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Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

Complete Python Programming in 30 min - Get ready for Advanced Concepts.

Created by Gautam Devaraj - CISE,Web Application Developer,Entrepreneur


Students: 100620, Price: Free

Students: 100620, Price:  Free

I will take your through a series of lectures and tutorials on python programming. I'll be teaching how to program using python language from scratch, starting from installation to set you up for advanced concepts

Python is a programming language is well-known for being dynamic and simple to use, mainly because it allows the programmers to use a method rich in styles, instead of doing in a specific way. It also features the possibility of extending over other customization interfaces.

With this being said, now you know we will refer to the “Python from Beginner to Expert: Starter Free” Course and the tools offered. But before, you need to know that the Python Programming is full of virtues and benefits, mostly in terms of easiness and accessibility. It is designed to be read easily, characterized by the use of words where other similar languages use symbols. This highly appreciated feature offers a dynamic environment to the programmers, allowing a steep learning curve.

Why Python?

Python Programming is a simple and easy language to interpret and read, mainly in comparison with other similar sets of tools. This way, the “Python for Beginners” Course is focused on making understand the student this fact.

This programming language is going to allow an easier and more accessible interaction with the operating system, as the result of the proper file manipulation. It is based on a set of potent scripts, capable of everything you need to create in terms of software development.

Benefits of the Course

Thanks to the dynamism offered by the programming language, we provide a Python Programming Course that guarantee fast learning processes, requiring only basic math and Basic English knowledge as well. It doesn’t matter if this course is free. We still offer a free suite of lessons and tools to all the interested public who wants to fortify their knowledge about the Python Programming language.

Faster than expected, you will learn to use a language which is used more and more every day in our actual society. Every programmer, even the beginners with less experience, will be able to adapt the interface and environment of work according to their needs.

Read a little more about the clear advantages of taking this Python Programming Course if you are still in doubt:

  • Simplified and Fast: If you are looking a quick, efficient introduction to Python Scripting, with these lessons you will get results in a short period of time.
  • Elegant and Flexible: Thanks to the accessibility of the programming language itself, you will not worry too much by time-wasting details, allowing you to focus and being creative.
  • Productive Programming: Python has become a tool for productive work sessions, with a steep curve of learning and avoid at all cost the application of minor and self-defeating tools that waste your time. This language goes straight and simple.
  • Portable: This programming language is multi-platform, which means that it is perfectly usable on several operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows. This great accessibility feature allows Python to spread fast among programmers.
  • Community: As this Python Programming Course implies several times, a language like this is only able to grow and improve through the contribution of the users’ community. Important changes and upgrades are made in an almost democratic way, with prior authorization of the vast majority of programmers.

With this free course, which offers plenty of clear lessons and tools, you will find quickly the virtues of the Python Programming language. The shared knowledge by this course goes from Modules and Functions to Strings, Sequences and Lists. Every aspect will provide a rich learning experience, preparing you for more cutting-edge courses like “Python from Beginner to Expert: Build 2 Advanced Applications”.

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2021 Python Programming From A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course

Become a professional Python Developer and learn how to easily create programs, apps, scripts, games and so much more...

Created by Juan E. Galvan - Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer | Visionary


Students: 87684, Price: $89.99

Students: 87684, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Learn Python Programming From A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course

Where you’re going to learn how to become a professional Python Developer and create programs, apps, scripts, games and so much more...

In this practical, hands-on course our main objective is to give you the education not just to understand the ins and outs of Python Programming, but also to learn exactly how the software development industry works, the different roles within a team, and how to land a Python Programming job without a degree.

Blending practical work with solid theoretical training, we take you from the basics of Python Programming to mastery, giving you the training you need not just to create software programs, scrape websites, and build automations, but also the foundational understanding of data science and visualization so you can become a well-rounded Python Programmer.

We understand that theory is important to build a solid foundation, we understand that theory alone isn’t going to get the job done so that’s why this course is packed with practical hands-on examples that you can follow step by step.

