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How to Freestyle Rap: Rhythm, Lyrics, Delivery

Learn how to freestyle, switch flows, rap over any beat, and never run out of bars.

Created by Douglas Butner - Designer, Artist, Evolving Consciousness


Students: 5603, Price: $74.99

Students: 5603, Price:  Paid

In this course you will develop the skill set to freestyle rap in various styles without running out of bars, even if you have never rapped before. This is a bold promise, but like anything else, freestyle rhyming can be broken down into a few simple steps. I will explain the three components to rapping, then we will talk more about freestyle-specific skills. 

1. Rhythm: You will learn to catch any beat by tapping out the quarter notes, then create a simple percussion rhythm which you will then put words to.

2. Lyrics: We will talk about polysyllabic rhyming, associations, building topics to fall back on, and wordage (word choice).

3. Delivery: In this lesson you will play around with your voice to see what it can do, and take a good look at how to hone your flow.

 After we cover the three fundamentals of freestyle rap, I will help you to develop multiple flows and improve your delivery, teach you tricks to come up with rhymes and always have subjects to rhyme about in cyphers.

We will cover: Cypher Etiquette, how to Never Run Out of Bars, Tools to Get Going, Finding Beats, Switching Flows, Entering a Flow State, and more. 

Relax, get into the vibe, and come with me on this journey through the components of freestyle rap. 

Oh, and if you are wondering "Who is this guy and why should he be my rap teacher?" I am the musician that goes by the name Douglas, Sir Douglas Fresh, Ammon, and godsol. You can listen to & download my mixtape at, and find me on Spotify as Ammon (Check out my song "Ammon - You Are Love")

I also hold periodic freestyle events for local rappers called Solsfest (since 2014). 

Oh yeah, and I built a worldwide music map app that YOU can be a part of! You can find beats there, and even share your music for free. It's called cXc Music, and you can find it at

How To Make Beats For Rappers On An iPhone or iPad

Make an unlimited amount of great sounding hip hop beats for your rap songs and freestyles from your iPhone or iPad.

Created by Pat Parra - Anyone Can Learn How To Rap and Freestyle


Students: 3173, Price: $19.99

Students: 3173, Price:  Paid

How you can get an unlimited amount of great sounding hip hop beats for LIFE for only $20...

All you need is an iPhone or an iPad and you'll never have to pay for rap beats again...

In this course you will learn how to make your own original hip hop beats to rap on...

This way you won't have to:

  • Buy expensive rap beats from "Pros"
  • Learn complicated beatmaker rap software
  • Spend $100's of dollars on expensive beat making tools
  • No programming at all!

And... It takes less than 10 minutes to make a beat ready to rap or freestyle on...

If you're starting to rap and freestyle... 

Then overcomplicated rap instrumentals are no good. 

You need simple sounding beats that do not take away from your vocals. 

You need people to be able to hear your voice clearly. 

The problem is most hip hop producers get bored with simple hip hop beats and over produce them to the point where there are so many change ups in the beat that a rapper is not even needed. 

I've dealt with this a lot...

I have amazing beat maker friends who make incredible beats...

But they are usually over complicated and difficult to write to because they have so many parts.

This is why I have been searching for a simple, intuitive and easy to use method for making beats easily. 

Now that we have iPhones...

Making simple beats for rappers in less than 10 minutes is finally possible... 

With this new method I've been easily making 3 beats a day and its so much fun...

  • No Tedious Annoying Programming
  • No spending $100's of dollars buying rap beats online
  • No sitting in front of the computer for hours
  • And NO clutter of tons of recording equipment. 

Just straight simple beats perfect for rappers and freestylers...

Now you can make beats for...

  • Freestyle sessions
  • Your own rap songs
  • Youtube videos
  • Your full album or mixtape
  • Movies and TV shows
  • And you can even sell the beats you make in beat packs and keep all the money you make!

I love this method for making beats for free on the iPhone and I can't wait to share it with you. 

It truly is the easiest way I've ever tried to make beats and the beats sound dope tooo!

A lot of beat making software can be difficult to use and require a desktop computer. 

And most apps I've tried are either not user friendly, don't work as promised or have super wack sounds. 

With the main free app in this course, you will have a great intuitive set up for easily creating rap beat instrumentals from your iPhone or iPad that sound current.

I hope you enjoy this course and I can't wait to hear your beats!


ps. As I add more advanced training to the course the price will go up...

