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Introduction to Software Testing or Software QA

Learn what software testing or software qa is, how to get started and where to learn. A start of a new career.

Created by Admas Kinfu - Learn from the experienced.


Students: 53237, Price: Free

Students: 53237, Price:  Free

This is a quick introduction to the field of Software Testing or Software QA. Software testing is a great field to be in. As we all know our lives are being dependent on software in every aspect. Which mean so much software is being created and which means everything that gets created must be tested. This is a good indication of software testing has amazing potential as a career. If you want a career in the software world then software testing is one of the easiest ways to get started in the field.

Manual testing and automation testing are both in high demand. This course will teach you how to get started in manual testing and automation testing as well as where to get the knowledge you need to get started.

The course will describe why QA career is such a respected and professional career. I cover what the roles and responsibilities of a software test engineer are and try to motivate you to pursue a career in this exciting field of software testing or software QA.

In-Depth Software Testing Training Course From Scratch

QA Software Testing Training Course for ALL + Live Project + JIRA + Bugzilla + Resume and Interview Guidance

Created by Vijay Shinde - Founder SoftwareTestingHelp - 12+ years of QA Testing Exp.


Students: 22632, Price: $89.99

Students: 22632, Price:  Paid

Learn & Master Software Testing Quickly from the experts - GUARANTEED! 


*** "TOP STUDENT PICK" on Udemy in the Software Testing category!

*** 26+ hours of HD content. Value for money!

*** DON'T settle for other basic courses of less than 5 hours! 


***Few Student reviews from hundreds of 5 star reviews:***

"The course is an eye opener into the world of IT" - Theophilus

"Money well spent, excellent delivery. Very informative and practical. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in pursuing software testing as a career" - Olanrewaju

"Truly the best software testing training I have come across both in dept and in substance." - Kingsley

"This is really "The Best Software Training Course". I hardly know anything regarding testing, instructor had taken utmost care in providing the knowledge starting from basics, the terminology etc...I am very much satisfied with this course. I strongly recommend this course." - Vijaya

"Great tutorials detail ...learned a lot ...must see tutorial for all testers ." - Masud

"The instructor is just a perfect lecturer! Entire course is very informative and useful for software testers as beginners with a lot of practical examples. Who wants to understand principles of testing and main techniques of it - enroll in this course." - Oleksii

"The instructor according to me.....God has gifted her a real talent to be one of the best tutors in this world." - Biju


Introducing the Most Practical, Precise and Inexpensive Software Testing Course

It is going to include everything there is to know for you to become a perfect Software Tester.

This software testing QA training course is designed by working  professionals in a way that, course it will progress from introducing  you to the basics of software testing to advanced topics like Software  configuration management, creating a test plan, test estimations etc.  along with introduction and familiarity with Automation testing and  test management tools like QTP (intro), QC, JIRA, and Bugzilla. 


Course Benefits: 

  • Syllabus: We came up with a unique list of topics that will help you gradually work your way into the testing world.

  • Practice sessions: Assignments in a way that you will get to apply the theory you learnt immediately.

  • Video sessions of Instructor led live training sessions

  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples

  • Support: Our Team is going to be available to you via email or the website for you to reach out to us.

  • Over 15+ Lectures and more than 26+ hours of HD content!

  • Learn Software Testing and Automation basics from a professional trainer from your own desk.

  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.

  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.

  • Get “Certificate of completion”.

JavaScript for QA Engineers and SDETs

Learn to code in JavaScript so you can pass your coding interview. Specifically designed for QA. No experience required!

Created by Jason Myers - Sr Quality Assurance Engineer


Students: 18525, Price: Free

Students: 18525, Price:  Free

This course was created and designed to teach JavaScript fundamentals from the beginning, for beginners.

I will be walking you through the basic features of JavaScript and bring you to a point where you will be confident to call yourself a JavaScript developer.

Not just for QA Engineers!

I have designed this course with QA Engineers as the main audience. But all the lessons and lectures apply for anyone wanting to learn JavaScript.

QA Engineers

I am going to teach you and focus in on all the parts of JavaScript that are important for a QA to successfully transition into an SDET.

You will be ready to use test automation frameworks that use JavaScript like Protractor, WebDriverIO, or Nightwatch JS.

We will go over what a coding interview will look like and we will walk through some sample exercises.

You will end the course with a final project where you will create a utility app to provide data that you can use in your testing in the future.

What you will be learning:

  • The basics: variables, if statements, loops, arrays, functions, and objects

  • How to run your code in the browser console

  • How to work with JSON data

  • How to hook your code up to a web application

  • How to manipulate the DOM

  • How to enforce coding standards with Linting

  • How to test your code with unit testing

How I teach:

I don't believe in giving a lot of lectures where I just talk and you listen. So you are not going to have any lectures on the "history of JavaScript".

I want you to always be coding.

The lessons are quick and to the point. You will follow my lectures through examples and have opportunities to practice what I taught.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Fundamentals

QA software testing course that will help you get a manual software testing job. Covers testing types, test plans etc.

Created by Nik Rollinson - Sharing knowledge with tomorrow's leaders


Students: 14731, Price: $89.99

Students: 14731, Price:  Paid

Software testing entry level median salary in the U.S is $50,315. The national average overall (not only for the entry level professionals) is $60,728 per annum, as stated by Glassdoor. Not so bad for a job that does not usually require a higher education, right?

Software testing can be a great gateway into the tech industry due to a salary you might expect, interesting and challenging job, and further growth opportunities in tech.

The IT market is booming, small startups become unicorns and their founders worldwide celebrities. However, in the beginning startups do not have much money and many benefits that they can provide to employees, therefore, many experienced professionals ditch startups for safe nine to five jobs with good salaries. This opens an opportunity for less experienced people to come and join the whatever revolution that company is undertaking. Startups tend to grow very fast as well, which means you can rapidly grow with them.

If you are interested in IT overall, a quality assurance job can be a great gateway position to the tech world and other roles within it. You will have to learn so many aspects of your company’s products, that would sometime find yourself to be the only holder of some information. For example, developers usually do not need to know everything about the system, only the parts they are working with. Perhaps a few senior software engineers who have the whole system architecture in their heads would know the most of the answers. People from other departments have probably never wandered in many areas of the system, so sometimes, colleagues would come to you for answers.

You would be mostly working with developers, you will learn many tech terms and get a good understanding how software development works. If you are eager to become a developer later on, such job would a nice starter.

This course unveils what software testing and quality assurance are, provides job hunting and interview advice, and gives a realistic picture of what your day as a manual software tester would look like. This is a course for beginners who would like to do manual testing. Although, I mention opportunities for further development within the software testing world (e.g. Automated testing, unit testing etc.), the materials will not pay much attention to those. In this course, I am going to cover why this profession might be appealing to you, will go through QA testing types (functional testing, exploratory testing and others) and explain when to use which type. I will cover what business systems are and what types of business systems are most commonly used by QA. You will learn about the GUI testing, software development life cycle (SDLC), will discover what it takes to become a good tester and how your regular day at work will look like. At the end of the course, you will also know how to write a fantastic bug report that everybody will love.

A little bit about me. A few years back, I was attempting to move from a finance job to something more technical and challenging. I wanted to do front-end development, but was struggling to learn it by myself. There seemed to be too many concepts to grasp within a limited free time. So I took a Software testing job to start with. I was lucky with the company and the tech team in it, who were very supportive from the beginning.

During my first interview I mentioned some of my knowledge of Angular, and said I would like to eventually do front-end development. For the disclosure, it took me nine months to join the front-end team. The learning process was the following: about one or months were spent doing purely manual testing and learning the system. Say if your company has a big product or many products, or the products are complex, it might take a long time to get familiar with the system. As a QA engineer you really have know pretty much everything about the system. For system testing, you should become a super user.

Once I knew most of the system, I started learning Selenium and using Selenium IDE. With that I could write some basic automated tests for some repetitive tasks. It helped to  speed up the work a lot. Once I was comfortable using Selenium on its basic level, I moved to Coypu (a framework for C# that uses Selenium). That was more challenging, because now I had to learn the back-end architecture of a fairly big system. After a few more months I started transitioning to the front-end. I used a QA software testing job to get into the new field, and it worked like a charm.

