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Psychology of Human Sexuality (Certificate of Completion)

Examining the physiological and psychological components of human sexuality and their interaction.

Created by Dr. Bev Knox - Psychology Professor


Students: 425, Price: $99.99

Students: 425, Price:  Paid

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Describe and compare the several theoretical approaches to sexual development and indicate how each theory explains the key factors involved in emotional, mental, physical, cultural, social, and procreation processes.

  2. Demonstrate a general knowledge of the basic concepts of human sexual behavior from adolescence and throughout the life cycle.

  3. Utilize the course to gain insight into his or her own developmental process, sexual attitudes, and behavior.

  4. Understand the concept of orientation, sexual variations, sexual disorders, and how these apply to human sexuality and self-image.

Getting Back In The Game.

Men's Health Sexual Performance And Challenges. Regain your self confidence and sexual performance.

Created by Warren Broad - Clinical Therapist, Coach, Author, and Speaker.


Students: 36, Price: $29.99

Students: 36, Price:  Paid

In this course men will be educated on the many psychological and health issues that could be causing issues with their sexual performance.
You will be given the tools to regain control and performance in your life. This course is a combination of video lessons and hypnotic methods to strengthen your sexual performance. All issues from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and poor self image or self esteem are addressed.
This course is not a substitute for medical care. If you feel there may be a psychical, psychiatric, or disease present please seek medical advice before proceeding.     

HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention

Sexual Health Course - High School

Created by Lessonbee Inc. - Health & Wellness Education for Kids and Parents


Students: 18, Price: $24.99

Students: 18, Price:  Paid

In this course students will learn about sexually transmitted diseases and infections and how to prevent them. In the first section, three students discover through Instagram that their favorite singer’s boyfriend has a herpes sore on his lip, which leads to a larger discussion of risks, symptoms, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. In the second section, the characters learn about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of HIV as a friend has recently been diagnosed with HIV. The final section demonstrates different types of male and female condoms and their uses. This science-based and age-appropriate course allows learners 12 and up to learn a wide breadth of material scientifically shown to increase their physical and psychological health while being readily accessible for parents to cover the material with their children. Abstinence and other STD, STI and pregnancy prevention strategies are discussed. Students’ understanding of HIV/AIDS and other STDs and STIs, and how they are contracted, is assessed throughout. This course is designed for middle and high school age students and approved by the Chicago Public Schools Office of School Wellness Programs but the content is also appropriate for adult learners. Content in this course aligns with CDC, New York and Texas Health Education Standards. For more information on the course standards alignment or to view more courses like this, visit lessonbee(dot)com.