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The Complete Salesforce Classic Administrator Certification

Salesforce Admin 60 Question Practice Test Included! Join 70,000+ students.

Created by Mike Wheeler - Salesforce Trainer - 140,000+ Students - 27K+ 5-Star Reviews


Students: 76276, Price: $129.99

Students: 76276, Price:  Paid

I have added a Practice Test to the end of this course. It contains 60 questions, and is timed at 90 minutes. You receive Section Level Feedback, just like in the real test. I provide further details and explanations as to why your answers are either correct or incorrect.

Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand IT skill on job postings worldwide. Now is a great time to learn Salesforce and change your career to the cloud. 

This course is constantly updated to be current with the latest release of Salesforce.

"I'm at (Salesforce's) Destination Success right now and your course goes more in-depth than the classroom courses here, and for 1% of the cost!" - Ben L.

This Salesforce Certification Course and Instructor were recently featured in InfoWorld! 

The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator Certification exam. This course is designed with the new Salesforce administrator in mind. I cover each section of the Administrator Study Guide in-depth, giving examples in the interface, as well as hands-on experience so you  can apply the concepts you are learning.

This course contains over 10 hours or video instruction. I cover often confused concepts that can trip you up on the Admin Exam, such as the differences between Profiles and Roles, the purpose and use cases for Permission Sets, the different types of Reports and Dashboards, and a lot more.

After 38,000+  Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:

"Are you learning valuable information?" 99.6% answered YES

"Are the explanations of the concepts clear?" 99.8% answered YES

"Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?" 99.9% answered YES

If you are interested in becoming a Salesforce Admin, take this course. Here are some recent reviews and feedback this course has received:

"Mike, your course was great! I took the Admin Essentials class by Salesforce in which my company paid over 2000 dollars for in person live training and the training did not come close to anything on the exam. Your course helped me to get properly prepped and covered all the pertinent aspects of the 201 exam in which I passed." ~ Harris L.

"Very well presented, excellent video quality, incredibly easy to follow. Covers more than what is necessary (not a criticism), Creator is a legend, I've contacted him multiple times and had a response within 5 minutes. Could not rate any higher ! Definitely the best choice out of the courses offered for this qualification. Amazing." ~ Paul R.

"I'm amazed that a training program of such great quality is available for such a reasonable price! Mike is a wonderful trainer and the material covered is excellent!" ~ Rick A.

"Mike is awesome and learning so much so far! Mike thanks so much for the really awesome course! I am sure that when I take the admin exam soon that I will pass with flying colors!!" ~ James W.

"This is the best course so far. Thank you for your video." ~ Christian M.

"I have been using SF as a rep, not an admin and while I already had a working knowledge of the product and it's capabilities this is very insightful material and I have learned a lot of new things." ~ Alexis K.

Learn Salesforce in easy steps and get certified!

This course should prepare you for Salesforce App Developer certification.

Created by Parikshith Red - Salesforce Consultant , Entrepreneur


Students: 69196, Price: Free

Students: 69196, Price:  Free

About this course

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful on demand platform that allows people to customize their standard applications (Sales & Call Centre applications) and also build custom applications . While it can seem intimidating to someone with no background in coding, working with Salesforce is much easier than many realize. With the right guidance and desire to learn, most people can learn how to put together a functional web app in few days !

This Salesforce Tutorial Course is narrated by a long time trainer and consultant who specializes in helping people learn how to use technology to solve real world problems. In this high - impact course, Parikshith walks users through the creation of a functional application from beginning to end, explaining where needed the important technical points without relying on excessive jargon. This is not an overview of complex theory, but a hands- on primer that will allow even beginners to create usable solutions quickly !

Parikshith shows you how to make the most from these cloud technology used by everyone from small startups to the biggest technology companies in the world.

The Goal is help one acquire the knowledge and pass the Salesforce App Developer Exam. If you would like to know understand the different modules, Please watch my Introduction to Salesforce here.

There are no pre-requisites for this course

Whats in this course

  1. 46 video lectures detailing the steps to becoming an awesome Salesforce Developer.
  2. Downloadable Assignments & Source Code files to compliment lectures.

