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How to Improve Your Video Quality: Official Udemy Course

Learn to recognize high audio and video quality

Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


Students: 1106354, Price: Free

Students: 1106354, Price:  Free

We talk a lot about "high quality videos" here at Udemy, but do you know what "high quality" actually means? In this course we'll go over what a great video looks and sounds like so that you're speaking the exact same language as the Udemy Review Team. You'll learn what good (and bad!) audio and video look like and you'll also learn how to actually identify specific problems so that you can diagnose and fix your own videos.

In this official, Udemy-produced course you'll learn the skills and language you'll need to make sure your course is the best it can be. Whether you're an experienced videographer or a video newbie, this course will ensure that you understand how videos on Udemy should look and sound. 

We'll go over all of the topics that go into recognizing great videos:

  1. Identifying (and fixing) common audio issues
  2. Identifying (and fixing) common video issues
  3. Giving and getting video feedback

This course is part of the "Filming" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program and is highly recommended for all Udemy instructors -- new and experienced alike. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

By the end of this course you'll have learned exactly what videos on Udemy should look and sounds like, and you'll have learned valuable skills to perfect your own videos. Let's get started!

A Mini Course on Time Management

7 steps you can use immediately to become more productive and master time management

Created by Brandon Hakim - Founder of InsiderSchool


Students: 205729, Price: Free

Students: 205729, Price:  Free

QUESTION: What If You Could Get Twice As Much Done Tomorrow As You Have Any Day This Year?

Six years ago, I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car with my friend.

My friend turns to me and says "It's incredible how much I've gotten done in this year! So much has changed."

And all I could do is smile. Because for me, almost nothing had changed.

The truth is that we all want to use your time well. But in order to do so, you need to know certain principles you'll never learn in school.

I didn't want to face another year where nothing changed. That's why I went after the answers. And it's also why I made this course.

Inside, I'm going to share with you 7 specific steps you can take today to become more productive, taken from my course How To Double Your Productivity By Tomorrow Morning. If you take these ideas and apply them, I think you'll become more productive than you ever have before.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn inside:

  • These two words from a 2,000 year old book completely changed how I look at Time Management. Here's what they are, and how to use them [Lecture 2]

  • The "Time Management Trap" - If you don't know what it is, chances are you're making it [Lecture 3]

  • What to do every morning to skyrocket your productivity [Lecture 4]

  • How you can do 3 hours of work in 1 hour [Lecture 5]

  • How to always know what to work on [Lecture 6]

  • Why you need to make these 3 plans to manage your time well [Lecture 7]

  • The 80/20 Rule no one talks about and is more important to productivity [Lecture 8]

  • My Time Management Worksheets - I'll give them to you so you can use them now [Lectures 9 & 10]

  • Why achieving your goals is like filling a water bucket [Lecture 11]

And more...

To start the course, just click the "Start Learning Now" button. It's short, and free...

See you inside,


Operations Management

Gain fundamental insights to world of Operations Management from award winning Professor Gad Allon

Created by Gad Allon - Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Students: 146246, Price: Free

Students: 146246, Price:  Free

A Faculty Project Course - Best Professors Teaching the World

This course provides a general introduction to operations management. This course aims to (1) familiarize you with the major operational problems and issues that confront managers, and (2) provide you with language, concepts, insights and tools to deal with these issues in order to gain competitive advantage through operations.

This course should be of particular interest to people aspiring a career in designing and managing business processes, either directly (V.P. of Ops, COO) or indirectly (e.g. management consulting). The course should also be of interest to people who manage interfaces between operations and other business functions such as finance, marketing, managerial accounting and human resources. Finally, a working knowledge of operations, which typically employs the greatest number of employees and requires the largest investment in assets, is indispensable for general managers and entrepreneurs.

We will see how different business strategies require different business processes, and vice versa, how different operational capabilities allow and support different strategies to gain competitive advantage. A process view of operations will be used to analyze different key operational dimensions such as capacity management, flow time management, supply chain management, and quality management. We will also discuss developments such as lean operations, just-in-time operations, and time-based competition.

Class is now in session! Enroll now and join in on a discussion with Prof. Allon.

Quality Management Essentials Simplified

Diversify your professional skill set with quality management and auditing fundamentals.

Created by Gregory Peckford - Corporate quality/improvement/HSE management professional


Students: 33392, Price: Free

Students: 33392, Price:  Free

FREE Quality Essentials e-Course -
Diversify your professional skill set with quality management and auditing fundamentals.

Maybe you have been working for years in a technical field and would like to advance your career or explore other career opportunities but feel your skills and experience are to specialized or industry specific to be of value in any other situation.

Or, you are currently involved in some capacity of quality management or control and would like to expand your knowledge and diversify your expertise and expand your professional reach.

Maybe you are a business owner or manager and would like to take your business to the next level by increasing process effectiveness, adding more value to your clients and increasing your companies competitiveness and profitability.

Quality management professionals operate in a variety of functions such as - process and systems management, quality assurance and control, supply chain management, risk management, and business improvement - just to name a few.

Any of these quality functions, when added to your current skill set, would be a huge asset to current or prospective employers, or to your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Get a crash course in quality management and auditing and learn these fundamental concepts:

  • What is quality management and what are the benefits to business and your career
  • Difference between quality assurance and quality control
  • Learn the fundamentals of quality auditing
  • Types of quality audits
  • Audit objectives
  • Much More!

