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Complete Willpower Course – Build Self Control & Good Habits

Build the Strong Willpower Habit - Improve Self Control - Self Discipline - Weight Loss - Build Strong New Habits

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 46537, Price: $129.99

Students: 46537, Price:  Paid

Complete Willpower Course - Build Self Control & Good Habits

Build the Strong Willpower Habit - Improve Self Control - Self Discipline - Weight Loss - Build Strong New Habits

You can gain power over your own life. You can build the willpower muscle that allows you to live life on your own terms. Imagine if you had the willpower you need to maintain a healthy diet you deserve, to exercise properly, and to stay focused on your professional and personal life.

Willpower is not something you’re born with. Willpower is not backed into your character. Willpower is a skill that you can learn right now.

TJ Walker is a personal development expert who has a unique system of helping people program the habits they choose for themselves into their lives. TJ will teach you how to create the exact willpower you need in order to live a fulfilled life on your own terms.

You never again have to regret your own lack of willpower. You can start today by empowering yourself to make change. Enroll in this willpower course now.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:


This is the exact course I was searching for. TJ explains in very delightful manner. I just loved this course" Mansi Sondhi

"I really enjoyed the content and structure of this course. There are many great & manageable tips on how to implement daily exercise routines and healthier habits. Exactly what I was looking for." Alix Holt

The Complete Self-Discipline Course – Control Your Own Life

Learn Self-Discipline by Mastering all the Best Habits of Strong Motivation, Willpower and Personal Development

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 38118, Price: $89.99

Students: 38118, Price:  Paid

The Complete Self-Discipline Course - Control Your Own Life

You can gain greater self-discipline.

Imagine going through life on a daily basis on your own terms. You are in control. Life doesn’t simply happen to you, you have the self-discipline to create the life as you have always envisioned it.

Personal development expert TJ Walker will teach you his revolutionary Selfie Speak Programming techniques for helping you master complete self discipline in the easiest and most time efficient manner.

Would you like to have the self-discipline to do the following?

* Eat healthy food

* Exercise daily

* Got a good night's sleep

* Work more efficiently

* Become more creative

* Become a better self learner

* Live your dreams

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"I really thank T J for this course. you are the real-world dictionary and gives the meaning of self-discipline and will power, which makes our lives better." Praveen kumar.V

"This class is brilliant. It is not a spectator class, though. You have to try TJ's methodology to get results. The beautiful thing is, he is not asking for the moon. His concepts are simple and easy to implement. I am very glad I found this class." Annette Wilkes

"Yes it was. The instructor is saying the truth about me and other things" Ferid Memmedli

You can master the self-discipline to live the life do you want. And you can do it starting right now. Enroll now.

Self-Discipline: Build Habits & Develop a Growth Mindset

Master Self-Discipline, Stop Procrastinating & Develop Daily Habits Of Success For Achieving Your Goals

Created by Claudia Simonetto - FB Ads Marketing Consultant


Students: 28557, Price: $34.99

Students: 28557, Price:  Paid

Join our students who have taken our time management, goal setting and focus mastery courses with great results!

This course will teach you why and how to develop self-discipline, increase your motivation and stop procrastinating, empowering you to build daily habits for long-term success.

Whether you are a student, employee or entrepreneur, you will need to get your job done and, possibly, do it in the best possible way.

In fact, we have all faced the frustration of a job we don't like or a task we find difficult to complete, or a passion we have to fight for.

Days spent on the couch instead of working on our goals, evenings wasted watching TV instead of improving ourselves and excuses to postpone important commitments.

Are You a Victim of Yourself?

The key to success is to grow your self-discipline.

This course is about improving your ability to learn how to build self-discipline, break bad habits, and achieve your goals so that you can live the life you've always dreamed of.

The core of this Self-Discipline course involves 3 main aspects:

  • Developing a growth mindset and mental toughness to become the person you really want to be.

  • Beating procrastination by eliminating its root causes and finishing what you start, always.

  • (30 Days of Change Program) Building good habits for personal growth to create a life based on your goals.

We also give you advanced proven methods to gain self-discipline and increase your motivation to work on your goals and take control of your habits and choices.

The powerful ways to master self-discipline you'll learn in this course are applicable to many aspects of your every day life, from working on a project to acquiring new skills.

How this Self-Discipline course will improve your life and double your motivation:

Most people think that their goals cannot be achieved due to bad luck, lack of time or insufficient financial resources.


The most common barrier we face while trying to achieve our goals is ourselves.

The foundational attribute all successful people share is self-discipline.

“People who lack self-discipline are often the victims of those who do have self-discipline.”

The combination of mental toughness, motivation and the development of the right habits, are an effective and foolproof method to stop procrastinating and reach your goals. But all this is possible exclusively by developing self-discipline.