Note : Please turn on the HD at the right most corner of your video for better viewing experience .

Introduction to Salesforce Certification and Career Planning

Learn What Salesforce Is and Certification and Career Paths Available to You. Get a Free Salesforce Account, too!

Created by Mike Wheeler - Salesforce Trainer - 140,000+ Students - 27K+ 5-Star Reviews


Students: 27175, Price: Free

Students: 27175, Price:  Free

This Course and Instructor were recently featured in InfoWorld.

This course covers the Salesforce Platform and Cloud Computing. I cover the various Salesforce certification and career opportunities that are out there and help you chart your course to the cloud. 

I cover what cloud computing is, what Salesforce is, and the types of jobs available to you. I also give you tips on how to get resume building experience. This course is a starting point for you to chart your course to a well paying and satisfying cloud career. I conclude this course with recommended next steps and resources to get you on the fast track to certification, and ultimately, relentlessly pursued by recruiters.

The demand for Salesforce Developers, Administrators, Consultants, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc. is immense. The Salesforce Platform is an attainable path to developing applications in the cloud, without code. No experience is required. You can do it!

After Thousands of Udemy Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:

"Are you learning valuable information?" 99.6% answered YES

"Are the explanations of the concepts clear?" 99.8% answered YES

"Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?" 99.9% answered YES

Free Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Course

Brush Up On Your Salesforce Admin Certification Knowledge Rapidly

Created by Warren Chalklen, PhD - Education Innovator | 145,046 Students on Udemy


Students: 26474, Price: Free

Students: 26474, Price:  Free


** ACCORDING TO BURNING GLASS TECHNOLOGIES, a labor technologies analysis firm: "Setting aside the near-universal Microsoft Office suite, Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill...putting Salesforce demand ahead of IT stalwarts such as Python, .Net, and C++, and in line with commonly used applications such as Adobe Photoshop"**

**INDEED Ranked Salesforce Admin in their top 10 best jobs of 2017 with salaries ranging between $70,000-$100,000 per annum** 


  • Learn what you need to know in rapid time
  • Utilize the practice resources to master each section of the test
  • Have full access to the instructor to answer any of your questions: This helps ensure everything is even easier to understand & is even more fun and engaging! **

The contents of this course are all based on my work experience as an ADM201 Certified Data Associate and entrepreneur with global experience in for profit, start up and corporate settings. I use Salesforce on a daily basis to drive organizational performance. My certification has lead to increased opportunities and advanced my ability to administrate effectively. And now, I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you. 

Are you ready for a practical course designed to equip you with the skills to:

  1. Answer Exam questions, apply knowledge and demonstrate Salesforce Administration competencies
  2. Describe the components of the company profile
  3. Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report

I will work with you throughout the course to support your journey to mastery!

Ready to improve your knowledge to pass the  certification Exam? Click "Take this course now" to get started!


Salesforce Introductory Course and Career Planning

Guide to Salesforce certifications and Career Opportunities

Created by Deepika Khanna - Software Developer,Blogger,Author


Students: 25177, Price: Free

Students: 25177, Price:  Free

### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software (CRM)...In this course I am trying my best to answer all the questions that generally people ask...This course gives you a quick glimpse about salesforce and I highly recommend to take this course if you are planning on changing your career and want to know about your options.

What skills you need to become salesforce adminstrator?

I get asked this question a lot. Many people are looking to make a career change, and there is concern that they don’t have the experience or background to become a successful Salesforce Administrator.

Salesforce is a tool, you can easily learn this tool. Just like you have learned to use playstation and  how to operate computer, you can learn this tool as well.To learn about Salesforce, you don't need to be a programmer. 

A Salesforce Administrator is a expert in business processes. Administrators work closely with business stakeholders to learn and understand issues happening in current system or to gather requirements for new changes or enhancements. The skill needed to become Salesforce Administrator is to know how to take those process requirements and implement them successfully in Salesforce.

There are some characteristics that successful Salesforce Administrators should possess. But the really good Salesforce Administrators have the following characteristics.

