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Public Speaking Essentials: How to Craft Your Personal Story

Teaching you to find your authentic voice and engage others through the power of your own stories.

Created by Josh Withrow - Creator of The Wise Imagination


Students: 48260, Price: Free

Would you like to tell personal stories that impact and engage any audience?

How would you like to use your own PERSONAL STORIES to leave a lasting impression with any kind of group?

You don't have to be a TED Talks speaker to benefit from the practical, action-ready lessons in this course.

All you need is a willingness to develop your own personal stories.

I have been a classroom teacher for 13 years, and I've spoken to groups of 10's and groups of 1000's, and one thing that I've learned through all of my experience is:

Audiences connect better to personal stories.

Studies of the brain show that personal storytelling engages an audience significantly more than just communicating facts and statistics.

In this course, I will show you the SIMPLE ACTIONS you need to take to make your own personal stories more engaging, more intriguing, and more memorable.

In this course you will:

* Understand the dramatic affect that storytelling has on public speaking

* 5 things to consider before crafting your personal stories

* 5 steps to writing an engaging personal story

* How to use your stories in a speech

All in all, this course will give you the tools to develop great personal stories and the understanding of how to incorporate them into any speech.

ENROLL TODAY, and get the benefit of Udemy's 100%, 30-day Money-back Guarantee!

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Get over the fear of public speaking by learning the techniques elaborated in this course.

Created by Joseph Prabhakar - CEO, Power Communication Corp


Students: 35887, Price: Free

Fellow Speaker,

This course is meant to teach one thing - and one thing alone. How to get over the fear of speaking in public! How to handle the anxiety that comes over when you approach the stage or stand in front of an audience. That's it.

This is a focused exposition on the various techniques one can adopt to deal with stage fear effectively. This course will not deal with, cover or elaborate on any other technique or aspect of public speaking.

The Fear of Public Speaking is real. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker. Whether you have done it once or a hundred times. While the fear and anxiety never goes away, it is possible to manage the fear and reduce how long it impacts your speech.

The fear can manifest itself before getting onstage, while on stage and even during the speech. So what you need is a variety of different techniques to handle the fear at different points in the speaking experience. Techniques that will come in handy at the right times. Techniques that are simple and practical.

With conscious and constant practice, it is possible to overcome the fear of public speaking. It is possible to go from a mediocre speaker to an awesome speaker in a short amount of time. Like anything else, focused practice is at the heart of success.

I wish you good luck in your journey to become a great speaker!!!

All the very best!!!


LIFT Your Storytelling To Improve Your Public Speaking

Experienced storyteller, writer and standup comedian, Lynn Ferguson, shares her checklist for public speaking.

Created by mark tweddle - Digital Marketing & Video Production in North Hollywood.


Students: 13677, Price: Free

Public Speaking can terrify even the most knowledgeable and well-prepared expert.  

At some point, however, we all have to speak. 

Some get the 'opportunity' to speak to large arena-sized audiences. More often, though, we speak to medium sized audiences at weddings and business presentations. However, the experience can still be terrifying when we speak to just a few individuals, as we interview for a job or present our work to bosses or important clients. 

Lots of people believe the fallacy that it is confidence that is required to be a great speaker. And it's just NOT true. Confidence is just too subjective to be useful and this short course will give you 4 more powerful attributes to improve your public speaking.

In this course the experienced storyteller, writer and standup comedian, Lynn Ferguson, shares her checklist for public speaking. A checklist that will take you minutes to implement and yet will almost instantly improve the way you deliver your next story or presentation, changing the way you approach all public speaking opportunities.

Lynn Ferguson is an award winning writer-performer and a recognized force in the world of comedy. As a regular storyteller for The Moth, Lynn got bitten by the live storytelling bug in a way that she didn't get from other writing and performance experiences.  She created the YouTellYours storytelling school in Burbank California and holds a storytelling event in a small theatre every month.

This short checklist for public speaking tackles the issues Lynn has most observed in her students. These issues have virtually nothing to do with the plot of the story you are about to tell or the more technical aspects of narrative, story arc or inciting incidents. The checklist is a practical method to  help you start well, end well, commit and deliver your message.

No matter what audience you are about to face, this checklist will help you tell your story or deliver your presentation in a more compelling and seemingly more confident manner.

Included in the course are 4 stories from the YouTellYours storytelling school class events that highlight each aspect of the checklist.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills- 5 Step Action Plan

A 5 Step Action Plan to Level Up Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Instantly.

Created by Evrim Kanbur - Head of Business Management, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker


Students: 3638, Price: Free

Spreading your ideas, inspiring the masses and triggering a movement are challenging but the best way to accomplish these is by using your public speaking and presentation skills at its best. It’s almost magical that your words, your voice, your body, YOU can become an idea, something bigger than being a woman or a man simply by leveling up your public speaking and presentation skills.

