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Sketchup Architect Beginner Fast Track

Learn the fundamental tools necessary to model with SketchUp

Created by Thomas Soltren - Architectural Designer


Students: 22516, Price: Free

This course is designed for beginners and those who want to gain a solid foundation with SketchUp.  We will go over getting started with SketchUp and how to use the most common tools used to build architectural models.  We will also go over some useful tips I have learned along the way.  Lets get started

VR in Unity: A Beginner’s Guide

Go from "I've no idea what I'm doing" to "I've very little idea what I'm doing", for FREE.

Created by Mark Suter - High School Teacher


Students: 17583, Price: Free


Intended for absolute beginners, this is a guerrilla-style approach to getting a VR app up and running quickly, with very little peripheral teaching of WHY were doing any of it. Sections 1 + 2 don't involve any actual coding, and get you started quickly. Coding takes place in the (in students co-producing with me left for summer break! The nerve!) section 3 and beyond.

I teach a high school "Intro to Programming" class, and I'm making this to help them, and maybe others at the same time. This is all recorded in my classroom, March, April, May of 2018.

I planned to resume adding to this course in Sept 2018 and Spring 2019 with more Graphical User Interface (GUI) development and some beginner level coding, but have shifted effort into making a more polished version of this course for Unity itself. It will also be free, and published on the Unity site around May 2019.

You should dabble in Unity beforehand, maybe try the "Roll-a-Ball" tutorial on Unity's website just to familiarize yourself with the Unity interface.

I will be using Unity software, version 2017.3.

Lumion for Architects

Learn basic to advanced techniques of using Lumion with Sketchup to render a fully animated architectural video.

Created by Sam Lytle - 3D Visualization Specialist and Owner of Civil FX


Students: 15421, Price: Free

Lumion is a powerful tool for architects, landscape architects and other designers and is making its way into more and more studios and offices. The ease of the interface and workflow within this software along with the ability to make 3D models from a variety of software programs look fantastic makes Lumion great resource to have.

While almost anyone can pick up Lumion and learn the basics, there are also more advanced techniques that some users aren't even aware of. In Lumion for Architects we approach this software with the expectation that you will learn the basics along with a few tricks that will really take your renders and animations to the next level including the grid technique that allows construction phasing and other animations, time lapse videos and how to use advanced move for technical animations.

One of the best parts about this course is that the 3D models are available as part of the course work. You can join Sam step-by-step as you assemble the same museum that you will see in the instructional videos and he even shows you how you can show off your final render with the world.

While this course is designed with an architect in mind, it will be valuable for anyone trying to get the most out of Lumion. As a matter of fact, while Sam owns his own 3D visualization studio, he is an engineer by trade rather than an architect. (If you are an architect, no hard feelings... right?)

We look forward to you joining us in Lumion for Architects!

The Maxx You Project How To: Design a Uniquely-You Space

Interior designer and television host Genevieve Gorder will teach you her design secrets to help unlock your best you.

Created by The Maxx You Project How To - maxx you with us


Students: 13056, Price: Free

Join interior designer and television personality Genevieve Gorder as she teaches you how to design a space that brings out your best you. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Genevieve will share with you her design secrets that she’s picked up along the way. Her 5 rules that rule will serve as a roadmap on your next interior design project. You will put her lessons into practice, so you can design a space for the unfiltered, authentic you.

Are you ready to design from the heart?

This class is a part of The Maxx You Project, which is a community that encourages women to embrace their own individuality – together. You can join the growing community in The Maxx You Project Facebook Group.

Design a Room with Google SketchUp Make 15.3

A guide to model and texture the room

Created by Andrew Magdy Kamal - Founder of Mentors4EDU


Students: 7098, Price: Free

This course teaches you how to use Google Sketchup 15.3, which is one of Google's premium design software. We are specifically teaching you different elements, texturing and overall creating a room. This will provide you with the basic fundamentals behind Google Sketchup as well as Make 15.3. The course is divided into 6 videos and put as a 30 minute introductory course to teach you the basics you need to know to start using Sketchup today.

  1. Learn User Experience
  2. Get Introduced to Elements and Texturing
  3. Learn the basic features of Google Sketchup

So what are you waiting for!!! Get started today, and you will be glad you did!!!

SOLAR ENERGY Design Course(With SketchUp & PVSYST)

ON_GRID Solar Energy Course. Components, Site survey, Design, SOFTWARES,Pricing ,Technical & finanical Reports

Created by Noor Aldeen Najdeah - PV Department Manager at Climatech Sa


Students: 6279, Price: Free

  • The Solar Energy course (from zero to complete design), will give you exactly what you need to know about solar system to start your career path or build your own system

  • One of the MOST IMPORTANT features of this course is that you will learn the design through specialized design software (PVSYST & SketchUp) through which you can visualize the shape of the system and analyze the shadow, and calculate the energy yield

  • In this course, you will learn what the solar system is and what its main components are, and explain each of them in a practical way

  • You will also learn the installation procedure of the practical system, aesthetics, and appearance

  • With the practical examples, you will be able to build full Visualization about the real field and how you can deal with it professionally

  • You will learn how to price the system and the calculation of simple Payback period

  • You will also be able to make a technical and financial report professionally for your customers or the company you work with

Esports in Education – Live Streaming Esports Tournaments

Exploring the Intersection Between Esports and Education

Created by Paul Richards - Chief Streaming Officer


Students: 3584, Price: Free

The intersection between esports and education is a place where innovation and excitement flourish. Course Instructor Paul Richards takes us inside the world of esports in order to understand the new challenges and opportunities that are helping to change modern education. From a perspective of acceptance and encouragement, parents and educators have the chance to find common ground that can help students excel in a sport that they are passionate about. Competitive video gaming today already holds the power to create heroes. Richards examines why athletes who are admired for their determination and excellence are no different whether they are playing on a field or in a computer lab. The tremendous growth in esports is being fueled by the internet, live streaming, and global economic demand. The need for a strong educational system that can support positive student development in esports is imperative.

