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FREE Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Beginners (Updated for 2021)

Learn the basics to become an Expert of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Enterprise Solution and Boost Your Career Growth.

Created by Online CRM Training (3E Consulting Private Limited) - The Best &Most Affordable Microsoft Dynamics Training Online


Students: 89230, Price: Free

***Updated the entire course to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)***

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 course has the highest numbers of students and positive reviews IN THE WORLD!
(Seriously, thank you so much for your Love :) )

If you are a Programmer or Business Analyst or Existing non-Microsoft Solutions Consultant or want to be a Dynamics 365 Consultant, this is the best course to start your learning journey to earn more.



"Overall, this course has been very helpful. I went from not even knowing what Microsoft CRM was to having a good basic understanding of the interface and features of the software. This course has definitely been worth doing and the instructor is great!" - Tyler Martin

"Before starting this course I never heard about Microsoft Dynamic 365 (CRM), one of my friend suggested me to just dirty your hands with MS Dynamic 365 (CRM). Actually I am coming development background so initially its look boring for me but after understanding about Dynamic 365 (CRM), I enjoyed this course very much. Looking forward to join another course. Thanks a lot Abhay. Great work." - Ram Thakkar

"As a complete beginner in this Software this has been very helpful and informative so far. Thank you!" - Aleksander Penev

"It is a very sweet lecture, despite being free. He took his time to explain every details you need to know about MS Dynamics. I am SugarCRM certified developer and willing to dive into MS Dynamics. I will Surely register for more of your courses in future. Thanks Abhay Sharma." - Aremu Habibullahi

"This was a very good course, I am just starting to use Dynamics CRM and this course was very helpful." - Orlando Sanders

"With no experiences in CRM, attending this course was really huge benefits. It guide you trough everything and I like the bonus in end of this course. I will recommended this course to anyone who would like to get into CRM." - Ahmad Hassan

"Thank you so much for creating the course. I enjoyed the learning about the CRM platform. I hope to take more courses in the future to further my career in ICT. Much appreciated" - Seraz Khan

And thousands of positive reviews...


Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) is a Enterprise Business Solution by Microsoft.

It includes:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales to help companies improve Sales.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service to help companies improve their customer support & experience.'

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation for managing end to end projects and

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Field Service to manage Mobile workforce of the companies.

By the end of this course, you will have complete understanding of all four apps and much more... plus, this is a complete practical course.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the hottest and fastest growing business solution in the market.

The average salary of the Dynamics 365 Consultant is $85,000 - $100,000 Per Annum which will continue to grow...



Module 1: Get Started With Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment Types

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sign Up Process

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Application Navigation

Module 2: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales Overview

  • Dynamics 365 For Sales Important Terms

  • Dynamics 365 For Sales Demo

Module 3: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service Overview

  • Dynamics 365 For Customer Service Important Terms

  • Dynamics 365 For Customer Service Demo

Module 4: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation (PSA) Overview

  • Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation Important Terms

  • Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation Demo

Module 5: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Field Service Overview

  • Dynamics 365 For Field Service Important Terms

  • Dynamics 365 For Field Service Demo

Module 6: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Other Important Features

  • Dynamics 365 Records And Activities Creation

  • Dynamics 365 User Creation And Security Model

  • Dynamics 365 Settings And Administration

  • Dynamics 365 Customization

  • Dynamics 365 Reporting Overview

Quick Recap :)

  • Course Quick Recap

I look forward to teaching you this amazing technology.

To Your Success,
Abhay Sharma

#1 Udemy Best-Selling Instructor for Microsoft Dynamics | Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Learn Salesforce in easy steps and get certified!

This course should prepare you for Salesforce App Developer certification.

Created by Parikshith Red - Salesforce Consultant , Entrepreneur


Students: 69196, Price: Free

About this course

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful on demand platform that allows people to customize their standard applications (Sales & Call Centre applications) and also build custom applications . While it can seem intimidating to someone with no background in coding, working with Salesforce is much easier than many realize. With the right guidance and desire to learn, most people can learn how to put together a functional web app in few days !