Quality Management for Business Excellence

Lead Quality Management in the Organization • Transform the Organization to Become the Best-in-Class

Created by Sandeep Kumar ­ - Experienced Quality Manager • Six Sigma Coach • Consultant


Students: 23901, Price: $109.99

Students: 23901, Price:  Paid

  • Are you new to Quality and want to start with a strong foundation of  Quality Management concepts? 

  • Are you appearing in any certification exam such as PMP, CQA, CQE  and want to refresh your basic understanding of Quality Management?

  • Are you working in the field of Quality Management and want to refresh your knowledge?

Here is what everyone in the organization should know:

  • Definitions of Quality

    • How can you achieve quality if you don't understand what quality is?

  • Why do businesses need to produce quality products?

  • Understand Garvin's eight dimensions of quality: Performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality.

  • Difference between Quality and Grade

  • Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Quality Management System

  • History of Quality

  • Quality Tools

    • Learn about seven basic quality tools.

  • Quality Costs - or the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

    • Visible and invisible costs of quality

    • Prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal failure costs and external failure costs

    • Why do we need to measure the cost of quality?

  • Quality Awards - Deming Award, EFQM and MBNQA

    • In this section, you will learn about these three top global quality awards.

  • Quality Gurus - Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran and Philip Crosby.

    • In this section learn about the life and teachings of these quality gurus.

  • Understanding waste

    • Three broad categories of waste: Muda, Mura and Muri


      • Transportation

      • Inventory

      • Motion

      • Waiting

      • Overprocessing / Extra Processing

      • Overproduction

      • Defects

      • Skills Underutilized / Non-Utilized Talent


FREE COURSE: Business, Management & Leadership Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Sales, Persuasion, Influence, Pitching, Habit Change & Reputation Management

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 22807, Price: Free

Students: 22807, Price:  Free

This course combines fundamentals from several of The Expert Academy's most successful courses from our top instructors, designed to give any aspiring leader some of the core skills which they need to run a business. Each of the courses are available on Udemy in full if you wish to get a more in depth view of the individual topic areas.

We would of course really appreciate great reviews!

The six topics covered are:

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence with Phil Hesketh

  • Our Seven Fundamental Psychological Drivers

  • Why We Do What We Do and How We Form Opinions: First Impressions

  • Body Language: Reading It and Interpreting It

  • How to Handle Difficult People with a Smile

  • How to keep improving relationships

  • How Relationships Develop and How to Relate to People

The Perfect Pitch: How to Tell Them What They Want to Hear with Alan Stevens

  • Why Pitching Is Important

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Being Concise

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Solving their Problem

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Telling Them What They Want to Hear

  • An Example Pitch: The Pixar Pitch

How To Break Habits with Gavin Presman (complete course)

  • Breaking Habits Through Nano-Change

  • Slicing

  • Situation

  • Stacking

  • Stating & Celebrating

Public Speaking Masterclass with Alan Stevens

  • So You've Been Asked to Make a Speech or Presentation: Key Questions

  • Assessing Your Audience

  • Objectives

  • What Do They Want To Hear?

  • Deciding Your Outcomes

  • Preparing to Speak

  • Controlling your Nerves

  • Presentation Aids

  • Speaking Like A Professional

Reputation Management with Alan Stevens

  • Recognising Risk

  • Alertness and Monitoring

  • Positive Action

  • Responsiveness

  • Being the Best

  • Case Study - Ratners

Sales Skills Masterclass with Phil Hesketh

  • The Number One Universal Killer Question in Selling

  • The Importance of Establishing the Clients Expectations

  • How to Close the Sale Without Sounding like a Salesman

  • People Buy Emotionally and Justify Logically. What to Do About It

  • Being Prepared for Objections

  • What Does Value For Money Really Mean?

  • The Real Meaning of  ‘Win-Win’

  • Selling in the Long Term and Being Recommended

We hope you find these mini-courses useful, and if you do enjoy them, you can find each of then courses in full on Udemy.

Time Management Mastery Course – Enhanced Productivity

A Scientific Approach Behind Time Management - Time Management Has Never Been Easier - Time Management Mastery Course

Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


Students: 22622, Price: Free

Students: 22622, Price:  Free

Time management is one of the most essential productivity feature that is rewarding. In a world where every single second counts, time management became crucial for effective productivity.

Time management is here to help you get a competitive edge over your surrounding

Time management is one of the things that can and will change your life.

This course will be your doorway towards success, with this course you'll be able to achieve more, in less time! Now is your chance to take charge of your time, of your planning, of your execution, now is the time to take charge of your life.

Time management principles will help you in school, work, and your daily life.

Time management, has never been this easy. Are you ready?

ISO 9001:2015-Quality Management System Implementation&Audit

Learn how to Implement and Audit a Quality Management System as per ISO 9001: 2015

Created by EL MAQTBA - Providing IT, Security, Safety and Quality Training


Students: 19480, Price: $89.99

Students: 19480, Price:  Paid

Learn How to Implement and Audit a Quality Management System as per ISO 9001: 2015!

This 3.5 hours course provides a clear, step-by-step explanation on each requirement/sub-clause of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

This course offers solutions which can be used in the implementation of a quality management system, it also provides guidance on how to audit a quality management system, whether internal or external audit.

This course will help you gain a perfect understanding of ALL the requirements presented in ISO 9001: 2015, and you will be able to implement a Quality Management System or make an audit for a QMS.


This course is divided into 4 parts:

The first part acts as an introduction to the course, it provides you with definitions such, quality, quality management and ISO, and the purpose of quality management.

