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A Sip of Java

Learn the core features of Java in the time it takes to finish a coffee.

Created by Nate Dessert - Software Engineer, Athlete, Family Man, and Lifelong Learner


Students: 9479, Price: $29.99

Students: 9479, Price:  Paid

A Sip of Java is for those who are interested in learning the basics of Java without all the extra details. This course aims to be the quickest way for a student to go from knowing nothing or very little about Java and programming to writing their own applications. In this course students will learn how to:

  1. Setup their computer to write and run Java applications

  2. Write console apps that can respond to user input

  3. Learn Java language basics - types, variables, conditions, loops, operators, functions, classes, etc.

  4. Read and write data to external files

  5. Create their own GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications

  6. Start their path to becoming an accomplished programmer

Learning how to program with Java is a great skill to have. This course is designed to be the fastest way to understand core concepts of Java.

Introduction to SIP

Learn how to implement, support, and troubleshoot SIP by understanding the protocol.

Created by Chris Morin - Technology Consultant


Students: 4129, Price: $19.99

Students: 4129, Price:  Paid

Hey there! 

Welcome to this Introduction to SIP Course! I'm Chris Morin, and I'd like to welcome you to this wild world of SIP!

Working in Telecom, I've noticed that telecom has begun to take over all departments of IT. More frequently there is no longer a separate "Telecom" team because Telecom Touches Everything now

This course is designed to enhance your skill-set by bringing you up to speed on how SIP works in today's modern telephony infrastructure.

Are you a Server Administrator? Congratulations, modern phone systems now run on top of your servers.

Are you a Network Administrator? Congratulations, modern phone systems now communicate on top of everything else in your environment!

Are you a Telecom Engineer? Congratulations, modern phone systems are moving away from being separate "boxes" of technology. We've now got to get along with the neighbors!

Are you an IT Manager? Congratulations, you've identified a trend that the industry is going through - a migration to SIP! For better or for worse you ask? You'll see!

No matter where you come from in the IT world, I can guarantee that SIP is going to touch you in some way, shape, or form in the future. I designed this course to enhance your ability to work with the SIP protocol in your work environment, troubleshoot effectively, and make competent infrastructure decisions surrounding Telecom.

This course covers the foundations of SIP, and should provide you with a working knowledge of the protocol that can be applied in every day work life.

What are you waiting for? If you don't understand SIP sooner rather than later, you're sure to be blindsided by it. Let's be proactive, and learn the basics of SIP!

Understanding and Troubleshooting SIP

Practical Labs and a free SIP server

Created by Flavio E. Goncalves - 30+ Years of experience in IT, VoIP and SIP


Students: 4112, Price: $34.99

Students: 4112, Price:  Paid

This training was created for the IT staff of mobile/telecom providers, ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), Consultants, Call Centers or any other company using IP telephony.  The performance of these professionals is essential to reduce the churn and the stress of the operation. SIP troubleshooting is a key skill in these scenarios. 

It is a result of years in the frontlines of the tech support of a softs-switch developer, troubleshooting hundreds of deployments.

I have prepared two FREE gifts for this training. The first is a Virtual Machine in open virtualization format with a SIP server running as a Proxy, B2BUA and Redirect.  The second is a list of SIP responses with comments on how to troubleshoot the most common SIP error messages. I sincerely hope you enjoy this training.

There are 5 practical labs to do with your VM and softphones in this training. 


