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Salesforce Development Training for Beginners

Salesforce Development :Learn about Apex programming and Salesforce development. Become a Salesforce Developer.

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 23448, Price: $119.99

Students: 23448, Price:  Paid

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

Why Specialize in Salesforce Development?

According to Glassdoor, the national average yearly salary for Salesforce Developers is roughly $22,000 higher than web developers. This course is built for students who would like to learn the development side of Salesforce.

Do you need any programming experience to take this course?

No, this course assumes no previous programming experience and takes you from the absolute beginner concepts like creating your developer's account, writing your very first Apex program and then takes into more detail as we explore the entire Apex feature set.

This course is divided into two parts: Basic and Advance.

The Basic section of the course covers basics of programming knowledge.All the basic Apex keywords, Variables, If Else statements, Loops,Interfaces,Collections and Inheritance are explained in this section of the course.

In the Advanced section of the course, we will learn about triggers,test classes, DML statements, SOSL(Salesforce Object Search Language), SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) , Salesforce Exceptions, Custom Exceptions and lot more.

If you are already familiar with the basics of programming, you can jump to the advanced section of the course.

What are the topics covered in this course?

  • Variables

  • Decision Control Statements

  • Loops: Different types of loops in Salesforce

  • Nested for loops

  • Object Oriented Concepts

  • Static and Non-static Methods

  • Static and Non-static Variables

  • Access Modifiers in Apex

  • Constructors in Apex

  • Inheritance

  • Collection (List, Set and Map)

  • Exceptions in Salesforce

  • Built-In Exceptions and Custom Exceptions

  • DML Statements

  • Apex Triggers

Who should take this course?

  • If you are a Salesfore Admin and want to get into Salesforce Development, this course is for you.

  • Experienced professionals who are looking to have an exciting career in Salesforce Development.

  • Fresher's who are looking to jump start their career in Salesforce.

Why you should take this course?

If you have no programming experience but your goal is to become salesforce developer, this course will teach you step by step about every aspect of APEX programming.

This course is not a power point presentation, we will learn each and every concept with real-time examples. This is not just a classroom training but it will prepare you to resolve real time challenges at workplace.

After taking this course, you will not need any other guidance or any other material to pass your Salesforce Developer Interview because this course has everything to get your next job as Salesforce Developer. So Hurry Up!!! Enroll in the course Now and I will see you inside the course.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

Pass your Platform Developer 1 certification exam with this course.Learn Apex, Visualforce and Salesforce Development

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 15636, Price: $99.99

Students: 15636, Price:  Paid

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

Are you looking to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam? If yes, this is the course for you.

In order to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam, the knowledge and experience the of Salesforce Platform are not enough. You also need to get to grips with the exam itself.  And that's why I have designed this "Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I".

This course covers all the topics related to the study guide of Platform Developer 1 Certification exam. Not only that,  after end of every section, I have also included the sample questions similar to the Platform Developer 1 exam.

Exam Topics for the Platform Developer 1 exam :

  • Logic and Process Automation                    46%

  • Testing                                                                12%

  • Data Modeling and Management               12%

  • User Interface                                                  10%

  • Debug and Deployment Tools                     10%

  • Salesforce Fundamentals                             10%

What strategy we will follow in order to pass the exam?

The goal is to obtain 90% so you are well above the passing score. We will work on the sections from most-weighted to least-weighted, giving us the most coverage early on in your learning path. 

Key Features of this course :

  • 14+ hours of video training

  • Topics aligned with the official study guide of Platform Developer 1 exam

  • Hands on practice on the Salesforce platform

  • Real time scenarios and examples covered

  • Quizzes after every section of the course

Salesforce New User Training: Admin & Development

Learn Salesforce Development and Administration with hands-on examples that will make you an Expert!

Created by Sai Acuity Institute of Learning Pvt Ltd Enabling Learning Through Insight! - Cybersecurity, Data Science & Human Capital Practitioners!


Students: 11614, Price: $24.99

Students: 11614, Price:  Paid

Gain hands-on experience with this Salesforce certification training course while learning how to manage and develop apps for one of the most popular CRM platforms worldwide. This Salesforce training enables you to pass two Salesforce certification exams and transform your career.

This training course is designed to ensure that you learn and master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder. In this Salesforce training, you will learn how to configure Salesforce to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital customer information and create applications using Salesforce Lightning.