The second part speaks about the 7 quality management principles, the actions proposed by ISO 9000: 2015 in order to apply those principles and the benefits of each principle.

The third part is where, in my opinion, things get serious, as it contains a very thorough and detailed explanation of all the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 plus examples to help you better understand the requirement, it follows the structure of the standard so we will be discussing about the clauses in their order: Context of the Organization, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance Evaluation and Improvement.

The fourth part is about management system auditing in general and it speaks about the principles and types of management system audits, concepts like audit scope and criteria, audit teams, audit objectives, non-conformity, audit plans and report.

Every key requirement of ISO 9001: 2015 is being explained : context of the organization; risks and opportunities; QMS scope; quality policy and objectives; infrastructure; competence; awareness; measuring and monitoring resources; documented information; design and development; customer communication; reviewing customer requirements; property belonging to customers or external providers; preservation; control of externally provided processes, products and services; identification and traceability; post-delivery; release of products and services; nonconforming outputs; customer satisfaction; internal audit; nonconformity and corrective action or management review.

The course DOES NOT ONLY READ THE REQUIREMENTS OF ISO 9001:2015 but it speaks about the intent of each requirement, gives examples and solutions for the implementation. It is a great tool for auditing or implementing a Quality Management System.


Value Investing Fundamentals For Beginners (Updated 2021)

Learn Value Investing Fast. Stock Trading Strategies For Value Investors, Dividend Investors & Stock Market Lovers!

Created by Wealthy Education - Millionaire Investor | Investing Strategies That Work!


Students: 16970, Price: Free

Students: 16970, Price:  Free

Attention Value Investors, Stock Market Lovers & Wealth Seekers!

Finally You'll Become a Wiser, Unstoppable Investor Who Knows Exactly The Ins and Outs Of Value Investing In 2 Hours or Less. Learn It, Apply It, and Start Growing Your Portfolio Today!

The Value Investing Fundamentals Course is designed to provide you with a strong value investing foundation so you can get started right off the bat. We'll go over the most important topics of value investing and eliminate unnecessary ones so you can learn faster and much easier.

In this course, you will learn how to invest profitably in cheap or undervalued companies by following 7 golden investing principles that every investor must live by.

You'll learn how to evaluate a company's performance by looking at factors like cash & debt balances, its management team, and competitive edges so you can determine whether or not it's a worthwhile investment.

You'll also learn 5 proven, easy ways to identify a company's economic moats to make sure you'll always invest in companies with strong, sustainable, and unbeatable competitive advantages.

We'll also talk hacks like how to use a Margin of Safety to reduce risks on your investment, how to determine when to buy and sell your stocks, your next steps, and a lot more...!

In this course, you will learn...

  • How to Invest Wisely in The Stock Market

  • How to Implement the Value Investing Strategy The Right Way

  • How to Find & Evaluate 3 Different Types of Value

  • How to Use Margin of Safety to Reduce Your Risks

  • 7 Golden Principles For Your Value Investing Success

  • How to Easily Determine If a Company is Financially Strong

  • How to Invest in a Cash-Rich Business

  • How to Invest in a Low-Debt Business

  • How to Evaluate a Company's Management Team

  • How to Determine When to Buy & Sell Your Stocks

  • How to Identify a Company's Economic Moats

  • Understand The Advantage of Lower Cost

  • Understand The Advantage of Greater Size

  • Understand The Benefits of Owning Unique Assets

  • Understand The Benefits of the Network Effect

  • Understand The Ability to Command High Switching Costs

  • Your next steps... and a lot more!

What is more?

  • You will get a lifetime access to this course, without any limits!

  • The course will keep updating frequently with more up-to-date learning resources.

  • Get dedicated support from the course Instructors and the learning community anytime you need!

So let me ask you this... 

Will your investment portfolio grow much faster in the next 12 months after effectively applying the value investing strategy...

Do you have some money to invest?

Are you reasonably intelligent?

Does your family need extra care or support?

Are you willing to learn a new skill that guarantees you a second income for the rest of your life?

Would you like to work less and make more?

I will assume your answers are the same as mine...

Then You Have 2 Clear Choices

1. Keep doing things the way you have been and remain frustrated, lose money and simply get use to your average life...


2. Enroll in The Value Investing Fundamentals Course and become a wiser, unstoppable value investor, and start growing your investment portfolio today!

Now You Have a Big Chance to Become a Wise Value Investor

Listen, if you don’t get how important value investing is then don’t enroll in this program.

Keep shlepping away in the same manner you have been, maybe you’ll get a different result :)

In that case, you're going to wake up 6 months from now, with everything still very much the same as it is today - don't know how to invest, have no clue about what's going on with your money, stress, feel frustrated… you know how it goes.

Is that you want for yourself?


I don't want that for you either… which is why I want you to do something right now. Sign up for this course, learn value investing, become a smarter investor, and start growing your investment portfolio today.

Simply click the Enroll Now button to get started now!

Understanding Data Quality and Reference Data Management

This course provides a high level overview of Reference Data Management and Data Quality Management concepts

Created by Adastra Academy - Emerging Data Management and Analytics Technology Educators


Students: 15808, Price: Free

Students: 15808, Price:  Free

The Data Management overview course is a free, high-level course that covers two challenging data related issues that face organizations in the modern day:

  • Reference Data Management
  • Data Quality Management.

The Reference Data Management overview highlights the key principles and processes for effective reference data management within organizations. The lectures cover Reference Data and Reference Data Management components in order to provide an overall understanding of key concepts and terminologies. The course also provides insight on Reference Data challenges, benefits of a Reference Data Management solution, best practices in implementation, and typical solution architecture.