Even if you already have some coding experience, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! In this course, you’ll learn Python 3.

Python is the number one programming language choice for machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. In order to get those high paying programming jobs, you need the skills and knowledge of how to become an expert Python Programmer, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this course.

Together we’re going to give you the foundational education that you need to know not just on how to write code in Python, create various scripts and softwares but also how to get paid for your newly developed programming skills. The course covers 6 main areas:


This intro section gives you a full introduction to the Python industry and marketplace, job opportunities and salaries, and the various Python job roles.

  • - Python Industry and Marketplace

  • - Python Job Opportunities

  • - Landing a Job w/o a Degree


This section gives you a full introduction to the Python basic and advanced data types with hands-on step by step training.

  • - Python Variables

  • - Integers, Floats, and Complex Numbers

  • - Strings

  • - Operators

  • - Lists, Tuples, Sets & Dictionary


This section gives you a full introduction to the Python Control Flow with hands-on step by step training.

  • - Basic/Complex Conditional Statements

  • - For Loops, While Loops

  • - Break/Continue Statements

  • - Zip/Enumerate Keywords


This section gives you a full introduction to the Python basic and advanced functions with hands-on step by step training.

  • - Help/Defining Function

  • - Error Handling

  • - Variable Scope

  • - Doc Strings

  • - Lambda Functions

  • - Iterators + Generators

  • - Map/Filter Functions

5: SCRIPTING & LIBRARIES (includes numpy, pandas)

This section gives you a full introduction to the scripting and libraries with hands-on step by step training.

  • - Scripting Basics

  • - Python IDEs

  • - Python Text Editors

  • - Third Party Libraries

  • - Numpy + Pandas

  • - Data Visualization

  • - Webscraping


This section gives you a full introduction to starting a career as a Python Programmer with hands-on step by step training.

  • - Building a Brand

  • - Personal Branding

  • - Freelancing + Freelance websites

  • - Importance of Having a website

  • - Networking

  • - Creating a Resume

By the end of the course you’ll be a professional Python Programmer and confidently apply for jobs and feel good knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to back it up.

Python for Absolute Beginners!

Get started coding with one of the most beginner friendly programming languages!

Created by Joseph Delgadillo - Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 80356, Price: Free

Students: 80356, Price:  Free

If you want to learn how to program, you will LOVE this course! This course was designed for complete beginners with little to no understanding of programming, and will give you the knowledge to get started coding using Python 3. We will cover the following topics in this course:

  • Python installation
  • Running Python scripts in terminal
  • PyCharm IDE setup
  • Numbers, strings, Boolean operators, lists, dictionaries, and variables
  • Functions, arguments, return values, loops, and modules
  • Final project using the information covered in the course

We hope you enjoy the course and it our goal to give you the knowledge to begin writing your own programs in Python! 

Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python

Python Object Oriented programming OOP advanced / Scripting for projects / automation / interview questions / beginners

Created by Deepali Srivastava - Author


Students: 31011, Price: Free

Students: 31011, Price:  Free

This "Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" course provides good understanding of object oriented concepts and implementation in Python programming.

Note: This course is a part of my detailed Python course "Python Programming/Script/OOP/Advanced for Python 3 Projects" that includes 5 projects, 600+ Exercises & Quizzes.

Why learn Object Oriented Python Programming

  • Preferred language for Data Science/AI/ML/Automation

  • Enrich your Object Oriented Python skills

  • Implement/Understand Object Oriented Python techniques

  • Better Development/Maintenance

  • Flexible and Extensible software design

  • Well prepared for interviews

Design and development of a product requires great understanding of implementation language. The complexity of real world application requires the use of strength of language to provide robust, flexible and efficient solutions. Python provides the Object Oriented capability and lot of rich features to stand with changing demand of current world application requirement.

