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Build your first game with RPG Maker MV

No programming knowledge needed. Windows, Linux, OSX, and mobile

Created by Jeff M - IT Professional, ethical hacker, Indy Game programmer


Students: 707, Price: $49.99

Students: 707, Price:  Paid

Have you always wanted to build a game, but never knew where to start? Maybe the thought of programming scares you, you don't know how to share or sell your games, you want to be able to publish your games to different platforms. This course is for you! In this course you don't need any programming experience at all. You won't need to hunt down resources to build your maps, characters, music, etc. All the tools that you need are build right into the software that we will be using. Have custom music, sounds, graphics? Not a problem, we will go over that too! Have a Windows machine, a Apple, Linux? Good news, RPG Maker works with all platforms. Do you want to build a game that's not a RPG? Again, not a problem, RPG Maker is more than a RPG builder, it is a powerful, flexible tool that is capable of creating various games.

In this course we will be going through building a game from scratch, start to finish. We will go over tips and tricks, how to export your game to various formats, and how to publish you game(s) for free or get paid. We will be going through step by step in a easy to follow instructions. If you have any questions or issues during the course? Contact me and I will do my best to help you out. Just because you buy the course, doesn't mean the support ends there.

Don't stop yourself from realizing your dreams of building and publishing your game. Grab the course, get the software (demo or full) and build your first game!

FYI, a reminder: I not anyone that is a part of DGS has any affiliation with any of the vendors, software manufactures, or programmers in this course.

Complete RPG Maker MZ: Create and Publish for PC and Mobile

Learn character creation, map creation, battle systems, cutscenes, puzzles, plugins coding and deploy to PC and Mobile

Created by Andres Cavallin - Indie Game Developer and Engineer


Students: 110, Price: $59.99

Students: 110, Price:  Paid

Are you ready to become an RPG Game Maker!

This comprehensive course will be teach you how to use the power of RPG Maker to create your very own games, including characters, maps, cutscenes, and new game mechanics that are unique and different thanks to the power of JavaScript plugins.

Once you learn how to publish to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android; you will be able to prove your skills to others as an Indie game developer. Finishing a full game is hard, specially using more complex tools like Unity or Unreal, but with RPG Maker and this course you will definitely be able to complete your own game and show it off, even sell it if that is what you want.

RPG Maker is simple to use, but since it uses JavaScript at its core, you can create completely new mechanics like puzzles and quests. Don't worry, I will guide you on how to achieve this. In addition to this, learning how to publish JavaScript based games as multi-platform apps is a highly in demand skill that will make you a more valuable professional, not just in the game industry but in the web and app development industry too.

This course uses the newest version of RPG Maker, which is RPG Maker MZ released on mid 2020, but I consider that users of the previous version, RPG Maker MV, will also benefit from this course since they are very similar, and because this course is yours too keep, once you are ready to upgrade you will have the latest info.

With 60 lectures, this is the most complete RPG Maker MZ course currently available.

So what are you waiting for? Start your career as an indie game developer with this course right now!

RPG Maker For Beginners

Learn to make games without any coding or programming knowledge for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile platforms

Created by Michael McGuire - 3D Artist | Programmer | Indie Game Developer


Students: 109, Price: $29.99

Students: 109, Price:  Paid

Learn how to use any RPG Maker Game Engine in an easy to understand way for beginners to start making their own game without coding. In this course, we will be going over everything you need to create your own game in any RPG Maker. For this course, I will be using RPG Maker MV but all lessons will apply to previous versions of RPG Maker.

You can use any version of RPG Maker to follow along as any changes aren't too major however, I will be using the MV version of the Engine for these videos.

Throughout this course, some of the things you will learn are:

  • Where and How to download the RPG Maker Engine

  • How to create and transfer between maps

  • How to generate new NPCs and add them to the world

  • How to create new items, weapons, skills and classes

  • How to use switches, variables and common events

  • How to deploy your project