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How to Be Psychic – Psychic Development for Beginners

CERTIFICATE COURSE: Tap into Your Natural Psychic Ability to Give Psychic Readings for Spiritual Guidance or Profit

Created by Sal Jade - Clairvoyant Healer & Psychic Development Instructor


Students: 21587, Price: $99.99

Students: 21587, Price:  Paid

Discover the #1 Bestselling Psychic Development course on Udemy!!

Tap into Your Psychic Ability, Contact Your Spirit Guide and Angels, Read Oracle Cards, Protect Yourself against Psychic Attack and Learn to Give Accurate Psychic Readings to Improve your Finances, Your Career and Your Relationships with this How to be Psychic: Psychic Development for Beginners course.


Update: This psychic development course is completely updated and current through DECEMBER 2019

Would you like to know ahead of time how to make the best decisions in your career, finances and relationships?

Would you love to have instant access to your spirit guides using your psychic abilities so you were always protected from harm?

Do you feel drained by the negative energy of those around you and would love to know how to always protect yourself with psychic protection so you can experience more peace and clarity in your life and no longer be influenced by others?

Would you like to improve your psychic abilities and contact your spirit guide for spiritual guidance?

Would you love the opportunity to practicing giving psychic readings in a safe and supportive environment with over 3000 other beginners to build up confidence in your intuition ?

  How to Be Psychic will teach you everything you need to know about giving psychic readings so you can confidently navigate your life for your best and highest good. This course will also give you powerful audio meditations to contact your guardian angel and spirit guides to improve your finances, your career path and your relationships.

This psychic development is ideal for anyone who wants to instantly improve their intuition, discover what intuitive gifts they have and learn to give accurate psychic readings, as well as anyone who is sensitive and easily takes on the problems and negative energy of those around you.

It will also suit tarot readers, alternative therapists, nurses, healers and anyone who wants to make a living helping others using their intuition.

  You will learn to: 

  • Make the right decisions to avoid costly mistakes including bad relationships, poor investments and nightmare jobs.

  • Easily contact your spirit guides and angels for spiritual guidance and advice

  • Protect yourself from damaging people and situations that may drain or harm you

  • Confidently read oracle cards to get the answers you need

  • Channel psychic information by only contacting light beings that can help improve your life

  • Earn extra income as a psychic

  • Attract new clients and give safe and ethical readings to help others.

  • Use remote viewing to improve your finances, career, health and personal relationships

  • Join hundreds of beginners to exchange readings in a private Facebook page in a safe and supportive environment to build up your confidence and practice your new intuitive abilities.

What others have loved: 

I strongly recommend this course! Even a newbie will find oneself very comfortable in exploring ones intuitive and psychic powers. The best part of Sal's courses are that they are so much engaging.

Bhawan, 2019

The course allowed me to feel safe to adventure into my intuitive ability without judgement. There are so many great tips and I found the recommendations on Oracle cards to be spot on!

Jaimie, 2019

I am absolutely loving this course! Finally. This is all speaking to me in my "language" that I have never looked into previously. My family has always looked upon these types of gifts as dangerous and negative and so I have been afraid to research further. This is like "coming home" and I hope to find some sort of community to help guide me further in the real world. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Cynthia, 2019


Featuring 48 lectures with video presentations, live psychic readings, guided audio meditations and 3 quizzes, that will teach you everything you need to know about being psychic in a safe and accessible way. 

                    You will also receive regular free psychic seminars with Sal's latest tips and techniques to enhance your intuition, as well as links to free oracle readings and healings on the web. 

                    Course last updated: DECEMBER L 2019

  Bonus Facebook Page Access  (OPTIONAL) 

                                        When you join How to Be Psychic - you have access to course Facebook group where you can meet other students and practice your skills with over 2000 psychic development students! 

        As a student you will also get my help answering any questions you have about the course content.