If you are curious about software testing but yet hesitant, think of it as a gateway career opportunity. A fairly easy road to the tech world. Many people enjoy doing software testing and Quality Assurance and stay in their jobs for many years. I don't want to make an impression that this should be only a temporary job opportunity. However, most people, as statistics show, move away to something else after an average of two years. Could you use that leverage for your career?

QA software testing is peculiar in the way that you have an option to learn some basics and have a consistent job without much worries or you can constantly learn new tools and frameworks and dive more and more into technical parts. Whatever floats your boat. 

If you decide to grow, here is some advice. Once you are familiar with basic testing patterns, move more towards Quality Assurance. If you don't know the difference between Software Testing and Quality Assurance, find it out in the course (in the introduction). Have structure of the system you are testing outlined, know what parts are more vulnerable to changes and break the most. When you are done with that, learn how to use Selenium IDE. With that, you will be able to do basic test automation. It will be buggy, not very reliable, but it will work.

Then using your Selenium knowledge, you can start creating more complex tests. For example, if a company you will get a work at uses Java on the back-end, you can learn some basics of that language and use special Selenium frameworks with that language. If you are more interested in the front-end development in the future, there is a lot of space for QA software testing there as well. You can start with simple UI testing using something like StoryShots for Storybook. Storybook provides a nice way to keep your UI elements in one place for the reference. You can play with those elements, see how they work, use knobs etc. And then, you can take a snapshot of those elements all together. So when you run the test, it will tell if there was change in the UI somewhere from the previous time you ran the test. Such testing would provide an extra level of security for finding UI bugs. 

There is a more serious front-end testing that can be done with the help of frameworks like jest and mocha. This would require more JavaScript knowledge compared to StoryShots, but would allow to provide significantly more security to a front-end application. You would have to read loads of code, understand how it works, and create tests for. Essentially, once you master it, you will capable of doing software development on your own. There is a term “developer in test”. It describes a person who is a software developer but who focuses on quality assurance. If you compare salaries of a manual tester and a developer in test, the difference would be quite huge. If you work hard, you can comfortably reach that level within a year. Fancy that?

Here are some of the common interview questions, answers to which you can find in this course.

  • What is a test case?

  • What is a test suite?

  • What is a software testing?

  • What is the difference between software testing and quality assurance?

  • What is positive testing?

  • What is negative testing?

  • What is the difference between white box and black box testing?

  • What are the different types of testing?

  • What testing type is likely to bring more results?

  • What is GUI testing?

  • Do you know of any usability guidelines?

  • What is Software Development Life Cycle?

  • Why ad hoc testing (aka monkey testing) can be useful?

  • How do you report bugs?

  • How many bugs do you report in one bug report?

Software Testing Masterclass (2021) – From Novice to Expert

Learn software testing and become QA Engineer/Agile Tester. Mobile/Backend/Web/QA testing. JIRA, TestRail & much more!

Created by Ozan Ilhan - Senior Software Test Engineer and Educator


Students: 13405, Price: $99.99

Students: 13405, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Complete Software Testing Masterclass.

Learn software testing with this course and become successful Software testers / Agile Tester. Obtain the core Mobile Testing, Backend testing, Web testing, Test Engineering skills and learn JIRA, SQL, TestRail, TestLodge, Confluence, Charles Proxy and gitHub. At the end of this course, you will have enough knowledge to get a job as a software tester or to start working as a freelancer! We will also explain many testing platforms, where you can start earning money as a BETA tester.

We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Software Tester.

The course includes over hours and hours of 1080P (HD) video tutorials with high-quality sound. All the videos are hand edited and unnecessary parts are removed. You will only learn "what you need to learn" to become successful!

All videos have hand edited subtitles. We spent many hours to correct all the subtitles to help you to have a smooth learning experience.

Why should you take this course?

This is the best and most up to date software testing course on Udemy. We explain all the important testing methodology in both Agile- and modern way, with supporting real life examples. Most of the other testing courses created by inexperience people or someone who has a very few understanding of testing. This course is created by a Senior QA Engineer, who has experience from 3 different countries and who is still actively working at one of the TOP company in the Netherlands.

Sign up today, and look forward to:

  • Over 7 hours of HD video content

  • All the knowledge you need to start your software testing career.

  • Start practising online and earn money immediately.

  • Learn the latest IT industry topics and stay up to date.

Don't just take my word for it, see what my past students had to say about the course:

"I really enjoyed this course. I did some mobile testing in the past but learn some new concepts like postman, testrail, and testlodge. Ozan is a good teacher and this is a great course to take." - Merlin Hunter

"I am so glad I took the course, I just ended it and I feel really excited. I found the videos engaging and interesting which kept my attention focused until the end. Lessons are very well organised around key concepts that are communicated in a clear and effective way." - Juan Jose Hernandez Garrido

"Great course! It covers all the topics necessary for a good understanding of software testing with the perfect pace and in enough detail. And it is nice that the instructor is a very experienced person in this industry so he knows well what he is talking about. I think this course will be a good choice if you are considering to start a career in QA or want to increase your knowledge in software testing." - Ivan Koryshev

"The most comprehensive and practice-value oriented software testing training I've ever seen." - Viktor Samusenko

"It was a very good match for me, I enjoyed the techniques used in deploying the lecture. Good examples made it easier for me to understand. Thanks :) " - Ayodele Lekan

"Course was extremely informative and the examples given really helped tie everything together!" - Selma Sharaf

There’s no risk!

This course comes with a full 30 day money-back guarantee. Meaning if you are not completely satisfied with the course or your progress, you will receive a 100% refund.

Ready to get started ?

Enrol now by using the “Add to Cart” button on the right, and become a successful software tester! Or, start watching the preview feature, so you know you’re 100% certain this course is for you.

See you at the course!

SDET/Test Architect Essentials -Road to Full stack QA

Advanced Tutorial to Learn essential skills needed to transform your career from QA Engineer to SDET/Test Architect

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 11298, Price: $19.99

Students: 11298, Price:  Paid

Have a passion to take up your Automation career to next level? If Yes JOIN with me-
The one and only Best  "Full Stack QA tutorial" which touches up on technical challenges in every phase of Automation by providing smart solutions using latest technologies like Dockers, Jackson API, Jenkin Pipelines, Data Structures using Java Streams, Window batch Scripting, Database readers, GIt  and many more !!!!!!!!

After Successful course completion, you should be able to apply for any Test Architect /SDET positions or lead the Challenging Automation projects from Scratch

Below are in detail Scenarios we are going to cover in this Tutorial

  • Dockerization, integrating Selenium Grid with Docker,

  • Building Json/Xml from database results,

  • Parsing Json into Java objects with Jackson API,

  • Jenkins pipeline Scripting for CI/CD,

  • Dynamically monitoring Server Logs with Java,

  • Windows Batch job scripting,

  • Dataprovider to Excel Integration,

  • Java streams, Lambda expreesions,

  • GIT version control system and many more,

Specialize in QA Manual Testing with Live Project+AGILE+JIRA

Become a Master in Manual Testing QA with Live Testing Projects, AGILE, JIRA, 100+Interview Questions & Lifetime support

Created by Aakriti E-Learning Academy - Testing & Project Management Expert,Passion to learn & teach


Students: 11001, Price: $64.99

Students: 11001, Price:  Paid

Most up-to-date Software Testing course online on Udemy. With 4.5-star reviews, over 10,250+ students have benefited from this course and secured a job or improved their career, you can also do the same. Here is what some of our students say:

- "Simply great. Instructor has explained the concepts with practical examples and cases studies. Couldn't have asked for more."

- "It helped me a lot to clear my concepts and understand the topics more deeply."

- "The practical explanation of testing tools and processes are exceptional"

- "I decided to take this course before an interview because it mentioned 100+ interview questions and it really helped me a lot."

- "A highly recommended course on software testing. All the examples were so practical, relatable and helpful in getting the basics clear."

