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How to Sell on Amazon – Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners

Learn the right way to setup & access your Amazon seller account, which selling strategies exist, how to add products

Created by Damir Šerbečić - Amazon FBA Seller, Digital Marketer, eCommerce Entrepreneur


Students: 79373, Price: Free

You will learn to:

- Register and set up your seller central account even if you live outside the USA

- Get paid anywhere in the world

- Get back in the game if your Amazon account was previously suspended

- Where to source products

- Which selling strategies are most common

- How to correctly label products for Amazon FBA

- How Amazon Messaging System works

- What buyer information do I get from Amazon

- Feedback vs. Reviews - what is the difference?

- Amazon terminology every seller should be aware of

- In which countries Amazon has it's fulfillment centers, so you know where to plan your brand expansion if you are doing private labeling

All this...for FREE! (but remember this is only an introduction to selling with Amazon FBA course)

If you want more advanced training on private labeling, Amazon FBA and Amazon SEO please check my other courses.


1) You have an opportunity to ask me and my team anything anytime

2) Join the discussion and learn from previously answered questions on the discussion board

3) Get latest Amazon Policy UPDATE notifications and explanations


If you are just starting with Amazon FBA then this course is an absolute must!

Talk to you inside! :)

* I am not associated nor affiliated with Amazon. This course is not endorsed by Amazon. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Selling Used Items on eBay and Amazon for Beginners

First time selling on eBay and Amazon? No problem! Learn how to sell used items and ship them efficiently.

Created by Matt Bernstein - Best Selling Instructor, 175,000+ Students


Students: 28916, Price: Free

Hi, my name is Matt Bernstein, successful Udemy instructor with over 175,000+ students across 198 countries.

From an eBay and Amazon standpoint, I’ve been selling online since 2006.

At the end of the course you'll learn how to…

  • Understand which selling platform is better to list your household items on - eBay or Amazon.

  • Conduct pre-sale research to maximize sales price and volume on eBay and Amazon.

  • List your items on eBay and Amazon to make extra cash.

  • Ship the customers orders and save money.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Anyone who wants to make extra money on eBay and Amazon.

  • Students who have no experience and want to get started with eBay and Amazon

  • Students who are shipping items for the first time.

  • Students who want to understand the differences between eBay and Amazon.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Learn the fundamentals of Amazon selling and learn how you can start your own Amazon FBA business.

Created by FBA Kingdom - Amazon FBA Seller & Expert


Students: 28087, Price: Free

Grab this course before it’s no longer free!

You're here because you want to sell on Amazon or maybe you already sell on Amazon and want to improve your business and understanding.

This course was created to help new sellers learn about the Amazon selling platform including programs such as Amazon FBA and FBM. Amazon has grown exponentially over the years and is continuing to grow to become one of the most profitable companies in the world. Amazon's market cap recently hit $500 billion dollars and will continue to soar. The majority of this is possible due to all the 3rd party Amazon sellers like you and me. Last year Amazon took 53% of all sales growth of online retailers. More consumers are purchasing on Amazon due to its quality of products and convenience. This leaves a major opportunity for Amazon sellers to fulfill.

Becoming an Amazon Seller is one of the smartest decisions you can make because this will allow you to get a piece of a very lucrative pie.

Who am I and what makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Richard Smith, and I’m the creator of FBAKingdom and the author of the eBook “Ultimate Free Guide to Selling on Amazon.” I am also a seller on Amazon and run my own store. I have years of experience selling and have collaborated with many other sellers on launching products and sales. Through my years of experience, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that I wish I had access to when I first started. I have mentored and helped many people launch Amazon selling businesses who have become very successful.

Additionally, I get emails and comments from many people who want to become Amazon sellers but have difficulty finding the “right” information. Many websites say many different things leaving the reader confused; and not only do they leave them confused, but they also charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for free information. So I decided to create my blog, eBook, and this course to relay this information and provide a roadmap to becoming a successful seller on Amazon.

