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Shiny Happy Marriages: What to Know Before Tying The Knot

Your New Relationship Life Insurance Policy and Survival Guide

Created by Joseph Jay Mellon - Certified Marriage Educator, Coach, Author


Students: 1686, Price: Free

Students: 1686, Price:  Free

Learn concepts, skills, and strategies to preserve the healthy relationship you have with your fiancé or spouse.

Discover the Secrets of Healthy Relationships in this Comprehensive Step-By-Step Program.

  • Build a firm, “perma-fresh” relationship with your partner

  • Become proficient in proactive and effective conflict resolution

  • Battle the root cause of relationship issues, not your partner

  • Tame your natural defensive reactions when dealing with conflict

Learn a unique perspective of what conflict really is, as well a groundbreaking and practical approach to resolving it.

A reporter once asked a couple, “How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?” The woman replied, “We were born in a time when if something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away.”

So how do you “fix” a relationship? The goal of this course is to answer that question.

By any standard, the extent of failed and failing relationships has been at epidemic proportions for quite some time now. This is easily demonstrated by the track record of couples who took a solemn vow to stay together forever. Even with all of the initial dedication, devotion, and pressure to remain intact, around 50% of all marriages end in divorce, with the rate rising at least 10% with each subsequent marriage.

And what about all the unhappy marriages that would mercifully end if not for situational circumstances? Since they haven’t figured out how to fix their relationship with each other, many couples feel emotionally imprisoned. They stay in a troubled, often mostly sexless marriage just because they feel financially trapped, don’t want to upset or leave their children, or simply don’t want to be on their own.

Of course, deteriorating relationships do not plague only married folks. Partners in any kind of relationship will suffer the same fate until they learn the root cause of relationship issues, and how to resolve them. Although some people may instinctively understand the principles of successful conflict resolution, the vast majority of us have not been properly and effectively taught how to “fix” our relationships.

This course is a 1-hour, 10 lesson lecture with handout tests and reading assignments after each lesson.

Introduction to Course and Why It’s Important for You Right Now

How to Keep the Attraction, Respect and Trust

Resentment is Kryptonite to Your Relationship

The Secret to Healthy Relationships

What Needs to be Done to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Our Normal & Natural “Fight or Flight” Response to Threatening Information

You’ve Got Both Pieces Now, and Can Resolve Any Issue

The Five Magic Words to Stop Any Argument

How to Train Your Egoity

What You Can Proactively Do to Help Your Relationship

Enroll now, and learn what to do if and when “problems” come up in your marriage.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools to resolve any and all conflicts with your partner and restore your relationship, without the common roadblocks that we have all no doubt experienced. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions on zeroing in on the real causes of relationship problems, and how to pull them up the roots!

The ideal student for this course is anyone who wants to fully understand the real causes of relationship problems and how to get rid of them effectively. As the issues are resolved, the attraction, trust, and respect you have for your partner are naturally restored. There are no requirements necessary to enroll. We only ask that you come open-minded and ready to learn.

After learning and applying the simple yet powerful lessons, you will be able to look at detoxifying your relationship in the same way as cleaning your kitchen, without sweeping any issue under the rug. No compromises, no sacrifices, and no forgiveness needed. You will learn how to simply remove the toxic barrier that naturally develops between you and your partner over time, restoring and even enhancing the initial attraction, trust, and respect.

Emotional Eating – Self Assessment

Understand your relationship with food. Do you use food or drink to nourish your body or to numb your emotions?

Created by Rachel Nekati - Author, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Leadership and Life Coach,


Students: 1600, Price: Free

Students: 1600, Price:  Free

This Emotional Eating and Food Anxiety Assessment will help you find out whether your eating habits are a result of a more deep - rooted issue. It will provide you with a thought provoking chance to examine your relationship with food and thus increasing your self awareness. You will also learn how intermittent has helped me and others to overcome emotional eating. You will also learn how to establish a good relationship with food and manage your eating habits so that you can be control of yourself.

Is Your Relationship with Food Healthy Or Is It Damaging?

Find Out Now and Liberate Yourself!

FriendFit: 26 Fun Partner Workouts | #TrainwithTMax

Are you and your workout partner ready to take your relationship to the next level?

Created by Timothy Maxwell - Don't Use Machines, Become One


Students: 1536, Price: Free

Students: 1536, Price:  Free

It's just:

  • You 

  • Your workout buddy

  • 7 body heatin', muscle preparin', mind readyin' warmups

  • 18 hardcore, fat burnin', heart pumpin', non-stop funin', relationship-buildin' workouts

  • 1 tie-it-all-together, flexibility creatin', body relaxin' cool down stretch session

Let's do this!

Each workout comes with a partial demo, just to show you how different partners might do the workout. The main thing is that you and your partner train together and train hard. Push each other. Encourage one another. Reach your fitness goals together. Train with TMax together.

Relationship Coaching: the best tools for relationships

Learning how to coach individuals and couples on their relationships

Created by Peggy Guglielmino - Course intructor


Students: 1416, Price: $119.99

Students: 1416, Price:  Paid

The Certificate in Relationship & Couple Coaching is ideal for coaches and therapists who want to work with individuals and couples on their romantic/intimate relationship or who naturally find they attract clients with these concerns.

This course equips you to work with individuals and couples at any stage of the relationship cycle – from being single and finding a partner all the way through the major life events of relationships and/or breakdowns and breakthroughs.

You’ll explore what keeps people stuck in relationships and how you can help them improve their communication or come to more empowered decisions. You will learn advanced communication skills that will help you personally and of course your clients.

Finally you’ll explore how people remain stuck in a frustrated state of being single and how you can help them take steps to find a partner with whom they build a loving relationship.

You don't need to already be qualified as a coach to start this course as we will cover the basics of coaching as well as advanced coaching skills.

Building Sacred Relationships That Stand The Test of Time

In this course we examine divine relationships. Sacred sexuality, science and how to create & build real relationships.

Created by Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D. - Best-Selling Instructor, Author and Podcast Host


Students: 1135, Price: $94.99

Students: 1135, Price:  Paid

"Cha~zay makes a no holds barred approach to outlining relationships and how to get that "once and for all" partner. Instead of focusing on what the student might expect from another person, Cha~zay sets us on a path to identifying what most of us do, and then takes us through a journey within ourselves through the chakras to discover what is needed to get through the lower vibrations of most relationships to then really see the true goal. I found this course to be extremely enlightening, not only for a solid partnership, but also for building an understanding of myself to approach all my relationships in a more wholesome way. Thank you, Cha~zay! This course was simply awesome!" Keith Gonzales


“I love all your scientific explanations about this topic." LisMarys


“Your words have removed a veil." Estelita


“You just saved me from repeating the same mistakes in falling for the wrong person. This is indeed a time of acceleration of evolution." Olivia X.


Are you tired of mediocre relationships?

Is your soul longing for more depth and meaning in your relationships?

Then this course is for you!

This course is not for you if you are looking to collect phone numbers or want to find sexual partners.

When you're done with this course, you will know exactly what you want from a relationship and what you can offer (it's not what you think).