The Data Quality Management overview provides an overall understanding of key Data Quality Management concepts, methodologies and terminologies including profiling, data quality metrics, and stewardship responsibilities. Upon completion of this course, students will gain insights into key data quality activities such as, parsing, validation, standardization, cleansing, enrichment, scoring, measurement, and exception management.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Auditor Course

How to audit or implement a Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2015

Created by Cristian Lupa - Auditor, Consultant & Trainer


Students: 12571, Price: $44.99

Students: 12571, Price:  Paid

My course explains in "plain English" all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 discussing the intent of each sub-clause of the standard, offering solutions that can be used for the implementation of a quality management system along with examples and, of course, offering guidance on how to audit a quality management system - be it internal or external audit.

After going through all the lessons in my course you will have a perfect understanding of ALL the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, will be able to implement a Quality Management System or to make an audit for a quality management system.

My course has a structure that includes 3 parts:

- the first part is an introduction - it speaks about the ISO 9000 family, a short history of the quality management and two concepts from ISO 9001 that I find to be the most relevant - process approach and risk based thinking;

- the second part of the course is a detailed explanation of all requirements of ISO 9001:2015 - it follows the structure of the standard so we will be discussing about the: context of the organization, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement

- the third and last part of my course is about management system auditing in general - it speaks about the principles and types of management system audits, concepts like audit scope and criteria, audit teams, audit objectives, non-conformity, audit plans and reports.

All the key requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are being explained like: context of the organization; risks and opportunities; QMS scope; quality policy and objectives; infrastructure; competence; awareness; measuring and monitoring resources; documented information; design and development; customer communication; reviewing customer requirements; property belonging to customers or external providers; preservation; control of externally provided processes, products and services; identification and traceability; post-delivery; release of products and services; nonconforming outputs; customer satisfaction; internal audit; nonconformity and corrective action or management review. 

The course DOES NOT ONLY READ THE REQUIREMENTS OF ISO 9001:2015 but it speaks about the intent of each requirement, gives examples and solutions for the implementation. It is a great tool for auditing or implementing a Quality Management System.

If you are working with ISO 9001 in your day-to-day business or you want to know about quality management and take advantage of the opportunities in this sector - this course is the full package that you need.

You will get from here condensed information (in almost 4 hours you get all the key information that you would obtain from classical training in 5 days), you learn in your own time and you can get back to the information whenever you need it.

Better management through understanding yourself

Learn how to manage and lead a team through first knowing and understanding yourself as a manager.

Created by Christa Van Greuning - Marketing Consult & Enthusiast, Instructor at Udemy, Writer


Students: 11602, Price: Free

Students: 11602, Price:  Free

One of the most complicated and challenging tasks facing any manager, new or experienced, is managing people.   Getting a team of distinctly diverse employees to come together and deliver superior work is hard.  The workplace is complex and diverse.  It is always changing and being able to adapt to these changes is crucial to being a successful manager. Be a better manager: Better management through understanding yourself provides the skills and understanding that will enable you to develop high-performing and effective teams of satisfied and productive people by first getting to know yourself, your beliefs and your values.  

An organization cannot reach its goals and objectives without effective, efficient and productive people.  Building strong successful teams is therefore of great importance.  Great teams of employees are created through exceptional leadership and management.  Being an exceptional manager and leader starts with understanding and managing yourself.  

During this course you will learn:

  • How to develop self-awareness 
  • How to develop and use emotional intelligence
  • How to develop and apply assertiveness
  • How to examine and adjust your limiting assumptions
  • How to develop you personal and professional values
  • How to develop your professional mission statement and managerial goals

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System | QMS Auditor Course

Easy Clause-by-Clause Guide to Plan, Implement, and Audit a Quality Management System (QMS) in Any Organization!

Created by Helpful And Fast Media - Invest in yourself and get more out of life.


Students: 9762, Price: $79.99

Students: 9762, Price:  Paid

This is the course you need to understand the exact principle and application of every clause and requirement of ISO 9001:2015. I will take you by the hand and lead you through each and every sub-clause so that you not only understand what the requirement is but exactly how it works in a real life organization!


With the knowledge you will learn in this course you will be able to plan and implement real QMS solutions in any organization. You will also have the skills and understanding you need to consult, perform, and report on an internal or external audit.

Each lesson of this course is carefully designed to teach you the substance you need in plain English without fluff or filler. This no-nonsense course gives you everything you need and none of what you don’t. By simply following along, you will gain a perfect understanding of each and every requirement of ISO 9001:2015 so you can act with confidence and advance your career.

THIS IS NOT A COURSE THAT SIMPLY REPEATS THE REQUIREMENTS AND CLAUSES, BUT RATHER IT TEACHES YOU HOW THEY WORK AND HOW TO APPLY THEM IN THE REAL WORLD. You will learn with real life examples and easy to follow explanations that will leave you with a crystal clear understanding of this extremely important ISO standard. If you want to learn how to audit or implement a Quality Management System in any organization, this is the course you have been looking for.

Whether you are already working with ISO 9001 in your current position, or you are looking to pivot your career in this direction, this course will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Invest in yourself, your career, and your organization when you grab this course today!

Operations Management: Management of Quality

Operations Management Training Program (Course 7 of 8)

Created by Sorin Dumitrascu - Management trainer


Students: 9709, Price: $49.99

Students: 9709, Price:  Paid

The  course on Management of Quality is part of the Operations Management Training Program which includes a number of eight sections also presented as individual courses for your convenience.