What will you learn in this course?

You will learn all the fundamentals of Amazon selling and all the programs that are involved. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) are just the beginning of topics we’ll cover. You will also learn about the various business models: Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Private Labeling, Dropshipping, Wholesaling, and more.

You will also learn about important Amazon selling characteristic features such as Sales Ranks, Selling Categories, and Product Restrictions. Furthermore, I go in-depth with all the necessary software and tools you will need to succeed with Amazon selling.

Lastly, I provide a lucrative business model and go in-depth on how to build it and operate it. This business model is straightforward to replicate and can scale up very quickly. It is a great business model for all sellers whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller.

What are you waiting for?

I have made this course entirely FREE (for now!) and will continue to update it with more content. A lot of time and effort was spent in this course and is an accumulation of my own business practices, research, and knowledge from other 6-7 figure Amazon sellers. So don’t waste another cent on any other course or software without first taking the knowledge I give you here and actually understanding and applying it.

Amazon FBA Product Research In 2020 – Step by Step [GUIDE]

Beginners Guide to Finding Low-Competition, High Demand Products to Sell on Amazon FBA - 2020

Created by David Zaleski - eCommerce Entrepreneur


Students: 25660, Price: Free

LAST UPDATED: 2/7/2020

The first & most important step in starting a successful physical product business on Amazon is picking the right product. It's not a surprise that the majority of people that look into Amazon FBA never get started, simply because they cannot find high demand, low-competition products to source and private labels on Amazon. 

Follow along and learn step-by-step while I demonstrate over-the-shoulder how to find home-run products each and every-time on Amazon - all explained for beginners. 

Amazon has grown to the point where slapping a logo and creating custom packaging for headphones, garlic presses or fidget spinners will no longer work due to the increase in sellers and stricter selling policies. However, despite all the change many guru's are still teaching the same old ways in finding products that simply no longer work in 2020. 

In this free course, you will learn everything from my 3 SECRET RULES I've been implying since I started selling on Amazon and NEVER SEEN BEFORE way in discovering low-competition, but very high demand products every single time. 

After watching this course in the next 63 minutes you will - 

  • Understand The Amazon Customer

  • Calculate Sales To Review Ratio

  • Discovery Profitable Products

  • Analyze Amazon Competition 

  • Brainstorm Product Ideas

  • Take Advantage Of Google

  • Find And Contact Manufactures  

Everything is up to date & all information is accurate. 

Amazon FBA: Research, Find and Source a Profitable Product

Find the perfect product to sell on Amazon!

Created by Eric Lafleche - Digital Marketing Expert


Students: 12952, Price: Free

Course Description

This Course is for individuals or business partners looking to make an passive income online and own a side or full time business that will take them away from their corporate 9 to 5. The product and store can be run from anywhere in the world. Now for some this will be a full time business and others just a side hustle project for extra income.  Either way this course is for you!  It will help you take the first steps towards independents.

The course will take you step-by-step to finding a prodcut to sell on amazon and how to source that product from suppliers.

You will learn how to understand amazon profit calculator, find a product both manually and leveraging software. Sourcing that product from multiple opportunities online and sending the product to the US.

All you will need for this course is a few weeks, the determination to take the action needed to get up and running, an internet connection, and a few dollars to cover the software tools and startup product. I

This course will be useful to you at any stage in life, whether you are just joining the work-force or in your retired this course is for you.

I am releasing this course with the goal to update it regularly as it grows.  I want to make sure that we keep it up to date and the information in here can drive new and successful entrepreneurs!

In this course you will mainly find Videos with a few resources pages and extra material and presentations to follow along with.

If you have never tried amazon, or have in the past and are looking for a new approach or direction take this course!

Eric Lafleche (Trainer, eCommerce Expert and Entrepreneur)

Full details


  • A Computer and the Internet 
  • Software Solution

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Finding a product to sell on amazon
  • Finding a supplier to get the product from

Target audience for this course.?