This "Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" tutorial explains the Object Oriented features of Python programming in step-wise manner. All the topics have been explained in simple way. You will also see the demonstration of source code implementation for each topic. This course will improve the Python programming skills of developers who have basic understanding of Python. You will learn Object Oriented features of Python programming which will help in providing efficient solution for software projects. You will be able to understand and implement all the Object Oriented Python programming techniques and apply in Python projects. This tutorial will also help you to present yourself well for Object Oriented Python programming coding interview questions.

This "Learn Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" course covers following object oriented Python topics used in software development : Classes and Objects, __init__ method, Class variables, Static variables, Data hiding, Property, Magic methods, Inheritance, Polymorphism.

Here is the course content-

  • Classes and Objects

  • Magic Methods

  • Inheritance and Polymorphism

In this "Learn Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" course, I have used IDLE, you can use any other Free IDE.

This "Learn Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" online course on Udemy will be great help to developers for learning Object Oriented Python programming concepts. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.

So what are you waiting for, enroll now and start learning.

Automate Web Scraping Using Python Scripts and Spiders

Build Scripts and Spiders from scratch to extract data from the internet.

Created by Bluelime Learning Solutions - Learning made simple


Students: 19399, Price: $49.99

Students: 19399, Price:  Paid

Web scraping is  the  process of automatically downloading a web page's data and extracting specific information from it. The extracted information can be stored in a database or as various file types.

   Basic Scraping Rules:

  •      Always check a website's Terms and Conditions before you scrape it to avoid legal issues.

  •      Do not request data from a website too aggressively (spamming) with your program as this may break the website.

  •     The layout of a website may change from time to time ,so make sure your code adapts to it when it does.

Popular web scraping tools include BeautifulSoup and Scrapy.

BeautifulSoup  is a python library for pulling data (parsing) out of HTML and XML files.

Scrapy is a free open source application framework used for crawling web sites and extracting structured data

which can be used for a variety of things like data mining,research ,information process or historical archival.   

Web scraping software tools may access the World Wide Web directly using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through a web browser. While web scraping can be done manually by a software user, the term typically refers to automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler. It is a form of copying, in which specific data is gathered and copied from the web, typically into a central local database or spreadsheet, for later retrieval or analysis.

Scraping a web page involves fetching it and extracting from it.  Fetching is the downloading of a page (which a browser does when you view the page).  to fetch pages for later processing. Once fetched, then extraction can take place. The content of a page may be parsed, searched, reformatted, its data copied into a spreadsheet, and so on. Web scrapers typically take something out of a page, to make use of it for another purpose somewhere else. An example would be to find and copy names and phone numbers, or companies and their URLs, to a list (contact scraping).

Web scraping is used for contact scraping, and as a component of applications used for web indexing, web mining and data mining, online price change monitoring and price comparison, product review scraping (to watch the competition), gathering real estate listings, weather data monitoring, website change detection, research, tracking online presence and reputation, web mashup and, web data integration.

Web pages are built using text-based mark-up languages (HTML and XHTML), and frequently contain a wealth of useful data in text form. . A web scraper is an Application Programming Interface (API) to extract data from a web site. Companies like Amazon AWS and Google provide web scraping tools, services and public data available free of cost to end users.

Learn Python Scripting – Scripting Masterclass 2021

This Python Programming - Scripting Masterclass teaches you to use python for automating tasks on any operation system.

Created by Mark Nielsen - Software Developer


Students: 17933, Price: $89.99

Students: 17933, Price:  Paid

This course will not only teach you the fundamentals of Python programming but also how it can be used for Python scripting in different contexts. You will learn how to write simple input applications, Read content from files but also how to crawl a website and how to build a whole recommender capable of recommending friends based on movie preference. You will get a hands on experience with how Python scripting works by watching lectures but also completing assignments on your own.

Beginner Python and Coding Intro – Scripting a Virtual Car

Learn Python and Programming in a fun virtual car environment designed especially for people new to programming

Created by Ala Shiban - Technical Group Product Manager


Students: 13628, Price: Free

Students: 13628, Price:  Free

This course will focus on how to get started with programming while learning Python. We will use an innovative virtual world with cars and roads, learning how to use Python and programming concepts to make them navigate the streets.