  • Ability to listen and empathize with users: This is a “customer facing” role. Users of the application are your customers. They deserve great customer service. If you have the ability to listen and learn about their problems, issues, and needs, and also you want to really help them out, then this field is great fit for you.

  • Good communication skills: Communication is very important. Salesforce administrator needs to be a good listener as well as good communicator. This role tends to work with individuals at all levels; from the CEO of the company  to the end user. Knowing how to communicate effectively with each at each level will help you to get your job done faster and efficiently.

  • Ability to think outside the box: There is not a set way to do anything in Salesforce. That’s part of the beauty of the tool. That also means that for any one process or set of requirements, there are multiple solutions. You’ll need to think outside the box to ensure that all possibilities are captured and that the needs of the business are being met. This requires creative and critical thinking.

Should I become an Administrator or Developer?

Another common question is, should I become an Administrator or Developer?

This question is hard to answer because everyone is different. But, there is some basic information I can provide that may help you make a decision.

Administrators job is more customer-facing : Salesforce adminstrators deals with  the business directly on a more regular basis. This requires a different skill set as a result. Administrators focus on out of box features (meaning we develop with clicks, not code). They need to know about the out -of-the box features of salesforce.

Developers need to be a programmer who knows coding: While they do work directly with business users and stakeholders, they tend to operate more in the background; working more closely with the Administrator than the internal customer.

Is certification important?

I was tempted to answer this in one word – yes – but I though that might be a bit biasé. If you’re relying on Salesforce for running your business, you  should make the investment in a Certified Administrator. Its always great  to find someone who took time to learn the tool and prepared for the certification. It also depends on the size of the company and the strategic value of Salesforce for that company. The more customization, complexity and number of users involved, the more your administrator needs to be a well-versed Salesforce rockstar, and certification helps to find out which candidate is suitable for the job. So many companies are looking for someone with certification and a certified administrator will have more chances of getting that job.

If you want to become salesforce Developer, it is still recommended that you learn Salesforce as an Administrator. Ideally, you should not write code  for something that can be done using the out of the box features of salesforce. The only way to know what can and can’t be done with the platform is to learn about its features. The best developers will also validate this fact.


Salesforce New User Training

Salesforce CRM: Turn curiosity into success by learning what it is, what to do with it, and how to use it successfully.

Created by Aspiratech Training - Salesforce Consulting Partner


Students: 16641, Price: $44.99

Students: 16641, Price:  Paid

What is Salesforce? Why are so many employers looking for people who have that skill? How do you use it? Is it a technology you would love enough to embark upon a career as a highly paid System Administrator or Consultant?

Increase Your Income With Easy to Follow Training

In this course you will learn the answers to all these questions, and gain the ability to confidently present yourself as someone who knows how to use this popular business tool. If you're already working at a company that has Salesforce, you will finally learn how to apply best practices to get the most out of the tool and make your work life easier and perhaps even help you get that raise.

If you're considering a new career that will greatly increase your income and have terrific job security even during recessions, then this course is the foundation you need to be able to go on to our Salesforce Beginner's Complete System Administrator Training course, which will train you for both job performance and certification prep. My income doubled within just 7 months after I learned to use Salesforce. I immediately realized I wanted to specialize in customizing the system, not just using it.

Whatever your situation, this course will give you the opportunity to build competency with a pervasive business technology tool, Salesforce CRM.

Other things you should know about this course:

  • This course was created by expert trainers and uses Adult Learning Theory to guarantee effective learning
  • It will take you about a week to complete the course if you do the exercises and are only working at it in evenings after work.
  • The course was created by Aspiratech. We are Salesforce Training experts.

    (Google "Salesforce Training" and you will see that we lead the space.) We are also registered Salesforce Consulting Partners and ISV Partners, who have trained literally hundreds of new users just like you. We know that no matter how little you know now, you can absolutely learn to use this CRM if you are willing to do the work.

