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How to sell anything in 3 simple steps

An overview of the core principles in making sales - no hard sell or pitching required!

Created by Jenny Tse - Director - Licence to Bill


Students: 29872, Price: Free

This course is for you if you're:

  • New to sales
  • A business owner who wants more clients to say YES to working with you
  • Required to make sales or win work in your role
  • Are interested in learning some quick strategies to improve your results
  • Want a better way to sell that doesn't require hard-selling or pitching your services!

You're probably sick of hearing about that old school way of selling with hard core tactics to make people buy. And you want to find a different way – if there is one.

The good news is that there is a NEW and BETTER way to sell.

A way that that is better for YOU as a business owner AND better for your clients too.

Having impacted hundreds of professionals around Australia, I get asked regularly about the golden rules of sales. How can we make more sales? How can we get more clients to say YES?

So I've put together a short video series that will show you the SIMPLE STEPS to winning more sales using the NEW AND IMPROVED mindset.

This course includes worksheets and video tutorials. Est time to complete - 90min

BONUS - I've thrown in module 1 of the next course The Special Recipe to Supercharge Your Sales Conversations. That course retails for $74 and you're getting the first module for free by signing up to this course! Enjoy.

Steli’s Essential Guide to Negotiation Hacks

Master your negotiation skills using several sales hacks. Taught by Silicon Valley's most prominent Sales Hustler.

Created by Steli Efti - CEO at


Students: 27751, Price: Free

Negotiation is the backbone of any sales presentation. You cannot expect growth and exponential sales if you do not know how to negotiate. There are several resources out there that can help you sharpen your negotiation skills. Many of these negotiation guides can help you with all the basics but if you truly want to know the hacks that are being used by the big dogs of the game, then this course is right for you.

Steli's to the point, no-fluff teaching technique has been admired by many. See for yourself by looking him up online. He has led several international level sales workshops and now he will be offering you the same from the comfort of your home!

This course will take you a little over an hour to complete so don't expect any repetitive boring stuff. You will be able to sense Steli's passion when you will over these videos. So sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride!

Closing The Gap Between Marketing & Sales

Metrics to close the gap between marketing and sales.

Created by Three Sixty Academy - Courses Created In Collaboration With Subject Experts


Students: 20002, Price: Free

Welcome to this Three Sixty Academy course.

Here with Three Sixty Academy you can study online towards understanding how to make marketing and sales teams work together more successfully.

Our course is comprised of 5 sections all focused on helping you advance your understanding in regards to marketing and sales.

  • Introduction
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Metrics
  • Conclusion
  • Coupons
  • More than enough to turn your knowledge of how to make marketing and sales teams work together more successfully from zero to hero.

    Good luck and we hope you enjoy our course!

    12 Lead Generation Strategies – Used By Sales Experts

    Get more leads and attract more clients within 60 days without spending a ton on advertising and without cold calling.

    Created by Stuart Briscar - Business and Marketing Coach


    Students: 19969, Price: Free

    * UPDATE *

    Added 2 new E-books available for download from the final section, Putting It All Together.

    * 9 Challenges Facing Every Business

    * 3 Simple Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Sales


    Are you trying to get more leads and attract more clients?

    Are you looking to grow your business through the power of referrals?

    Do you want to leverage the power of the internet to increase your sales?

    In this course, you will learn how to create a lead generation system that will help you get more leads and attract more clients within 60 days without spending a ton of money on advertising and without cold calling.

    This course is for small business owners and sales professionals who are looking to take their business to the next level.

    In this course, I discuss a dozen different lead generation strategies that you can start implementing immediately to get more, quality leads coming to your business.

    I provide a few worksheets and a script to help aid you in creating your own lead generation system.

    This course is provided by Stuart Coaching dot com.

    The Ultimate Guide to Startup Business Development

    Learn and master the function of business development in this practical, actionable, and content-rich training course.

    Created by Andrew Dumont - Startup Founder, Marketer and Mentor


    Students: 19876, Price: Free

    Master the function of business development in this practical, content-rich, and hands-on training course that over 800 people have taken.

    When you look around the web for resources on business development, you’ll come up with nearly nothing. Business development, both in the context of startups and large organizations is exploding, yet it’s something that is rarely covered in a holistic manner. The resources to learn and grow in the function simply don’t exist.

    This course was created to change that.

    Business development has become a catch-all for terms like sales, operations, or marketing, but it’s so much more than that. Business development, when you break it down to the core, blends strategy, customer acquisition, product, marketing, sales, analytics, and creative skills into a single function. There’s a lot to learn to be truly great in a career in business development and commonly fetch a six-figure salary. This course was created to help you develop those skills.

    Not only will you learn the structural basics of business development, you’ll also gain tactical tools, tips, and worksheets to implement in the work you’re doing right now.

    Is this course for you? This course was created for those that...

    Want to start a career in business development. Over the years, I’ve introduced dozens of people to the function of business development and mentored them to prosperous careers at some of the technology industry’s top companies. After taking this course, you’ll be armed with the skills and knowledge to do the same.