By the end of the course, you will understand the Salesforce cloud services, the Salaries you could achieve working in Salesforce, as well as the certifications available to you and which ones you may wish to start with based on your background

There are no prerequisites for this Salesforce training course. But prior working experience as an administrator or a developer is beneficial.

Easiest and Simplest walkthrough covering Salesforce Development & Administration Topics. You don't need any programming experience and you don't need to know anything about Salesforce. You'll learn the ins and outs of point-and-click development, Administration, Coding, and Analytics. so, all you need now is an interest in learning Salesforce

This course covers all aspects of Salesforce Development & Administration. You'll learn how to Create App, Objects, Profiles, setting up Security, Workflows, Visualforce page, Apex coding, Triggers, reporting, and analytics, etc.

The course teaches all these in an effective manner that will aid your learning in the best way.

If Salesforce Development and Administration is what you seek, then look no further! Enroll now and begin your journey of Salesforce!

This course will equip you with comprehensive knowledge that helps you get certified.

Salesforce Administration Module:

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Salesforce Terminology and Icons.

  • How Salesforce Organizes the data.

  • Salesforce App,Standard Objects and Custom Objects.

  • Creating and Managing Users.

  • Salesforce OWD and Security features like Object level Access,

  • Permission Sets, Record Access, Record Access Via Sharing Rules and Record Types.

  • How Sales Process works in Salesforce?

  • Data Management using Data Loader & Workflow Automation.

  • Reports and Dashboards and Much more !!!

Salesforce Development Module:

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Variables

  • Decision Control Statements

  • Loops: Different types of loops in Salesforce

  • Nested for loops

  • Object-Oriented Concepts

  • Static and Non-static Methods

  • Static and Non-static Variables

  • Access Modifiers in Apex

  • Constructors in Apex

  • Inheritance

  • Collection (List, Set, and Map)

  • Exceptions in Salesforce

  • Built-In Exceptions and Custom Exceptions

  • DML Statements

  • Apex Triggers


This Salesforce certification training course is suitable for individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce, particularly for app builders, developers, system administrators, sales representatives, IT managers, and product managers.

Salesforce Developer Training with real-time project

Salesforce Development: Learn apex, Visualforce and REST Webservices with this real-time project

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 11098, Price: $99.99

Students: 11098, Price:  Paid

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

## You will get to create a real time project using APEX from start to finish ####

##This course will add value to your resume and to your career as salesforce consultant.##

This course will give you insight into the world of webservices..This course not only covers everything about webservices(REST and SOAP) but  also walks you through the process of creating a real time application in salesforce from start to finish which you can use as project in your resume and will help to build up your resume and also you will get idea about how the real time applications are done in salesforce rather then just power point presentation. You will learn better when you actually do exercises.

The Complete Salesforce Development Course

Salesforce full stack development with Apex and Lightning. The only course you need to become a Salesforce Developer.

Created by Manish Choudhari - Software Engineer @Google


Students: 7469, Price: $99.99

Students: 7469, Price:  Paid

A course designed for all who aspire to become a Salesforce Developer.

If you are new to the programming world and doesn't speak technology, take this course. If you are someone experienced and looking to skill up, take this course. If you are a student or a recent graduate or a Salesforce admin or an IT professional, take this course. This is:


The course is designed for all experience levels. You will start from ground 0 and in no time, you will summit the very peak of Salesforce Development.

You will learn all the nasty backend stuff (Apex Development) and all the cool frontend stuff (Lightning Development).

While climbing the Salesforce Development peak, you will face many challenges (60+ Challenges) and real-time projects to help you build that muscle memory and make you a proficient Salesforce Developer. 

The course will make you better than 90% of experienced Salesforce Developers out there. Why do I say so? Because I trust my teaching skills and the words of my students. This is how your journey will look like in this course:

  1. Crawl - I will teach Web Application Fundamentals. How does the web work? What is an application? What is the frontend and what is a backend? This will be your foundation for what's coming next.

  2. Walk- Here you will learn the fundamentals of Salesforce Apex Development. Everything a developer should know. We will start with something very basic like variables and data types, and we will gradually make our way upwards. Of course, at each step of this journey, you will challenges (a lot of them) which will help you build your problem-solving abilities.

  3. Run - This is where you will start picking up and start meeting the standards of experienced Salesforce developers. You will learn advanced stuff like Apex Triggers, Lightning Component Development, Salesforce Async Apex Development. Not every Salesforce Developer know all of these, BUT YOU WILL.