  • If you need access to a Salesforce org to do the exercises in because your current company does not have Salesforce, you can use one of the following links. If you are considering purchasing Salesforce at your company, use this link for a free 30-day trial (please copy and paste without extra space -- no live links allowed in course descriptions):

    Salesforce .com/form/signup/freetrial-sales-ee.jsp?d=70130000000Eqp3&internal=true&nc=70130000000m5ac

    -- If you are planning on training for a technical career with Salesforce, use this link to get a free developer org (Which is not just for those who want to follow the lower paid Developer career track. Sys Admins regularly use free developer orgs for training and testing purposes, and this is in alignment with Salesforce policy.):

    https://developer. salesforce. com/signup (Copy & Paste in new window/tab)

In the final lesson of this course you will find instructions for how to get a hefty discount on our Sys Admin training course.

We hope you will enjoy this course and learn a lot in the process, and decide to also take some of our other courses. Be sure to always read our course announcements, so that you don't miss special promotions we offer on other courses, as well as knowing when we add new material to this course.

Note: This course focuses on the Classic user interface with an introduction to the less popular Lightning user interface. Navigation is the primary difference, though some features are not available in Lightning, such as mass email.

Ready? Let's go! A great career is waiting for you.

Salesforce New User Training: Admin & Development

Learn Salesforce Development and Administration with hands-on examples that will make you an Expert!

Created by Sai Acuity Institute of Learning Pvt Ltd Enabling Learning Through Insight! - Cybersecurity, Data Science & Human Capital Practitioners!


Students: 11614, Price: $24.99

Students: 11614, Price:  Paid

Gain hands-on experience with this Salesforce certification training course while learning how to manage and develop apps for one of the most popular CRM platforms worldwide. This Salesforce training enables you to pass two Salesforce certification exams and transform your career.

This training course is designed to ensure that you learn and master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder. In this Salesforce training, you will learn how to configure Salesforce to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital customer information and create applications using Salesforce Lightning.

By the end of the course, you will understand the Salesforce cloud services, the Salaries you could achieve working in Salesforce, as well as the certifications available to you and which ones you may wish to start with based on your background

There are no prerequisites for this Salesforce training course. But prior working experience as an administrator or a developer is beneficial.

Easiest and Simplest walkthrough covering Salesforce Development & Administration Topics. You don't need any programming experience and you don't need to know anything about Salesforce. You'll learn the ins and outs of point-and-click development, Administration, Coding, and Analytics. so, all you need now is an interest in learning Salesforce

This course covers all aspects of Salesforce Development & Administration. You'll learn how to Create App, Objects, Profiles, setting up Security, Workflows, Visualforce page, Apex coding, Triggers, reporting, and analytics, etc.

The course teaches all these in an effective manner that will aid your learning in the best way.

If Salesforce Development and Administration is what you seek, then look no further! Enroll now and begin your journey of Salesforce!

This course will equip you with comprehensive knowledge that helps you get certified.

Salesforce Administration Module:

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Salesforce Terminology and Icons.

  • How Salesforce Organizes the data.

  • Salesforce App,Standard Objects and Custom Objects.

  • Creating and Managing Users.

  • Salesforce OWD and Security features like Object level Access,

  • Permission Sets, Record Access, Record Access Via Sharing Rules and Record Types.

  • How Sales Process works in Salesforce?

  • Data Management using Data Loader & Workflow Automation.

  • Reports and Dashboards and Much more !!!

Salesforce Development Module:

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Variables

  • Decision Control Statements

  • Loops: Different types of loops in Salesforce

  • Nested for loops

  • Object-Oriented Concepts

  • Static and Non-static Methods

  • Static and Non-static Variables

  • Access Modifiers in Apex

  • Constructors in Apex

  • Inheritance

  • Collection (List, Set, and Map)

  • Exceptions in Salesforce

  • Built-In Exceptions and Custom Exceptions

  • DML Statements

  • Apex Triggers


This Salesforce certification training course is suitable for individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce, particularly for app builders, developers, system administrators, sales representatives, IT managers, and product managers.

Salesforce Administrator Certification – Introduction

Introduction to Salesforce - Covers Organizational Setup - Get started to become a Certified Administrator!