    Are new to the function of business development. Did you find yourself in a business development role without any background or previous experience? I was there too. In this course, I’ve taken all I’ve learned over the past 7 years in business development roles to speed up that growth period. You’ll go from amateur to expert.

    Have been in business development for years but want to grow. This is where I am as well. Creating this course has helped me immensely. I’ve picked the brain of other top business development professionals and reflected on my many failures and occasional successes to create a truly compelling course. It’s time to level up.

    Work with or manage a team of business development professionals. You can’t manage what you don’t understand. This course will help you deeply understand the function of business development, making you a better manager and teammate.

    - All of the video lectures, eBooks, and worksheets are download-enabled. If you have a slow internet connection, or want to take this course with you on your laptop, smartphone or other portable device, sign up and download all the videos and other course materials now.

    Sign up now to get lifetime access to this course. With Udemy's 30-day money-back guarantee, it's risk-free.

    HURRY! This course is on a temporary sale. Soon it'll go back up to its original price of $197.

    Sales – Better Sales Results Start with Better Sales Ideas

    If you want something different - Do something different. Get the inside stuff that puts you in control of what happens

    Created by Bob Marx - * Over 70382 Students on Udemy * ~ 2366 + Positive Reviews !


    Students: 13470, Price: Free

    Get the inside stuff from one of the top sales coaches on Udemy – FREE!

    ** Just Added 2 HUGE Special Bonus Coaching Sessions! **

    - No Pressure Prospecting - Voicemail that Makes Money

    Walk through a complete system for selling.

    Better Sales Results Start with Better Sales Ideas focuses in on what works and why traditional sales techniques simply don't work anymore.

    If we want something different – We have to do something different.

    When we sound like everyone else in sales, then we get treated like every other salesperson.

    Good salespeople have good answers, great sales salespeople have great questions.

    Learning to focus on the process and letting go of the outcome is one of the best ways to deal with rejection and staying in control over what happens next. – focus on the next step and let the armature's concentrate on the last step.

    The single biggest thing that separates amateurs from professions is their willingness to look at ideas maybe in a new way and then the ability to take action! – What we will be coaching to is a system you can drop into your business to start getting specific results on purpose.

    Learn the why traditional sales methods just don't work. How to separate yourself from the competition on such a way that builds credibility and identifies you as the professional they need to work with.

    Get the inside stuff no one else gets. Learn new ways to get your call returned and stay in control of what happens next.

    If you've ever felt uncomfortable with the process of selling and are looking for a different way this course will open the door to opportunity.

    There are no magic words, this course is filled with strategies and ideas for the professional seeking a better way to communicate.

    Identify the 6 key steps that allow you to focus in the next step – not the last step.

    The only requirement is a willingness to look at ideas and the ability to take action.

    Sales Funnel: Creating a Sales Funnel Using Thrive Architect

    Create Your Very First Sales Funnel. A Sample Mini-Course About Sales Funnel Using Thrive Themes Content Builder.

    Created by Lazuk Hasan - Internet Marketer With Over 7 Years Of Experience


    Students: 6876, Price: Free

    Would you like learn how to create sales funnels effectively? And do you want to 10X your sales? Then this course is for you! 

    In this sales funnel course, you will be able to create your very first sales funnel using WordPress and Thrive Architect WordPress Plugin.

    So what exactly are you going to learn in this sales funnels beginner to expert masterclass? 

    In the first part of this course, we will talk about the definition and overall structure of sales funnels. We will cover the 2 step sales funnel structure! 

    In the second part of this course, we will learn step by step how to create a buyer persona

    After watching this course, you will be capable to: 

    • What is sales funnel
    • Some tools for creating sales funnel
    • How to register your domain name
    • How to install and activate the license key
    • How to create landing and thank you page
    • What is Autoresponder and why it's important
    • How to connect AWeber with thrive
    • How to connect opt-in form with landing page


    Now, I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, that's why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.


    It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever. 

    Go ahead and click the 'take this course' button and I will see you in the course. Thanks again for enrolling! 

    Yours sincerely,

    Lazuk Hasan

    - instructor - 

    Google Ads 2020: The Latest Step-by-Step Guide Training

    Why You're Wasting Your Time On Google Ads To Actually Get Results

    Created by Phil Adair - Google Ads Coach/Trainer


    Students: 5592, Price: Free

    If you're trying to promote your business on Google Ads then you're probably wasting your time... and in this training I explain why, and what you need to do to actually get results.

    This Google Ads 2020 training includes some of the best performing ads we've created for our clients and you can see them right now inside this course.

    If you're looking to promote your business with Google Ads you'll find it very useful indeed.

    Important information before you start:

    In case you find this course is not for you, don't forget you're covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!

    Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course.

    You will also have instant and free access to any updates I'll add to the course.

    I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.

    Google Ads: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide: Updated for 2020

    Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Modules

    After completing this Google Ads Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide 2020 course, you will be armed with the knowledge needed to launch your first successful campaign or drastically improve an existing one.