Are you looking to make a career in software testing, and not sure how to start? This course will provide you the skills to excel as a Software Tester.

Why you should choose this course?
1: A-Z, deep learning course on Testing --> This course will teach you everything in detail about SOFTWARE TESTING, AGILE, JIRA, AUTOMATION CONCEPTS & MUCH MORE

2: Become a Testing Specialist and get Job-Ready, in only few hours. Collection of 100+ Interview Questions; Resume & Interview Preparation guide to help get your dream job.

3: Real World Learning --> Lots of Practical Examples & Projects so you learn how things actually work in real world IT companies.

Advantages of this course:

  • Coverage of all concepts of software testing - starting from most basic to the advanced ones.

  • Filled with real-world examples - how to create a test plan, how to create execution reports, how to create release reports etc.

  • Learn things practically - we will practice our learning on sites like Amazon & Facebook. We will write test cases using the TestRail tool, and learn about JIRA (most widely used defect and project management tool).

  • Contents to make you job ready - 100+ interview questions & tips on how to prepare for an interview. And resume template.

  • Lifetime support & mentoring for all learners - use Q&A or email me any time for any query.

Topics you will learn:

  • Everything about testing - definition, objective, principles, models, terminologies & much, much more...

  • Types of testing - with detailed explanation of each type.

  • Software Testing life cycle with deep, detailed chapters on each stage.

  • Agile & JIRA learning.

  • Automation basics and Automation framework concepts.

  • Test plan, Test execution report, Release deployment plan etc. creation on your own (as done by test leads and managers).

  • Common challenges software testers face in organizations and how to overcome them

Enroll today and start your journey into the world of software testing.

Thank you and wish you all the best!!

Keep learning & Happy testing!!

Best QA Manual Software Testing: Live Project+Agile+Jira+API

Ultimate QA Manual Testing course with Live project and Live demo + Real time interview questions + Life time support

Created by Richa Mehta - Project Test Lead, 10+ years experience in SQA industry


Students: 10634, Price: $59.99

Students: 10634, Price:  Paid

Learn and Start your career as Software Quality Assurance field from the experienced professional. 

You will be seeing the LIVE PROJECT from beginning to the end. 

You would be guaranteed become a perfect software tester after taking this course. You would start from your role as a tester and your team responsibilities. Then, you would get the introduction of the live project,  Agile Methodology, Test plan, Test cases, Test defects,  Defect life cycle, Different environments, Release process, API testing, and much more. Also, you would be learning how to perform testing in real time. You would also get live experience in Agile and test management tools like Jira. 

 Course Benefits?

Practical Approach:   This course is designed completely on practical approach. From beginning to the end, you would see yourself working in an organization, and on a real time project. 

Course outline: This course gives you the complete cycle of software testing from your role to different approaches to develop a software to requirement docs from the client  to software development to the real time testing to the release process. You would be able to see end to end approach of software testing. 

Document Template: You would be getting the real Test plan, Test case documents as well as very practical interview questions. 

Support: We will  always be available via email for any assistance or concerns.  

Real time testing : You would be learning how to perform real time testing.

Professional Assurance: You would be learning Software Testing  from a 10+ years SQA professional  from your own desk.

Best suitable for individuals who wants to pursue their career in Software Testing.  

What am I going to get from this course??

  • LIVE PROJECT - you would be able to see real requirements, and be able to work on the LIVE PROJECT!! 
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Lifetime Access - Pay fees one time and access the whole course life time.
  • Download real software testing documents like Test Plan, Test Cases and other important docs.
  • Learn Agile and Test Management Tools like JIRA.
  • API  Testing 
  • Get all future course updates FREE !
  • Real time Interview Questions.
  • Resume Preparations.
  • Life long assistance. 

How this course is designed: 

Overview: In this session, you would come to know about  the instructor and the course overview. 

Roles and responsibilities of QA and Team members: This section would introduce you about the overall picture of QA and its team in detail. 

Different Methods of developing a software: In this section you would learn different ways and methods to develop a software. 

Introduction of a project: In this section, you would be Introduced with a project that we would be working on throughout this course.

JIRA Installation and overview: You would be learning about JIRA Software, its usage in Agile methodologies. 

Requirements Analysis: We are going to look over requirements and analyse them. 

User Stories Creation: You will be able to see how Agile works in real time and how user stories are created. 

Documents : You would be able to download and get the real time Test-plan and Test case documents. 

Real Time Testing: In this section, you would be able to see how to perform real time testing and approach during testing. 

Defect Management: This section provides overview about defect identification, defect logging and defect tracking in detail. We also provide details on how to use a popular open source defect management tool JIRA.

Different Types of Testing: This section would give you overview about different kinds of testing a tester can do. 

Environments and Release process : This section gives overview about different environments and release process.  

Most Popular Interview Questions and Sample Resumes : In this section you would be able to see most common interview questions and few sample resumes that help you during interviews or in applying a job.


Software Testing Simple (Software Quality Assurance QA)

Easiest practical Testing course on the market that will explain you what is QA and testing and what QAs are doing!

Created by Denis Platonov - Test Architect at Test Pro Bootcamp


Students: 10554, Price: Free

Students: 10554, Price:  Free

This 3 hours course will be your first step in Testing. Software testing is a high demandable field with competitive compensation. It is also known as the "back door" to Tech World because it is the easiest way to get into the field without learning programming languages!

These days we visit hundreds of websites and a lot of mobile applications on our phones - all of those were tested before we (users) see them. Only 1 position out of 6 is filled by Tech companies are things are getting even worse...

That's why it is never been a better time to become a Software Tester (QA Analyst). This course will be your perfect start in QA.

In this course, I will use simple examples (Simpsons, car dealerships, and more) to explain to you step by step what is Testing and how easy it is to become QA Analyst.

Topics that are covered:
- Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

- Testing definition

- Defects (bugs)

- Types of testing: UI testing, Functional testing, Compatibility testing, Localization testing, Performance testing, Usability testing, Security testing, s Ad-hoc testing, Cross-platform and Cross-browser Testing

- How to capture screenshots

- Bug triage

- Severity and Priority

- Test cases

- Test plans

- Smoke, Sanity and Regression testing

- How to test on Mobile devices

- How to use Chrome Mobile view

- Modern browsers and segmentation

- How to test Android iOS apps without a device

- Positive and Negative Testing

- Boundary Value Analysis?

- What is Equivalence Partitioning testing?

- Web Architecture, Back-end and Front-end testing

- How to debug front-end or back-end issues (must have)

- Builds and Releases: Deployment, Release

- User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

- QA Interview: How to prepare, How to write resume, Education requirements for QAs, Where to apply for QA job, Contract vs Full-time QA job,

Agency (Recruiter) vs Direct Hire, Interview Process, How to apply on LinkedIn and Glassdoor

- QA resume screening

- QA phone screening

- Tell me about yourself story

- Tell me about your project

- QA technical interview questions

- QA personality interview questions

Test Automation is not covered in this course.
I also cannot upload more than 3 hours of content due to Udemy limitations for Free Course, otherwise, I would. Thanks for understanding!

Welcome to the amazing world of Software testing!

Top 150+ QA Automation Interview Questions & Resume Tips

Job oriented Interview preparation course on Selenium, API testing, Testng, SQL, cucumber & Java programs with solutions

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 10053, Price: $99.99

Students: 10053, Price:  Paid

Questions are carefully prepared after collecting samples from more than 200 SDET's working in various companies across the world. 

4 Special Reasons why this course stand out Unique among others -

1. Coding Logical Problems is one area where every QA struggles to clear. I have taught these topics with special approach that one can gain the ability of problem solving and can implement any coding task given

2. There are Detailed Solutions for every QA question discussed with practical example so that one can answer the question with the full confidence

3. There are different versions of answers discussed where ever applicable so that Interviewer can feel the depth of knowledge you have on the Subject

4. For Every Quarter I would revise the Questions and see if they matches the current Automation/SDET Job requirement and Update the videos Accordingly and you always have Life time access to all Updates

We covered Commonly asked questions from all QA areas. Below is the List on high level coverage

Manual Testing,

Testing Process in Real time projects,

Selenium Web Automation,

Automation Framework Designs

Testing Standards with TestNG and Cucumber

API Testing (Manual + Automation) Interview Questions

Core Java Webdriver related topics

Programming logical questions

Java OOPS Miscelleanous Concepts

Non Functional Testing Topics

Resume Suggestions and Many more !!!!!!!!!