  4. Fly - Time to get ahead of the crowd. And how will you do that? With help of the boss-level challenge, I have put in the course. Being a Salesforce Developer myself (and having worked in companies like Salesforce, Google, Amazon) I myself struggled and scratched my head to write the solution of these boss-level challenges. I can guarantee that at least 90% of Salesforce Developers out there will not be able to write the solution to these challenges in one go. Did I scare you? Nothing to worry about, every single concept and every single problem is explained with step by step solutions I have put in place.

It's impossible to put all offering of this course into words here, but below are some major highlights:

  • Web Application Architecture

  • Apex Programming Fundamentals

  • Salesforce Lightning Fundamentals

  • Advanced/Dynamic Apex Development

  • Apex Triggers

  • Async Apex Development

  • Apex Unit Testing / Apex Tests

  • Salesforce Lightning Development (Aura Framework) with 2 big Projects

  • SOQL - Salesforce Object Query Language

  • Database Manipulation in Salesforce

  • Exception Handling in Apex

  • Code Bulkification in Salesforce

  • Order Of Execution in Salesforce

  • Salesforce Apex Governor Limits

  • Object-Oriented Programming System

  • Different Tools to Write Salesforce Code

  • Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS)

  • 15+ Projects

The course can be very helpful for Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II aspirants as well, as 90% of the topics on these exams are covered in the course.

You can also opt for this course if you want to learn Apex Development or Salesforce Lightning Development, the course has it all. Be a Salesforce

The course is brought to you by SFDCFacts Academy (which is known for its quality content on the Salesforce platform) and taught by Manish Choudhari (an Amazon SDE |||, Ex-Google, Ex-Salesforce) who has taught over 25k students globally. We have other courses published on Udemy, all of them are "Bestseller" and "Highest Rated" in their individual category.

Salesforce Visualforce Development: Create Visualforce pages

Salesforce Visualforce: create custom pages, learn about tags, standard controller, custom controller and extensions

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 3741, Price: $109.99

Students: 3741, Price:  Paid

Visualforce is a framework that allows developers to build sophisticated, custom user interfaces that can be hosted natively on the Force platform.

The Visualforce framework includes a tag-based markup language, similar to HTML that is used to write the Visualforce pages and a set of controllers that are used to write business logic to the Visualforce pages.

This course provides solutions to a variety of challenges faced by Salesforce developers and demonstrates how easy it is to build rich, interactive pages using Visualforce.

Whether you are looking to make a minor addition to the standard page functionality or override it completely, this course will provide you with the help you require throughout.

What are we going to cover in this course? 

Part 1: Cover the following tags :

  • <apex:pageBlockButtons>

  • <apex:pageMessage>

  • <apex:inputsecret>

  • <apex:inputcheckbox>

  • <apex:inputFile>

  • <apex:inputHidden>

  • <apex:inputField>

  • <apex:inputTextArea>

  • <apex:outputlabel>

  • <apex:outputlink>

  • <apex:outputpanel>

  • <apex:outputtext>

  • <apex:column>

  • <apex:tab>

  • <apex:Messages>

  • <apex:panelGrid>

  • <apex:param

  • <apex:form>

  • <apex:toolbar>

  • <apex:panelBar>

  • <apex:panelGroup>

  • <apex:tabpanel>

  • <apex:toolbarGroup>

  • <apex:panelbarItem>

  • <apex:detail>

  • <apex:page>

  • <apex:pageBlock>

  • <apex:pageBlockSection>

  • <apex:pageBlockTable>

Once we have covered these tags, we will cover the following topics:

  • Standard Controllers

  • Associating a Standard Controller with a Visualforce Page

  • What are action methods?

  • Action methods that are supported by all standard controllers

  • Associating a Standard List Controller with a Visualforce Page

  • Accessing Data with List Controllers

  • Standard List Controller Actions

  • Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions

  • Building a Controller Extension

  • Multiple controller extensions 

  • Building a Custom List Controller

What students will get from this course ??

  • This course is not a power point presentation, they will hands on with every topic. I recommend to practice along with me.

  • This course contains all the important tags which you will use at work.

  • You will also get notes on every topic.

  • We will cover real-time examples in this course.

Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development

Learn to build Lightning Web components with step by step examples and a real-time project.

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 3386, Price: $109.99

Students: 3386, Price:  Paid

Lightning Web Component framework is a new programming model to develop Salesforce Lightning Components.