This Salesforce Tutorial Course is narrated by a long time trainer and consultant who specializes in helping people learn how to use technology to solve real world problems. In this high - impact course, Parikshith walks users through the creation of a functional application from beginning to end, explaining where needed the important technical points without relying on excessive jargon. This is not an overview of complex theory, but a hands- on primer that will allow even beginners to create usable solutions quickly !

Parikshith shows you how to make the most from these cloud technology used by everyone from small startups to the biggest technology companies in the world.

The Goal is help one acquire the knowledge and pass the Salesforce App Developer Exam. If you would like to know understand the different modules, Please watch my Introduction to Salesforce here.

There are no pre-requisites for this course

Whats in this course

  1. 46 video lectures detailing the steps to becoming an awesome Salesforce Developer.
  2. Downloadable Assignments & Source Code files to compliment lectures.

Note : Please turn on the HD at the right most corner of your video for better viewing experience .

Introduction to Salesforce Certification and Career Planning

Learn What Salesforce Is and Certification and Career Paths Available to You. Get a Free Salesforce Account, too!

Created by Mike Wheeler - Salesforce Trainer - 140,000+ Students - 27K+ 5-Star Reviews


Students: 27175, Price: Free

This Course and Instructor were recently featured in InfoWorld.

This course covers the Salesforce Platform and Cloud Computing. I cover the various Salesforce certification and career opportunities that are out there and help you chart your course to the cloud. 

I cover what cloud computing is, what Salesforce is, and the types of jobs available to you. I also give you tips on how to get resume building experience. This course is a starting point for you to chart your course to a well paying and satisfying cloud career. I conclude this course with recommended next steps and resources to get you on the fast track to certification, and ultimately, relentlessly pursued by recruiters.

The demand for Salesforce Developers, Administrators, Consultants, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc. is immense. The Salesforce Platform is an attainable path to developing applications in the cloud, without code. No experience is required. You can do it!

After Thousands of Udemy Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:

"Are you learning valuable information?" 99.6% answered YES

"Are the explanations of the concepts clear?" 99.8% answered YES

"Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?" 99.9% answered YES

Free Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Course

Brush Up On Your Salesforce Admin Certification Knowledge Rapidly

Created by Warren Chalklen, PhD - Education Innovator | 145,046 Students on Udemy


Students: 26474, Price: Free


** ACCORDING TO BURNING GLASS TECHNOLOGIES, a labor technologies analysis firm: "Setting aside the near-universal Microsoft Office suite, Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill...putting Salesforce demand ahead of IT stalwarts such as Python, .Net, and C++, and in line with commonly used applications such as Adobe Photoshop"**

**INDEED Ranked Salesforce Admin in their top 10 best jobs of 2017 with salaries ranging between $70,000-$100,000 per annum** 


  • Learn what you need to know in rapid time
  • Utilize the practice resources to master each section of the test
  • Have full access to the instructor to answer any of your questions: This helps ensure everything is even easier to understand & is even more fun and engaging! **

The contents of this course are all based on my work experience as an ADM201 Certified Data Associate and entrepreneur with global experience in for profit, start up and corporate settings. I use Salesforce on a daily basis to drive organizational performance. My certification has lead to increased opportunities and advanced my ability to administrate effectively. And now, I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you. 

Are you ready for a practical course designed to equip you with the skills to:

  1. Answer Exam questions, apply knowledge and demonstrate Salesforce Administration competencies
  2. Describe the components of the company profile
  3. Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report

I will work with you throughout the course to support your journey to mastery!

Ready to improve your knowledge to pass the  certification Exam? Click "Take this course now" to get started!


Salesforce Introductory Course and Career Planning

Guide to Salesforce certifications and Career Opportunities

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 25177, Price: Free

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software (CRM)...In this course I am trying my best to answer all the questions that generally people ask...This course gives you a quick glimpse about salesforce and I highly recommend to take this course if you are planning on changing your career and want to know about your options.

What skills you need to become salesforce adminstrator?

I get asked this question a lot. Many people are looking to make a career change, and there is concern that they don’t have the experience or background to become a successful Salesforce Administrator.