In today’s world whether you are an entrepreneur, a teacher, an engineer, a student or a content creator, you need solid public speaking skills and in this article I’m going to give you a 5 step action plan that will level up your public speaking and presentation skills as soon as you apply them in your speech.


This mini course is designed to give you an action plan to apply in your public speaking and presentations right away.

You will be equipped with: 

  • 5 proven tools to improve your public speaking and presentation skills in any situation,

  • Real life examples, case studies and analysis


  • Mainly for beginners

  • Experienced speakers who like to go through a resfresher before their upcoming speech

  • Anyone who like to have a final touch to their speech


I have 15 years of experience in business world including managerial positions in the multinational companies as well as being an entrepreneur,  lecturer,  consultant and TEDx speaker who is constantly, day to day in front of any size of audience from 1 person to thousands of people onlıne and offlıne.  I have first hand experience in structuring highly impactful speeches as well as coaching many students and clients based in Shanghai. My students, on a constant basis evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have, how engaging my courses are and also how simple I make things for them. 

Here are some of the feedback I received after my speeches, workhops, coaching sessions and online courses:

"Evrim is an excellent speech coach. She made big improvements on a speech about my passion. Generally I'm quite timid speaking in front of larger audiences, but the energy she brought to my speech gave the confidence that people would be truly interested. I was most impressed by Evrim's ability to organize my speech in a way which captured the audiences attention and left a strong impression on them long after the speech. I'd definitely recommend Evrim's course to anyone who fears public speaking or wants to make lasting impression on their audience." -Ryan Conohan, Photographer, USA. 

"I appreciate the tips shared by Evrim and I am inspired by her energy. A lot of what she was saying was also problems I have had in the past and at the moment. Her words gave me strength and patience. I think the way she is expressing things, not just practical advice, but also the energy, is helpful to us." -Tamer Sara Salant, Financial Advisor based in Shanghai. 

"I am inspired by the public speaking, self-management and people-management skills shared by Evrim." -Helen Huang, China

I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and improve one of the most essential skill set of your career, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.


So take this course now and build a solid foundation in public speaking and presentation and take it to the next level. 

See you all in the course.

Evrim Kanbur

Public Speaking

Be a better speaker, based on ~1000 workshops.

Created by David Grigoryan - Initiator


Students: 2714, Price: Free

This course is based on the best practices of more than 1000 workshops, provided by Public Speaking Academy in The Netherlands. Within a few years, we have become the #1 academy on Public Speaking because we approach this topic in a practical and brutally honest manner.

As you browse the internet, you will notice that most courses are scripted, extensively edited and most speakers read from an autocue. Life however, does not allow much time for scripting, after-effect-editing or autocue.
Hence, our aim is not to teach you tricks or regurgitate what you already know; we believe in great preparation and we believe in speaking with passion and bravery from the heart.

Hence, instead of filling your already occupied brains with more theory…it will make make you aware of how Public Speaking can help you to become more successful in life and give you practical tips on what you can do to become a better public speaker.

After the course, you will understand the positive impact which public speaking has in your life and why you should embrace it and speak as much as possible instead of running away from it.

Public Speaking is not just for those who are great speakers;  is for everyone who likes to make an impact.
If you seek to make an impact, we welcome you!

Everything you never knew about public speaking

Whether beginner or expert, everyone can improve

Created by Michael Foster - Public speaking coach


Students: 1868, Price: Free

How do you feel about public speaking? Do you relish the opportunity or wish you could be better at it? Whether it's a work presentation or a wedding speech - speaking in public is something very few people look forward to. Worse still, it's not something that comes naturally to most of us.

I have a passion for public speaking and a detailed understanding of its mechanics. Confidence and charisma can seem like a mystical art, but there are a number of simple rules that will ensure your content is always powerful and turn even the most bumbling speaker into one that can seize the attention of any audience.

So whether you're looking for help preparing for a specific event or would simply like to improve your public speaking or presenting skills in general, I offer a diverse and comprehensive curriculum of short videos designed to help you turn that weakness into a strength.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Practical tips and Strategies Anyone Can Apply to Prevent and Manage Nerves when Giving a Presentation

Created by Lisa Kleiman - Business Communication Professional


Students: 1715, Price: Free

Have you ever felt weak in the knees and sick to your stomach when speaking in front of an audience? The idea of being embarrassed and worried about failure can send many of us into lockup mode when addressing an audience. Doubt and fears are fueled by varying situations affecting confidence.

However, the good news is that fear, when addressed can be BENEFICIAL and managed and prevented. This course will help you learn ways you can embrace fear and use it to improve your confidence and skills. You will also learn how to prevent nerves and what to do if those nerves still crop up when speaking - so you can deliver your message and presentation effectively, with confidence.