In this course we will learn about the following topics:

  • What are Lightning Web Components?

  • Benefits of Lightning Web Components

  • Comparison of Aura components and Lightning web components

  • Setting up Devhub and scratch org and Importance of it

  • Data Binding

  • Properties

  • Event Communication

  • PubSub model

  • Rendering components conditionally

  • Rendering list using LWC

  • Lightning Data Services and Base components to get Salesforce data in Lightning web Components

  • Navigation Service

The course will mainly focus on Custom Lightning Web Component development. We will take mini examples to learn about each and every topic. After we have gotten our-self familiar with the basics and advance concepts, we will build an eBike application using Lightning Web Components in which we will put our learning to use in a final project. This way you will master this framework in no time.

LWC is still new in the market and learning LWC can make you a Salesforce gem and can give your resume another dimension.

If you are new to any web development framework, please do not worry as the course will start from very basic (ground 0) to help you understand how can you start coding web components.

If you are already an expert in Web Development frameworks, then this course will definitely be a major plus to your skills as it primarily focuses on learning modern web standard, building ecma script modules and developing UI components.

Salesforce Development With Real-Time Project

Salesforce Development: Build a real-time project using Apex and visualforce Integrate Salesforce with external System.

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 3080, Price: $94.99

Students: 3080, Price:  Paid

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

If you are looking for a real-time application,which you can add on your resume, this course is for you. In this course, we will build a Property Management Application from scratch using out-of-the-box features of Salesforce,Apex and Visualforce. This property Management application will communicate with third party Service using REST webservices. We will process credit card payments through Authorize.Net

This course will give you insight on how the real-world applications are built in Salesforce..This course  walks you through the process of creating a real time application in salesforce from start to finish which you can use as project in your resume and will help to build up your resume and also you will get idea about how the real time applications are done in salesforce rather then just power point presentation.

What you’ll learn

  • Integrate Salesforce application with external applications

  • Create your own custom application using APEX, Visualforce and out-of-the-box features of Salesforce.

  • Communicate with third-party application using Rest webservices.

  • Learn about custom settings

  • Difference between List and Hierarchy Custom settings

  • Learn about Remote Site Settings

  • Create controller extension,Trigger, Apex Class, Restful webservices, Custom Setting and Remote Site Settings.

Learn Rest API & Integration Basics | Salesforce Development

Learn How to create API in Salesforce and how to call out APIs from an external system (Postman)

Created by Shrey Sharma - Salesforce MVP


Students: 2357, Price: $19.99

Students: 2357, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn the basics of what is API and Integration and how to use it in Salesforce development from scratch.

API stands for Application Program Interface which helps two systems to communicate with each other. There are different types of APIs in Salesforce: REST API, SOAP API, Bulk API, and Streaming API. You will be learning about REST API in this course. This course is designed and curated by Shrey Sharma for beginners to give them an in-depth knowledge of what are Salesforce APIs and how to use them from scratch. So, even if you don't know what APIs are, you do not need to worry because you can easily create them after learning this course.

After learning this course you will be able to answer the following questions:

1. What exactly is API & Integration in Salesforce?

2. What is the use of API & Integrations?

3. What is REST API and where to use it in Salesforce?

4. What is the difference between the Apex API and Apex callouts?

5. How to create an Apex API?

6. How to call out an API from an external system(in our case it will be through Postman)?

So sit back and enjoy learning the easiest way of creating APIs in Salesforce with Shrey Sharma.

You can check out our other courses as well on the instructor's page to gain a deep understanding of the Salesforce admin and development part.

Salesforce Lightning Development

Complete lightning tutorial from basic to advance level with live scenario

Created by Debasis Jena - ​Salesforce Application Architect and e-learning Author


Students: 1837, Price: $19.99

Students: 1837, Price:  Paid

This course is for any one who is interested in learning basic to advance lightning concepts.

We will build many different types of components with live examples.

There will be many discussion of various resources to enable you for creating component.

We will discuss about various debugging skill and ways to debug lightning component .

Lightning test service and its process of installation and usage

detail discussion of lightning app builder.

how to access salesforce resource and data for Aura lightning component

detailed discussion of lightning events for communication

covered all concepts of lightning component development

Learn DML Statements | Salesforce Development for Beginners

Learn basics of how to write DML Statements in Salesforce

Created by Shrey Sharma - Salesforce MVP


Students: 1699, Price: $19.99

Students: 1699, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn What are DML Statements and How to Use them in Salesforce development from scratch.