Salesforce is a tool, you can easily learn this tool. Just like you have learned to use playstation and  how to operate computer, you can learn this tool as well.To learn about Salesforce, you don't need to be a programmer. 

A Salesforce Administrator is a expert in business processes. Administrators work closely with business stakeholders to learn and understand issues happening in current system or to gather requirements for new changes or enhancements. The skill needed to become Salesforce Administrator is to know how to take those process requirements and implement them successfully in Salesforce.

There are some characteristics that successful Salesforce Administrators should possess. But the really good Salesforce Administrators have the following characteristics.

  • Ability to listen and empathize with users: This is a “customer facing” role. Users of the application are your customers. They deserve great customer service. If you have the ability to listen and learn about their problems, issues, and needs, and also you want to really help them out, then this field is great fit for you.

  • Good communication skills: Communication is very important. Salesforce administrator needs to be a good listener as well as good communicator. This role tends to work with individuals at all levels; from the CEO of the company  to the end user. Knowing how to communicate effectively with each at each level will help you to get your job done faster and efficiently.

  • Ability to think outside the box: There is not a set way to do anything in Salesforce. That’s part of the beauty of the tool. That also means that for any one process or set of requirements, there are multiple solutions. You’ll need to think outside the box to ensure that all possibilities are captured and that the needs of the business are being met. This requires creative and critical thinking.

Should I become an Administrator or Developer?

Another common question is, should I become an Administrator or Developer?

This question is hard to answer because everyone is different. But, there is some basic information I can provide that may help you make a decision.

Administrators job is more customer-facing : Salesforce adminstrators deals with  the business directly on a more regular basis. This requires a different skill set as a result. Administrators focus on out of box features (meaning we develop with clicks, not code). They need to know about the out -of-the box features of salesforce.

Developers need to be a programmer who knows coding: While they do work directly with business users and stakeholders, they tend to operate more in the background; working more closely with the Administrator than the internal customer.

Is certification important?

I was tempted to answer this in one word – yes – but I though that might be a bit biasé. If you’re relying on Salesforce for running your business, you  should make the investment in a Certified Administrator. Its always great  to find someone who took time to learn the tool and prepared for the certification. It also depends on the size of the company and the strategic value of Salesforce for that company. The more customization, complexity and number of users involved, the more your administrator needs to be a well-versed Salesforce rockstar, and certification helps to find out which candidate is suitable for the job. So many companies are looking for someone with certification and a certified administrator will have more chances of getting that job.

If you want to become salesforce Developer, it is still recommended that you learn Salesforce as an Administrator. Ideally, you should not write code  for something that can be done using the out of the box features of salesforce. The only way to know what can and can’t be done with the platform is to learn about its features. The best developers will also validate this fact.


Introduction to Launching Your Salesforce Consultant Career

Salesforce is the most attainable career path to the cloud, and Consultant skills and certifications are in high demand.

Created by Mike Wheeler - Salesforce Trainer - 140,000+ Students - 27K+ 5-Star Reviews


Students: 18299, Price: Free

This course covers the Industry Knowledge and key concepts you need to understand in order to launch a Consulting Career in Salesforce, or to provide further context and background in pursuing any of the Salesforce Consultant Certifications.

I introduce you to the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification, the Exam Guide, and show you how to sign up for a free Salesforce Trailhead Account.

I also go into the Industry Knowledge and background information that you'll need to learn and understand in order to serve well as a consultant and to also pass that Knowledge Area's questions on the full exam.

I have taught over 60,000 students on the Salesforce Platform and my mission is to Train, Inspire and Equip the Masses on the Salesforce Platform.

Introduction – Salesforce CPQ

Learn Salesforce CPQ for FREE!

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 13810, Price: Free

This course covers the fundamentals that are necessary for users to begin leveraging their quoting process using Salesforce platform.  It will take over an hour to complete, and will enable users to successfully begin executing CPQ by learning pricing methods, CPQ object data model, technical configuration of discounting, output documents. 

Intro to Lightning Development for Salesforce®

How to develop on the Salesforce® Platform

Created by Jeff Lombard - Lightning Developer


Students: 12768, Price: Free

This is an introduction to Salesforce® Lightning development. Lightning development is hard and relatively new, so unlike many other courses on here I will not claim to be able to make you a 'Lightning Guru' after one course. This will give you a solid foundational understanding of developing on the Lightning Platform.