You will know what's realistic and what's pure fantasy. You will get grounded and practical advice so you can be a deliberate creator of a divine relationship that will be the example for all your friends to follow.

You will learn about the importance of your chakra system and receive 'aha' inspiring insights as to why you've been attracting the partners you've been attracting until now.

You will also learn about male DNA ending up in women's brains – how to stop taking on other people's karma and what true, divine and sacred sexuality is.

We are on an evolutionary path and each of us are called to higher ground, more purity, more purpose, transparency and more integrity in our relationships. Why then is it so hard to find a truly compatible partner?

This course will examine the difference between twin flames (twin souls), soul mates, and divine relationships.

There are four reasons and types of relationships, with the last one being the most coveted and most sought-after and most desired. But do you have what it takes to create such a divine relationship that will stand the test of time?

Find out by taking this jam-packed course right now.

This course features videos, audios, PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and several bonuses featuring other experts on the topic.


"This information is vital to the evolution of all. Not only is it vital, but incredibly interesting and enlightening. I enjoyed this course very much and now realise how much responsibility I have." Allyria Lai


"All aspects of both twin flame and soul mate relationships are being unearthed.  So many poignant points are causing me to evaluate who I am and what I want in a relationship.  This curse thus far is a catalyst for change for me where I am realizing great choices that I make but also realize there is still further work to do." Corinne D'Onofrio



#spiritual union, #marriage is sacred, #soul marriage, #divine relationship, #sacred relationship, #long term relationship stages, #long lasting relationships, #successful relationships, #how to keep a relationship strong and happy, #what is important in relationships, #twin flame, #twin soul,

End the suffering in your love relationship!

Discovering the deeper roots of your frustration, anger, fear and pain

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 1073, Price: $34.99

Students: 1073, Price:  Paid

This course teaches you ways to finish the perpetual inner and outer quarrels with your beloved one. If you understand the deeper roots of your emotions, then your actual emotional reactions change by themselves.

It is simple - but not easy. A lot of suffering in a relationship is caused by old wounds. We all try to avoid and to escape them. But when you allow somebody to come closer to your heart – it is inevitable that your old hurts come up. Because they want to be seen and recognized.

You need to distinguish the actual reality from the negative energy of the past. So the art is to separate past and presence. Sure, they will be situations with your beloved where you feel frustrated, angry or hurt. But, if you discover the distinction, you are no more overwhelmed and you can react in an adequate way. As a grown up!  You show your boundaries and engage yourself for what you want. You meet the other as a powerful and loving adult – not as a helpless child.

This course contains essential insights of my seminars of the last 25 years. Two basic exercises show you how to realize these insights.

Try and see! The following lessons will give you deep understanding of your relationship and of your own personality. So you will nourish yourself and your love!

Relationship Coaching : Have the Relationship of your Dreams

Getting the Love You Want

Created by John Sullivan - Masters in Counselling Phychology


Students: 1031, Price: $89.99

Students: 1031, Price:  Paid

Life a better life using the notion of safety. The Imago Therapy system worked so well for John and his wife (they have now been married for more than 40 years), that John became passionate about teaching it to others. He began training in the system with Harville Hendrix and eventually became both a clinical therapist and a presenter in the Getting the Love You Want workshops.

As a result, John has since been involved in relationship workshops, as well as providing therapy throughout the United States and Canada for more than 25 years. Although he was the first international Imago therapist trained by Dr. Hendrix, there are now Imago Therapists in over 35 countries.

Meaningful Mentoring: Six Pillars of Mentoring Relationships

Learn the key elements that make mentorship a life-changing experience for Mentees and Mentors.

Created by Paul Scanlon - Mentorship - Communication - Leadership


Students: 814, Price: Free

Students: 814, Price:  Free

The past few years have been difficult for everyone, personally, mentally, emotionally and professionally. In our current climate, we need to support one another more than ever, but finding a mentor can be challenging - it’s not like you can find one in a directory.

Have you fallen into a rut in life and considered hiring a mentor to help you find your way out?

Or are you someone who wishes they had a mentor, but have no idea how to get one? Whatever your reason, if you want to get your life on track with a mentorship, this course is for you!

So, how do you go about finding mentors? In this free course, mentor Paul Scanlon shares with you how you can find mentors and build meaningful, long-term relationships with them.

Mentors play valuable roles in people’s personal and professional lives; they’re motivators, brains to pick, ears to listen and accountability figures. They stretch and challenge you in every possible way to ensure that you grow in the right direction for you.

Mentorship allows you to absorb the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before you. Through empathic dialogue, sharing and insight, mentorship can be a fulfilling and empowering experience for both mentor and mentee.

In this course you will learn:

  • Understand the core elements of Mentoring

  • The characteristics of impactful and meaningful mentoring.

  • The difference between mentoring and other avenues for development such as coaching.

  • The real value of mentorship.

  • How to prepare the right mindset for the mentoring process.

  • Where you can join a mentoring program.

  • How to follow through and reap the rewards of mentorship.

  • And much, much more.

Narcissistic Behaviour & Relationships: PSYCHOLOGY Cert

Accredited course on Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Toxic Relationships, Forms of Abuse, Personality Disorders

Created by Elmira Strange - Motivational Psychologist, 71000+ students


Students: 740, Price: $109.99

Students: 740, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the course on ‘Narcissistic Behaviour & Relationships: Psychology’.

If you are interested in learning about relationships and psychology, then you are in the right place. Or perhaps you are a therapist, a coach, or a person engaged in self-development and growth, who wants to learn about narcissism and NPD? Perhaps you would like to understand your own experience of being in a toxic relationship or, maybe you work with the clients that have been through toxic relationships (or still in them!) and who want to improve their life for the better?

In any case, welcome to my class! My name is Elmira Strange and I’m a professional researcher, instructor and motivational coach with MPhil in Counselling and Psychology. After completing this course you will have a good and clear understanding of the relationships where narcissism plays a vital role. You will understand the nature of toxic relationships, how to prevent them by spotting the ‘Red Flags’ during dating, and how to set up healthy boundaries in any relationship.

You will also learn about various forms of abuse, and you will understand how ‘gaslighting’, manipulation and control happen within a toxic relationship.

Additionally, in this course you will learn about:

  • the nature of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),

  • the symptoms of healthy Vs toxic relationships,

  • the ‘signs’ of a narcissistic behaviour ('Red Flags') during dating

  • how to decide 'should you stay or should you go'

  • how to improve the relationship (if you decide to stay)

  • how to separate and 'heal' after traumatic relationship (if you decide to leave)

If you (or your client) ask yourself ‘should you continue with the existing relationship or should you leave for good’, then you will get some answers in this course too.

Finally, if you (or your client) remains in the relationship that is turning toxic, you will understand what is possible to do in order to resolve some issues by setting up ‘healthy’ boundaries.

However, if you (or your client) decide to leave the relationship, in the last section of this course you will learn how to separate from a narcissist effectively and how to heal from the experience afterwards.

If you feel that this course can provide you with some important answers, then don’t wait any longer. Enrol now and I’ll see you in my class!

