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Gain Prosperity, Success & Good Fortune by Sanskrit Chanting

Amazing Sanskrit Chants with proper pronunciation, rhythm and meaning leading to prosperity, success & good fortune!

Created by Akanksha (Akanksshaa) Kulkarni - Career, Motivation and Happiness Coach


Students: 5352, Price: $24.99

Students: 5352, Price:  Paid

Do you want to change your life? Do you want more prosperity, success, good fortune and bliss in your life?

We all are seeking happiness, prosperity and success in life. Bliss and prosperity are showered when we are prayerful and grateful. Sanskrit Chants/ prayers have sound vibrations that uplift/ purify individual and collective consciousness and spread happiness.

If you're online and reading this, then you really have the commitment and determination to be prosperous and successful. Most people don’t take the time out to educate themselves the way you have. That’s why this course is perfect for people like you. It’s specifically for people like you, who want to be prosperous, successful and happy because we have the secret spelled out for you in Lord Ganesha Sanskrit chants.

Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages in the world. It's still pure even now. There's a huge amount of research on the Sanskrit chants, pronunciations, sound vibrations, its frequencies and the effect they have on human body/ mind and overall environment.

There is a great amount of interest in Sanskrit all over the world. It's taught in several schools/ colleges and universities across the world.

In this course you will learn Sanskrit chants of Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the Divine/ God of happiness, prosperity and intellect. I am so grateful to Divine for choosing me to spread happiness and prosperity.   

You will learn how to chant with proper rhythm and pronunciation as well as meaning of the chants. I have provided downloadable files for your reference and practice.

So are you ready to learn something new and exciting? Are you willing to sincerely commit yourself on path to happiness and prosperity? Then, let's join this enriching journey...

What are the requirements?

  • Open mind and willingness to learn.

  • Discipline and commitment to practice chanting once learnt, on daily basis.

  • Dedication and patience :-)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 23 lectures with duration over 56 minutes

  • Significance and benefits of Sanskrit chants

  • Sanskrit Chants in Devnagari and English scripts

  • Pronunciation and rhythm of Chants

  • Chant meaning explained in a simple way

  • Downloadable files of Chants, which can be referred for practice offline

What is the target audience?

  • People who want to be happy and successful

  • People who are willing to learn ancient secrets leading to happiness

Learn to read in Sanskrit with Grammar- Intermediate Course

Learn Easy Sanskrit grammar strategies to read and understand ancient Sanskrit texts

Created by Amritha Kailas - Sanskrit Instructor


Students: 4453, Price: $24.99

Students: 4453, Price:  Paid

Did you know learning Sanskrit grammar can enable you to tap into the wisdom within ancient scriptures to empower you and transform your life ?

Ancient Sanskrit scriptures, originally were written by great Rishis .It includes deeper aspects of life and solutions to real life problems that can be understood by anyone who has a strong fundamental knowledge of Sanskrit Grammar.

Sanskrit grammar is considered to be the most unique and  oldest  in the world.

It was established by the great scholar "Panini" that lead to the origin of Classical Sanskrit .

Sanskrit grammar has many special features that makes it unique.

Some of them include

- Logical structure with syntax  and rules that are easy to memorize and use.

- Deep and Rich vocabulary with plenty of words to describe an object based on its properties.

- Flexibility in allowing  the learner to choose and apply words into a sentence based on the context  that doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence.

-Unambiguity by having unique sounds for each alphabet.

This Sanskrit grammar essential course is a  tool that will help you learn the fundamentals of Sanskrit grammar and enable you to gain insights by discovering life empowerment techniques conveyed  authentically in the ancient scriptures primarily within Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and Upanishads. 

This course also  includes additional resources and practice exercises that enhances your reading skills and helps you apply your learnings from this course.

The Sanskrit grammar essentials course curriculum includes the following lectures

* Nouns

* Verbs

* Adjectives

* Indeclinables

* Pronouns

* Vedas/Upanishad Mantras

* Sandhi

* Short Stories

By the end of this course,  you will gain strong understanding of the Sanskrit grammar fundamentals as well as their applications within ancient scriptures to gain wisdom and insights from them.

This course ultimately aims at equipping you to become a fluent reader in Sanskrit to enable you to read complex ancient scriptures independently and transform your life.

Complete Comprehensive and Easy Sanskrit for Beginners

Learn Sanskrit from Alphabets to become a Pro

Created by Shankar Iyer - Sanskrit Instructor and Learner


Students: 702, Price: $19.99

Students: 702, Price:  Paid

This is a Complete and Comprehensive Sanskrit Course for Absolute Beginners to learn right from Alphabets to become a Pro. The entire course is divided in to three levels and the lessons are taken step by step, in easy explanations and exercises, level after level to make a strong and thorough base to learn further my courses and to become a pro gradually. Follow my tips and methods to easily and quickly grasp the oldest language which contains a treasure of knowledge in its different scriptures.

