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Agile Product Owner Career Guide

Crack a Product Owner Interview

Created by Career 24*7 - Business Analyst, Product Manager, Product Owner, Project Manager, Technical experts


Students: 6263, Price: Free

This course will help the product owners and prospective product owners to have real time experience of working as product owner. The course talks about the PO roles, their skills, backlog grooming, sprint planning and techniques to write effective user stories. The course has real Interview questions which have been asked by big organizations for product owner recruitment.

#1 Agile Scrum : How to utilise Scrum FW as a Product Owner

Agile Scrum & Product Owner Intro : Short Course on Role of Product Owner in Scrum + Pay & Job aspect of a Product Owner

Created by Malay Biswal PMP, SAFe PO/PM, Math and Telecom Enthusiast - Top-Rated Instructor, making-life-simple coach, 9k+ Students


Students: 2734, Price: Free

Laser-focused introductory course on How to utilize Scrum Framework from Product Owner's point of view, Role of Product Owner and Career Perspective.

For most of the Product Owners, it's normally confusing what to do during the scrum events and a few also ignore the scrum framework. But if your organization has adopted an Agile mindset then the best way to perform your role as a Product owner is to understand scrum framework cleary and where can exactly you pitch-in? This introductory course on the Product Owner covers that aspect in a precise manner.

What is covered as part of the course?

  • Average Salary of a Product Owner

  • Career Prospect of a Product Owner

  • Scrum framework

  • Scrum Roles

  • Scrum Events and What a Product Owner or PO should do in these events?

  • Scrum artifacts and How a Product Owner or PO should utilize these artifacts?

  • Definition of Done vs Acceptance Criteria

  • Why are acceptance criteria critical for a Product Owner or PO?

  • Scaling of Scrum

  • High-level responsibility of Product Owner or PO

  • User story structure

Is this course right for you?

If you are new to the role of Product Owner and Scrum Framework and looking for concise information then this course is for you.

What will you get as part of enrollment?

  • High-Quality Video Lectures explaining about how to utilize scrum for a successful Product Owner role.

  • Expert support: If you enroll for the paid version then you can ask your doubts and I will get back within 48 hours.

  • Series of Courses, to make you an expert: I understand that the Product Owner is not simple, hence I have broken down the concept into smaller capsules courses that are easy to consume and time-efficient.

Why did I create this course?

Scrum Framework and Product Owner are the critical parts of most of the organizations nowadays.

When I took up the role of Product Owner, I wanted to know the high-level picture of the scrum framework and the role of product owner without going into much detail. But I never came across a matching course.  Hence I have created this short course to address that gap.

50 Questions for Scrum Product Owner Certification

50 questions with answers and explanations in Video for Professional Scrum Product Owner certification assessments

Created by Jimmy Mathew - Agile Coach, Trainer


Students: 787, Price: Free

This has 50 questions with answers and explanations, that prepare you to answer questions in professional scrum Product Owner certification assessments of leading organizations.

This is a shorter version of our course “500 Questions for Scrum PO Certification & 2 Practice Tests” and these questions are part of “Practice Tests: Product Owner Certification Assessments 2021”

If you have already enrolled in one of these two courses, this will be a repetition for you. This is a shorter version of the other courses for those who love short and sweet versions.

This is presented in a video format. You can even listen to this on the move. Each question is read out clearly, with answer options, correct answer and an explanation.

This is newly built based on the recent changes and latest version of The Scrum Guide, November, 2020 version.

This course is designed for those who are taking professional product owner certification assessments, but these are also useful for all those who what to learn Professional Product Management in Scrum or preparing for interviews.

Basic knowledge of Scrum Framework and Product Owner Role required to take up these tests. It is recommended to read The Scrum Guide – Nov, 2020 version before taking these tests. Scrum Guide is available at scrumguides org


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