This self-discipline course is the foundation of personal development.

There is no goal setting, time management, focus mastery, career development or management skills without the solid foundation of self-discipline.

It won't be easy, but if you turn theory into practice, success is guaranteed!

How to Build Self-Discipline

Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Term Goals

Created by Martin Meadows - Amazon bestselling self-help author


Students: 18342, Price: $24.99

Students: 18342, Price:  Paid

How to Develop Self-Discipline, Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Terms Goals

If you want to make positive changes in your life and achieve your long-term goals, I can’t think of a better way to do it than to learn how to become more self-disciplined.

Science has figured out a lot of interesting aspects of self-discipline and willpower, but most of this knowledge is buried deep inside long and boring scientific papers.

If you’d like to benefit from these studies without actually reading them, this course is for you.

I’ve done the job for you and researched the most useful and viable scientific findings that will help you improve your self-discipline.

Here are just a couple of things you will learn from the course:

- what a bank robber with lemon juice on his face can teach you about self-control. The story will make you laugh out loud, but its implications will make you think twice about your ability to control your urges.

- how $50 chocolate bars can motivate you to keep going when faced with an overwhelming temptation to give in.

- why President Obama wears only gray and blue suits and what it has to do with self-control (it’s also a possible reason why the poor stay poor).

- why the popular way of visualization can actually prevent you from reaching your goals and destroy your self-control (and what to do instead).

- what dopamine is and why it’s crucial to understand its role to break your bad habits and form good ones.

- practical ways to train your self-discipline. Discover some of the most important techniques to increase your self-control and become better at resisting instant gratification.

- why the status quo bias will threaten your goals and what to do to reduce its effect on your resolutions.

- why extreme diets help people achieve long-term results, and how to apply these findings in your own life.

- why and when indulging yourself can actually help you build your self-discipline. Yes, you can stuff yourself (from time to time) and still lose weight.

Instead of sharing with you the detailed "why" (with confusing and boring descriptions of studies), I will share with you the "how" – advice that will change your life if you decide to follow it.

You too can master the art of self-discipline and learn how to resist temptations. Your long term goals are worth it.

Willpower Intelligence: Increase Your Willpower IQ.

The secret to remarkable self-discipline that lasts.

Created by Dean Dwyer - I share insights about mindset.


Students: 11947, Price: $89.99

Students: 11947, Price:  Paid

                                    ~Get the Audio Book for FREE when you purchase the course!! ($39 value)~



Are you struggling to get the results you want in a particular area of your life?

Maybe you are trying to lose weight, learn a new skill that will advance your career or take consistent action on a really big personal goal you have set for yourself?

If you have been spinning your wheels for years or decades (as the latter was for me), there are two reasons why.

One. You think building extraordinary willpower requires winning the genetic lottery.

People falsely believe that DNA shapes our destiny.


And you only have to look at my story to discover that for the first 53 years of my life I demonstrated Average Joe abilities at best.

But once I discovered that behaviour is 5X more powerful at shaping who we become than DNA, my life completely transformed.

I finally lost the weight I had been carrying around for about 30 years. I got down to 10.1% body fat (which is equivalent to a very fit 25 year old) and I have sustained my success for years rather than just for a few days, weeks or months.

And I did this at an age when people think such change is NOT possible.

Two. You turn failure into character flaws.

People falsely believe that failure means they lack the character necessary to achieve success.

Once again this is NOT TRUE!

Here’s the truth.

People don't fail, systems do.

And when we put the right systems in place, remarkable results ensue.

My 5-step willpower protocol is an INSANELY SIMPLE success system to help you achieve extraordinary results and set the stage for a truly vibrant, bigger and more fulfilling future.

Imagine how amazing your life could be if you learned to build extraordinary willpower in any area you desired?

  • What would you create?

  • Who would you become?

  • What kind of people would you attract into your life?

I highly encourage you to join me and discover the answers to those questions and more so you can become the person you have always wanted to be.

It’s extraordinary in every way imaginable,

Dean Dwyer

Creator of The Successful Body

PS. Keep being awesome my friend.

Develop Daily Self-Discipline

​Everyday Habits and Exercises to Build Self-Discipline and Achieve Your Goals

Created by Martin Meadows - Amazon bestselling self-help author


Students: 7426, Price: $34.99

Students: 7426, Price:  Paid

Do you make goals, yet get discouraged when your plans don’t work? We all know that person who seemingly was born to succeed. Fitness, health, business, they achieve all their goals. You want that success, and know you can get it... but how? 