Please watch the lecture on how to join before trying to join to get the most out of your membership

                    So enroll in this course now and discover how empowering it feels to completely trust you are always making the best move forward in your life. 

Remote Viewing Basics- Turn Intuition into Super Psychic

A Beginner's course for anyone who has not learned Remote Viewing.

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 12870, Price: $19.99

Students: 12870, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you the basic Remote Viewing protocols developed by the United States Military to turn regular “off the street” people how to become psychic spies. We’ll take your natural intuition that society has told you to ignore and give you confidence through positive response based affirmation. Thereby imprinting verifiable intuitive data on the mind, the same way muscle memory is created in Martial Arts, sports or Ballet.

You’ll also come to understand that “Thinking” and “Knowing” are truly “counter-intuitive.”

The only known quantum computer in the Universe is the human brain. It receives over 20 million bits of information every single second, yet only processes 15 thousand bits per second. We spend the vast majority of waking state editing out that information. It’s why people are so very tired at the end of the day, even working a desk job. The level of concentration used, just to block the massive amount of data streaming into the brain, is hard work.

What is all that other information?

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the past, present or future. The Universe is a gossip that wants to tell you anything you want to know, you just have to know how to listen and ask the right question. Just like doing a search on Google, ask one way and get over a million different answers, ask the same question a different way and *poof* what you want to know comes up.

However, in this case, you and your brain are Google.

  • In this course you’ll learn how to know anything about a person, place, thing or event anywhere in space/time.
  • Here you will discover how to take your natural intuition and “turn it up to 11” through the scientifically proven skill.
  • Commit a weekend to train your brain, like others train for the Ironman race, and your mind will start to work for you in ways you never realized were possible.
  • Downloads provide you with all the material you'll need to print out.
  • Bring a BLACK pen and your intuition.

Remote Viewing Advanced – Intuition of Billionaires

How to use Remote Viewing and your intuitive ability to solve problems for an optimum life trajectory.

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 5203, Price: $19.99

Students: 5203, Price:  Paid

Discover the Advanced skills of Remote Viewing. Prepare yourself for expanded intuitive abilities in every aspect of your life, and understand what success means. Opportunity is the lifeblood of success, and without intuition there is no opportunity.

In this course, you'll be given the opportunity to deconstruct complex targets (with other students), which could be a once in a life-time event to join a quest and solve a mystery.

  • Join other students by working in teams to unravel enigma targets and learn the truths others only speculate.
  • Pick winning horses at the track and Off-Track-Betting.
  • Toss the templates and use the full potential of your intuition.
  • Learn how professional Remote Viewers do their work with little more than blank sheets of paper and a pen.
  • Hear from those who know what it takes to become a billionaire, and harness that potential by learning this skill.
  • Explore your potential with Blind Targets and discover the pitfalls of Front Loaded targets.

Learn how to free yourself from the daily grind of working for someone else, without vision, without unlimited growth. Become what you've always wanted, unearth your full potential and have the confidence that your path is how you succeed, where others fail.

If you're looking to take your intuition to the next level, you need this course.

In this course, you'll need blank sheets of paper, a black pen, a printer and an unyielding thirst to know the unknown and be successful.

If you've never said to a missed opportunity, "Man, if only I had known that..." then this course is not for you.

If you're tired of always missing out on success. Never knowing the best option, and always choosing the wrong way, then you really need to learn Remote Viewing and turbo charge your intuition to obey your wants, and protect you from being your own worst enemy.

Remote Viewing Introduction Course

Remote Viewing Introduction Course - Learn the most advanced problem solving tool available today!

Created by Morgan Farrell - Professional Remote Viewer and Instructor


Students: 3229, Price: $109.99

Students: 3229, Price:  Paid

This course will provide you with a complete foundation for your first steps into a much larger world - the world of Remote Viewing. RV is the most powerful information collection and problem-solving tool available, bar none. Its applications are endless: from personal interest to bottom-line business decisions, Remote Viewing is the cutting-edge technology you have been waiting for!