Created by Peggy Schael - Salesforce Trainer (formerly Trailhead Academy Certified)


Students: 7746, Price: Free

Students: 7746, Price:  Free

This Salesforce Lightning Introduction is all about the baseline understanding of the Salesforce architecture, navigation and setup tools to prepare the system for the users.

Plus, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the first key knowledge area "Organizational Setup" of a total of 12 exam topics to gain the Salesforce Administrator Certification. Watch my previews including a complete guide on "How to get the Salesforce Administration Certification".

In this course you will learn what Salesforce is and how it can help improve daily business processes. Salesforce has a very intuitive interface that I will take you through, so you can see how the data is structured and how you can easily find all relevant information about the people and companies, such as your customers, but not only those, that you are working with.

The Platform Basics will give you an understanding what the Salesforce architecture and infrastructure has in store for you to configure the platform to your company's business requirements and how to seamlessly extend with additional products and functionalities.

You will learn about the organizational settings, where to find information about licenses, fiscal year, business hours or currencies and how to manage the default settings to make the Salesforce org productive.

This includes understanding the different types of interfaces Salesforce provides and how to tailor the user interface settings to ensure users see the information that is relevant for their day-to-day jobs.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

Learn how to perform Salesforce Administration with awesome examples and pass your certification exam

Created by Aslam Tayyab - Salesforce Developer & Web Developer


Students: 5552, Price: $74.99

Students: 5552, Price:  Paid


Recent 5 Star Reviews & Comments :


Comment 1:  .!! Great Course; very knowledgeable instructor; good walk through of each example in detail. Plus, 950+ practice exam questions!!!

Comment 2 : !!Its was really great i enrolled for this course, outstanding and in-depth explanation.. Thanks to this...!!

Comment 3 : !!Yes the most striking part of the class is diving straight into the deep waters rather than beating around the bush. Quite exciting to learn the most sought after skill set , and its fun too. Thanks for the great experience...!!

Comment 4 : !!Thank you , course is easy and clear to understand...!!


Salesforce Admins are high in Demand and by learning from this course you will be able to Pass Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam very easily and get a job that pays very well.

you don't require any specific skill set to learn this course and you just need a Computer/Laptop with Internet connection.

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Salesforce Terminology and Icons.

  • How Salesforce Organizes the data.

  • Salesforce App,Standard Objects and Custom Objects.

  • Creating and Managing Users.

  • Salesforce OWD and Security features like Object level Access,

  • Permission Sets, Record Access, Record Access Via Sharing Rules and Record Types.

  • How Sales Process works in Salesforce?

  • Data Management using Data Loader & Workflow Automation.

  • Reports and Dashboards and Much more !!!

In just few weeks you will be become an expert in Salesforce administration if you go through the entire course

Salesforce Tests : Administration Essentials for New Admins

Best practice Tests for Salesforce Administration Essentials for New Admins certification 2021

Created by Zied Zied - Jakhlouti


Students: 3775, Price: $64.99

Students: 3775, Price:  Paid


Extensive and interactive, Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience is the core training that ensures your success with Salesforce Lightning. It’s a must for new administrators, and we recommend completing this course before starting a Salesforce deployment or when taking over an existing deployment.

Who should take this course?

New system administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications. Other groups that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Experience, including power users, sales operations, and IT managers.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Customize your application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes in Lightning Experience.

  • Learn how security settings created in Salesforce Classic are applied in Lightning.

  • Maintain and import clean data in Lightning.

  • Use Lightning features to create high-value reports and dashboards

  • Understand how workflow automation complies with Lightning.