Everywhere you turn, there are obstacles that block your path. Being successful doesn’t mean avoiding them, it means meeting those obstacles head-on and pushing through. You need the self-discipline and willpower to see you through to the end. You need the tools that will enable you to have that self-discipline and willpower. Develop Daily Self-Discipline has those tools. Thanks to this course, you’ll learn methods to: 

- develop powerful self-discipline by building a fit body and mind, 

- thrive in face of adversity, cravings, temptations and discomfort and feel good about it, 

- develop key self-awareness skills to push yourself through to your goal,

- gain a clear vision of how self-discipline works that will inspire you to carry on no matter what,

- keep pushing when nothing seems to work and you’re on the verge of giving up. 

Each lesson of this course is designed to help you build the self-discipline that leads to the resiliency and mental strength you need on a daily basis. Simple everyday exercises and habit-forming practices will teach you the skills you need to overcome obstacles and have confidence in yourself and your path to success.

Meditation Practices for The Quantum Mind

Learn the Neuroscience of Mindfulness, and Meditation techniques for Focus, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Discipline

Created by Samar Habib - PhD


Students: 4638, Price: Free

Students: 4638, Price:  Free

This a complimentary course that teaches techniques and practices that enhance our ability to focus, quiten the mind and improve our emotional and mental health. You'll learn the basic concepts involved in understanding the human mind from a neurological perspective and take away a structural approach to dealing with stress.

Self-Discipline Hacks: Increase Productivity & Achieve Goals

Productivity & Confidence boost. Willpower. Motivation. Job Interview. Goal setting. Courage. Eliminate Distractions.

Created by Dr. Roy Naraine - Medical Doctor, Coach, Award Winning Instructor


Students: 4553, Price: $89.99

Students: 4553, Price:  Paid

  • This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years' experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.

  • It has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level.

  • By enrolling in this course, you will get a lifetime access to the current content, as well as, BONUS MATERIAL

  • No risk involved! Watch our PREVIEW VIDEOS

  • Over 70,000 happy students enrolled in our courses!

  • Over 5500 TOP reviews!

Hello. My name is Roy Naraine. I'm a medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in self-improvement training. During this time I have coached an eclectic mix of corporate workers, managers, directors and business owners.

One of the most important things I taught them is that self-discipline plays a major role in one's road to success. Without self-discipline achieving your goals becomes literally impossible.

In this course I will empower you with knowledge and wisdom, that has helped so many people before you, to push forward and ultimately reach your target.

You will learn how to eliminate temptations and daily distractions. How to collaborate with your brain and set smart goals. How to develop your thinking power for a continuous improvement. Just to name a few.

Remember, there is no risk involved. Watch our free, preview videos to confirm that this is the course you need.

Enroll now and join me on this journey of self-improvement to increase your productivity, boost your courage and confidence and massively enhance your willpower.

Thank you and I see you in the first video.

Use Self-Discipline to:

  • Eliminate temptations

  • Set smart goals

  • Boost your courage & confidence

  • Get a pay raise

  • Learn about the law of accountability

  • Understand the importance of flattery

  • Win a job interview

  • Become driven and motivated

  • Lose weight

  • and many more...

Simple Strategies to Improve Self-Discipline

Improve your ability to become successful by increasing your self-discipline

Created by Online Moalem - Motivational Teacher


Students: 3309, Price: $19.99

Students: 3309, Price:  Paid

Do you struggle with self-discipline? Do you find it difficult to do what you know you should be doing but instead you do preferred tasks like watching TV? You are not alone on your own island when it comes to this skill. Most people struggle with self-discipline and doing what they should be doing to improve their lives on a daily basis, even from a moment to moment basis.

There are many tips and tricks that can be implemented that will allow you to get all the important things you need to get done each day, but also rewarding yourself with time to do whatever you want to. When you master self-discipline you will master the ability to get rid of any garbage in your life, any bad habits that are holding you back and keeping you from being the best that you can be.

In this course you will learn:

· Identifying what your “why” is

· Self-accountability and making yourself accountable to others

· Why building good habits leads to self-discipline

· Removing the obstacles to disciplining yourself

· Taking care of your body improves self-discipline

In this to the point course, you will learn the essential skills needed to improve your self-discipline. You can take this course in around 35 minutes and be on your way to improving your self-discipline and you will have a guide and steps to take.

See you inside the course!

The Power Of Self-Discipline

Learn How to be self-disciplined in order to gain success in every aspect of your life

Created by Luke. G Dahl - Award-Winning Author and Financial Advisor


Students: 2109, Price: Free

Students: 2109, Price:  Free

Self-discipline is not a neat little trait that we can choose to have. It is THE trait for ultimate success. Without self-discipline, everything else falls apart.

You may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, and that’s okay. As long as you are self-disciplined enough to figure out what you need to learn so you can achieve a little bit more tomorrow, eventually, you'll get there.