This course has been designed from the ground up to provide you with the clearest, most linear and progressive RV instruction available, and upon completion, you will have learned the skills necessary to:

- Run a complete Remote Viewing session
- Analyze your data
- Set up your own targets
- Begin taking on real-world problem-sets

Learn RV it over a weekend or over a month. It’s up to you!

Total Course content video length is 2 hours 10 mins plus your practice time.

We recommend you complete the course over two to four weeks, however it can be tailored to fit into even the busiest of lifestyles. Try Remote Viewing for yourself today, and discover the true capabilities of your own mind - unleashed!

Remote Viewing Masters – Investor Intuition (Vegas Edition)

Use Associative RV for Sports Betting and other investments. Jump off the hamster wheel to your dream lifestyle.

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 2249, Price: $19.99

Students: 2249, Price:  Paid

In this continuing series of Remote Viewing technologies, you'll learn the exciting protocols of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) that allows you to gather data on targets previously outside the scope of the standard RV protocols of a person, place, thing or event anywhere in space/time.

Believe it or not, that doesn't cover everything. Man-made ideas (like money) do not physically exist, yet dominate so much of our lives. The "winner" of a sporting event doesn't really exist in nature, yet the data stream is still embedded in the Universe.

You'll be able to:

  • successfully know the winner of sporting events without any knowledge of the sport itself.
  • You'll know how to predict market directions for investments
  • You'll learn how to get a solid "yes/no" answer to any question about life, love or career.
  • You'll be able to use this technology for high-value investments like real estate flipping.

The Talking Dead – Basics of Spirit Communication

Learning Mediumship

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 1830, Price: $19.99

Students: 1830, Price:  Paid

Since humanity learned to walk upright, it has sought the wisdom of the ancestors. It is part of our inheritance to communicate with those who understand our trials and tribulations. We are hard-wired to do so, but for a learned conditioning through social norms, we have forgotten how to it.

In this course, you’ll learn to reach out to those already watching over you, to better understand this life and to be a service to those in need of the very same thing.

You’ll be able to:

  • Open your mind and understand what kind of natural abilities you already possess.
  • What it takes to develop a relationship with your protecting guides
  • Hold Séances with groups in an effective and productive manner
  • Guard against negative entities who would disrupt
  • Control and set boundaries on communication for maximum development

When you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of what is required to be a medium, and be well on your journey to life-time of understanding and fulfillment. You will never feel alone again.

Remote Viewing GPS – Expert Edition Part 1

Use RV to exact GPS locations of your targets, finding treasure and sanctuary locations in Disaster scenarios.

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 1440, Price: $19.99

Students: 1440, Price:  Paid

This course is the Holy Grail of the Remote Viewing world. (Largely because one could use this knowledge to find the Holy Grail.) Remote Viewing has finally advanced enough to where the exact location of a person, place, thing or event, can be located in tandem with the Global Positioning System (GPS).

In this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Locate buried treasure
  • Find a missing child
  • Find a murder victim’s lost remains
  • Establish your sanctuary site in a disaster
  • Track a “most wanted” fugitive.
  • Know the location of the “next” terror attack, or mass shooting
  • Locate Real Estate for personal use or investment
  • Even use it to hunt for Big Foot and UFO’s.

Doing all of this from the comfort of your kitchen table. By using your Remote Viewing skills, along with the recommended software, or even Google Earth, you’ll be able to discover what others have lost, or are unable to find.

But…This course is not for everyone. You must have taken the previous courses, the Basics, Advanced and Master’s courses in order to understand how to work this course successfully. You must be fluent in the standard Remote Viewing protocols and the Associative Remote Viewing protocols in order to tackle these complex methods and strategies.

If you have achieved that level, congratulations! You are the elite, the expert class that can finally complete your RV skill set.