This course is designed and curated by Shrey Sharma for beginners to give them an in-depth knowledge of what are DML Statements and what are their different types and what is their use in Salesforce. DML stands for Data Manipulation Language and DML Statements are used to create and modify records in Salesforce using the 6 DML Standalone statements. This allows you to manage your records easily by writing a single line of code.

After learning this course you will be able to learn the key concepts of DML Statements in Salesforce and you will be able to answer the following questions:

1. What are DML Statements and Where are they used?

2. What are the different types of DML statements?

3. What are the 6 DML Standalone Statements:

  • Insert

  • Update

  • Upsert

  • Delete

  • Undelete

  • Merge

3. Difference between DML and SOQL & SOSL queries.

You can check out our other courses as well on the instructor's page to gain a deep understanding of the Salesforce admin and development.

Recommended courses for you to do next:

1. Learn Apex Triggers | Salesforce Development for Beginners

2. Learn Rest API and Integration Basics | Salesforce Development

Learn Apex Triggers | Salesforce Development for Beginners

Learn Apex Triggers in Detail | Part of Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Course for Beginners

Created by Shrey Sharma - Salesforce MVP


Students: 1643, Price: $19.99

Students: 1643, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn what are Apex Triggers in Salesforce development:

Apex Triggers are the most important part of the Salesforce Development course as they cover a major part of the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification exam. This course is designed and curated by Shrey Sharma for beginners to give them an in-depth knowledge of what are Salesforce Apex Triggers and how to use them. Apex Triggers are part of the Process Automation module and it allows you to perform automation that is otherwise not achievable through point and click methods.

After learning this course you will be able to answer the following things:

1. What is an Apex Trigger?

2. When to use an Apex Trigger?

3. What are the different types of Apex Triggers? (Before and After Triggers)

4. What are the different Trigger Context variables?

5. How to show a Trigger Exception?

6. Best practices to follow while writing Triggers

7. How to write an Apex Trigger using the Trigger helper class design pattern?

8. What is the order of execution in Triggers?

You can check out our other courses as well on the instructor's page to gain a deep understanding of the Salesforce admin and development.

Recommended course for you to do next:

Learn Rest API and Integration Basics | Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development Project

Real Time Salesforce Development Project

Created by Amit Singh - Salesforce Integration Architect


Students: 1382, Price: $19.99

Students: 1382, Price:  Paid

The project aim is to provide real-time knowledge for all the students who have basic knowledge of Salesforce and Looking for a real-time project. This project will also help to those professionals who are in cross-technology and wanted to switch to Salesforce with the help of this project they will gain knowledge and can include into their resume as well.

This project includes the following topics

  1. Salesforce Admin

    1. Objects & Relationships

    2. Sharing Rules, OWD & Roles

    3. Community

  2. Salesforce Development

    1. Apex Trigger

    2. Apex Batch Apex

    3. Future Method

    4. Integration ( Both Apex REST & REST API )

  3. Lightning Web Component - This Covers most of the lightning web component including

    1. Events

    2. Custom Lookup

    3. Calling Apex in bot wire & imperative apex

    4. Using Web Component in Community

    5. Navigation & Toast Events

    6. etc.

  4. Reusable Error Handling Framework

  5. Salesforce Community - For the project, we are using Customer Community

This project will give you confidence and it will be fun learning.

A Practical Guide To SFDX and Salesforce CLI

A complete guide to SFDX and Salesforce CLI for rapid development on the Salesforce Platform

Created by Manish Choudhari - Software Engineer @Google


Students: 1102, Price: $19.99

Students: 1102, Price:  Paid

SFDX and Salesforce CLI is not new, but the Salesforce industry is still transitioning to learn these technologies and adopt the SFDX approach in their projects. The course is designed to help you understand what SFDX is, how you can use the SFDX approach in your project, and why you should adopt the SFDX approach.

The course will cover:

• What is CLI & SFDX?

• Demystifying a CLI Command

• Deploy/Retrieve Metadata

• Deploy/Retrieve Source Format Metadata

• Query or Upload Data

• Data Manipulation

• Source Driven Development

• Automation with Salesforce CLI


The course will help you understand the different features of Scratch Orgs and non-scratch Orgs, how Scratch Orgs can be useful in a Source Driven Development model. You will also get to learn the complete source drive development lifecycle.

The overall structure of the course is designed to help you start from the very basics of Salesforce CLI with a practical example along the way and gradually move towards the advance features like automation.