    Discover how to:

    • Avoid costly mistakes made by most Google advertisers

    • Increase your sales by unbelievable amounts

    • Write killer advertising copy that gets clicks

    • Profit using local advertising

    • Dramatically increase click-through rates

    • Determine what is and isn't working using Google Analytics

    • Double your website traffic overnight

    Google processes nearly 7 billion searches every day - making it a powerful advertising medium your business simply can't afford to ignore.

    Google Ads Expert Phil Adair presents the fundamentals, techniques, tools and tricks that Google should teach you, but doesn't.

    In just over 2 hours you will learn how to create Google Ads campaigns that boost traffic, increase sales and build your business online – or your money back!

    Throughout this comprehensive step-by-step course, you will learn all of the elements that go into creating campaigns that deliver a high return on every dollar you spend – from targeting, to research, to writing compelling ads, to campaign optimisation.

    Each lesson includes:

    1. An in-depth video lesson

    2. 1 x PDF Download

    3. 1 x Mp3 Download

    The walk-through is to give you a first-person perspective on each aspect of setting up and running your campaigns so that you can follow along in your Google Ads account or know exactly what's needed when launching your first campaign. You will learn faster by doing, rather than just listening.

    This course is regularly updated to include new features and changes from Google, so that you can stay up-to-date.

    If all of that sounds good to you, enroll now, and we'll get started with Google Ads: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide 2020.

    ***Course is currently up-to-date as of Jan 2020***



    "This training shows you how to come up with the most powerful ad copy possible...

    copy that will strongly resonate with your ideal customers and sell your product by the TRUCKLOAD!"

    Kevin Kemp-Smith


    ALL the tools and systems you need to your run your own Google Ads Campaigns are here!

    (I have personally vetted these and use them in my own business).

    Karen Lindley


    Phil’s Google Ads Academy training provides you with the perfect blueprint and creates everything

    in the right order, so that you have a fully functioning business constantly generating fresh leads.

    Derek Jones


    Enrol NOW. Let's get started!

    Sales Training: The Rules & Basics of selling.

    Build your skills up to become the master you want to be.

    Created by DIMITAR IVANOV - Sales coach


    Students: 5391, Price: Free

    Hi and welcome on board. Together, we'll be learning about the science of sales. As we all know, sales could be a very lucrative profession. If you have big dreams, and you want to make the most of your life, join me on on this journey. 

     Whether you are new, or with a few years of experience in the industry, this is the course that will help make more sales. In this course you will learn about body language, appearance, attitude, goal setting, negotiation, and more. A lot of the concept discussed are based on scientific research, therefore they are proven to work. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please leave me a comment of what you enjoyed most about it. Have fun.

    Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a High Ticket Authority

    Offline or online you can sell coaching, consulting & high ticket products (yours or affiliate someone else). It's easy!

    Created by Level Up Academy - Expert Instructors Giving You A Competitive Edge in Life


    Students: 5159, Price: Free

    "How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients"

    In This Course, You'll Find Out How To Make a Killing Selling $997, $1997, $4997, Even $20,000 High Ticket Products and Programs

    Are you tired of making measly $7, $10 and $20 sales?

    You drive so much traffic only to make such a small amount.

    Your competitors are fierce and everyone's under cutting one another.

    How would you like to make $997 to $20,000 sales from each customer?

    Think about it...

    If you make just 5 sales of $4,997 a month, that's $24,985!

    Let's be a bit more conservative -- at $497 a pop with only 5 customers, that's $2,485.

    That's the power of selling high ticket products!


    Why Sell High Ticket Products?

    There are more benefits to selling high ticket items too.

    One is that you’ll now be able to pour all your energy into creating that one product.

    In turn, that means that you can develop something that you’re truly proud of and that you’re willing to promote because you really believe in it.

    This makes a massive difference and is a great feeling.

    Imagine knowing that what you’ve built is something people are willing to spend that much money on – it’s highly rewarding!

    And this means that your customers will be much happier.

    And actually the day-to-day running of a business that sells high ticket items is a whole lot easier than running a business that sells lots of products.

    Why? Because with fewer products you now have fewer customers.

    Keeping 15 customers happy is much easier than keeping 15,000 customers happy.


    "If Selling High Ticket is So Good, Why Aren't More People Doing it?"

    A lot of people still shy away from selling high ticket items.

    Why is this?

    It comes down to a lot of things but one of the first issues is that they lack confidence.

    If you aren’t confident in your own ability to provide great value and if you don’t believe that anything you can create will be worth $2,000, then you might simply avoid trying to make anything for that value.

    People also tend to do this when selling services. Rather than go after the top clients and offer $2,000 for a web design, they aim for the lower end clients and charge $200.

    They make much more work for themselves and basically that’s because they undervalue themselves and they undervalue their time.

    Another reason that people don’t sell high ticket items is that they don’t know anything about it. They don’t realize that it’s an option and once they do consider it, they don’t really know how to go about it.

    There is a ton of information out there on how to set up your own ecommerce store, how to sell affiliate products and how to create ebooks to sell at $10 a pop. But there’s much less information on selling high ticket items.