Relationship Management / Overview

Understand how to adopt the role of relationship management and see what successful Relationship Management looks like

Created by Jon Baxter - Coach & Advisor on Strategic Partnerships for Technologists


Students: 718, Price: Free

Students: 718, Price:  Free

Relationship Management Overview

For anyone who needs to interact with people to get the job done, Relationship Management is a core skill. Different approaches, values, ways of communicating, empathy, ego and authenticity are all important considerations, yet in the bustle of our daily lives, we either forget, rely on our innate stock of skills because they have worked in the past or muddle through. We could get the job done far quicker, but we need to break the code of Relationship Management to do so. The code is "VITAR" TM:

  • Value Proposition - Stating what's important to your audience and how you can help

  • Influence - Understanding how to influence through communication techniques

  • Trust - Building credibility and empathy, managing ego to then manage politics

  • Alignment - ensuring values, principles and understanding are "on the same page"

  • Relationship Portfolio- managing the portfolio, managing stakeholder expectations and coming up with a relationship plan for your value proposition.

This course is the overview of Relationship Management and is the first in a series of courses that covers the VITAR framework. The Overview includes:

  • Fundamentals

  • Engagement Approach

  • Contact Strategies

  • Symptoms, Expectations And Perspectives

The modules that complete the rest of the VITAR framework are found here: . Benefits of applying the VITAR Framework workshop techniques:

Trusted Advisor

  • Position your team towards this TRUSTED goal

  • Recognise the fundamental principles

  • Check-in with your influencing behaviours

  • Understand AND practice "soft skills"

Clearer Communications.

  • Manage expectations consistently

  • Adjust your style of engagement

  • Start with your audience's challenges in mind

Early and Senior Engagement

  • Access Decision Makers earlier in the evolution of ideas based on trust and credibility

  • Inspire confidence to deal with Senior Stakeholders

Role Clarity

  • Best practices for enabling relationship management

  • Clarify a colleague's contribution

  • Hold people to account

Learn the Relationship Essentials

Your guide to building a healthy relationship.

Created by Renata Wosik - Director & Principal Psychologist RWPsychology


Students: 604, Price: Free

Students: 604, Price:  Free

Feel like you are constantly fighting with your partner?

Feeling unheard? Unloved? and not even on the same chapter let alone the same page?

Well I am so glad you have found this course, and you are in the right place! These issues are common to many relationships, and without the right skills they can cause major issues for couples. 

In this course we will highlight the major areas that with the right help, you can get working on building a better relationship.

This course is for you if you want to:

- Improve your communication with your partner

- Understand how to give and receive love in your relationship

- Set healthy boundaries in your relationship

- Be able to discuss finances safely

- Prioritize your relationship in your busy life

If your relationship is in trouble, if you are in crisis, fighting all the time... feeling frustrated.. then this course will help you focus on the core essentials you need to master to get your relationship back on track. 

We look forward to seeing your relationship SUCCEED.. and help you build your skills!!

Creating a Happy Marriage and Love Relationship

Relationship building skills in marriage, love, listening, dating, sex, couples counseling and relationship coaching

Created by Roger Kay Allen, Ph.D. - Author, psychologist, management consultant, executive coach


Students: 463, Price: $89.99

Students: 463, Price:  Paid

Hi and welcome to my course to teach you how to build a great relationship.

For most couples, building a happy and successful relationship is a difficult journey. You’re probably aware that about 50% of marriages end in divorce. Once the glow of romance fades, couples, including those who were once madly in love, experience conflict, disappointment and even despair.

  • Some feel the disappointment so deeply that they decide to end the relationship.

  • Others pretend that everything is okay but settle for less than they ever desired.

  • Others try to sort things out and work through their issues.

We Long for Companionship

And yet, in spite of the challenges of building a happy relationship, it is natural for us to want to find a partner and settle into a life together. We don’t like being alone. We want someone with whom to share our life experiences.

As a matter-of-fact, 96% of people in our society today marry or come together as a couple during their lifetimes. And even among those who divorce, the great majority of them will eventually remarry.

If our desire for companionship is so deep, what goes wrong?

  • We lack good role models

  • We come into marriage ill-prepared

  • We have unrealistic expectations of marriage and our partners

  • And we have not learned the tools and skills to build a successful relationship

Vast Research on Happy Marriages

But the good news is that there is a vast body of research on happiness in marriage. We know what happy couples do and these practices can be learned. Here’s one quick example.

Your partner says, “What beautiful sunset.”

You can respond in one of three ways. You can turn towards your partner by saying something like, “Wow, it certainly is beautiful. Look at those pink hues reflecting off the clouds.” You can turn away from your partner by ignoring the comment or responding with indifference. Or you can turn against your partner by making a negative or even argumentative comment. “I don’t see what’s so special about it.” Or, “I can’t get anything done when you continually interrupt me.”

In happy marriages, partners turn towards each other 85% of the time. In unhappy marriages, partners turn away or against about 85% of the time. This means that you can improve your relationship by learning to recognize “bids” to talk and turning towards rather than against or away.

My name is Roger K. Allen. I’m a psychologist and have spent hundreds of hours not only researching best practices of happy and stable relationships but I’ve also counseled with dozens of couples just like you. And, now I’ve gathered the best lessons from my experience as well as a rather vast body of research on marriage and consolidated them into this course on building a happy and stable relationship.

In healthy marriages, partners are there for each other. You’re each accessible, attuned, and responsive to one another’s needs and feelings. This is what this course is about, helping you become more emotionally accessible, attuned and connected.

Take-Aways from the Course

  • Understand five stages of marital satisfaction including where you are and next steps in your journey

  • How to replace toxic patterns of interaction with actions that build unity

  • Greater respect, acceptance and love for your spouse

  • Practices to build positive feelings and friendship

  • Differences between women and men and how to better meet your spouse’s needs

  • Greater responsibility for your own feelings and needs

  • How to have more open and vulnerable communication

  • Skills to handle disagreements and conflict

  • The mindset and communication skills to have a great sexual relationship

  • A shared vision of the future. shared vision of the future

Your relationships more than any other factor, define your happiness and the quality of your life. And there is really no relationship that matters more than that with your life partner.

Who is This For?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationship skills

  • Couples who have been together for years

  • Couples just getting started

  • Couples who have a good relationship but want to go to the next level

  • Couples who are struggling

  • Singles and dating

  • Divorcees

  • Counselors and coaches who want to do more work with couples

Two Ways to Do the Program

There are two ways to go through the program. One is as a couple. It’s nice if you talk it over and decide to learn and practice together.

The other is as an individual. It’s common for one or the other spouse to feel a greater desire to improve their relationship and so the other option is to go through it on your own. Not only will you learn a ton but you’ll begin to realize how much one person can do to make your relationship better. As you change, your relationship will change and improve. Your spouse will likely notice and begin mirroring the changes you’re making, whether he or she goes through the program or not.

Course Outline

Section 1: Overview including resources and tips to get the most value from the course.

Section 2: The five stages of marital satisfaction. This is a roadmap to help you understand where you are and how to move forward. I’ll also talk about four toxic patterns of interacting that kill love and prevent you from achieving a loving relationship. And, I introduce the six habits of a healthy relationship. It is these habits that will guide the remainder of our journey.