Salesforce Development 2021: Complete Salesforce Development

The complete Salesforce Development with Visualforce. covers Salesforce Development with Salesforce Development examples

Created by Bangarunaidu Raghumanda - Software Engineer


Students: 748, Price: $19.99

Students: 748, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Salesforce Development course to be a salesforce developer, the only course you need to learn to code with Apex and Visualforce pages. The course has been updated to be 2021 ready and you'll be learning the latest tools and technologies used in salesforce development. It covers from absolute basics like variables, collections, If statements and Loops  to more advanced concepts like email services, DML statements, Triggers, batch apex in Apex programming language.

This course helps you to become a full-time salesforce developer. There are many real time examples explained in this course which will be helpful when you work on real time projects. You will understand how things work in the backend and frontend of the salesforce. You will be good at the salesforce development after completing this course.

You will learn the following:

  • Variables

  • Datatypes

  • Operators

  • Switch statements

  • Control flow statements

  • Collections

  • Loops

  • Dot Notation

  • Sobject

  • Object Oriented Concepts

  • DML statements

  • Database methods

  • Triggers

  • SOSL

  • SOQL Basic to Advanced

  • Email services

  • Batch Apex

  • Schedule Apex

  • Deployment Tools in Apex

  • Working with Salesforce Data

  • Custom Metadata Types

  • Platform Events

  • Asynchronous Apex

  • Testing and Debugging

  • Basics tags in Visualforce pages

  • Standard and custom controllers

  • Standard list and custom list controllers


This course is widely considered to be the best as it prepares you to become a salesforce developer and be confident to crack the interview and Pass the Certified Platform Developer - I exam with a great score. But don't take my word for it, check out the excellent course reviews from our happy students who learnt and become a salesforce developers.

"The explanation of each concept is really good. I enjoyed a lot. It not only contains complete apex programming, but also contains visualforce pages."

"It is the complete course for the salesforce development. It goes so depth of the salesforce architecture"

"Happy to learn it cover all the basics and advance topics"

"It is the best courses that I have never had before to learn the salesforce development. I was massively exhausted with materials that are available. This course has helped a lot to learn salesforce apex programming languages."

"It has good content for the salesforce development. I am glad that I found this."

"It is good courses. It has many examples that helped a lot to gain the real time development."

Salesforce Lightning Component Development : Aura Framework

Simple way to learn : Salesforce Lightning Application Development using Aura Framework

Created by Venkata NarasimhaRao Vutla - Senior Technical Consultant


Students: 681, Price: $94.99

Students: 681, Price:  Paid


1. Basic understanding of Salesforce Administration.

2. Good understanding of Salesforce Development using Visual force and Apex Programming Languages.

3. Basic understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Q : Why to Enroll this course?

1. Real time Project Oriented Training with live examples.

2. Provided you the live class notes to recall the sessions in future and practice.

3. Course is delivered as a high interactive session, with extensive live examples.

4. This course is specially designed for the  developers / admin / project managers who wants to understand the lightning application development using aura framework.

5. Latest videos from a live batch.

About Me:

9+ years of Real time Experience in Salesforce CRM Cloud Application development.

Currently working as a Senior Technical Consultant & Senior Developer.

6+ years of teaching experience in Salesforce CRM on different salesforce modules like Admin, Development, Integrations and Lightning.

What you will learn at the end of the course: Course Content

Salesforce Lightning Architecture – MVC

  • Introduction to Lightning.

  • Differences between Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

  • MVC Architecture of Classic Vs Lightning.

  • Introduction to Aura Framework to build the lightning applications.

  • Domain Management - Running Lightning applications using Domain.

  • Advantages of Lightning over Classic.

  • Enabling and Disabling the Lightning Experience in Salesforce Org.

  • Introduction to Packages, Namespace, Package creation and installations.

  • Introduction to Java script code

  • Introduction Salesforce Lightning design system (SLDS)

  • Introduction to Lightning Data services (LDS)

  • Introduction to S-controls Vs Visual force Vs Lightning Components Vs Lightning Web Components

  • Building Lightning applications using Developer console and SFDX.

Working with Component Bundle in Lightning

  • Lightning components.

  • Lightning applications.

  • Styles

  • working with client side Controller

  • Design

  • Documentation

  • Renderer

  • Helper

  • SVG file

Working with Lightning Components and Lightning Applications

  • Introduction to Lightning component and Lighting Application.

