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Introduction to Transportation Risk Analysis

Introduction to freight transportation risk management framework, risk assessment concepts and methodologies.

Created by Rapik Saat, PhD, PMP - Professor, Consultant, Project Manager


Students: 10178, Price: Free

What is the course about? This course provides an introduction to transportation risk analysis.

What kind of materials are included? It covers risk management framework, and risk assessment concepts and methodologies using examples based on railroad hazardous materials transportation risk.

How long will the course take to complete? The lectures can be completed in about 3 hours. Students are highly encouraged to complete optional assignments specified in the lectures. This would require additional 2-10 hours, depending on the level of complexity of the student-chosen transportation risk scenario.

How is the course structured? There are a set of 5-15 minute video lectures with optional assignments. Students are encouraged to publish their assignments online (e.g. using Google Doc) and share the link using the Q&A board for specific lectures.

Why take this course? This course will provide an ultralight, express introduction to transportation risk. This course is particularly suitable for managers, planners, engineers, other professionals or students who are or will be involved in transportation supply chain. Upon completion of this course, students will feel comfortable to support a transportation risk analysis project. Additional resources are specified throughout the lectures if students want to learn more.

Level of instructor involvement/availability: Students are highly encouraged to post questions and comments, and respond to those from other students using the Q&A board. Instructor will check and address unanswered questions/comments at least weekly.

Introduction to risk management

Learn the fundamentals of risk management in less than three hours!

Created by Andrew Sheves - Risk, security and crisis manager


Students: 3651, Price: Free

Start Your Risk Management Journey Here Today

Whether you are a risk manager just embarking on a new career, a member of a risk assessment project who wants some more background or an executive who wants to understand the background to the risk reports you receive, this is the place to start.

I've taken over 25 years of risk management experience and condensed the key elements into three sessions of less than 30 minutes each. These cover everything you need to get started including:

  • What is risk?

  • What are the key components of an individual risk.

  • How to write a risk statement

  • How to assess risks quantitively.

  • How to plan a risk assessment.

  • What options are there to mitigate risks?

The sessions provide the basic information you need to understand risk and the core elements of risk management. And because it's based on academic and practical experience, it's all actionable.

Plus the course is supported by downloadable tools and templates that you can put to immediate use in your own project.

Learn the fundamentals of risk management in less than three hours!

Sports Safety & Risk Management

A Sports Safe Singapore

Created by Sports Safety - 


Students: 2664, Price: Free

Safety must be a fundamental component of our sporting culture and a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. In this course, learners will learn 5 rules to promote safety in sports and another 5 rules to manage risks in sports. These rules go a long way in ensuring the safety of the learners as well as the safety of others when engaging n sports activities.

Bitcoin Leverage Trading – The Secret to Risk Management!

Stop listening to YouTube "gurus" who use 50x or 100x leverage randomly and protect your Bitcoin now. Workbook included!

Created by cryptoSoup Learning - Free Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Research and Education


Students: 2363, Price: Free

So many traders get this wrong and blow up their accounts fast! Why?

Well, trading involves three main components, each of them equally important for being a profitable trader.

  • Good technical analysis

  • Proper risk management

  • Psychology and emotional control

Of these three key components, this course is focused on the second one - risk management - and how most traders get this wrong and end up blowing up their accounts. This is not a TA course, nor a trading psychology training, so don't expect any indicators, strategies or mentoring. Instead, what many traders (especially beginners) tend to ignore is how to properly manage their risk, position sizing and leverage when trading Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other assets, in general.

Here's the structure of this course. It is very important that you do not skip any section/video/lecture!

  • Introduction

  • The Simple Math Behind a Profitable Risk:Reward Ratio Strategy

  • Risk Determines the Correct Position Size and Leverage. Not Vice Versa!

  • Bonus Section

In the end, please understand that the information in this course is NOT financial advice and we are NOT financial advisors. Also, we do not endorse any cryptocurrency, project, product or service mentioned throughout this course. We're just sharing our own cryptocurrency evaluation metrics and strategy, hoping it will bring some clarity in your crypto portfolio building process as well. Ultimately, it's solely your job to do your own research!

