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Mass Building using Autodesk Revit

Revit Quick Start Program is designed for both beginners and industry professionals looking to explore Revit

Created by 3DTraining .com - Learn. Practice. Work.


Students: 28660, Price: Free

Welcome to's Quick Start Video Series: If you are a beginner or industry professional new to Autodesk Revit these videos will give you a quick overview of the software to help you decide if you seriously want to pursue a career in 3D.

In this project-based course you will learn:

·Autodesk Revit's Core Interface and Navigation

·Introduction to Revit's unique Project Workflow

·Design an organic shaped building using massing tools

After this course, you will have created your own basic building that walks you through step by step how to work on a project from start to finish such as basic massing, editing a mass and converting a mass to a useable product.

Included in this course is a link to download the 30 day trial version of Revit (Courtesy of Autodesk) and approx 60 minutes of training video provided by The average student will complete this course in approximately 2-4 hours.

And if you enjoy your experience working in the software and you are interested in professional training to find work in this field visit our site and sign up for a free one hour intro class for more information.

Also when you visit our site, don't forget to check out our company news page to see how the unique training methodology has helped our students launch a successful career in the 3D industry.

Full project using Revit Structure – Basic Modeling

your first step to learn Revit Structure

Created by Mostafa Elashmawy - Certified BIM & Revit Professional


Students: 17781, Price: Free

In this course we will use the tools of Revit to model a building using the structural tools Columns, Beams, Foundations, Floors, Slabs

and also we will take about Reinforcement of different structural elements

as beginning we will have an introduction to Building information modeling and Revit

then you will know how to start modelling by adding the levels and grids or to use an Autocad file as an underlay to your work

next comes adding all the structural elements :






then finally we will discuss adding the reinforcement to different types of elements manually or by using the Revit extentions

Enjoy your first steps with me

Basic Autodesk Revit Modeling ARC &STR (LOD 200)

Develop Basic Revit Modeling ARC & STR using (LOD 200)

Created by Enrique Galicia - Arq. PMP. MATI Autodesk Educator Expert


Students: 7541, Price: Free

This is a basic level course designed to teach you how to use Autodesk Revit as a modeling tool for a virtual pre-construction of a project.

Nowadays, the term BIM (Building Information Modeling) is expanding, causing the use of this methodology for the majority of the projects defining new building, design and quality standards.

In the same way that pencil was substituted by the computer with drawings, and blueprints, BIM is an elemental concept for the construction industry technology nowadays.

This course will teach you how to model an executive project with Autodesk Revit, being the first out of four courses to dominate the modeling in Revit for executive projects.

This course shows how to model Architecture and Structural Projects in an effective and practical manner to develop executive projects.

It includes 2 practical exercises directly involved with modeling, allowing you to execute what you learned, and once it is submitted for review you will obtain a feedback, and if needed further personalized explanation, it will be provided.

Are you tired of taking courses that have a lot of content or go very fast? Don´t worry¡ We know you are looking for quick results. “Skip between sections, retake the course lessons and exercises as many times as needed”. The course has lifetime access on behalf of Udemy which means you can utilize it when you need it, and if you subscribe, you will receive news regarding course lectures and have at the reach of you hand any up-dated course.

Use the forum debates to improve and obtain better benefits of it.

It focus on BIM modeling with Autodesk Revit at a basic level, how to set up the project families and utilize the Autodesk Seek families and the basic libraries.

Also, if you will be the first to know about future Mag Architecture & Technology Solutions courses, you´ll get advantage of future courses opportunities and you will be sure to be up to date with the knowledge necessary to excel at work and to achieve better work and professional positions.

Revit MEP Tips

Some modeling tips in Revit - MEP

Created by Samaah Sultaan - Mechanical engineer


Students: 5403, Price: Free

By the end of this short course, you'll be able to:

Starting the software and recognize user interface. The safe and easy way to open the standalone file. Creating a Revit project upon coordination type, the unit, and Discipline.

Linking a Revit model to a host model. Copy and Monitor levels to track any changes in model. Creating floor and ceiling plan views.

Place spaces in the areas of the building. Use the zone tool to define spaces that can be controlled by environmental control systems, such as heating, cooling, and humidity control systems.

Revit to IFC: An Export Guide

Learn how to successfully export your Autodesk Revit model to Industry Foundations Classes (IFC)

Created by Mark Thompson - Senior BIM Coordinator


Students: 417, Price: Free

Been asked to export IFC files to facilitate coordination on a construction project? Or maybe you are required to provide model based data for asset register.

In this course we'll look at how to successful export an Autodesk® Revit® 2022 model to Industry Foundation Classes....or IFC. Often on construction projects, where 3D models are to be exchanged between organisations, the quality of models exchanged when using IFC are inconsistent, non-compliant and are often to the detriment of the project rather than beneficial.

In this course we'll explore the IFC schema and how it is structured. We'll then go and look at how to set up and export your Revit models so that they comply with this schema and ensure that the correct information and geometry is included as part of the exchange.

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