Section 3: Self-responsibility. It’s hard to be a great partner if you don’t accept responsibility for yourself—your needs, feelings and behavior. We’ll talk about how to be accountable for your own emotional reactions and how to make positive choices when things go wrong.

Section 4: Honor your partner. Your partner is a unique person, distinct from you, someone who has the right to his or her own feelings, needs, thoughts, and choices. This section is about understanding your differences and appreciating your partner, becoming committed to their happiness as well your own.

Section 5: Friendship and unity. You are companions in this journey and the happiest couples nurture each other and know how to have fun together. A number of lessons in this section will include steps you can take to build a more satisfying sexual relationship.

Section 6: Connection and communication. We’ll explore different styles of communication and how to make it safe to talk openly about your needs, feelings and expectations and allow your spouse to do the same.

Section 7: Resolving conflict. You’ll learn the art of dialogue and a powerful three-step process to not only resolve disagreements but in a way that preserves your trust and goodwill.

Section 8: Shared vision. You’ll not only define your shared vision but create a marital coat of arms and put in place some structures or routines to help you achieve your vision.

Bonus Materials

The course includes lots of extras in the form of handouts and worksheets as well as exercises to deepen your learning and make it more real. You’ll have a chance to take periodic quizzes to see how well you’re learning. I’m also giving you an audio of the entire program so you can listen on the go.

And remember, not only can get this course for a great price, but Udemy will grant you a full refund within the first thirty days if you’re not satisfied.

Are you ready to make an investment in your most important relationship? Enroll now to learn state of the art, strategies, and skills to take your relationship to the next level.

How to make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Attract Abundance of Health Wealth and Relationships

Created by Gitika Bansal - NLP Practitioner Student peak performance and wellness coach


Students: 441, Price: Free

Students: 441, Price:  Free

This course will help students to understand why even after knowing about the law of attraction it did not work for them so far. They will learn how to attract it in their lives what they want and how to actually ask for it.

They will learn how their negative beliefs are holding them back from becoming achievers and then how to change these beliefs.

Putting an End To Painful Relationships Masterclass

The Three Biggest Issues That Keep You Stuck, Hurting and Struggling, Repeating Your Relationship Patterns

Created by Deb Acker - Intuitive Relationship Healer


Students: 399, Price: Free

Students: 399, Price:  Free

In this Masterclass, Deb Acker shares the three biggest issues she's seen in working with thousands of clients that can create painful relationships, along with how to begin to shift these for good. As part of this, she'll walk you through many subconscious awarenesses and behaviors that can be causing painful relationships along with exercises you can implement in your everyday life immediately to powerfully transform all of your relationships.

Mindfulness tools to start or deepen your practice

Meditations and teachings to deepen your relationship with yourself

Created by Claire Villarreal, PhD - Meditation for transformation


Students: 365, Price: Free

Students: 365, Price:  Free

Do you want the benefits of meditation, but you can't get your mind to quiet down?  Don't worry, you're not alone!  This course is for everyone who wants a better relationship with the most important person in life: yourself.  Whether you want to meditate for greater productivity at work, to relax and unwind, or just to know yourself more deeply, the tools in this course can help you.

In it, you'll find:

  • Guided meditations you can download and use in daily practice

  • Stretches to help you sit comfortably on the floor

  • The difference between the outcome of meditation (e.g., a calm mind) vs. the process of training (e.g., bringing your mind back from thoughts again and again)

  • How to be gentle with yourself in each meditation session so that you enjoy practicing

  • A 70-page free publisher's preview of Mindfulness in Plain English, a classic text that takes you deep into the traditional practice of mindfulness

  • And more!

This free course is quick and easy to use, whether you're just starting to practice meditation or you've been at it a long time and just want a fresh take on topics you know well.  You can get started today on the life-long goal of developing a better relationship with yourself.

An Introduction to Toxic Relationships

Discover unhealthy relationships patterns at home or in abusive work environments

Created by Soufiane El Alaoui - Personal Development Consultant


Students: 257, Price: Free

Students: 257, Price:  Free

I believe in giving back. I've received amazing feedbacks for the insight that my students found in my course A Practical Guide to Healthy Relationships. In return, I wish to share with you the first part of this training for free, in an attempt to help you identify the unhealthy relationships patterns you may be tolerating

Indeed, relationships can provide us with a sense of belonging that nurtures our fulfillment, but you may have noticed that it takes so little to get disconnected from others, whether at home or at work. To tolerate abusive or toxic setups, to mismanage conflict, to miscommunicate when we disagree, or display a lack of care and respect for others.

But you may ask yourself, if you’re not looking to have respectful, genuine or constructive relationships, then what is it you’re after that could possibly be better than that?

Nurturing healthy relationships is a mindful process that encompasses the way you feel about yourself and about others. And it shows, in the way you talk or listen to them, and you may have realized that some attitudes, whether yours or that of your lover, manager, friends or family are not ok, or even destructive. But what’s the alternative?

With this introductory course, you will:

  • Discover unhealthy relationships patterns

  • Discover how your beliefs about yourself and others affect your relationships

  • Discover how trust is built in relationships and how we can give it to the wrong people

  • Discover how being nice can be detrimental with some people

  • Learn about the transactional analysis models and how they apply to your life

  • Learn how we end up in codependent relationships

When you subscribe to this training, you will have immediate access to a comprehensive educational content that includes, in addition to the videos, a supporting document to enhance your learning experience (a comprehensive workbook in pdf format).

See you in the first video!


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Relationship Marketing for your Coaching Business

Coaching Business Success - discover the core principles of how to start, grow and succeed in your coaching business

Created by Graham Nicholls - Best Selling Instructor - Emotional & Behavioural Therapies


Students: 246, Price: $89.99

Students: 246, Price:  Paid

Relationship Marketing for your Coaching Business

In this thorough and comprehensive Coaching Business course you will delve deep into how you can get your coaching business started, grow the business and ensure that it is fully sustainable.

Coaching is currently a $2 Billion industry globally and is growing at an amazing rate..... BUT.... this course is not just for coaches. If you are part of, or want to be part of the Helping Industry then you have come to the right place. The Helping Industry is currently a $9.9 Billion industry in the USA alone and is predicted to reach over $13 Billion by 2022!

What does that growth mean?

It means that there is plenty of space for you to join in, to start helping people and to make a living from it!

"Success doesn't just come and find you, you have to go out and get it" - Tony Robbins

Let's be honest here, the reason you are reading this is probably because you either want to be part of the Coaching / Helping Industry or you are already part of it and want to know how to grow your business. You know that you want to help people, it quite possibly feels like your calling in life and you want to be able to be doing that full-time. You've taken a few courses and you are ready to get started but you are not sure of the best route to take...... you really have come to the right place, this is the course for you!

Within this Coaching Business Success course you will.....

  • Discover how to get clients

  • Find out how to value your clients

  • Uncover the steps to creating trust with potential clients

  • Know how to step into a business mindset

  • Learn the 3 key questions to starting & growing your Coaching / Practitioner business

  • Get an Ebook with 99 ways to answer those 3 questions (that's 99 ways to grow your business!!)