Wish you all the Best.

Quality Assurance Mastery – Manual Software Testing

Become Quality Assurance Engineer as a Complete Beginner. QA Masterclass for Junior QA Engineers.

Created by Victor Gorinov - Software Automation Engineer, Instructor, 70,000+ Students


Students: 8435, Price: $89.99

Students: 8435, Price:  Paid

This course is updated frequently with new lessons, projects and resources!

May 2021 - NEW! Downloadable Resources Added:

  • Common Software Errors

  • Understanding Software Test Cases

  • How to Write Good Test Cases

  • Black Box Testing

  • Black Box Testing Techniques

  • Testing the Software with Blinders on

  • Software Engineering - White Box Testing

  • Cross Browser Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • User Documentation for JIRA Software

  • JIRA Agile Basics

  • Regression Testing

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Performance Testing - Apache JMeter eBook

  • Beginner Guide To Software Testing (Automation Included)

April 2021 - NEW!  Downloadable Resources Added - Different Types of Software Testing
March 2021 -
NEW!  Downloadable Resources Added - Software Development Life Cycle, Book - Agile for Dummies, Agile Team Roles

Start Learning Quality Assurance TODAY!

★★★★★ "This is one of the best QA software introduction courses, the instructor explains the testing concepts clearly and concisely."

★★★★★ "A great introduction to the QA profession for every beginner, great course!"

★★★★★ "Useful, in-depth walkthroughs. Instructor is knowledgeable, genuine and speaks in a calm, paced manner."

★★★★★ "The best course for starting out with testing software. Every beginner QA should watch this."

★★★★★ "Thank you for this useful information! This course is easy, not too fast and not too slow. Everything is explained clearly and to the point. I recommend this course!"

★★★★★ "A good beginner course for someone who is looking for a QA profession. Very nice presentation!! Thanks."


You will learn different ways of Software Testing and everything you need to start your first job as Junior Quality Assurance Engineer.
This course will give you the foundation and confidence to enter the IT Industry.

You WILL Learn:

  • What is a Test Case and how to write a Test Case

  • What is Software Development Life Cycle

  • What is Agile - Scrum and Kanban

  • Different Types of Testing

  • What is a BUG?

  • Black Box Testing

  • White Box Testing

  • UAT - User Acceptance Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Cross Browser Testing

  • JIRA - Bug Tracking Tool

  • When You Should Move on to Automation

You don't need any experience to enroll, you will be guided step by step through this course .
You will also get Bonus Materials to help you from the beginning.

This course requires work in the beginning - just like any other thing in life.
But the best thing in the world is when your start making positive changes in your life.
This course teaches you the simplest way to enter the IT field - Quality Assurance!

If You Are Someone Who:

✔  Want to Become Quality Assurance Engineer

✔  Want to learn Software Testing

✔  Want to Change Career

✔  Want to achieve Financial Freedom and Enjoy Life

Enroll in the Course Today and Get Started!

This course comes with a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, you can get a refund - no questions asked!

You will also get:
- Support and Answers to All Your Questions During the Course
- Lifetime Access
- Certificate of Completion

Now go Ahead and Click the Enroll Button.
I'll See You in the First Lesson!

Learn PractiTest – QA & Test Case Management Tool

Learn managing your QA and Testing process, controlling your testing tasks and get complete visibility in test results

Created by Manish Verma - Lead Trainer at RCV Academy & SoftwareTestingMentor


Students: 5954, Price: Free

Students: 5954, Price:  Free

Are you an IT graduate or an experienced IT professional who want's to broaden his testing tools skillset? Do you want to keep yourself ahead of competitive IT market by learning new tools and skills? Then this course is for you.

This course is the fastest path to learn "PractiTest", industry leading QA and Test Management Software.

In this course you will learn about PractiTest from very basic till configuration settings. This course is well thought and designed in a way that will suit the very basic and experienced IT professional.

This course covers all the aspects of Software Testing Life Cycle using PractiTest QA and Test Management Tool. 

You will learn how to use PractiTest efficiently to manage your testing lifecycle. Also, you will learn to customise PractiTest as per your project requirements. The course also covers PractiTest integration with third party tools.

So don't wait! just go ahead and enrol in the course as it will add a great value in your resume and make you ahead of others in this competitive IT landscape.

The Complete Quality Assurance Course – Beginner to Advanced

Learn QA Software Testing both Manual and Automation. Become Developer in Test and Kick-start your Career in IT.

Created by Victor Gorinov - Software Automation Engineer, Instructor, 70,000+ Students


Students: 5709, Price: $109.99

Students: 5709, Price:  Paid

This course is updated frequently with new lessons, projects and resources!

May 2021 - NEW! Downloadable Resources Added - Performance Testing - Apache JMeter eBook.
May 2021 -
NEW! Downloadable Resources Added - User Documentation for JIRA Software, JIRA Agile Basics, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing, Beginner Guide To Software Testing (Automation Included).
May 2021 -
NEW! Downloadable Resources Added - Black Box Testing, Black Box Testing Techniques, Testing the Software with Blinders on, Software Engineering - White Box Testing, Cross Browser Testing, User Acceptance Testing.
May 2021 - NEW! Downloadable Resources Added - Common Software Errors, Understanding Software Test Cases, How to Write Good Test Cases.
April 2021 - NEW!  Downloadable Resources Added - Different Types of Software Testing.
March 2021 -
NEW!  Downloadable Resources Added - Software Development Life Cycle, Agile Team Roles.
February 2021 - NEW!  Downloadable Resources Added - eBook "Agile for Dummies".
January 2021 -
NEW! New Section Added -  Introduction to Programming with Java + Downloadable Resources!

Start Learning Quality Assurance in 2021!

★★★★★ "The course is very informative and helpful. The tutor explains the subject very clear and in a friendly manner. I will watch it one more time. It definitely worth to buy. Success"

★★★★★ "This is one of the best QA software testing courses, everything was useful and explained very well."

★★★★★ "Great automation tips and tricks, definitely worth it!"

★★★★★ "Useful, in-depth walkthroughs. Instructor is knowledgeable, genuine and speaks in a calm, paced manner."

★★★★★ "The best course for starting out with testing software. Every beginner QA should watch this."

★★★★★ "Thank you for this useful information! This course is easy, not too fast and not too slow. Everything is explained clearly and to the point. I recommend this course!"

★★★★★ "A good beginner course for someone who is looking for a QA profession. Very nice presentation!! Thanks."


You will learn different ways of Software Testing and everything you need to start your first job as Junior Automation Quality Assurance Engineer.
This course will give you the foundation and confidence to enter the IT Industry as Automation QA Engineer or Manual QA Engineer.

You WILL Learn:

  • What is a Test Case and how to write a Test Case

  • What is Software Development Life Cycle

  • What is Agile - Scrum and Kanban

  • Different Types of Testing

  • What is a BUG?

  • Black Box Testing

  • White Box Testing

  • UAT - User Acceptance Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Cross Browser Testing

  • JIRA - Bug Tracking Tool

  • Basics of Programming

  • What is Selenium in Automation

  • Create your First Automation Project with Selenium

  • NUnit Automation Framework

  • Assertions in Selenium

  • Element Selectors - ID, ClassName, XPath

  • REST API Testing with Postman (Back-End Testing)

You don't need any experience to enroll, you will be guided step by step through this course.
You will also get Bonus Materials to help you from the beginning.

This course requires work in the beginning - just like any other thing in life.
But the best thing in the world is when your start making positive changes in your life.
This course teaches you the simplest way to enter the IT field - Quality Assurance!

If You Are Someone Who:

✔  Want to Become Quality Assurance Engineer

✔  Want to learn Software Testing

✔  Want to Change Career

✔  Want to achieve Financial Freedom and Enjoy Life

Enroll in the Course Today and Get Started!