    So how can you get started with your own high ticket business?

    I've written a guide on this exact subject so you can finally reap the benefits.

    Allow me to introduce you to...

    High Ticket Authority: How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients

    Break Into Software Sales

    Learn an uncommon shortcut and the basic sales skills needed to easily land entry level software sales interviews

    Created by Darius Tan - Software Sales Professional


    Students: 4487, Price: Free

    ***** This course is now FREE. Also, I'm no longer supporting this course because of my new duties as CEO. Please do not expect answers to your questions, although I suppose it never hurts to try ***** 

    It can be hard to land an interview in the tech world. Especially if your resume isn't "relevant" by conventional means. If you have a low GPA, no sales internships, or heck, any sales experience, it can seem downright  impossible to get a call back after submitting 1947 resumes through job sites. That's why I created this course. 

    In it, you'll learn basic sales skills commonly used at tech companies. Skills that would be taught to you in an internship, but never in a college class. You'll also learn how someone hiring for salespeople thinks and how to give it to them on a silver platter. I have a history of being a top performing salesperson and hiring was very important to me so I know exactly what hiring managers are looking for. 

    You should be able to land an interview in 1-2 weeks if you watch all the videos and apply all the concepts and exercises.

    This course will teach you:

    • Why sending in your resume is a terrible way to get an interview, and how to take a little known shortcut. 

    • Basic sales skills. Having these skills will get you a better chance of interviewing than Ivy League candidates with no experience.

    • How to frame your limited experience in a way that gets managers excited to give you an interview.

    You'll be able to get an interview for an entry level sales position at a tech company after completion of this course. No experience necessary.

    Who this course is for:

    • Smart and hard working people who want to take the first step towards earning six figures a year as salesmen. (I earned $300,000+ in 2016) 

    • People who are looking to switch professions/industries into the lucrative technology field. Success in previous roles a big plus but not necessary. Experience dealing with customers a plus but again, not necessary.

    • Recent graduates who have been involved with extracurricular activities. Clubs, meetups, sports teams, running a small side business, etc.

    • Non-tech salespeople looking to break in to tech.

    Who this course is NOT for:

    • People who do not have a strong grasp of written and spoken English. Communication in sales is very important and it's out of my realm of expertise to teach it to you.

    • Recent graduates who literally just went to class, partied, and watched YouTube videos. You gotta give me something to work with on your resume, even if it's just a hobby or a organizing a meetup group.

    • People who have been unemployed for 1.5+ years. Resume gaps are hard for me to help with. This is workable if the gap was intentional, ie: kid, traveling, etc. but not if you've just been totally unemployable. 

    • Lazy people. There is homework involved in this course and you must do the work to succeed.

    Starting Your Sales Career

    What to consider when starting your sales career in SAAS

    Created by Sherrylyn Filoteo - Sales Strategy and Coaching


    Students: 4085, Price: Free

    This course starts with a reality check on the difficulties and challenges you may face in sales, along with your motivations for starting your sales career. We'll also cover typical sales roles; while this courses focuses on SAAS sales, I highly recommend researching the various types of sales companies available (ex: insurance sales, real estate, etc...). This course provides a high level overview of a typical SAAS sales cycle, and how to manage your relationships with AEs and sales managers for skill development. This course is intended to be high level, there are no direct sales exercises or applications covered in this course. 

    30 Proven Secrets to Cold Emails That Sell

    Cold email tips to kick outbound sales and lead generation into gear

    Created by Hans Dekker - Head of Growth at


    Students: 3335, Price: Free

    If you are constantly asking the quickest way to generate revenue for your business, you’re asking the right question.

    And when I was first introduced to cold email, I knew I found the answer.

    Over the past few years, I have generated countless business opportunities through cold email, both for myself and for other businesses with my cold outreach agency. For some startups I've even built out over 6-figures in pipeline in less than two months.

    These cold email tips are designed to get you the same results.

    Whether you’re looking to gain traction with your startup, win clients for your agency, or you’re a sales rep who relies on cold email, these tips will help you get more out of one of the most reliable but underrated revenue channels for B2B in 2020.

    With cold email, you can kick your outbound sales efforts into gear. Consider this your owner’s manual as you get started.

    Sales Funnels Masterclass – Increase Sales w/ ClickFunnels

    Get More Leads, Customers & Conversions by Launching Effective Sales Funnels Using ClickFunnels

    Created by Robert Kanaat - Entrepreneur, Software Engineer & Best-Selling Author.


    Students: 3333, Price: Free

    Websites are dead. 

    They are archaic and decaying beasts.


    To explain that story, you need to understand what a sales funnel is and how it works.

    You see, here's the problem...

    Websites present far too many choices for the average consumer.

    There are too many options... Too many places to click and to visit.

    In fact, it's so frustrating that most consumers end up leaving after just a few seconds visiting a company's website.

    Sales funnels on the other end... they present a better way... a more efficient option for getting more leads, increasing sales and skyrocketing conversions.