The real strength of this course is that it is to the point, allowing you to quickly and efficiently learn how to develop for Salesforce® Lightning by seeing real screencasts. I've edited out all unnecessary pauses so that you do not waste any time when learning.

I've been working in Lightning for a solid year on projects that have 2000 daily users. This course is free because I saw other similar courses charging way too much for lower quality content. I want to fix that and build the developer community around Lightning in a positive way, while focusing on programming as a craft. This course is a collection of the knowledge I wish I had when I first started developing in Lightning. Let's write high quality code together! 

Salesforce Development For Beginners

Learn about the basics of Apex Programming. Become a Salesforce Developer with no prior programming experience.

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 11379, Price: Free

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

Why Specialize in Salesforce Development?

According to Glassdoor, the national average yearly salary for Salesforce Developers is roughly $22,000 higher than web developers. This course is built for students who would like to learn the development side of Salesforce.

Do you need any programming experience to take this course?

No, this course assumes no previous programming experience and takes you from the absolute beginner concepts like creating your developer's account, writing your very first Apex program and then takes you to more advance topics. In this course we will start from the very basics of Programming and march over way to more advance topics.

This course is just an introduction to my complete course.

Introduction – Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Learn Einstein Analytics for FREE!

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 10180, Price: Free

Working with Einstein Analytics isn't just lucrative - it's fun! And unlike most data analysis tools, Einstein Analytics uses a drag-and-drop interface, so you don't need to be a programmer to learn Einstein Analytics. This course is meant for those who are looking to move forward in their career by building skills in data science and data visualization.

Use publicly available data to create visualizations on topics that interest you and the course is structured to give users the basic knowledge that you need to be able to create simple visualization through the Einstein Analytics platform.

Introduction – Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Learn with a Real Time Project Tasks

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 9360, Price: Free

With this practical course, you'll explore the art of working with web components and build a basic layout for the application. You will communicate between components using events, make calls from Lightning components and make components multilingual. This practical course will be your faithful companion and ensure that you make best use of the LWC.

Introduction- Salesforce Integration

This course covers concepts related to Salesforce Integration like API, outbound message , Mulesoft etc

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 9202, Price: Free

This course assumes previous development experience (at least 6 months), and takes you from the  concepts like integrating via point and click tools, and then goes into more detail as we explore the entire Integration feature set. This course is not a power point presentation,  but it will prepare you to resolve real time challenges at workplace.

Service Cloud Exam: Contact Center Industry Knowledge

A course to prepare for the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Consultant Certification Exam

Created by Bobby Buntin - Salesforce Instructor and Consultant


Students: 9179, Price: Free

Service Cloud Consultant Certification is one of the trickiest Salesforce certifications to complete. The exam includes questions on Contact Center Industry Knowledge, for which there is no help or training provided by Salesforce!  This course solves that problem.

This 30 minute mini-course dives into the concepts you need to understand to ace the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Certification, by explaining the key concepts of Contact Center operations and technology.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the factors that influence key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges.
  2. Explain the uses cases, costs and benefits for different interaction channels.
  3. Identify challenges and considerations for business continuity in the contact center.
  4. Compare and contrast the different types of contact centers and their business drivers.
  5. Identify the core tenets of KCS.
  6. Describe how various components of a contact center can solve different business challenges.

This course includes a combination of video lectures and realistic practice exam questions specific to Contact Center Industry Knowledge, to test your understanding and shore up any weak areas.

Salesforce Career and Technical Advice – 20 Questions Vol. 1

Salesforce Instructor and Cloud Career Coach Mike Wheeler Answers Salesforce Questions - Taken from Live Calls

Created by Mike Wheeler - Salesforce Trainer - 150,000+ Students - 28K+ 5-Star Reviews


Students: 8033, Price: Free

There's more to launching your Salesforce Career in the Cloud than just getting certified. Certifications are indeed helpful in validating your experience and knowledge of the platform. But often, there is no clear path to success, whether trying to navigate your career, or to solution technical problems on the Salesforce platform.