Lessons and Topics

Getting Around the App

  • Data Model and Navigation

  • Lightning Experience

  • Help & Training

Getting Your Organization Ready for Users

  • Setting Up the Company Profile

  • Configuring the User Interface

  • Setting Up Activities and Calendars

  • Configuring Search Settings

  • Setting Up Chatter Groups

  • Mobile Access with Salesforce1

Setting Up and Managing Users

Security and Data Access

  • Restricting Logins

  • Determining Object Access

  • Setting Up Record Access

  • Creating a Role Hierarchy

  • Dealing with Record Access Exceptions

  • Managing Field-level Security

Object Customizations

  • Administering Standard Fields

  • Creating New Custom Fields

  • Creating Selection Fields: Picklists and Lookups

  • Creating Formula Fields

  • Working with Page Layouts

  • Working with Record Types and Business Processes

  • Maintaining Data Quality

Managing Data

  • Import Wizards

  • Data Loader

  • Data com

  • Mass Transfer

  • Backing Up Data

  • Mass Delete and Recycle Bin

Reports and Dashboards

  • Running and Modifying Reports

  • Creating New Reports with the Report Builder

  • Working with Report Filters

  • Summarizing with Formulas and Visual Summaries

  • Printing, Exporting, and Emailing Reports

  • Building Dashboards


  • Email Templates

  • Workflow Rules

  • Process Builder

  • Lead Automation

Managing the Support Process

  • Managing and Resolving Cases

  • Customizing a Support Process

  • Automating Support

  • Understanding the Salesforce Console for Service

  • Collaborating in the Service Cloud

  • Analyzing Support Data

salesforce administration essentials for experienced admins

best practice Tests for salesforce administration essentials for experienced admins certification 2021

Created by Zied Zied - Jakhlouti


Students: 3774, Price: $64.99

Students: 3774, Price:  Paid


Comprehensive and hands-on, this course is for administrators who are ready

to significantly ramp up their skills and knowledge about using Salesforce

to solve their most pressing business needs. Using real-world scenarios,

Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins covers topics such as

extending Salesforce with custom objects and apps, generating complex

reports and dashboards, and automating complex business processes to help

you work more efficiently and get more out of Salesforce


Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins is designed for:

  • Administrators with at least six months of experience using Salesforce; and/

or Administrators who have completed the Administration Essentials for

New Admins course



  • Determine and implement appropriate data access and visibility settings

  • Manage configuration changes in a sandbox environment and move data

between environments using change sets

  • Extend the functionality of your implementation with custom objects and


  • Extend your reporting to provide up-to-date views of your business

  • Customize the Salesforce1 app and create quick actions to increase


  • Improve data quality so that the ongoing task of data maintenance is not so


  • Implement complex business processes using work flow rules, processes,

approval processes, and flows.


Troubleshoot Record Access and Field Visibility

  • Troubleshoot record access

  • Understand the impact of territory management on

  • the sharing model

  • Manage field visibility

Change Management

  • Managechanges in a sandbox

  • Deploy changes using change sets

Extend Salesforce with Custom Objects and Apps

  • Build custom objects, tabs, and apps

  • Create relationships between objects

  • Use delegated administration

Extend Reporting

  • Create custom report types

  • Build exception reports with cross filters

  • Categorize report data with bucketing

  • Extend summaries in reports and dashboards

  • Display multiple views of data using joined reports

  • Analyze data over time with historical trending and

reporting snapshots

Improve Data Quality

  • Assess, cleanse, and maintain data quality

  • Prevent duplicate records using Duplicate


Automate Complex Business Processes

  • Use validation rules, formula fields, workflow rules,

and processes to enforce and automate business


Streamline Requests with Approval Processes

  • Manage approval processes

  • Troubleshooting approval processes

Increase Productivity with Visual Workflow

  • Understand use cases for Visual Workflow

  • Build and deploy a flow

Extend and Troubleshoot Business Process

SalesForce Administration Essentials (ADM201) Practice Test

SalesForce Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM201) Practice Test/MCQ

Created by MMD Trainings - SAP/Oracle/AWS/Azure Training's & Certifications Practice


Students: 1941, Price: $39.99

Students: 1941, Price:  Paid

Enhance your certification score. Even though you're working at a top company, you'll want to keep your certification score up. It's important for your job search, especially if you want to go for a higher level position. When you're looking for new jobs, people are going to be screening your resume a bit with certifications.

Understand the test structure and what to expect; then walk through each topic area, quiz yourself with practice questions and answers, and ensure you’re ready to take the certification.

Scenario based exam questions for SalesForce Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM201)  Certification,

Online practice exam to be completed in Specified Time Duration.

Practice tests are created by Subject Matter Experts. Your results are immediately available, while you stay focused on your exam results. Practice tests provides the answer to a test/questions you haven't already learned.