You will be taken through lesson after lesson in easy steps to develop the language knowledge right from the base. The language structure is very important to understand and in this course I given more importance to explain the basic structure of the language, through worksheets, different exercises and gradually adding on new topics.

In Level One, you will learn the Alphabets, reading and writing methods, listening and pronouncing, splitting words in to alphabets and after completing the entire discussions in this level, you will be comfortable to read, write, listen and write, introduction to nouns, verbs, pronouns and forming simple sentences in Present Tense, so that you can take the next step of learning words, meanings and sentence constructions.

In Level Two, you will learn Past Tense, Future Tense, Order-Request Mood, around hundred nouns and verbs, pronouns and how different forms of the nouns and verbs are formed in Sanskrit. Because in Sanskrit every word either noun or verb is complete in itself with meaning like gender, number and case for each noun - person, number and tense for each verb, the exercises and explanations will prepare the students confidently and comfortably to take up further lessons of Level Three.

In Level Three, you will further learn numbers, time, days, indeclinable, adjectives, and different conjunction particles to construct complex sentences. With many example of sentence constructions and tips to use the correct verb forms or noun forms, and the usage of different particles discussed, you will be prepared to comprehend a story and actual deconstruction of Shloka to get the meaning out of it. You will see nearly some forty dialog and the meanings, expression of the Sanskrit Language and you will be prepared to create your own dialog.

End of Level Three, you will be taken through a complete Ramayana Story and around fifty Shlokas with word by word explanations and the style of expressions in Sanskrit. I am sure by the end of this course you will be comfortable and confident to learn further text and subjects of Sanskrit, to improve your skills. By completing the the Course One Exercise I discussed in the last, you will be confident to construct your correct sentences and deconstruct a Shloka on your own. Please watch the promo video to know more about this course.

Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation

Pronounce Sanskrit sounds flawlessly, regardless of your native language

Created by Nityānanda Dāsa - Sanskrit speaker, teacher and translator


Students: 398, Price: $49.99

Students: 398, Price:  Paid

  • Learn the tricks to tune your tongue and body to perfect Sanskrit phonetics, regardless of your native language. This practice will help you to minimize your accent to the minimum.

  • Practice individual sounds and sound groups with real examples from Sanskrit language. More than 300 word and 50 verses/mantras will boost your vocabulary as well!

  • Listen, watch, and repeat: With 5.5 hours of video and audio material you will be guided in each step of your journey to perfect Sanskrit sound - with no single detail left out.

  • Understand the science behind the Sanskrit alphabet - the most systematically arranged alphabet in the world. Being aware of its various sound groups will tremendously help you to perfectly reproduce in sound what you see on paper.

  • Don't know the traditional Sanskrit script? No problem - learn everything through the Romanized Sanskrit system (Latin/English letters). For those familiar with the देवनागरी script, the whole course is optionally presented in the देवनागरी as well (each version is 5.5 hours long).

  • Ask questions - post your questions on any of the classes and receive a prompt reply!

  • Receive personal feedback on your progress from the instructor - just send your recording when prompted and know what you are good at and where to improve!

Sanskrit Chanting Mastery

Become a true expert in Sanskrit chanting

Created by Nityānanda Dāsa - Sanskrit speaker, teacher and translator


Students: 58, Price: $199.99

Students: 58, Price:  Paid

  • Enjoy more than 12 hours(!) of step-by-step video lessons, as well as heaps of video, mp3 & PDF materials.

  • Learn through tons of carefully analysed and marked up verses/mantras right on your screen

  • Practice with numerous exercises, both in real-time video and as a homework

  • Sing your favourite Sanskrit verses in more than 70 traditional melodies (with notation!)

  • Imbibe easily the essence of ancient teachings on Sanskrit prosody

  • Receive personal feedback by the instructor (20 years of experience)

  • Relax - the course is presented in Romanized Sanskrit (latin transcription). So no need to know traditional Sanskrit script!

Finding Peace And Self-Discovery Through Meditation

Relax, release and find peace through simple meditation.

Created by Michelle Parkinson - Complementary and Holistic Therapist and Trainer


Students: 13, Price: $44.99

Students: 13, Price:  Paid

Forget everything you think you know about meditation.

The basic skills can be conveyed in a few minutes. However, as a beginner, you may discover difficulties. But Meditation doesn't have to be complicated to be effective for personal development.

Learning and practicing meditation regularly is one of the most magical spiritual tools for self-development assisting you to relax, heal, stimulate and inspire your life.

By simply following the structure of this course you will get results, without the struggle & frustration.

Even if you have never meditated before. this course will teach you. Using powerful meditations that will enrich your life and give you a greater understanding of who you truly are.

There are many benefits to meditation. Put simply, meditation restores balance.

Learn from the comfort of your home how to easily meditate, with lifetime access to this course and 15 meditations for you to download and use.

Experience how easy meditation is and how it enriches your life. Allowing you to enjoy a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.