Self-discipline is crucial because there are so many distractions trying to divert our attention from what's important and what is truly worthy.

Discipline is crucial for everything in our lives.

This video course will help you to learn how to be self-disciplined in order to gain success in every aspect of your life.

Topics covered:

  • What Is Self-Discipline

  • How To Be Self-Disciplined Using 7 Techniques

  • Be Clear About Your Goals

  • Always Be Ready With a Backup Plan

  • Be Sure You Are Motivated On A Sustainable Basis

  • Turn Self-Discipline Into A Habit

  • Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

  • Think Positively

  • Surround Yourself With Individuals Who Are Self-Disciplined

Master Self-Discipline

A step-by-step guide to overcoming the trouble areas of your life and unlocking your true potential,

Created by Stephen Williams, PhD - Scientist, Entrepreneur


Students: 1529, Price: $19.99

Students: 1529, Price:  Paid

Do you struggle with procrastination, poor money habits or your weight ?

Are you disorganized, suffer from a lack focus or spend to much time surfing the internet and watching TV ?

Then chances are you have an issue with self-discipline.

In the Master Self-Discipline course you will learn how to build your self-discipline using time-tested wisdom and cutting-edge advances in neuroscience and psychology, presented in a simple and easy to understand way.

You'll learn the 7 key steps to help you build remarkable self-discipline without being overwhelmed, each step building on the last.

  1. Your Own Worst Enemy
  2. Accountability is Key
  3. One Habit at a Time
  4. Simplify your Life
  5. Use Rewards
  6. Be Healthy
  7. Persist

The principles of self-discipline are both universal and applicable to almost any area of your life – in fact, you'll very often find once you tackle one problem area, the other areas seemingly get easier ! Intrigued ? Find out why.

This is not your average course on goal setting or short-term fixes, instead this course focuses on changing behavioural patterns to help bring long lasting, if not permanent changes. Because without self-discipline, any goal is really just a wish.

In many ways self-discipline is the great equalizer. You may not have been born as bright, athletic or as attractive as other people - or even with as many opportunities, but with self-discipline you can level the playing field.

What do you get from this course ?

  • 24 lectures with over 3 hours of content.
  • 2 Ebooks to complement the course material
  • Many simple but effective strategies you can implement today to unlock your potential

What are the requirements ?

  • Fluency in English

Self-Esteem: Self-Discipline and Emotional Control at Work

Identify how to work with your emotions to develop your assertiveness and to become more emotionally independent.

Created by Robin Hills - Business Psychologist, Emotional Intelligence Trainer


Students: 1440, Price: $89.99

Students: 1440, Price:  Paid

How you express yourself - your thoughts and your feelings - depends upon how you well you share your emotions, how assertive you are and how independent you are.

Self-Discipline and emotional control affect the way that you express your emotions.  Emotional expression is one of the ways that you use your emotional intelligence.  The course covers the action part of how you share your inner world with others. 

This course is a stand alone course for anyone interested in understanding themselves better and communicating with other people with more impact.  It forms part of a comprehensive course that explores emotional intelligence in more depth. 

Emotions are not about being soft and fluffy, they are vital in helping you to make hard, direct management decisions. Expressing your emotions well can mean engaging with and persuading others with more influence and impact

In this course, we will explore the way that you express your emotions and how this drives your self-confidence, your assertiveness, and your emotional independence. You'll receive all the information that you need and will be coached using loads of practical hints that you can use straight away.

The course is made up of a series of lectures that include a number of interactive practical activities.  These involve some engagement with other people and some reflection.

The course material makes up a one to two day workshop so is equivalent to 8 -12 hour's training.  It forms part of our advanced emotional intelligence course endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

PLEASE NOTE - This course is NOT for you if you are not prepared to work through the practical activities that make up a fundamental part of the course.  Expressing your emotions more effectively cannot be developed by learning some techniques through watching a few video lectures.  The course requires you to do some reflective thinking, to get some feedback and to discuss your development with others.  I'm afraid that you won't get the best from the course unless you are prepared to do this.

There are SIX practical activities included within the course that are designed to help you to develop the way that you express your emotions.  All the activities require you do some work outside of the course.

The course is being continually refined and updated to ensure it remains current and relevant.

All PDFs are Section 508 / ADA Accessibility compliant.

All videos have grammatically correct English captions.

Latest update - August 2021

Discovering the Power of Discipline And Success Habits

Improve your self discipline and make success habits

Created by John Nikko Tolentino - IT Instructor


Students: 1281, Price: $19.99

Students: 1281, Price:  Paid

Dear friend,

Thank you and congratulations for joining the group of Highly Successful Individuals!

You've just made one of the best investments to your own life and your future will thank you for that.