    So what are they and how do they work? 

    Think about it this way. Imagine having your best sales person grab your customer by the hand and take them down the path of giving them everything that they need to buy right there on the spot.

    That's what a sales funnel is.

    It's a mechanism for selling more by offering a single, pre-defined path for the consumer.

    The truth is that you can't go out there and market your products and services today like you would have a few years back...

    With the rising cost of ads and the competitive landscape only increasing year-over-year, you have to wield the fundamentals of marketing that will allow you to increase your returns from each new customers without having to spend yourself into the red.

    And that's where sales funnels come in...

    Today, the number one tool for building sales funnels is a software platform called ClickFunnels.

    It's an incredible tool that allows just about anyone to scale from a one-man (or one-woman) show to a multi-million dollar business fast!

    If you're ready to build and scale your business, here's a bit of what you'll discover inside this incredible course:

    • A fundamental understanding of sales funnels, what they are and how they work!

    • The reasoning behind the death of the website, and why businesses are failing that don't implement high-converting sales funnels!

    • Deep-dive into buyer psychology and the attention span of a consumer!

    • An understanding of urgency and scarcity and how best to use it in your sales funnel.

    • How to setup your sales funnels using ClickFunnels!

    • An understanding of One-Time Offers (OTOs) and Order Bumps and how to add those to your funnels!

    • How to build an ecommerce funnel to easily sell your products!

    • Creating a membership funnel and understanding continuity programs!

    • And so much more...!

    Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced funnel builder, you will gain extreme value from this course!

    But hurry up, because it won't be FREE for long so get in while you can!

    See you on the inside :) 


    SalesVu POS Rep Training Course

    Everything you need to know about SalesVu's POS and business management solution

    Created by Gregory Peer - VP of Sales @ SalesVu


    Students: 2911, Price: Free

    This course is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to effectively and independently sell the SalesVu POS and Branded App solution to prospective merchants.

    The course material will cover the iOS App, web portal, and Branded App portions of the solution in detail. You will have a thorough understanding of all SalesVu functionality upon completion of this course and will be able to effectively sell the solution into all types of merchant verticals. Typical merchant verticals will include restaurant, retail, and professional services. Merchants with blended functionality requirements fit particularly well with SalesVu's solution. 

    A Quickstart Guide To Getting Clients With Cold Emails

    A Step By Step Process For Rapidly Launching Your Freelancing Career

    Created by Stuart Oden - Digital nomad and fitness bro


    Students: 2865, Price: Free

    This is a crash course in writing cold emails that will convert into leads.

    It will cover the following:

    1. How I discovered this strategy

    2. The right mentality to have when cold emailing

    3. How to structure the email to get the best response rate

    4. How long the email should be

    5. Where to find emails of businesses

    6. How to execute the strategy so that you can start getting clients in a few days

    7. Free tools you can use to increase your results

    8. And much more!

    I've  made this course as simple and to the point as possible. No fluff, no  marketing buzzwords to bog you down. Just 100% pure unadulterated  actionable information for you to start using ASAP.

    Become a Rezolve Expert In 10 Easy Steps

    The easiest way to learn everything you need to know about Rezolve

    Created by Chris Dicken - Senior Product Manager at Rezolve Ltd


    Students: 2404, Price: Free

    This course covers the most important ideas, features and functionality that you need to be familiar with in order to master Rezolve's ecommerce and engagement technology.

    Topics in this course include:

    • Features of the Rezolve Reference App

    • Rezolve's Technical Architecture

    • What an Engagement is

    • Creating Image and Audio Watermark Triggers, and QR Code Triggers

    • Adding Products and Categories to your Rezolve Store

    • Creating Acts for Visitors to Submit

    • Handling Orders

    • Setting up Shipping and Collection Options

    Advance Cold Calling: The Path To Success

    Are you looking at walking that Tight-rope of Cold Calling?

    Created by Jamie Hill - Owner and CEO iNovate Marketing, Inc


    Students: 2104, Price: Free

    In this Advance Cold Calling course we will be looking more advance aspects of Cold Calling, and how you can quickly get in to the person you are looking at speaking to. This will not be a Golden Bullet for everything, however it does break down some of the harder aspects of Cold Calling, and gives you some aspects on how to get to the Gatekeeper.

    Free Ecommerce website No Coding – Resturant, Spa, Saloon

    Create and Increase your online presence . Sell Products and Services onine and generate income

    Created by Manish Gupta - Founder


    Students: 2085, Price: Free

    One stop solution that help User with no prior software knowledge to design and develop complex form, presentation, website, data grid, application, chart, ads and content in various formats. User can also manage projects and tasks, Analyze Data and create RSS Dashboard to track deals, news, sports without writing single line of code.

    Coaching & Consulting Business Strategy for Coronavirus

    My 6-figure strategy for getting more clients during the pandemic.

    Created by Ross Johnson - Serial Entrepreneur


    Students: 1988, Price: Free

    Learn a simple strategy to get coaching & consulting clients during the Coronavirus using this business Mini-Course!

    Right now, the world is changing because of the global pandemic.