  • Discover the number 1 most powerful strategy you need to use to grow your business

  • Identify your brand

  • Learn how to position, promote and market yourself effectively

  • PLUS loads more!

=> Are you serious about wanting to help others, whether as a Coach or Helping Practitioner?

=> Are you serious about making Coaching or Helping your full-time role?

=> Do you want to help make a difference in this world through Coaching / Helping?

Then you need to know how to do that effectively, how to start, grow and run your own Coaching / Helping Practitioner business.... and that is exactly what this Coaching Business Success course provides. All you have to do now is hit the "Buy Now" or "Enroll Now" button and get started!


All the resources we talk about in the course are available for you to download.

All of the presentation slides are available for you to download and use.

The whole course is also available as a downloadable audio version so you can learn on the go.

"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today" - Tim Fargo

It's over to you, will you choose to follow your dreams?

We look forward to seeing you within the course!

Our Best Regards

Graham & Jason

Fully Accredited Professional Relationship Coach Diploma

For Couples and Individuals

Created by Jan Haldane - Master Hypnotherapist and Coach


Students: 239, Price: $89.99

Students: 239, Price:  Paid

Fully Accredited Professional Relationship Coach Diploma

Fully Accredited Professional Diploma in relationship coaching for couples and individuals

This course is fully accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

Study in confidence with Bestselling Instructor Jan Haldane, Master Hypnotherapist and Coach

Our Professional Relationship Coach Diploma course is aimed at those who wish to expand their coaching or therapy skills into relationship coaching for couples or individual clients, or for those that wish to learn the techniques for themselves. This course gives you all the tools for using Relationship Coaching in a personal or professional manner. The course is a combination of video and an in depth training manual.

Our easy to learn modules include:


How you can help people as a professional Relationship Coach

Module 1

  • What makes a good Relationship Coach

  • Creating the coaching environment

  • Establishing rapport

  • Boundaries in the therapy room

  • Dealing with unhappy couples

  • Client ethics

Module 2

  • Understanding the journey

  • The coach approach

  • Self care

  • Using intuition

  • Interpreting body language

Module 3

  • Power and control

  • He says, she says

  • Dealing with anger and frustration

  • Blame cost/benefit analysis

  • Uncovering positivity

  • Core conflict

  • Emotional states

  • Negative cycles

  • Understanding jealousy

  • Dramatising and catastrophising

Module 4

  • Effective communication

  • Mindful breathing for stressful situations

  • Working with buried feelings

Module 5

  • Navigating change

  • The impact of stressful situations

  • Growing apart

  • Where to from here?

This is a Professional Diploma Course that is fully accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

The great thing is that there are no prerequisites for this course, just an internet connection, a note pad and pen and an open and willing mind!

Relationship Rescue: 10 Guided Steps to a Great Relationship

Learn How to Create a Relationship with Healthy Communication, Connection, Intimacy, Friendship, Fidelity and Fun!

Created by Kathleen Mates-Youngman - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Author/National Speaker


Students: 210, Price: $29.99

Students: 210, Price:  Paid

It’s happening again. That horrible feeling that your relationship is not what you thought it would be, or worse yet, coming apart. Whether you keep getting into heated arguments, or you have started living parallel, disconnected lives, you know you can’t go on like this forever.

I'm Kathleen Mates-Youngman M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Amazon Best-selling author / National Speaker. I specialize in Couples Therapy, and am passionate about helping couples strengthen their relationship. Everyday, couples come through my office, some feeling only mildly disconnected, some suffering from painful relationship injuries, and others on the verge of divorce. Regardless of the issues, they all benefit greatly from not only the therapeutic process, but from education and guidance about the most important traits for having a successful, connected, and resilient relationship.

I created "Relationship Rescue:10 Steps Before Calling A Therapist," for all couples, healthy or struggling, to have an opportunity to learn and practice these essential, foundational, traits on their own. For some, this may be all they need to get back on track, and for others it will give them a head start before starting work with a couples therapist.

With "Relationship Rescue: 10 steps before calling a Therapist," I will walk you through 10 lessons that will - if you listen with your heart and start to apply them – begin to immediately alleviate your concerns and help you feel more connected. Just by simply watching the introduction you will begin to be able to entertain the possibility that you really can be happier and healthier.

Listen, I want you to know, studies show that on average, couples struggle with relationship issues for 7 years before they finally seek therapy. Let me ask you this, would you let yourself endure any illness for 7 years without medical care? So, why would you let yourself suffer with a broken heart or a lonely relationship for longer than 7 minutes!

If you see the sense in this, take just a few minutes now to review the lesson titles. I’ve made this course simple, yet deep and powerful. So, if you accept this mission, don’t waste another day, month or year! Just click on the first lecture, take a deep breath, and give it a chance!

What you can expect:

As you go through this course, you can expect to learn, one by one, the most important traits of a great relationship. You will learn skills such as; the art of healthy communication, how to conflict without chaos, how to have healthy boundaries, respect, romance, and intimacy, and how to define, prevent and repair from infidelity.

The lectures are about 10 minutes long, and you can watch all 10 at one time, but I suggest you watch one a day or week so that you can really process the information. At the end of each lecture I have included a downloadable resource that offers a few intentions to practice, followed by several questions to ask each other about the topic. By having this conversation you will learn more about yourself, each other, and how to make your relationship all that you want it to be!

The really great thing is that you have these short lectures in your library forever, to refer to whenever you need a relationship tune-up! So give each other a hug, click on lecture 1, and be open to learning and growing together!

A Conscious Relationship with Money

Money in the 7 Dimensions

Created by Dianne Collins - QuantumThink® Creator-Award Winning Author-Media Personality


Students: 197, Price: Free

Students: 197, Price:  Free

Every one of us would like a great relationship with Money.
This is achieved by establishing a conscious relationship with Money.
A conscious relationship with Money must be cultivated, with intent.
This is easily begun by becoming aware of your current experience of Money,
and by learning to distinguish Money in the 7 dimensions of life.

Money is central to life
though many of us are reluctant or even embarrassed to acknowledge this important fact.

We sometimes hold outdated or wayward ideas that focusing on Money is not virtuous or spiritual. These are the thoughts that keep us limited and weaken our command with Money and the opportunities we can provide with it. This is true whatever your financial status is.

I am excited and delighted to invite you to experience a free course that I put together so every one of us can create an amazing relationship with Money that you possibly couldn’t have imagined.

This course is in 3 parts, where I have included specially selected excerpts from my video masterclass, Master Your Mind, Master Your Life – combined with a unique interview with me by a Wealth Consultant during an online Conscious Wealth Summit.


· Everything in this world relates to money.
The fact is that money holds a central place in our society and an essential role in our individual daily lives. When you develop a conscious relationship with money you gain a profound understanding of this.

· Our results are shaped by our habits of thinking which in turn generate what we resonate and thus, attract.
When we minimize the important role of money in our lives and in our world, believing it is not “spiritual” or “virtuous” to acknowledge its significance—we also weaken our command with money and the opportunities we can create and provide with it.

· A vital aspect of designing prosperity consciousness is to become conscious of your experience of money itself.
If it is not a relationship that serves you well, you have the power—when you awaken your thinking—to create your relationship with money consciously—a relationship that empowers, excites you and expands you.

