7 Hours Every Night

Recommendation to Optimize Health and Extend Lifespan

Created by Nicholas Cohen, MD - Primary Care Physician


Students: 321, Price: Free

Did you know that sleeping for at least 7 hours every night reduces risk of premature death by up to 12%? Getting the recommended amount of sleep for optimal health means:

  1. sleeping all 7 hour at night, rather than sleeping a few hours in the day with a nap and a few hours at night

  2. getting 7 hours each and every night, rather than under-sleeping during the wake and trying to catch up on the weekends

  3. not using medication to help you sleep

Insufficient sleep causes numerous health problems besides shortening your life.  Not getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night increases risk of:

  • obesity via changes in leptin and ghrelin that increase appetite, and reduce energy expenditure

  • high blood pressure and diabetes due to the chronic stress that results from sleep deprivation and the subsequent fight or fight stress response that increases cortisol levels

  • cancer due to chronic inflammation that results in errors in DNA replication repair

  • heart attack and stroke resulting from chronic inflammation which causes atherosclerosis

Despite the proven health benefits of getting sufficient sleep:

  • 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. averages less than 7 hours of sleep each night.

But sleeping 7 hours every night sounds like a lot to ask. Americans have gotten less and less sleep over the past century, and the pace of sleep loss has gotten even more drastic with the advent of smart phones.

Is there a way to get a good night's rest in our hyperconnected, always-on, lives?

There most certainly is! in this course, Dr. Cohen, a primary care doctor in San Francisco, shares with you effective strategies for getting a good's night's rest, specifically sleeping at least 7 hour every night, with a consistent bedtime.

The course begins with an introduction to Sleep & Activity.  Dr. Cohen explains the various causes of sleep disturbances.  He'll share with you the medical research that shows the benefits of keeping getting sufficient sleep. He'll describe the harm caused by insufficient sleep and the health promoting effects of adequate sleep. He'll describe proven tips to get a good night's rest that have worked for him, and thousands of his patients. You'll learn about choice architecture for avoiding bad choices.  Finally, you'll hear the answers to frequently asked questions, followed by a summary of the information presented.