In this first installment of an ongoing series of courses, I share my insights related to career and technical questions that I have fielded.

Salesforce Administrator Certification – Introduction

Introduction to Salesforce - Covers Organizational Setup - Get started to become a Certified Administrator!

Created by Peggy Schael - Salesforce Trainer (formerly Trailhead Academy Certified)


Students: 7746, Price: Free

This Salesforce Lightning Introduction is all about the baseline understanding of the Salesforce architecture, navigation and setup tools to prepare the system for the users.

Plus, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the first key knowledge area "Organizational Setup" of a total of 12 exam topics to gain the Salesforce Administrator Certification. Watch my previews including a complete guide on "How to get the Salesforce Administration Certification".

In this course you will learn what Salesforce is and how it can help improve daily business processes. Salesforce has a very intuitive interface that I will take you through, so you can see how the data is structured and how you can easily find all relevant information about the people and companies, such as your customers, but not only those, that you are working with.

The Platform Basics will give you an understanding what the Salesforce architecture and infrastructure has in store for you to configure the platform to your company's business requirements and how to seamlessly extend with additional products and functionalities.

You will learn about the organizational settings, where to find information about licenses, fiscal year, business hours or currencies and how to manage the default settings to make the Salesforce org productive.

This includes understanding the different types of interfaces Salesforce provides and how to tailor the user interface settings to ensure users see the information that is relevant for their day-to-day jobs.

Getting Started with the Salesforce® DX CLI (SFDX)

Everything you need to know about SFDX.

Created by Jeff Lombard - Lightning Developer


Students: 7552, Price: Free

This course will show you everything you need to know about the Salesforce® DX Command Line Interface. Understanding this tool will let you use any text editor or IDE that you want with the Salesforce® Platform and rapidly speed up the development process for any projects you might have on the Salesforce® platform.

When MavensMate was deprecated many developers did not know where to turn to. This course will show you how to use SFDX and develop on scratch orgs without MavensMate.

Introduction – Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)

Learn Salesforce FSL for FREE!

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 6284, Price: Free

The Field Service application is all about: delivering on-site service to customers and managing a mobile workforce. In this course, Salesforce for Field Service, you’ll become familiar with the core entities, Work Orders, assets, inventory, and purchasing work in Field Service. When you’re finished with the course, you’ll have a foundation understanding of Salesforce for Field Service, and how to use it to provide great on-site service to your customers.

Clearplan University for Admins

The A to Z guide to learning how to use the Clearplan auto repossession software.

Created by John Sullivan - Cofounder at Clearplan & Cleardata


Students: 5931, Price: Free

Clearplan University for Admins will help you to learn the Clearplan application so you can become a better repossession company owner, office manager and/or repossession case worker. With Clearplan, you will stop carrying paper everywhere and lose the pen to write updates. Stop calling the office to see if the account is still open. Simply search in CP to see if the account is open. Stop running accounts that are already discounted or recovered, you're just wasting time and costing yourself money. Stop stepping on each other’s toes. Streamline communication within your team. Clearplan helps you do all of this while molding around the way your company runs.

We have no doubt that when implemented correctly you will see nothing but more units and higher recovery rates than ever before. Service to our clients is top priority and it's what gets us "more work" or "higher volume," before Clearplan we were having to remember all these addresses. The issue is that one of these addresses may very well have a unit in the driveway and with everything we are committing to memory ,it's easy to forget. Nothing looks worse in the clients eyes, but thats all about to change.

One on of the key issues in our industry is there has never been an industry vetted tool for repossession logistics, until Clearplan. Clearplan was built with 30 years of industry knowledge with founders that actually still run a truck at night. This personal dedication to always being the best and ahead of the curve, along with the support of almost 6,000 users is why Clearplan is the only choice for repossession logistics. Finally a system that your admins and office staff can use to speak with our agents in the field getting new addresses and important account info into the field, in real time with no refreshing. Clearplan was built by repo guys, for repo guys.

Salesforce Career Paths – What is Salesforce?