  • Anyone wanting to open a side business
  • Anyone looking to making money online
  • Anyone that is looking to start a business for less then 100 dollars.

How to Sell on Amazon FBA In 2020 | Step by Step [COURSE]

Amazon FBA For Beginners Tutorial 2020

Created by David Zaleski - eCommerce Entrepreneur


Students: 9554, Price: Free

LAST UPDATED: 2/20/2020

Ready to build a profitable business on Amazon? The eCommerce experts at Viral Launch partnered with two experienced entrepreneurs, David Zaleski and Tom Wang,  to show what steps to take to get started.

Follow this proven process to learn the basics of Amazon, confidently build an online business, and get one step closer to freedom.

Pay nothing, and learn how to:

  • Choose a suitable product

  • Source and ship your product

  • Launch a brand on Amazon

  • Get hundreds of customers

  • Scale your business

It's not too late to start. We're keeping things updated so you know what works in 2020 and beyond!

PS: Even if you already sell on Amazon, you will find nuggets of helpful information to help take sales to the next level!

See what other students are saying...

"The most information about AMZ FBA I've seen in a FREE course!" - Tyler Morin

"You get more information from this free course than some paid ones out there, amazing!" - Brett Mederich

"I was a bit skeptical of this training given the length, but I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of well explained useful information in a short, to-the-point training module." - Michelle Albert

"I like this course because it is brief and to the point. It gives you a great overview of the product research process and contacting suppliers + much more. It's an excellent course to take if you're interested in selling on Amazon." - Edem

From Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Sell on Amazon

Follow this step-by-step process to learn the basics of Amazon and confidently build an online business.

Created by Viral Launch - The go-to software for Amazon sellers


Students: 3568, Price: Free

Today is the day you become an entrepreneur.

Whether you're looking for a dependable side hustle or you want to become your own boss, this free course can help get you there. The Amazon experts at Viral Launch partnered with two experienced entrepreneurs who will teach you how to build a profitable online business from scratch. Once you’re up and running, you can pull hundreds of dollars each month or reinvest your profits to work towards financial freedom.Best of all, it’s completely free.

After the course, you will know how to:

  • Choose a product that sets you up for success

  • Source and ship your product

  • Launch your brand on Amazon

  • Get hundreds of customers

  • Scale your business

This course is for you if:

  • You want to build a profitable online business

  • You don’t sell on Amazon yet but want to learn how

  • You already sell on Amazon but want guidance to grow

Here’s what else you’ll get:

  • A downloaded checklist to track your own progress

  • Access to a Facebook community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • A free trial and discount on software to make smart decisions

Amazon FBA Wholesale / Online Retail in 2020! Step-By-Step!

Learn everything you need to know to find, analyze, and sell profitable popular big name brand products online in 2020!

Created by Mike Rosko - Online Retail/Amazon FBA Wholesale Mentor


Students: 2863, Price: Free

Online Retail Secrets Course

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know on how to start and run a successful Amazon FBA Wholesale /Online Retail Business.

1 hour 41 minutes of content + 4 hours 37 minutes of external content = 6 hours 18 minutes of TOTAL content

It's no secret, Amazon FBA has exploded and created an unmatchable opportunity for entrepreneurs, well, that is if you have sold on Amazon the RIGHT way of course.

Amazon is simply the easiest and most effective way for you to sell popular big name brand products online. Amazon's existing customer base of millions of active buyers combined with FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is absolutely incredible!

The process is very simple for you as the online retailer. When you have found profitable products, you will have your suppliers ship your product directly to Amazon FBA warehouses and Amazon stores, pick, packs, and ships your products when a customer orders them!

Why Online Retail / Amazon FBA Wholesale???

Selling popular big name brand products aka products that customers already buy is perfect for anyone!

You will see a bunch of different business models being promoting all over the Internet, but the truth is, if you don't have the skills to succeed in those business models you will FAIL!... Retail is KING!