· When we are “Living Fully Dimensionally” in our relationship with money, we experience money as a reflection of Divine impulse.
It is working through us as creative expression in service to others through the exchange of products, services, and ideas manifest. Prosperity is practical and purposeful!

· One of the things that creates our business success is our relationship with money. Even though we are in our business or profession, in large part, to make our contribution into the world and to express our unique purpose – we are also doing it to earn money. In fact, money is a measurement of just how responsive our environment is to what we offer in the way of products and services.

What’s in the Course
A Conscious Relationship with Money

Part 1.     Money Is Central to Life
This is your opportunity to consciously acknowledge the vital role Money plays in our society and your life personally, every day.
You achieve a new comfort level in your actual experience of Money. The important relationship between thinking, resonance and manifestation. You release limits you may not be aware of through a contemplation.

Part 2.     It Really IS About the Money

You will expand the entire way you relate to Money by becoming aware of the ways we “avoid” the topic of Money – thereby weakening our command with it. A dialogue applying quantum principles to conscious wealth.

Part 3.     Money in the 7 Dimensions

You take an important mind-shifting journey through the very specific characteristics of the profoundly rich ways Money expresses itself in the 7 Dimensions – and how all of it connects to an enlightened state. The 7 Dimensions re-shape your thinking about Money for a very different, refreshing experience of Money.

The great boon of our focus on Money …

is that since life is holographic – meaning the whole of it is present in every smaller aspect of itself, in every part – then whatever area of life we focus on – where we shine our laser light of awareness – this affects every other area of life.

Since money affects our relationships, our health, our lifestyles, our business and career, our ability to support causes and people important to us – then creating a quantum leap in our relationship with money also generates that leap in every area of our life.

Toxic Relationship Cycles: The Love Addict & Love Avoidant

The Complete Guide To Developing Freedom From Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Created by Kristin Snowden - Personal Growth & Relationship Coach


Students: 175, Price: $89.99

Students: 175, Price:  Paid

  • Developed by a highly sought-after relationship coach with multiple certifications, a license, and over a decade of experience.

  • Over 4.5 Hours of Content with Nearly 30 Lessons.

  • The coach is available for questions and live group workshops

  • The course explores important topics such as childhood wounds, codependency versus interdependency, boundary-setting, attachment theory, gaslighting, betrayal trauma, addiction recovery, and developing healthy coping skills and communication

  • Multiple handouts provided to complement the lectures

  • Curriculum and exercises to help students better understand how lecture material applies to their own lives.

  • Kristin's YouTube channel has over a million views with thousands of positive comments which speaks to her ability to convey difficult subjects in a clear and understandable way that allows clients to learn, grow, and stop unhealthy patterns.  Explore her channel and reviews.

The Love Addict/Love Avoidant Toxic Relationship Cycle course is the most comprehensive and complete psychoeducational course that can help students develop a language for all the complicated, multi-layered pieces involved in toxic relationship cycles along with detailed tools, guidance, and support to incorporate the changes.  Now available to Udemy students at an amazing price!

Scroll through the curriculum / the list of video lectures to preview the value contained in this complete course. You CAN change your unhealthy patterns and engage in healthier relationships. Your pain and wounds don't have to define you and set you down a permanent path of unhappiness and confusion.  Recovery can be achieved through education, hard work, commitment, and practice. 

Enroll now, start following through Kristin's curriculum, and apply the life skills and different framework to your daily life.

See you on the inside!

How to have joyful, meaningful and harmonious relationships

When we feel inter-connected we are happy, kind, effective and contribute meaningfully. How can we discover this?

Created by Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati - Teacher of Advaita Vedanta and Psychology, Hindu monk


Students: 162, Price: $19.99

Students: 162, Price:  Paid

Life involves relating to people. In relating, we often experience conflicts. These conflicts cannot be wished away or dismissed as they bother us. I experience happiness and connectedness with the other only when I am in harmony in my relationships. 

How can I be in harmony with the other who is so different from me? The timeless wisdom of the ancient masters from India show us the way forward for harmonious living by practising dharma. Dharma is not an abstract concept or a cosmological proposition.  

 This course is a step-by-step journey of the What, Why and How of the ancient, universal guide of Dharma in our lives, now.  

While the word 'Dharma' has many meanings, one of the primary meanings is universal values and principles that have upheld society from time immemorial. Hinduism and Buddhism which grew in the heart of India has dharma has its foundation. Our actions on a day to day basis and hence our lives are an expression of the values that we have assimilated well. 

This course is the first ever course on Udemy  by a Hindu monk.  The journey of the course is a simple, yet profound journey of small yet firm steps to discovering that you are the light of dharma and how you can illumine your life and the life of others with your joy and wisdom. It addresses a huge gap that modern psychology totally misses, which is our need for dharma. 

When dharma is at the centre of our livesall the values such as love, acceptance, appreciation, justice, co-operation, fairness flow from the inside out, into all areas of our lives.  To discover dharma as our centre, we look through what being obsessed with work, partner, money or children entails. Unless we see the suffering we are going through we will not be able to appreciate the power of dharma.

By doing this course, you will:

Do what needs to be done as your understanding of dharma grows.

Invite the illumination of dharma into all areas of your life. This includes the space of self awareness between you the person and the roles. 

See the interconnectedness of  the five sets of relationships (Panchmahayajna)that you did not know you had. 

Change wisely, in how you give and receive in your relationships. This is possible because of the three powers you have in every situation. 

Open your heart.

Value your relationships  

Embrace them with your thoughts, words and deeds

Rejoice in your life and relationships as the joy and wisdom if yours to claim.  

This course is a sacred and heartfelt offering to all seekers, of the love and wisdom that I have received from my gurus. The commitment to the tradition is carried forward by sharing it.   

Traditional teaching in gurukulam-s (traditional teaching institutions) is offered free of cost, for years, even in this day and age. It will be my joy and responsibility to contribute to Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, where I studied, from the proceeds received for this course.    

It is with much joy, warmth and respect that I welcome you into this sacred and consecrated  space of the course. 

The space is sacred because the wisdom that will be shared has been shared by rishis, ancient masters across generations.  

The space is sacred because you have opened your heart to the possibility of learning and growing. 

The space is sacred because you are sacred. 

For, you are as much as I am.  


Relationship University

Helping You To Find Your Healing So That You Can Find Your Happiness.

Created by David Taylor - Author, Mental Health Therapist, Relationship and Date Coach


Students: 133, Price: $34.99

Students: 133, Price:  Paid

What You Will Learn in Relationship University?

Relationship University is unlike any other online course in the relationship and dating space. RU is intense and engaging. You will have more than just videos to learn will also have assessments and writing assignments that draw you deeper into the learning experience. This is not a hobby course but rather a course for those serious about improving the overall quality of their life and the overall quality of their next relationship. If you are looking to get the most from your education then this course should be on your top priority list.

