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Introduction to Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation

A simple, heart-centered relaxation and meditation you can do every day

Created by Ranjani Iyer - Heartfulness Meditation Trainer


Students: 9412, Price: Free

We use the mind continually to efficiently
navigate our daily lives, whose outcomes may be success and enjoyment, but can
also include stress, anxiety and even overwhelm. Connecting with the heart
means delving into a silent source of openness and peace. In this introductory course,
you will learn a simple relaxation and meditation technique that helps you make that heart connection.
You will also learn the role of observation and use a kind of journaling to observe
your experiences. The course includes a guided relaxation and meditation video that you can use to practice on your own. It is a 40-minute
introductory session for Heartfulness meditation and prepare for other techniques that you will learn in the subsequent courses.

Stress Relief Meditation Course.. for Relentless Relaxation!

Cope with your stress through beautiful meditations that relieve stress and teach you stress management skills.

Created by Arial Els van de Schoot - Professional spiritual caregiver


Students: 3257, Price: Free

Many types of meditation have been proven to reduce stress, yet the specific guided meditation in this course have been purposefully selected to also teach you stress management skills such as:

- Taking short breaks that really relax
- Finding refuge in yourself
- Cleansing energy after a work day
- Detachment

All mediation are available for download as well so that you can put them on your phone and use them at any time when you're in need of some stress relief.

Relaxation with simple foot massage

Creating bliss...

Created by Deborah Casey - Professional Qualification Holistic Therapy Training service


Students: 1159, Price: Free

Over the past year stress and tension have become endemic. Helplessness, worry, anxiety and fear play a huge part in the experience of stress and tension, so too feelings of frustration, irritation, anger, and possibly rage can also become an unwanted experience.

Foot massage is one wonderful way in which to help the body begin to relax, this effects the mind emotions, bringing calm and peace. In this state of relaxation we can begin to let go of the causes of tension and begin to see a way in being able to adapt to current matters.

Hi I'm Deborah and I've been a professional massage therapist for the last 2 decades and I've received messages from clients about how to help loved ones to relax and unwind from built up stress and tension. I recorded some videos to show how to share a relaxing massage, taking them through what items they need, some simple foot anatomy and demonstrated how to apply foot massage.

My clients found this a great way to help themselves and their loved one and passed this along to their friends. The feedback was amazing so I got to thinking maybe this could be something to share people far and wide and so I began to create this class, and now it is here, ready to share with you.

In this class I show you how I provide foot massage to my loved ones in easy to follow instructions. I've created a supplementary booklet for you to download to support your goal of sharing relaxation foot massage with your loved ones.

I suggest you watch through the demonstration videos a few times and then you can practice on your loved one, friends and family. They can learn along with you and return the favour so you too can experience great relaxation, peace and calm.

At the end I have shared my personal mantra meditation that I listen to each day and supports a sense of freedom in a time of great restriction.

Stress Relief with Relaxation Exercises

Learn 3 magical exercises to eliminate stress from your life- Includes a Light Key Magic Frequency!

Created by Nirmala Raju - Divine Channel, Spiritual Coach, Medium, Author,Entrepreneur


Students: 943, Price: Free

Stress is one of the major factors which hampers all areas of our lives. Stress, especially when we experience it on a regular basis — takes a significant toll on our minds and bodies. It can make us feel more irritable and constantly tired, and it also impacts our ability to focus and be at our best.

In this course, you will learn three simple, yet powerful exercises that will take you out of these stressful situations into a world of light and lightness where you can deeply relax. This relaxed state gives you the energy and open mindedness to handle any stressful situations with ease and clarity.

This course also uses some of the magical tools from Light Key Healing System. Light keys is a healing modality channeled by Nila Nirmala Raju, the instructor of this course that helps the individuals to heal their body, life and being. This healing system consists of a set of high vibrational, keys, practices, protocols, processes and frequencies that can set the practitioners in the path to embrace their divinity and mastery. You will be learning tools to cope up with any stressful situations using Light key frequency and Light key. Welcome to the magical world of Light keys!

Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Deeper Awareness

Explore every corner of your subjective experience and find your Authentic Relaxation

Created by Dosta Andrew Lake - Freelance Educator


Students: 413, Price: Free

Turn your Awareness towards your subjective experience!

This course of guided Meditations is an exploration of your very own experience

You will discover:

  • Deeper relaxation

  • Illumination and Third Eye activation

  • Physical pain Awareness

  • How to dissolve mental tangles

  • Witnessing

  • Deeper sleep Awareness

  • Expanding Mind

  • Expanding Heart

  • Dissolving the self

Your interior world is vast and magnificent

By following these guided Meditations, you will develop your ability to experience

With deeper experience comes:

  • Deeper self-Awareness

  • Clarity of self-knowledge

  • Greater creativity

  • Sensitivity to the senses

  • Vibrancy of life

  • Meaningful connection with people, places and events

So much in this world is too much concerned with busyness

The over-stimulation of popular culture makes it impossible to work peacefully and masterfully

Listen to these guided Meditations for:

  • Finding quiet in the mind

  • Expanding your ability to concentrate

  • Relaxing your body

  • Slowing your pace of life

  • Moving more towards being values

  • Opening to peace and calm

  • Releasing stress and tension

  • Feeling a renewed outlook on life

These guided Meditations have been carefully constructed to put you in touch with your inner Awareness

Once you learn your own inner Awareness, it can be turned to any part of your life!

This is the secret to living life to its deepest depth!

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