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Practical Project Portfolio Management

Selecting & Managing The Right Projects

Created by Jamal Moustafaev, BBA, MBA, PMP - Expert project/portfolio manager, author, and speaker.


Students: 837, Price: $129.99

Students: 837, Price:  Paid

Why do companies like Apple, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson manage to deliver successful products to the markets year after year? And why do the majority of other organizations can’t replicate their success no matter how hard they try? This workshop is dedicated to the complicated and somewhat enigmatic topic of delivering successful products and services to the marketplace by selecting the best projects for implementation, proper assessment of the company’s throughput capacity and having a good grasp on project management. 

! Risk Management in Projects, Programs and Portfolios

30min FastTrack plus 13hr MasterClass - 2-in-1 Guidance. Systematic, Practical, Complete (and 2 bonus Exam Prep Modules)

Created by Simon Harris - Project Manager and Trainer


Students: 162, Price: $39.99

Students: 162, Price:  Paid

One topic, Two courses - A two speed risk management course.

  • The fast-track is under 30 minutes of step-by-step WHAT to do
    The videos and Workbook-manual guide you through what's needed at work to Manage, Lead or Oversee and Facilitate risk in your projects, programs and portfolios.

  • The Master-class is 13hours of detailed HOW-to using the same Workbook and slides as the Fast-Track
    Dip into the Masterclass videos only where you feel you need or want more guidance than the fast-track gives.

*IF* you also want to take PMI or AXELOS/PeopleCert exams then use the two 'exam conversion' modules to understand what exam specific vocabularies and process models are overlaid on real-world risk management.


These two courses are for Project (and Program or Portfolio) managers and PMO Analysts, Scrum Masters, Team Subject Matter experts and Project Sponsors and Product Owners who need competency in how to handle risk.

Learn a step by step framework of WHAT to do grounded in "Projects are delivered by people (so most of the arithmetic theory isn't too useful)". Plus here are the techniques, tips, tools and hints per step to give solid How-to that includes the adjustments required to work across the typical mixture of teams using Agile and Predictive product development ways of working.

  • The master class covers it all.

  • The Fast-Track is just the structured what to do - suitable if you've already got some idea of how to lead workshops and define risk scales (etc).

Your ideal situation would be that your starting a project and feel some guidance on "how to really do risk" from day one with the sponsor through every day with the team to last day and risk handover. Ideal because the WorkBook's guidance is written as exercises to be applied to your current project to create real governance documents. If you've not got a current project then I've provided a scenario based on a fictionalised combination of some of my past projects.

I've practiced projects as PM and PMO lead for 30 years and taught other people's risk courses on and off over the last 20. Those course from the big global training companies have always needed a big dose of reality which is what I've built into this course.

The result is a course unlike any other I know of because it doesn't treat the world as 'text-book'. In fact I've recorded it because I think big training company courses and project risk textbooks and chapters (in the PRINCE2 guide and the PMBoK-Guide) are fit more for exams than reality. Since the course is IMHO reality I've included two 'exam conversion modules' for those who DO want to take the exams.

I'm expert enough to be unsure what a risk is (!) but I know its not 'A Single and instantaneous event-based-cause that leads to A Single quantifiable consequence for A Single stakeholder'. That is too naive. Too simple for the world I work in and for the one you're in too. I know that identification is key to all that follows. I'll share with you how to define responses (they are what actually matter!) so defining "A" risk isn't so important when we know our set of valid responses (plural).

I'll start you off with what does running each workshop of each step look and feel like. In the Master-Class I'll give your a slew of tools to use and I'll suggest how to apply to your own project, how to build responses into the baseline - because we only have one set of people to deliver the project and handle the risk. I'll cover how reporting of project status integrates risk management.

[ Of course after investing your effort you'll probably appreciate a way to demonstrate the results so I've also been mindful to giving you real world skills that substantially support efforts to gain CAPM®/ PMP®/ IMPA-abcd/ PRINCE2agile® and PRINCE2® exam/ RMP/ MoR etc. The course includes the supplements for translating to exam needs.

Agile Project Portfolio Management – Part 1/2

Learn the key concepts of project portfolio management and Agile project management

Created by Jamal Moustafaev, BBA, MBA, PMP - Expert project/portfolio manager, author, and speaker.


Students: 107, Price: $89.99

Students: 107, Price:  Paid

This course is a result of 25 years of consulting project and portfolio management experience and participation in project portfolio management (PPM) implementations at multiple companies.

The first part of the course will focus on definitions and descriptions of the key concepts of project portfolio management and Agile project management. First, we will examine several case studies that would help us to define the three pillars of project portfolio management: maximizing the project value, balancing the project mix and alignment of your company’s portfolio to its strategy.

Then we will examine the differences between project management and project portfolio management as well as the zones where they overlap and support each other. We will conclude the Project Portfolio Management overview with several reasons why bad things usually happen if portfolio management is ignored.

Consequently, we will also discuss Agile Project Management and its key components like Agile core values, Agile project processes and comparisons between Agile and Waterfall approaches.

In the second part of the course, we will examine the proposed Agile Project Portfolio Management processes starting from the High-Level Design Document (HLD) to Low-Level Design Document (LLD) to Development and Release. We will also discuss Agile resource allocation and Agile release management.

Finally, I will demonstrate to you – using real-life project documents the complete journey of one project I have worked on through the entire Agile PPM pipeline, from inception to the final delivery.

Learn Wrike – Project Management Software – Training Course

Efficiently manage projects with Wrike. Add Wrike to your project management portfolio of skills.

Created by George Smarts - Use software to become a productivity superstar


Students: 76, Price: $59.99

Students: 76, Price:  Paid

**My Wrike course covers the latest updates made to the Wrike software in November 2020**

Wrike is a great tool to have in your project management portfolio of skills. The course is properly structured so you can get from zero to hero quickly.

I will walk you through every step of using Wrike to efficiently manage projects using a real life examples.

This course will give you a deep understanding of Wrike's functionality by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why Wrike is awesome and how to use it like an experienced project manager.

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

· Comfortably navigate Wrike's interface like a PRO

· Create spaces, folders, projects and tasks

· Create and manage any type an size of projects

· Use all task and project options

· Use all Wrike project views

... and much, much more!

Enroll today and enjoy:

  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates

  • 1.5 hours of high quality, up to date video lectures

  • Practical Wrike course with step by step instructions for each feature

Thanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom :)

Project Management – Intro. to Project Portfolio Management

Explore the most common questions regarding Project Portfolio Management

Created by Jamal Moustafaev, BBA, MBA, PMP - Expert project/portfolio manager, author, and speaker.


Students: 72, Price: $89.99

Students: 72, Price:  Paid

This course is a result of 25 years of consulting project and portfolio management experience and participation in project portfolio management (PPM) implementations at multiple companies. This course will explore the most common questions regarding PPM including delivering exceptional project results, the definition of PPM, differences between project management and project portfolio management and why bad things happen to companies that do not embrace PPM.