Quality is an essential ingredient for any successful company. A company with quality products and services takes the time to get to know its customers and their expectations. When a company stops being committed to quality, it starts losing customers. In order to meet customers' expectations, a company must make quality a key concern at every stage of operations. From production to delivery and beyond, everyone in the company must be committed to the pursuit of quality.

Quality is a complex term. It can refer to how well a product or service meets a company's own quality standards. Or it can refer to how well a company's product or service satisfies its customers. If its customers are unhappy, a company will find it difficult to survive in the marketplace. For a quality management strategy to succeed, a company's quality standards must be aligned with its customers' quality expectations.

There are many different quality management strategies, and these can vary from organization to organization. Some quality management concepts and practices have been simplified in this course, for training purposes. Products and services are usually associated with manufacturing and service industries respectively. However, in this course, the term "product" is often used to represent "services" as well, to avoid redundancy.

Quality is crucial to manufacturing and service industries. All organizations need to set quality performance metrics and measure the performance of their products, services, and processes on an ongoing basis. Quality management has evolved over many years. It's based on a number of key principles, which stress the vital role of suppliers, organization leaders, and customers in any quality initiative.

When implementing a quality management strategy, companies can use many tools, including the transformation model and Lean Six Sigma. All these tools have the same ultimate goal – delivering quality to the customer.

This course covers many quality management principles, techniques, and tools that can be applied in service or manufacturing organizations. All employees must understand and be committed to the organization's quality management strategy. By preparing for excellence, monitoring quality, and continuously improving, an organization can become a quality leader.

That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button, and see you on the inside!

Planning Quality Management (PMI – PMP)

Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP)

Created by Sorin Dumitrascu - Management trainer


Students: 7747, Price: $24.99

Students: 7747, Price:  Paid

The Planning Quality Management (PMI - PMP) is course 14 of 28 of the Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP).

In today's competitive world, customer satisfaction is paramount. It's so important that meeting customer expectations is how we define quality. So the quality of a product isn't about being 100% defect free or whether you think it's perfect.

It's about whether the customer will be happy with it as it is. In this course, you'll learn about the project quality management knowledge area and the plan quality management process.

1. Quality Management Overview
2. Quality, Grade, Precision, and Accuracy
3. The Project Quality Management Processes
4. Inputs of Plan Quality Management
5. Plan Quality Management Tools and Techniques
6. Cost of Quality
7. Cost-Benefit Analysis
8. Outputs of Plan Quality Management
9. The Quality Management Plan
10. Exercise: Planning Quality Management

That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button, and see you on the inside!

Tech Startup Management for CEOs: From Zero to Million Users

How to Kick-Start and Develop Your Project WITHOUT the Help of a Technical Co-Founder!

Created by Amaury KHELIFI - Startup Technical Advisor and Senior CTO at


Students: 5975, Price: Free

Students: 5975, Price:  Free



You might wonder:

  1. How do I delegate software development when I know nothing about it?

  2. How can I know that this technical solution is better than the other?

  3. How do I even find out if there are better solutions?

  4. How can I choose developers or a Web agency without a technical background?

  5. How do I trust developers or Web agencies when I can’t even evaluate their work?

  6. How can I be sure that developers are not being misleading?

  7. How do I manage software development? Should I use outsourcing or internal developers?

  8. What specific techniques are there to build a startup while saving money in the early stage?



  • Outsource the development, making it go faster with appropriate resources

  • Avoid paying for a full-time developer once the product becomes available

  • Change the developer or the agency when it’s relevant for the project

  • Choose several developers with particular skills instead of a general developer

  • Use technical experts in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Game Design in order to create a more innovative solution

All those activities do not require any coding skills whatsoever. Just a bit of know-how and specific technical management skills.

With MyCTOFriend, you can move forward and learn to do the same for the early stage of your project.



With this course, you'll learn all the basic technical management skills a CTO would use to build and grow a startup, from zero to a million users.

This includes the process to improve an idea, the prototyping techniques, the technical resources you will need, and the solutions to develop your product and overcome growth-stage challenges.



  1. Select a development provider

  2. Write specifications

  3. Manage a startup technical team

  4. Create a great customer experience with your product

  5. Prioritize your roadmap and present it to incubators and investors

  6. Manage and increase the quality of the final product

  7. Build a secure solution

  8. Internalize the technical team for the growth stage

  9. Organize a growing technical team

  10. And more


With the Tech Startup Management for CEOs: From Zero to Million Users Course, you will learn the required know-how to get started and grow your startup.

Quality Management Systems:Management and Control of Quality

Learn to Build, Implement, and Sustain a Performance Excellence Culture into Your Organisation

Created by Operational Excellence Training - Industrial Management Courses


Students: 4634, Price: $109.99

Students: 4634, Price:  Paid

While quality isn't a new business concept, quality goods and services do continue to play a key role in generating the reputation that can give your organisation its competitive edge. Consistently offering high quality leads to loyal customers, who can reward your company with positive recommendations that lead to new customers. The Total Quality Management (TQM) approach changed the way businesses look at everything from customers, to human resources, to manufacturing and service processes. Now it's widely recognised that, in order to keep up with the ever-changing conditions and direction of an organisation, all business activities need to incorporate quality principles that function effectively as a system.

This course will teach you the basic principles and applications of quality management and a performance excellence approach to business activities. By examining current methods for organisational performance management, you'll learn the most sustainable ways to deliver increased value to both customers and stakeholders. You'll also discover how to improve personal and organisational learning, and how to increase the overall aptitudes and effectiveness of your business.