This ecourse is designed specifically for those who are ready to grow and are serious about succeeding in their next relationship. Contrary to popular belief, relationships often end when an individuals personal problems become the main focus and main distraction of the relationship. Relationships are robbed when an individual struggles to become their true selves. When this happens, the relationship is short changed and limited to the limitations that each person puts on themselves. Your relationship will reflect back to you the condition of your heart. How you choose to accept your reflection will determine the condition of the relationship. This is what Relationship University is all about...improving the reflection that you see when you stare into the mirror.

Some topics include: dealing with past baggage, healing from the past, financial wellness, career expectations, marriage role definition, family origins, family expectations, 5 love languages, conflict resolution…etc. After completing this course, each participant will then be eligible to be part of our exclusive dating pool where only those who have gone through the intense coaching or personal coaching can be a part of. That way you know that the person that you connect with has already gone through the same quality of coaching and training that you have gone through.

Fulfilling Relationships: Become Skilled

Learn 17 loving relationship skills

Created by Arial Els van de Schoot - Professional spiritual caregiver


Students: 131, Price: $89.99

Students: 131, Price:  Paid

Do you feel like you can use some helpful relationship advice? Are your friendships not peaceful enough? Or don't you know how to find the right partner? Or how to make things work more smoothly? 

In this course you will learn to create fulfilling relationships by aquiring 17 next-level relationship skills that you might not even have thought about before.

1. Transforming your Social Life: how to  stop wanting to changing others. + You are the one having the power to change and to transform your social life!

2. Cultivate Self-Love: you don't have to feel dependent anymore, and that will actually increase your chances with others.

3. Build Confidence: how to learn and expand your comfort zone.

4. Kickstart Clear Communication: how to have less misunderstandings and more openness

5. Making Forgiveness the Default: how to forgive, and how to have the joy of being a forgiving person

6. Foster an Abundance Mindset: from this place you'll be relaxed and any neediness-energy will resolve

7. When to End a Relationship: a helpful and clear guide to this diffult decision

8. How to Find new Connection: are you up for meeting like-minded souls with whom things just flow easily?

9. Relax and Enjoy Exciting Meetings: with the right mindset you don't have to be nervous during that first date or at that party with cool people.

10. How to Be Respectful: if you have never given respectfulness a good though, you might accidently harm others now and then. Not so anymore!

11. How to Be Non-Judgmental: make other feel safe and accepted as they are, while gaining a new level of inner peace.

12. "Yes!" and nothing less: learn to raise your standard so that you don't have to experience mediocrity in your relationships any longer.

Extra Lessons:

13. No More Fear of Failure: Stop perceiving your relationships as having failed. Here's how to start seeing that you are already a great success!

14. Overcome Insecurity and Social Anxiety: Don't fearing rejections, stop caring what others think of you, and a practical step-to-step guide to lose insecurity and anxiety.

15. Stop People Pleasing, Be Strong in your No and Powerfully You: how to make self-empowering choices, like saying no, and keeping healthy bounderies.

16. Resolve Neediness by Embracing Alone-Time: What a great backup it is to feel that you don't even need anyone to be happy. And this will actually make you more attractive for others. 

17. So You Want to Go on a Cuddle Date?: what are cuddle dates? And how to arrange one for yourself? Here are the answers!

This relationships skills course is for all gender types, all sexualities and for monogamous people as well as the polyamorous ones among us.

A Practical Guide to Healthy Relationships

The complete training to nurture healthy relationships at work and at home

Created by Soufiane El Alaoui - Personal Development Consultant


Students: 131, Price: $89.99

Students: 131, Price:  Paid

Relationships can provide us with a sense of belonging that nurtures our fulfillment, but you may have noticed that it takes so little to get disconnected from others, whether at home or at work. To tolerate abusive or toxic setups, to mismanage conflict, to miscommunicate when we disagree, or display a lack of care and respect for others.

But you may ask yourself, if you’re not looking to have respectful, genuine or constructive relationships, then what is it you’re after that could possibly be better than that?

Nurturing healthy relationships is a mindful process that encompasses the way you feel about yourself and about others. And it shows, in the way you talk or listen to them, and you may have realized that some attitudes, whether yours or that of your lover, manager, friends or family are not ok, or even destructive. But what’s the alternative?

With this training that is based on social psychology, transactional analysis and NLP, you will:

  • Learn to overcome unhealthy relationships patterns

  • Discover the communicating and listening barriers that compromise our relationships

  • Understand how your internalized ideas, emotions and values interact with those of others

  • Apply essential skills to have respectful and caring relationships, which encompass empathy and assertiveness

  • Learn how to provide healthy feedback and communicate your anger constructively

  • Learn how to avoid misunderstandings and manage conflict constructively

This course is built to be pragmatic and to the point. Come and discover it by yourself, you can preview the first videos for free. When you subscribe to this training, you will have immediate access to a comprehensive educational content that includes, in addition to the videos, supporting documents to enhance your learning experience (12 workbooks in pdf format). You will also have access to all the updates to the content.

See you in the first video!


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Secrets of Great Relationships

A Guide for Couples in Experiencing Wholeness and Achieving a Happy and Fulfilling Life.

Created by Linda & Charlie Bloom - Relationship Therapists


Students: 106, Price: $49.99

Students: 106, Price:  Paid

If you already have a "good relationship" with your significant other but would love to have a "great relationship" instead, then grab your partner and settle down for this insightful experience.

With this course you will:

  • Understand the varying Stages of Relationships.
  • Learn the correlation between Needs and optimal relationships.
  • Identify successful practices of Conscious Combat and Responsibility.
  • Come to terms with your Shadow and acceptance of Shadow Work.
  • Learn the importance of Intimacy and how it can nourish the soul.
  • Understand how Sexuality plays an important role in relationships.
  • Embrace Fear and learn how to step into Fearlessness.
  • Develop your own Qualities and Practices to work on.
  • Learn the Secrets of Great Relationships.

Through the videos, activities and exercises provided in the course, you will learn how to develop qualities and life skills commonly found in couples who have created exemplary relationships.

Key Social Skills and Building Relationships

Fourth Key to Ultimate Confidence, Body, and Self-Esteem

Created by Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova - Dr. E. Pavlova PhD, Ms, CEDS, IE-Pro


Students: 97, Price: $89.99

Students: 97, Price:  Paid

What You Can Expect To Learn

This is the fifth course (there are totally 7) from the "6 Keys to ULTIMATE Confidence, Body, and Self-Esteem" program, which will be a blueprint to boosting:

Social Confidence, so that you will influence others, have leadership stance and executive presence, you will be rising to the top, having greater freedom from social anxiety, gaining energy and motivation to take successful actions.

Build Better RELATIONSHIPS, Secrets To Love & Relationships

Make Relationships Strong, Discover Secrets, Principles & Strategies for everlasting Relationships

Created by Amna Hassan - Motivational and Leadership Consultant


Students: 90, Price: $19.99

Students: 90, Price:  Paid

I welcome you to this exciting and amazing course Build Better RELATIONSHIPS, Secrets To Love & Relationships where I am going to tell you about the secrets through which you can make your relations strong and successful.

We are social animals and we can't live alone. We need other people to fulfil our needs. We are dependent on other people but we need to find right people in our life. In order to live in a chain of beautiful people we need to make our relation bonds very strong and forever. We have to give value to those who are important in our life. That's why I made this course to help you to develop more understanding with your beloved ones. I hope to see you having beautiful and prosperous life with all those who make your life more beautiful.