So if you want this beatmaking program at the lowest price then I recommend buying now. 

pss. You have 30 days to try it out 100% risk free so if you don't like it for any reason just contact Udemy for a quick refund. 

PSSS: This raw program also comes with lifetime access to our bonus Private "Simple Beats For Rappers" Facebook group so you can share your beats and get positive support from me and beat makers from all over the world.

Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, And Write Lyrics

Go from a total beginner to advanced rapper fast in this complete how to rap course that starts with freestyle rapping.

Created by Pat Parra - Anyone Can Learn How To Rap and Freestyle


Students: 2398, Price: $199.99

Students: 2398, Price:  Paid

It doesn't matter if you've never even thought of learning how to freestyle rap or don't know how to begin rapping, as this step by step program unlocks the freestyle rapping skills you've always had inside of you...

UPDATE: Version 3.0 is out now. The entire freestyle course has been reshot and made to feel even more like a real rap cypher to help you feel prepared to rap in public when you are ready. My friend Dion and I are both here for you on video supporting you as you go through this unique back and forth rap training on video.

Humbled to be able to say that this course is the number one rap course on Udemy for 3 years in a row and has now helped over 1,627 people start freestyle rapping in less than 10 minutes.

The New Training "Eight Steps To Rapping Like A Pro" has just beed added to this course. This new training will show you how to legally steal the rap skills from a few of your favorite rappers...

Combine them...

And make their rap skills your own.

After going through this new addition, which is an extra half hour of HD video content...

You will be able to rap better whenever you want by going through these steps with the latest top rappers in the world...

Also the course has been reshot and reorganized to help user comprehension and rap flow...

While this course started as just a Freestyle Rapping and Rap Writing Course...

It has now become the only program you need to go from complete beginner to pro level rapper faster than anything else...

Freestyle Rapping is the art of improvising lyrics on the spot. It will help you rap better, perform more confidently, and naturally write amazing rap lyrics.

Freestyle rapping can also help with songwriting for any genre of music, getting in a creative 'flow state', and public speaking.

This class will teach anyone how to freestyle rap within 7 minutes guaranteed.

This course will get you freestyle rapping even if:

  • You have no musical skill
  • You've never rapped before
  • You've tried freestyle rapping and failed
  • You've never even thought of rapping
  • You don't have any rhythm
  • You think you can't do it
  • You've seen and tried everything...

This Freestyle Rapping course is for:

  • Beginners - people who have never freestyle rapped before
  • You if you want to become a dope rapper
  • Fans of Hip Hop and Rap music
  • People who want to learn how to rap better with better flow.
  • People who want to get in touch with a creative flow that helps all creative activity come more naturally...
  • Musicians of any genre looking to get a powerful new songwriting tool that will help them write lyrics and get into a creative flow a lot faster
  • Teachers interested in "tricking" their friends and students into freestyle rapping.

This Program Will Teach You How To Freestyle Rap In Minutes So You Can:

  • Rap better
  • Be a more respected rapper
  • Improve your rap voice
  • Have limitless flow, vocabulary, and subject matter
  • Share your story
  • Inspire others to express themselves too
  • Immediately express whatever you are thinking and feeling
  • Have fun on long car trips with friends
  • Create songs out of thin air whenever you want
  • Turn your surroundings into a rap
  • Improve the ability to think on your toes
  • Build confidence in your voice and rap skills

This Udemy course will teach you how to freestyle rap in less than 10 minutes and then teach you how to write quality song lyrics using your new freestyle rapping skills.

You can also use the simple steps to teach your friends how to rap so you can rap together on long car trips, have rap battles together or just quickly get some "stuff" off your chest...

You can practice freestyle rapping using the included hip hop beats or free rap beat instrumentals found on youtube.

This course is the only proven freestyle method that has a 100% success rate with 100's of students.

I accidentally came up with the 4 step process in college when a girl in my co-op asked how she could start freestyling...

We went through 4 simple small steps to make sure she was successful and it worked...

She ended up freestyle rapping better than I did my first time...

Since then...

I've been teaching college, high school and elementary school students how to rap for over ten years and I'm super excited to finally release this freestyle rap method to the world...

I used the songwriting skills taught in this course to make 100's of hiphop, r&b and rock music songs.

When I was 16 I asked my friend Mark to teach me how to rap and he gave me two golden rules...

1. When starting out don't worry about rhyming


2. Don't stop if you mess up.

These two golden rules and Marks' encouragement got me to start freestyle rapping which led me to writing 100's of songs and opening me up to express myself creatively in all forms.

The truth is, if you can just follow these two rules then you don't need this course.

I've added four more magic steps to these two golden rules, and a lot of advanced rap and songwriting training as a bonus to make it easier for people to start freestyle rapping fast.

And If you would like some extra support to get started and get access to the 4 magic steps that have now taught over 1,247 people how freestyle rap with a 100% success rate...

...then this course is for you.

Freestyle rapping has been such an amazing songwriting tool for me and I credit it for helping me open up to writing folk, guitar, electronic and hip hop songs.

In college, whenever I was feeling down about girls not liking me, my friends and I would just get together around our dj homies (Dj Phatrick) turn tables and start freestyling.

It always helped me laugh at myself and about the situations I got myself into.

There is nothing like the immediate release of emotion that comes with the ability to freestyle rap.

With freestyle rapping the more vulnerable and honest you can be, the more healing and release you will get from the practice.

I went from being a super insecure, severely depressed, sweaty palm nerd, to a confident, friendly and smooth nerd because of freestyle rapping.

Thanks for checking out my course and I sincerely hope it helps you.

NEW UPDATES Have Been Added:

I've recently added "The 8 Steps To Rapping Like A Pro": This new section will teach you how to "hijack" the skills of any and all of your favorite rappers and make their skills your own. What makes these steps unique, is that it allows you to combine the skills of a few of your favorite rappers and add their skills to your own rapping ability.

What's cool about this is that every time you go through these steps with a new rapper you really like, you'll get even better and add even more skills to your rap game. 

I've also added the following new videos:

  1. How to find your rap voice
  2. How To Rap Fast
  3. The Importance Of A Rap Alter Ego and Rap Name
  4. And much more advanced training coming soon...

Be sure to take advantage of Udemys new pricing structure while it lasts as this course is normally $297 as new content is added every month.

As long as you buy this how to rap and freestyle pro course today, you won't have to pay more later and you will still get all the updates for life...

You also get to ask me questions inside the course members area and request new content any time you want...

In fact you can even check out the discussions and tips I've been giving my current students in the members area as well.

So the course is very interactive and it helps everyone if you do have any questions.

I look forward to helping you bring out the rap and freestyle skills you've always had inside of you. 

And thanks again for checking out his page,


ps. Be sure to take advantage of Udemys new price while it lasts as this course is normally priced $297

pss. This course is guaranteed to get you freestyle rapping and help you rap better or you get 100% of your money back, so all of the risk is on my shoulders to help you get amazing rap skills fast. You risk nothing by learning how to freestyle rap today.

Psss. I look forward to hearing your freestyle raps!

Loud And Clear: Make Better Voice Recordings Now

Singer, Podcaster, Rapper, Online Teacher... ? Learn to improve the quality of your vocal recordings with a few tricks!

Created by Marc "Selec" Zimmermann - Music Producer, Radio Host, DJ, Remixer, Teacher, Trainer


Students: 2249, Price: $29.99

Students: 2249, Price:  Paid

About this course:

  • Latest Update: I added another bonus lecture at the end of the course. This time, I used a small clip-mic that can be used for talking head videos, compared it to my condenser mic and showed a quick treatment to handle the flaws.
  • 3 hours of content available!
  • 2000+ students already joined the course!
  • Free preview lectures available!

Get enrolled today and improve the quality of your vocal recordings!

Quality substance comes in quality wrappings!

Lots of e-learning courses, podcasts and other vocal recordings have superb content, but suffer from poor recordings and audio treatment! The same can be said about some vocal artists: Rappers with great skill and singers with touching lyrics sometimes sound like they recorded the vocals in a bucket and loose lots of the emotional appeal and power they could have!

However: Often, it's NOT the expensive microphone, a high-end preamp or renting a studio for loads of money, BUT room treatment, proper recording technique and some simple tricks to improve the character of your vocal material drastically. This course teaches you how to set up your room, the microphone and shows how to use software solutions to help you to get loud and clear voice tracks!

Lifetime access and a 30 day money back guarantee in case you're not satisfied with the content!*

*May not be available for app-in purchases, please check conditions before buying.

How to Rap: Fundamentals

Learn how to rap in 30 days or less with short, simple lessons.

Created by Donovon Jenson - Author, Software Engineer, Poet, Rapper


Students: 2110, Price: $124.99

Students: 2110, Price:  Paid

If you're serious about learning how to rap pick up this course now and I guarantee you'll improve! ANYONE CAN LEARN TO RAP! (And this course has the tools to get you there)

***NEW: 3 additional instrumentals that you can use for WHATEVER YOU WANT (6 total!)***

This course is about learning how to rap. It will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to becoming a rapper in 30 short, easy lessons. If you want to write rap songs, rap battle, or freestyle rap, this is the perfect course for you. We will cover all the fundamentals and get you prepared for your preferred style of rap in no time.

This course is broken into 3, 10 lesson sections. Each section becomes progressively more difficult, the first section will teach you how to understand rap, the second section will teach you how to start rapping, and the third section will teach you to become a strong rapper. Each lecture has at least one associated exercise to help you build your rap skills. You will not need any materials beforehand, you just may have to search for some of the music you like and want to listen to.

The course is designed so that each lesson fits easily into a day. Ideally, you should be able to complete this course spending less than 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days. If you want to go faster than that, you absolutely can.

Don't be afraid! Anyone can learn to rap. You don't need to come from a specific background or be born a certain way. Just like any other skill, all you have to do is learn the fundamentals and practice. And, just like any art, all you have to do is tap into your creative spirit and create what comes to you. There are no set rules for content, only general guidelines for how to structure it.

If you want to learn how to rap, quickly, this is a great place to do it. You're going to get a really strong founding in the fundamentals so you can develop and grow into the best rapper you know. There's no cheap or easy tricks here, just concepts and exercises to build your natural talents.

The University of Rap

How to Rap/How to Rhyme With Incredible FLOW! Course #1.

Created by Jami J. - How to Rhyme Udemy Instructor


Students: 1734, Price: $19.99

Students: 1734, Price:  Paid

Learn how to rap by learning how to rhyme with vivid instruction based on the Amazon best selling book series "How to Rhyme" by Jami Jordan. ALL OF THE INFORMATION in "How to Rhyme Vol 1." as well as in the "Audio Drills" is contained in this one course. So, you don't have to buy the ebook or the Audio Drills that were indicated in how to rhyme vol.1 if you are getting this course. 

The University of Rap video series teaches you the in depth science of sculpturing rhymes like only the best!
There are dozens of courses on how to rap but there has never been a scientific un-bias analyses of this unique skill from a high level practitioner of the craft. Though there are a few exceptions MOST OFTEN you will get a university professor of poetry who wrote a book about how to rap who's RAP SKILLS, in the least, are never up to par or the average Joe who either has the same lack of real high level rhyming skills. OR you get the rapper who is good but has no credibility as a teacher and or just can't teach what they know very well. That is the difference between all of the other courses and "The University of Rap". Here we cover all of these factors in bringing you the best informational course on how to rap of the era. 

 A lot of emphasis is put on the ability to FLOW when you are learning how to rap. This skill alone is something that many have a hard time achieving. However, this course makes this skill easy to understand. If you want to learn how to rap, #howtorhyme, #howtoraplikearapper, #howtorap like anyone, #howtorap on basic levels, how to rap on very high levels, or how to flow at a very high level than this course is for YOU! You will will learn virtually all of the rhyming patterns that can ever be made through a unique concise teaching systems. You will learn how they are applied in rap and poetry. Through our unique teaching system you will lean the foundation for all rhyming patterns and thus easily be able to comprehend the creation of many variations of them. Mumble artists are HIGHLY advised to join this course. :) Class is now in session!  Enjoy!!

FL Studio 20 – How to mix rap vocals?

Rap Vocal Processing

Created by Nitin Nischal (Nit-A Music) - Music Producer


Students: 1378, Price: $19.99

Students: 1378, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn how to do Rap vocal processing professionally using stock plugins and 3rd parties vst in FL Studio.

Don't Worry if you have zero knowledge about Daw, I will teach you in English language with very easy method and Your knowledge will get enhance from basic level to Intermediate one.

In this coarse, we have 6 Lectures, You can watch preview video.

Lecture 1 ( Denoising)

Lecture 2 ( EQ of vocal)

Lecture 3 (Vox 1 & vox 2)

Lecture 4 (Vox 3)

Lecture 5 (Lead vocal)

Lecture 6 (Final touch)

End of the this course you can make advance level of vocal processing for your Songs. If you have any doubts then you can text me personally.

How To Rap For Beginners

Technical details, Exercises & Examples

Created by Edison Edwords - Rap Blog Writer, K.O.T.D battle rapper and conscious hip hop


Students: 1087, Price: $99.99

Students: 1087, Price:  Paid

******Updated July 2020 with Wordplay Basics + The Perfect Punchline Formula********

This course will teach you how to rap with examples and practical step-by-step tutorials.

Get into the technical details fast, no time wasting on “the power of positive thinking”. You’ll get the technical breakdown, and you can get creative with your own style from there.

Go through multiple exercises so you can learn hands-on. That is the best way to get better. To practice. But these exercises and examples will help you practice in the right way.

  • Actionable lessons

  • Multi’s and internal rhymes

  • Punchlines and wordplay

  • Actual exercises and examples

  • Couplets, quatrains, bars and BPM

  • Rhyme schemes

  • Rap structure

  • Works on mobile 100%

  • Free Downloads

  • Rap Voice Training

Freestyle forever

Craft ridiculous flows over any beat

Gain confidence in your voice.. Not just when rapping

Put your message out to the world

Transform others through your story

Get more respect on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Collab with the artists and producers you want to work with

Increase self-confidence

Release stress, tension - writing raps is almost like journaling everyday. Writing the truth down really can help you understand yourself. No joke on this one, this is a real effect after writing consistently.

Become your own version of hip hop by breaking “rules” on purpose. Knowing the fundamentals and technical skills is the first step.

You’ll find conversation easier, words coming to mind quicker, it’s a weird advantage rappers have, and why rappers seem so witty. It’s because we think of words and wordplay and require instant recall in milliseconds.

Who am I? What makes me qualified to teach anyone how to rap?

I put my last 17 years into picking apart rap and hip hop lyrics. This is everything I know.

I write about how to rap, and have published over 25,000 words digging into the technical details of writing good rap lyrics.

Templates, Worksheets, Examples, Exercises, Tutorials, Walkthroughs, and advanced techniques.

It’s dope when you check your songs on Youtube, and people are taking the time to listen and leave a comment.

Dig Deep into the technical details of rap.


Fillable worksheet PDF’s - Step-by-step


Is this worth the money?

100%. The confidence, technical skills and overall transformation will be worth 10x more.

What do I need to get started?

Absolutely nothing. Everything you need is in your own head.

Master the Art of Rap and Song Creation

Become the Hip Hop artist of your dreams and write like a pro

Created by Dwayne Perryman - Hip Hop Musician


Students: 862, Price: $49.99

Students: 862, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the course on how to master the art of rap and song creation. My name is deebo dioso and i have been writing and making music since the age of 9. Now at 26 i am pleased to share with you guys the fundamentals of hip hop and rap song creation!

No musical background needed! Have fun and trust the process as i guide you to be the best rapper out there!

If your as passionate about music as i am this is for you!

Don't be discouraged as being the best takes a ton of practice but i'm gonna show you ways to bypass a lot of unnecessary steps and get you straight to the top

Who this course is for:

  • Those Wanting to learn how to make hip hop music from scratch and be better than your average rapper

  • This course is for all Levels

  • This course is for those who want to learn unique ways to getting better as an MC from someone raised in Hip Hop's Birthplace

  • Those willing to learn and Have fun

You can always message me here or find me on Instagram/Youtube : @officialdeebo

How To Freestyle Rap For Beginners

Anyone can learn how to freestyle rap with these 4 simple steps. You will learn how to freestyle anything. For All Ages

Created by Pat Parra - Anyone Can Learn How To Rap and Freestyle


Students: 736, Price: $99.99

Students: 736, Price:  Paid

**This course is the exact same as the first part of my "Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, and Write Lyrics"

This version of the course is just for people who want to learn how to freestyle rap for fun, but are not interested in learning how to write rap lyrics for songs or learn how to rap like a pro.

This course will teach you the basics for how to freestyle rap for fun so you can impress your friends and get in touch with a creative "Flow State."

Learning how to freestyle rap is the best first step for learning how to rap because it combines the three core rap skills into one instant practice...

With freestyle rapping you're developing your:

  • Flow Muscle: How you flow rhythmic patterns over beats
  • Speech Muscle: How you deliver your raps
  • And Lyrical Muscle: How you stream unique creative lyrics

All at the same time

This will give you the best foundation possible for learning how to rap, how to write raps, and how to make your own full songs...

By the end of the course...

  • You will have the ability to freestyle rap
  • You will be able to freestyle rap about your surroundings.
  • You will be able to turn anything into a spontaneous freestyle rap or song.
  • You will be able to improvise lyrics on the spot.
  • You will be able to break through writers block with freestyle rapping.


  • Step by step video training where you go back and forth with me until you are freestyle rapping (Takes about 7 minutes)
  • 10 Hip Hop beats to download and practice rapping over
  • Audio version of the course so you can take the course with you and always have a way to practice freestyling.

Why take this course?

Take this course if you want to:

  • Learn how to start rapping
  • Become a better rapper
  • Learn how to freestyle rap
  • Learn how to improvise lyrics on the spot
  • Be able to turn anything into a spontaneous song
  • Have a tool to help you break through writers block

This course normally is $250 an hour and up for live sessions with me when I teach in schools and music camps.

And the schools and music camps don't even get half of the training that you get in this course.

You get the 4 magic steps to start freestyle rapping in minutes.

And you get the 3 advanced skills to be a better freestyle rapper than over 90% of rappers on the radio.

Plus you get a few extra bonuses in this course as well.

Like a sample of the masters writing class and a few extra surprise tips and training. And some advanced freestyling exercises.

So if you just want to learn how to freestyle rap without wanting to learn how to rap like a pro or how to write raps...

Then get this course.

If you want my full course which includes the songwriting training and the 8 steps to rapping like the pros...

Then I strongly recommend getting my other course on Udemy called "Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, and Write Lyrics" before the price increases to $297.

Just search on Udemy to find "Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, and Write Lyrics"

You will get all of my courses combined in that one course so you don't have to buy each course separately.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking out this program and I look forward to hearing your freestyle raps.


Writing & Recording Your First Rap Song

Learn How To Rap With Simple Step By Step Instructions For Your First Song

Created by Donovon Jenson - Author, Software Engineer, Poet, Rapper


Students: 660, Price: $34.99

Students: 660, Price:  Paid

I’m going to assume you’re interested in rap music, but you don’t know where to start. What do you need to know to write a rap song? How do you do it? Don’t worry, this course will walk you through, step by step, how to make your own rap song, even if you know nothing at all to begin with. If you’ve ever wanted to make a rap song, this is a great place to start.

If you’ve never written a song before or are a complete beginner, this course is designed for you. I developed it to give you very clear, actionable steps on writing your first song. I’ve even picked out an instrumental that I’ll share with you, and then we’ll walk through each step of creating a song, together.

The course starts with very high level concepts, so you broadly understand how to accomplish your goals, and then we filter those concepts into specific, actionable components. I’ll essentially write a song with you, while providing a framework for you to follow along. You can follow me as closely as you’d like, depending on whether you want flexible freedom or more structured guidance. By the time you’re done with this course, you will have completed your first rap song!

One final thought, if you have any desire to rap, you should take this course. Really. There’s no certain stereotype you need to fit to be able to rap. Anyone is capable of creating a rap song about whatever topic they choose if they have the drive. There are no rules. There are, however, underlying techniques, which influence rap skill. Those techniques can be taught to anyone. Do not let preconceived notions or stereotypes stop you from trying something you’re interested in. Now let’s get started!

How To Make Beats Like The Pros

Learn to make hot rap beats and other instrumentals! Sound like the industry professionals.

Created by Andrew Rapier - Music Producer


Students: 619, Price: $64.99

Students: 619, Price:  Paid

Want to make great professional rap beats like Metro Boomin, Dr Dre, Noah 40 Shebib, Zaytoven and other Music Industry Professionals?

In this course we will be going through the process of creating different type of Rap / Hip-Hop / Trap beats and how you can accelerate your learning ability and start making beats like the greats!

This course is set up so you can go at your own pace, as well as be at any level in your music production career and still find something valuable. The course is broke down into different sections so that even if you have a busy schedule, you can still learn to make beats like the professionals and not fall behind in your everyday activities.

The course will be utilizing FL Studio as our main DAW (Digital Audio Workplace) and we will be using various third-party plugins for our sounds, but even if you don't have the exact software you can still follow along and learn KEY objective material that will benefit your music career. In this course we will be using THE EXACT SAME PLUGINS AND SOFTWARE used to make songs for:

  • Eminem
  • Future
  • Drake
  • Jay-Z
  • DJ Khaled
  • Taylor Swift
  • Gucci Mane

Learn the process of how producers and beat makers design professional quality beats for industry artists!

What will be covered?

  • How to make rap beats
  • What is a DAW and VSTs
  • Tempos and BPM, and how they affect a beat
  • How to structure your beat
  • How to stop making loop, and start making beats
  • Learn the exact same plug-ins and software that the Pros use
  • See how different types of beats are made
  • Basics of Mixing and Mastering (this class isn't specifically designed for this one subject)

How To Write a Rap Song

Learn How To Rap and Write a Great Rap Song

Created by Christopher Greenwood - Teaches 22 Courses: Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur


Students: 554, Price: $89.99

Students: 554, Price:  Paid

Learn how to write a rap song from someone who writes and records rap songs for TV/Film and his own projects every day.

Learn how to be confident, find your style and write a good rap song.

There is a difference between being a good rapper and writing a great rap song.

This course will inspire, encourage you as you develop your own unique rap style.

Honored to be a part of your journey

Dare to suck

Dare to put yourself out there.

You can't shrink into greatness, you have to stretch!

See you in the course!


How to Freestyle & Write Rap Lyrics

Learn how to freestyle rap with confidence at your show or with your friends plus how to write rap songs

Created by Christopher Greenwood - Teaches 22 Courses: Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur


Students: 259, Price: $49.99

Students: 259, Price:  Paid

As the artist Manafest I've sold 300,000 albums worldwide, over 1,000,000 singles and toured over 20 different countries.

I started freestyle rapping at the same time I started writing rap lyrics and it has helped build my confidence as a performing artist.

I incorporate freestyle rapping into all my lives shows and it is one of the highlights of my performance hundreds of fans tell me.

I have put this "learn how to freestyle course for you" - to which you have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free.

- Learn how to freestyle rap & write lyrics

- Learn how to incorporate freestyle rap into your live show

- Learn how to avoid losing your voice while rapping

Learn Full Hip Hop / Rap Production

Full Hip Hop / Rap production from former Lauryn Hill keyboard player

Created by Cori Jacobs - Keyboards / Producer. You can only have what you acccept!


Students: 220, Price: $29.99

Students: 220, Price:  Paid

I've worked with many in the industry. Pussycat dolls (I have a Grammy nomination for "Stick with you").

I've toured with Lauryn Hill as a live beat maker, MD &Keyboard player.

In the studio with Miss Hill I've poured through records with her and listened and made beat after beat.

In this course I show you how to make a Rap beat for a rapper. 

I also show you how to arrange the beat for the rapper, get a rough mix of the beat,

Track the vocal and mix the whole song.  At the end I show you how to set up the mix to send

to a mastering engineer for mastering or do a quick cheap master your self.

How To Write Raps And Freestyle Effortlessly

Teaching you what I learned from writing 1000 songs in 1000 days!

Created by Zackary Floriano - Artist, Rapper, Author, Teacher


Students: 37, Price: $89.99

Students: 37, Price:  Paid

This Course Is For You If:

  • You've always wanted to learn how to rap

  • You are a rapper and are looking to improve your skills

  • You've stopped writing raps and need some motivation to start up again

  • You don't have a lot of free time but want to learn a new skill

What Is Included In This Course:

I will teach you what I've learned in the past 10 years about making rap songs. You will be shown how to find inspiration to start your songs and write consistently. I will give a full 75 minute demonstration of writing a song front to back, with verses and choruses. A full "off-the-dome" freestyle demonstration will also be given, along with tips on how to start and improve your freestyling. Also, I will uncover how I was able to kill off writer's block and complete a challenge I set for myself to write 1000 songs in only 1000 days. You will also be provided with a free eBook detailing what I learned from completing this challenge.

We will discuss finding your own unique style and how to be influenced by your idols without sounding too much like them. I will cover the importance of your song's impact on your intended audience and why it may matter even more so than your execution. Also covered will be how to avoid procrastination and to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will help hold you to a higher standard in terms of your artistry. Provided will be questions you should be asking yourself to see if your song is really finished and ready to be recorded.

I'll show you why quantity is actually BETTER than quality when it comes to pumping out new song ideas. Staying on beat, flow, and breath control will all be defined for you. If you prefer to learn offline to avoid distractions, I have given all my students the option to download my lecture videos. At the end of the course, I will provide you with free song ideas for you to get started making your own rap songs right away!

Whether you want to make music just for the love of it, or one day have it paying all your bills, I think this course can help any beginner or intermediate emcee improve their skills and confidence to pursue their passion. Hip Hop has been a passion of mine since I started in 2010 and if you haven't begun this journey or have taken a break from it, this is your chance to start or start anew.

I'm ready when you are. :)

What you’ll learn

  • How to write a full rap song

  • How to freestyle "off-the-dome"

  • How to defeat writer's block

Learn How To Freestyle Rap

Practical Exercises & Demonstration

Created by Jayme Carroll - Freestyle Rap Coach


Students: 19, Price: $19.99

Students: 19, Price:  Paid

Learn how to freestyle rap with ease; acapella or over instrumentals! In this course, I will cover topics such as: rhyme scheme, rhythm, style, and freestyling techniques. As well as, insight from my journey as a musician. Various resources are included (e.g. great ways to find instrumentals, quality examples, face-to-face coaching etc.)

Music Marketing Mastery for Rappers

Become a Music Marketing Master! Setup marketing softwares & a FB chatbot, much more

Created by Pomp Nasty - Musician & Music Marketer


Students: 19, Price: $29.99

Students: 19, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Music Marketing Mastery for Rappers - Launch Your Music Career

Do you like to make music? Have you ever thought of pursuing a career as a rapper or musician. This course will help you understand the big picture of how artists get fans, build exposure, and properly market your music. 

Course Overview: 

- You will learn how to brand yourself as a musician or rapper.

- How to write better songs & lyrics

- Where to find FREE Beats & Paid Beats

- Recording Equipment & Software

- Setup a Facebook Fan Page for your music

- How to automate your FB marketing

-How to setup a FB chatbot to sell your music for you

- FB Ads - How to get fans for 1 penny each

- Instagram Marketing

- The Secret to getting FAMOUS on Instagram

- YouTube Marketing

- Twitter Marketing

- Soundcloud Setup & Marketing

- Fan Gates & Smart links

- Submit your music to blogs

- Starlight PR - Launch Your Music Career

- Create a Website for Your Music

-Distribute Your Music to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

- Spotify for Artist - Get Verified On Spotify

- Apple Music for Artist

- Find Spotify Playlist Curators

- How to book yourself shows to perform

Hip Hop / Rap Video Hijacking: Appear on WorldStar Videos

Get More YouTube Views for Your Music Videos (works with any genre)

Created by Scott Blair, MBA - Owner of Channel Zero Marketing Agency


Students: 12, Price: $49.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid

In this course, I show you how to ethically hijack other videos on YouTube to get in front of the perfect audience. You can pick your favorite channel (like WorldStar) or your favorite rapper (like Logic) and ride their coattails. Now you don't have to have a record label size budget to get on Worldstar.

YO!GA – Where Yoga Meets Rap

A unique yoga class suitable for beginners that combines Hip Hop music with rap and spoken word instructions

Created by Veronica Youdell - Yoga Instructor, Music Artist and Mentor


Students: 9, Price: $49.99

Students: 9, Price:  Paid

Welcome to YO!GA

Here you are given a chance to practice yoga and let your voice be heard.

The class was created by Veronica Youdell - a yoga instructor, professional music artist and mentor. She runs Set The Flow and is the voice and face of YO!GA. If you enjoy exercise to music this could be the perfect yoga class for you!

What to expect

The Foundations Class is ideal for those who are new to yoga or for those who wish to practice yoga in a unique way.

The class consists of ten parts, beginning with Pranayama (breathing) and ending with Shavasana (relaxation). The physical practice in-between combines Hatha yoga with some dynamic flows, contemporary styles and Yinspiration.

The class is choreographed to ambient hip hop music and the instructions are rapped and spoken in time with the beat.

In each part of the class you are invited to hold the pose whilst rapping a positive affirmation. Each time you hear YO!GA that is your cue to start. The text of the affirmations appears on the screen to help you.


- Builds strength and flexibility

- Improves confidence

- Releases stress and anxiety

Target Audience

- Yoga beginners

- Teenagers

- Young People

- Adults

Music Credits

Vocals and Lyrics Veronica Youdell

Part 1 - 9 Erik Makkink

Part 10 Marcos Ubeda & Daniel Von Borries