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Certified Quality Management and Quality Assurance Training

Beginner's Certification course on Quality Management and Quality Assurance also helpful for kaizen lean six sigma belts

Created by Gunjan Subedi - Lean Six Sigma and Quality Assurance Specialist


Students: 222, Price: $29.99

Students: 222, Price:  Paid

IMP: This course is not for Quality Assurance in the IT field (exclusively for non IT Quality Improvement of Business, Service and Manufacturing sectors)

UPDATE MARCH 2021: Addition of 10 New lectures on Section 1, 3, 5 and 6 for 'New Trends and Tools in Quality Management'

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2021: Addition of New Resource Material on Section 1 related to lean tools and quality tools

UPDATE DECEMBER 2021: Addition of 4 Lectures for Practice of drawing control charts with Minitab

 Note: This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and over 30 excel and minitab templates. The course is self sufficient in minitab training. You need no prior experience !

  • Are you tired of theoretical scribbles when it comes to Quality Management?

  • Are you worried with the quality management issues that hinders your success every time you think of improving your business?

  • Are you a prospective student who wants to lay a strong foundation in your quality management career ?

  • Are you thinking of maintaining strong scores on Quality related examinations and career?

  • Do you want to study how actually you can use the quality management and quality assurance principles in your business ?

  • Do you actually want to get practical in quality management along with the theories using the excel and minitab tools which will guide you the quality management principles from the very beginning ?

If so….Congratulations you have come to the right course !

My name is Gunjan Subedi and I have more than a decade's experience of working in different quality management roles such as Quality Manager, Project Manager, Project supervisor and lean and Quality Assurance specialist.

With all the pain points I experience in my carrier over time, I have complied this course as I know exactly the hurdles and pains in quality management.

What can we learn in this course (quick preview-also see the preview video) ?

  • We will learn the quality management principles and study how we can actually use them in our professional life..

  • We will learn some lean tools and learn how they can be used for Quality Management with Simulated Case Studies and Quizzes

  • We will study the History of Quality and know exactly how the concepts of PDCA, Control Charts, Costs of Quality, Statistical Quality Control etc. developed and learn to use them practically with excel or minitab.

  • We will learn about 7 basic tools of quality and cost of qualities such as Cost of Good and Bad Quality and how to actually prevent them in professional practical use.

  • We will learn all the basic and important quality management principle in a more practical approach,…

Support you get in this course:

  • Q & A and direct message support,

  • Quizzes and simulated case studies

  • Unconditional 30 day full money back guarantee

  • Practice test at the end of the course

  • Udemy certificate of completion

This course is also beneficial for all those who want to learn quality management, quality engineer certification, seven basic tools of quality, quality system, lean management and lean manufacturing or sis sigma white belt, six sigma yellow belt and six sigma green and black belt.

The best time to upgrade your professional journey begins shortly…Enroll now and let your knowledge sphere rolling !

Resume preparation guide for QA professionals

Good Professional resume will help you in shortlisting you for any job opening

Created by Hema Prasad GH - QA, QTP , Selenium , QC , Mobile testing, SoapUi trainer


Students: 88, Price: $24.99

Students: 88, Price:  Paid

In this you will learn how to prepare a professional resume from the scratch .

All the key areas are discussed during the course and also a sample resume is explained to get more idea to start prepare your resume in a professional way.

Note that good resume will help you in short listing for the job opening.

In this resume preparation article, we will cover

  • How to start with the resume preparation
  • What Skills QA resume is required
  • Best practices in resume preparation
  • Sample resume in detail explanation
  • How to prepare your resume right away

Go through each session in the course and it will take less than an hour to get the complete idea to prepare your professional resume .

All the best ...

Quality Assurance – Become a Freelance Software Tester

Introduction to Freelance Opportunities for Software Quality Assurance Testers

Created by Khallai Taylor - Freelancer, Technologist, Professor


Students: 65, Price: $29.99

Students: 65, Price:  Paid

Learn to test websites and mobile apps to find flaws or defects. Allowing you to make money as a freelancer or in your spare time. The course covers manual testing, agile testing, software testing lifecycle and the tools of the trade. Also provided are tips on how to get started so that you to can become a digital nomad. Having the freedom to work from anywhere and at anytime as a freelancer.

No degree required. Just a desire to learn!

