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Complete Spanish Course: Learn Spanish Language | Beginners

Spanish Course for Beginners - Learn Spanish Language - Subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian

Created by AbcEdu Online - Interactive Board - 30+ years teaching, 200.000+ Students


Students: 21887, Price: $19.99

Students: 21887, Price:  Paid

Highlights: 14.5 Hours - FULL HD Course / Exercises after each lesson / Subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian / Interactive Board / Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson / Best Value for Money / Full Lifetime access / 30-Day Satisfaction or money back guarantee


We are top Udemy instructors in the Language category. Our language courses have been taken by over 120,000 happy students from 192 countries.


Spanish Beginner to Intermediate Course (A1, A2, A2+)

In this course the native Spanish speaking teacher covers the following topics: Spanish speaking, Spanish pronunciation, Spanish writing, Spanish grammar rules and patterns with accent on verbs and tenses, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish conversation and communication skills. The interactive board and the subtitles help the visual learners and the immersion method used for teaching Spanish accelerates the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken Spanish and the fluency. 

The available subtitles make it the best choice for English, Italian, French or any other non native Spanish speakers.
It starts from the basics and includes free .pdf support and practice tests / quizzes.

Aprender español!

This course includes:

  • This Spanish course includes: FULL HD Video Lessons presented on an Interactive Board

  • This Spanish course includes: Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson

  • This Spanish course includes: Video Captions in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Romanian

  • Coming Soon: Video Captions in German, Italian

  • This Spanish course includes: Everyday situations presented in Spanish

  • This Spanish course includes: Listening and speaking practice

  • This Spanish course includes: An easy way to understand the Spanish grammar

  • This Spanish course includes: Testing and improving your knowledge using quizzes after each lesson

  • This Spanish course includes: Future Updates

  • This Spanish course includes: Full Lifetime access

  • This Spanish course includes: 30-Day Satisfaction or money back guarantee 

  • This Spanish course includes: Access on computer, mobile and TV

We recommend you to continue with our other Spanish course:

Learn Spanish Language: Spanish Course - Intermediate Level
Spanish Courses, Intermediate level - Learn Spanish Language with a native teacher - Spanish Speaking, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary
During the course "Learn Spanish Language: Spanish Course - Intermediate Level" (B1) the native Spanish speaking teacher covers the following topics: Spanish speaking, Spanish pronunciation, Spanish writing, Spanish grammar rules, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish conversation and communication skills (intermediate to advanced level). The interactive board helps the visual learners and the method used for teaching accelerates the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken Spanish and the fluency. It includes free .pdf support and practice tests / quizzes. Upgrade your Spanish! Aprender español!

Over 7,000 people from 130 countries enrolled in our courses from December 2016

Student Testimonials

★★★★★   "This Spanish course is a good way to learn the language. The teacher talks like a native speaker and the videos are filled with pictures so you can visualize the lesson better. You can also use subtitles in many languages and download a PDF file with the information you saw on the video. This way you can take better notes and there is also a test you can do. It's almost like being back in school and it makes everything easier. If you missed something you can watch the video again and you learn how to talk Spanish like a native speaker. I am looking forward to watching all the videos." - Andreea Ioana Dumitrescu

This Spanish course integrates the innovative and up-to-date teaching techniques with the valuable help of our expert teachers, who designed the lessons as short and intense e-learning sessions. 

Each lesson is taught in the native language, with the visual support perfectly integrated in the context, creating the perfect environment to learn Spanish. 

Downloadable .pdf file and quizes for the lessons included in this Spanish course.

This Spanish course for beginners offers you video courses that are tailored to incorporate various methods into teaching and accommodate different learning styles, so that they can be a perfect fit for each student, regardless of their knowledge level or of what they have learnt in schools.

If you still wonder why this Spanish course?

For at least 3 reasons:

1.  First and foremost, each lesson is taught in the native language, with the visual support perfectly integrated in the context. The communication is adapted to each student and to real-life situations, in a friendly and easy manner.

2. Second, the students can learn Spanish at their own pace, and in order to enhance their concentration and comfort level, the subtitles are available either in the students’ native language or in the language they want to learn. 

3. And last but not least, the students can measure their performance and progress by doing multiple choice tests, an extremely efficient technique to review vocabulary and refine grammar for anyone who decides to take this Spanish course for beginners.

Romanian for Beginners : Level 1

Learn the basics of the Romanian language

Created by Catalin Stefan - Software Development Teacher


Students: 273, Price: $89.99

Students: 273, Price:  Paid

Learn the basics of the Romanian language in just a few short lectures. 

Do you have friends of Romanian origin and would like to impress them by speaking a few words in their language?

Are you travelling to Romania and would like to know the basics before arriving?

This course is for you.

I want to teach you the fundamentals of the language so that you can have a basic conversation with anyone.

This course will teach you

  • common simple words

  • hello and goodbye

  • ask for directions

  • start a conversation

  • numbers

  • how to ask for directions

  • talk about yourself and ask about the other person

  • and more

After taking this course you will be able to talk to Romanian people on a basic level, express yourself and ask them about themselves.

Sign up today and learn your first few words in Romanian.

30 day money back guarantee - provided by Udemy

Highly rated instructor with over 10.000 active students and growing monthly.

Romanian Language – Basic Conversation

Romanian Basic Conversation Kit

Created by Laura Mois - Trainer and translator


Students: 122, Price: $29.99

Students: 122, Price:  Paid

Why is it useful to learn Romanian?
Romania is a country in Europe, part of the European Union, with a lot to offer: mountains,
seaside, preserved medieval cities, castles, a modern capital with amazing nightlife and amazing
If you decide to visit, the best way to impress a Romanian, who is very proud of his country and
language, is to speak a little bit of Romanian.
Romanian people usually speak English at an acceptable level, but the way to their hearts is by
trying to speak a little bit of their language.

“That’s the most amazing road I’ve ever seen (about Transfagarasan road in Romania) ” [ Jeremy
Clarkson- Top Gear Show – BBC]