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Learn to sew with a sewing machine

A course to teach you how to sew using a sewing machine.

Created by Moyo A - Sewing Tutor


Students: 20488, Price: Free

You want to learn to sew? Welcome to this beginner course. This course starts at the every beginning before you buy or get a sewing machine. You will learn how to chose a sewing machine and the other basic supplies you need as you start your sewing journey. The sewing machine can be a trusted friend or a dreaded one, so learn how to operate your sewing machine safely. We would go through the different parts of the sewing machine and their functions. We then go ahead to learn to drive our sewing machine, load our bobbin, thread the sewing machine and make those all important first set of stitches.

Learn To Sew

Start your sewing journey with our clear and simple Learn To Sew course.

Created by Nikki Waterlow - Sewing Teacher


Students: 7213, Price: Free

In this course, we will guide you through all aspects of using a sewing machine.

Starting with the machine anatomy, we’ll show you how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine and perform basic stitches and functions.

Then we’ll talk you through some basic machine maintenance and common sewing problems, leaving you feeling completely confident about starting your sewing adventures!

Introduction to Freehand Machine Embroidery

Everything you need to know and do to start drawing with your sewing machine

Created by Meredith Woolnough - Visual Artist


Students: 1667, Price: Free

Freehand Machine Embroidery (also known as free-motion embroidery) is a simple but highly versatile way to draw with your sewing machine. It is simple, fun and can be highly addictive.

Have you ever wanted to try it? Here is your chance!

This course provides you with a basic introduction to the freehand machine embroidery technique. It will introduce you to the various tools and knowledge you will need to test the technique on your sewing machine, whatever type of machine that may be. The course includes 60 minutes of instructional videos and a BONUS 'Stitched garden' project to help you put your new embroidery skills into practice

Who should take this course:

  • Students who are completely new to machine embroidery

  • Students who are already familiar with machine embroidery but want to take it to the next level and move away from pre-programmed machine embroidery designs

  • Students who want to explore a completely new way to draw and create

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Recognise the most efficient tools and materials to get started with Freehand Machine Embroidery

  • Set your sewing machine up for Freehand Machine Embroidery

  • Draw basic designs with Freehand Machine Embroidery

  • Unlock a new level of creative potential with your sewing machine

What you won’t find in the course:

This course only explores the basics of the freehand embroidery technique on woven fabric. It does not explore the use of the water-soluble material that Meredith uses to create her personal artworks. That (and much more) will be covered in the next online course; Sculptural Embroidery - Exploring freehand machine embroidery on water-soluble fabrics.

FREE class – Sew an easy drawstring bag in three sizes

Beginner friendly pattern and instruction to sew a pretty drawstring bag in three sizes. FREE sewing pattern included

Created by Deby Coles - Sewer, Artist, Crafter and Instructor


Students: 361, Price: Free

This cute drawstring bag to sew is perfect for beginners and those new to sewing, or returning to sewing after a long break. I'll show you everything you need to know from downloading and assembling the digital sewing pattern, to different ways to cut the fabric, how to apply interfacing, and of course each step of the sewing process.

There are plenty of tips and tricks along the way to help you get the neatest finish.

Features of the Bampton Drawstring Bag sewing pattern

  • The pattern comes in three sizes, small, medium and large

  • The pattern is FREE to download

  • Each bag is an extended half circle for a lovely round shape

  • The bag has a large wide opening at the top and a smooth curved base

  • There are two drawstrings which can be ribbon or cord

  • When cinched the top gathers up tightly which looks pretty

  • The cinched up drawstrings can be tied in a bow to keep the top tightly closed

There are three sizes of the bag included in the one pattern. Here are the sizes:

Small – 9.75″ across x 6.5″ tall
Medium -12″ across x 8″ tall
Large – 15″ across x 10″ tall

This class is free!

The sewing class is also FREE and is perfect for beginners. I take it really slow and go through everything that you would need to know. I assume that you already understand the basics of sewing and how to use your sewing machine, but everything else is covered in detail so you won’t put a stitch wrong and will get the perfect result for your Bampton Drawstring Bag pattern.

Udemy Required Notice - this class is intended for adult learners. Although the subject matter may also be suitable for those under 18, this class should only be viewed with adult supervision.

How to stitch without sewing machine

how to do patch work, button without sewing machine machine

Created by Madhu Bhandari - Embroidery Artist and Designer


Students: 183, Price: Free

Hello welcome to this course, in this course you will learn how to sew without a sewing machine, anyone can do it completely narrated by me easy process to go along , along with basic sewing, doing patch work, and sewing button, how to fix thread coming our of fabric

We’re starting right from the beginning, so don’t worry if you’ve never sewn before. And if you’ve been sewing for a while, but without much guidance or without a strong technical focus, I'm sure you’ll notice your skills and your finished projects improve significantly.

You done need any experience to get started with it.

This course is focused on sewing without the sewing machine efficiently, you don't need a sewing machine to sew efficiently, if you have a one that's okay but if you don't have than this course will help you in sewing it without it, making it easy to learn to sew.

What am I going to get from this course

1) learn sewing basics

2) what are essential materials required

3) how to cut the fabric

4) how to use threads

5) how to use fabric for sewing

6) complete materials required section in detail

7) how to sew buttons on fabric

8) how to do patch work

9) how to do make 2 different types

10) how to join the 2 ends of cloth together

11) How to fix threads coming out from fabric

12) tips and tricks to how to sew efficiently

13) how to fold the fabric for sewing

14) how to use a needle holder and how to make it

15) and many more