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Research Methods and Statistics: An Introduction

A Primer in Research Methodology and Statistics in the Social Sciences

Created by Monk Prayogshala - Not for Profit Academic Research Institution


Students: 3407, Price: $89.99

Students: 3407, Price:  Paid

The Research Methodology and Statistical Reasoning Course includes topics ranging from what is a variable to, where can one use a two-way ANOVA. Statistics are widely used in social sciences, business, and daily life. Given the pervasive use of statistics, this course aims to train participants in the rationale underlying the use of statistics. This course aims to explain when to apply which statistical procedure, the concepts that govern these procedures, common errors when using statistics, and how to get the best analysis out of your data. Research methodology is used a base to explain statistical reasoning. The course also familiarises you with commonly used software for statistical analysis. The course will take 11 hours to complete, including one contact hour with the course instructor after completion of the workshop. The course is divided into 11 broad sections, which include 59 lectures and 21 quizzes. Participants would benefit from the course because understanding basic research methodology and statistics is essential prior to taking up any research-related endeavour. It is also an important part of the college curriculum from undergraduate to PhD levels. Designing research methods requires knowledge about various methods and understanding data. The comprehensive nature of the course ensures that students and professionals are not only able to understand, but also apply the course content. The course not only includes course content, but instructors that are approachable after completing it, who will provide feedback and address your specific needs.

7 INSANELY Profitable Amazon Product Research Methods (2021)

Find INSANELY Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon FBA NOBODY Else Knows in As Little as 1 Day WITHOUT ANY Experience.

Created by Sumner Hobart - E-Commerce Entrepreneur


Students: 2505, Price: $54.99

Students: 2505, Price:  Paid

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★★★★★Thankful to have found Sumner's course! His positive energy and insights were helpful to give me confidence to get going on product research, and I am going to continue with his next course as well.” - Erin G

★★★★★Sumner Hobart is an amazing teacher! I have been watching Udemy courses you tube videos and almost all of them are the within 2 or 3 different types of videos which all copy cat each other. This is original content that as far as I am aware you will not see anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Sir.” - Mike T

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★★★★★Amazing class and I feel like I have learned from A-Z on how to find my first product. You convinced me to absolutelly start investing in this, where 2 days ago I was not even aware about it. If I may give a remark below: It can be really confusing on how to proceed after finishing the course, so maybe a slide on bullet points for the product research and the usage of the tools with each step along the way. Thank you again and good luck to you!!!” - Ana M

★★★★★Absolutely loved this course! The amount of valuable knowledge is huge and it covers all the aspects you need. It's very clear and the steps are easily actionable. Many thanks for sharing that much information, it definitely makes a huge difference from all the other options out there on YouTube and other platforms. Will definitely use everything I learnt from this course. The only downside: if you have already a bit of an idea about Amazon FBA, some moments in the course can be a bit too redundant, but speeding up the videos to 1.5x helps, as you don't want to skip that altogether.” - Lulia S

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Research Methods For Business Students

A-Z guide to writing a rockstar Research Paper with a bulletproof Research Methodology!

Created by Robert Barcik - Business Lecturer


Students: 2408, Price: $89.99

Students: 2408, Price:  Paid

Course Description

If you are a university student, you very well know the struggle of writing an academic paper - especially when it comes to the degree thesis. One has to understand and acknowledge a large number of methodological guidelines while writing.

We are trying to make this process a lot simpler and less painful for you by summarizing all of the concepts that are necessary to understand if one wants to write a solid research paper. Hence we do not only cover these, but we will also have strong recommendations for you along the way with some pretty practical tips! Moreover, you will have a chance to get your research paper ideas being reviewed by the instructor!

Opportunity to Receive Feedback on YOUR Paper

The course contains several assignments, where you can submit questions or thoughts that you have with your research paper. I review these assignments on a weekly basis. Thus you can provide me with a question such as

"Hey Robert, my research topic is ......, do you think this can be a good idea? I want to use ..... as a research strategy. Is that appropriate?"

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Learn and Master The Most Crucial Parts Of Writing A Research Paper

  • Stating Research Aim, Questions, and Objectives.

  • Identifying Research Rationale and Research Problem.

  • Choosing Research Approach, Design, Nature, and Strategy.

  • Understanding Sampling Techniques and Sample Selection.

  • Choosing Data Collection Technique.