The course is beginners, and no background in programming is needed. I apply the years of experience in teaching and guiding students in computational thinking to help you get started quickly in bite-sized interactive lessons lessons.

Complete Python Scripting for Automation

Automate the Repetitive Tasks with Python | Python Scripting for Automation | Automation with Python | Python Automation

Created by Narendra P - Automation Engineer with Scripting Languages and Tools


Students: 10781, Price: $34.99

Students: 10781, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Complete Python Scripting for Automation.

This course will take you from beginner to expert in Python, easily and smartly.This course will dive right into Python and get you productive from the very beginning.

Why Learn Python?

Over the last few years, Python has become more and more popular.Demand for Python is booming in the job market and it is a skill that can help you enter some of the most exciting industries, including data science, AI,web applications, Server side Automation, home automation and many more.

Python is one of the "most loved” and “most wanted” programming languages according to recent industry surveys. If people are not using Python already, they want to start using Python.

This course will make it easy for you to learn Python and currently we are looking more on server side automation, but later we will also update this course for GUI and Web Applications Dev elopement.

Who is This Course For?

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.

  • who want to learn python from scratch to Advanced level

10x Engineer: What? You can do that on Cisco IOS?

Wow! You can run those amazing Linux commands on Cisco IOS? And Python scripts? Cisco DevNet is here. Automate today.

Created by David Bombal - CCIE #11023, over 15 years of network training experience


Students: 8369, Price: Free

Students: 8369, Price:  Free

Wow! You can run these amazing Linux commands on Cisco IOS? And without a Linux shell? Just run these directly on Classic Cisco IOS switches and routers! Use grep, man, head, tail, cat and many other Linux commands directly on Cisco IOS.

You don't need a linux shell or linux virtual machine to use these commands. You can use them directly in classic Cisco IOS!

Learn TCL, Embedded Event Manager and Linux Shell scripts on Cisco IOS! No need to use Python or use a Linux VM. Just run these directly on Cisco IOS! You can be a 10x Engineer!

Network Automation isn't difficult. With just a few CLI commands you can automate the backup of your Cisco networks. Use Kron and archive to back up configs to TFTP, FTP or SCP servers. Don't try to do everything manually. Automate it! Just like cron in Linux, you can use kron on Cisco IOS to schedule things. Schedule backups, schedule TCL scripts and much more.

Do you know these time saving Cisco IOS commands? Did you know this was possible traditional Cisco IOS? Use /, +, -, grep, include, section, exclude and lots more directly on Cisco IOS. Be a 10x engineer and show the world your Cisco and Linux skills.

Amaze others with your knowledge of the Cisco IOS. You don't need python for these scripts. Rock that job interview and show senior network engineers what you can do. Keep on learning and change your life. Get that good paying job by showing your skills.

Python For Beginners: Scripting Programming With Python 3

Learn Python 3 Scripting For Beginners. The Complete Course With Practical Examples

Created by Rangel Stoilov - Web Developer & Entrepreneur


Students: 7432, Price: $89.99

Students: 7432, Price:  Paid

Do you want to learn Python even if you are a complete beginner? Well then this course is for you!

Hi, my name is Rangel and I am serving more than 30,000 unique students on Udemy. Together working with Taaha Waseem We are going to take you from a complete beginner to an advanced level in the python language.

Here is what you are going to gain from enrolling in our course:

  • Our masterclass course starts with the very basics breaking down how to setup your machine and write your first lines of code.

  • Everything is explained in a logical detail as you proceed through the basics and then into the more advanced parts of this course on programming with python

  • After you finish with this course you will learn everything you need to know about Python and amaze your friends and coworkers!

  • You will know how to make if...else statements, lists, while loops and you will go through practical examples on how to make real use case python scripts.

  • You will learn how to use python scripting even if you are a complete beginner and you have never touched a programming language before!