Launch Your Cloud Career with Salesforce. Learn What Salesforce is and Why You Should Care

Created by Mike Wheeler - Salesforce Trainer - 140,000+ Students - 27K+ 5-Star Reviews


Students: 5751, Price: Free

In this free course, learn all about Salesforce and how you can launch your career as a Salesforce Administrator, Developer, Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager and more.

I cover the various ways to land Salesforce jobs, either with Salesforce Partner Companies, Salesforce Customer Companies and even Salesforce themselves.

Covered as well are learning paths and resources to gain various certifications and how to gain experience. We discuss strategies for volunteering to gain experience and also using Salesforce in your current job or household.

Introduction – Salesforce Community Cloud

This course is intended for those who want to create lightning community by click, not code.

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 5716, Price: Free

This course demonstrates the value proposition of Salesforce Community Cloud, and how it can allow admins to build communities. Learn the basics of Salesforce Communities, Audience Targeting, CMS etc. By the end of this course, you’ll have insight into what’s possible with Communities for building an unique experience for customers, partners, employees in your Salesforce org.

Introduction – Salesforce Flow and Process Builder

This course is intended for those who want to use Flow to automate their business requirements by click, not code.

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 5382, Price: Free

This course will help you understand  Flow concepts. Flows can call Apex classes, interact with the Salesforce objects and guide users through screen wizard for creating and updating data. This tool is primarily used to generate wizard-style screens that can take a user through a series of steps, updating records along the way.

Salesforce Certified: Email Marketing

Pass your Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist Certification Exam! Learn SFMC Email Marketing & Automation Studio now.

Created by Fahmida Yasin - 5 Salesforce Certifications & CRM Marketing Professional


Students: 5098, Price: Free

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. You want to pass the Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist Exam and want access to credible Salesforce documentation and videos that are concisely organized according to the Exam Study Guide topics.  Ie. You're looking for an easily digest-able format so that you can focus your efforts on learning efficiently to prepare for the exam.
  2. You want an inside view of the Marketing Cloud, Email Studio, Automation Studio and Journey Builder interface and platforms!  Ie. Why guess on what things look like and how they flow? View a walk-through of the platform and have a visual learning experience to put you ahead of the game.
  3. Take a course designed by an instructor who has prepared her own study materials and passed the Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist exam in addition to having 2 other certifications in Admin and Platform Builder. 

This course is structured according to the Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist Exam Study Guide (with an Introduction and Taking the Exam/Conclusion lectures):

  • Email Marketing Best Practices
  • Email Message Design
  • Content Creation and Delivery
  • Marketing Automation
  • Subscriber and Data Management
  • Tracking and Reporting

Why get certified?

According to an IDC Study on the Salesforce Economy, Salesforce is expected to create 3.3 million new jobs by 2022!  That's in less than 5 years - WOW!  Make sure you're a part of it and have access to quality opportunities.

Introduction – Pardot (Salesforce B2B Marketing Automation)

Learn Pardot for FREE!

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 4995, Price: Free

This course covers the fundamentals that are necessary for users to begin leveraging their marketing operations through the Pardot platform.  The course is structured to give users the basic knowledge that they need to be able to create simple marketing campaigns through the Pardot platform. It will take over an hour to complete, and will enable users to successfully begin executing marketing campaigns through Pardot. 

Introduction – Salesforce Non Profit (NPSP)

Learn Salesforce Non Profit for FREE!

Created by Hirday Lamba - Salesforce Certified Architect


Students: 4785, Price: Free

This course covers the fundamentals that are necessary for users to learn how to administer and develop salesforce specifically for the Nonprofit/NGO environment. It will take over an hour to complete, and will enable users to successfully begin executing constituent management, donor management (grants, in-kind gifts, etc.) volunteer management and common enhancements for nonprofit.  

MuleSoft and Salesforce Integration Real Time Project

MuleSoft and Salesforce Integration using MySQL

Created by Sudip Chavan - MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect | Boomi | Apigee


Students: 3844, Price: Free

This course is for students, developers, and architects who want to get hands-on experience using the Anypoint Platform to build APIs and integrations.

Salesforce and MySQL DB Integration along with CloudHub deployment.