    Businesses are failing, employees are getting laid off, and the economy is on a downslide.

    That's why it's CRUCIAL that you take this free course to learn how to adapt your business to stay successful.

    I'm 27 years old and in the past 3 years, I've build 2 (almost 3) 7-figure businesses.

    In this free training, I'll show you a strategy that me and my clients are using now to book clients quickly.

    This strategy has made me well over $500,000+ and I've never share it before publicly.

    Listed below is the THREE MAIN REASONS why you need to take this mini course NOW!!

    • Do a favor for yourself and start making a decision that will have a great impact on your life!

    • Learn how to get clients now! It's been proven effective by hundreds of my students!

    • Have your own coaching and consulting business that will make you tons of cash now!

    Here's just a little bit of what you're going to learn on the inside:

    • How to economy / businesses will be effected in 3-6 months

    • How to create a new marketing plan for your businesses

    • How to create a simple sales funnel to get leads in just 20 minutes

    • How to write an education guide that enrolls new clients effortlessly

    • How to set up a simple email sequence that books you sales calls

    • How to do all the tech, tutorials, and writing in just 1 afternoon

    You will also get:

    • My proven sales funnel template that converts at 67%

    • My proven ebook example that books clients quickly

    • My proven and exact email sequence that made me $500,000+

    • Access to a free Facebook group to get my personal support

    Did I mention the BEST PART?

    Because I am committed to your success, I will be Including some tools that I think you will find incredibly valuable….

    So If you're looking for simple, yet proven strategies to increasing your profits, this mini-course is for you!

    It doesn’t matter if you're an advanced or beginner marketer, funnel builder, social media expert, entrepreneur or business owner, this course guaranteed to help you increase revenue and sales!

    I hope to see you on the inside!

    Here’s to Your Success!


    Investment Banking Pitchbooks (Hedging and Derivative Sales)

    Step-by-step walkthrough of the optimal template for selling investment banking and financial services products

    Created by Perry Fisher - Corporate Trainer | Consultant | The Tauro Group


    Students: 1912, Price: Free

    Selling and presentation skills are invaluable tool for any business person or front-office employee. In this course I will share some of the insights I gained during my years working at one of the largest investment banks in South Africa.

    A pitch book is a sales presentation sent to a client with the objective of beginning the sales process. Investment banks and companies involved in the financial services sector provide a whole host of services to businesses and governments. In order to do so they need to communicate their expertise, capabilities and product offerings clearly and concisely. Pitch books allow them to do so by bridging the gap between their capabilities, and how those capabilities would be useful in providing solutions to their client’s problems. In this course I will discuss the ways to craft deal-winning sales presentations or pitch books.

    Pitch books are usually prepared in the form of slides. They are usually accompanied by an in-person presentation, where a representative from a financial services company would present the slides to the prospective client, and provide the client the opportunity to ask questions to elaborate or clarify the content of the presentation. The sales presentations are usually done by client-facing or sales-focused employees. We typically refer to these types of employees as being front-office employees.

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Put together your own sales presentation, using a tried and trusted format used by top global investment banks and advisory firms.

    • Structure your sales presentation to go along with a verbal presentation that is relevant to your client, builds rapport, and opens up the selling discussion leaving you with the only step necessary afterwards: CLOSING THE DEAL!

    How To Turn Strangers into Clients Without Having to Sell

    No Persuasion, No Objections Handling, No Being Needing...My unique Sales Strategy

    Created by Zaid Alasfar - Digital Marketer, Salesmen & Blogger


    Students: 1856, Price: Free

    Selling is waste of time....

    I remember in my early days of sales

    I was perplexed by the nature of sales

    There was something about it I wanted to figure out.

    Like it held the answers to the universe

    Like if I could understand how sales worked I would be forever confident

    Everything I wanted money, women, fame...

    I would able to glide my way through life with a winning sales smile

    Some days I would have 'it'

    I don't know what 'it' is

    I don't know how I got 'it'

    But I had 'it'

    I was in magical state of indifference and confidence

    I could do no wrong

    I could tell the potential customer that I wanted to fuck his wife and still close the deal.

    Some days I wouldn't have 'it'

    It was as if the whole universe would just turn on me

    Random harsh animosity

    Awkward silences

    Rejection after rejection after rejection

    And then I would stink of neediness and desperation.

    People would feel embarrassed for me.

    Of course I value my growth and I look back on those days now as precious lessons.

    That was not a waste of time.

    However those 'good days' were over

    Think about it

    That day your sounded amazing and your sales pitch was perfect.

    Who did you influence? 1 customer...

    Who did you perfectly build the value of your product for? 1 customer

    Whose considering buying your product? 1 customer...

    All that time, energy and spontaneous magical sales state which is so hard to manufacture

    Just for 1 customer.

    Nowadays you an you use the internet to sell for you.

    Cold calling is not dead

    But selling is.

    Below I've created a diagram of my sales strategy.

    It's designed to sell, follow up and build trust over time in a automated fashion.