Also, I want to salute you for willing to commit and take massive action for your future, especially when it comes to making transformational changes to upgrade your life.

I'm certain that you're going to love what you discover in this course.

But your order is not quite complete yet though... so don't leave this page yet!

Or you will lose out your ONE-TIME opportunity to achieve your goals and massive success.

So before you go, here's my one-time offer...

What I'm about to show you will increase your likelihood of following through with the method AND achieving so much more than you ever thought possible!

It is an amazing offer that will compliment your new blueprint.

How to improve your finances and your self-discipline

How to improve your personal Finances without having to get a second income and without selling your car.

Created by Martin Minne - Educator, Business owner and developer


Students: 1054, Price: Free

Students: 1054, Price:  Free

Hi There, my name is Martin, over the last 30 year I have been through financial difficulties and financial abundance. I was employed and use to be a business owner. I Know what it is to struggle and being able to help struggling people.

And in this Course, I am going to teach you how to manage and improve your financials status

Without having to get a second job

Without selling your car.

Without getting a large bank loan and additional credit card debt ( I will provide spreadsheets to help you make it very easy to manage and track your progress and a link to A finance calculator you can use on your phone)

Self-Discipline: The Complete Self-Discipline Masterclass

Learn about stoicism, determinism, to build habits, improve your goal-setting ability & become more self-disciplined

Created by Study Hero - ✔ Professional online education


Students: 1050, Price: $89.99

Students: 1050, Price:  Paid

Would you like to become more disciplined? And would you like to achieve your goals more frequently or perhaps even always? Then this course is for you. But before you enroll, let me tell you that this course is NOT just covering the absolut basics and is giving you obvious advice but we will dig deep and learn about philosophical concepts such as stoicism, determinism and the dichotomy of control.

So what exactly are you going to learn in this course? 

  1. Self-Discipline & Ancient Philosophy - In this part of the course, we will cover the concept of stoicism in detail. You will learn what it means to concentrate emotions, you will learn about the dichotomy of control and many more ancient philosophical concepts.

  2. Determinism - We will now cover the philosophical theory behind determinism. Afterwards, we will cover lots of practical examples and step by step guides that will help you to become more self-disciplined and determined.

  3. Goalsetting & Habits - We will now cover some highly practical strategies that will help you to differentiate between short, middle, and long terms goals. You improve your general understanding of how to achieve your goals and turn old ineffective habits into crystal clear step by step procedures.

You will be capable to do the following things after completing this course: 

  • Understand and apply highly complex philosophical concepts such as stoicism or determinism

  • Control your emotions and understand how to apply the dichotomy of control

  • Differentiate between short, middle and long term goals

  • Know how to find the path of least resistance and use the 3 Rs of habit change

  • Apply dozens of strategies to improve your goal-setting skills and successfully impose habits onto yourself

While other courses leave you confused and only give you a glimpse on self-discipline, this is an A-Z guide - the complete self-discipline masterclass! 

Now, I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, that's why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.


It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever. 

Go ahead and click the 'take this course' button and I will see you in the course. Thanks again for enrolling! 

Yours sincerely,

Leon Chaudhari 

- instructor - 

Motivation Mastery: Become Unstoppable & Crush Your Goals

The 8-Phase System To Stop Procrastinating Forever, Follow Through On Goals & Habits - and Develop Iron Self-Discipline

Created by Dion de Rijk - Professional Musician, Entrepreneur & Lifelong Student


Students: 347, Price: $89.99

Students: 347, Price:  Paid

'I'll do it tomorrow.' is what I told myself over and over again.. 

Like most people, I used to have these amazing plans for my life. I wanted to start a business, build six-pack abs, earn more money, learn new skills - but I never had the consistent motivation to make my goals a reality

Yet, I always had 'some' motivation. It wasn't like I had none at all..

Regularly I had series of a couple of days (sometimes weeks) in a row, where I was highly motivated and did everything right. I'd feel unstoppable.. Killing my workouts, eating healthy and working hard on my goals. 

Every time again I thought I'd finally reached a point in my life where 'things' would be 'different' from now on - only to be confronted by the harsh reality when I'd fall back into 'laziness' and full-time procrastination again. 

I felt really bad about myself.. I thought I was lazy, a failure - and unworthy of success.

But that was the past... Now, things are ENTIRELY different. 


I've been able to create a 'system' through which I am consistently motivated to work on my goals & habits, which has enabled me to build a profitable online business, improve my health & fitness, earn more money, beat procrastination and increase my sense of self-worth and confidence.

In 'Motivation Mastery' I'll share with you the exact steps, strategies and habits that I've implemented in my life to stop procrastinating, to feel 'naturally' motivated - and to make things like hard work, studying and exercising an automatic and internal part of my life. 

