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Businesses: How to Use Twitter for PR and Media Coverage

Use social media to help your business' PR and marketing and achieve coverage in top tier media outlets (all for free!)

Created by Claire Gamble - PR, digital marketing and content marketing consultant


Students: 4973, Price: Free

This free marketing training module is the ultimate business guide to using Twitter for PR and media coverage. It covers everything you need to know about using the social media platform to support your public relations activity, find and build relationships with journalists and secure national media coverage. The module covers several different tactics when using Twitter to boost your PR and media results, including tried and tested ways to achieve national media coverage.

Sports Communications and Public Relations

Master the essence of communication to be a excellent storyteller and communicator

Created by SPORiT.MatchPoint Lab - Online Career Training in Sports Business


Students: 4400, Price: Free

Either you aim to enter the sports industry or work in the field of media and communication, you need to be an excellent storyteller. Because you have to build your personal brand no matter what goals you want to achieve.

However, fully using the resources at hand to deliver a truly creative story while conveying the critical messages precisely and professionally, takes practice and insight in communication and public relations, especially when it comes to sports industry.

Meanwhile, the optimization of communication channels has enabled us to to acquire information and share ideas more conveniently. To work in such a fast-paced business world, it is one of the basic criterias for you to identify the information you want to express to your audience, ensure it is clear and accurate, then reframe it into the right form.

This course will give you an introduction of the history and importance of communication, tell you how to frame messages in sports, share you with some examples of crisis management, show you what is community relations in sports and provide you with valuable career advice to enter the sports industry.

Media Monitoring: Guide to Online Reputation Management

Learn essential media monitoring and social listening skills for effective online reputation management

Created by Chia-Luen Lee - Digital Creative at Brand24


Students: 1730, Price: Free


This class will show you the fundamentals of media monitoring, which is a common strategy used in PR and reputation management. Designed for beginners, no previous knowledge or experience working with media monitoring or social listening tools are necessary. We’ll take it from the top and introduce you to the basics of media monitoring, going over core concepts (like sentiment analysis) and important details (including how to filter for the most relevant results) that are essential to the very fundamentals of media monitoring.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to:

  • Monitor various media platforms (social media, podcasts, discussion forums, blogs, news sites, review sites, etc.) for public mentions of your brand

  • Identify key topics that tend to come up alongside mentions of your brand

  • Measure the positive and negative feelings that people have toward your brand

  • Recognize the signs of a potential PR crisis

  • Compare the strength of your reputation with that of competing brands

What you’ll need

  • Computer or laptop

  • Internet connection

  • Media monitoring tool

All you need is a computer or laptop and an Internet connection to take this class. I’ll be using Brand24 to show you how to do everything mentioned above — to keep things consistent and clear, you may also want to follow along using Brand24 (the free trial lasts for 2 weeks, which is definitely enough time for you to learn the skills in this course).

The short media monitoring exercises after each video (apart from the introduction) will help you develop all the media monitoring skills that you gain from this class, as we work through each section together. If you have any questions, just let me know!

HMS – Hotel Management System

HMS - Hotel Management Systems And Channel Manager

Created by Nurettin Sezer - HMS Otel Programı Yazılım Uzmanı


Students: 1537, Price: Free

HMS - Hotel Management Systems And Channel Manager

HMS hotel program which is quite easy to use, meets all your needs.

General Features:

  • Easy to use

  • Economical

  • Secure

  • Reservation integration

  • Key card integration

  • Identity notification

  • Ergonomic

  • Front office

  • Back office

  • Reservation system

  • Mobile use

  • Multiple using support

  • Cloud system

  • Back-up

  • No need to servers

There are lots of features of HMS hotel program that we can't even count. By looking at screenshots and training videos you can test our program. If you want you can try our demo app.

HMS Hotel Management System is a product of Tasarım Rehberi which serving in the sector of technology since 2003.

We provide various solutions for public and private enterprises.

In 2010, we realized that a new program was needed in the tourism sector and produced the HMS Hotel Management System.

We continue our efforts to produce the most appropriate and easy solutions for today's technologies.

We are developing the program every day in our reasearch-development office at Pamukkale University Technopolis.