Exam Questions similar to actual Certification Exam.

Life time Access to practice tests to try as many times until you master the subject. You have access to practice test answers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you're not satisfied, you can easily return to the practice test to make corrections.

The practice test have been designed carefully by maintaining the exam structure , syllabus, topic weights , cut score and time duration same as actual certification exam.

The aim of the practice exam is to allow the candidate to identify the risks related to a exam topics and be able to recognise them when analysing a real practice scenario.

Applicants will need to make sure that they are able to complete the practice examination in its entirety and pass all the multiple choice tests in general nature.

All the questions covered in the sample Salesforce Administrator simulation exam are basic Salesforce ADM-201 Certification exam questions.

Lessons and Topics

Topic            Weighting

Organization setup            2%

User setup            7%

Security and access            14%

Standard and custom objects            15%

Sales and marketing applications            15%

Service and support applications            12%

Activity management and collaboration            3%

Data management            8%

Analytics            10%

Workflow/process automation            12%

Desktop and mobile administration            1%

AppExchange            1%

SalesForce Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM201) Certification Practice Test.

Designed for those who have some experience as an administrator but would not consider themselves an expert, the SalesForce Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM201) Certification consists of multiple choice questions to be completed in a certain time.

Exam Name :  Salesforce Administrator

Exam Code : ADM-201

Duration : 105 minutes

Number of Questions : 60

Passing Score : 65%

Total Questions in this practice test to check your knowledge: 290

Salesforce Lightning Administration Tutorial with Hands-On

Best course to learn Salesforce Admin concepts + APEX Triggers in an easy Step by Step manner in Lightning Environment

Created by Vishal Saxena - Techno-Functional Architect at MNC


Students: 287, Price: $39.99

Students: 287, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for beginners in Salesforce Lightning, who would like to learn the basics and grow in their career.

In this course we'll be building an Udemy App using Salesforce in Lightning environment. Following are the topics you will learn in this course:

1. How to create different objects in Salesforce Lightning 

2. Perform validations on fields. 

3. Interconnect the objects using Master-Detail / Lookup relationships. 

4. Create different types of reports 

5. Create dashboards 

6. Field Dependencies in an object

7. Record Types

8. Profiles

9. Permission Sets 

10. Letterheads

11. Email Templates

12. Workflow (Immediate and Time Dependent)

In addition, you will also learn how to create and write Apex code in Triggers to perform complex calculations for your App.

The app you'll be building will be compatible to all devices (laptops, tables, mobile, etc). I'll keep adding lectures to this course periodically.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Salesforce Administration

Learn fundamental Salesforce principles while running and administering your own donut company.

Created by Mihaela Muresan - Salesforce Administrator & Architect


Students: 146, Price: $89.99

Students: 146, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Salesforce!

In this course, we're going to learn what Salesforce is, why it's useful and how to customise it.

The videos will take you through all the basics of Salesforce Administration and show you, with concrete examples, how to think about, build, and enable various features on the platform, such as:

  • creating objects,

  • fields,

  • record types,

  • actions,

  • automations,

  • validations,

  • managing your data,

  • and more.

So how are we going to achieve all this? Well, we’re going to imagine we are both the CEO and initial Salesforce Administrator at Donut Revolution, a fictional business we just launched. We're going to create a Salesforce org for our company, and as new Salesforce users, we’ll start customising the platform and build various features and automations so that we can run a successful company.

This course is split into 14 sections (which are important for the Salesforce Admin exam), but the topics are structured in a way that is more realistic to an actual company’s journey with Salesforce adoption. We'll tackle a different business challenge in each section and we’ll customise the Salesforce platform accordingly, showing you step-by-step how to enable a certain feature or how to think about a particular problem.

Each section has a homework assignment for extra practice, which links to other relevant Trailhead trails / modules / projects. Many topics also have an additional (practical) assignment that allows students to attempt building a certain feature on their own before checking the solution-videos.

What is Salesforce and what does a Salesforce Admin do?

