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Search in SharePoint 2016 for Beginners

Get yourself up to speed with search in SharePoint 2016.

Created by Aftab Syed - Passionate instructor, 10000+ Students


Students: 8993, Price: Free

This course is designed to get you up to speed with search in SharePoint 2016. If you are a beginner, this course would serve as a good starting point for you. We will be using SharePoint 2016 for this course and if you happen to be using SharePoint 2013, you can also benefit from this course.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Configure Search Service Application

Create Search Result webpart

Set up Search Refiners webpart

Configure Query Suggestions

and lot more...

While this course if free of cost, take this opportunity to enroll in this course today and get a good understanding of search in SharePoint 2016.

Use Sharepoint as a Requirements Management Tool – No Coding

How to use the features of Sharepoint, to build your own requirements management tool in under 60 minutes. No Coding!

Created by Angelo Kalevela - Certified Business Analyst


Students: 4413, Price: Free

Most companies do not provide business analysts with tools specifically designed to do business analysis work. Most business analyst are left to manage requirements with via Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Unfortunately, these tools do not address some of the most basic needs of business analysis deliverables...

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Requirements Collaboration

While SharePoint is not a tool designed specifically for business analysis or requirements, its rich set of out-of-the-box features, can be used it to take your business analysis deliverables up a few levels in quality and effectiveness.

Lists - Allow you create S.M.A.R.T. Requirements that can be manipulated, analyzed, and organized to suit all of your stakeholder needs

Lookups - Create easy requirements traceability views that allow to ensure that your requirements are valid

Views - Allow you to create stakeholder specific views to ensure the right people see exactly what they need to see, how they need to see it.

This course is intended to teach you how to use Sharepoint to author, manage, and communicate your requirements more efficiently and more effectively

Note: This tutorial uses SharePoint 2010, however the features used are available in older and newer versions of Sharepoint. The buttons just might be in different places.

SharePoint. Document approving with JavaScript

Document libraries, Lists, JavaScript data operations

Created by Andrey Novikov - Senior SharePoint Developer / Architect


Students: 472, Price: Free

Hi all!

Let me introduce my first tutorial. This one will be about an approval workflow. During my career, I implemented a lot of workflows, implemented by the all technologies and instruments supported by Microsoft SharePoint, except the latest Flow, for the moment.

Visual Studio Sequential and State-Machine workflows and the SharePoint Designer, on the 2010 and 2013 platforms.Actually, 90% of them were the Approval workflows for the document processing.

And, basically, 100% of customers were very confused with the out-the-box workflow generated tasks.
Top 3 questions were:

  • What is this?

  • Where is my document?

  • Can we built some document card?

So I was implementing workflows using this not very friendly tools and, additionally, add custom web-parts to the workflow generated tasks and approval documents to link them together.
But, at the end, all approving process is about:

  • Change document status

  • Assign document to the proper manager

  • Change visibility for the document depends on the status

  • Notifications

And we don’t need any designers or tools to implement it.

We can do this by using the SharePoint JavaScript API and insert some custom Html into the pages.

Additionally, it is very cool to have a document card with the Approve/Reject buttons for the manager and text field for a comments.
And this is exactly my tutorial about!

In the Part 1, I will show you some basic technics to set up SharePoint site, document library and then insert some basic markup and JavaScript into the page.