Throughout your life, there will be occasions where you will be required to speak in front of an audience such as at work, weddings, reunions, parties, and so on. You may be just starting out or well in your career and have to speak at office meetings and work events, preparing to give a speech at a best friend’s wedding, giving a training session or promotion speech as a volunteer, or have an upcoming formal presentation in front of a large audience.

Regardless of the occasion and whether you are addressing 1, 5, or 1,000 people, taking action to rectify your fear of public speaking is necessary to become a more confident public speaker. Imagine stepping in front of an audience, with all eyes looking at you, with confidence, excited to "take the stage" and share your message. If you are ready overcome your fears and improve your public speaking performance, then this course is for you!

Get over your fears of public speaking

Learn to use your voice and speak your truth

Created by Rifhat Qureshi - Passionate about helping you learn and grow


Students: 1457, Price: Free

Since Covid 19 many of us have been talking to others through a screen or over the phone. We may no longer feel confident or comfortable talking to others face to face and this may be causing some anxiety and stress. It may be that you have always feared public speaking and want to now use your time to get over this fear. Whatever the reason, taking the first step is always the hardest.

This short course has been designed to help you understand where your fears come from and what steps you can take to get over them. Don't let your fears of speaking in public get in the way of getting what you want. We all find it difficult to speak up at times but in this course I will help you learn:

  • The importance of public speaking

  • Where the fear of public speaking originates

  • How to develop some basic public speaking skills

  • Different presentation styles

  • How to overcome your fears and move forward

Mastery in Public Speaking

Become an effective Public speaker to inspire the world



Students: 1009, Price: Free

Welcome to The COMPLETE Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course by the author of the best selling business course by a qualified public speaker

I guarantee that you people become an Effective Public Speaker . This is the most thorough course I have ever made and anyone can take it and see remarkable improvements in how to give a speech/presentation.You will learn to enjoy public speaking

Giving a perfect speech or presentation can change your life and the lives of countless others

  1. Benefits of Public speaking Course

  2. Effective introduction of Public Speaking

  3. Tips to build a Self confidence

  4. Tips to overcome Stage Fear.

  5. Exclusive tips to become Effective Public speaker

  6. Qualities of Public speaker

How To Become A Confident Public Speaker

Lessons learned from 10 years and 50 speaking appearances.

Created by Alex Ivanov - Author | Speaker | Connector


Students: 748, Price: Free

Are you afraid of getting up on stage to deliver a presentation?

  • That was me 10 years ago. Happy to say that is no longer the case, join in learning from my personal experiences

  • Learn how to prepare for delivering a fantastic talk.

  • Learn what's worked for me and can work for you as well.

This course is for anyone wanting to get better at public speaking.

  • Boiling down 10 years of lessons learned having spoken at over 50 conferences into an action packed 30 minutes you can put into practice right away. What are you waiting for?

FEAR Factors of Life which helps in Public Speaking

Personal Development Mind-set

Created by Udaykumar Talloju - Certified Inpatient Coder, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach


Students: 525, Price: Free

In this course, you will be learning the basic importance of understanding FEAR factors of Life which helps in Public Speaking and it will help you to build your Presentation Skills and so that you can talk effectively, Personal Development, Unleash Stage Fear
How it would be helpful to you in day to day life, no matter which profession you are in, you might be thinking how this Stage fear skill is needed but the best part is we can learn skills through video and we can make complete skill to the video course and the heart of it is for Self-Development or personality development.

I believe everyone has stage fear at each instance happening in our life this can be killed if you learn and practice the techniques. Public Speaking skill is essential for everyone to portray the best image in front of people. You can build your self-confidence and self-esteem

There are ways we can learn effective skills from the safety of your own home.
This course is for all the Students ( School, College or Graduation), Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Employees, Business owners, Public figure everyone who has Stage Fear and is lacking confidence and which helps you to understand the modern technique of organizing your views and apply them to reach the next level in your personal life and also professional life, based on my experience and learning I have created this course to build confidence and right mindset for better career growth. Take this step towards a brighter future.

Rock Your Talk – Public Speaking Bootcamp Part 4

Secrets to professional speaking

Created by farookh sensei - About Me


Students: 522, Price: Free

This is Part 4 of the Public Speaking Bootcamp.

Whether you are preparing to be a professional speaker/presenter or you are someone who does a bit of presentation as a part of your profile, you’ll want to be prepared for the presentations that you do. This masterclass will give you all types of training tools to help you create and deliver engaging, compelling presentations that will encourage your audience to come back for more.

This masterclass dives deeply into the strategies, techniques, and tools you need to be an effective presenter. In this masterclass, you'll learn everything about adult learning.

The materials included in this masterclass are based on years of research and contain the most current information available to propel you to new levels of performance.

Why should you join this masterclass workshop?