Based on practical, real-world expertise, this course is suited to a broad audience that includes both business owners and managers looking to improve procedures, and design quality management projects with a company-wide focus. You'll learn how to develop and implement strategies for excellence that focus on customers' needs. You'll also learn how well-planned performance systems make the most of both people and procedures to sustain excellence, manage the information that leads to good decision-making, and accomplish business goals.

By the end of this course, you'll have a valuable skill set that that will allow you to apply all the principles of quality management and performance excellence to your business. You'll understand the concept of improving procedural efficiencies and outcomes, and you'll know how to create, implement, and maintain a culture of excellence in the workplace that will enable your business to meet goals and change with the times.

Kaizen Practitioner Masterclass for Quality Management.

Structured Approach to identify and Eliminate waste in Business for Continuous Improvement & Quality Management.

Created by Suhas Dakhole - Computer Engineer, SSMBB, PRINCE2, SAP CRM, Lean Expert


Students: 4017, Price: $99.99

Students: 4017, Price:  Paid

What Is Kaizen in Quality Management?

Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. . Regardless of the methodology, in an organizational setting, the successful use of Kaizen rests on gaining support for the approach across the organization, and from the CEO down.

Introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success in 1986. Today kaizen is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy. Kaizen is continuous improvement that is based on certain guiding principles:

  • Good processes bring good results

  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation

  • Speak with data, manage by facts

  • Take action to contain and correct root causes of problems

  • Work as a team

  • Kaizen is everybody’s business

  • And much more!

Taking this course will equip you to successfully deploy Kaizen methodology and drive Business Performances. It will Introduce you to the structured approach to Identify and eliminate wastes in Business to achieve overall Improvement.

7 Quality Tools for Quality Management and Improvements.

A complete Crash Course on the 7 Basic Tools for Quality Management and its Implementation using MS Excel.

Created by Suhas Dakhole - Computer Engineer, SSMBB, PRINCE2, SAP CRM, Lean Expert


Students: 2348, Price: $99.99

Students: 2348, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Complete Crash Course on 7 Basic Quality Tools. The course was designed to equip you with the tools and Techniques that are used to solve 90% of quality management related issues within an organization irrespective of the Industry.

The course is easy to follow and equipped with examples which are easy to follow, At the end of every topic the Practical Application and Implementation is demonstrated using MS Excel.

Being a Quality Professional for 15 years I have practically used and applied these tools in multiple Quality Projects thereby resulting in Millions of dollars as cost saving or Revenue Enhancement. 

Manager for an Efficient and Innovative Footwear Industry

New innovation approaches

Created by Shoeman Project - European Consortium


Students: 1924, Price: Free

Students: 1924, Price:  Free

The main aim of the MOOC Manager for an Efficient and Innovative Footwear Industry is to improve the knowledge and skills of managers (and potential ones) of companies in the footwear sector and related areas. The MOOC is in line with the mentality of the new professionals recently joining the footwear industry labour force and provides incentives the development of innovative footwear materials as a result of the training process.

Process Validation (101) in ISO 9001/Quality/Risk Management

Become Expert in Process Validation techniques for quality & risk management, process control, six sigma, ISO 9001, etc.

Created by Marco CATANOSSI - Top 10% Udemy Instructor - MSc -CEng - Senior Consultant


Students: 1402, Price: $119.99

Students: 1402, Price:  Paid

Process Validation is the most widely used technique in order to guarantee that a process yields the desired outcome over time.

It can be applied to virtually any types of processes, both manufacturing and service processes, and it is often required by international standards (like ISO 9001), and by applicable legislation, like in the medical devices or pharmaceutical field, automotive, food, aerospace, and so on.

Whatever the field, its application can be summarized in few basic steps and tools, whose comprehension enable you to perform almost every Process Validation required in the industry.

In this course, I will guide you through these principles and techniques with plain words and clear examples, so that at the end of the learning experience, you will be able to understand and apply these principles to your field of interest.

This knowledge is valuable both to managers and engineers involved in production processes, quality management, six sigma, and in general in any activity which required that a process yields specific outcomes over time in a reliable way.

Therefore... let us get started!

ISO 31000:2018 – Enterprise Risk Management Awareness Course

Free Awareness Course on latest ISO 31000:2018 international standard on risk management framework for organizations

Created by Exoexcellence Training Resources - Management System, Process Excellence, Lean & Six Sigma


Students: 1199, Price: Free

Students: 1199, Price:  Free

ISO 31000 is the international standard on Risk Management framework for organizations, businesses, and companies. The latest standard was released in 2018 by the ISO with some fundamental considerations of important issues such as Leadership, Integration, etc. The awareness course covers the intention of the standard, basics about risk management, and some important terms and definitions along with the principles of risk management. The course will introduce learners to the scope of the standard and where it can be applied.

What you will learn when you take this online course (Course Objectives):

  • The publication of the new ISO 31000:2018 standard

  • The specific differences between old and new editions

  • Revision specifics of the new standard

  • The Standard's compatibility with any organization

  • Important Terms of Risk Management in Standard

  • Risk Management Principles

NOTICE: Please note that this ISO 31000:2018 standard is copyright protected. A standard copy will NOT be issued with this course.

Ask Questions & Report Complaints: A discussion forum on the right side of this course can be used to discuss specific queries and report problems you are facing about the content of the course.