    Sales Training- How to sell & get sales step by step

    Get more customers & sales the easy way

    Created by Bilal Nasser - Learn, grow & help others


    Students: 1804, Price: Free

    What you get:

    This course has 5 lectures and 5 worksheets that you can download and keep.

    The skills you will learn:

    This is going to give you the most essential sales and marketing skills to expand your business to new levels.

    You will learn how to take the new skills and bring them online to create an online system that doubles your sales for you.

    You will learn how to make the sales easier and with less pressure for you and your customers.

    Why this is for you:

    This course is designed for people looking to grow their business.

    This can be in sales and in marketing or if you are looking to get way more customers.

    Welcome to this course if you are

    • business owners

    • entrepreneurs

    • new business owners

    • new entrepreneurs

    • solopreneurs

    • freelancers

    • small business owners

    • someone who wants to learn how to make money online

    Learn To Sell Your Idea, Product or Service in 1 Hour Flat

    Unlock the Human Sales Machine in You. Learn to Sell Anything You Want. Fast & Easy. Sales Fundamentals in a Nutshell

    Created by Iberdynamics Creative - 


    Students: 1712, Price: Free


    Join a community of +750 students in this program.

    Learn the 7 easy steps to sell like a pro from scratch, in 1 hour flat!

    30 days refund guarantee.

    Join us now!


    How to Win the Sales Game is a Salesmen Training Course.

    The Art of Selling Step by Step. The secrets for Unlocking massive sales & income growth. How to sell more and better.

    Knowing how to sell like a top pro is one of the key skills in the Global world we are living in.

    Learn in 1 hour flat the most important and effective techniques for growing up your sales.

    • Did you ever wonder why some salespersons get all the sales (and comissions) while others struggle to make just average little incomes?

    The answer is that those who reach extraordinaire results follow tested and high impact selling methods while others just go out selling without a method, or maybe following low non effective procedures.
    Now you can learn the best and most effective selling techniques: tested and used by the top salespersons in the world. And you can learn that in less than an hour!

    This is a step by step program, easy to follow for any person willing to succeed in this great profession of selling.
    This is a sales training program divided in 7 parts, each one of them referring to the fundamental steps that any successful salesman masters in order to reach the killer instinct to close any sale.

    Especifically in this course you'll learn:

    • Conceiveing the Sale as a Game and winning it
    • Prepare yourself to know your product/service deeply and what it does for your customers
    • Contacting customers: what they want from you
    • Overcoming customers objections in an effective way
    • Establishing profitable relationships with potential customers
    • Presenting your ideas like a pro
    • Closing any (closable) sale
    • Increase your sales income by following up your customers

    Sign in to this program now and start improving your sales results in just one hour flat!

    Intro to SaaS Sales

    Learn about the software sales industry and how to pursue a career as an SaaS SDR or AE

    Created by Corey Kossack - Founder & CEO of Aspireship


    Students: 1696, Price: Free

    Are you interested in transitioning into a SaaS (software-as-a-service) sales career, but aren't sure where to start? Or perhaps you've interviewed for SaaS sales roles, but have been told that you don't have enough experience?

    Aspireship can help. In this FREE Intro to SaaS Sales course you will learn about the SaaS industry, the most common paths available to begin a career in SaaS sales and how a SaaS sales process typically works. This brief introduction will help you understand if a SaaS sales career is right for you, and will help you build the foundation to begin your transition into a SaaS sales career.

    What's Aspireship? We're a career acceleration platform for the SaaS industry. We train you online for sales careers in the SaaS industry, then help you show off your skills to fast-growth tech companies.

    Aspireship instructors and expert contributors are Founders, CEOs, VPs and Directors at fast-growth SaaS companies. We’ve built, scaled and trained B2B software companies of all sizes, collectively training hundreds of thousands of SaaS professionals worldwide. In this introductory course, you'll hear from current SaaS sales reps at major tech companies, as well as sales leaders and trainers from top SaaS companies.

    Sales for Sales reps

    Learn to control the linguistic encounter to close more deals

    Created by Hayley Harman - Author | Entrepreneur | Investor


    Students: 1661, Price: Free

    In this Sales course, you will unlock the skill set to dramatically increase your closing conversion rate. You will begin to understand the reason why you got objections at the start of a sales call. Or, why you lost rapport in the conversation. The reason why is because you were missing a skill set.  This course will teach you everything from when you pick up the phone until you ask for the order for the 1st, 2nd, and maybe 5th time.

    How to Sell Branded and other Existing Products on Amazon

    Learn how to start and run a 6-7 figure Amazon business in 2021 with step-by-step videos

    Created by AMZScout Сorp. - A multinational company


    Students: 1099, Price: Free

    Learn to sell branded and other existing products on Amazon, and start earning within days while on a budget.

    There’s no need to search the internet reading countless articles. This course walks you through everything you need to know in order to start your own Amazon business.

    Plenty of people make a six-figure income by selling products on Amazon. With so many customers signed up for Amazon Prime it is exploding now. You may want to start with selling methods that require least investment and allow you to start earning almost immediately. In this course we will cover how those methods work, how to go about finding the right products for it and cover other aspects of selling on Amazon.