Remote Viewing SHTF Remediation – Expert Edition Part 2

In the course we'll explore the next 20 years of both man-made and natural disasters, even TEOTWAWKI scenarios.

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 1123, Price: $19.99

Students: 1123, Price:  Paid

A lot of my students have asked me about Ed Dames predictions about the “killshot,” a series of massive solar flares that bring civilization to the brink. I have held off, (until now) from going into the subject because so many people either roll their eyes, or become paralyzed at the very idea.

After some soul searching, it’s clear that NOT telling you what I know about the subject is an act of gross malpractice as a Remote Viewing Teacher. So, I’m teaching you what I know, so you’ll know.

If you’ve had this nagging feeling, or dark cloud hanging over your head because you can feel that something about the future, just isn’t right. You already know it in your bones.

In a nutshell, the “Killshot” is real. It’s coming. And, if you’re not prepared, the world and everything you know about it, is going to get really ugly. But, it doesn’t have to be all that terrible, if you know what to do and where to go, and if you can make it to the other side, some really amazing things will happen.

In this course you’ll:

  • Learn what he “Killshot” is all about
  • Where the few safe zones reside
  • Understand the reason for securing your sanctuary location
  • Discover the “Road to the Killshot” through a series of past/future events
  • Know what you need to secure yourself and your family
  • What to expect before/during/after the “Killshot” event.

While this subject does deal with a very dark topic, it’s not all doom and gloom. There is hope for those who make it out the other side. We are evolving. For evolution to take place, nature makes room for the next phase to succeed and flourish.

We have the ability to do what the dinosaurs couldn’t, avoid extinction through evolution.

Clairvoyance and Psychic Development CERTIFIED

Learn how to read auras, do remote viewing, develop your intuition through mediumship with this FULLY CERTIFIED COURSE!

Created by Astrid The Psychic Witch - The Psychic Witch


Students: 954, Price: $89.99

Students: 954, Price:  Paid


In this course, we will look at practical methods on how to develop, train, and control your psychic abilities. My aim was to make a course that would help and lead the students on their journey with extra sensory perception, without unnecessary bias and complexities.

We will look at the essential skills that are needed for psychic readings, remote viewing, mediumship, and developing one's psychic intuition and how to put those new abilities to practice.

Suitable for complete beginners to the intermediate level.

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch is an acclaimed Tarot reader, radio show host, and magician.

Combining ancient knowledge with modern, edge psychology and coaching, she's creating easy-to-follow courses, offering deep knowledge that's explained without unnecessary complexity and occult bias.

She has experience teaching physical classes in London, as well as many years of sharing her knowledge online. 

She worked as a spiritual advisor for renowned clients, such as Tower of London, Penguin Publishing House, Park Plaza Hotel Westminster, Sternberg Clarke Entertainment, and many others and her courses are continuously "Bestselling" on Udemy.

This course includes:

  • Unlimited access to over 3,5 hours of video lectures

  • 5 Test video lessons, where you can test your abilities

  • MoonStar Academy Certificate of completion

Develop Your Clairvoyance – Beginners-Intermediate CERTIFIED

Develop Your Psychic Abilities. Read Aura's, Connect with Your Spirit Guide, Learn to Remote View

Created by Daniella Divine - Inspirer and Spiritual Teacher


Students: 904, Price: $89.99

Students: 904, Price:  Paid

"This course was clear cut and helpful. I've taken many courses and believe this was one of the best in this genre. Highly recommend!"

"I have benefited a lot from this course, I recommend it to everyone, the teacher is prepared and a wonderful lecturer. Amazing, above expectations!"

In this course you will have an opportunity to develop your natural gifts of clairvoyance and open your inner vision. 

Everyone has the ability to open up their gift of clairvoyance. When we learn how to work with our gifts they can be a tremendous source of guidance, insight and wisdom.

Daniella has been working as a spiritual teacher for over 7 years, and giving psychic readings for over 15 years and is honoured to be offering this course to you.