The content in this course is NOT sponsored, endorsed or recommended by any of the platforms, services, products or projects mentioned within.

Without further ado, grab a good coffee or tea and hit the Enroll button!

Let's get started!

ISO 31000:2018 – Enterprise Risk Management Awareness Course

Free Awareness Course on latest ISO 31000:2018 international standard on risk management framework for organizations

Created by Exoexcellence Training Resources - Management System, Process Excellence, Lean & Six Sigma


Students: 1199, Price: Free

ISO 31000 is the international standard on Risk Management framework for organizations, businesses, and companies. The latest standard was released in 2018 by the ISO with some fundamental considerations of important issues such as Leadership, Integration, etc. The awareness course covers the intention of the standard, basics about risk management, and some important terms and definitions along with the principles of risk management. The course will introduce learners to the scope of the standard and where it can be applied.

What you will learn when you take this online course (Course Objectives):

  • The publication of the new ISO 31000:2018 standard

  • The specific differences between old and new editions

  • Revision specifics of the new standard

  • The Standard's compatibility with any organization

  • Important Terms of Risk Management in Standard

  • Risk Management Principles

NOTICE: Please note that this ISO 31000:2018 standard is copyright protected. A standard copy will NOT be issued with this course.

Ask Questions & Report Complaints: A discussion forum on the right side of this course can be used to discuss specific queries and report problems you are facing about the content of the course.

Take this course: Follow the “Take This Course" Button by clicking at the Top Right Hand Side of the Page. Proceed with the instructions and follow them to register and pay for the course.

Overview to Risk Management (How about a career in Risk?)

Understand how the ISO31000 global standard can help you better manage risks in your personal and work life

Created by Daman Dev Sood - COO - Continuity & Resilience


Students: 658, Price: Free

Risk Management is a great career opportunity, and even more so given the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective Risk Managers can help the organization grow and achieve difficult organisational goals. I have trained around hundreds of risk professionals, and my observation is that most of them have excellent risk professionals, but the team size is too small, just 1-2, and that is because they cannot find the right people to hire. There is a huge need for more high-quality professionals who can help organisations to mange the risks that need to be taken, in order to grow.

My ‘Overview to Risk Management’ is an introductory course designed to help students decide if Risk is an area that you may to take up as a career. Running time of this course is 46 minutes, but including exercises, you may take over one hour to complete it (you can take breaks and complete it at your own pace). The course provides an introduction to Risk Management over 7 lectures which cover key topics (what is risk,  the need for Risk Management, the ISO 31000 methodology and roadmap, and next steps to start your Risk Management implementation).

My approach in this course is to have the participants answer various exercises with an intention to help them increase their own understanding. For example, I have provided resources which show you over 10 definitions of risk - and even this may not be a complete and comprehensive list! The above answers are provided just to give you a sample of some possibilities. The intention in the exercises is to ensure that those who are attending this this course are encouraged to come up with their own answers - as many as possible.

Once you have completed this exercise, kindly give me your feedback. I hope this course helps you get some new ideas and the commitment to come up with some action steps for you to implement. Best of luck!

Risk Management 101

Learn the fundamentals of Risk Management in this free lesson

Created by Simon Di Nucci - The Safety Artisan


Students: 285, Price: Free

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Risk Management 101, where we're going to go through these basic concepts of risk management. We're going to break it down into the constituent parts and then we're going to build it up again and show you how it's done. I've been involved in risk management, project risk management, safety risk management, etc., for a long, long time. I hope that I can put my experience to good use, helping you in whatever you want to do with this information.

Maybe you're getting an interview. Maybe you want to learn some basics and decide whether you want to know more about risk management or not. Whatever it might be, I think you'll find this short session really useful. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching.

Topics for this Session, Risk Management 101:

  • Hazard Identification.

  • Hazard Analysis.

  • Risk Estimation.

  • Risk [and ALARP] Evaluation.

  • Risk Reduction.

  • Risk Acceptance.

Risk Management is “The systematic application of management policies, procedures and practices to the tasks of Hazard Identification, Hazard Analysis, Risk Estimation, Risk and ALARP Evaluation, Risk Reduction and Risk Acceptance.”


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