Making The Right Methodological Choices

Research is a long process that starts by identifying a problem and then selecting the proper research methodology to analyze this problem. We will go through this process in a step-by-step manner, so you can follow the videos and alongside write your research paper.

We have focused on giving actual and practical recommendations for you, hence not just making an overview of all the choices you can make. For every decision that is there, such as a research strategy, you are going to hear a recommendation of which alternative you should go for with your particular research idea.

Lastly, if this is your first strive to write an academic paper, there is an exclusive video in Module 2 where we present to you all the essential writing tips - such as referencing, searching for scholarly articles, etc.

Course Contents

In over 3 hours of content, this course covers all the necessary Research Methodology concepts. We strongly recommend you to follow the course while you are constructing your research paper alongside. As an extra help for you, each lecture has notes as an attachment while there are worksheets for each module that you can download and print. Finally, we added quizzes so that you can test your knowledge and get ready for an exam from this topic.

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

Learn the basics of conducting qualitative research. Learn to design interviews, conduct observations, and analyze data.

Created by Leigh Hall - Associate Professor; University of North Carolina


Students: 1450, Price: $84.99

Students: 1450, Price:  Paid

This course teaches you the basics of conducting qualitative research. You will learn how to: (a) design research questions, (b) write interview questions, and (c) conduct observations. You will also be introduced to basic data analysis techniques and think about where you would like to publish and present your research.

This course is perfect for anyone interested in conducting qualitative research but isn't sure how to get started. At the end of this course, you will have gained knowledge about the primary tools used in qualitative research and how to use them. You will be ready to go forth and conduct your own research.

Research Methods Made Easy

A step by step and easy guide to Research Methods in Social Sciences

Created by Dr Asif Kamal - Professor of Social Sciences


Students: 1329, Price: $89.99

Students: 1329, Price:  Paid

This is a comprehensive course on Research Methodology which covers all the topics of research related to Social Sciences, starting from the selection of the topic to the Report Writing, and from the research design to the application of statistical measures in the whole process of research.  This course is going to help a lot in conducting  all kinds of research and then writing a compelling thesis and dissertation. All the students, no matter whether they belong to intermediate, graduate, or postgraduate classes will benefit from this course.

Academic Business Research Methods: Strategy for Success

A complete guide to strategizing and executing academic business research

Created by Janaka Low - Business Scholar and Consultant


Students: 576, Price: $19.99

Students: 576, Price:  Paid

For many students, academic research is one of the most unstructured endeavors they undertake. Due to the nature of research, students are often faced with ambiguous situations along their journey, where they must make decisions on many fronts, including the exact scope, set of models to be used as their theoretical bases, qualitative or quantitative approach, data collection strategy, types of analysis to conduct, etc. At the forefront of knowledge, researchers often feel they are looking into a vast empty darkness. These are just some of the reasons a large proportion, 90 percent in some institutions, of the students drop out of their postgraduate research-based program.

Social Research Methods for Dummies

Writing your first research proposal

Created by Julia Khukalenko - Associate Professor at Far Eastern Federal University


Students: 145, Price: $24.99

Students: 145, Price:  Paid

This course covers very basic concepts related to research methods. We will talk about research itself, research methods, research strategies, data collection methods, sampling and literature review. 

My lectures are concise and simplified version of the famous W. L. Neuman book, university lectures (Rachel Wilson and Aek Phakiti) and also some other sources. 

The most valuable part of this course is my real assignments, which I wrote for Developing a Research Project unit of study at the University of Sydney. They will help you, if you are struggling with your own assignments and don't know how to start.

You shouldn't start this course if you have some prior knowledge in this area.

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods

Doing quantitative research : research process & design, data collection (surveys, experiments), data analysis methods

Created by Charles R Lawoko - Professional Statistician, Consultant, Academic


Students: 80, Price: $39.99

Students: 80, Price:  Paid

This is an introductory course for people interested in learning about quantitative research methods. It is aimed at researchers and postgraduate students doing or planning to do quantitative research.

We start with an overview of the quantitative research process and discuss the main components which include research questions, research hypothesis, research design, data collection , and  data analysis. We discuss the differences between research question and research hypothesis,  and overview the important parts and  expectations of research design (including ethics considerations). 