Take this course: Follow the “Take This Course" Button by clicking at the Top Right Hand Side of the Page. Proceed with the instructions and follow them to register and pay for the course.

Project Management: Manage Projects like a Professional

Complete with all Downloadable Project Management Tools & Processes

Created by Theo Heath - Engineering and Management


Students: 1017, Price: Free

Students: 1017, Price:  Free

During this Project management course we will work through:

  • Scope of Works

    Determine the scope of works and specify

    Manage project scope and scope change

  • Stakeholder Management

    Identify stakeholders

    Stakeholder communication plan

  • Time Management

    Project activities and duration of each activity

    Critical path of the activities

    Duration, start and end dates

    Manage a realistic project program

    Using MS Projects

  • Quality Management

    Project quality file

    Project quality control plan

    Check sheets

  • Financial Management

    Activity costs (material, labour, transport, consumables and overheads)

    Project bill of quantities

    Actual cost over predicted cost

  • Risk Management

    Identify project risks

    Register the risks

    Impact of the risk on the project

    Reduce the risks

  • Communication

    Project communication plan

    Communication process

  • Project Lifecycle

    Project planning

    Project execution

    Closing out the project

Take the project management tools I give you during this course and apply it.

Theo Heath is helping to shape goal-focused, healthy and balanced individuals

Career development for project managers is one way of helping individuals progress.

Theo studied project management at 3 universities and gained more then 15 years experience.

The material in the course is easy to study and precise, using the material you will improve your project management skills.

Remember the best project is of good quality, on time and within budget.

Change in scope will change the cost, quality or duration. These 4 aspects are the corner stones of project management

  1. Scope of the works

  2. Cost and financial management

  3. Time and project program

  4. Quality management

Enjoy the learning experience and improving your project management skills.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor Course

How to Implement & Audit an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor/ Auditor course

Created by Asmerom Abreha - Quality Assurance Consultant, Auditor & Trainer


Students: 921, Price: $59.99

Students: 921, Price:  Paid

The aim of this course is to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and the skills necessary to implement & audit a complete quality management against the ISO series of standards.

By the end of this course you will be able:

- To Implement QMS based on ISO 9001

- To understand Auditors roles in auditing ISO 9001:2018 requirements and clauses

- To learn principles of audit

- To learn practice of auditing

- To know the roles & responsibilities of Auditors & Lead Auditors

- How to Plan and conduct an audit

- Audit report writing

- Audit follow up

Guiding Business Leaders in Managing for Quality Results

An Introduction to Transformation of Quality Management Systems

Created by Dr. Gregory H. Watson - Executive Consultant


Students: 674, Price: Free

Students: 674, Price:  Free

Are you in a position where you have responsibility to guide organizational leaders in the practices needed to produce consistent quality in the services or products that you  deliver to customers? This course provides an introduction to this subjects by one of the world's foremost quality experts, Dr. Gregory H. Watson, an Honorary Member of the American Society for Quality and the International Academy for Quality. Dr. Watson has reduced his 35 years of coaching business leaders at major corporations in the design and development of quality systems that have led to their exceptional competitiveness (Hewlett-Packard  in the early 1980s, Compaq Computer in the late 1980s, Xerox in the early 1990s, and Nokia Mobile Phones in the mid-to-late 1990s. During his period of engagement in each company they learned lessons about quality management that set them apart from their competition. In this program Dr. Watson describes his personal learnings and identifies how you can also become a trusted advisor on matters related to quality for your own business leaders.

ISO 9001, Quality Management and Strategic Thinking Training

Combine ISO, Quality & Strategic Thinking with Real Business and boost your Processes

Created by Hadi El Cheikh - QHSE Leader


Students: 655, Price: $99.99

Students: 655, Price:  Paid

This course is not a step by step (or clause by clause) explanation of ISO 9001:2015! At all! For such courses, please refer to other colleagues/instructors where they have a great explanation for that.

In this course (in which for sure we will extract some clauses and explain from the system), we will be concentrating on how to understand ISO 9001 Quality Management System as the way you do Business. Your daily Business, Analysis and Implementation.

We will start by the most needed and critical definitions (looks boring a bit but without this foundation, we cannot beat the coming beast) that will enlighten our path to the other lectures and sections.

Then, we will highlight the role of leadership in the quality management system and how much leaders are in the heart of the whole process (company) and each and every process also.

Later, we will be discussing the great seven Quality Management Principles that almost all business owners’ uses on their daily basis and within their leadership styles without knowing the emphasis that ISO put on them.

In addition to that, we will be discussing the major changes in ISO 2015 revision compared to 2008 and not to just know the difference rather than knowing its importance on the business itself.

One major concept will be discussed and fully explained also is the Process approach and how this can help you to Plan, Do, Check and Act (Continually Improve) any Process (wide or sub process) that you will be working on or even designing (new process)

Another critical aspects that is considered the biggest change in the new ISO 2015 version is the context of the organization, we will be demystifying it to know the importance of identifying the External & Internal issues, Interested parties plus their needs and expectations (what is the difference between a need and an expectation also), Risks and opportunities and the relation with SWOT analysis. We will be using those aspects to understand the Strategic planning process, Vision, Mission, Strategy Map, and its integration with the Quality Management System and process approach.

Then we will be demystifying the difference between a GOAL and an Objective and how SMART objectives achieve the intended results. Then we will discuss the origin of objectives establishment and from where to start.

Performance Evaluation will be critical to implement after all this knowledge, what to measure and monitor? When? How (methods used)? ... And many other questions the organization and its process owners shall ask themselves.