Complete Led Connectivity Project on : Jira & ServiceNow & Salesforce Integration - How to Design, Develop and Build a SystemAPI, ProcessAPI and ExperienceAPI Layers.

This course has 100% Practical real-time examples.

Detailed introduction to salesforce and career path 2021

Salesforce DEMO CLASS. Includes free bonuses. Featured interview with Salesforce Managing Consultant. Detailed Intro

Created by Real Skills - For the real world


Students: 2608, Price: Free

  • Updated with Winter 2021 release notes

  • Featured interview with Salesforce Managing Consultant

  • Salesforce in the top 10 in-demand IT skills

  • Find out why Salesforce consultants are in demand

  • How to create your free Salesforce account

Salesforce has matured into a complex ecosystem of softwares, and if you are just a beginner, or you are curious to learn more about Salesforce, it can be bewildering to know where to start.

This course has been created by a seasoned Salesforce consultant, and will walk you through the  basics of Salesforce, and covers topics such as: 

  • What is a CRM

  • Why is Salesforce the  #1 CRM system and the market leader in this segment

  • Why are Salesforce consultants in high demand

  • What are the average salaries for Salesforce consultants

  • What other solutions are offered by Salesforce

  • Which certification and career paths are suitable based on your background

  • How to create your free Salesforce account and start learning

  • Where can you get Salesforce training materials

This course features an interview with an expert Salesforce Managing Consultant, in which we cover topics such as: 

  • What is the best way to start your Salesforce career

  • Which Salesforce solutions are in demand

  • What do employers look for when hiring Salesforce consultants

  • etc.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are new to the Salesforce Platform. I cover everything from scratch 

  • Aspiring Salesforce Administrators, Developers and Consultants

MTFFLO001 Master the Force Introduction to Salesforce Flows

Your first step in mastering Lightning Flows within Salesforce.

Created by Tim Combridge - Salesforce CRM / Marketing Automation Expert


Students: 1466, Price: Free

Welcome to Master The Force!

In this course, you'll learn the basics of Lightning Flows within Salesforce. You'll learn how to navigate the menus, you'll learn about the Flow Builder, you'll learn some best practices. You'll even learn how what you learn about Flow can apply to Apex later on.

You'll also learn how to acquire a FREE Developer Edition of Salesforce.

An Introduction to Zoho CRM – Part 1

Get started with your CRM implementation

Created by Zoho CRM Academy - User Education


Students: 1203, Price: Free

“Confusion, when embraced, is the starting point for discovery, direction and decision." — Richie Norton

Often, when you begin something new, you are bound to be confused. When you go to a new country, you might struggle to understand the people, the cultures, or say their transport system. You might lose your way in a new city, despite a clear map. However, this confusion will pave the way for you to learn, decide and achieve clarity eventually. This sort of confusion is to be embraced, not feared.

Similarly, while software systems are for the most part user-friendly and simple, as you get started with the system, some amount of initial confusion is inevitable. When presented with a plethora of features, which ones do you use? How do you work your way through a control panel with myriad privileges to enable or disable? These questions could trouble you when you embark on setting up a whole new software system for your business.

If you are at a similar point with Zoho CRM, we are here to help. Part 1 of An Introduction to Zoho CRM course introduces you to the concepts of Customer Relationship Management and the general sales cycle and its implementation in your Zoho CRM account. Part 2 of the course walks you through the basics of setting up your account, including your organization settings and security options. If you are a beginner with CRM, these courses are ideal for you.

Every chapter comes with key learning blocks including conceptual explanations, product demos, FAQs, best practices, as well as self-assessment sections to test your knowledge by the end of the course. Take this course right away to get started with setting up CRM for your business.

Introduction to Salesforce

Get introduced to the world of Salesforce. Understand Salesforce platform, history, license types, data security, roles.

Created by Uplatz Training - Fastest growing Global IT Training Provider


Students: 1090, Price: Free

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses connect with and get more information about their customer base. Salesforce itself is a cloud computing software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that has been in business since 1999. It started as a cloud-based CRM software company years before SaaS became ubiquitous throughout enterprises. Over 150,000 companies run Salesforce in some form.