  • You will learn practical methods of python scripting that you can put into action right away

But why would you want to learn Python? Here are Top 10 Reasons Why Should You Learn Python:

  • Career Opportunities and higher Salaries with Python

  • Python syntax is easy to learn and adapt

  • Extensibility and Portability

  • Robust web app development

  • AI or Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Testing Frameworks

  • Data Science

  • Computer Graphics

  • Automation and Scripting

While many people have tried to learn python with other courses and ended up confused and frustrated, students of this course will rave about how it makes a complex and powerful language as python very understandable and easy to use

Now, I want our students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase.

This is why we have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.

So you have nothing to risk and everything to gain from this course!

It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever.

Go ahead and click the BUY NOW  button and I will see you inside.

Python v3 : Basic To Oneline Coding Transformation

Learn Python 3 with Bulk Coding to One-Line Python script transformation.

Created by Abhishek Joshi - Instructor


Students: 4784, Price: Free

Students: 4784, Price:  Free

This course is a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. Python 3 is the most up-to-date version of the language with many improvements made to increase the efficiency and simplicity of the code that you write.We will begin at the beginning, with variables, conditionals, and loops, and get to some intermediate material like keyword parameters, list comprehensions, lambda expressions.You will have lots of opportunities to practice. You will also learn ways to reason about program execution, so that it is no longer mysterious and you are able to debug programs when they don’t work.

Flappy Bird Clone – Godot Game Development

Recreate the infamous Flappy Bird game in the Godot engine using Godot's Python-like scripting language GDScript

Created by Kaan Alpar - Game Developer


Students: 3848, Price: Free

Students: 3848, Price:  Free

In this course you will learn how to make a Flappy Bird clone with the Godot game engine. If you know the basics of Godot and programming you are good to go. We will start with an empty project and make our way until we have a full game that you can export to any platform you want.

Selenium WebDriver with Python Crash Course

Write Selenium WebDriver test automation code with Python scripting language, with examples and exercises

Created by Admas Kinfu - Learn from the experienced.


Students: 2504, Price: Free

Students: 2504, Price:  Free

In this short crash course you will learn how to write Selenium WebDriver code using the Python programing language. You will learn the core functionalities of Selenium WebDriver and how to apply them to writing automated web browser tests.

Anyone looking to become QA Engineer or QA Automation engineer will benefit greatly from this course. If you are a manual tester and looking to transition to automation, or you are brand new to the field of software testing, you will find this course very beneficial.

Python is one of the most popular languages to write automated web tests, and Selenium WebDriver is the most popular tool for that.

Just like most programing languages writing Selenium scripts and automated tests is a matter of practice. This course will give you plenty of great ideas on how you can continue to practice even after completing the course.

You will setup everything you need to write tests on your machine whether it is a Windows or Mac machine.

You will practice writing tests on a real e-commerce site that you have created for you or you can create your own practice site using WordPress and WooCommerce following my instructions.

At the end of the course you will know what Selenium code looks like, how to write it, how to use it, and what you need to do to practice.

In addition best practices, tips, tricks are mentioned throughout the course.

Python 3, be a paid scripting professional

Get paid for your python scripts, automate everything.

Created by Igneus Technologies - Best Comprehensive Courses


Students: 1994, Price: $89.99

Students: 1994, Price:  Paid

Update 06/02/2016 : Eclipse and python 3 installation setup added for WINDOWS

Python is top most language in the scripting world. Python is fully capable of handling automation tasks as well as to further level such as data analysis, web development such as Django or even penetration testing. All starts with basics of python.

We will target 3.x version of python, which is entirely new branch of python. Most people are moving towards this branch as it is purely object oriented and have been designed from scratch. According to official statement, python 3 will only be supported in the future and official site will soon discontinue the support for 2.x branch. Everyone is switching to this new python and it’s a right time for you to get started.

This course is not a course full of jargons, as we understand that power point and too much high end programming jargon words can make you sleep easily. Course is a full hand on practice with a small touch of fun.