Build your leadership skills and reproduce future leaders

Establish your brand

Unlock your hidden potential

10X your ability to empower, influence and inspire others to take action

Make a difference in people’s lives

Add value to the market place

Facilitate online and offline seminars/webinars, conferences, forums

Get interviewed in local and international media

Travel nationally & globally

Double your income in a short span of time

Who this course is for:

This course is designed for anyone that is interested in improving or learning public speaking and presentation skills, including but not limited to: Students, business owners, business executives, business professionals, Corporate leaders, C-Suites (CEO, CFO, COO), consultants, trainers, facilitators, corporate trainers, educators, teachers, counselors, keynote speaker, coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and human resources professionals, sales & marketing professionals, performers, aspiring public speakers, armature public speakers, professional public speakers, seminar leaders, advanced speakers who want to become a world-class speaker.

Public Speaking – It’s Your Turn to Speak

It's Your Turn to Speak

Created by Rama Krishna Boddu - Career Mentor, Trainer


Students: 454, Price: Free

Oral communication skills were the number one skill that college graduates found useful in the business world according to a sociology study!

It has been estimated that 75% of all people experience some degree of anxiety/nervousness when it comes to public speaking.

And this fear of public speaking is not just limited to you as a student, but its the same with grown up adults.

Public speaking is not just about to become a motivational speaker, TEDX speaker or speaking in any large public platform.

Public speaking is an essential requirement for each one of us to deal with our day to day life, at school, college, work/job, career, social life.

Speaking comes naturally to all of us, only challenge is the environment or situation or people whom we speak to? Isn't it?

At some point or the other we have to speak in public and we cannot avoid it because 21st century is more about people to people interaction which is an important soft skill to develop

Proficiency in public speaking will improve communication skills

Public speaking can be a great self-esteem booster

Being a good speaker is helpful to being an inspirational leader

If you are looking to hone your public speaking skills, then this course is for you.

A Beginner’s Guide to a Business Presentation!

Business presenting and public speaking crash course

Created by Dima Frizen - Business coach, public speaking consultant


Students: 296, Price: Free

Do you want to have a more dynamic opening and closing?
Do you get nervous before or during your delivery?

Is your communication style getting in the way of your content?

Would you like to learn how to be more entertaining and engage your listener?

Does it take you longer than you like to prepare?

Want to learn how to handle tough questions and/or difficult people?

Then you are in the right place!

I’m Dima Frizen, a business coach and a public speaking consultant.

In my speaking club “SPEAK UP!” we help people of any age and occupation to develop the speaking skills they need to succeed. Public speaking is beneficial in any social situation and it's fun to learn!

In this course, we will cover all the aspects of the preparation and delivery of a business presentation.

This course was designed for those who need step-by-step guidance to make a business presentation with an inspiring speech.

I will walk you through:

  1. The fundamentals of preparation

  • Clarifying the task

  • Knowing your audience

  • Researching the main persons of interest

Researching your topic

  • Understanding the topic

  • Choosing quality citing sources

  • Presenting new data

Designing the slides

  • Design of the slides

  • Displaying textual information

  • Using images

Speech writing

  • Engaging with the audience

  • Writing a memorable speech

  • Memorizing the speech

  • Practicing

Delivery of the speech

  • Body language

  • Tone of voice

  • Eye contact

  • Movements on the stage

  • Answering the questions

Presenting can be learned only by doing!

This is why the lectures in this course are short and practical and include specific recommendations for individual practicing.

Please follow my advice and practice until you become confident in everything we discuss.

If you want to become a great presenter and improve your social skills along the way, my course is for you.

Welcome to the course and let’s get started!

Three steps to remarkable public speaking

A foundation for improved communication.

Created by Raluca Erimescu - Public Speaking and Storytelling Trainer


Students: 81, Price: Free

Hello! I’m Raluca Erimescu, a former dentist and perfectionist :), now a trainer in Public speaking and Storyteller, a World Class Speaking Coach and a blogger.

This course will help you advance towards a remarkable presence in front of an audience

o You will go from anxious, uncomfortable to be in a speaking situation, afraid of “What will they think? How will I sound? Am I good enough?” to becoming a passionate, ready to offer your knowledge, energetic and confident presence.

o You will master 4 techniques to fuel up your confidence and exude good energy.

o You will have a method to harmonize the parts of your speech and create synergy between them.

o You will work with a plan when building the blocks of your content, in a more easy and structured way. This is time saving.

o You will discover the burdock bur’s technique which will allow you to take each big idea and make it captivating, alluring, memorable.

o You will increase your authentic presence in front of your audience and obtain a powerful connection with them. This is decisive for your listener’s openness to receive your message.

Your ability to speak to a group is part of the contribution you can create. I hope to have you embarked on this journey and help you increase yours!