This course comes with a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, you can get a refund - no questions asked!

You will also get:
- Support and Answers to All Your Questions During the Course
- Lifetime Access
- Certificate of Completion

Now go Ahead and Click the Enroll Button.
I'll See You in the First Lesson!

Software Testing: Learn Software Testing And Get A Tech Job

Testing, Manual Testing, Software Testing, Qa, Qa Testing, Quality Assurance, Manual Software Testing, Jira & Job tips

Created by Waqas Mazhar - Founder and CEO of SoftwareTesterCareer, Tech Consultant


Students: 5584, Price: $74.99

Students: 5584, Price:  Paid


This course is focused on the very fundamentals and basics of MANUAL software testing, Qa, Qa tester, Manual tester, software Quality Assurance or Qa engineer. I have kept it very short and to the point. In my experience, whatever this course teaches is what you need to learn the basics of software testing.

The future of work is here. The Covid 19 pandemic has created a huge shift in our daily work and lives and most of the jobs are now shifting towards remote work. Technology sector is still booming and this is the perfect time to get your foot in the door and find a remote job with flexible schedule.


"Good Day Waqas,
I took your course over a month ago, long story short I landed a job in the testing field!!

Thank you for this course! Be blessed!!"

Another five star review: 

"Simple, short, easy to understand. Good place to start one's software testing journey. Thank you."

Are you one of those people who think you have to have a lot of experience and computer knowledge in order to get a high paying job in technology? 

Well, I am here to tell you that you don't need to have any experience in the technology field and you do not need to know computer coding to get a lucrative job in technology.

Say Hello to "SOFTWARE TESTING" : A wonderful field which pays a lot of money. An average salary can range from $70,000 to $100,000 and this is without any Degree, certifications or special computer knowledge. Software testers are unique as this skill is not taught in schools or colleges. In fact, most people are not even familiar with the concept of software testing career. The truth is that every technology company needs software testers which is why there is a huge demand for this career right now and there will be a huge demand in the future as well. 

This course is designed in such a way if that even if you have no experience, if you are non-technical or if you barely use the computer, you can still easily learn everything taught in this course and land a job in technology .

This course is for anyone who wants to have a wonderful stable career, people who want to support their families and live a rich and successful life. 

Benefits of this course:

This course will teach you fundamentals of software testing, from test planning to test cases to methodologies used in technology organizations as waterfall and Agile. This course will explain in detail what software development life cycle looks like, how to practice testing with live training demos, how to find bugs and many more.

This course will teach you:

  • Everything about software testing: basics and fundamentals 

  • After you grasp the skills, you will learn how to make a resume 

  • You will learn how to apply for jobs

  • You will also learn how to easily pass the interview and get a good job

So, don't wait and Register for this course Today! Good luck!

Introduction to Computer Networks for QA Testers

The concept of OSI Model in Computer Networks for QA SW Testing

Created by Alik Feld - Instructor and IT Expert


Students: 4863, Price: $19.99

Students: 4863, Price:  Paid

++++++ Attention to all new enrolled/coming students and providers of the low ratings: +++++++

Before you are enrolling to this course and trying to leave your feedback read carefully the introduction below in order to understand what this course is going to be about. If you know that this course is not for you, don't waste the time and budget to become a student. And definitely, to leave the low rating that doesn't match the actual targeted materials provided in the content of this course

+++ Thanks for your understanding +++++++++++++++++++

Hello Guys!

This Course is only an introduction and promotional course to the full "How to become successful QA Tester in Computer Networks". In this short course you are going to learn the concept of the OSI Model in Computer Networks technology and what you as QA Tester require to know.  

Again the whole required and necessary information on how QA Testing is involved in the Computer Networks technology you would find in the full: "How to become successful QA Tester in Computer Networks" course.  

Why would you like to learn the Computer Network field for QA SW Testing?

Did you hear about the monsters of IT industry such as CISCO, IBM, AVAYA, F5  and others? If yes, you should know that the Network technology developed by these companies is the heart of modern world, that we are living in.  Your e-mail and Facebook connections, Instagram and Google search are running on Network infrastructure, developed for the real progress of our life. Computer Network is a top of IT industry pyramid.

Software Testing : Learn Manual/QA Testing + ISTQB CTFL Help

Software Testing Course for learning Test Fundamentals,QA Manual Testing, STLC, Automation Basics & ISTQB CTFL Help

Created by Engineering Mentor - Courses for IT students


Students: 4389, Price: $99.99

Students: 4389, Price:  Paid

Software Testing: Learn Manual/QA Testing + ISTQB CTFL Help (Recent Updates on: January 20, 2016!)

What's New(Bonus): ISTQB Exam Help (Foundation Level)+Captions for all the lectures + Facebook Page (SoftwareTestingArena) + Make $$$ online testing websites (pdf) !

Software Testing (Quality Assurance) is a 30+ Billion USD Industry today, and expected to grow up to 50 Billion USD by 2020. Nearly 1 out of 2 jobs in IT are in Testing. If you are looking to set foot into this Industry, if you too are looking to build a career in Manual Testing (QA Testing) Industry, then look no further...

This course provides you with the Testing Fundamentals, Tools & Methodologies, Industry Trends and Career Guidance needed to kick-start a successful career in the Software Testing Industry.

  • Gain valuable insight about Software Testing Industry Trends, Job Opportunities, Career path options, Hiring and Salary Trends etc.
  • Learn about Software Testing from scratch; No prior knowledge or experience needed.
  • Master Fundamentals, SDLC Models, Testing Types,Levels and Methodologies prevalent in the Industry.
  • Build STLC Documents like Test Plan, Test Scenarios, RTM, Test Cases, Test Summary etc.
  • Get in-depth exposure to popular defect management and automation tools used in Testing industry.
  • Build your Software Testing Career online with our interview help and career guidance.
  • Make Money Online as a freelance tester using the information we provide exclusively for our students.

If you are looking towards building a long, successful career in Manual Testing, this course will help you achieve Exactly that.

Why take this Course?

Global Testing Services Market grew from $13Billion in 2008 to $25Billion in 2013, and it is expected to double by 2020. HR Trends suggest more hiring for Skilled Freshers and QA Testers. This course here is your gateway to a successful career in the Testing Industry. The course has been created by experienced IT professionals with combined experience of over 10 years in Automation and Manual Testing. So whether you are a fresh graduate looking for a bright career option, or an experienced Tester looking to improve your testing skills, this course will prove to be just the right resource you need.

How is this course designed?

This Course is structured into following sections:

  1. Overview: This section introduces you to the course, provides information about authors, course structure and gives you answers to some of the frequently asked questions by students.
  2. Career in Testing Industry:This section provides all the essential information about software testing industry like Industry trends, Career paths for testers, Job opportunities, salaries and Hiring Trends commonly seen testing in the industry.
  3. Fundamentals: This section introduces you to software testing, testing principles and myths prevalent in the industry and provides an overview of fundamental testing activities.
  4. Development Models: This section discusses some of the important SDLC Models used in the testing industry. Understanding SDLC Models will help you plan the testing activities better.
  5. Forms of Testing: This section discusses the 2 important approaches to testing that any project will follow: Static Testing and Dynamic Testing.
  6. Levels of Testing: Testing need not wait until development is fully over. Testing activities can start in parallel with development. This section provides details on the different levels at which testing can be performed on the Application Under Test.
  7. Testing Types: Testing can be done to check for different types of user expectations. This sections discusses 2 such classification to testing: functional and non functional testing.
  8. STLC: This section provides hands on details about how to build different test artifacts including test plans, test design documents, requirement traceability matrix, test cases and execution reports etc.
  9. Defect Management: This section discusses defect identification, defect logging and defect tracking in detail. We also provide details on how to use a popular open source defect management tool Bugzilla.
  10. Automation: Learn all the automation basics you need to start your venture into automation testing.

Master all the testing skills with this course and skyrocket into the world of Software Testing.

Software Testing,QA Testing, Manual Testing,SDLC,Test Plan

Become an expert QA Tester by mastering software testing, manual testing, SDLC, test plan and test case concepts..