Mastering the art and science of motivation is one of those essential skills that will propel you towards a heavily improved life - just like it did for my life. 

But unfortunately, too many people are unaware that mastering your motivation is essential for success in any area of life, so they never even bother studying the topic - leaving them frustrated, confused and limiting their results in life.. 

Luckily, as you're reading this page, you aren't one of those people - and that's why I can't wait to share these principles with you! 


In Motivation Mastery, you'll learn exactly: 

  • How to stop procrastinating once and for all
  • How to generate consistent motivation to crush ANY of your goals (whether it's losing weight, building muscle mass, improving your grades, starting/growing a business or getting a promotion)
  • How to set up a fool-proof 'motivation' system that prevents you from falling back into 'laziness' or procrastination
  • How to make motivation 'internal', so that it becomes an automatic and effortless part of your life. 

Furthermore, you'll learn: 

  • The 3-Step Formula For Instant Motivation
  • The 2 Types of Motivation (And The More Powerful One)
  • The 3 Main Reasons For Procrastination To Kick In (And How To Beat It)
  • How 90% of People Fall In The Trap of 'Subtle' Procrastination
  • How The '15-Minute' Exercise Is The Cure To Stop Procrastinating 
  • The 7 Sources of External Motivation
  • How Your Direct Environment (Such As Your Home, Office AND Your Friends) Either Motivates or Demotivates You
  • How Books, Video's and Music Can Be Part of A Motivated Lifestyle
  • How To Use Social Media As Motivation Instead of a Distraction
  • Why an 'Accountability Partner' Will Help You Succeed
  • Why You Should NEVER Work Where You Relax or Relax Where You Work
  • The Power of Neuro-Associations On Your Level of Motivation (How It Controls You and How You Can Control It)
  • Why You Should Get Control Over Your 'State' If You Want To Achieve Your Goals
  • The 3 Easiest Ways To Get Into 'Peak Performance State'
  • How Your Breath Can Generate Energy To Work Hard (Bio-Hacking)
  • How 'Pain' and 'Pleasure' Drives EVERY Single Decision You Make
  • How Different Types of Fears Determine Our Motivation Level (Very Common!)
  • How To Overcome Fears That Are Holding You Back (You May Not Even Be Aware of This)
  • Why 'The Rocking Chair Test' Is A Must-Do Exercise If You Don't Want To End Up With Regret
  • How The '6 Basic Human Needs' Regulate Our Motivation
  • How Our Past Identity Will Resist Towards Our New Life (aka The Blindspot) and How To Overcome This
  • How To Use The Power of Goal-Setting To Give Us Clarity and Motivation
  • How To Identify Limiting Belief Systems That Have Been Forced Upon You Because of Social Conditioning (This Will Change Your Life!)
  • How To Create a 'Mantra' That Will Instill Confidence, Motivation and Energy Wherever and Whenever You Are
  • How To Use Habits To Make Motivation 'Effortless & Automatic'
  • How To Build Strong Habits for Success
  • What The 'Habit Loop' Is
  • Why A Morning Routine Is ESSENTIAL For A Motivated Lifestyle 
  • How Affirmations & Visualizations Will Prime You For A Productive & Successful Day
  • The 4 Health Habits That Will Give You Unlimited Energy To Work On Your Goals
  • The 3 Productivity Habits That Will Make You More Efficient and Help You To Achieve Your Career Goals Faster Than Ever
  • How This 21-Day Challenge Will Change Your Life
  • More, more & more...

Whether your goal is losing weight, building muscle mass, starting/growing a business, getting a promotion or improving your grades - the process of motivation works exactly the same. By mastering your motivation, you'll be able to achieve ANY goal you set for yourself. You'll be in full control over your mind, which means you'll be in full control over your consistent level of effort - which is the #1 factor in achieving success of ANY kind. 


So, when you are ready to say goodbye to procrastination and say hello to an improved life with more achievements, impact and fulfillment, I'd love to see you on the inside of Motivation Mastery!

To Your Personal Growth,

Jari Roomer

Founder Personal Growth Lab

Ps. You'll get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on this course, so there is literally no-risk involved. See you on the inside! 

Self Care – The Definitive Road Map To Self Discovery

Self-Discovery can be hard until you learn what is holding you back. Things like self-care and self-discipline.

Created by Brent Dalley - Trainer in: Leadership, Marketing, Family Counseling


Students: 235, Price: $19.99

Students: 235, Price:  Paid

When was the last time you took care of yourself, like really took care of yourself?

Self-care is crucial for your happiness and well-being. Without it, the mind and body can quickly find themselves out of sync, leading to all kinds of problems. It can also hold you back from being the person you were born to be. And a big part of your self-care is self-discipline.