We will start from installing python 3 on a MAC and Windows and will at configuring Eclipse. Eclipse is a cross platform IDE that is available for Windows and MAC and helps us by code suggestion while writing code. It’s a professional way of writing code. Further we will explore python data types, conditionals, loops and some keywords like “break” and “continue”. Further we will explore python strings in built functions. Next we will tackle files and learn to create a copy of image file in python. Further, we will move towards Object Oriented and will look at classes, objects, and inheritance.

Finally, we will handle database and will also talk about saving memory using decorators.

All the exercise files are already included with the course.

There is separate video to help you to download the exercise files and set them up on your system. This course will be a life changing experience for you. Videos are fun to watch and our special techniques will help you to reach towards the end of the course.

Let's meet up in the course!

Advanced Python: Python packaging. Pip install your scripts!

Take your python knowledge from intermediate/advanced to mastery by learning one of the hardest topics in Python

Created by Justin Furuness - Advanced Python Developer


Students: 1656, Price: Free

Students: 1656, Price:  Free

By the end of this course you will be able to publish a python package that is robust and deployable, so that anyone can pip install your code. You will learn how to call these packages with any bash command that you choose. You will learn enough to bridge the gap between the quality of code that comes out of a beginner course and the quality of code that can be seen in industry.

As far as prerequisites go, this course is not for beginners. This is for strong python developers that are looking to take their skills to a highly advanced level. You should have a solid foundation in python and have worked on at least a few python projects of your own. You should have a proficient knowledge in the command line. You should have access to a terminal, either through a mac or a linux system (or bash on windows, not recommended). You should have proficient knowledge in git.

This course is specifically geared to college graduates, advanced developers who have just learned python and want to make their code ready for industry, and for python developers who want to learn how to install their packages.

These skills are highly useful and will no doubt impress any employer. This is widely regarded as the one of the hardest topics in python, if not the hardest, so if you can do this you will be among a select few.

I hope to see you in the course!

Python Programming/Script/OOP/Advanced for Python 3 Projects

Python for Projects Script Advanced Python Object Oriented Programming Python OOP Python 3 Automation Python Projects

Created by Deepali Srivastava - Author


Students: 1097, Price: $89.99

Students: 1097, Price:  Paid

This "Python Programming / Script / OOP / Advanced for Python Projects" course is thoroughly detailed, to the point and does not waste any time. It provides 5 projects, numerous 350+ quiz questions and 250+ practice exercises with solutions to strengthen your Python Programming skills.

Why learn Python

According to recent surveys, Python is one the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used by tech giants like Google, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and many more.

Knowledge of Python is an important prerequisite for working in emerging fields such as Data science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Python programmers are paid high salaries in the software industry and there is an ever increasing demand for Python professionals in the industry.

The reason for Python's popularity is that it is powerful, yet very simple. If you have never programmed before then Python is the best language to start your journey of programming. The code written in Python is shorter than equivalent code written in other languages. Developers love this language and this increases the speed of development which is one of the main reasons why companies prefer Python.

Why take this course

This "Python Programming / Script / OOP / Advanced for Python Projects" tutorial is an efficient and detailed course that teaches you Python in depth without wasting much time. The content of the course is very concise and the presentation is to the point and straightforward.

You will get the opportunity to practice Python programming concepts by solving various exercises and quizzes. Solution to each exercise is provided. No prior knowledge of programming is required, this course will smoothly take you from a beginner to an expert.

You can clear your doubts in the question and answer forum inside the course.

This "Python Programming / Scripting / OOP / Advanced for Python Projects" course explains the Python features in step-wise manner. All the topics have been explained with Python programs in simple way. You will also see the demonstration of source code implementation for each topic with good examples and programs. This course will build Python programming/scripting skills of developers who have basic understanding of programming. You will learn rich Python programming concepts which will help in providing efficient solution of software projects. You will be able to understand and implement all the Python programming techniques and apply in Python projects/code. This tutorial will also help you to present yourself well for Python coding interview questions.