Section 1 - Introduction to SIP

  1. Why is SIP relevant

  2. Introduction to SIP

  3. Complete SIP Proxy free download

  4. SIP Registration Process and Demo

  5. Capturing SIP Packets with wireshark and sngreo

  6. Assignment: Analyzing a SIP registration

  7. Session Setup and Management

  8. SIP trapezoid and ladder

  9. Server Architectures

  10. SIP headers and Body

  11. SIP Call Flow Demo

  12. Assignment: Analyze a SIP Call

Section 2 - SIP Capturing and Filtering

  1. SIP Capture Introduction

  2. Demo context

  3. Demo ngrep

  4. Demo sngrep

  5. Demo wireshark

Section 3 - SIP Dialogs, Transactions and Timers

  1. SIP Transactions and Timers

  2. SIP Dialogs

  3. Assignment: Transactions and Dialogs​

Section 4 - Handling and analyzing Media

  1. Media Encoding

  2. Session Description Protocol

  3. Real Time Protocol and Real Time Control Protocol

  4. Voice Quality

  5. Assignment 4: Analyzing Session Description Protocol

Section 5 - Nat Traversal

  1. NAT Introduction

  2. NAT Types

  3. Manual Configuration

  4. Symmetric Response Routing RFC3581

  5. Application Layer Gateway


  7. STUN

  8. TURN

  9. NAT Conclusion

Section 6- Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshooting Methodology

  2. Handling Signaling Issues

  3. Handling Media Issues

  4. Handling Billing Issues

​Section 7 - Redundancy and Load Balancing using DNS

  1. SIP Load Balancing and Redundancy using DNS

  2. Redundancy Demo

  3. Redundancy and Load Balancing Summary

Section 8 - Labs

  1. Installing a SIP Proxy

  2. Preparing the environment

  3. Creating domains and users

  4. Download and configure softphones

  5. Capturing a SIP registration

  6. Capturing a SIP Call

The Foundations of SIP

Learn the fundamentals of SIP to advance your VoIP career.

Created by Keith Croxford - Engineer, Coach, and Investor


Students: 2864, Price: $49.99

Students: 2864, Price:  Paid

SIP is  the standard in Voice Over IP communications.  Large telecom carriers are switching away from their legacy platforms into highly scalable next generation SIP networks. Even cellular phones are migrating to Voice Over LTE, which also relies on the SIP protocol.

By taking this course you will learn the fundamentals of the SIP protocol.  Knowledge of SIP has enabled me to land secure positions with world wide telecommunication companies. Are you ready for the same opportunities? 

In this course you will learn: 

  • What is SIP and the RFCs that it is defined in. 

  • The different types of SIP clients and servers

  • The structure of SIP messages

  • Overview of SIP response codes

  • The structure of the SIP URI

  • Overview of SIP headers and their purpose

  • How the Session Description Protocol (SDP) works

  • How SIP allows mobility through call forking, REFER requests and Diversions

  • The details of SIP transactions and Dialogs

  • How SIP proxies route requests (We discuss stateful and sateless proxies)

  • The SIP Trapezoid model

  • How SIP Registration works. 

  • How SIP Authentication works. We dive into how the MD5 hash is created. 

  • What challenges SIP faces with NAT and how to overcome them.

  • An overview of the Real Time Protocol - AKA RTP

This course is created for: 

  • IT Generalists wanting to learn a specialized skill.

  • Technical support staff working for a VOIP provider

  • Service Delivery staff that deploys VOIP networks for customers. 

  • Voice Engineers that want to increase their knowledge on SIP.

  • Central Office Engineers that need to learn SIP while they transition away from circuit switched networks. 

  • Sales Engineers that want to close more deals.

About the Instructor :  

Keith Croxford has been involved in VOIP and networking technologies for over 14 years. He has received accolades from VOIP industry experts. Here are a few examples : 

"Keith is one of those rare engineering breeds that is exceptional in knowledge and communicating that knowledge. It is a great team player and has assisted in resolving hard issues that no one else can fix. Keith is intelligent, detailed, self disciplined, works well with others, and great at documentation. When it comes to voice engineering, there has never been a better one." - CTO

"Keith is the Swiss Army of knife of VOIP and Data networking technologies with a healthy dose of great Programming skills and Customer Experience management. It is very tough to find a Jack of All Trades and a Master of a Few and Keith is one of them. I've interacted with him in deeply technical and business related circumstances and he hits the ball out of the park in both. His work ethic is second to none. He also demonstrates a very high entrepreneur mindset." - Director of Service Delivery 

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