  • Creating a Lightning Component.

  • Introduction to Lightning Application.

  • Calling Lightning Components in Lightning Applications.

  • Calling a Lightning component with in another Lightning component.

  • Use cases of <aura:attribute> and coding examples.

  • How to pass the data between the multiple components.

  • Debugging in Lightning Experience.

  • Working with Javascript events (onclick, onchange, onblur etc).

  • Working with Lightning namespace components (lightning:card, aura:iteration, lightning:datatable etc).

  • console.log() methods to debug the lightning execution flow.

Importance of using below Lightning tags

  • Using Lightning Buttons




- <lightning:menuItem>

  • Lightning Card.

    Introduction to lightning Card

    Using Lightning:card in Lightning components or Lightning applications.

  • Using Layout and Layout Item in Lightning

Client side Controller (Java script controller) Vs Server side Controller (Apex class)

  • Introduction to client side Controller.

  • Set and get the attributes with in client side controller.

  • Defining functions in client side controller.

  • Calling the Handler methods with in client side controller.

  • Creating Helper Methods in client side controller.

  • Calling Helper Methods from client side controller.

  • Passing Sobjects to the attributes.

  • Using Array, List and Set as an attribute

  • Passing input text dynamically to the client side controller.

Working with APEX Code:

  • Calling apex methods from client side controller.

  • Working with lightning data tables to display the data in lightning component / lightning applications.

  • Difference between With sharing and without sharing keywords.

  • working with @auraEnabled for method declaration and variable declaration.

  • SOQL, DML operations in Lightning

  • Importance of $A.enqueueAction() method.

  • Building a Lightning application - With Components, Controller JS, Apex Controller, CSS, helper etc.

  • Using Client side controller to fire events.

  • Check Response State with in client side controller.

  • Get the Response with in client side controller.

  • Passing parameters to an apex method in Lightning.

Importance of Component Ids / Application Ids

  • How to define Ids to the Component elements.

  • Reading input values using Ids in client side controller.

  • Set and Get the values using Ids.

Rendered in Lightning (using aura if else)

  • How to Hide / show the components in Lightning.

  • Using <aura:if> and else statements to hide and display the lightning components.

Using CSS in Lightning Component / applications

  • CSS introduction

  • Different ways to use the CSS.

  • Adding CSS to lightning component or Lightning applications.

Lightning Events

  • Introduction to Lightning Events.

  • Creating Component level events.

  • creating application level events.

  • Difference between component level and application level events.

    Component Events and application Events

  • How to create a component event

  • How to register an event

  • How to fire an event.

  • How to pass the data to an Event.

  • How to handle the event in parent components

  • How to read the data from an event.

  • How to pass the data from One component to another component using Event.

Lightning Data Services (LDS)

  • Introduction to Standard Controllers in Classic.

  • Introduction to Lightning Data Services in Lightning.

  • Advantages of using LDS in Lightning.

  • Working with recordViewForm

  • Working with recordEditForm

  • Working with recordForm

Dynamic Components in Lightning

  • Introduction to dynamic components.

  • Importance of using $A.createComponent() method.

  • Creating standard Lightning components dynamically

  • Creating Custom lightning components dynamically

Working with <aura:method> in Lightning

Lightning Interfaces

  • Introduction to Lightning Interfaces and Apex Interfaces

  • Working with Attributes in Interfaces

  • Working with Methods in Interfaces

  • Working with Events in Interfaces

Overriding the standard buttons / standard record page in Lightning

Lightning in VF

  • Using Lightning standard component in VF

  • Using Lightning Custom component in VF

  • Calling lightning events from a VF page

  • Introduction to Lighting Out

SFDX Setup

.... etc

Additional Information for your knowledge:

Below are the Salesforce  Developer Roles & Responsibilities in a Project and highlighted points cover in this course.

1. Talk to Customers on daily calls to gather the requirements..

2. Ability to work on Agile Methodology.

3. Active participant in internal technical discussions related to the project.

4. Requirement Analysis and Time Estimations.

5. Designing the better solution to the Application using either Classic or Lightning as required.

6. Data Model Design & some of the Admin related configuration changes.

7. Preparing the solution document of the project.

8. Data setup through ETL Tools.

9. User, Role and Profile setup.

10. Creating Reports, Dashboard if needed.

11. Developing an application using Lightning Framework or Visual force Programming & Apex Programming Languages.

12. Developing an application using Lightning components and aura framework

13. Building the Better UI using HTML and CSS.

14. Test Code Coverage.

15. Task Updates to the customer on daily status call.

16. Preparing the project related documents.

17. Project Code backup.

18. Demo to the client on each Story worked in Project.

19. End user Training to Business users (Non Technical business staff in the client end).

20.  Application Deployment from Sandbox to Production (Sprint / Release).

21. Check list Preparation on all Manifest Items Deployed.

22. Working on Pre and Post Deployment Activities and ....... etc

All The Best ! Please rate your feedback, so that it helps to others.