Here is the course content-

  • Introduction

  • Getting Started with Python

  • Strings

  • Lists and Tuples

  • Dictionaries and Sets

  • Conditional Execution

  • Loops

  • Looping Techniques

  • Comprehensions

  • Functions

  • Modules

  • Scopes and Namespaces

  • Files

  • Object Oriented Python Programming

  • Iterator and Generators

  • Decorators

  • 350+ Quiz questions

  • 250+ Practice exercise for programming

  • 5 Projects

Course will be updated by adding new topics in detail to have good understanding of Python programming features to build the technical strength and shape your career.

This "Learn Python Programming / Scripting / OOP / Advanced for Python Projects" online course on udemy will be great help to developers to have good Python programming/scripting skills and work on Python projects. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.

What students are saying about this course

"Excellent. The course goes at a very good pace and points out some very useful tips. The instructor is detailed and explains concepts very clearly."

"I have been looking for an advanced beginner/intermediate python course and finally found it. I love the teaching style."

"Very good. She stays very focused. No stories . No BS. 5 out of 5"

"Yes this is far better than the courses I was taking on datacamp. The instructor is straight to the point and great at explaining things. I feel like I will learn a lot with this course"

"This course is one of the best python programming courses"

"Exceeded Expectations...."

"wonderful explanation with examples"

"Examples are good and explanation is very good"

"Very methodical approach of explanation. Beginner level programmer will find it very convenient to understand and utilize"

"Very detailed explanation. Very nice course. No need to refer to any text book again for learning Python language(I think in most of the cases). Each and every point is explained. Especially pitfall cases are addressed in all the topics. Course designed and explained very well. If anyone is interested learning Python language(not third party libraries), this is the best course. Thanks a lot."

"The instructor gives clear explanations and since this is an advanced course doesn’t spend too much time on basics."

"Really great coverage of basic principles. The instructor truly understands the course content."

"Nice explanation with examples"

"Very good presentation and makes the fundamentals of the python language very clear."

"This is an excellent course for solid grounding in python. All confusion and incomprehension of certain concepts in advanced use cases are caused by lack of understanding of python fundamentals. This course addresses all that."


"Like the way each topic is explained first with examples (concentrating on the exceptions)"

"i learnt python by myself on the job, and i am understanding how and why python delivers some results"

"excellent! theory is delivered not just how to write code. Also graphics are very good in adding further depth to learning foundation while the quizzes presented after new information furhter cements knowlede and shos what you may need to review."

"This course is too good !!!"

"Amazing and wonderful"

"Each concept is explained quite clearly."

"As a beginner, not only in Python, but also in programming, I found this course to be really helpful. The course is well structured an clear mannered and the instructor is really competent. The projects are very well placed too and would give you enough questions to put your skill in."

"Excellent course! Teaches Python from basic to advanced level."

"Learning new thing always challenging so learning new language. But when I started this course then from beginning it became so interesting that I am going to complete it sooner than later. I hope that I will learn Python within few days which was not possible without this course. Course is fast paced and which is good for experienced developers. Course is well researched and structured. Author of this course has shown great passion."

"Looks great, Underscore thing was a new learning for me and thanks for teaching"

"excellent and very nice video tutorial and I want to learn many things in python from your videos and needed more knowledge in future with the same way of teaching"

"Good Teaching"

"so far I am loving it. thanks"

So what are you waiting for, click on Buy button to enroll now and start learning.

Python scripting for Software Testers

With realtime testing project work

Created by T World - Automation expert at theTestingWorld


Students: 931, Price: $24.99

Students: 931, Price:  Paid

Python for Software Testers

This course is specially designed for Software Testing professionals, This will take students from basic level to advance in decent pace videos.

Here we will cover basic to advance python which we can use in daily manual and automation activities and also we have covered many interview question which are asked in interviews.