How to use the data perfectly so to analyze and improve the use of resources for a better output? How to be efficient rather than being effective.

How to make sure your products and services are conforming to client’s requirements? The degree of your customer satisfaction? The effectiveness of your QMS? If you actually got what you planned for? How your external providers are performing and how you can continually improve your QMS? Those questions shall be the basis of your interpretation of the business.

We will be discussing how to establish your process KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and release a dashboard to ease monitoring those processes. Management Review meeting importance (Inputs & Outputs needed/expected), NCRs and continually improving to reach an Analytical Mindset.

Be Ready for a different, but great journey!

Asset Management for Water Supply System

A good Asset Management of water utility ensures water of great quality, lower maintenace and longer system life.

Created by Jibok Chatterjee - Water Professional'


Students: 621, Price: Free

Students: 621, Price:  Free

In this course you will learn how a good water supply system or water utility is managed. Through a simple checkup program for small system I will explain you step by step about the various processes required to manage a water utility. Knowledge about asset management will also give you an edge if you are looking forward to make a career in water sector.

Every water utility needs asset management. A good asset management ensure that the utility is abale to provide enough water of great quality all through its operation. It will lower breakdowns and expensive unplanned maintenance, thereby reducing cost of operation and maintenance. Good asset management ensures that all parts and machinery works their full life cycle and the utility has sufficicient funds to replace them in future.

Medical Devices Quality Management System – ISO 13485:2016

Awareness and Application for the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 for Medical Device Development and QMS.

Created by Stendard Academy - The Stendard Academy


Students: 611, Price: $139.99

Students: 611, Price:  Paid

The ISO 13485:2016 standard specifies requirements for the Medical Device Development and Quality Management System (QMS) that should be used by medical device-related companies.

Having a proper QMS in place is essential for medical device-related companies. Global regulatory requirements emphasise this and make it mandatory for such standards to be adhered to by companies worldwide.

With this need for implementation, comes a need for understanding of the requirements.

The purpose of this course is to clarify the application of ISO 13485:2016 standards for medical device companies and development of the medical device.

In this course, we will walk through the ISO 13485:2016 standard to:

  • Clarify on the concepts

  • Show how it relates to business processes

  • Elaborate on the practical application

You can learn what the requirements are, and be aware of best practice guidelines that are beneficial to your operations.

Furthermore, you can begin preparing your relevant set of documents (Quality Manual, SOPs, etc) for immediate implementation of your SOPs.

Understand and implement a best-practice Quality Management System as per requirements for the medical industry.

Get the information you need to design, coordinate and improve your company's QMS as per ISO 13485:2016.

Stress Malpractice , Cause and Cure (Under 40 Minutes )

Developing Rock Solid Mindset To Buildup the Resilience Before Stress Crushed You

Created by Kalyan Karki - Special Educator /Corporate Trainer


Students: 398, Price: Free

Students: 398, Price:  Free

Are you overwhelmed by stress and anxiety related Issue that harming  your productivity and robbing your potential?

Are you fed up with jigsaw-piece of information from random blog post and  Youtube videos  that send you down to internet rabbit hole?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all those "stress management tips and techniques' articles ?

You don't have time for huge , long drawn-out courses?

Are you looking for actionable tactics that get you to where you want be quickly and economically?

If this sounds familiar to you, This course for you.

Get out from the crowd and rewire your brain for long lasting success. This course will help you to provide executive frames works to see the stress in totally different way, come and join with this course to become world 5% high achievers .

Use stress for your advantage, who knows your stress might be someone passion. lets find out  and  dig deeper, know all proven strategy and most importantly rock solid mindset to thrive in this complicated world.

Research based tools and techniques, online test  will help you to stay ahead of the upcoming complexity, bio diversity, unemployment's, conflicts ,pandemic and many more things that world is facing under current and  coming 10 years.

This course will help you to access the risk for your signature emotion and prepare for you in advance to deal as such where you can win every unfavorable circumstances and become successful as your success depends on extension of your tolerance of unfavorable moment of stress.

                                     If you are like most people you always see stress as negative factor however this is attitude, rather than stress it self and this begets adverse side effects often associated with stress and  more you think you are stressed more you will be sad, angry, but also to experience joy, happiness, love and laughter.

In fact stress is indicator of purpose, and engagement , and if you can reframe your perception  and attitude towards  stress you can simply develop your physiological response to stressful situation on top of that viewing stress as a challenge with positive lens you can decrease the hormone in your body that cause the stress.

This course is made for the people who knows basic stress management ideas and Who has meaningful purpose , goal and vision in life will find this course as an internal flashlight.

lets join, It's under 40 Minutes course,  will see you another side of course.

Thanks and regards


ALM Octane – The Basics of SAP Test Management

Built-in Quality for SAP S/4HANA Transformation Projects

Created by Amir Khan - Making DevOps a reality with ALM Octane


Students: 382, Price: Free

Students: 382, Price:  Free

If your organization is using SAP and/or transforming towards S/4HANA, then this course will provide a guidance on how to continuously manage quality by reducing risk and testing effort.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use ALM Octane for your SAP S4 HANA Transformation

  • Understand different approaches to build application modules

  • Build application modules for SAP Apps

  • Upload Test Cases

  • Parametrize and upload test data

  • Reporting and Graphs

  • Document Report

  • Data Access Control

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be eligible to:

  • be more productive

  • better collaborate

  • use agile methodologies in a smarter way

  • support the software delivery lifecycle

  • take on lead roles in your projects and advance in your career