This book reviews the history of video gaming and sports to uncover how esports have evolved from a Teenage pass time to the international stage. Richards brings to light opportunities for technology-related career paths that students and educators are finding in the growing Esports industry. Richards explains in plain English how modern esports games require players to manage multiple economies, respond with split-second reaction times, and communicate with groups of players like a team of navy seals.

Richards draws on his experience with Broadcast Clubs in education to explain collaboration and career path opportunities for students. An inside view of a recent esports tournament which included a student-run broadcast team gives educators real-world examples of non-gaming yet tech-related roles that can get be used to get students involved. Richards teams up with the Center for Educational Innovation Esports program along with a host of other schools to provide diverse perspectives on what is working in esports and education today. As educators continue to embrace the esports movement students will benefit from learning opportunities that are fueled by passion, excitement, and opportunity.

Parents of video gamers will enjoy a recurring theme discussed in this book outlining strategies to create common ground between children, parents, and educators. These strategies apply whether kids are playing Fortnite or League of Legends. Richards outlines the history of video game studies to help illustrate the fundamental research parents and educators should understand in terms of video game literacy. Simple strategies can greatly increase the educational value kids can garner from their video gaming experiences. Perhaps sitting down and playing video games with your child isn’t such a bad idea after all? Getting the most educational value from video games requires a full understanding of the social development issues facing kids who simply play too many video games. This book addresses topics of interest from concerned parents and provides strategies for parents who want to curb their children’s video gaming addictions. Engaging students and preparing them for their interactions in the online world is perhaps the best way of shepherding the youth toward a positive future. This book serves as a wonderful guide and shareable reference for students, parents and educators alike.

Woodworking for Beginners

Projects for Beginners

Created by Marcus. R - Woodwoker for Beginners


Students: 2510, Price: Free

If you've ever wanted to get into woodworking but you see that people own tools and equipment costing hundreds and thousands of dollars and you feel intimidated. Well tis course is perfect for you through out the course I will be providing woodworking project which anyone can do no matter your skill level or past experience. I show you step by step what tools you should buy and materials needed, in depth explanation on how to design your workpiece and the right way to then completing your projects.

The thrill of finishing a project no matter of how big or small it is a feeling you can't describe with words. People ask me all the time "hey did you make that" in disbelieve that I was capable of doing such a task and i kindly say back "yes I made that" that right there is one of the many joy in woodworking that you could find by taking the course.

Learn the Basics of Sketchup for Beginners

Learn how to do basics of Modelling, Texturing, Grouping, Making Scenes, Making Presentation Layout, Giving Dimensions

Created by Sixon C Sunny - Founder and Principal Designer at Buildon Ideas


Students: 1399, Price: Free

In this course you will learn how to start using Sketchup, customise the interface as required, start using the tools and techniques in SketchUp and do the basic modelling, texturing, grouping, giving dimensions, making presentation layouts, setting scenes and cameras etc..

  • You will learn from where you can download and install Sketchup

  • Customise the interface to suite your requirements by arranging and activating various toolsets required.

  • Learn how to move to Navigate in Sketchup and move rotate and scale objects in SketchUp

  • Learn how to create a basic model in Sketchup and Create groups and Components which helps us to organise the scenes

  • Learn how Create Scene setup and know to do camera settings to take Various Out from Sketchup using the Default Method

  • Learn How to Create Presentation Layouts using the various outputs created in Sketchup and designing the layout using Sketchup Layout

Learn SketchUp from absolute Beginner to Advance level

Learn SketchUp to Develop professional Skills

Created by Design Tiny House - Engineering & Architectural Design Consulting


Students: 427, Price: Free

This course ( Learn SketchUp from absolute Beginner to Advance level ) is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with SketchUp or 3D modeling software is not required as well as no knowledge from Architectural designing or work experience from the Engineering field is also not necessary.

You will start learning step by step about different types of tools as well as Option settings and After taking this course you will have a good understanding to learn more advanced levels of SketchUp.

In this course you will learn about following tools and options setting from absolute beginner level, which are given below:-

  • Learn how to use Default Tray in SketchUp.

  • Learn how to use Fog in SketchUp.

  • Learn how to use SketchUp Standard views in SketchUp.

  • Learn how to use Move tool in SketchUp.

  • learn how to use Rotate tool in SketchUp.

  • Learn how to use Scaling tool in SketchUp.

[ Note:- if you do not have any knowledge about SketchUp so Please don't escape any video lesson and watch all of the video lessons step by step to develop your understanding


please enroll in the course Learn Google SketchUp Pro from absolute beginner level part1 and it will help you as a beginner to learn more tools and options settings ]