In today's competitive environment, companies need software testers having scripting knowledge of either Python/Perl/Ruby, this course going to make you ready to perform basic to advance level qa activities using Python scripting.

This course is very useful for professional who are working in Manual and Automation Testing.

Python Scripting in Blender with Practical Projects

A Practical Python Course Creating Scripts inside Blender for Absolute Beginners

Created by Thomas McDonald - 3D Artist, Designer & Animator


Students: 754, Price: $119.99

Students: 754, Price:  Paid

Learn Python inside Blender with this straight forward and easy to follow course.  You don't need any previous Blender or Python experience we really do begin at the basics and start building up your knowledge from scratch.

Python is a really popular programming language and coupled with Blender will help you get a better understanding of the language through the visual feedback of the Blender interface.

The course will teach you how to set up the scripting interface inside Blender and start creating scripts.

The outcome of this course is the creation of 4 Python scripts to run inside Blender. Each one of these Python scripts builds on the previous one. The aim is to replace manually repetitive tasks with scripts that automate these processes.

We cover a variety of topics during this course, including:

  • Variables

  • Lists

  • For loops

  • Comments

  • Mesh manipulation

  • Material Creation

  • Adding Key Frames

  • .........and much More!

Who is this course for?

Beginners who want a visual experience learning Python.

Advanced Python Programming , Script for Python Projects

Advanced Python Programming Script for Python Projects Python Automation Advanced Python Multithreading Multiprocessing

Created by Suresh Kumar Srivastava - Founder, Sonebhadra Technologies


Students: 571, Price: $89.99

Students: 571, Price:  Paid

This "Advanced Python : Learn Advanced Python Programming" course has unique advanced Python programming topics in detail, mostly not available in any other course.

Why learn Advanced Python

  • Python everywhere

  • Enrich your Python skills

  • To provide efficient solution

  • Implement/Understand complex techniques

  • Better Development/Maintenance of Python projects/products

  • Flexible and Extensible software design

  • Well prepared for interview

Design and development of a product requires great understanding of implementation language. The complexity of real world application requires the use of strength of language to provide robust, flexible and efficient solution. Python provides the Object Oriented capability and lot of rich features to stand with changing demand of current world application requirement.

The course covers variety of advanced Python concepts used in software development : Writing Library, Building Framework, Python C Extensions (C code in Python), Closure, Function Factory, Method Chaining, Exception Handling, Context Manager, Metaclasses, Introspection, Multithreading, Multiprocessing, Python In Java (Java Dynamic Language Support), Python In C# (C# Dynamic Language Support).

Here is the course content-

  • Writing Library

  • Building Framework

  • Python C Extensions

  • Closure, Function Factory, Method Chaining

  • Exception Handling

  • Context Manager

  • Metaclasses

  • Introspection

  • Multithreading

  • Multiprocessing

  • Python In Java (Java Dynamic Language Support)

  • Python In C# (C# Dynamic Language Support).

This "Advanced Python : Learn Advanced Python Programming" tutorial explains the advanced features of Python in step-wise manner. All the topics have been explained in simple way. You will also see the demonstration of source code implementation for each topic. This course will improve the advanced Python programming skills of developers who have basic understanding of Python. You will learn rich advanced Python concepts which will help in providing efficient solution of software projects. You will be able to understand and implement all the advanced Python techniques and apply in Python projects. This will also help you to present yourself well for advanced Python coding interview questions.

This course is first one in my complete Python Design and Development course series-

  • Advanced Python : Learn Advanced Python Programming

  • Design Patterns In Python Made Simple

Course will be updated with adding new topics and existing topics will be provided in detail to have good understanding of advanced features of Python programming to build the technical strength and shape your career.

In this advanced Python course, I have used Free PyDev for Eclipse, you can use any other Python IDE/Environment.

This Learn advanced Python online course on udemy will be great help to developers as very few books/tutorials are available to provide good knowledge on advanced Python topics/concepts. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.

So what are you waiting for, click on Buy button to enroll now and start learning.