From there we move on to data collection methods, where we focus mainly on survey sampling methods and designed experiments for collecting data. For sample surveys, you will learn how to use (i) five probability sampling techniques (simple random sampling, systematic sampling,  cluster sampling, stratified sampling and multi-stage sampling), and (ii) five non-probability sampling techniques (voluntary response sampling, convenience sampling , quota sampling, judgemental sampling, snowball/chain-referral sampling). You will learn  how to use each of these methods, when to use them,  and also their  pros and cons .  We also study designs of experiments, and explain where and how how theye are used. We discuss the main principles to consider when designing an experiment, such as replication, control, randomization, blinding , lurking variables. We then discuss examples of different types of designed experiments such as completely randomized designs, randomized block designs, and factorial designs. As part of data collection methods, we also consider the important factors to be taken into consideration for calculating the required sampling sizes for you study, such as  (i)the levels of confidence you want in your results, (ii)margins of errors, (iii)the important differences you may want to detect using your planned data analysis methods, and (iv)the complexities of data analysis methods you plan to use.

From data collection methods,we  move on to overview data analysis methods.  We do not actually learn how to do data analysis in this course. However,you get introduced to some groups of data analysis methods and the types of statistical methodologies which are used within each group of data analysis methods. The purpose of this is for you to become  aware of the possible statistical analysis methods which you could use for your data analysis. 

The main groups of data analytics techniques we consider are (i)Exploratory Data Analysis, (ii)Dependence Analysis Techniques, (iii)Inter-Dependence Analysis Techniques, and (iv) Predictive Analysis Techniques. In Exploratory Data Analysis Techniques we overview   many of the common summary statistics and  visual techniques for data exploration,  and  for understading the structures in your data (eg pie charts, line charts, box-plots, x-y plots, histograms, etc). In  Dependence Analysis Techniques, we overview several of the most common dependence analysis methods.....such as regression analysis, analysis of variance,  linear models, generalised linear models, discriminant analysis, structural equations modelling, conjoint analysis, hierarchical linear models, canonical correlations, decision trees, artificial neural networks, and support vector machines. In Inter-Dependence techniques, we overview several techniques for understanding unstructured (and/or hidden) relationships among variables, objects, or individuals..... such as cluster analysis, principal components analysis, factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, correspondence analysis, artificial neural networks. In Prediction Analysis techniques, we identify several of the previously mentioned data analysis techniques which can also be used for prediction purposes...such as regression analysis, linear models, generalised linear models, discriminant analysis, decisiom trees, artificial neural networks, and suport vector machines. It is important to emphasize that, although we give examples of how some of these techniques are used,  you will not be learning how to use  these techniques in this course. That would  be covered in a different  'higher-level' course (and not an introdutory course in research methods, like this one).

In all Sections of the course, we shall review and discuss many examples of published research articles in peer-reviewed journals, which have used the techniques we learn about in the course. This is for you to learn by example (from these papers), and also for you to see that what we learn or cover in this course are indeed being used by other researchers like yourself (...and partially to validate the contents of this course).

We finish the course with a look-back at what  has been  covered in the course, and I also introduce two statistical/data analysis courses which I am working on right now which are (i)Applied Linear Regression Analysis (should be available by mid 2021) , and (ii)Applied Logistic Regression Analysis.

Research Methods and Design

An Introduction to the Craft of Research

Created by Federico von Borstel - Professor


Students: 68, Price: $89.99

Students: 68, Price:  Paid

This is a course on Research Methods and Design. The course guides the student step by step in the development and design of a research project. The research project can be for a course assignment, a research project for a company, a Thesis or any other application that the researcher wants. This is an applied, hands-on course, so at the end of the course you will have your research project ready to go. I highly recommend my online Statistics course as a complement to this Research Methods and Design course.

Acing your Research Project & Research Methods Course

Mastering the Foundations of Research Methods & Applying Research Methods' Best Practices to Real-Life Situations.

Created by Glensinos Interdisciplinary Center - Solution Driven Higher Education


Students: 30, Price: $39.99

Students: 30, Price:  Paid

This is a course into the nature and features of research methods for college and university level students. Students taking Theory of Knowledge (TOK) will benefit tremendously from it. It is a good preparation for postgraduate and doctorate students. It breaks down the key ideas and terms of research methods to students and explains how they can be applied for the attainment of optimal results in academic and professional research projects.