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) for Beginners from scratch

Learn QA, Software Testing, Manual Test and Defect Management, SDLC, STLC, SQL

Created by Syed Rahman - QA Manager in Austin, TX with 20 years of SQA experience


Students: 60, Price: $89.99

Students: 60, Price:  Paid

This is a Software Testing beginner course. This course is for you who like to join IT (Information Technology) industry quick. Software Testing is a fast route to land on IT jobs.

Software Testing; also known as Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is one of the most critical functions within the Software Development industry.

This course covers SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), STLC (Software Test Life Cycle), QA testing, QA process, QA methodology, Tools, types of testing, JIRA etc

Software Quality Assurance: QA & Agile Testing Crash Course

Software Quality Assurance & Testing Crash Course, with details around Process and Project Management, Agile Methodology

Created by Adil Qayyum - Lead Cloud Engineer | Automation Architect


Students: 58, Price: $49.99

Students: 58, Price:  Paid

This Master Class/Crash Course is specifically designed to teach anyone with software quality basics, the complete details around Software Quality Assurance, Test Engineering, Manual Testing, Agile Methodologies plus additional areas regarding automation, process management and project management, that will help you not only perform better as a QA Engineer or Tester, but to excel in your field and have a skillset far superior than your peers in the same field.

You don't need to have any pre-requisite knowledge in this field to start this course, as we will be taking things from the very basics.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basics of SQA

  • Understanding SDLC & STLC

  • Software Processes

  • Types & Techniques of Testing

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Understanding the Artifacts

  • Design your SQA Process

  • Project Lifecycle - The Dos & Don'ts

  • Quality Management

  • Foundation for Test Automation

  • Interview Tips & Tricks along the way

Despite of having such diverse range of topics addressed in this course, the core essence has been kept close to SQA and that's the focus of the course. The sideline topics have been added as an introduction to those areas and their importance and role in the SQA world. Knowing them will enable you to position yourself as a knowledgeful resource in your team, across vast playfield of Software Industry. This will help you not to feel a total stranger when you are position to take challenges including decision making and management aspects.

This course has the crux of the experience of multiple SQA veterans from the field, from different corporate industries. Thus this mix of information will be very essential to strengthen your forte in the Software world.

By the end of this course, you will have the capability to nail SQA Interviews, perform with outstanding knowledge and skillset at your job, with confidence and excellence, and climb the promotion ladder quicker than the folks around you.

Attaining quality assurance and enhancement in Education

Quality at Pace!

Created by Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra - Academic Evangelist, Author & National Awardee (India)


Students: 26, Price: $19.99

Students: 26, Price:  Paid

The deviated version of Quality desires the equality of learning. The module encapsulates learning as a priority to make the spectrum of Assurance and Enhancement in Education to make the say with preface. The identity has to be to monitor and explore the productivity within schools with the say of learning as wow spectrum for students at large.

The subjective analysis within the classrooms attract effective communication skills by teachers and replicating them to the students at large. The concept integrates the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. The education delivery with excellence after identifying the traits of the audience is hence an art being explored via this. This is indeed a great way to facilitate change. It allows us to be in a position where in there is no concern or a problem. The mindset is a policy here to deliver the best. Some of the ratios which govern to this aspect of curing intelligence by educators involve, a push, get out of the comfort zone, shy zone, arrange a massive paradigm shift, discuss the passion, learning to learn from the environment, must feel most alive, need to be happy in your own skin, give oneself a round of applause, empower the limiting belief and the negative emotions about self. Classroom teaching is a nourishing talent which crops with the march of time and tide. The behavioural flexibility narrates to the positive outcome only through the sensory acuity and psychology of excellence.

The module presents the same on priority.

Modeling with children: This is another important technique to set the process of learning where we elicit the strategies, filter patterns and physiology that allows someone to produce a certain behavior. This can be further tackled, modelled and paced as required.

Pacing with Children: This activates the conclusion. It delivers the matching or mirroring another person’s external behavior so as to gain rapport. The joy with the kids encounter at ease and perforates learning as a resultant.

The spectrum of learning for fun gets via this NLP which suffices to the limitations of dissatisfaction among the masses, particularly the stake holders viz. the students and the parents. Activation of this would certainly result in penetration to learning as a habit rather than an occasional occurrence.