In the retail business model, you won't need to search for that 1 home run product, create your own listing, do keyword research, run advertising, etc. because the products I'm going to be teaching you how to sell are already KNOWN. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro, Disney, Mattel, and so on, you name it!

Those are the products you will be learning exactly how to LEGALLY sell online!

In this course, I'm going to be showing you multiple strategies as to how to find authorized suppliers that have the legal rights to sell these brands (same as any big box retailer like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. would) so you can start sourcing popular big name brand products ASAP!

Use this Step-by-Step Course to Find, Source, Ship and Sell Those Well-Known Profitable Products Without Touching Them!

The idea behind this course is to teach you the best, highest success rated business model, while making it as passive as possible for you!

I'm going to be instilling confidence within yourself by teaching you everything you need to know about e-commerce, the retail business model, the Amazon platform, and how to start this business from A-Z!

I'm going to be giving you the roadmap to understanding how to MAXIMIZE your sales on Amazon, what tools are NECESSARY for success, how to find great suppliers to work with, how to accurately determine which profitable products to purchase with 100% CONFIDENCE, while not even having to TOUCH the product you will be selling!

It's Proven, Now You Choose!

Remember, you can make money full time, you can make money part time, you can shoot for the stars! This business model has worked for many many years. With the implementation of proper strategies, willingness to learn, willingness to take action, your goals are calling you!

Not to mention, take a look at most of the top Amazon sellers, what business model do they follow? Retail.

Everyone should learn how to make money online and Amazon FBA is a tremendous opportunity, but only if you know how to sell on Amazon the RIGHT way.

I have worked under and learned directly from some of the leading retailers, online retailers, and top 6, 7, and 8 figure Amazon sellers in the industry. I applied this knowledge and skill set to my own business and have helped many others do the same!

In this course, I am not just teaching you the step by step guide on how to succeed on Amazon, but I also teach fundamental frameworks, which are applicable across most e-commerce businesses. This enables you to think for yourself & not just follow a guide, which sets you up for success in the long term!

The sky is the limit when it comes to the retail business model!

See you inside!!!!

**This course is not a part of the Amazon website or Amazon Inc. Additionally, This course is NOT endorsed by Amazon in any way. Amazon is a trademark of Amazon Inc.

Amazon FBA for beginners :A complete guide to sell on Amazon

Start Selling on Amazon FBA today for complete beginners. Find, launch and scale your own private label brands

Created by James J - Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Students: 2673, Price: Free

Amazon FBA is a fantastic way to give yourself back your freedom, work from home, make money online and finally be able to give up that 9-5 that you dread.

This course is structured in a step-by-step way.

This is highly actionable steps that you can implement right away!

Whether you're an advanced marketer or a computer newbie, I am going to hold you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the entire process of creating private label brands:

- from setting up your account to picking a product

- finding suppliers

- labeling and preparing products for FBA

- launching your product

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. How to sell on Amazon FBA

  2. What to sell on Amazon FBA

  3. How to Find a Profitable Private Label Product

  4. More Resources

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to create a stable online eCommerce business selling real physical products under own brand name.

  • Beginner or advanced Amazon sellers who want to expand their current business to private label product

  • Bloggers, vloggers and other influencers who want to monetize current audience and followers with a private label brand

  • International entrepreneurs who want to sell in the United States and Canada from anywhere in the world

  • Manufacturers who want to cut out the middle-man and sell their products directly on Amazon

  • Anyone who wants to start an online business from home

Amazon Seller Central – Selling On Amazon

How to create a successful Amazon Seller Central account as well as your first successful product listing

Created by Brice McBeth - Author & Conversion Rate Optimization Coach


Students: 1475, Price: Free

In this Master Class course you will learn what all is needed to set up your own Amazon Seller Central account. We will be going over some account overview  where you will be able to determine what are good product listings as well as what are bad product listings, inventory basics, what is the Amazon Flywheel and Amazon's 5 Pillars for success as well as CRO basics with Brice McBeth.