·        Identify the significant signs that a relationship is not working

·        Know how to earn the trust of your relations

·        Recognize the power of a great relationship that is on your entire life

·        Know how to communicate more successfully with other people

·        Dismiss arguments and differences before they even start

·        Learn to deal with the unavoidable challenges that arise in any relationships

·        Become more open and authentic in your personal and professional relationships

·        Know the best strategies that support relationships and that keep relations thrilling and alive

·        Know the techniques to build and improve your relationship

·        Express to each other in such ways that foster more love and understanding

·        Learn how to build stronger and more exciting relationships


So, come and join this course and let’s make a promise that you will implement these simple strategies in your life and become a better and more confident person and be the Boss of Your mind and thoughts. Enjoy your relationships and be happy with who you are and what you do. Start believing yourself, get motivated and see a new you. The only failure is if you don't take any action.

Thanks for Taking interest in this course. Now let’s get started. Best of Luck!

Your Dream Relationship

Blue Love to True Love

Created by James Borel - Certified Relationship Coach and Speaker


Students: 27, Price: $89.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

This course is a fully comprehensive guide on how to improve a long-term, lasting Relationship. Whether you’re single, dating, in a long-term relationship, or married... this course is for you! This course is also for Coaches and Helping Practitioners who are looking for proven tools and strategies to help couples improve their relationships.

A Loving Relationship is one of the most joyful, exciting, and fulfilling things life has to offer... But let's be honest, Relationships can also be one of the most stressful and difficult things in life, don’t you think? It really doesn't matter where you are on your relationship journey there will be some tough times ahead, but the ups can far surpass the downs.

Love doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be true. – James Borel

This course is designed to help you understand the Relationship journey from first love through years of marriage. What you'll discover is that personal values have a critical role to play at every stage throughout the Relationship process. However, this isn't a course just about personal values... the focus here is on True Love!

"The desire for romantic love in marriage is deeply rooted in our psychological makeup." – Gary Chapman

This course is designed to take you through each developmental and psychological stage of the relationship and into long-term commitment. You will discover some of the key challenges that couples face with practical ways to overcome them, including the use of effective, easy to do exercises to ensure success. Making sure to focus on both partners and their emotional needs throughout the process!

Wherever you are in your relationship journey (whether as an individual or a couple), there's a reason you are looking for a relationship course. You might be looking for a practical guide to make your existing relationship work, some problem solving strategies and techniques for the future, a guide that you can refer back to at each stage of the love journey, or just something to set you on the path to happiness. Whichever it is, this is the right course for you!

Let this course be your guide into the world of a lasting love. Get the benefit of discovering relationship perceptions, personal values, relationship values and rules, emotional and behavioral needs, and how to overcome obstacles, and learn how to effectively integrate these into a comprehensive journey to Your Dream Relationship.

If you want a long-lasting relationship that most people only dream about, then this course was designed with you in mind, and if you want the skills, knowledge, tools and strategies to help you along the way... they can be found here!

Does that sound like something you want? Yes! Fantastic, let’s jump right in and make the decision!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is formed." – Tony Robbins

Ok, it's time to make that decision and hit the Buy Now or Enroll Now button and come and join me on the journey to Your Dream Relationship... a lifetime of love and happiness are waiting! Are you ready? Great, let's do it!

I look forward to seeing you in the course.

James Borel – Your Dream Relationship Coach

P.S. Remember that you are completely covered by Udemy's Full Money Back Guarantee that you can claim any time within the first 30 days of purchase!

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There are no requirements other than a desire to love and be loved to the fullest

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to greatly improve their relationship.

Healing Relationships

Change yourself first by embracing emotional triggers, repetitive responses, and true forgiveness

Created by Doctor Mark - Free Thinking School Teacher


Students: 17, Price: $19.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

Life is sweeter if you first make a change in yourself before expecting it from others. The power of one!

The cliché goes that a relationship is a two-way street. Not necessarily. In my years of experience there are few relationships that can’t be healed by the power of one! I will ask you to embrace all those unpleasant experiences you have in relationships. And through the power of these techniques you will progress to new levels of loving and constructive behaviors and strategies.

Do people in your life trigger in you strong emotions of shame, jealousy, or anger? The occasional devastating comment from a parent or coworker, perhaps? Do you still blame others for how you feel? Part I addresses how to embrace this.

Part II of this course helps you to see yourself in a more honest light and experience the importance of making new choices in your own habits. These exercises in Part II then allow you to prepare to embrace your partner’s “imperfections” in Part III.

This course will give you the transformative tools to cancel emotional triggers and situations from your life and empower you enough so you can stand in a state of love even in the most trying of situations.

What will I learn about relationships?

· To use the power of one to change your relationships

· To use forgiveness energy

· To release automatic responses that ruin relationships

· To stop blaming everyone in your life for how you feel

· To stand peacefully in the face of difficult situations

· To change unconscious habits

· To use the full power of commitment in healing relationships

· To learn to accept a spouse or partner so they have room to transform

· To decide whether you are willing to work on a relationship, or quit

There are three main tasks covered in this course. The first task we will tackle is how to transform such emotions as shame, jealousy, anger, and other automatic powerful emotions. These emotions are triggered by parents, loved ones, work colleagues, and even the news. Are you tired of taking the bait and getting into the same fight, or of feeling rejected by a parent again and again because they shame you with that look? Learn the mechanics and practice of forgiveness and learn to let go of the expectations that you hold others to.

The second task is how to see yourself as other sees you in all your imperfections. By using Franklin’s list of virtues, learn how to systematically change your awkward habits and annoying traits. Learning to see yourself objectively will prepare you for the work in Part III that requires you to embrace the imperfections of your partner or loved one. By learning to be flexible and willing to change yourself, you are in a much better situation to work with others.

The third topic is how to “fix” by committing to your partner at a higher level. This includes making a comprehensive list of your partner’s imperfections and cancelling the goals you hold for them. Part III should shed new light when a relationship is over.

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The three parts of this video:

1. Emotional Triggers and Forgiveness

2. How Others See Us, Our Bad Habits

3. Fixing your relationships by renewed commitment and by owning your partner’s imperfections

Part I, Emotional Triggers and Forgiveness

1. List of triggered emotions and so-called difficult people in your life

2. Mechanics of Reaction

3. Emotions vs. Feelings

4. Letting go of Expectations

5. The Sheet to Cancel Goals we hold for others

6. The Journal and Leading Themes

7. Testing your progress and success

8. New Glasses: Seeing the Struggle of Others

9. Trouble Shooting: Juicing and EMF meditation

Part II, How Others See Us, Our Bad Habits

10. Ben Franklin’s List of Your Virtues and Vices

11. Four Practices to stay grounded in Tough Situations

12. What would love do?

Part III, Fixing Your Relationships by Renewed Commitment and Owning Your Partner’s Imperfections

13. On Why Inner Commitment Changes Relationships

14. List Your Partners Imperfections and How to Own Them

15. Breaking Up or Staying Together