Created by QAEversity . - Become an expert IT Professional


Students: 3525, Price: $34.99

Students: 3525, Price:  Paid

  **Course & materials are last updated on November 27th, 2018- Over 33,000 students enrolled worldwide** 

      This is another award winning and popular course from us and we are showcasing it on Udemy for the first time. This course is available for only $34.99 instead of $99 for a limited time!! Just like our other courses, we have kept most of the videos for free and available for preview for your convenience so please feel free to explore and test drive it. If you want to become a master in Software Testing, look no further and don't lose the opportunity. 

          Quality Assurance is a must need in today’s era of technology. Meeting the expected quality of an application has become an essential factor for organizations. This is where software development and software testing concepts come into play. Organizations need to follow certain quality assurance standards in order to survive in the market competition. It is must required to understand software development life cycle before executing software testing concepts. We often ignore software testing fundamentals and manual testing concepts which is hugely harmful. IT professionals can never reach the expected level of success without a strong foundation in software development and software testing concepts. Also, it has not been easy to find project oriented and real-time training in software testing fundamentals. However, we all need to learn the basics of quality assurance and testing before jumping into any sort of automation. In this course, we took a hands-on and step by step approach to make it easier for IT professionals to master software testing core concepts. This course includes basic and advanced QA training videos with practical examples of different aspects of testing including software development life cycle (SDLC), overview of specific roles and real-time work environment for a software tester, different types of testing, creating comprehensive test plans, and test cases. 

Create E-Commerce Site Locally to Practice QA Automation

Create a full website that you can practice automation testing. Full access to the backend api and database.

Created by Admas Kinfu - Learn from the experienced.


Students: 3435, Price: Free

Students: 3435, Price:  Free

This is a short course teaching you how you can install and run an E-Commerce site on your own computer. You will be able to install and run a full fledged E-Commerce site on your computer where you can practice writing Selenium WebDriver (frontend) or backend api testing.

You will have access to a REST API and MySQL database. You should be able to write any tests you would in your QA Automation job.

If you area learning Selenium WebDriver, Robot Framework, BDD Testing .... and such, having your own site to practice will be a lot of help.

We have full courses related to Selenium WebDriver, Robot Framework, BDD Testing using Python language, and we use these site to practice the concepts we teach.

Outcome Based Education (OBE) & Academic Quality Assurance

Master Course for Teachers to improve Quality of Teaching Strategies & Methods to achieve outstanding Learning Outcomes

Created by Dr. Kamran Moosa - Practicing Professional, Author and Academician


Students: 3146, Price: $84.99

Students: 3146, Price:  Paid


If you are teaching or will be teaching in educational school, college or a university; then this course is for you. The course is the only course available on this topic in Udemy, where around three thousand highly satisfied teachers and academician from various schools, colleges, universities and policy makers are presently enrolled or have completed from around 80 countries.  The course prepares teachers and management of Institutions to deliver world-class education and achieve high quality of learning outcomes by their students with modern concepts, tools and methodologies.
The course covers fundamentals to advance level concepts and theories with plenty of practical examples and best practices as well as guidance on implementation. The course aims to make an ordinary teacher to an outstanding teacher.

Outcome Based Education is a changing trend modern and 21st century schools, colleges and universities in many countries and institutions.  Presently, most teachers are teaching in traditional classroom setups which are highly "teacher-centered" or taught with fixed curricula.  OBE is a shift towards "Students-Centered" classrooms with focus on learning outcomes.  Many new knowledge and skills are required in traditional teachers for teaching based on the required learning outcomes.  Teachers and administrators of education institutions will have to learn new methods and approaches to prepare themselves for world-class quality.

Academic Quality Assurance for teachers and institutions is all about setting academic standards/benchmarks for all the subjects and programs taught in schools, colleges or universities; a structure for monitoring, controlling and continuously improving the learning outcomes and ensuring that each academic standard is complying to internal and external benchmarks.  A set of QA initiatives/interventions are therefore required at various levels.  This course provides details of QA initiatives in the areas of Teacher and Teaching, Curriculum, Assessment, Research, Teacher-Student Communication, Students Affairs and Services and Online Education (eLearning).  The use of eLearning is specifically expanding throughout the world, particularly in blended or flipped learning, in order to strengthen their educational efficiency and effectiveness.  The course also provides introduction to latest eLearning trends and how QA is assured in this mode of learning.

The course also provides introduction to many internationally popular QA/Accreditation frameworks, programs and models at schools, colleges and universities levels, covering their most crucial points.  The instructor shares global experiences and challenges faced by teachers as individuals, institutions and state levels; making it a valuable learning experience for teachers, administrators, policy makers and educational professionals for across the world. 

The instructor is the Head of PIQC Institute of Quality, a center for excellence in Quality.

Manual Software Testing With Bug Reporting Tool JIRA & ALM

Complete Manual Testing With Bug Reporting Tool ALM/QC + BUGZILLA. Agile , Scrum ,Best QA Training For Beginners,

Created by kiran kumar kuchana - Founder of ,Senior Trainer on QA


Students: 2686, Price: $59.99

Students: 2686, Price:  Paid

Complete manual testing with bug reporting JIRA and ALM/QC and Bugzilla(Basics) including Agile and Scrum

#### Updates ####
Total courses is updated with a new set of videos
Jira videos Added to Course
Updated Agile and Scrum Videos

Excellent course For beginners who wanted to Start career in Manual software Testing Best Course on Manual Testing

Regarding my course: I have designed this course more on practical then showing slides and reading out theory , majority  of the course deals with test data and writing test cases almost 14 sessions on writing test cases   , because deriving testcases is  very important and primary task of manual tester ,even I have covered lot of theory part and clearly explained how development and testing activates take place and covered bug reporting tool ALM also , so primary task of QA tester is to derive test-data , write testcase, defect reporting and my course covers all this factors in detailed 


  • Non- IT students can easily learn course

  • Course start from very scratch 

  • All life cycles explained

  • Hands on writing Testcases

  • simple design course

  • Understanding bug reporting

  • Hands on bug reporting and test management tool JIRA and ALM/QC

explained each and every topic of manual testing And BUG REPORTING TOOL ALM/QC and Bugzilla

*****course starts from what is a software and covers all the theory part of software development and testing 

then slowly moves on to practical part of driving test cases and test data

lot of examples are given on How to write testcases**********

And working with very famous reporting tool ALM


you will understand how development happened and role or tester in development processes

you will get idea on different types of testing

you will be learning how to work with optimal testing by using BVA and ECP

for sure you will be able to write test cases for given functionality 

hands on ALM

 and much more 

come join me

  •  *** Testimonials from my Students ***

David Butler :-I love the detailed information given in this course. I have studied SDLC before, however, they just touched on the basic phases of the life cycle, here Kiran goes step-by-step. I believe this course will be beneficial to all that takes takes it, Beginner to advanced. I like what I've seen thus far and I'm looking forward to further teachings from Kiran as an instructor. Thank you

Nishant Ranjan Verma:-Everything in this course is precise and to the point of the requirement,which is good for any new learner.

Sanjay Kala:-I am amazed with the quality of education provided in this tutorial.Excellent tutorial,hope you will keep it continue with a bit more precise,to-the-point and a bit more detailed video.Not to say,This was the best and complete tutorial ,I have ever had.Thank you and keep it up,I am looking forward more tutorial form you on Selenium etc.

Archana Mishra:-The explanation to each topic is very clear with real time example.Thanks a lot for the great effort.

Hariharan Sai Ganesh:-So far the course has been very good, and the instructor has done a good job. I appreciate the instructor's hard work,

Kings A:-A good tutorial with wide and indept coverage

Vaibhav:-The instructor has thoroughly explained each and every topic he discussed. I'm satisfied that I purchased this course.

Machine Learning for BI, PART 1: Data Profiling & QA

Demystify the world of Machine Learning and build core Data Science & predictive analytics skills, without writing code!