Salesforce Apex: The Complete Introduction for Beginners

Learn Salesforce development with Apex and start your career as a Salesforce Developer.

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Students: 679, Price:  Paid

Salesforce Development is a skill that is in high demand in today's IT job market

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  • According to IDC the Salesforce ecosystem will create 4.2 million new jobs by 2024

  • The Salesforce platform is expected to continue to grow by around 65% per year

If you're considering a career in Salesforce Development, now is a great time. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic there has continued to be strong demand for Salesforce developers.

This course will take you step-by-step through the Apex programming language starting with basic syntax all the way through Object Oriented Apex, Triggers and Automated Testing. At the end of this course you will have a solid foundation in Apex programming and will be ready to tackle more advanced topics.


Q: Do I need to have programming experience to take this course?

A: No, this course assumes no prior programming experience.

Q: Do I need to have Salesforce experience to take this course?

A: No, you can succeed in this course even if you have no prior Salesforce experience.

Q: Are you available to answer questions?

A: I monitor the Q & A inside the course and will answer your questions there.

Salesforce Apex Programming Development training

Complete development training for Salesforce Apex : Become a Salesforce developer and get your Developer certification

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Students: 453, Price:  Paid

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Salesforce Visualforce Development

Complete guide to learn Visualforce from scratch

Created by Debasis Jena - ​Salesforce Application Architect and e-learning Author


Students: 188, Price: $19.99

Students: 188, Price:  Paid

  • What is Visualforce and why do we need custom page development to build in salesforce

  • Use custom button to launch visual force page

  • learn about different types of controllers like Standard Controllers, Custom Controllers and Controller extensions

  • They will learn basic visualforce tags like <apex:pageBlockButtons> <apex:pageMessage> <apex:inputsecret> <apex:inputcheckbox> <apex:inputFile> etc

  • Accessing Data with List Controllers

  • Hands-on examples that will help you create business applications using Visualforce quickly and efficiently.

  • Learn about Multiple controller extensions

  • Building a Custom List Controller

  • Design a Visualforce page using Apex and JavaScript

  • Learn to build interactive Visualforce pages.

  • Display data in a Visualforce page

  • Invoking custom methods in Visualforce pages

  • Interaction of the Visualforce controller with the view

Salesforce Development : Combining Apex with SOQL

Learn Salesforce development with SOQL and learn to integrate SOQL with Salesforce Apex triggers and test classes

Created by Yashad Tayal - Salesforce Administrator / Salesforce Developer


Students: 66, Price: $19.99

Students: 66, Price:  Paid

Want to learn Salesforce development and use SOQL to automate your business requirements ?

SOQL or Salesforce Object Query Language is used to fetch salesforce data from your org and then can be used in Apex as well. Salesforce Development course is for admins/developers who are interested to learn SOQL and its usage in apex. The course will take you through various Salesforce automation's with SOQL and will teach you how to solve business use cases by combining Apex with SOQL. The course also covers some common business scenarios in lightning so that students can have a hands-on experience of some real business use cases.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Learn Salesforce SOQL

  • How to filter results in SOQL

  • Querying child records with SOQL

  • Querying Parent Data with SOQL

  • Assignments to practice SOQL

  • Combine SOQL with Salesforce Apex

  • Create Apex triggers with SOQL

  • Write Apex test Class with SOQL

    The course is made very concisely keeping in mind that all the relevant information regarding Salesforce Development : SOQL is covered. The Salesforce Development : Combining Apex with SOQL course will help in creating various automation processes on the platform. This course is not just a power-point presentation but its a complete hands -on course so you can learn by doing.

At the end of the course you will be able to solve simple to complex business use cases using the power of SOQL. The course will give you knowledge and hands on experience on lightning platform and Apex/SOQL which is needed to take up the Salesforce Development Certification. I am updating and will keep adding new content in this course regularly.

Happy Learning!!