    One example covered on the course is an Amazon store, it allows you to grow your business and offers a number of benefits, including improved ad performance and it’s entirely free. So, who’s eligible for a storefront and how do you go about setting it up? This guide will fill you in on everything you need to know about how to start an Amazon store.

    So take this course and learn how to start and run a 6 or 7-figure Amazon business in 2021 with step-by-step videos.

    Introduction to Marketing

    Created by The Storyboard Initiative

    Created by Vayun Shyam - Computer Science and Business Specialist


    Students: 1067, Price: Free

    The Storyboard Initiative presents our Introduction to Marketing course, an introductory course that focuses on the basics and essentials of marketing. We cover a wide range of topics relating to marketing, from the marketing mix to color theory, go into the essentials and format of a marketing plan, and cover topics related to digital marketing in the modern world.

    Plant-based / Vegan Menus 101

    Create amazing plant-based menus.

    Created by Michael Broadhead - Founder of Plant-based Menus


    Students: 1034, Price: Free

    Our Plant-based Menus 101 online course will help any F&B business develop a successful plant-based / vegetarian / vegan menu. From dish creation criteria, to effective naming and menu placement, to marketing and more...  Meticulous Research firm found sales of plant-based meats increased 200% during the covid-19 pandemic. As the F&B industry tries to adapt, plant-based foods can be part of your recovery plans. Our course is an affordable option to get started vs a consultant.

    Sell Your Creation (and More) with Etsy

    Use Etsy to Sell What You Create

    Created by Steven Schultz - Teaching You How to Build A Successful Online Business


    Students: 926, Price: Free

    Let's talk about what Etsy is and how you're going to be able to make it work.

    One of the things you may have noticed is both eBay and Amazon, when they first started out, people would list their things there. And it was a place where you could go and list your stuff. You could have various things for sale, maybe you were involved in business, maybe you weren't. But it was a place that was for people who just wanted to get their things for sale available and to a larger marketplace.

    At some point, though, these companies started to favor big, well established sellers, and for sellers who were really treating it like a business.

    So the people that have things that they made, but maybe didn't want to be on Amazon or eBay, because they didn't want to try to scale up, they were only trying to sell some things, or maybe they had a smaller business.

    And so the sellers began to find a place on Etsy. And etsy-dot-com is a place for people who have original creations. And these creations can be digital, they can be physical, they can be vintage, items that they create the whole things themselves.

    Basically, it's a place where someone who has things that are original creations, they can reach a larger audience.

    You're probably going to ask...

    are buyers coming to Etsy, and yes, buyers are increasingly coming to Etsy.

    And as of 2019, this is the last year they did a whole year tally, the amount of revenue generated was $4.7 billion. That's an indication that this is a viable platform for you to offer your products for sale.

    The other question is always going to be whether or not the traffic matches the right people and are is this traffic finding product to purchase, are people going there on the internet to look for things. The answer again is yes. With an Alexa ranking is 120 people are spending time there on the pages of Etsy.

    So what kinds of things can you sell.

    Actually, if you look at their categories, categories are pretty broad. Basically, they're going to have to be something that you created, where you are considered to be a maker or the creator.

    What kind of products can you sell on Etsy?

    You can sell physical products.

    Your products can be digital.

    There are people who sell things like printables, and stickers, as well as how to information courses.

    Sometimes even those physical products don't necessarily have to be in your possession, you can do what's called "print on demand".

    And so you don't even have to hold the inventory in order to sell it on Etsy. And so Etsy is going to be a place where people can sell what they want to have online. And they don't necessarily want to compete on eBay or Amazon, it means that you've got stuff you've created, or a specialty, it's considered to be vintage, there's a market for people like you on Etsy.

    In this (20) Lesson course you will learn:

    Opening Your Etsy Account

    Updating Etsy Settings

    Etsy Seller Fees and Other Basics

    Opening Your Etsy Shop and Starting Your Listing

    Etsy Item Listing

    Etsy Production Partner

    Etsy Payment System

    Deactivating an Etsy Listing

    Working With Canva to Create an Etsy Store Banner

    Creating Our Etsy Cover Photo

    Etsy Shop Customizations

    Editing Etsy Shop Policies

    Etsy Information and Appearance

    Edit About Your Etsy Shop

    Etsy Account Options

    Etsy Shipping Policies

    Sell With Square on Etsy in Person

    If you can determine how to get things listed, you're going to be able to sell those specialty items, the only thing that's going to be key to Etsy is just not to focus on just one customer at a time and not even just one product at a time but to really focus on the entire market and where it's going.

    Because that's how you determine what it is you're going to be able to sell there, you need to make sure that you have your graphics set up and that you're ready change and shift gears whenever you have to in order to be consistently successful on Etsy.

    It important to know what to say in your profile, and where to say it. Sometimes getting those first few sales is just a matter of changing a few things in your image or your listing.

    This video course will help you to get set up on the basics of Etsy.