Salesforce's services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners and potential customers. The software has become the number one for customer success and helps businesses track customer activity, market to customers and many more services. Salesforce is one of the first global companies to successfully employ a cloud-based CRM software. Salesforce has been able to leverage cloud technology and build a variety of applications for businesses to better connect to their customers and help give them key insights into their services through analytics and apps.

From Fortune 500 companies to startups, everyone seems to be hopping on the Salesforce train. While their applications are vast, according to Salesforce, their CRM primarily focuses on helping companies with customer retention, keeping their customers happy, seeking out and executive customer acquisition, giving companies insights into their customers and much more. Companies use Salesforce to understand their customers, connect with them on a variety of levels and help grow their customer base. The cloud-based software allows companies to track (in real time) analytics, customer success and support, customer complaints and a variety of other CRM functions with the ease of cloud storage and access wherever the users are.

Because of its diverse selection of clouds and applications, Salesforce is also used by companies to assist with marketing, tracking sales and spending and analyzing performance. A variety of different clouds allow users to analyze various data, maintain communication forums with customers, implement sales strategies and more. In essence, Salesforce is the one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, maintain, communicate with and grow their customer base and revenue streams.

The huge growth of the market-leading CRM platform, Salesforce, is resulting in a dramatic Salesforce CRM skills and credentials shortage, with a 4:1 job to qualified candidate ratio. As you learn how to use Salesforce, you’ll discover how to create, capture, and deliver value to key customer groups through a combination of CX strategy, design and technology.

Uplatz provides this introductory Salesforce training to get you started on Salesforce from scratch and help you understand its landscape before venturing into this area. Uplatz's complete Salesforce Certification Training course will help you pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM 201) and the Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam. Concepts on Force dot com Platform, AppExchange, SFDC Security Model, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Lightning App Builder, Salesforce Reports & Dashboard can be mastered in the full Salesforce course.

Course Curriculum - Introduction to Salesforce

  1. Introduction to Salesforce

    1. History of Salesforce

    2. Cloud Computing

    3. Define SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – Service Models

    4. Cloud Services and Deployment Models

    5. Compare CRM and PaaS Market

    6. Define SFDC / Salesforce 1

    7. List the benefits of Force dot com / salesforce1 platform

    8. Explain single tenant and multi tenant Architecture

    9. Demo of setting up the Salesforce environment

  2. Salesforce Platform

    1. Salesforce Platform

    2. Explain company profile and License Types

    3. Define user licenses available in the developer org

    4. Explain page layouts, search layouts

    5. Explain Object Limits

    6. Define System Overview

    7. List types of Sandbox

    8. Explain MVC Model

  3. Data Security in Salesforce

    1. Security Model

    2. Demo of security model with example

  4. Roles and Profiles

    1. Create Role Hierarchy

    2. User, Profiles, and Licenses

    3. Create custom profiles and user

  5. Permission Sets & Profiles

    1. Set level of permissions to the profiles

    2. Permission Sets

    3. Password Policy

    4. IP Address Security

    5. Session Settings

  6. Security and Sharing

    1. Security Features

    2. Organization wide Defaults (OWD)

    3. Roles and Roles Hierarchy

    4. Criteria based Sharing

By the end of this Introduction to Salesforce training, you will be able to build a command over the following:

  • What is Cloud Computing

  • Service and Deployment models in the Cloud

  • Market situation

  • Cloud Ownership

  • Introduction to SF1 and Force dot com Platform

  • Declarative & Programmatic Options in Force dot com

  • Meta-data Driven Architecture

  • Multi-tenant Architecture

  • Business and IT benefits

  • Use of SF1

Introduction to the Salesforce ecosystem and way forward

Say hello to the world of 'Salesforce'

Created by Chaitanaya Sethi - Salesforce Consultant


Students: 517, Price: Free

Salesforce has been, "Talk of the Town" these days, and this quick course/guide aims to help you know the Salesforce ecosystem, its nuances, etc. The aim is to show the way forward in becoming a Full-stack Salesforce Consultant and carve the way for an outstanding career. Gear up yourself for a high paying and satisfying career in the world of Salesforce.