In this course, you will learn:

How to open up your gifts in a safe and comfortable way.

How to psychically protect yourself

How to clear and work with your chakras

How to use meditation for clairvoyant development

How to clear blocks and fears preventing psychic vision

About the other psychic gifts - clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

You will also learn about and be-able to practice some of the main clairvoyant gifts including:

Remote Viewing

Aura Reading

Seeing Orbs

Working with your dreams

Connecting with Spirit guides

Receiving a vision from a spirit guide

As part of this course, you will have access to several meditations and downloadable resources to help you in your development. You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Advanced Psychic Development: The Next Level

Take your psychic ability to the next level with this in-depth certified Psychic course.

Created by Julian Jenkins - Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher


Students: 864, Price: $99.99

Students: 864, Price:  Paid

Advanced Psychic Development: The Next Level

Take your psychic ability to the next level with this in-depth certified course.

If you are looking to get a much deeper and greater understanding of the world of psychic ability and how you can activate and enhance yours then this course is for you.

We take an in-depth look at all aspects of psychic connection and energy and how you can learn how to tune in and power up your psychic abilities to the next level.

This course is born out of 20 years of psychic teaching, readings and experiences all brought together in this amazing course. You can truly benefit from the many years of experience.

As you know my courses are unedited and most of the topics are channelled from my guide Ronnie. I am pleased to say that I am one of the highest rated spiritual teachers on Udemy and that love and support I offer is why you should join me on this amazing spiritual course, to truly unlock your psychic ability and take it to the next level.

Remote Viewing Enigma- The Alien Conspiracy

The Hidden Agenda

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 697, Price: $19.99

Students: 697, Price:  Paid

There is a lot of noise, disinformation and toxic debate on the topic of Ufo's and Alien conspiracy. We're going to review what's what and who are the dominate voices in this debate. Then we're going to shoot passed theses voices and see for ourselves what is real and what is misinformation. 

As Remote Viewers, you have the tools others do not, in a world that is to you, without secrets. We will be targeting:

  • Solar Warden
  • Secret Space Program
  • Visitations
  • Reversed Engineered Craft
  • Hidden Bases
  • Lunar Structures

And more...

This subject matter is the most important thing humanity can know, what is behind the veil. Getting it right is never more crucial. 

Psychic Abilities Made Easy

Learn to unlock and master your innate psychic abilities with essential knowledge and techniques

Created by Tyler Cheverie - Psychic Medium


Students: 481, Price: $84.99

Students: 481, Price:  Paid

Join world renowned psychic medium, Tyler Cheverie, as he delves deep into various psychic abilities and simplifies the essential knowledge and techniques. Whether you are already connected to your psychic abilities, or just interested in learning more and developing to another level, then Psychic Abilities Made Easy is for you.

Tyler takes his years of knowledge, training, and experience and gives the learner all of the most relevant information in order to enhance current abilities, or to unlock psychic potential. In addition, understand the ethics connected to using psychic abilities and how to use these abilities to enhance your own life and the lives of others. 

Tyler Cheverie has a variety of other courses that may be of interest to you:

  • Psychic Tarot Made Easy -combine psychic abilities with the tarot to deepen your readings
  • Tarot Success Made Easy -learn about the tarot, how to read for yourself & others, and how to build a successful practice
  • Spirit Mediumship Made Easy -learn how to connect with the spirit world 
  • Astral Meditation Made Easy -learn how to connect to your higher self through guided meditations
  • & more to come!

Uncover the Mysteries Of Past Life Regression & Spirituality

You will learn about Past Life regression, Astral Projection and Spirituality, & what we can gain by these experiences.

Created by Sarah Riley - Clinincal Hypnotherapist


Students: 161, Price: $19.99

Students: 161, Price:  Paid

This course is about how and why Past Lives can affect us today, what is to gain by going back.

Teaching you about the fascinating world of Life between Life regression and Spirituality

This course is structured  by the natural progression of these experiences as you would go through them at the time.