So, if you struggle with self-care, in this course you’ll discover why now is the time to change that and how it can help with self-discovery.

The importance of self-care

Self-care is often dismissed as a luxury, when in fact it’s absolutely essential

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, eventually you’re going to start feeling all kinds of negative effects.

Failing to care for your health and happiness can lead to issues such as burnout, depression and chronic stress. It also puts you at an increased risk of developing all kinds of ailments and diseases.

One thing you need to remember with self-care however, is that you need to do what you want to do. You’ll find a lot of self-care tips which mention things like keeping a journal and meditating. These are definitely some of the most effective self-discovery tools you can use, but they’re not necessarily for everyone. If you don’t enjoy them, don’t do them. Find something you do enjoy – that’s the secret to benefitting from self-care for self-discovery.

So, as you can see, taking time out to really look after yourself is crucial to your health and happiness.

Now, When we hear the word ‘discipline,’ we are automatically reminded of convents and boot camps. Who doesn’t love living each day, as it goes, without any rules? Of course, there are joys that can be experienced by living a carefree life! But if you want a life filled with happiness, that can be sustained, so, as part of your self-care routine you need to bring in some rules!

And no-where is it written that rules are always bad. You won’t believe how incorporating a little discipline as part of your life can help you improve the quality of your life and sustain your happiness, well-being and a better understanding or yourself. I encourage you to not be immediately put off by the idea of adding some discipline to your life as part of your self-care routine. I am sure that this course will give you a fresh perspective on discipline and help you realize how it improves your life!

Master Self-Discipline and Become Super-Human 2021

Take back charge of Your Life

Created by Sandeep Bharti - Your Discipline and Productivity Coach


Students: 228, Price: $19.99

Students: 228, Price:  Paid

Do you have big goals to achieve, do you want to be successful in life, do you want to achieve more by doing less, do you want to be happy in life, do you want to take back charge of your life?

If you said Yes to any of the above then this course is for you.


I had so many big goals but I never used to achieve them. Out of frustration, I started researching why I am unable to achieve my goals and felt powerless. It was because of lack of self-discipline. After that, I made it my mission to help billions of people to feel powerful and take back charge of their life


This course is the first step towards empowering you to feel awesome and feel powerful to control your life. In his course I am sharing my years of research after applying it to myself, how you can be more successful, how can you change your mindset, how can you get rid of procrastination, how can you use the 80/20 principle to achieve more, how can create unshakable habits, how to destroy bad habits, experiments done gratification, how to handle decision fatigue and much more...


This is a course for building self-discipline that will make you superhuman so that you can have total control of your life, achieve your goals as well as enjoy your life.

Disciplines for Heart Chakra – Energy Healing Tools

How to work on self love, the daily routines that help you enhance the energies on your heart chakra

Created by Elena the Greek - Spiritual Healer - Psychic Medium


Students: 96, Price: $64.99

Students: 96, Price:  Paid

Heart chakra is the one that balances the lower and upper chakras. In order to open it and expand it there is work to be done and setting up daily routines you can add and apply will support you in a great level on how to build up the loving energies that will not only benefit you but also will benefit others around you.

Gratitude, is one of the simpliest you can practice daily and observe your vibrations change immediately!

The heart chakra and it's energies are the way of connecting with ourselves on deeper levels. Building the relationship with ourselves is what makes the difference in having a fulfilling, abundant and spiritual life.

Self love is the higher way for every single situation in our lives, when it comes to self nurture, to self care, to healthy boundaries, to create our dream life, to manifestation, to the relationships we have with others around us.

This course represents the beauty that comes from the heart. We have all heard of the phrase that beauty comes from within. What actually does it mean though?

Have you pondered on this phrase? For me it means opening your heart chakra to embrace yourself and others. It all starts from self love.

I had many years wondering how it is to feel self love and I knew I wasn’t in the space of self love but I didn’t know how to get there. In theory I knew that it means to unconditionally love yourself. No judgment. No expectations. No conditions. But how does it actually works in actions?

On this course we examine routines that by applying them we can change ourselves from within. We are making the changes we want to see in others! In case you are not a person of maintaining routines let me tell you one thing: The sun and the moon arise every singe day and night. This is the mindset that will support you on your changes!

Life Map Goal Setting: Targeted, Organized & Disciplined You

Become the most productive person you know starting with vision, setting goals, creating projects, and motivating self.

Created by MAWMedia Group, LLC - Publisher


Students: 58, Price: $34.99

Students: 58, Price:  Paid

Are you wondering what it would be like to live your dreams? Maybe you are uncertain about where the start, how to keep it going, or what tools you need. Maybe you are the person who is indecisive, still holding on to the hope that life has more to offer than just work, eat, and sleep. Life does have more to offer! You will need a map to discover the options, opportunities, and opposition.   