Created by Maven Analytics - Award-Winning Analytics & Business Intelligence Training


Students: 2010, Price: $99.99

Students: 2010, Price:  Paid

If you're excited to explore data science & machine learning but anxious about learning complex programming languages or intimidated by terms like "naive bayes", "logistic regression", "KNN" and "decision trees", you're in the right place.

This course is PART 1 of a 4-PART SERIES designed to help you build a strong, foundational understanding of machine learning:

  • PART 1: QA & Data Profiling

  • PART 2: Classification

  • PART 3: Regression & Forecasting (Coming Soon!)

  • PART 4: Unsupervised Learning (Coming Soon!)

This course makes data science approachable to everyday people, and is designed to demystify powerful machine learning tools & techniques without trying to teach you a coding language at the same time.

Instead, we'll use familiar, user-friendly tools like Microsoft Excel to break down complex topics and help you understand exactly HOW and WHY machine learning works before you dive into programming languages like Python or R. Unlike most data science and machine learning courses, you won't write a SINGLE LINE of code.


In this Part 1 course, we’ll introduce the machine learning landscape and workflow, and review critical QA tips for cleaning and preparing raw data for analysis, including variable types, empty values, range & count calculations, table structures, and more.

We’ll cover univariate analysis with frequency tables, histograms, kernel densities, and profiling metrics, then dive into multivariate profiling tools like heat maps, violin & box plots, scatter plots, and correlation:

  • Section 1: Machine Learning Intro & Landscape

    • Machine learning process, definition, and landscape

  • Section 2: Preliminary Data QA

    • Variable types, empty values, range & count calculations, left/right censoring, etc.

  • Section 3: Univariate Profiling

    • Histograms, frequency tables, mean, median, mode, variance, skewness, etc.

  • Section 4: Multivariate Profiling

    • Violin & box plots, kernel densities, heat maps, correlation, etc.

Throughout the course we’ll introduce real-world scenarios designed to help solidify key concepts and tie them back to actual business intelligence case studies. You’ll use profiling metrics to clean up product inventory data for a local grocery, explore Olympic athlete demographics with histograms and kernel densities, visualize traffic accident frequency with heat maps, and much more.

If you’re ready to build the foundation for a successful career in data science, this is the course for you.


Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • High-quality, on-demand video

  • Machine Learning: Data Profiling ebook

  • Downloadable Excel project file

  • Expert Q&A forum

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Happy learning!

-Josh M. (Lead Machine Learning Instructor, Maven Analytics)


Looking for our full business intelligence stack? Search for "Maven Analytics" to browse our full course library, including Excel, Power BI, MySQL, and Tableau courses!

See why our courses are among the TOP-RATED on Udemy:

"Some of the BEST courses I've ever taken. I've studied several programming languages, Excel, VBA and web dev, and Maven is among the very best I've seen!" Russ C.

"This is my fourth course from Maven Analytics and my fourth 5-star review, so I'm running out of things to say. I wish Maven was in my life earlier!" Tatsiana M.

"Maven Analytics should become the new standard for all courses taught on Udemy!" Jonah M.

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

Learn software testing for web applications and improve the quality of your team's software

Created by Jason Myers - Sr Quality Assurance Engineer


Students: 1232, Price: $19.99

Students: 1232, Price:  Paid

Application QA Engineers are high on the list of great jobs that can earn you over $100k a year. In this course, I want to help you learn all the skills required to get your first job as a QA Engineer.

Learn Front End Website Testing

This course will teach you everything you will need to know to get started with Front End website testing. You do not need any prior knowledge to be successful in this course.

Test Cases

We will be using QA Touch, a real world test case management application throughout this course. There will be multiple guided lessons that will teach you how to create realistic test cases.


QA Touch's test case management tool that we will be using also doubles as a bug tracking system. I will be instructing you on how to create bugs including how to document the reproduction steps and how to take great screenshots.

Web Foundations

To be successful in web testing, you first must understand the basics of how a website works. I will teach you how to build a website from the ground up. You will be building a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Job oriented – Practical Software QA Testing

Your foundation to work as QA in IT! High paying QA Tester jobs. Manual Software Testing. Best instructor in U.S.

Created by Neil De Odhar - IT experience, all levels, since 1996


Students: 963, Price: $109.99

Students: 963, Price:  Paid

About the course:

  1. This course is a MUST. Without knowing these basics, it's highly unlikely you'll find work as QA

  2. Easy-to-understand, it’ll give you complete familiarity with an IT project, specifically its QA activities

  3. Do you wish to enter the IT business?  This is the course for you!

  4. You'll be confident at job interviews, speaking the 'language of IT' that employers like to hear

  5. All QA activities included - so you can do well on the job!

What you'll learn - Course Content - 12 Videos (total 7 hours, 22 min).

  1. Why QA in IT projects?

  2. Typical IT project – who does what?

  3. How is software built?

  4. What are business requirements?

  5. QA processes and STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle

  6. Ways, methods, and techniques used for testing

  7. How to generate scenarios?

  8. How to write test cases?

  9. How to execute test cases? How to report bugs?

  10. Test Plan, QA terminology

  11. Common types of tests

  12. Agile model of development

QA Guide to REST API Testing for Beginners

Get skilled at using Postman and Fiddler to create, call, and test REST APIs for software testing

Created by Jason Myers - Sr Quality Assurance Engineer


Students: 892, Price: $24.99

Students: 892, Price:  Paid


This is the third course in my "QA Guide" series. Application QA Engineers are high on the list of great jobs that can earn you over $100k a year. Take the next step to achieve your maximum earning potential.

What are APIs? And how do we test them?

APIs are an extremely important part of the applications that we use everyday. There are APIs being called every time you open an app on your phone, search for products on the web, or play a song from your Alexa.

If your team is developing a mobile app or web application, there are going to be APIs involved. You need to be able to understand what APIs are, how they work, and how to test them.

Are you ready to work with APIs?

In this course you will learn everything that you need to know to get started with REST API testing.

The course starts with API basics. Here you will learn what an API is and how they work.

I will be covering several tools along the way to help you validate and format APIs so that you can quickly and easily understand the purpose and content.

You will learn some javaScript which is essential when working with REST APIs.

The bulk of the course will be through exercises. We will use Postman to generate API requests. Then we will use Postman to test the requests that we created.

Finally, we will be using Fiddler to capture, view, and manipulate API Traffic.

Get started now!

Learn how to become an amazing QA Professional Tester

Learn QA SW Testing with live examples and introduction to JIRA, BUGZILLA, JMeter + interview, job opportunities

Created by Alik Feld - Instructor and IT Expert


Students: 745, Price: $69.99

Students: 745, Price:  Paid

Hello Guys,

The main idea of this course is to teach the students to become the real QA professionals in the short time possible and to be able to pass any entry interview for manual QA test position. To be professional means to have the only required knowledge and skills to test any product in the world. 

*** In order to build a house you need to create a strong foundation for the future. That is why you could not study Automation testing without having the basic knowledge of QA SW Testing field. ***

After this course the students will be confident with writing the test cases and execute the test methods for any device, equipment under the test in the real life. And the most important that all required experience will be reached after 2 - 2.5 hours of training only.  

Why to take 3 - 10 length hours QA SW Testing courses? 

This two hours training will teach you everything to become a real professional in a short period of time even if you don't have any experience:

  1. Learn inside tips to become a real professional in the QA Testing field in the shortest amount of time possible.
  2. Help you to receive the all required and immediate knowledge, techniques, tools to succeed.
  3. Discover and see the real testing examples of the real products 
  4. Hands-on step-by-step guidance that shows you exactly what to do and how to implement your received knowledge.
  5. Follow a simple formula to become a real professional in QA SW Testing field with the immediate chance to be hired to the IT/Hi-Tech industry. 
  6. Helps you to pass the entry examinations (questions/answers examples) and interviews to IT/Hi-Tech companies.
  7. Gives you the Tips and successful tools to succeed in building new and existed career.

See what other students are saying about this course:

1. David Ortiz

Great course. I learned so much and I am glad I took it. Now I can implement it at work!!!

2. Adams Jubril

this is straightforward class and understanding anyone who is new to QA testing..Thanks

3. Vyosi75

Great explanation, very easy to understand, lots of useful information.