If you’re completely new to the Salesforce world you’re maybe wondering "what exactly is Salesforce, who is it for? Who uses it and what can they do on it?" -- and for good reason; it can be tricky to explain all the complexities of the platform at first.

#1 Customer Relationship Management platform

Well, let’s imagine that you are the CEO and first employee at Donut Revolution, a company that has big dreams of revolutionising the world of donuts. Your products are simply the best and you want the whole world to know it.

You just spent a lot of time and money investing in this business, so you should start finding companies interested in purchasing these donuts, and taking note of who you talk to, the company they represent, what their interest level in your offer was, and so on. At first it may seem like writing this down anywhere would be fine, since you’re probably calling a few different companies and only talking to about a handful of people.

But as word spreads about your tasty donuts, you probably want to track your activities in a better way -- otherwise your daily life is going to become an administrative nightmare of finding the right piece of paper or the right Google Sheet, and if you don’t find it, 3,000 donuts might get sent to the wrong address.

Learn how to administer your company in Salesforce

If you'll take this course, you'll know all the fundamental Salesforce Administration concepts.

We’ll start from the very basics - what are Leads? What are Opportunities? What’s a Custom Object? -- but by the end of this course you'll become a confident solo-Administrator, and you'll be able to tackle any Salesforce administration challenge.

Here is a partial list of what we'll talk about in this course:

  • Creating custom fields

  • Creating Record Types, Sales/Support Processes

  • Object Relationships

  • Salesforce Validation & Automation

  • Data Security & Sharing

  • Data Management tools

  • Lead Automation tools

  • Advanced Sales productivity features

  • Analytics (creating Reports & Dashboards)

  • Customer Service Management features

  • Organisational setup features

  • Using the Salesforce Mobile App

  • Navigating the AppExchange

And lots more!

I believe the best way to learn something new is by doing -- so we’re going to create this fictional company in Salesforce and then enable and build different features mentioned above as our company grows.

How is this course different to other (free) materials available online?

  • Assumes no previous knowledge of CRM tools / IT & Business concepts

  • Lots of practical examples

  • Contextualised learning (“learn how to do X because your company needs to track/achieve Y”)

  • Students are given a clear order in which to tackle various topics, so as not to get overwhelmed

  • Extra-assignments for more practice in each section

Who is this course for?

Any person who is interested in pursuing a Salesforce career or who wants to better understand how a company’s Salesforce org is run:

That includes:

  • Students

  • People looking for a career change

  • Tech enthusiasts

  • Anyone interested in Salesforce administration (for fun or profit)

If you're not sure if this course is for you - drop me a message!

What are the prerequisites for this course?

None. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

About Me

I've been in the Salesforce industry for 6 years, ever since I became an Accidental Admin in 2015.

After a few years of working in Marketing and the odd student-job, I made the switch to Salesforce and never looked back.

One of the things that helped me most in understanding how Salesforce works was building various personal projects on it -- from tracking daily food recipes and ingredients as custom objects to building budget reports and dashboards to keep track of my spending.

I found that concepts like Opportunities, Accounts or Custom Objects had a clearer meaning if they were backed by concrete examples and actual puzzles/problems that needed solving.

I've been a fan of learning-by-example ever since, and have designed this first Salesforce Administration course with the same principles in mind.

Salesforce NPSP and Nonprofit Cloud HandsOn Video Course

Do you want to further your career in Salesforce? Want to in no time get the knowledge and skills to manage a nonprofit

Created by Eze Chiana - Salesforce Architect, Nonprofit, 16x Salesforce certified


Students: 77, Price: $79.99

Students: 77, Price:  Paid

You do not need to have a prior experience in Salesforce as the course takes you from basic to advanced concepts.

By the end of this fast track video course, you will be able to use, administer and customize a Salesforce organization of any size with the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) installed. 

You will be able to:

• Explain what the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) is and how to install it.

• Manage Households, Organizations and Contact information.

• Record Donations, Payments, Grants and Memberships.

• Establish the use of Campaigns to measure the effectiveness of initiatives.

• Import data into Salesforce using the NPSP Data Import Tool.

• Configure the baseline Salesforce organization and user management features.

• Administer a subset of the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP).