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Getting to Know QuickBooks® Online

Spend an hour getting to know QBO's interface, and what you'll have to do to maintain your business records.

Created by Alicia Katz Pollock - QuickBooks ProAdvisor with a Masters Degree in Teaching


Students: 5093, Price: Free

New to QuickBooks Online? Get comfortable quickly by watching this 1-hour overview course. 

Business owners will get a feel for the QBO interface as we tour the interface. We'll explore the the Sidebar, Gear, and Create buttons so you know where to look for what you need.

Alicia will demonstrate a sample daily workflow so you can see the big picture about what's involved in managing your customers and expenses.

And she'll show you the top mistakes people make so that you don't fall into the same traps.

This standalone module introduces concepts that are explained in-depth in our other Master QuickBooks online courses.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, I’ve assisted hundreds of small businesses to set up and troubleshoot their QuickBooks files, saving them time and money.

Complete this course and earn 1 CPE Credit.

QuickBooks Online Security For 100% Secure Records

Using QuickBooks Online Security Features To Keep Secure And Protect All Your Financial Records

Created by Mark Smolen - Professor of Computerized Accounting


Students: 725, Price: Free

Would you like to be 100% sure that your QuickBooks Online records are perfectly secure?

This ground-breaking, revolutionary new course will show you, in the clearest possible terms, how to use every security related feature that QuickBooks Online provides.

This course guarantees that if you use every feature in the way that this course shows, you will never have a security breach or any issue with protecting your QuickBooks Online records.

The topics demonstrated here that you must use are:

How To Keep Your QuickBooks Online Records Perfectly Secure

How To Have Total Control Over Everything That Happens In Your QuickBooks Online Account

How To See And Find Every: Transaction, List Item And Piece Of Data Ever Entered In To Your QuickBooks Online Account

How To Set Up New Administrative Users And Standard Users For Your QuickBooks Online Account

How To Give Permissions To New Users For Customers, Vendors And Other Areas Of QuickBooks Online

How To Create An Accountant User

How To Use The QuickBooks Online Audit Log

How To Set A Closing Date From Your Account Settings

How To Set Up A Closing Date Password

How To Use The "Exceptions To Closing" Report

How To Identify Each Change To Every Entered Transaction Or List Item

How To See Everything That Any Specific User Did In The QuickBooks Online Account Since The Beginning (Track User Activity)

How To Use Common Browser Security Features To Keep Your Q.B.O. Records Secure

Common Security Recommendations For The Local Computer

How To Use The Reconciliation Discrepancy Report To Keep The QuickBooks Online Records Safe And Accurate

After helping thousands of people keep their QuickBooks Online records secure, I am sure that this course will do that for you as well as giving you knowledge and skill that will greatly increase your ability to use QuickBooks Online for things like finding and fixing mistakes and managing any other advanced aspect or feature in QuickBooks Online.

I’m here if you have any course-related questions. I get back to my students very quickly with the best answers to their inquiries. I know you will enjoy the course!!


Aussie Time Sheets – Basic with Fingerprint Clock

How to install your Fingerprint Clock & Aussie Time Sheets Basic

Created by Aussie Time Sheets - Employee Time & Attendance Solutions


Students: 107, Price: Free

This course is designed to help you install and use your Aussie Time Sheets Basic software and fingerprint time clock. From opening your box to getting your clock and timesheets software installed and daily use of your new system.   

The course is in three sections, and each section builds on the last section. You will be able to come back to refresh on specific topics that are most helpful for you. 

At the end of the course, you would have learnt: 

  • How to install your time clock   

  • How to install your software   

  • Basic time clock & software configuration   

  • Day to day use of your new system 

In the first section, you will learn how to install your time clock. We will cover what comes in the box with the clock, how to install the fingerprint time clock and how to install your basic timesheet software.

In the second section, you will learn how to connect your time clock to your software, configure general settings, and add employees to the system.   

And finally, in our last section, you will learn the different ways to download the times from the fingerprint time clock, view and edit timesheets, and run timesheets reports for payroll.   

Let’s jump right in and get started!