You will learn what Remote viewing is and ho and why De Ja Vu happens.

If you want to understand more about Transpersonal Hypnosis this course is going to be for you.

I will be giving you case studies so you can identify with the clients I helped.

This course is based on a power point presentation with narration to educate you on the topics covered.

This course will take 85 minutes to complete and has 13 lectures

Mastering Git: With BitBucket & GitHub

Git For All: NonTechs/QA/Developers|Step-By-Step Guide to DVCS| Learn Push, Merge, Rebase, Pull Requests, etc

Created by Kumar S - SDET, Lead Architect


Students: 141, Price: $29.99

Students: 141, Price:  Paid

Version control systems is a central component for any file based project. Weather you are a Software Developer, QA Engineer, or a Project Manager, chances are that you might have already heard about version control systems and probably about GIT.

Well even if you are not in software engineering field, Git will be helpful to version control any files or store your files for free in cloud based repo like GitHub.

Git is a third generation version control system and far more improved tool if compared to the previous version control tools like SVN. In this course on Git, we will start from the fundamentals and learn each and every crucial command in detail with good real life scenarios and in a easy way. Starting from installing the git tool, creating repository, cloning, pushing to central cloud storage, and to more intimidating concepts like merge, rebases, resolving conflicts and others will be covered in abundance and easy to understand details.

We will decode GIT the stupid content tracker, and learn that its more intelligent and smarter to work with. You don't need any technical background for taking this course. If you have a PC, laptop and Internet connection(for few sessions) then its more than enough. This course contains all the information that you need to use Git fluently in your day to day tasks.

Join now and master GIT the Distributed Version Control System(DVCS) in a easy and digestible way, one of the most popular version control system and take a bold step towards the devops journey.

Thank You!


THE Animal Communication Guide To Assisting Missing Animals

A masterclass of lectures, tutorials, remote viewing exercises for animal communicators, to assist missing animals

Created by Helen DaVita PhD - The Rewilded Spirit - International Coach - Mentor - Teacher - Inspirer


Students: 127, Price: $89.99

Students: 127, Price:  Paid

Learn to connect and understand animals on a deeper level and gain the ability to guide the lost to safety, confidence and harmony with nature.

With additional resources to download forever and an industry expert a message away

The ultimate gift to guide the animal kingdom...

Animals are as complicated and emotionally diverse as human animals, with incredible intelligence we’re yet to tap into, until now.

When an animal being close to us goes missing it’s a scary and emotional experience, so I’ve created this course specially to help you awaken and fine tune your skills, developing the ability to reassure and guide lost animals to safety.

In this course you will learn to:

● Understand why animals go missing

● How to find and guide lost animals to safety

● Develop your telepathic abilities & remote viewing skills

● Connect with the animal kingdom

● Attune yourself to the world's most exclusive conversations

This course is perfect for those who want to further their animal communication knowledge or those who wish to fine tune what they already know. This course will help you develop your expertise in animal communication during and long after you've finished your course!

Additional content to enhance your learning...

This course is over 3 hours long with useful downloadable content to keep you learning throughout and come back to anytime you like.

I’ve also included exercises within so you’re not only learning but deeply ingraining your newfound knowledge for years to come.

You can also contact me in the messages section of the course.

Modules include:

- Inspirational stories

- Why animals go missing

- Developing a simple plan

- The first steps & Initial contact

- The emotions of your missing animal

- Helping them to find home, or a new home

I’ve been a spiritual communicator for over 30 years working all over the world with the top experts in this field, animals and indigenous tribes. Let me guide you through your new journey to animal communication excellency and discovering the secrets within.

Enrol Now & Invest in yourself to begin!