4. Bobby Travis

Instructor is thorough and well spoken, easy to follow.

5. Andrey Feigin

Good value for money!!! Really glad that bought this course. A lot of interesting and useful info.

Why would you like to become the QA SW Tester? 

How about to receive a job of your dream that can set up you quickly in the life with respectful income! 

How about to become a real professional without any experience!

How about to join to the industry that spending billions on quality of the products! 

You would like to take this course if you are a fan of modern new technologies. 

Do you know that QA Testers are responsible for success of Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and everything what have been developing for the human in Software field till Today?

This is your time to join to the great society, calling IT/Hi-Tech community and to create a new technology that people will love and use every day.

There are enough people dealing with the QA Software Testing, but not everyone is a real professional. We will see together what should be done in order to succeed and to become real professional QA SW Tester, also without any experience.

QA manual testing from the beginning

This course will give you the complete overview on QA manual testing.

Created by Hema Prasad GH - QA, QTP , Selenium , QC , Mobile testing, SoapUi trainer


Students: 640, Price: $24.99

Students: 640, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for QA manual testing and is easy to learn manual testing concepts test estimations, test plan, test cases, test techniques, test execution, testing types, test management, test summary report, bug report etc.. All the concepts are explained in detail to understand easily.

The entire course will be covered through 27+ videos.

This course also includes test plan , test case , bug report templates. You can use these for your practice purpose to get the real time experience.

All the required templates will be provided for the reference.

Start and Develop a Successful Career in Software Testing

Learn about Software Testing Certifications, Quality Assurance, Test Design, Agile Testing, requirements, and Test Cases

Created by Magdy Hanna, Ph.D. - World renowned expert in software engineering


Students: 609, Price: $89.99

Students: 609, Price:  Paid

This course is intended for everyone who is interested in starting a successful career in software testing as well as those who are already in the software testing field for few years.  The courses use a very simple approach to introduce you to the essential concepts and techniques for software testing.  Concepts covered in the course are software requirements, user stories, test cases, test scenarios, and test sets. The course also will discuss the difference between quality assurance and testing. The course emphasizes defect prevention as the most effective way to ensure high quality software.   You will learn everything you need to become an effective tester.

Here what you will learn in this course:

you have been doing testing for few years or you have not done any
testing job before, You can not afford to miss this course.  I have been
teaching people around the world for the last 40 years on how to become
effective test professionals.  This course gives you all that you need
to start a career in software testing and to continue to develop that
career.  The courses teaches you a very simple test process that you can
not find in any book or any other course.  It is a process that I
taught to over 100,000 people in at least 500 companies and government
agencies.  This course is not a typical Udemy course because  you will
learn by doing.  You will have a chance to practice on the steps of the
process.  When you learn this process, you can immediately use it in
your current project if you already have a job or you can use it to do
the best in any interview for a software testing job.  The course will
also help you decide if you want to be certified or not and what the
best certification for you is.  Finally, the course will give you good
guidance to do a very effective interview.  Here is some of what you
will learn in the course.  There is so much to list so, I am not listing

  • Understand the difference between quality assurance and testing
  • Learn how to become a real QA professional while you are performing your testing job
  • Learn
    different development lifecyles such as the traditional waterfall
    model, the V-Model, the RAD approach, and the agile framework
  • Get a good understanding of the Scrum methodology
  • Learn how to be effective test professional in an agile project
  • Learn how to put together your testing objective to become a successful test professional
  • Gain a good understanding of functional requirements and quality requirements
  • Learn how to make sure that requirements are testable to be able to design test cases
  • Understand User Stories for agile projects
  • Understand Use Cases 
  • Learn how to ask relevant question to gain better understanding of requirements
  • Learn How to breakdown requirement, user stories to a number of scenarios
  • Learn how to come up with negative scenarios for negative testing
  • Learn how to validate your scenarios with business analysts, developers and product owners
  • Learn a very simple risk based testing methods based on your scenarios and select the most important scenarios to test
  • Understand the critical components of a test case
  • Learn how to build test cases based on your scenarios
  • Learn how to group test cases to test sets
  • Learn about the different certifications for software tester and how you choose among them
  • Get hints and guidance to do a very effect interview and come ac cross as the most qualified candidate for the job

Topics to be Covered

  • The Importance and the Future of Software Testing
  • Software Testing Vs. Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Development Lifecycles
  • Software Testing Concepts
    • Scrum methodology
    • The Agile Framework
    • The Rapid Application Development Model (RAD)
    • The V-Model
    • The Waterfall Model
    • Software Testing Concepts
    • Functional requirements
    • Quality requirements
    • Testable requirements
    • User Stories
    • Use Cases
    • Scenarios
    • Test Cases, Test Sets, Test Scripts
  • Test Design
    • Positive and Negative Testing
    • Risk-Based Testing
  • Preparing for interview
  • Software Testing Certifications
    • ISTQB Certification
    • IIST Certifications

Software QA/Testing: Learn Testing with Demonstration

QA software testing course that will help you get a strong understanding of Quality Assurance to get the job

Created by Arshad Mehmood - Arshad


Students: 420, Price: Free

Students: 420, Price:  Free

This course Software QA/Testing: Learn Testing with Demonstration will not only teach you about the testing but will show how you can prepare the test cases, test report by using Jira and how you can use the Browser stack for cross-browser testing, How you can test the mobile application and so on. The main goal of this course is to help existing or future QA analysts, testers and leads to build a solid foundation in Quality Assurance and Testing in order to excel in their job or be able to successfully pass the interview and secure the QA Quality Assurance analyst job.

The structure of this course is very simple yet comprehensive and powerful and covers all the knowledge necessary and topics for Testing and Quality Assurance.  You'll learn the processes, documents, terminology, and techniques used by QA - a practical course to prepare you to work as a QA team member in the real world. This course deals with a very important aspect of software engineering: quality assurance of software products and services.

We need to develop quality software because:

  • Reduces time to market for new products

  • Enhances market share compared to direct competitors

  • Minimizes "Scrap and rework" expenses

  • Minimizes the risk of serious litigation

  • Minimizes the risk of serious operating failure and delays

  • Minimizes the risk of bankruptcy or business failure, which may be attributed directly to poor quality or poor software quality.

As a QA/Testing professionals, quality should be part of our way of doing things, we can improve the software quality by doing quality training to our human resources, so this course is just an effort towards that from my side. Wish you best of luck

JobEasy: Git Crash Course for QA Automation Engineers

Learn how to use Git in under One Hour

Created by Maksim Gusakov - JobEasy CTO


Students: 281, Price: $19.99

Students: 281, Price:  Paid

This is a Git Crash course that we created at JobEasy in order to help QA Automation Engineers willing to learn Git. During this course, you will create a GitHub account, fork our Git repository, and learn all the main commands required to work with Git. We built this course hands-on in order to save your time and get into practice as soon as the environment installation is completed. This course has a very focused, hands-on practice approach.

Software Quality Assurance

Software quality is more important to us today than ever. Broad introduction of the subject matter.

Created by Michael Cesino - President


Students: 243, Price: $189.99

Students: 243, Price:  Paid

This program is designed for Software Quality Control and Assurance Manager, Project Manager and Software Development Team Member who is interested in increasing the likelihood of project success. The course looks at software quality control and assurance processes and practices, as well as support disciplines such as software project management, software configuration management and release management. Successful software quality assurance is the result of the combination and integration of these practices, and complements SE practices.

Topics include:

  • Success, Reflections, Terms and Concepts
  • Competencies, Standards, Software Lifecycle Models, Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Project Management, Adoption of PM Practices
  • Reviews and Inspections, Software Testing, Testing Effort, Advances in Testing
  • Software Quality as a Profession
  • Metrics and Analysis, Software Configuration Management
  • Release Management

Video Duration Time: 6 Hours 31 Minutes and 11 Seconds

Click on the Promo Video to view the introduction of the "Software Quality Assurance" learning video.

There are 18 well organized, high impact yet easy to follow Lectures. A test for Software Quality Assurance Certification is available upon finishing the course.

Contact Us for more information and licensing options.