This training is your Life Map based in the wisdom of the COACH Method, branded in the COACH Me intervention, and provided here as a video-based virtual workbook for you. You will find mindset, tools, and techniques that will optimize your intelligence and your schedule as well.   

This training has 5 overarching competencies.   

  1. Effectively identify and manage all available resources.   

  2. Implement goal setting based on a carefully scaffolded vision.   

  3. Partialize projects, breaking them into their component parts.   

  4. Prioritize projects for the greatest efficiency and productivity.   

  5. Manufacture discipline as a skill resulting in perpetual motivation.   

These overarching competencies are presented in 4 major sections.   

  • Preparation: Life Passion versus Safe Bet

  • Section I: The Foundation

  • Section II: Planning in the Long and Short Term

  • Section III: Getting Down to Discipline

Power of Discipline

The Art of Developing Self-Discipline

Created by Mark N Skelton - Mental Health | Self-Help | Empowerment


Students: 4, Price: $19.99

Students: 4, Price:  Paid

This is the next best thing to having an expert trainer right beside you showing you how to make things happen in your life...

Of course, hiring a training expert would easily set you back hundreds of dollars...

Luckily, you’re not going to have to invest anywhere near that today to get the next best thing...

Not only will you avoid many of the most common mistakes that people make when they get started with goal setting, you’ll notice immediate positive results in your goal achievements...

If you’re a visual learner or prefer to be shown something as opposed to just reading about it… you need this special video upgrade to get the best results possible!

This Video E-Course Will Help You...

· Develop Strategies to Build Unbreakable Self-Discipline

· Learn About How Highly Successful People Develop Powerful Self-Discipline

· Understand The Superiority of Discipline Over Motivation

Helping you make a lasting improvement in your overall goal setting and get more done in life...

Most of us hate rules! When we hear the word "Discipline', we are automatically reminded of convents and boot camps. Who doesn't love living each day, as it goes, without any rules? Of course, there are joys that can be experienced by living a carefree life! But if you want a life filled with happiness, that can be sustained, you need to bring in some rules!

And there is no necessity that rules are always bad. You won't believe how incorporating discipline as a part of your life can help you improve the quality of life and sustain your happiness. I encourage you not to be immediately put off by the idea of adding some discipline to your life. I am sure that this video course will give you a fresh perspective on Discipline and help you realize how it improves your life!

Learn How to Motivate Yourself: Master Self-Discipline

Master Self-Discipline and Get Things Done!

Created by Catrinel Girbovan - PhD, Life and Business Coach


Students: 3, Price: $34.99

Students: 3, Price:  Paid

Do you struggle with getting started on tasks that require your attention? Do you feel unmotivated to work towards your goals? Do you want to learn how to motivate yourself and get things done?

This class addresses all these questions and many others you may have regarding motivation.

The truth is, motivation remains an elusive concept to many of us and this is partly due to the many assumptions we carry about it.

This class will break down the common misconceptions we have on the topic and address what really motivates us as well as how to maintain motivation, but most importantly it will give you concrete steps to get started and accomplish the tasks that will get you closer to your goals!

Who is this class for?

No prior knowledge on the topic is required to take this class, although a desire to better yourself is a definite asset!

What will you learn?

a breakdown of the science of motivation

how to boost intrinsic motivation in both the short- and long-term

some tips on how to regain momentum fast to get tasks done

In the end, you will be better equipped to tackle any task having gained an in depth understanding of what gives rise to motivation.

See you in class!

The Discipline of Children

How to Reduce Misbehavior and Nurture Self-Discipline in Your Child

Created by Joseph Lao - Developmental Psychologist


Students: 2, Price: $79.99

Students: 2, Price:  Paid

One of the most important challenges facing parents today is how to deal with child misbehavior.  If parents get this wrong, they could literally cause their child to form harmful lifelong habits.  But, if done well, the way parents deal with child misbehavior may help their child not only stop misbehaving, but also develop healthy habits and good social skills.  This course begins by considering how discipline relates to your goals in raising a child.  It continues by offering a preliminary definition of discipline as caregiver behaviors that are intended to get children to stop misbehaving.  It then describes different disciplinary practices, such as developmental, reactive and proactive discipline, and how best to use them to achieve your goals as a parent.  This includes a detailed discussion of punishment.  The course then considers how to nurture self-discipline in children, that is, the capacity to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, for oneself and others, even when you don't feel like it.  It concludes with some ideas about when to get others involved in disciplining a child.

The course comes with a 53 page workbook that includes a pretest, additional explanations and exercises, and a post-test, to monitor your progress.