Animal Communication; Dog; Cat; Telepathy Certificate Course

Animal Communication; Dog, Cat Telepathy; Learn To Communicate with Pets; Locate Missing Dog; Cat

Created by Crystal Hutchinson Tummala, J.D. - Personal Development Specialist, Attorney & Author


Students: 123, Price: $54.99

Students: 123, Price:  Paid

Have you wanted a stronger connection with your dog or cat?  Do you want to learn methods to locate a pet that gets lost? 

I have had many times in my 40 plus years of dog and cat ownership where I wanted to fully understand what they wanted me to know. 

I have felt the anguish of having a lost pet.  This is why I created this course.  My name is Crystal Hutchinson Tummala.

Join over 74,000 students in 180 countries taking Pursuing Wisdom Academy courses. 

In this course you will:

  • Learn about animal communication

  • Learn how to communicate with your pet

  • Learn to use animal telepathy For pet communication

  • Learn the cause and how to deal with blocked messages

  • Learn about dog training for telepathy

  • Learn to better understand animal behavior

  • Learn several methods of locating lost pets with Dowsing, Body Scan and Remote Viewing

The course is backed by a 30-day, risk free money back guarantee.  As I update this course you will have lifetime access to the content and all updates too. 

When you complete the course,  you will earn a Certificate of Completion from Pursuing Wisdom Academy. 

Enroll today.

Security Camera Systems – The complete CCTV Course

Learn to install a professional CCTV security camera system in your home or business, with remote viewing from an app.

Created by Kyle Thurston - Security hardware and systems professional


Students: 35, Price: $54.99

Students: 35, Price:  Paid

This course will take you step-by-step through the wiring, install and configuration of a professional security camera system.  We'll also set up an app that will allow you to view the cameras on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this course:

- Learn about security camera systems and how they work.  We'll be focusing on new technology IP camera systems mainly.

- Demonstrate the cameras and video recorders with an emphasis on their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision for your install.

- Demonstrate the wiring of a site.

- Show the install of different types of cameras, and how they are enrolled in the video recorder.

- Set up a mobile app that will allow you to view your cameras when you aren't home.  Software will be used for computer viewing.

- Give examples and solutions for more in-depth camera installs, like multi-building sites.

- How to crimp down RJ45 connections for your cameras.

- Install conduit to protect wiring outside the building.

This course would be ideal for:

- Anyone looking to protect their home and belongings using a professional security camera system.

- If you are looking to get into the growing security/low voltage field this is a good primer as well.  Watch some of the things a technician does on a day-to-day basis.

- Other Trades people, like electricians, may get a lot of use out of this course as well to expand their services.

Remote Viewing with Bnwyfre™ Energy

Remote Viewing a different way of life.

Created by Bruce Clifton - Holistic Healer / Universal Alchemist


Students: 28, Price: $99.99

Students: 28, Price:  Paid

Remote viewing is a totally natural enhancement of the conventional 5 senses of Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell.
Remote Viewing also involves the different aspects of viewing: Viewing as an observer, viewing as the only person in the room, viewing through the eyes of another and being able to understand the difference.

This course will help the complete novice and the experienced viewer, it has been developed with the intention of highlighting everyday experiences. Encouraging natural ability to be identified and then enhanced to a level of full realization.

Remote viewing has the potential to make the viewer healthier, wealthier and more prosperous than they have ever been before.

Introduction to noetic science and noetic technology

Learn all about consciousness and psychic phenomena and how to study it

Created by Benjamin Boyle - Expert investor and noetic technologist


Students: 21, Price: $19.99

Students: 21, Price:  Paid

This course is an introduction to noetic science and technology. Noetic science is the study of consciousness and it's effect on the outside world. In this course you will learn all about the different noetic science experiments that have already occurred in facilities such as The Institute of Noetic Science and by organisations such as the CIA.

Along with this you will also learn about the quantum mechanics principles that underline the reality we live in to give you a better understanding of how these things are possible and happen.

You will also be given an introduction on how to train yourself and others to have such abilities using quantum mechanics and other scientific principles such as the principle of neural plasticity.